This is a list with cool labels (list is under HEAVY construction)

(last time updated: 01.02.2014)

I saw a similar page somewhere on the web and I want to make the same here, as I find it quiet killer. Have a look at the Thrash Metal Collectable list. Here are some very old labels, mainly dead, gone and forgotten, which I want to bring forth from oblivion.

If anyone is able to help me with some items, don't hesitate to mail!!! (peterott AT yahoo DOT com)
Thanks to those who already helped !! You rule guys !!!!

Aaarrg Records
Adipocere Records
Aesthetic Death Records
After Dark Records
After World Records
Amazon / Misanthropy Records
Ancient Lore Creations
Arctic Serenades Records
Ars Metalli Records
Astral Wings Rec./Narvia Prod.
Atom H Records
Avantgarde Music
Baron Records
Bellphegot Records
Black Diamonds Prod.
Black Mark Prod.
Black Power Records
Black Sun Records
Blackend Records
Bleed Records
Bloodless Creation Records
Burn Records
Cacophonus Records
Carnage Records
CCG Underground Series
Cenotaph Records
Chainsaw Murder Records
Chaos Records-Stockholm
Chaos Prod.-Umeå
Children Of The Revolution
Cogumelo Producoes
Conquistador Records
Corpse Grinder Records
Crawfish Records
Crypta Records
Cryonics Records
Cyber Records
Damnation Records
Dark Oceans Prod.
Dark Side Records
Deadly Art Prod.
Deathlike Silence Prod.
Decapitated / Unisound / Uniforce
Desacration Of God
Destruktive Kommandoh
Distorted Harmony Records
Drowned Prod.
E Records
Edged Circle Prod.
Effigy Records
Embassy Productions
End All Life Records
Eternal Darkness Prod.
Euphonious Records
Euro Records
Evil Omen Records
Exhumed Prod. / Slaughter Rec.
Explosive Records
Far Out Records
Flametrader Records
Foundation 2000 Records
Fucker Records / Maggot Rec./FRA
Fullmoon Prod.
Galdre Records
Gore Records
Gothic Records
GreenWar Records
Grind Core International
Gutted Records
Guttural Records
Haemorrhage Productions
Hammerheart Prod.
Head Not Found Records
Headache Records
Heathendoom Records
Hellhound Records
Hellspawn Records
House Of Kicks Records
Holycaust Records
Hot Records
Impure Creations/Velvet Music
Infest Records
Invasion Records
Kettenhund Records
Last World Records
Lethal Records
Leviathan Records
Listenable Records
Loud Out Records
Loud N'Proud Records
Lowland Records
Maggot Records/ITA
Malicious Records
M.B.R. Records
Megagrind Records
Megarock Records
Melancholy Promotion
Metal Enterprises
MetalCore Records
Metalworks Records
Midian Creations Records
Mighty Music
Miscarriage Records
MMI Rec. / Autonomy Prod.
Modern Invasion Music
Modern Primitive Records
Molon Lave Records
Monasterium Records
Moonfog Records
Moonlight Records
Morbid Records
Moribund Records
Mould In Hell Records
Natt Svart Prod.
Near Dark Prod.
Necromantic Gallery Prod.
No Fashion Records
Nocturnal Art Prod.
Nosferatu Records
Obscure Plasma Records
Off The Disk Records
Opinionate! Records
Oskorei Records
Overdrive Records
Painiac Records
Paranoia Syndrome Rec.
Pestifer Records
Pilum Records
Poserslaughter Records
Primitive Art Records
Progress Red Label / Diehard
Pulverised Records
Pulverizer Records
Putrefaction Records
Qabalah Records
Rage Records
Reaper Records
Repulse Records
Rock Brigade Records
Sacred Music Agency
Saecula Delenda Records
Seraphic Decay Records
Serious Entertainment
Shivadarshana Records
Shiver Records
Skyfall Records
Sombre Records
Step One Records
Sunlight Studio
Tessa Records
Teutonic Existence Records
Thrash Records
To The Death Records
Two Moons Rec.
Underground Records
Vampire Records
Vic Records
Vinyl Solutions Records
Virulence Records
Voices Productions
Vox Mortis Records
WAR Music / Wrong Again
Warhead Records
Warmaster Records
West Virginia Records
Wild Rags Records
Witchhunt Records
Woodnymph Records
Woodstock Discos Reords
Xtreme Records

