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...And Here I Lie (US)	- Regrets				53min
122 Stab Wounds (NOR)   - Demo '95                              21min  Gehenna-member
122 Stab Wounds (NOR)   - The Deity Of Perversion               39min  Dismember sound with blackened vox
1349 (NOR)		- 1349  MCD				18min  Norge Black, Frost on session drums
1349 (NOR)		- Beyond The Apocalypse Re-Release LP 	50min
1349 (NOR)		- Hellfire				51min
1349 (NOR)		- Liberation				38min
1349 (NOR)		- Revelations Of The Black Flame  2-LP 	79min
1917 (ARG)		- Genesis And Horror			31min
1917 (ARG)		- Inti Huacay  MCD			25min
1917 (ARG)		- Neo-Ritual				37min
1917 (ARG)		- Testimonial				67min
1917 (ARG)		- Vision				32min
1917 (ARG)		- Vox Fatum				41min
21 Lucifers (SWE)	- Hope Fades  Demo MCDr '04		 9min
21 Lucifers (SWE)	- In The Name Of...			34min  great Death/Grind attack
21 Lucifers (SWE)	- Retaliation  MCDr			 8min
5 B Hated (NL)		- Somewhere In Nowhere '98		20min
9th Plague (SWE)	- Age Of Satanic... Demo MCDr '04	 9min
9th Plague (SWE)	- Apocatastasis Reversed		36min
9th Plague (SWE)	- Spreading The Satanic...  CDr'02	13min  very good Death Metal
9th Plague (SWE)	- Triumph Of Diabolism Demo MCDr '06 	10min
A Canarous Quintett (SWE) - Silence Of The World...   		43min
A Canorous Quintet (SWE) - Reflections Of The Mirror  7"	10min
A Canorous Quintett (SWE) - The Times Of Autumn '93   		20min
A Canorous Quintett (SWE) - The Only Pure Hate			40min  cool Swedish Death Metal
A Canorous Quintett (SWE) - As Tears... EP            		18min
A Mind Confused (SWE)	- Demo '95				16min
A Mind Confused (SWE)	- Out Of Chaos Spawn 7"         	11min
A Mind Confused (SWE) 	- 1 unrel. Comp. tck '96		 5min
A Mind Confused (SWE)   - Anarchos                              46min  now Kaamos, unspectacular Sunlight Death
A Mind Confused (SWE)   - CassEP '96 Poems Of A Dark...         30min
A.G.D. (NOR/GER)	- Demo '86				 3min  alcoholized Assassin and Mayhem members, pure shit
A.I.D.S. (US)		- Syndrome Of The End Approaching	52min
A.O.D. (US)		- Demo '85				10min
A.O.K. (GER)		- Baguette Attack			34min  Nothing Core
A.R.G. (FIN)		- Entrance '89				41min
A.R.G. (FIN)		- Heathenism In Penitentiary '88	20min
A.R.G. (FIN)		- Prevailing Sickness 7"		10min
A.R.G. (FIN)		- Purged To Blaze Again '93		47min
A.R.G. (FIN) 		- Aggressive Confessor 7"		 9min
A.R.G. (FIN)         	- One World Without End         	45min  great but unknown Finnish thrasher
A.R.G. (FIN)            - Back To Life 12"                      13min
Aamon Hammer (BRA)   	- Demo 8/87                     	 8min  old Brazilian band
Aardvarks (GER)		- Conglomerate				40min
Aardvarks (GER)		- Profondo Rosso  MCD			19min  young German GothicDeath band
Abaddon Incarnate (IRE)	- The Last Supper			41min
Abaddon Incarnate (IRE)	- Nadir					44min  now like Nasum, killer
Abaddon Incarnate (IRE)	- Dark Crusade				33min
Abantesma (BRA)		- The Plague Against Them Demo MCDr '05 16min
Abathur (IRAN)		- Grim Fuckin' Folktales '01		 8min  like old Bathory, but with crap drumcomputer
Abattoir (US)		- Vicious Attack			29min
Abattory (SIN)		- Anthems Of Death  MCD			19min
Abazagorath (US)	- Channeling The Ethereal...  MCD	14min
Abazagorath (US)	- Channeling The Ethereal... MCD	14min
Abazagorath (US)	- Enshrined Blasphemer  MCD		24min  sadly with Reh. sound only
Abazagorath (US)	- Sacraments Of The Final Atrocity	55min  they get better and better !!!!
Abazagorath (US)	- Tenebrarum Cadent Exsurgemus		46min  good US-Black
Abazagorath (US)	- The Spirit Of Hate For Mankind  7"	10min
Abazagorath / Bloodstorm (US/US) - Split CD			32min
Abdunor (DK)		- Whispers In Nameless Forms... MCD 	19min
Abemal (SWE)       	- Demo '94                      	22min
Aberration (POL)	- Massacre On The Earth '93		30min
Abhor (BRA)		- Prophetic Catastrophe Prism		78min  all 3 Rehearsals of the band on CDr
Abhor (ECU)		- Sodomia, Semen Y Sangre MCDr		13min
Abhorer (SIN)		- Unholy Blasphemer			59min  CD + 7" + Split LP on CD
Abhorer (SIN)        	- Zygotical Sabbatory Unabapt   	35min
Abhorer / Necrophile (SIN/JPN) - Split Re-Release CD		49min
Abhorrence (BRA)	- Ascencion  MCD			11min
Abhorrence (BRA)	- Evoking The Abomination		29min
Abhorrence (FIN)        - Live tck '90                           6min  Bolt Thrower cover
Abhorrence (FIN)	- Completely Vulgar			80min
Abhorrence / Amorphis (FIN/FIN) - Split CDr			42min  Masterkult bootleg
Abhorrence / Ophiolatry (BRA/BRA) - Split MCD			24min
Abhorrent (AUS)		- The Horror				42min
Abhorrent (BRA)		- Causing Strong Irritant		43min  sadly more and more HC-influenced
Abhorrent (BRA)		- Rage					36min
Abhorrot (AUT)		- Rites Of Prehistoric Darkness  7"	12min
Abhoth (SWE)		- Forever To Be Vanished There... '91	16min
Abhoth (SWE)		- The Tide 7"				 8min  old/weird Swedish Death Metal
Abigail (GER)		- Rise From The Dead '93		22min
Abigail (JPN)		- Abigail Loves Ilona... '05		52min  a lot of Bulldozer tx and Tormentor cover
Abigail (JPN)		- Abigail's Tribute To NME  7"		10min
Abigail (JPN)		- Alive In Singapore			41min
Abigail (JPN)		- Alive In Tokyo			35min
Abigail (JPN)		- Alive... In Thailand			44min
Abigail (JPN)		- Alive...In Italy			49min
Abigail (JPN)		- Blasphemy Night Reh. Demo '93?	17min
Abigail (JPN)		- Confound Eternal  7"			10min  Japanese Black, ltd. 500
Abigail (JPN)		- Diabolical Nights Of... '97/'98	43min  Live '97/Reh. '98 released in '03
Abigail (JPN)		- Forever Street Metal Bitch		31min
Abigail (JPN)		- Fucking Louder Than Hell		32min  incl. 3 NME covers
Abigail (JPN)		- Posesion Demoniaca '05		48min
Abigail (JPN)		- Spell Of The Pentagram '04		44min
Abigail (JPN)		- Sweet Baby Metal Slut  LP+7"		49min
Abigail (JPN)		- The Early Black Years 1992-1995	70min
Abigail (JPN)		- The Gig Of Wrath			44min  Live + Reh., reh. not listenable
Abigail (JPN)		- The Lord Of Satan  2-LP		84min  old demo stuff on vinyl
Abigail (JPN)		- Tribute To Sigh  7"			10min  two Sigh coverversion from early 90es
Abigail (JPN)		- Ultimate Unholy Death			31min
Abigail (JPN)		- Welcome All Hellfuckers MCD		19min
Abigail (JPN)        	- Intercourse And Lust          	42min
Abigail / Barbatos (JPN/JPN) - Split LP				41min
Abigail / Barbatos / Cut Throat (JPN/JPN/JPN) - Split Live CD	71min
Abigail / Barbatos / Tribute Band (JPN/JPN/?) - Split CD	43min
Abigail / Bestial Reviler (JPN/RUS) - Split CD			34min
Abigail / Chainsaw Carnage(JPN/US) - Split 7"			11min
Abigail / Effigiy (JPN/JPN) - Split Demo '07			57min
Abigail / Evil (JPN/BRA)- Split 7"				 9min
Abigail / Fastkill (JPN/JPN) - Split 7"				11min
Abigail / Fornication (JPN/US) - Split 7"			10min
Abigail / Front Beast (JPN/GER) - Split 7"			14min
Abigail / Hate Kommand (JPN/US) - Split 7"			12min
Abigail / Hell Torment / Adokhsiny (JPN/ISR/S.KOR) - Split CD 	34min
Abigail / Korihor (JPN/PHIL) - Split Tape '03			46min
Abigail / Mantak (JPN/MALA) - Split CD				58min
Abigail / Manzer (JPN/FRA) - Split 7"				13min
Abigail / Morbid Upheaval (JPN/ITA) - Split 10"			12min
Abigail / Sign Of Evil (JPN/ITA) - Split LP			29min
Abigail / Syphilitic Vaginas (JPN/SWE) - Split MLP		25min
Abigail / Unholy Grave (JPN/JPN) - Split 7"                      9min  Tribute To Acid
Abigail / Vorkuta (JPN/HUN) - Split 7"				10min
Abigail / Wastelander (JPN/US) - Split 7"			13min
Abigor (AUT)		- Channeling The Quintessence...	42min
Abigor (AUT)		- Fractal Possession			52min  sounds like newer Satyricon
Abigor (AUT)		- In Memory MCD				25min
Abigor (AUT)		- Satanized				42min
Abigor (AUT)		- Shockwave 666  7"			10min
Abigor (AUT)		- Supreme Immortal Art			41min
Abigor (AUT)		- The Spirit Of Venus  7"		11min  only instrumental songs
Abigor (AUT)         	- Opus IV                       	43min
Abigor (AUT)         	- Apocalypse MCD                	18min
Abigor (AUT)            - Orgio Regium 1993-1994                39min  only some demotx on CD
Abismo Eterno (ECU)	- La Ultima Elegia Del Guardian		42min
Abismo Negro / Mandatory Suicide (BRA/BRA) - Split CD		39min
Ablaze My Sorrow (SWE)	- Demo '95                      	14min
Ablaze My Sorrow (SWE)	- If Emotions Still Burn        	39min
Ablaze My Sorrow (SWE)	- Demo II '95                   	15min
Ablaze My Sorrow (SWE) 	- Anger, Hate And Fury			40min
Ablaze My Sorrow (SWE)  - The Plague                    	36min
Abnormity (SWE)		- Demo '91				 9min
Abominant (US)		- Conquest				36min
Abominant (US)		- In Darkness Embrace			43min
Abominant (US)		- Never Truly Dead  MCD			20min
Abominant (US)		- The Way After				47min
Abominant (US)		- Triumph Of The Kill			41min
Abominant (US)		- Ungodly				49min
Abominant (US)		- Unspeakable Horrors			40min
Abominant (US)		- Upon Black Horizons			37min
Abominant (US)		- Warblast				34min
Abominant (US)		- Where Demons Dwell			39min
Abominat (NOR)          - Storms Of Calamity  7"                15min  great Death Metal, from killer vinyl-only label NPP!
Abomination (US)	- Abomination				42min
Abomination (US)	- Curses Of The Deadly Sins		41min  cash-in release of Metal Age Rec.
Abomination (US)	- The Final War MCD			17min
Abomination (US)	- Tragedy Strikes			42min
Abominator (AUS)	- Barbarian War Worship 2-LP		60min
Abominator (AUS)	- Barbarian War Worship '95		26min
Abominator (AUS)	- Damnations Prophecy			57min
Abominator (AUS)	- Nuctemeron Descent			45min  what a musical massacre, aarghh
Abominator (AUS)	- Subversives For Lucifer		50min
Abominator (AUS)        - The Eternal Conflagration             42min
Abominattion (BRA)	- Doutrine Of False Martyr		34min
Abominattion (BRA)	- Rites Of Eternal Hate			29min  Krisiun-Morbid Angel like
Abominog (US)		- Chaos Unleashed			40min
Abominog (US)		- Grotesque Humanity  7"		 8min
Abominog (US)		- Manifesting Void			51min
Aborted / Exhumed (BEL/US) - Split 10"				22min
Abortus (AUS)		- Judge Me Not				29min
Abortus (AUS)		- Process Of Elimination		35min
Abramelin (AUS)		- Deadspeak				40min
Abramelin (AUS)         - Abramelin                             43min  like older Grave
Abrasive (GER)		- Desire MCD				18min
Abrasive (GER)		- Victim				30min  fine Death Metal
Abruptum / Ophthalamia (SWE/SWE) - Split 7"			15min  Bootleg, but finally on vinyl
Abscess	(US)		- Seminal Vampires And...		33min
Abscess (US)		- Damned And Mummified			48min  the last LP was better
Abscess (US)		- Dawn Of Inhumanity			53min
Abscess (US)		- Open Wound  7"			13min  new four song massacre
Abscess (US)		- Thirst For Blood, Hunger For Flesh	59min
Abscess (US)		- Throbbing Black Werebeast  7"		12min
Abscess (US)		- Through The Cracks Of Death		44min  best effort so far !!
Abscess (US)		- Tormented				34min  killer Autopsy like !!!!!!!!!!
