This Is My Music Page

Here you found all my stuff I possess in several lists. I don't care about errors in my lists, if one band comes from Norway or from Sweden, if they are spelled with 'g' or 'gg' or what the fuck. Also some of the lenght durations are wrong, too short, too long... Also sorry, that I post 4 lists here...but as I started with this in 1989, I didn't think about it.

If you are here for the first time: The first 2 lists are sufficient (List 3 for chronology) !!!!!!

1. My CD/LP/7"-List: Containing all my original stuff I spent my whole money on...(this list is/will be updated every time). Therefore updated last time: 01.01.2021

2. My NEWS-List: Containing CDs, LPs and Tapes I got since 1998. Original stuff is also noted in List 1 of course. But here are also tapes (copied/original) included. For chronologic order and a better overview, see List 3. Updated last time: 01.01.2021

3. My Newest-News-List: Containing News-updates since March '98 for a better chronological order of my news... Updated last time: 01.01.2021

Historic old lists, everything tapetraded/copied on tape (except some few original demos. One day I add everything to the big newslist to avoid confusion...)
4. My TAPE-List: Containing my stuff which I only possess on tape. Updated last time sometime during 1997. (The Rest is in List No.2 above)

5. My DEMO-List: Containing Demos, Reh., Live Recordings of bands all over the world and somewhere else... Updated last time sometime during 1997. (The Rest is in List No.2 above)

My Main WANT and TRADE list:
6. My CD/LP/7" Want-List/Trade-List: Containing all stuff I am desperatly looking for and offering. Therefore updated last time: 01.01.2019

I know, that my lists contain some bands, whose attitude I absolutely don't/can't support. I don't make advertisment for them by writing their names here, I just say, that Metal Music should have nothing to do with politics. Play Hardcore, you suckers, not Metal, especially not Black Metal...

I am not interested in tape-trading anymore, because I have stopped all tapetrading activities, but those who are willing to send me their huge lists are welcome. I like searching lists, but I do not have time for trading anymore.

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