other interesting labels

  • Aaarrg Rec./Germany (might be complete, bit of a strange additional numbering system -> see Ravenous, more numbers needed)

  • Adipocere Rec./France (some few stuff missing)

  • Aesthetic Death Rec./England (complete)

  • After Dark Rec./Belgium (might be complete??)

  • After World Rec./USA (some few stuff missing)

  • Amazon - Misanthropy Rec./UK (complete)

  • Ancient Lore Creations/Norway (some few stuff missing)

  • Arctic Serenades Rec./Norway (complete)

  • Ars Metalli Rec./Germany (probably complete)

  • Astral Wings Rec./Poland and Narvia Prod./Poland (some few stuff missing)

  • Atom H Rec./Germany (complete?)

  • Avantgarde Music/Italy (some stuff missing)

  • Baron Records/Poland (a lot of stuff missing)

  • Bellphegot Rec./Mexico (lot of stuff missing)

  • Black Diamonds Prod./Sweden (complete)

  • Black Mark Prod./Sweden (some very few stuff missing)

  • Black Power Rec./Greece (complete)

  • Black Sun Rec./Sweden (some few stuff missing)

  • Blackend Rec./Switzerland (complete??, numbering is only shown in the Matrix code )

  • Bleed Rec./Australa (complete)

  • Bloodless Creation Rec./Australa (sublabel of Modern Invasion, complete)

  • Burn Rec./Sweden (some few stuff missing)

  • Cacophonous Rec./UK (some few stuff missing, but were these 3 numbers ever released ??)

  • Carnage Records/Poland (a lot of stuff missing, and "licensed from" shouldn't be taken serious...)

  • CCG Underground Series (might be complete ???)

  • Cenotaph Rec./Netherlands (some few stuff missing)

  • Chainsaw Murder Rec./Switzerland (complete)

  • Chaos Rec./Stockholm-Sweden (might be complete??)

  • Chaos Prod./Umeå-Sweden (some stuff missin)

  • Children Of The Revolution Rec./England (complete)

  • Cogumelo Prod./Brasil (several stuff missing, don't ask me for a numbering system)

  • Conquistador Rec./England (might be comlete??)

  • Corpse Grinder Rec./France (might be complete)

  • Crawfish Rec./Finland (some few stuff missing)

  • Crypta Rec./Belgium (few stuff missing)

  • Cryonics Rec./Netherlands (might be complete)

  • Cyber Rec./Netherlands (some few stuff missing)

  • Damnation Rec./Netherlands (some stuff missing)

  • Dark Ocean Prod./Australia (some stuff missing)

  • Dark Side Rec./Greece (some few stuff missing)

  • Deadly Art Prod./Germany (some stuff missing)

  • Deathlike Silence Prod./Norway (some few stuff missing)

  • Decapitated Rec./Unisound Rec./Uniforce Rec. Greece (some few stuff missing, lots of bootlegs against the will of bands)

  • Desecration Of God Prod./US (complete)

  • Destruktive Kommandoh/Australia (sub-label of Modern Invasion Music, some few stuff missing)

  • Distorted Harmony Rec./Mexico (complete)

  • Drowned Prod./Spain (some stuff missing)

  • E Records/Finland (maybe complete)

  • Edged Circle Prod./Norway (complete)

  • Effigy Rec./Norway (complete)

  • Embassy Prod./France (complete)

  • End All Life Rec./France (some few stuff missing)

  • Eternal Darkness Prod./US (some stuff missing)

  • Euphonious Rec./Danmark (complete)

  • Euro Rec./Sweden (some stuff missing)

  • Evil Omen Rec./France (complete)

  • Exhumed Prod./Slaughter Rec./Germany (some stuff missing)

  • Explosive Rec./Yugoslavia (might be complete ??)