Abscess (US)        	- Urine Junkies                 	44min  their 3 demos on CD, ex-Autopsy members
Abscess / Bloodred Bacteria (US/GER) - Split MCD		21min
Abscess / Bonesaw (US/UK) - Split MCD				19min
Abscess / Deranged (US/SWE) - Split 10"				20min
Abscess / Eat My Fuk (US/US) - Split 7"				 7min
Abscess / Machetazo (US/SPA) - Split MCD			13min  Abscess with two songs from Open Wound
Abscess / Population Reduction (US/US) - Split LP		30min
Absence Of The Sacred (SIN) - Atrocities That Birthed...	34min
Absent Mind (NL)	- Shadowkiss '99			23min
Absolution (UK)		- Remittance Of Penance '92		21min  old-Benediction styled Death
Absorbed (NL)		- Demo '98				24min
Absorbed (NL)		- Sunset Bleeding  MCD			14min
Absorbed (NL)		- Visions In Bloodred 			35min  fantastic Swedish-sounding Dods Metal
Absorbed (SPA)		- Unreal Overflows '92			20min
Abstain (US)		- World Full Of Zombies			28min
Absu (US)		- Abzu					37min
Absu (US)		- Barathrum: V.I.T.R.I.O.L. ReRelea.	47min  incl. 3 Bonus live tx
Absu (US)		- L'Attaque Du Tyran 7"			10min  Live Toulouse 1997
Absu (US)		- Live: Baroeg, NL 22.4.95		41min
Absu (US)		- Mythological Occult Metal		98min  Best-Of 1991-2001 with lots of rare tx
Absu (US)		- Pagan Ritual: Live Tape '95		33min
Absu (US)		- Reh. 31.3.94				43min
Absu (US)		- Tara					52min
Absu (US)		- The Third Storm Of... Digi CD		45min  one bonus tck
Absu (US)		- s/t  2-LP				55min
Absu (US)	  	- In The Eyes Of Ioldanach  MCD		18min
Absu (US)           	- Bonustck Digipack             	 8min  Bonustck from 'The Third Storm Of...'
Absu (US)           	- Studio Reh. '91               	15min
Absu (US)           	- The Third Storm Of...         	37min
Absu (US)            	- Live Milwaukee Fest 29.7.95   	19min
Absu (US)               - Adv. tck from Soundtrack '97  	 5min
Absu / Demonical (US/SWE) - Split 7"				 9min
Absu / Infernal Stronghold (US/US) - Split Flexi-7"		 5min
Absurd (SWE)		- Drained By Body Chemicals  7"		12min
Absurd (SWE)		- Storm Of Malevolence '91		13min
Absurdum (SWE)       	- An Erotic Funeral '96         	34min  Swedish killer Death-Metal w. very own style, no copy-clowns
Absurdus (FIN)		- No Heaven In Sight			39min  Gothenburg meets Black meets Rockn Roll
Absurdus (FIN)		- Under The Never Setting Sun '93	17min
Abused Majesty (POL)	- Serpenthrone				37min
Abusiveness (POL)	- Dwie Twarze Mroku '97			21min
Abysmal Grief (ITA)	- Hearse  7"				13min  good Horror Doom Metal
Abysmal Grief (ITA)	- Mors Eleison  MLP			27min
Abysmal Grief (ITA)     - Exsequia Occulta  MCD                 21min
Abysmal Grief / Tony Tears (ITA/ITA) - Split 7"			12min
Abyssals (FRA)       	- Demo '94                      	14min  ex-Mutilated, the French Morbid Angel
Abyssos	(SWE)		- Together We Summon The Dark		66min
Abyssos	(SWE)		- Wherever The Witches... '96		25min  Second edition with two Bonustx
Abyssos	(SWE)		- Wherever The Witches... '96		16min
Abyssos (SWE)		- Fhinsthanian Nightbreed		61min
Abyssum (GUAT)		- Thy Call				37min
Accept (GER)         	- Metal Heart                   	40min
Accept (GER)         	- Staying A Life                	89min  Live '90
Accessory (GER)		- Within Your Mind MCD			28min  cool German Death Metal
Accidental Suicide (UK)	- Deceased				45min
Accuracy (GER)		- Absolut 100%				53min  turned from Thrash to Mallcore, Sunlight production
Accuracy (GER)		- s/t  MCD				19min  Thrash produced in Sunlight
Acheron (AUS)		- Eternal Suffering '89			16min
Acheron (US)		- Anti-God, Anti-Christ LP		43min
Acheron (US)		- Compendium Diablerie: Demo Days	71min
Acheron (US)		- Decade Infernus: 1988-1998  2-CD     135min
Acheron (US)		- Messe Noir  7"			19min
Acheron (US)		- Necromanteion Communion  7"		11min
Acheron (US)		- Rebirth: Metamorphosis Into Godhood 	59min  faster and more brutal than ever !!!
Acheron (US)		- Satanic Supremacy Demo MCDr '08	18min  very raw material
Acheron (US)		- The Final Conflict			52min
Acheron (US)		- Those Who Have Risen			73min  their best CD yet
Acheron (US)		- Tribute To The Devil's Music		44min  Acheron playing their favorite covers
Acheron (US)		- Xomaly  MLP				25min
Acheron (US)    	- 2 LP Bonustx of 'Anti-God-Anti...'     9min
Acheron (US)        	- Anti God - Anti Christ        	34min
Acheron (US)            - Unrel. Reh. tck '90                    3min
Acid (BEL)		- Black Car  7"				14min
Acid Death (GRE)	- Apathy Murders Hope 7"		10min
Acid Death (GRE)	- Pieces Of Mankind			45min
Acid Death (GRE)	- Random's Manifest			53min  some In Flames influences
Acid Storm (BRA)	- Biotronic Genesis			33min
Acid Storm (BRA)	- Tomorrow Soldiers '93			15min
Acid Storm (BRA)	- Why? Dirty War			26min
Acral Necrosis (UK)	- Eternal Nuklear Violation MCD		16min
Acridity (US)		- For Freedom I Cry			42min  similar to Holy Terror
Acrimony (UK)           - s/t  7"                               11min
Acrimony / Church Of Misery (UK/JPN) - Split CD			45min
Acrostichon (NL)	- Engraved In Black			46min
Acrostichon (NL)	- Forgotten  MCD			16min
Acrostichon (NL)	- Lost Remeberance  7"			12min
Acrostichon (NL)	- Prologue... '9?			21min
Acrostichon (NL)	- Sentenced				46min
Act Of Gods (FRA)	- Dies Irae  7"				12min  ex-Mutilated/Abyssals
Act Of Gods (FRA)	- Maat					38min
Act Of Gods (FRA)	- Stench Of Centuries 2-CD	       102min  incl. Apokalyptik Warfare II sampler as bonus
Act Of Gods (FRA)	- Stench Of Centuries			50min
Acutor (COL)		- Dios Ha Muerto			52min  old demo on CD
Ad Infinitum (SWE)	- I '96					36min
Ad Noctum (DK)		- Arrogance				43min
Ad Noctum (DK)		- The Excellence Of Supremacy 		50min
Adorior (UK)		- Author Of Incest			53min
Adorior (UK)		- Like Cutting The Sleeping		48min
Adorior / Terrorama (UK/SWE) - Split MLP			17min
Adorior / Witchmaster (UK/POL) - Split LP			35min  Witch.-side not listenable, nice covers
Adorned Brood (GER)  	- Hiltia                        	55min
Adorned Brood (GER)   	- Reh. '96                      	22min
Adramelech (FIN)	- Pure Blood Doom			38min  Fin-Death at its best
Adramelech (FIN)	- Seven  MCD				19min
Adramelech (FIN)	- Terror Of A Thousand Faces		29min  great new album
Adramelech (FIN)     	- Psychostasia                  	35min  featuring ex-Demigod members
Adramelech (FIN)        - Adv. unmixed tx of new CD '99         14min  holy shit, this will be a killer
Adversary (SWE-Sandviken) - Beyond Death '91                     8min
Adversary (SWE-Sandviken) - Remains Of An Art Forgotten '91     14min
Adversary (US)		- Forsaken				52min
Adversary (US)		- Lord Of Chaos  MCD			27min
Adversary (US)		- The Winter's Harvest			55min
Adversary (US)		- We Must Be In Hell  MCD		22min
Adversery (SWE-Angered) - Human Reality '92                     21min
Aegir (SWE)		- Frostnatt  Demo MCDr '01		20min
Aenaon / Satanochio (GRE/ROM) - Split 7"			 9min
Aeon (SWE)		- All Becomes Ashed '90			24min
Aeon (SWE)		- Bleeding The False			48min
Aeon (SWE)		- Dark Order  MCD			22min  ex-Defaced Creation
Aeon (SWE)		- Rise To Dominate  CD			46min
Aeon (SWE)              - Missing Ground/Under Silence  7"       7min  old Heavy Doom, not the ex-Defaced Creation ones...different Aeon
Aeternum (SWI)		- Dreamy Silky Moontew			43min  hail Paranoia Syndrome, killer !!!
Aeternus (NOR)		- ...And So The Night Became		64min  normal edition CD
Aeternus (NOR)		- ...And So The Night Became		78min  Tour edition w. 3tck-BonusCD
Aeternus (NOR)		- A Darker Monument			46min  way more Death, Disciples Of Mockery like !!
Aeternus (NOR)		- Ascension Of Terror			43min
Aeternus (NOR)		- Burning The Shroud			53min
Aeternus (NOR)		- Dark Rage  7"				12min  2 of the 3 special-CD Bonustx of "And So..."
Aeternus (NOR)		- HeXaeon				34min
Aeternus (NOR)		- Shadows Of Old			53min
Aeternus (NOR)       	- Beyond The Wandering Moon     	65min
Aeternus (POL)		- Murderous Circle '92			22min
Afflicted (SWE)		- Beyond The Odious Ingrained...	69min  Masterkult, not listenable
Afflicted (SWE)		- Dawn Of Glory				35min
Afflicted (SWE)		- Ingrained 7"				12min
Afflicted (SWE)		- Prodigal Sun				49min
Afflicted (SWE)		- Rising To The Sun 7"			10min
Afflicted (SWE)		- The Odious Reflection '90		17min
Afflicted (SWE)		- Wanderland '91			23min
Afflicted (SWE)		- Wonderland  7"			11min
Afflicted (SWE)         - Dawn Of Glory                         35min  first new wave HM band ('96)
Afflicted Convulsion (SWE) - Beyond Redemption '90		22min
Affliction Gate (FRA)	- Severance (Dead To This World) MCD 	17min
Affliction Gate (FRA)	- Aeon Of Nox				35min  killer Death Metal
After Death (POR)	- Unreal Sight '94			17min
After Death (US)	- Retronomicon				75min  w.Mike Browning, like Nocturnus
After The Bombs (CAN)	- Terminal Filth Stench Bastard  7"	12min
Afterbirth (US)		- Bleed No More '88			18min
Afterdeath (POR)	- Back Words				42min
Afterlife (US)		- Surreality				34min
Afterlife? (SWE)	- Mental Suffering '92			17min
Aftermath (UK)		- To Die Or To Seize  MCDr		23min  bit Celtic Frost influenced
Agathocles (BEL)	- Cabbalic Gnosticism 7"		12min
Agathocles / Averno (BEL/COL) - Split LP			37min  old Split LP on Warmaster
Agathocles / Occult (BEL/US) - Split 7"				 6min  both bands with songs from 1985, great Deathnoise
Agathodaimon (GER)   	- Carpe Noctem '96              	39min
Agathodaimon (GER)   	- Near Dark II '97              	28min
Agatus (GRE/AUS)	- Night Mares  7"			10min
Agatus (GRE/AUS)        - Dawn Of Martyrdom             	47min
Agatus (GRE/AUS)        - The Weaving Fates                     39min
Agatus (GRE/AUS)        - Rite Of Metamorphosis 7"              12min
Agatus (GRE/AUS)        - Dawn Of Martyrdom                     68min  Bootleg or selfrelease ????
Agatus (GRE/AUS)        - A Night Of The Dark Ages '93?         12min
Agatus (GRE)		- The Eternalist			43min
Agent Steel (US)	- 144.000 Gone '84                       5min
Agent Steel (US)	- Demo II '84                           16min
Agent Steel (US)	- Swarm Over London			54min  Boot-CD, horrible sound
Agent Steel (US)    	- Unstoppable Force             	43min
Agent Steel / Redstorm (US/SWE) - Split 7"			12min
Aggression (CAN)	- Demo I '85				15min
Aggression (CAN)	- Forgotten Skeleton			62min  old cult Death Metal recordings from '86 on CD
Aggression (CAN)	- The Full Treatment CD-Rerelease	41min
Aggression (CAN)        - Blaspheming The Altar '86             16min
Aggression (CAN)        - The Full Treatment                    41min  Canadian Death-Thrash LP from '87
Agiel (US)		- Dark Pantheons Again Will Rise	37min
Agitator (US)		- Reh. 10/85				 6min  pre-Betrayer
Agmen (CZE)		- Damnation				39min  fuckin great Black Death
Agmen (CZE)		- Dethroned				38min
Agmen (CZE)		- Eternal  Re-Release CD		35min
Agmen (US)		- Tartarus  Re-Release CD		39min  demo on CD
Agmen / Unclean (CZE/CZE) - Split 7"				10min
Agonia (ITA)		- Breed 7"				10min
Agonize Death (BRA)	- Tomorrow Obskure  7"			15min
Agony (CAN)	 	- Eve Of Destruction '93		19min
Agony (COL)		- Live All The Time			43min  Live CD from '94
Agony (COL)		- Millenium				64min  Sepultura like
Agony (COL)		- Reborn				43min
Agony (SWE)		- The First Defiance			46min  old Power Thrash
Agony Lords (MEX)	- Nihilist Passion			68min
Agony Lords (MEX)	- The Suns Of The Cursed		54min
Agony Lords / Dies Irae (MEX/MEX) - Split CD			63min  very Paradise Lost influenced
Agoraphobia (GER)	- Wailing Of Souls  MLP			22min
Agoraphobic Nosebleed / Benmb (US/US) - Split 7"		10min
Agressor (BRA)		- Kill Or Die				27min  demos from 1987/88 on vinyl
Agressor (BRA)		- Victim Of Yourself			46min
Agressor (FRA)		- Medieval Rites			42min
Agressor (FRA)		- Neverending Destiny			37min  French DeathThrash from '90
Agressor (FRA)		- Rehearsal Of Death			38min
Agressor (FRA)		- Satan's Sodomy  MCD			17min  3rd demo on MCD
Agressor (FRA)		- Symposium Of Rebirth			39min
Agressor (FRA)		- The Merciless Onslaught		47min  Demo collection 1986-1989
Agressor (FRA)		- The Spirit Of Evil  MCD		25min
Agressor (FRA)          - Towards Beyond                        37min  UNBELIEVABLE Death Thrash Metal
Agretator (SWE)		- Delusions				42min  pre-Darkane, technical Death Metal
Agretator (SWE)		- Distorted Logic  MCD			21min  pre-Darkane, very technical stuff
Agrimonia (SWE)		- Host Of The Winged			72min
Agrimonia (SWE)		- s/t					46min
Ahret Dev (POL)		- Demo '95				24min
Ahret Dev (POL)		- Hellish  Re-Release CD		70min  old Polish force, demo on CD with bonustx
Ahriman (HUN)		- ...From The Dark Nature '97		30min
Ahriman (HUN)           - Mistpain Path (Ködkin ösveny)         43min
Ahriman / Frost (HUN/HUN) - Tribute To Tormentor 7"		13min
Airdash (FIN)		- Both Ends Of The Path			55min
Airdash (FIN)		- Hospital Hallucinations Take One	40min
Airdash (FIN)		- Liquid Bliss  MLP			12min
Airdash (FIN)		- Soul Of A Renegade/View  7"		10min
Airdash (FIN)		- Thank God It's Monday			36min  their debut from 1988
Airdash (FIN)		- Thank God.../Helluva Noise  7"	 9min  Promo 7"
Airdash (FIN)		- Vengeance Through Violence  MLP	12min
Airdash (FIN)		- Without It/White Lies  7"		 7min  similar to old Anthrax (Among The...)
Ajattara (FIN)		- Kuolema				34min
Akercocke (UK)		- Eyes Of The Dead/The Fulcrum 7"	 8min  Bonus-7" to Words That Go...CD
Akercocke (UK)		- Rape Of the Bastard Nazarene		40min  original first version
Akercocke (UK)		- Rape Of The Bastard...  Re-Release	60min  ex-Salem Orchid
Akercocke (UK)		- The Goat Of Mendes			57min
Akercocke (UK)		- Words That Go Unspoken...		48min
Akhenaton (FRA)      	- Solar Forces '95              	17min
Akitsa (CAN)		- Prophetic Heretique  7"		13min
Akitsa / Nocternity (CAN/GRE) - Split 7"			13min
Akitsa / Thesyre (CAN/CAN) - Split 7"				14min
Al Sirat (POL)		- Milczysz... '98			25min
Al Sirat (POL)		- Signa Tempori				50min
Alastis (SWI)		- Revenge				43min
Alastis (SWI)		- Unity					47min
Alastis (SWI)        	- The Other Side                	41min
Alastor (POL)		- Garage '92 Live Session		23min
Alastor (POL)		- Syndroms Of The Cities		47min
Alastor (POL)		- Zlo					44min
Alastor (POL)		- Zyj, Gnij I Milcz			53min
Alastor (POR)		- Crushing Christendom			35min  cool old Blackthrash
Alastor (POR)		- Demon Attack				74min
Alastor (POR)		- Hellward				37min
Alastor (POR)		- Infernal Lord				73min  first Alastor CD as bonus
Alastor (POR)		- Possessed By Darkness '93/07 MCDr 	16min  demo on CDr
Alcest (FRA)		- Protection  MCD			34min  came with Rock Hard #390
Alchemist (AUS)		- Austral Alien				47min
Alchemist (AUS)		- Demo '91				20min
Alchemist (AUS)		- Embryonics 90-98  2-CD	       155min
Alchemist (AUS)		- Eve Of The War			38min
Alchemist (AUS)		- Jar Of Kingdom			45min  weird Death Metal
Alchemist (AUS)		- Lunasphere				45min
Alchemist (AUS)		- Organasm				51min
Alchemist (AUS)		- Spiritech				62min  spacy Voivod meets Death Metal
Alchemist (AUS)		- Tripsis				44min
Alchemyst (GER)		- Blood And Ember '11			36min
Alchemyst (GER)		- Nekromanteion				48min  fantastic stuff
Alchemyst / Mosaic (GER/GER) - Split 7"				15min
Alcoholic Rites (ECU)	- Metal Alcoholico-Destructivo  7"	14min
Alcoholic Rites (ECU)	- Alkomanifesto				31min
Alehammer (UK)		- Mine's A Pint  Pic-10"		14min  old crusty Death Metal like
Alehammer / Tyrant (UK/SWE) - Split MLP				23min
Alestorm (SCOT)		- The Treasure Chest  MCD		22min  came with Legacy #126
Alfa Eridano Akhernar (MEX) - Aberrant Hate Icon		46min
Alfa Eridano Akhernar (MEX) - The Magnificent Rebirth Of...	38min  similar to old The Chasm
Alfa Eridano Akhernar (MEX) - Monumental... Promo MCDr '05 	12min
Alfa Eridano Akhernar / Nibiruth (MEX/ARG) - Split CD		35min
Algaion (SWE)		- s/t  7"				11min  two demo songs on vinyl
Algaion (SWE)           - Vox Clementis Adv. MCD '95            20min
Algaion (SWE)           - General Enmity                        51min  Black Metal vox combined with Power Metal
Algaion (SWE)           - Vox Clementis MCD                     19min  Peter Tägtgren on drums
Algol (NOR)		- Witchsleep '93			19min
Algol (NOR)          	- Entering The Woods Of...      	47min
Alisa (RUS)		- The Sixth Forester			43min  Russian Prog-Rock, cover looks Death Metal
Alister (YUG)		- Obscurity '01				52min
All Is Suffering (US)	- s/t  7"				10min
Allegiance (SWE)	- Eternal Hate '90			30min  severe Thrash-influenced in their beginning
Allegiance (SWE)	- Hymns Of Blod				64min
Allegiance (SWE)	- Vrede					39min  Marduk members
Allegiance (SWE)     	- Hymn Til Hangagud             	52min
Allegiance (SWE)        - Höfdinga Draupa '94                   23min
Allegiance (SWE)        - Blodörnsoffer                         51min
Allegiance (SWE)        - Odin äge Er Alla '93                  22min
Allfather (CAN)		- Weapon Of Ascension			28min
Allfather (CAN)		- Wrath Of The Bloodthirsty '98		26min
Allfather (CAN)		- s/t  10"				14min
Almighty Sathanas / Sargatanas (GRE/MEX) - Split 7"		10min
Altar (NL)		- In The Name Of The Father		46min
Altar (NL)		- Provoke				50min
Altar (NL)		- Red Harvest				47min
Altar (NL)		- Until Heaven Forbids			43min  Live, Demo and two new tx
Altar (NL)		- Youth Against Christ			47min
Altar (NL)          	- Ego Art                       	42min
Altar (SWE)		- No Flesh Shall Be Spared '94		20min
Altar / Cartilage (SWE/FIN) - Split LP				38min  killer old Death Metal
Altar / Cartilage (SWE/FIN) - Split CD				65min  some bonus tx against the Split LP
Altar Of Perversion (ITA) - From Dead Temples  LP + 7"		60min
Altar Of Perversion (ITA) - From Dead Temples			54min
Altar Of Perversion (ITA) - Adgnosco Veteris Vestigia... 10" 	22min
Altar Of Perversion / Goatfire (ITA/ITA) - Split 7"		11min
Altar Of Perversion / Mordaehoth (ITA/NL) - Splti 10"		22min
Altar The Sky (US)	- Plight Of The Vomit Eagle		38min  ex-Impaled guy doing Black Metal
Altered Aeon (SWE)	- Dispiritism				50min  all-star Melodic Death Metal project
Altered Aeon (SWE)	- Reborn As Gods  Demo MCDr '07		12min
Alverg (NOR)		- Elde					60min
Amaran (SWE)		- A World Depraved			42min  The Gathering meets Arch Enemy
Amaran (SWE)		- Pristine In Bondage			48min
Amaymon / Purulence (FRA/CAN) - Split CD                        37min
Amduscias (JPN)		- Amduscias MCD				29min
Amebix (UK)		- Arise + Bonus 7"  Rerelease		50min  on alternative Tentacles 1999, unrel. songs
Amebix (UK)		- Arise!				38min  strange BlackDoom LP from '85
Amebix (UK)		- Beginning Of The End			50min
Amebix (UK)		- Knights Of The Black Sun  MLP		 6min
Amebix (UK)		- Make Some Fucking Noise  Live-LP	34min
Amebix (UK)		- Monolith				45min
Amebix (UK)		- No Sanctuary 				27min
Amebix (UK)		- Redux  MLP				17min  incl. Chain Reaction with new horror keyboard parts
Amebix (UK)		- Sonic Mass				44min  great comeback
Amebix (UK)		- The Power Remains			42min
Amebix (UK)		- Who's The Enemy  7"			15min
Amebix (UK)		- Winter 7"				 9min  also from '85
Amen Corner (BRA)	- Amen Corner  7"			13min
Amen Corner (BRA)	- Darken In Quir Haresete  MCD		26min
Amen Corner (BRA)	- Fall Ascension Domination		67min  several bonus tx from 7" and others
Amen Corner (BRA)	- Jachol Ve Tehila			57min
Amen Corner (BRA)	- The Final Celebration EP		24min
Amenthis (BRA)		- Dualism				71min  Demo/Reh./Live from 1995
Amentia (GER)           - Demo '95                              11min  Death/Doom
Ammit (CHI)		- Armageddon Cobra			43min
Ammit (CHI)		- Extreme Speed Satan			45min  their demo was way better
Ammit (CHI)		- Hammer Of Darkness			39min
Ammit (CHI)		- Mass Suicide/Steel Inferno Re-Release 70min  plus 2 new songs from 2004
Ammit (CHI)		- Steel Inferno '98			33min  Celtic Frost meets Inquisition
Ammit (PER)		- The Demonic Defloration '96/'05	17min  demo-re-release
Amnion (SPA)		- Burn The Forest  7"			12min  very good Black Metal
Amok (NOR)		- Lava Dictatorship  Demo CDr '02	27min
Amok (NOR)		- Necrospiritual Deathcore		36min
Amok (SCOT)		- Downhill With Brakes			41min
Amok / Audiopain (NOR/NOR) - Split Demo '02			51min
Amon (CZE)		- Book Of Death  CDr '91/'00		42min
Amon (CZE)		- Call The Master!			40min  demo on LP
Amon (CZE)		- In The Shade Of Death			40min  ltd.400
Amon (CZE)		- Realm Of Evil CDr '90/'00		45min
Amon (CZE)		- Realm Of Evil '90			43min
Amon (CZE)		- Return Of The Black Metal		42min  very strong Amon release, the first I really like
Amon (CZE)		- Zrozeni Smrti				75min
Amon (US)		- Live At Volley Club May 1989		49min  shitty Boot-LP
Amon Amarth (SWE)	- Fate Of Norns Release Shows CD	53min  only sold on their two German release shows, rare stuff on it
Amon Amarth (SWE)	- Fate Of Norns				40min
Amon Amarth (SWE)	- Once Sent From The Golden...		45min
Amon Amarth (SWE)	- The Crusher				50min
Amon Amarth (SWE)	- The Avenger				37min  they did it again !!!!
Amon Amarth (SWE)	- Twilight Of The Thundergod		43min  Vinyl sounds wrongly pressed, slower than 33rpm
Amon Amarth (SWE)	- Versus The World  2-CD	       123min  their demos and 1st MCD on bonus CD
Amon Amarth (SWE)	- With Oden On Our Side			41min
Amon Amarth (SWE)	- With Oden On Our Side 2-CD		72min
Amon Amarth (SWE)    	- Sorrow Throughout The....MCD  	25min
Amon Goeth (CZE)	- The Worship				54min  now called Amon again
Amor Comitted Suicide (FIN) - Upavitika  MCD			17min  old Death Metal from Finland
Amorphis (FIN)		- My Kantele  MCD			25min
Amorphis (FIN)		- Silent Waters  MCD			14min
Amorphis (FIN)		- Silent Waters				50min
Amorphis (FIN)		- Silver Bride  MCD			12min
Amorphis (FIN)		- The Smoke MCD				 4min
Amorphis (FIN)		- s/t  CD				46min  came with Legacy #114
Amorphis (FIN)          - Eclipse                               44min  best record since Elegy
Amorphis / Belial (FIN/FIN) - Split CD				70min  Day Of Darkness Festifall Part 2 Boot-CD
Amorphis / Children Of Bodom (FIN/FIN) - Split MCD		24min
Amputation (NOR)	- Demo 1990  7"				 7min  demo on vinyl
Amsvartner (SWE)	- Dreams				48min
Amtsvartner (SWE)	- The Trollish Mirror  MCD		23min
Amtsvartner (SWE)    	- Demo '95                      	12min  fantastic new and young Swedish band
Amtsvartner (SWE)       - Underneath The 1000... '5/96          30min
Amulance (US)		- Feel The Pain				44min
An (FIN)		- Pure Northern Hell  7"		12min
An (FIN)		- World Minus Population		36min  very good BlackDeath Metal
Anacrusis (US)		- Screams And Whispers			62min
Anacrusis (US)      	- Reason                        	53min
Anael (GER)		- From Arcane Fires			62min
Anael (GER)		- Infernal Devotion  7"			13min  very old-Samael like, killer sound
Anael (GER)		- Into The Dark '00			17min
Anael (GER)		- Necromantic Rituals			41min  total Samael - Worship Him rip-offs
Anael (GER)		- On Wings Of Mercury			51min  less Samael influenced now, but still very good
Anael / Buried God (GER/GER) - Split 7"                         13min
Anal Blasphemy (FIN)	- Bestial Black Metal Filth		43min
Anal Blasphemy / Pure Evil (FIN/FIN) - Split 7"			13min
Anal Putrefaction (BRA)	- Death To The Faith '02		20min
Anal Stench (POL)	- Red Revolution			36min
Anal Stench (POL)	- Stench Like Six Demons		39min
Anal Vomit (PER)	- Demonic Flagellations			36min  pure Sarcofago worship !!! Killer !!!