  • Far Out Rec./Switzerland (might be complete ??)

  • Flametrader Rec./Netherlands (a lot of stuff missing, numbering system???x)

  • Foundation 2000 Rec./Netherlands (some stuff missing, don't know why they changed the numbering system)

  • Fucker Rec./Brasil + Maggot Rec./France (some stuff missing, seems they shared catalogue numbers????)

  • Fullmoon Prod./USA (some stuff missing)

  • Galdre Rec./Germany (maybe complete?)

  • Gore Rec./Germany (some few stuff missing)

  • Gothic Rec./USA-Texas (some stuff missing)

  • GreenWar Rec./France (complete)

  • Grind Core International/USA (some few stuff missing)

  • Gutted Rec./USA (some few stuff missing)

  • Guttural Rec./Mexico (some few stuff missing)

  • Haemorrhage Prod./Spain (maybe complete)

  • Hammerheart Prod./South Korea (some few stuff missing)

  • Head Not Found Rec./Norway (some stuff missing)

  • Headache Rec./Luxembourg (some stuff missing)

  • Heathendoom Music/Sweden (complete)

  • Hellhound Rec./Germany (some few stuff missing)

  • Hellspawn Records / Sweden (complete??)

  • House Of Kicks Records / Sweden (some stuff missing, Promo CDs were added with Close-Up zine)

  • Holycaust Rec./US (complete)

  • Hot Records/Norway (might be complete????)

  • Impure Creations Rec./Velvet Music/Noise Solutions Rec./France (some few stuff missing)

  • Infest Rec./France (might be complete)

  • Invasion Rec./Germany (some few stuff missing, are the Pic-LP numbers correct ?????)

  • Kettenhund Rec./Germany (complete)

  • Last World Rec./USA (might be complete???)

  • Lethal Rec./Austria (some stuff missing, don't ask me for a numbering system)

  • Leviathan Rec./Czech Republic (complete)

  • Listenable Rec./France (some few stuff missing)

  • Loud Out Rec./Poland (a lot of stuff missing)

  • Loud N'Proud Rec. (Underground Loudness Rec.) / Sweden (some few stuff missing)

  • Lowland Rec./Netherlands (complete)

  • Maggot Rec./Italy (some few stuff missing)

  • Malicious Rec./Germany (some stuff missing)

  • M.B.R. Rec. (Mangled Beyond Recognition)/Germany (complete)

  • Megagrind Rec./Sweden (might be complete)

  • Megarock Rec./Sweden (maybe complete)

  • Melancholy Promotion/Greece (maybe complete)

  • MetalCore Rec./England (might be complete)

  • Metal Enterprises/Germany (only the Metalploitation stuff, later came only Oi and Punk shit)

  • Metalworks Rec. (some stuff missing)

  • Midian Creations/Belgium (might be complete)

  • Mighty Music/Denmark (complete Aug.2007)

  • Miscarriage Rec./Italy (somes stuff missing)

  • MMI Rec./Autonomy Prod./Germany (might be complete)

  • Modern Invasion Music/Australia (close to complete)

  • Modern Primitive Rec./Netherlands (might be complete)

  • Molon Lave Rec./Greece (some few stuff missing, some numbers not confirmed)

  • Monasterium Rec./Portugal (might be complete)

  • Moonfog Rec./Norway (might be complete)

  • Moonlight Rec./Germany (some few stuff missing)

  • Morbid Rec./Germany (some few stuff missing)

  • Moribund Rec./USA (complete till 2006)

  • Mould In Hell Rec./Sweden (might be complete)