Anal Vomit (PER)	- Depravation				33min  what a massacre !! Killer BlackDeath
Anal Vomit (PER)	- From Peruvian Hell  7"		16min  total blackthrashing chaos, killer
Anal Vomit (PER)	- Gathering Of The Putrid Demons	30min
Anal Vomit (PER)	- Into The Eternal Agony '97/'04	30min  demo re-release, Reh.'99 as bonus
Anal Vomit (PER)	- Sudamerica Brutal '98			22min
Anal Vomit (PER)	- Welcome To The Slow Rotten...		80min
Anarazel (AUS)		- Devil Hymns  MCD			12min
Anarazel (AUS)		- Rise Of Tempest  MCD			21min
Anarazel (AUS)		- Undivine  Re-Release CD		42min  re-recorded CD from 2001
Anarchonic (CZE)	- Lame Gart And...			39min
Anarchus (MEX)		- 500 Years Of Infamy  7"		14min
Anarchus (MEX)		- Final Fall Of The Gods  7"		13min
Anarchus (MEX)		- Increasing The Hate  Re-Release CD	62min  10th anniversary CD
Anarchus (MEX)		- Quarreling 7"				10min
Anarchus (MEX)		- Still Alive...And Still Too Drunk	40min
Anarchus (MEX)		- Vals Of Hate				58min  15th anniversary CD
Anarchus (SWI)		- Demo II '91				19min
Anarchus (SWI)		- Kellertape '90			20min
Anarchus / AK 47 (MEX/MEX) - Split 7"				15min
Anarchus / CSSO (MEX/JPN) - Split Live CD			59min
Anarchus / Cacofonia (MEX/MEX) - Split CD			48min
Anarchus / Demogorgon (MEX/MEX) - Demo Split CD			64min
Anarchus / Unholy Grave (MEX/JPN) - Split CD			32min
Anascara (GER)		- Dying					33min
Anascara (GER)		- Godmachine				40min
Anascara (GER)		- Moribund				33min
Anata (SWE)		- Bury Forever The Garden Of Life '95 	13min
Anata (SWE)		- Dreams Of Death And Dismay		47min
Anata (SWE)		- The Conductor's Departure		54min  last 3 songs are magical technical Death Metal
Anata (SWE)		- The Infernal Depths Of Hatred		44min
Anata (SWE)		- Under A Stone With No Inscription	45min
Anata (SWE)		- Vast Land Of My Infernal Dominion '97 24min
Anata vs. Bethzaida (SWE/NOR) - War Vol. II  Split CD		33min
Anathema (UK)		- A Fine Day To Exit			51min  a dream
Anathema (UK)		- All Faith Is Lost '91			28min
Anathema (UK)		- An Iljad Of Woes '92			32min
Anathema (UK)		- Serenades				66min
Anathema (UK)		- Serenades  LP				43min
Anathema (UK)		- The Crestfallen MCD			34min
Anathema (UK)		- They Die 7"				15min
Anathema (UK)       	- Eternity                      	69min
Anathema (UK)       	- Peaceville Collector Club EP  	12min
Anathemized (POL)	- Disdain '94				33min  mix of Bolt Thrower meets Gorement
Anathemized (POL)	- Paradise In The Abyss '92		36min
Anatomia (JAP)		- Demo MCDr '03				18min
Anatomia (JPN)		- Dissected Humanity			46min  old DeathDoom, bit similar to Mortuary
Anatomia (JPN)		- Human Lust '09			12min
Anatomia (JPN)		- Shreds Of Putrefaction  10"		21min  their Demo CDr plus Repulsion cover
Anatomia / Decrepitaph (JPN/US) - Split 7"			10min
Anatomia / Grudge / Coffins (JPN/JPN/JPN) - Split CD		60min
Anatomia / Offal (JPN/BRA) - Split 7"				12min
Anatomy (AUS)		- Anatomy 7"				12min
Anatomy (AUS)		- The Witches Of Dathomir		41min
Anatomy (AUS)		- Where Angels Die			46min
Anatomy / Long Voyage Back (AUS/AUS) - Split 7"			16min  no new songs from Anatomy sadly
Ancestor (FIN)		- With No Strings Attached '93		25min  great Death/Thrash
Ancestral Malediction (BRA) - Huge Blackness                    34min
Ancestral Malediction (BRA) - Demoniac Holocaust		29min
Ancestral Malediction / Ophiolatry (BRA/BRA) - Split MCD	16min
Ancient (NOR)		- The Halls Of Eternity  Do.-LP		66min  one bonus tck
Ancient (NOR)       	- The Cainian Chronicle         	67min
Ancient (NOR)        	- Mad Grandiose Bloodfiends     	67min
Ancient (NOR)           - The Halls Of Eternity                 62min
Ancient Gods (MEX)	- Mystic Lands  MCD			22min  The Chasm member
Ancient Gods / Infinitum Obscure (MEX/MEX) - Split CD		42min  The Chasm worshipping bands
Ancient Rites (BEL)	- And The Hordes Stood As One		78min
Ancient Rites (BEL)	- Dark Ritual  Pic-EP			20min  their ultracool Demo '90 on LP
Ancient Rites (BEL)	- Dim Carosa				46min
Ancient Rites (BEL)	- Fatherland				46min
Ancient Rites (BEL)	- Rites Of The Ancient '07		74min  Bootleg-live tape, good soundquality, horrible presentation/cash-in release
Ancient Rites (BEL)	- Rvbicon				46min
Ancient Rites (BEL)	- The Diabolic Serenades + Bonus tck	43min  released on Mascot Rec. '96
Ancient Rites (BEL)    	- Off. Livetape '92             	19min
Ancient Slumber (SWE)	- Abandon Your Voltair Garden '93	21min  classic Thrahs, bit like Heathen
Ancient Wargod (GER) 	- When Darkness Rises...        	38min
Ancient Wargod (GER) 	- Arrival Of The Darklord '96   	27min
Ancient Winds (SWE)	- Reach My Journey's End '95		19min  strong Black Metal
Ancient Winds (SWE)	- The Martyr '97			23min
Ancient Wisdom (SWE)	- ...And The Physical Shape Of...	45min
Ancient Wisdom (SWE)	- Cometh Doom, Cometh Death		50min
Ancient Wisdom (SWE)	- Through Rivers Of The Eternal... '94	27min
Ancient Wisdom (SWE) 	- For Snow Covered The Northland	60min
Ancient Wisdom (SWE) 	- The Calling                   	42min
Ancientblood (BRA)	- The Profane Hymns Of The... MCD	18min
Ancients Rebirth (SWE)	- Of Wrarth Demo III '94		31min
Ancients Rebirth (SWE)	- Adv. Split-MCD '94 Of Wrath		31min  should have been released with Naglfar
Ancients Rebirth (SWE)	- Twisted Tales From The...'92  	14min
Ancients Rebirth (SWE)	- Drain The Portal In Blood     	51min  Swedish Killer Black Metal
Ancients Rebirth (SWE)  - Damnated Hell's Arrival               30min
Ancients Rebirth (SWE)  - Unr. tck '93                  	 3min
And Oceans (FIN)	- A.M. God				49min
And Oceans (FIN)	- Cypher				48min  great futuristic Black Metal
And Oceans (FIN)	- Morphogenesis				46min
And Oceans (FIN)	- The Dynamic Gallery Of Thoughts	49min
And Oceans (FIN)	- The Symmetry Of I - The Circle Of O 	41min
And Oceans vs. Bloothorn (FIN/NOR) - War Vol. I  Split CD	42min
Andralls (BRA)		- Fasthrash Live 2003			28min  killer Live Thrash massacre
Andralls (BRA)		- Force Against Mind			35min  Brasilian The Haunted fans
Andralls (BRA)		- Inner Trauma				46min
Andralls (BRA)		- Massacre, Corruption,...Re-Release CD 73min tx and Rehearsal tx
Andralls (BRA)		- s/t					48min
Anesthesy (BEL)		- Demo II '89				22min
Anesthesy (BEL)		- Just Married  MCD			24min
Anesthesy (BEL)		- The Fifth Season			42min
Anesthesy (BEL)         - Exaltation Of The Eclipse             57min  mix of Winter, Grave, Celtic Frost
Angantyr (DK)		- Endelos/Nordens Stolte Krigere  2-10" 48min
Angantyr (DK)		- Kampen Fortsaetter  Re-Release LP	50min
Angantyr (DK)		- Sejr					53min
Angel Corpse (US)	- Death Dragons Of The Apocalypse	71min  official live CD, ltd.2000
Angel Corpse (US)	- Hammer Of Gods  Re-Release		44min  remastered, new layout, 2 bonus tx
Angel Corpse (US)	- Iron Blood And Blasphemy		66min
Angel Corpse (US)	- Of Lucifer And Lightning		36min
Angel Corpse (US)	- The Inexorable			35min  new killer Death Metal release
Angel Corpse (US)   	- CD Promo '96                  	11min
Angel Corpse (US)   	- Exterminate                   	40min  total killer, American Death at it's best
Angel Corpse (US)   	- Goats Of Azazel '96           	16min
Angel Corpse (US)   	- Nuclear Hell 7"               	11min  live 7"
Angel Corpse (US)   	- Reh. tck '96                  	 3min
Angel Corpse (US)   	- Wolflust  7"                  	10min  w. a Possessed-cover (Burning In Hell on 45!!)
Angel Corpse (US)       - Hammer Of Gods                        34min
Angel Corpse / Martire (US/AUS) - Split 7"			12min  last sign of life from Angelcorpse (RIP)
Angel Death (ITA)	- Exorcisin' The Pain  7"		10min  their 2nd 7", and again not like the godly demo
Angel Dust (GER)     	- Pray For Metal '86            	30min
Angel Negro (COL)	- Guillain Barre			34min  good Death Metal
Angel Of Damnation (GER)- s/t  7"				11min  pure Doom with Nocturnal and Sacred Steel members
Angel Of Damnation (GER)- Carnal Philosophy			37min
Angel Of Damnation / Don Juan Matus (GER/PER) - Split 7"	12min
Angel Witch (UK)	- Loser 7"				 9min  NWOBHM '81
Angelkill (US)		- Artist Of The Flesh			60min
Angelkill (US)		- Beyond The Black			56min
Angelkill (US)		- Bloodstained Memories			54min
Angelkill (US)		- Casket Lullabies			53min
Angelkill (US)		- Lady Cadaver  7"			11min  bad bad bad
Angelkill / Battery (US/POL) - Split Demo '93			57min
Angelrape (SWE)		- Demo MCDr '04				12min
Angelrape (SWE)		- Unholy Proclamation Demo MCDr '05 	13min
Angelreaper (HUN)	- Angel Ripping Metal			80min
Angelreaper (HUN)	- Exhumalt Vilag			35min  demo '92 on CD, similar to Tormentor
Angelreaper (HUN)	- Vegzet Utoler				49min  demo '87 on CD
Angels In Exile (US)	- Demo '90				19min
Angmar (FIN)		- The Razorblade Redemption		40min
Angst (SWE)		- Divine Wrath '03			18min
Angst (SWE)		- In Hoc Signo Vinces			33min
Anguish (FIN)		- Ground Absorbs  7"			10min
Anhedonist (US)		- The Drear				36min
Anialator (US)		- Filicide MLP				22min
Anialator (US)		- Two In One				34min  mexican pressing of Felicide and an other EP
Anialator (US)          - Felicide Pic-MLP                      15min  normal MLP has 2 livetx more
Anihilated (UK)		- Path To Destruction  MLP		20min  like oldest Onslaught, some Crust influences
Anihilated (UK)		- Path To Destruction  Re-Release CD	55min  w.MLP, Demo '85 and Live
Anihilated (UK)		- The Ultimate Desecration		44min
Anihilated (UK) 	- Created In Hate               	40min  killer Deathrash LP from '88
Anima Damnata (POL)	- Agonizing Journey Through The...	37min
Anima Damnata (POL)	- Atrocious Disfigurement Of The...	44min
Anima Damnata (POL)	- Suicidal Allegiance Upon... CDr '01	28min
Anima Damnata (POL)	- Tormenting Pale Flesh Of The... MCD 	16min
Animosity (NL)		- Embraced By Winter  MCD		15min
Animosity (US)		- Get Off My Back  MLP			24min
Animus Herilis (FRA)	- Mater Tenebrarum '02			24min
Annalist (POL)		- Ad Patris '91				26min
Annalist (POL)		- Over the Northland '91		18min
Annathema (YUG)		- Don't Go Down				47min
Annathema (YUG)		- Empire Of Noise  Re-Release CD	38min  2nd release, still average voice
Annathema (YUG)		- s/t  Re-Release CD			38min  good Thrash, horrible voice
Annihilator (CAN)    	- Bag Of Tricks                 	74min
Annihilatus (FIN)	- Annihilation 10"			25min
Annihilatus (FIN)	- Blood And War				45min
Annihilatus (FIN)	- Demo '00				15min
Annthennath (FRA)	- Paeans Of Apostasy			34min
Anphisbenah (BRA)	- Initiates The Horrendous  MCD		20min
Antaeus (FRA)		- Blood Libels				42min
Antediluvian (CAN)	- Watchers' Reign			51min
Antestor (NOR)		- Det Tapte Liv  MCD			19min  good Un-Black Metal, Hellhammer on drums
Antestor (NOR)		- Martyrium  Re-Release LP		48min
Antestor (NOR)		- The Forsaken				45min  fantastic Un-black Metal, Hellhammer on dr. +Wahlin-cover
Antestor (NOR)		- The Return Of The Black Death		58min
Antetsor (NOR)		- The Defeat Of Satan			49min  old demos on CD, Death Metal influenced
Anthrax	(US)		- Armed And Dangerous EP		27min
Anthrax	(US)		- Fistful Of Metal			43min
Anthrax (US)		- I'm The Man  MLP			29min
Anthrax (US)		- Spreading The Disease			44min
Anthrax (US)		- State Of Euphoria			55min
Anthropomancy (UK) 	- Demo '93				44min
Anti Cimex (SWE)	- Absolute Country Of Sweden		45min
Anti Cimex (SWE)	- Country Of Sweden  Re-Release CD	61min  Anti Cimex MLP and Absolute... LP on CD
Anti Cimex (SWE)	- Demos 81-85				29min
Anti Cimex (SWE)	- Fucked In Finland  7"			11min
Anti Cimex (SWE)	- Made In Sweden			30min
Anti Cimex (SWE)	- Scandinavian Jawbreaker		41min  Swedish Crust
Anti Cimex (SWE)	- Victims Of A Raped Ass  MCD		15min  Victims.../Raped 7"s on MCD
Anti Cimex / Shit Lickers (SWE/SWE) - Split 7"			 9min  Anarkist Attack and Cracked Cop
Anti-Cimex (SWE)	- Fucked In Sweden  LP			45min
Anti-Cimex (SWE)	- The Records 1981-1986	 LP		34min
Antichrist (CAN)	- Sacrament Of Blood			29min  demo from '94, similar to Blasphemy
Antichrist (GER)	- Ego Fum Papa '96              	37min
Antichrist (GER)        - Slaughter In Hell '85                 30min  different Antichrist
Antichrist (HUN)	- Dark Age...In The Very Beginning	38min  demo '89 on CD, also like Tormentor
Antichrist (SWE)	- Crushing Metal/Put To Death '11	38min  both demos on one tape
Antichrist (SWE)	- Crushing Metal Tape '09		15min
Antichrist (SWE)	- Forbidden World			45min  killer Thrash, with some Possessed influences
Antichrist (SWE)	- Sinful Birth				46min
Antichrist (UK)		- Adv. EP '86				10min
Antichrist (UK)		- Compil. tx '87			 5min  feat. the Unrel 7" tx, sound better
Antichrist (UK)		- Demo '84				 8min
Antichrist (UK)		- Stoking The Ovens Of...'86		 9min
Antichrist (UK)		- Unrel. 7" '7.87			 5min  sound: bad
Antichrist / Niflheim (AUS/AUS) - Split 7"			15min  brutal Black/Death bands
Antichrist / Random Violence (AUS/AUS) - Split Demo '02		45min
Antihuman (GER)		- Sluagh Ghairn				70min  Traumatic members
Antihuman (GER)		- Sturm Der Urgewalten Part 1		45min  great Black, Traumatic Voyage members
Antihuman (GER)		- Sturm Der Urgewalten Part 2		45min
Antitese (BRA)		- s/t  					33min  killer Thrash Death
Anton (MEX)		- ...Todos Moriran Hoy			47min  sounds like best Transmetal. Killer !!!!!!
Anton (MEX)		- Adiccion Satanica  MCD		12min
Antropomorphia (NL)	- Necromantic Love Songs MCD		25min
Anubi (LIT)		- Sucemus Skambes  7"			10min
Anvil (CAN)		- Absolutely No Alternative		40min
Anvil (CAN)    	 	- Reading '83                   	15min
Anvil (CAN)          	- Hard'n Heavy                  	41min
Anvil (CAN)          	- Metal On Metal                	43min
Anvil (CAN)          	- Forged In Fire                	39min
Anvil (CAN)          	- Worth The Weight              	49min
Anvil (CAN)          	- Pound For Pound               	37min
Anvil (CAN)          	- Strength Of Steel             	42min
Anvil (CAN)          	- Plugged In Permanent          	46min
Anvil (CAN)             - Studiotcks '11/85             	15min  one unrel. tck
Anwyl (US)		- Bloody Mary  MCD			24min  7" + bonus tx
Anwyl (US)		- Demo '98				14min
Anwyl (US)		- Inferior Molestation  Promo '98	11min
Anwyl (US)		- Postmortem Apocalypse			34min
Anwyl (US)		- Totalitarian Perversity  7"		10min
Anxious Death (FIN)	- s/t  '04				21min  Slugathor member, Von meets Sarcofago
Apathetic Child (GER) 	- Tragic Serenade '93           	 3min  my first band
Apathy (SWE)		- Dark Shattered Death '93		16min
Aphotic (US)		- Failure  MCD				22min
Aphotic (US)		- Under Veil Of Dark  MCD		16min  great DoomDeath
Aphotic (US)		- s/t  MCD				16min
Aphotic / Dusk (US/US)	- Split CD				41min  last Dusk material before the Split
Apocalypse (US)		- Coldbringer				69min
Apocalypse Command (US) - Damnation Scythes Of Invincible... 	44min
Apocalypse Command (US) - s/t  7"				13min  very raw Death Metal, ex-Angelcorpse/ex-Slaughterlord !
Apocalyptic Raids (BRA)	- Demo/Reh. 3/99			16min
Apocalyptic Raids (BRA)	- Only Death Is Real...			39min  Hellhammer meets Sodom
Apocalyptic Raids (BRA)	- The Return Of The Satanic Rites	37min  total killer !!!! A true necromanical band
Apocalyptic Raids (BRA) - The Third Storm                       37min
Apocalyptic Raids (BRA) - Vol.4 - Phonocopia			37min
Apocalyptic Raids (BRA)	- The Pentagram				36min
Apocalyptic Raids / Gravewürm (BRA/US) - Split 7"               12min
Apocalyptic Visions (US)- Doomsday Device			38min  ex-Lestregatus Nosferatu members
Apocalyptic Visions (US)- Leave None Living			58min
Apolion / Eswiel (ITA/NOR) - Split 7"				13min  Eswiel with ex-Energumen members
Apolion's Genocide (COL)- Awake, You're In...  Live '97		38min  live demos, gothic black
Apollgon (SWE)		- In Darkness Embraced '95		43min
Apollyon (DK)		- Diaboli Gratia  MCD			20min
Apollyon Sun (SWI)	- God Leaves (And Dies) MCD		23min  new project of T.G. Warrior and Marquis Marky
Apollyon Sun (SWI)	- Sub					46min  oh oh...not good at all
Apolokia / Inferno (GER/CZE) - Split 7"				16min
Apostasy (CHI)		- Sunset Of The End '90			63min
Apostasy (SWE)		- Cell 666				42min
Apostasy (SWE)		- Devilution				41min
Apostate (FIN)		- Flight Of The Halcyon '99		18min
Apostate (FIN)		- Flight Of The Halcyon '98		19min
Apostle (UK)            - Dusk For Convenience                  30min  Deranged meets some Black influences
Apotheosis (MAL)	- Farthest From The Sun			51min
Apothic (US)		- Stillness Grows			51min  all 3 MCDs pressed on one CD
Apparition (US)		- Eternally Forgotten  7"		11min
Aptorian Demon (NOR)	- Angst, Jamer Og Fortvilelse  7"	10min
Aquer (CHI)		- Athanatos				34min
Aquer (CHI)		- Live '04				41min
Aquer (CHI)		- Por El Signo De Los Cuernos  CDr	41min
Aquer (CHI)             - Iä  MCDr '03                          23min
Aquer (CHI)             - Demo '03?                             20min  Iä release with one track less than the MCDr
Aquer / Diabolical Messiah (CHI/CHI) - Split CD			48min
Aquer / The True Endless (CHI/ITA) - Split 7"			16min
Aragorn	(UK)		- Black Ice  7"				10min
Aragorn (UK)            - Noonday                               69min  NWOBHM, Tom Warrior's inspiration
Aragorn (UK)            - Demo '81                      	 8min
Arakain (CZE)		- 15 (Volume 1)  MCD			15min
Arakain (CZE)		- Apage Satanas				55min
Arakain (CZE)		- Archeology				65min  songs from 1982-1988 re-recorded in 2002
Arakain (CZE)		- Balady				68min
Arakain (CZE)		- Black Jack				41min  still very great Thrash
Arakain (CZE)		- Excalibur  7"				10min  godly Thrash stuff from 1988
Arakain (CZE)		- Farao					58min
Arakain (CZE)		- Forrest Gump				61min
Arakain (CZE)		- History Live!  Re-Release CD		50min
Arakain (CZE)		- Klu-Klux-Klan  7"			12min
Arakain (CZE)		- Labyrint				51min
Arakain (CZE)		- Legendy				28min  covers of 70s/80s bands
Arakain (CZE)		- Live Gambrinus  Do-CD			92min
Arakain (CZE)		- Metalmorfoza				64min  first time with new vocalist
Arakain (CZE)		- Nejvetsi Hity				68min  same as Balady, just a Radio Promo version with diff. title
Arakain (CZE)		- Proc  7"				10min
Arakain (CZE)		- Restart				69min
Arakain (CZE)		- S.O.S.				47min
Arakain (CZE)		- Salto Mortale				44min
Arakain (CZE)		- Schizofrenie				45min
Arakain (CZE)		- Thrash The Trash			39min  Slayer-influenced Thrash
Arakain (CZE)		- Thrash !				40min  engl. version
Arakain (CZE)		- Thrash The.../Schizofrenie 2-CD      109min  Ku-Klux-Klan 7" as bonus
Arakain (CZE)		- Vol.1					78min
Arakain (CZE)		- Vol.1+2  2-CD			       155min
Arakain (CZE)		- Vol.2					77min
Arakain (CZE)		- Warning!				53min
Arakain (CZE)		- XXV Eden  2-CD		       132min
Arallu (ISR)		- Desert Battles			49min
Arallu (ISR)		- Magen Jerusalem  7"			16min
Arallu (ISR)		- Satanic War In Jerusalem		43min
Arallu (ISR)		- The Demon From The Ancient World 	48min  killer ! they come close to Melechesh
Arallu (ISR)		- The War On The Wailing Wall		42min
Arathron (GER)          - Niemals Krönender Was...              44min
Arcana XII (NAM)	- Fallen From Grace			52min  melodic Heavy/Power from Namibia
Arcane (NL)		- Cascade				42min  Eternal Solstice member
Arcane Sun (IRE)	- Arcane Sun				57min  a dream came true, unbelievable
Arcane Sun (IRE)	- Eden Eclipsed '97                     21min
Arcane Sun (IRE)	- Fade  Unreleased CD '00		60min
Arch  Enemy (SWE)	- Wages Of Sin  2-CD			75min
Arch Enemy (SWE)	- Anthems Of Rebellion CD+DVD		42min
Arch Enemy (SWE)	- Anthems Of Rebellion			42min
Arch Enemy (SWE)	- Black Earth  Re-Release		42min
Arch Enemy (SWE)	- Burning Bridges  Digi-CD		41min  w.two bonus tx
Arch Enemy (SWE)	- Burning Japan  Live 1999		49min
Arch Enemy (SWE)	- Dead Eyes See No Future Jpn-MCD	26min
Arch Enemy (SWE)	- Doomsday Machine			48min
Arch Enemy (SWE)	- Khaos Legions 2-LP			69min
Arch Enemy (SWE)	- Revolution Begins  MCD		18min
Arch Enemy (SWE)	- Rise Of The Tyrant LP+CD		96min			
Arch Enemy (SWE)	- Stigmata				47min
Arch Enemy (SWE)	- Tyrants Of The Rising Sun		89min
Arch Enemy (SWE)	- Wages Of Sin				48min  european LP version
Arch Enemy (SWE)     	- Black Earth                   	33min
Arch Enemy (SWE)        - Burning Angel  Jpn-MCD                12min  Japanese Tour EP 2002
Arch Enemy (SWE)        - Burning Bridges                       36min  better vocals
Arch Enemy (SWE)        - Wages Of Sin  Jpn-CD                  45min  great vox by the girle, fantastic
Archangellus (BRA)	- Magnus Ominis Umbra			48min  GothMetal on Cogumelo...
Archenemy (US)		- Violent Harm				36min  two demos from '86
Archeon (POL)		- End Of The Weakness			35min
Archgoat (FIN)		- Angelslaying Black Fucking Metal  7"   7min
Archgoat (FIN)		- Heavenly Vulva  MLP			16min
Archgoat (FIN)		- The Aeon Of The Angelslaying...      100min
Archgoat (FIN)		- The Light-Devouring Darkness 		31min
Archgoat (FIN)		- Whore Of Babylon CD+DVD		36min
Arckanum (SWE)		- Antikosmos  7"			 8min
Arckanum (SWE)		- Antikosmos  Re-Release LP		49min
Arckanum (SWE)		- Arckanum - The 11 Year Annivesary... 	51min
Arckanum (SWE)		- Boka Um Kaos  7"			12min
Arckanum (SWE)		- Grimalkinz Skaldi  7"			10min
Arckanum (SWE)		- Kampen  Do.-CD			74min
Arckanum (SWE)		- Promo '01				11min
Arckanum (SWE)		- Pyrmir  7"				 8min
Arckanum (SWE)		- Trulen  Re-Release CD			53min  with bonus tx
Arckanum (SWE)		- ppppppppppp				50min
Arckanum (SWE)  	- Late Of Mysticism '93                 12min
Arckanum (SWE)       	- Demo '93                      	25min
Arckanum (SWE)       	- Kastogher                     	60min
Arckanum (SWE)       	- Reh. '93                      	10min
Arckanum / Contamino (SWE/SWE) - Split 7"			13min
Arckanum / Sataros Grief (SWE/SWE) - Split 7"			 6min  ridiculous playing time
Arckanum / Svartsyn (SWE/SWE) - Split CD			40min
Arctic Circle (CAN)	- Forcing The Astral			29min
Arcturus (NOR)		- Aspera Hiems... Re-Release 2-LP	80min
Arcturus (NOR)		- Constellation LP			36min  PromoCD+old 7"+new stuff
Arcturus (NOR)		- Reconstellation			40min
Arcturus (NOR)       	- La Masquerade Infernale       	47min
Ares Kingdom (US)	- Chaosmongers Alive  7"		13min
Ares Kingdom (US)	- Failsafe MLP				20min
Ares Kingdom (US)	- Firestorms And Chaos			59min
Ares Kingdom (US)	- Firestorm Redemption  MLP		14min  just outstanding !!! Killer.