  • Natt Svart Prod. (N.S.P.)/Sweden (some stuff missing)

  • Near Dark Prod./Sweden (some few stuff missing)

  • Necromantic Gallery Prod./Netherlands (some stuff missing)

  • No Fashion Rec./Sweden (some few stuff missing)

  • Nocturnal Art Prod./Norway (might be complete)

  • Nosferatu Rec./Italy (some few stuff missing)

  • Obscure Plasma Rec./Italy (some few stuff missing)

  • Off The Disk Rec./Switzerland (complete)

  • Opinionate! Rec./Sweden (some few stuff missing)

  • Oskorei Rec./Norway (some few stuff missing)

  • Overdrive Rec./Netherlands (complete)

  • Painiac Records/Belgium (needs some slight updates)

  • Paranoia Syndrome Rec./Switzerland (maybe complete)

  • Pestifer Rec./Danmark (complete)

  • Pilum Rec./Belgium (complete)

  • Poserslaughter Rec./Germany (might be complete)

  • Primitive Art Rec./Sweden (complete)

  • Progress Red Labels/Diehard Rec./Danmark (nearly complete - lots of double pressing missing, headaching numbering system)

  • PS-Rec (Psychoslaughter Rec.)/USA (some stuff missing)

  • Pulverised Rec./Singapore (some few stuff missing)

  • Pulverizer Rec./USA (some stuff missing)

  • Putrefaction Records/France (some few stuff missing)

  • Qabalah Rec./Spain (might be complete)

  • Rage Rec./USA (some few stuff missing, numbering system?????????)

  • Reaper Rec./Belgium (some few stuff missing)

  • Repulse Rec./Spain (might be complete)

  • Rock Brigade Rec./Brasil (should be halfway complete, later only licensed stuff)

  • Sacred Music Agency /Czech Republic (complete??)

  • Secula Delenda Rec./Sweden (some few stuff missing)

  • Seraphic Decay Rec./USA (and Skin Drill Rec./USA) (few things missing)

  • Serious Entertainment/Danmark (might be complete)

  • Shivadarshana Rec./Netherlands (some stuff missing)

  • Shiver Rec./Belgium (some stuff missing)

  • Skyfall Rec./Portugal (complete list)

  • Sombre Rec./Germany (maybe complete, stupid label philosophy and strange label owner on the border of being a rippoff but R.I.P. now)

  • Step One Rec./Sweden (some stuff missing and numbering might be is not 100% sure with the MCDs)

  • Sunlight Studio/Sweden (several recordings missing)

  • Tessa Rec./Belgium (a lot of stuff missing)

  • Teutonic Existance/Holland (some few stuff missing)

  • Thrash Records/France (some few stuff missing)

  • To The Death Rec./Sweden (complete)

  • Two Moons Rec./Belgium (complete)

  • Underground Rec./Sweden (complete)

  • Vampire Rec./Australia (some stuff missing)

  • Vic Rec./Netherlands (some stuff missing)

  • Vinyl Solutions/England (some stuff missing)

  • Virulence Rec./France (some few stuff missing??)

  • Voices Prod./Germany (complete)

  • Novum Vox Mortis Rec./Poland shorted then to Vox Mortis Rec. (some stuff missing)

  • Wrong Again Rec. - WAR Music - RAW Music / Sweden (some stuff missing)

  • Warhead Rec./Australia (some stuff missing)

  • Warmaster Rec./Colombia (some stuff missing)

  • West Virginia Rec./Germany (some few stuff missing)

  • Wild Rags Rec./USA (some stuff missing)

  • Witchhunt Prod./Switzerland and sublabels (some stuff missing)

  • Woodnymph Rec./Belgium (some stuff missing)

  • Woodstock Discos Rec./Brasil (a lot of stuff missing)

  • X-Treme Rec./Sweden (might be complete ???)

  • Thanks List (might be incomplete, haha...)

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