Ares Kingdom (US)	- Incendiary				50min
Ares Kingdom (US)	- Return To Dust			43min
Ares Kingdom (US) 	- The Undying Fire '98           	14min  ex-Order From Chaos member
Ares Wrath (BRA)	- War Bombastic Black Metal  MCD	21min  brutal Black
Argentum (MEX)		- Stigma Morturorum			40min  beautiful DeathDoom, killer
Argentum (MEX)       	- Adv. CD '96 Ad Interi...(cut) 	29min
Argentum (MEX)       	- Ad Interitum Funebrarum       	77min
Aria (RUS)		- Hero Of A Speedway			38min
Arise (SWE)		- Demo '98				13min
Arise (SWE)		- Kings Of The Cloned Generation	42min  fantastic Death Metal
Arise (SWE)		- The Godly Work Of Art			43min
Arkham (FRA)         	- In The Woods '9?              	10min
Armagedda (SWE)		- Echoes In Eternity			69min
Armagedda (SWE)		- In Blackest Ruin  10"			15min
Armagedda (SWE)		- Ond Spiritism				47min
Armagedda (SWE)		- Only True Believers			44min  total Darkthrone worship, killer
Armagedda (SWE)		- Strenght Through Torture  7"		10min
Armagedda (SWE)		- The Final War Approaching		40min
Armagedda / Woods Of Infinity (SWE/SWE) - Split 7"		15min  Arm: Darkthrone-Black, WI: total bullshit
Armageddon (POL)	- Death Then Nothing			33min  great comeback album
Armageddon (SWE)	- Crossing The Rubicon			35min  w. C.Amott and the best instrumental Intro ever
Armageddon (SWE)	- Embrace The Mystery			36min  very Iron Maiden on Thrash now
Armageddon (SWE)	- Three					41min
Armagedon (POL)		- Invisible Circle  Re-Release CD	56min  Unholy Bible Of Polish Death Metal Vol.3
Armored Dawn (BRA)	- Power Of Warrior  MCD			20min  came with Rock Hard #357
Armored Dawn (BRA)	- Power Of Warrior  MCD			20min  came with Legacy #105
Armoros	(CAN)		- Debut Assault '86			14min
Armoros (CAN)		- Piece By Piece  3-CD	       	       205min
Armoros (CAN)        	- Adv. LP '88  Pieces           	45min
Armoros (CAN)        	- Resurrecdead '87              	24min
Armour (FIN)		- Kodoku No Warrior  7"			10min
Armour (FIN)		- Sonichouse Tape			47min  horrible Heavy/Speed Metal
Armoured Angel (AUS)	- Angel Of The Sixth Order		43min  Australian Death Metal Godssssssss
Armoured Angel (AUS)	- Baptism In Blood  Re-Release MLP	26min  more in the Heavy Metal vein, Demo from '85
Arphaxat (FRA)		- Loudun La Maudite			37min
Arsenic (US)		- First Blood  Reh./Demo '85		12min
Arsenic (US)		- From Beneath The Grave '85		32min  Venom meets some Asphyx
Arsenic (US)		- Reh. 23.2.85				 7min
Arsenic (US)		- Seeds Of Darkness			55min  old Demos from '85 on CD
Arsonist Lodge (FIN)	- Lihaa Pedolle  7"			11min
Arsonist Lodge (FIN)    - Perkele, Antikristus Ja Väärä... MCD  24min
Art Inferno (ITA)	- Abyssus Abyssum Invocat		56min
Artch (NOR)		- For The Sake Of Mankind		50min  the original CD from 1991
Arthemesia (FIN)	- Deus-Iratus				47min
Artillery (DK)		- Deadly Relics				59min  old stuff from this legend
Artillery (DK)		- Don't Believe  Promo-EP		12min  b/w Khomaniac
Artillery (DK)		- Fly/Jester  7"			 9min  my 7" contains "Fly" on both sides...
Artillery (DK)          - B.A.C.K.                              41min
Artillery (DK)          - Fly/Jester  7"                        11min  now with two different songs like it should be
As I Lay Dying (US)	- An Ocean Between Us			42min
As I Lay Dying (US)	- Frail World Collapse			39min
As I Lay Dying (US)	- Shadows Are Security			44min
As It Burns (NL)	- Global Ruin				46min
As It Burns (NL)	- Inferno				29min  more Black orientated at their beginning
As It Burns (NL)	- Mortal Dusk				42min
As Prophecies (BRA)	- Igne Natura Renovatur Integra 7"	12min
As Sahar (SIN)		- Al-Rischa				23min
As Sahar (SIN)		- Ekstasi Tektonis			66min
As Sahar (SIN)		- Jaann					53min
As Sahar (SIN)		- Meditation Embun Pagi '95		24min
As Serenity Fades (FIN)	- Earthborn MCD               		18min  Finnish Death/Doom, very melodical
Asakku (GER)		- s/t  7"				13min  fantastic German Black Metal !!!
Ascaris (POL)		- Uncured Sickness '94			43min  fantastic Polish Death Metal
Ascended (FIN)		- The Art Of Necromancy '08		20min
Ascended / Helcaraxe (FIN/US) - Split 7"			11min
Ascension (GER)		- Consolamentum				49min
Ascension (GER)		- Fire And Faith  MLP			16min
Ascension (GER)		- With Burning Tongues '09		45min  totally great Black Metal
Asgaia (GER)		- Yersinia				45min  German melodic DeathDoomGothic
Asgard (FRA)		- Chamane  MCD				16min
Asgard (FRA)		- To A Golden Age			42min  good Death Metal
Asgaroth (SPA)          - The Quest For Eldenhor MCD            21min
Ashes (POL)		- In The Abyss Of Darkness '92		44min
Ashes (SWE)		- And The Angels Wept  MCD		22min
Ashes (SWE)		- Death Has Made Its Call		45min
Askalon (POL)		- Armageddon				43min  some of the best brutal Polish Dark Death Metal ever
Asmyraii (GER)		- Day Of Truth '87			18min  German Thrash (sometimes leaning to Death)
Asperity (SWE)		- The Final Demand			46min  Heavy Metal with Carnal Forge members
Asphyx (NL)		- Death The Brutal Way  7"		 9min
Asphyx (NL)		- Death...The Brutal Way		50min  killer new record
Asphyx (NL)		- Deathhammer				47min
Asphyx (NL)		- Embrace The Death			52min  Rerelease + their killer first 7" as bonus
Asphyx (NL)		- Live Death Doom  2-CD/DVD	       111min
Asphyx (NL)		- On The Wings Of Inferno		30min  godsssssss
Asphyx (NL)		- Reign Of The Brute  7"		11min
Asphyx (NL)		- Servants Of Death  MCD		21min  came with Legacy #104
Asphyx (NL)         	- Embrace Of Death              	52min  release of their unrel. album + their rare 7"
Asphyx / Hooded Menace (NL/FIN) - Split 7"			13min
Asphyx / Thanatos (NL/NL) - Split 7"				 7min  Imperial Anthems Vol.7
Asphyxia (BEL)          - Exit: Reality                         40min  Despair meets Slayer
Asphyxiation (POL)	- The Last Temptation '93		25min
Aspiration (FIN)	- Visions Of Reality '93		15min
Assassin (GER)		- Interstellar... CD-Bonustck		 5min
Assassin (GER)		- The Club				55min  incredibly average Thrash stuff
Assassin (GER)  	- Holy Terror '85                       24min  ahhhhhhhhhh
Assassin (GER)       	- Interstellar Experience       	30min
Assassin (GER)       	- The Upcoming Terror           	37min  a German Thrash-masterpiece
Assassin (GER)          - Live Assassin...Live Forever          40min  live show in Pforzheim '87
Assassin (US)		- Demo '85  MLP				15min  all 3 tracks of their one-and-only demo
Assassin (US)		- Demo '85  7"				11min  came together with Snakepit zine, two tracks
Assault (CHI)		- Nuclear Deaththrash			28min
Assault (CHI)		- Reh.2  MCDr '04			14min
Assault (CHI)		- Terrorists Aggression  Reh.3 '04	 8min
Assault (CHI)		- Veneno De Sathanas			30min
Assault / Troops Of Death (CHI/CHI) - Rehearsing Into... '04    22min  great brutal Blackdeath
Assaulter (AUS)		- Boundless!				41min
Assaulter (AUS)		- Omnipotent  Demo MCDr '06		20min
Assaulter (AUS)		- Proselytiser  Demo MCDr '05		21min  ex-Destroyer 666 member
Assaulter (AUS)		- Salvation Like Destruction		41min
Assaulter (AUS)		- Subservience  7"			10min
Assessor (CZE)		- Invaze				35min
Assorted Heap (GER)	- The Experience Of Horror		38min
Astaroth (AUT)		- Organic Perpetual Hatework		37min  perfect, like the new Abigor should have been
Astaroth (AUT)          - Sklavengott                           37min
Astaroth (AUT)          - Christenfeind MCD                     21min
Astaroth (AUT)          - Violent Soundtrack Martyrium          49min
Astaroth (AUT)          - Annus Suprimus (1996-1997) MCD        26min  MCD has 3 video tx
Astaroth (COL)		- Guerra De Metal  7"			 9min
Astaroth (FIN)		- War Against Life '92			13min
Astaroth (FIN)  	- Operation Warlord  7"         	11min
Astaroth (SWE)  	- An Epic Told To Infinity '95  	20min
Astaroth (US)		- Drowning In Blood '92			23min  w.Brutality member
Astaroth (US)		- Lost State Of Dreams '93		20min  old-school Death Metal
Astharoth (POL)		- Gloomy Experiments			39min
Astral Rising (FRA)	- Abeona Adeona				31min  turned into GothicDeath style, sad...
Astral Rising (FRA)	- Alpha State  7"			12min  like the last Asphyx CD
Astral Rising (FRA)	- In Quest				47min
Astriaal (AUS)		- Deception Revelation			34min  great Black Metal, old Norwegian feeling
Astriaal (AUS)		- Renascent Misanthroy			41min  fantastic Black Metal
Astriaal (AUS)		- Somnium Infinitus MCD			14min
Astriaal (AUS)		- Summoning The Essence Of... MCD	22min
Astriaal (AUS)		- The Throne To Perish  7"		10min
Asunder (US)		- A Clarion Call  2-LP			40min
Asunder (US)		- Works Will Come Undone		40min
Asunder / Graves At Sea (US/US) - Split LP			42min
Asunder / Like Flesh On Flies (US/US) - Split CD		43min
Asystole (US)           - Higher Form Of Hatred  7"             13min
At The Gates (SWE)	- Live 3/96 Cleveland  Bootleg-LP	36min  ok-soundquality
At The Gates (SWE)	- Purgatory Unleashed - Live At Wacken 	72min
At The Gates (SWE)	- Suicidal Final Art			59min  sadly bought a Promo CDshit version on ebay...
At The Gates (SWE) 	- Live Radio Show '95			51min  sound not that good, incl. the song 'Legion' (!!)
At The Gates (SWE)	- At War With Reality			45min
At The Gates (SWE)	- To Drink From The Night Itself       130min
At The Gates / Grotesque / Liers In Wait (SWE) - Split CD	60min  Mastercult Bootleg
At The Gates / Napalm Death (SWE/UK) - Cursed To Tour  SplitCD	29min  unrel ATG-tck, plus their Jap-Bonustck!!!
At War (US)		- Eat Lead  Bootleg-7"			 9min
At War (US)		- Infidel				34min
At War (US)		- Limited Edition EP			11min
At War (US)		- Ordered To Kill			30min
At Wat / Barbatos (US/JPN) - Split 7"				10min
Atanatos (GER)		- Assault Of Heathen Forces  MCD	23min
Atanatos (GER)		- Beast Awakening			50min
Atanatos (GER)		- Castle In The Dark 7"			10min
Atanatos (GER)		- Devastation - The Third Attack	41min
Atanatos (GER)		- The Oath Of Revenge			45min
Ataraxy (SPA)		- Curse Of The Requiem Mass		29min
Atavistic (UK)		- Vanishing Point			45min
Ater (FIN)		- Ors '93				30min
Ater (FIN)		- The Black Abyss '92			15min
Athanator (COL)		- Earth Of Blood			54min
Athanator (COL)		- Engendros De Muerte  7"		 8min
Athanator (COL)		- Raise The Death			39min
Athanator (COL)		- The Perfect Enemy			40min  good Thrash
Atheist (US)		- Jupiter				33min
Atheist (US)		- Piece Of Time  Re-Release CD		56min  remastered with 6 demo bonustx
Atheist (US)            - Hall Hath No Fury '87         	10min
Athotorgh (MALA)	- Promaster...Re-Release MLP 		24min  old Thrash demo from 1997 on vinyl
Atlain (GER)		- G.O.E.				40min
Atlain (GER)         	- Living In The Dark            	33min  German Speed-Metal from '84
Atman (SPA)             - Like Pure Unawaited Magic             40min
Atman-Acron (SPA)	- 108 Luciferian Neutronic Eyes  7"	19min
Atomic (CZE)		- Breakpoint				32min
Atomic (CZE)		- Nuclear Thrash			39min
Atomic Aggressor (CHI)	- Bloody Ceremonial '89			20min
Atomic Aggressor (CHI)	- Reh. '89				21min  more tx than the Re-Release CD
Atomic Aggressor (CHI)	- Bloody Resurrection			60min  both demos from the late 80es and live
Atomic Aggressor (CHI)	- Resurrection '91			16min
Atomic Aggressor (CHI)	- Rise Of The Ancient Ones		49min
Atomic Aggressor (CHI)	- Live '89				10min  same tx as on Re-Release CD
Atomic Curse (PARA)	- Mortal Dawn Of Lust			33min
Atomic Roar (BRA)	- Atomic Freaks				28min
Atomic Roar (BRA)	- The Warfare Merchants			30min
Atomica (BRA)		- Back And Alive			55min  ex-Attomica !!!!
Atomicide (CHI)		- Bow Down Before The Ritual...  7"	 9min
Atomicide (CHI)		- Crushing Son Of A Bitch Reh.'05	16min
Atomicide (CHI)		- Rawsouthamericanwarmetal		65min
Atomicide (CHI)		- Total Atomicide '04			18min
Atomizer (AUS)		- Atomic Bloodlust Live 2008  10"	25min
Atomizer (AUS)		- Caustic Music For The... 2-CD	       123min
Atomizer (AUS)		- Death Mutation Disease Annihilation	40min
Atomizer (AUS)		- Gimme Natural Selection  7"		10min
Atomizer (AUS)		- Songs Of Slaughter, Songs Of... 2-7"	24min
Atomizer (AUS)		- The Death Of Forever Re-Release CD 	45min
Atomizer (AUS)		- The End Of Forever			33min  Evil Fuckin' Hellrockin Black Metal
Atomizer (AUS)		- The Only Weapon Of Choice		43min
Atomizer (AUS)		- Tyrus: The Doom War Of The... 7"	17min  three great coversongs
Atomizer / Root (AUS/CZE) - Split 7"				 7min
Atomvinter (SWE)	- s/t  MCD				21min  Distortion Crust
Atomvinter / Svart Snö (SWE/SWE) - Split 10"			21min
Atro City (DK)		- Demo '88				21min
Atrocity (GER)		- Longing For Death			47min  US-released version
Atrocity (GER)		- The Hunt  MCD				20min
Atrocity (GER)       	- The Hunt  10"                 	25min
Atrocity (US)		- Contaminated  MCD			19min  recorded back in 1990
Atrocity (US)		- Hatred Birth  7"			12min
Atrocity (US)		- Infected				30min
Atrocity (US)		- The Art Of Death			39min  Repulsion-influenced
Atroctiy (SWE)		- Atrocius Destruction '88		34min  pre-Rosicrucian
Atrophia Red Sun (POL)	- Twisted Magic				55min
Atrophia Red Sun (POL)	- Fears '98				43min  sometimes Black, sometimes like Hin Onde
Atrophia Red Sun (POL)	- Demo CDr '02				40min
Atrox (NOR)		- s/t 7"				13min
Attacker Bloody Axe (CHI) - Triumph Of The Demon Axe  7"	13min
Attacker Bloody../Ejecutor/Anal Destructor (all CHI) - Split CD 46min
Attomica (BRA)		- Disturbing The Noise  Re-Release	38min
Attomica (BRA)		- Limits Of Insanity			37min  Slayer meets Hallows Eve (vocals)
Attomica (BRA)		- s/t					37min  killer Death Thrash from 1987
Auberon	(SWE)		- The Tale Of Black...			44min
Auberon	(SWE)		- The Tale Of Black ... Promo CD	16min
Auberon (SWE)		- Grossworld				32min
Audio Kollaps (GER)	- Music From An Extreme Sick... MLP 	17min  now even better than Driller Killer, but amateur lyrics...
Audio Kollaps (GER)	- Panzer				39min  Bolt Thrower Death Metal with Grind/Crust, total blast
Audio Kollaps (GER)	- Ultima Ratio				42min  even heavier/deathier than Driller Killer !!
Audio Kollaps / Desolation (GER/US) - Split 7"			11min
Audio Kollaps / Social Chaos (GER/BRA) - Split CD		40min
Audiopain (NOR)		- 1986  MCDr				29min
Audiopain (NOR)		- A Bomb's View  10"			16min
Audiopain (NOR)		- Contagious MCDr			24min  cool Retro-Thrash from Norway
Audiopain (NOR)		- Revel In Desecration  MCD		25min
Audiopain (NOR)		- The Switch To Turn Off Mankind	27min
Audiopain (NOR)		- The Traumatizer 			35min
Audiopain / Dead To This World (NOR/NOR) - Split 7"		 9min
Audiopain / Mysticum (NOR/NOR) - Split 7"			10min  Mysticum is even enjoyable now
Audiopain / Nekromantheon (NOR/NOR) - Split 7"			 9min
Audiopain / Thesyre (NOR/CAN) - Split 7"			11min
Aura (NL)		- Shattered Dawnbreaks MCD		20min  cool Thrash from Hammerheart Rec.
Aura Noir (NOR)		- Deep Tracts Of Hell			36min  two great songs, the rest is a disappointment
Aura Noir (NOR)		- Hades Rise				39min
Aura Noir (NOR)		- Increased Damnation			52min
Aura Noir (NOR)		- Live Nightmare On Elm Street		58min  live CD from the day before the Darkthrone gig
Aura Noir (NOR)		- The Merciless				28min  more Venom, less Destruction
Aura Noir (NOR)      	- Adv. Tape '96 Black-Thrash... 	49min  + LP-bonustck
Aura Noir (NOR)      	- Black Thrash Attack           	43min
Aurora (DK)		- Dead Electric Nightmare		48min
Aurora (DK)		- Devotion				56min
Aurora (DK)		- Eos					56min  very beautiful and melodic !!!!! killer
Aurora (DK)		- I'll Cry Alone  7"			11min
Aurora (DK)		- Sadiam  MCD				18min
Aurora Borealis (US)	- Mansions Of Eternity  MCD		27min  US-BlackDeath Metal
Aurora Borealis (US)	- Northern Lights			56min
Aurora Borealis (US)	- Praise The Archaic Lights Embrace	39min  now w. Malevolent members
Aurora Borealis (US)	- Time, Unveilled			46min
Author Of Pain (SWE)	- 1998/3=666 '98			12min
Author Of Pain (SWE)	- VII Gates  Promo CD '99		12min  Black/Death ala Dissection
Authorize (SWE)		- The Source... Re-Release 2-LP		71min
Authorize (SWE)		- The Source Of Dominion		48min  old Death Metal from '91
Autopsy	(US)		- Acts Of The Unspeakable		36min
Autopsy	(US)		- Tortured Moans Of Agony Do.-7"	23min  live
Autopsy (US)		- All Tomorrow's Funerals		73min
Autopsy (US)		- Awakened By Gore			50min
Autopsy (US)		- Dead As Fuck				60min
Autopsy (US)		- Horrific Obsession  7"		 8min  killer comeback(?) songs
Autopsy (US)		- Live From The Grave  Boot-LP		32min  Bootleg, but cool sound
Autopsy (US)		- Macabre Eternal			66min
Autopsy (US)		- Mauled To Death  Flexi-7"		 4min  2011 Unmastered version
Autopsy (US)		- Ridden With Disease			34min
Autopsy (US)		- Severed Survival  CD			42min  with Stillborn-bonus tck
Autopsy (US)		- The Tomb Within  MLP			20min
Autopsy (US)		- Torn From The Grave			72min
Autopsy (US)            - Shitfun                               56min
Autopsy (US)            - Rotting Death  Boot-LP                60min  Headache Rec. w. Live '90 + Demo I '87
Autopsy Torment (SWE)	- Graveyard Creatures			52min
Autopsy Torment (SWE)	- Cause Of Horror '02			23min  bad sound
Autopsy Torment (SWE)	- Tormentorium				35min
Autopsy Torment (SWE)	- Darkest Rituals  7"			15min  Demo '91 on vinyl
Autopsy Torment (SWE)	- 7th Ritual For The Darkest Soul Of... 59min
Autopsy Torment (SWE)	- The Seventh Soul Of Hell '92		20min
Autopsy Torment (SWE)   - Orgy With The Dead  CDr               28min  ex-Pagan Rites members, now R.I.P.
Autopsy Torment (SWE)   - Orgy With The Dead '01                25min  bad sound, one song missing from the CDr
Autopsy Torment / Devil Lee Rot (SWE/SWE) - Split CD		60min
Autumn Dawn (US)	- Emptiness  MCD			15min  sounds like oldest (and best) Six Feet Under
Autumn Fire (FIN)	- Demo 8/95				12min  ex-Belial
Autumn Leaves (DK)	- As Night Conquers Day			53min
Autumn Leaves (DK)	- Embraced By The Absolute		48min  fantastic Death Metal
Autumn Verses (FIN)	- Tunes Of Disconsolation		40min
Avalon (BRA)		- Incognito				37min
Avalon (BRA)		- Old Psychotic Eyes			43min
Avalon / Megahertz (BRA/BRA) - Split LP				37min  Av: average, Me: killer Death Thrash
Avantasia (GER)		- More Moonglow  MCD			46min  came with Rock Hard #381
Avatar (BEL)         	- ...Memoriam Draconis          	68min
Avathar (ECU)		- Cruzadas De Fuego			34min  cool South American Thrash
Ave Sathanas (NOR)	- Religion Of Pity			42min  lame Norwegian Black
Avenger (CZE)		- Fall Of Devotion, Wrath And...	71min
Avenger (CZE)		- Fall Of Devotion,...  Re-Release LP	37min
Avenger (CZE)		- Feast Of Anger, Joy Of Despair	43min
Avenger (CZE)		- Godless  2-CD				81min  incl. Live Open Hell Bonus CD
Avenger (CZE)		- Godless				45min
Avenger (CZE)		- Live At Open Hell Fest 2003		37min
Avenger (CZE)		- Minister Of Madness / The Black Zone 	49min
Avenger (CZE)           - Shadows Of The Damned Demo '96/'97    36min
Avenger (CZE)           - Shadows Of The Damned  Re-Release CD  49min  2nd edition with two bonus tx
Avenger Of Blood (US)	- Death Brigade				48min
Averse Sefira (US)	- Battle's Clarion			42min
Avrigus (AUS)		- The Final Wish  MCD			25min  a bit like harder Dead Can Dance
Avrigus (AUS)		- The Secret Kingdom			53min
Avulsed (SPA)		- Bloodcovered  MCD			24min  some coverversions
Avulsed (SPA)		- Carnivoracity  7"			17min  including a killer Pentagram cover
Avulsed (SPA)		- Cybergore				50min  complete piss
Avulsed (SPA)		- Deformed Beyond... Demo CD '01	24min  Demo '93 on CD
Avulsed (SPA)		- Eminence In Putrescence		42min
Avulsed (SPA)		- Goresplattered Suicide		45min
Avulsed (SPA)		- Nullo					43min
Avulsed (SPA)		- Reanimations				67min
Avulsed (SPA)		- Seven Years Of Decay			64min
Avulsed (SPA)		- Stabwound Orgasm			58min
Avulsed (SPA)		- Stabwound Orgasm			65min  Colombian version, two bonus tx
Avulsed (SPA)		- Yearning For the Grotesque		49min
Avulsed (SPA)           - Carnivoracity MCD                     52min
Avulsed / Acid Death (SPA/GRE) - Split LP			42min
Avulsion (US)		- Dimensions Of Darkness		33min
Avulsion (US)		- Indoctrination Into The Cult Of...	30min  pure old school Death
Avzhia (MEX)		- Dark Emperors				63min
Awakening (MEX)		- Sceanrios Of Uncreation  MCD		25min
Awakening (NL)		- Swimming Through The Past  7"	 	 9min
Axegressor (FIN)	- Axecution  MCD			23min  fantastic Thrash
Axegrinder (UK)		- Grind The Enemy  Bootleg-LP		29min
Axegrinder (UK)		- Satori				46min
Axewitch (SWE)		- The Lord Of Flies			40min
Axis Of Advance (CAN)	- Purify  10"				24min  massive improvment
Axis Of Advance (CAN)   - Strike                                43min  ex-Sacramentary Abolishment
Axis Of Advance (CAN)   - The List                              36min  w.Master coverversion
Axis Of Advance (CAN)   - Obey                                  37min  recorded in Berno studio, but still average songs
Axis Of Advance (CAN)   - Landline  MCD                         19min
Axis Powers (SWE)	- Born For War				75min
Axis Powers (SWE)	- Marching Towards Destruction		35min  again great Swedish Dödsmetall
Axis Powers (SWE)	- Pure Slaughter			41min  old Autopsy mixed with Nihilist
Axis Powers (SWE)       - Evil Warriors  7"                     14min  pure old cult Döds Metal
Axis Powers / Ill-Natured (SWE/SWE) - Split 7"			13min
Axon (MEX)		- Dominant  Demo MCDr '02		16min
Axon (MEX)		- Leper Viper				48min  Dark Death Metal7
Axon (MEX)		- War Anthems  MCD			22min
Ayahuaira (PER)		- El Dominio De La... Demo CDr '02 	30min
Ayat (LEBANON)		- Al Nabi Moujrem Moughtaseb... MCD 	18min
Azaghal (FIN)		- Codex Antitheus			44min
Azaghal (FIN)		- Deathkult MMDCLXVI			74min
Azaghal (FIN)		- Harmagedon  7"			14min
Azaghal (FIN)		- Ihmisviha				45min  two Split CD parts on one LP
Azaghal (FIN)		- Kyy  MCD				21min
Azaghal (FIN)		- Mustamaa				37min
Azaghal (FIN)		- Of Beasts And Vultures		46min
Azaghal (FIN)		- Omega					46min
Azaghal (FIN)		- Perkeleen Luoma			51min
Azaghal (FIN)		- The Nine Circles Of Hell		33min
Azaghal (FIN)           - Helwettiläinen  7"                    17min
Azaghal (FIN)           - Kristinusko Lickeissä                 30min
Azaghal (FIN)           - Luciferin Valo                        47min
Azaghal (POL)		- Hateland '92				37min
Azaghal / Beheaded Lamb (FIN/SPA) - Split CD			43min
Azaghal / Blackdeath Ritual (FIN/FIN) - Split LP		41min
Azaghal / Fagyhamu (FIN/HUN) - Split 7"				13min
Azaghal / Gosforth (FIN/ITA) - Split 7"				16min
Azaghal / Krieg (FIN/US)- Split 10"				25min
Azaghal / Mustan Kuun Lapset (FIN/FIN) - Split CD		41min
Azaghal / SAEL (FIN/FRA) - Split 7"				11min
Azaghal / Tunrida (FIN/FIN) - Split 7"				15min
Azagthoth / Terrorizer (UK/US) - Split LP			32min  Demos on Boot-LP
Azarath (POL)		- Blasphemers' Maledictions		45min  great Death Metal
Azarath (POL)		- Demon Seed				32min  similar to Witchmaster, bit more brutal
Azarath (POL)		- Diabolic Impious Evil			33min  Vader mixed with Deicide and now with memorable songs
Azarath (POL)		- Infernal Blasting			30min
Azarath (POL)		- Praise The Beast			47min  their best work, killer Death Metal
Azaxul (GER)		- Horned Furies  Demo CDr '03/'10	40min
Azazel (FIN)		- The Night Of... Re-Release MLP	18min
Azazel (FIN)         	- The Night Of Satanachia MCD   	18min
Azazel (POL)		- Way Of Suffering  '92			42min  ultra brutal DeathDoom
Azhubham Haani (SWE)	- On A Snowy Winternight  10"		26min
Azra-El (SIN)		- A Prayer From The Lips Of Sin		41min  cool melodic BlackDeath
Azrael (SWI)         	- There Shall Be No Answer      	53min
Azrael / Taramantia (SWI/SWI) - Dark Are The Veils...Split 7"	13min
Aztec (ISR)		- Loss Of Our Final Pride		42min
Azure (SWE)		- A Vicious Age Lasting... MCD		20min
Azure (SWE)		- King Of Stars - Bearer Of Dark	42min
Azure (SWE)		- Moonlight Legend			45min
B.G.T. (GER)		- Demo '91  7"				14min
BK 49 (GER)		- Join The Dead				46min
BK 49 (GER)		- Zombified  MCD			27min
Baalberith / Blodarv (AUS/DK) - Split CD			66min
Babylon Sad (SWI)	- Kyrie + 2 bonus tx Re-Release CD	39min  ex-Messiah/Calhoun C./Sickening Gore
Backwater (BEL)		- Final Strike				36min
Backwater (BEL)		- Revelation				32min  from 1983
Bactherion (POR)	- Adv. tck '91				 5min
Bactherion (POR)	- The Miracle Of Death '91		20min  pre-Moonspell
Bahimiron (US)		- Hunting Down The Weak  7"		 7min
Bahimiron / Teratism (US/US) - Split CD				34min
Bajen Death Cult (SWE)	- Nordmän Ifran Söder			46min  Power Metal Football supporters
Bak De Syv Fjell (NOR)	- From Haarvard Stun 7"			 9min  mixture of Arcturus and Strid
Bal Sagoth (UK)		- Atlantis Ascendant			49min
Bal Sagoth (UK)		- Battle Magic				53min
Bal Sagoth (UK)		- The Power Cosmic			41min
Bal Sagoth (UK)     	- Starfire Burning Upon...      	54min
Balberith / Kratornas (SIN/PHIL) - Split CD			38min
Balvaz (NOR)		- Phlegmous  7"				13min
Banished (US)		- Altered Minds 7"			 8min  Peacville Collector Club 7"
Banished (US)		- Deliever Me Unto Pain			45min
Banished (US)		- Enter The Confines  7"		 8min
Banished From Inferno (SPA) - s/t MCD				24min  one more band from Paganizer's Rogga
Baphomet (US)		- Boiled In Blood  7"			 8min  pre-Banished
Baphomet (US)		- Inherit The Dead			42min  Bootleg LP
Baphomet (US)		- Spectral Maniac  7"			10min
Baphomet (US)		- The Dead Shall Inherit		39min
Baphomet's Blood (ITA)	- Second Strike				38min
Baphomet's Blood (ITA)	- Live In Italy  7"			 8min
Baphomet's Blood (ITA)	- Satanic Metal Attack			33min  bit like Razor
Baptism (FIN)		- Black Ceremony  7"			11min
Baptism (FIN)		- Chalice Of Death  7"			14min
Baptism (FIN)		- Evil Mysteries  10"			25min
Baptism (FIN)		- Grim Arts Of Melancholy		57min
Baptism (FIN)		- Morbid Wings Of Sathanas		51min
Baptism (FIN)		- The Beherial Midnight			39min  old-Darkthrone worshippers
Baptism (FIN)		- Wisdom And Hate			36min  total underground Black massacre
Baptism / Uncreation's Dawn (FIN/FIN) - Split 7"		10min
Barathrum (FIN)		- Anno Aspera				38min
Barathrum (FIN)		- Black Flames And Power  MCD		 9min
Barathrum (FIN)		- Eerie					65min
Barathrum (FIN)		- Infernal				66min
Barathrum (FIN)		- Jet Black  7"				14min
Barathrum (FIN)		- Legions Of Perkele			43min
Barathrum (FIN)		- Long Live Satan  CDr			51min
Barathrum (FIN)		- Okkult				37min
Barathrum (FIN)		- Saatana				38min  their 5th CD already
Barathrum (FIN)		- Sanctus Satanas '93			44min
Barathrum (FIN)		- Venomous				42min
Barathrum / Epäkristus (FIN/FIN) - Split 10"			23min
Barbarian (ITA)		- s/t  MLP				27min
Barbatos (FIN)		- Let's Fucking Die!			41min
Barbatos (JPN)		- Drunk Night Of Punk Metal... '05	23min  Live cuntcert with good sound
Barbatos (JPN)		- Fury And Fear, Flesh And Bone		37min  pure NME-worship, w. Ares Kingdom + Toxic Holocaust members
Barbatos (JPN)		- Live At Factory			50min
Barbatos (JPN)		- Live In Alcoholic Downtown		33min
Barbatos (JPN)		- Promo '01				 6min  two tx from War Speed And Power
Barbatos (JPN)		- Razor Leather Live!  			28min
Barbatos (JPN)		- Rocking Metal Motherfucker		44min
Barbatos (JPN)		- War Metal Drinkers  7"		15min  w.members of Hadez/Eternal Fire zine
Barbatos (JPN)		- War Speed And Power			36min  w.Abigail member
Barbatos / Bastardator (JPN/CAN) - Split Demo '08		59min
Barbatos / Bludwulf (JPN/US) - Split 7"				11min
Barbatos / Drünken Bastards (JPN/HUN) - Split CD		57min
Barbatos / Incriminated (JPN/FIN) - Split Do.-5"		 6min
Barbatos / Mantak (JPN/MALA) - Split 7"				15min
Barbatos / Wolfsburg (JPN/GER) - Split 7"			10min
Bard Dur / Graven (GER/GER) - Split Re-Release LP		37min
Bastard Priest (SWE)	- Ghouls Of The Endless Night		37min
Bastard Priest (SWE)	- Merciless Insane Death '08		14min
Bastard Priest (SWE)	- Under The Hammer Of Destruction	36min
Bastardized (SIN)	- With Love, With Hate... '96		25min
Bathomet (GRE)          - s/t  MCD                              21min
Bathory	(SWE)		- Jubileum Vol. III			60min
Bathory	(SWE)		- Live tck '83				 4min  hopefully the real Bathory, not a coverversion
Bathory (SWE)		- Destoryer Of Worlds			64min  like Requiem, bad in all terms
Bathory (SWE)		- Hammergoat CDr			75min  bad bootleg
Bathory (SWE)		- In Nomine Satanas '99?		55min  old demo stuff, complete bullshit sound
Bathory (SWE)		- Nordland I + II  2-LP		       120min
Bathory (SWE)		- The Black Mark  Bootleg-LP		39min
Bathory (SWE)		- True Black Essence			54min  complete worthless bootleg
Bathory (SWE)        	- Reh. '85                      	 5min
Bathory (SWE)           - Sampler tck from Black Mark Tribu.     4min  Motörhead cover
Bathory (SWE)           - The Return...  LP                     38min
Bathory (SWE)           - Epicus Dominius Satanikus             39min
Bathory + Jenny Tebler (SWE) - Silverwing  MCD			 8min  last recording with Quorthon
Bathory / Venom (SWE/UK)- Split LP				41min  bootleg with known tx only
Bathtub Shitter (JPN)	- Angels Save Us  7"			14min
Bathym (US)		- Into Darkness '90			15min  ex-Sathanas
Bathym (US)         	- Demonic Force 7"              	 8min  ex-Sathanas members
Battalion (AUS)		- Soldiers Of Evil '04			26min
Battalion (AUS)		- Unto Harms Way			37min  Gospel.../D666 members
Battalion (BEL)		- Welcome To The Warzone		43min
Battalion (BEL)		- Winter Campaign			45min
Battlelust (SWE)	- Of Battle And Ancient Warcraft	42min  Gates of Ishtar or The Everdawn project ?
Battlestorm (SIN)		- Violating Angels '09		18min
Battlestorm (SIN)	- Demonic Incursion			33min
Battlestorm (SIN)	- Tempest Of The Orient Demo MCDr '08 	18min
Battlestorm / Damned Eternal (SIN/SIN) - Split Tape '09		35min
Battletorn (US)		- Burn Fast 7"				 6min
Battletorn (US)		- Reflect The Filth  MLP		24min
Battletorn (US)		- Terminal Dawn  MLP			13min
Battletorn (US)		- Villains/Reversed  7"			 3min  yes, two songs in 3 minutes, Thrashcore
Baxaxaxa (GER)		- Hellfire  MLP				23min
Bazzah (MALA)		- Death Is All I See			34min  influenced by first Dodheimsgard LP
Bazzah (MALA)		- Kingdom Of The Dead			65min  sometimes like old Dodheimsgard
Beast Petrify (SIN)	- Dimensional Deranged Dilemma		65min  kill Death Thrash
Beast Petrify (SIN)	- In The Circle Of Time '97		23min
Beast Petrify (SIN)	- Webbed In Living Hell			71min
Beastcraft (NOR)	- Baptized In Blood And Goatsemen	42min
Beastcraft (NOR)	- Dawn Of The Serpent			50min
Beastcraft (NOR)	- Into The Burning Pit Of Hell		32min
Beastcraft (NOR)	- Pentagram Sacrifice '04		16min
Beastcraft (NOR)	- Satanic Supremacy '04			13min
Beastcraft / Orcrist (NOR/ITA) - Split 7"			12min
Beastianity (AUS)	- Root					60min  w.Nazxul members, pure FolkPaganNonMetal shit
Beelzebub (NOR)		- Apotheosis '92			15min
Beelzebul (COL)		- The Powerful Essene Of Lucifthian...	36min  like very good Necromantia
Beerhead (POL)          - Killed By Beer '92                    30min  Motörhead worship-tribute
Behalf Fiend (BRA)	- A Step To Chaos  7"			12min
Behalf Fiend (BRA)	- Journey Mystic To The... Demo CDr '03 42min
Behalf Fiend / Satanic Prophets (BRA/BRA) - Split 7"		10min
Beheaded (MAL)		- Recounts Of Disembodiment		43min
Beheaded (MAL)  	- Souldead '95                  	23min
Beheaded Lamb (SPA)	- A Grave To This World			36min  similar to Burzum/Silencer
Behemoth (POL)		- Antichristian Phenomenon  MCD		22min
Behemoth (POL)		- Conjuration MLP			30min
Behemoth (POL)		- Demigod				40min
Behemoth (POL)		- Demonica 2-LP				86min  similar to Chaotica-compi, now an official record
Behemoth (POL)		- Ezkaton  MCD				28min
Behemoth (POL)		- Live Barbarossa			70min
Behemoth (POL)		- Live In Toulouse + Rarities		41min
Behemoth (POL)		- Live In Toulouse  MCD			20min
Behemoth (POL)		- Pandemonic Incantations		38min
Behemoth (POL)		- Return Of The Northern Moon  LP	41min
Behemoth (POL)		- Satanica  Do.-CD			67min  limited edition, Live CD included
Behemoth (POL)		- Slaves Shall Serve  MLP		21min
Behemoth (POL)		- The Apostasy				38min
Behemoth (POL)		- Thelema.6				40min
Behemoth (POL)		- Zos Kia Cultus - Here And Beyond	41min
Behemoth (POL)		- s/t  MCD				27min  came with Legacy #112
Behemoth (POL)  	- Endless Damnation '92         	22min  Reh./Demo '92
Behemoth (POL)       	- Grom                          	40min
Behemoth (POL)       	- Bewitching The Pomerania MCD  	16min
Behemoth (POL)          - Chaotica Do.-CD                      143min
Behemoth (POL)          - Antichristian Phenomenon  Pic-7"       9min  great Sarcofago coverversion
Behemoth (SWE)  	- Death Wings  7"                        9min  old Swedish Power Metal (around '83)
Behemoth / Beherit (POL/FIN) - Split LP				33min  Demos and rare songs on this Boot-LP
Behemoth / Damnation (POL/POL) - Split CD			52min
Beherit (FIN)		- At The Devil's Studio 1990		26min
Beherit (FIN)		- Beast Of Beherit  Do.-LP		73min  7 Bonus tx against the CD
Beherit (FIN)		- Beast Of Damnation  7"		11min  live-Bootleg, evil sound
Beherit (FIN)		- Black Mass Prayer  7"			12min
Beherit (FIN)		- Engram				44min  surprisingly good comeback
Beherit (FIN)		- Ghost Of Death  CDr			75min  Bootleg CDr, not the same as The Ghosts Of Death CDr
Beherit (FIN)		- H418ov21.C				40min
Beherit (FIN)		- Live Joensuu 8.2.1992  Boot-MCD	21min  horrible sound quality
Beherit (FIN)		- Messe Des Morts  7"			12min
Beherit (FIN)		- Nordic Demons - Live			35min
Beherit (FIN)		- The Ghosts Of Death  CDr		75min  compilation of Demos/Reh./EPs/Live
Beherit (FIN)		- Unholy Blessings			62min  Bootleg with old demo and live stuff
Beherit (FIN)        	- Werwolf, Semen And Blood MCD  	17min
Beherit / Archgoat (FIN/FIN) - Split LP				25min  Down There... and Jesus Spawn demos on LP
Beherit / Archgoat (FIN/FIN) - Messe Des Morts / Angelcunt	26min  Re-Release by Necropolis Rec.
Beherith/Death Yell (FIN/CHI) - Spit 7"				11min
Behexen (FIN)		- By The Blessing Of Satan		52min
Behexen (FIN)		- From The Devil's Chalice  Box-7"	28min
Behexen (FIN)		- My Soul For His Glory			39min
Behexen (FIN)		- Rituale Satanum  Re-Release LP	44min
Behexen / Satanic Warmaster (FIN/FIN) - Split 10"		25min
Behind The Scenery (GER)- Nocturnal Beauty Of A Dying...	38min  like old In Flames/Dark Tranquillity
Behind The Scenery (GER)- ...Of Honesty Forbidden		53min
Bekhira / Desolation Triumphalis (FRA/FRA) - Split 7"           13min
Belfegor (POL)		- The Work Of Destruction		39min
Belial (CHI)		- Australopithecus '92			35min
Belial (CHI)		- Grotesco				61min  incl. their first MC-only debut release
Belial (CHI)		- Perversion				28min  more furious Chilenean Thrash
Belial (FIN)		- Aftertaste 1 1/2  7"			 7min  different version than nomal Aftertaste 7"
Believer (US)		- Sanity Obscure			39min  one really good song, rest average
Bellzlleb (JPN)		- Section II				30min  doomy atmospheric Metal
Bellzlleb (JPN)		- s/t					45min
Belphegor (AUT)		- Bloodbath In Paradise  MCD		23min
Belphegor (AUT)		- Bondage Goat Zombie			38min
Belphegor (AUT)		- Goatreich Fleshcult  Re-Release LP	38min
Belphegor (AUT)		- Infernal Live Orgasm			50min
Belphegor (AUT)		- Lucifer Incestus			35min
Belphegor (AUT)		- Necrodaemon Terrorsathan		35min  their best effort
Belphegor (AUT)		- Obscure And Deep  7"			11min
Belphegor (AUT)		- Pestapokalypse VI			38min
Belsebub (SWE)		- Disemboweled '91			17min
Belsebub (SWE)		- Elohim  7"				11min  fine old Swedish Death Metal from '91
Belsemar (SWE)		- Epistles Of Pain '95			14min  w.Satariel/Duskfall member
Belsemar (SWE)          - De Svarta Gudarnas Sömn '93           17min
Belzabet (MEX)		- Before Night Fall			41min  a bit too melodical Death Metal
Bemdesar (BOL)		- En El Nombre De Satanas...!!! '04	28min  great Black Metal
Benediciton (UK)	- Organised Chaos			54min
Benediction (UK)	- Experimental Stage  7"		12min
Benediction (UK)	- Grind Bastard				60min
Benediction (UK)	- Killing Music				49min
Benediction (UK)	- Two Song Flexy 8"			 8min  cool and very raw live-stuff
Benediction (UK)	- Wrong Side Of The Grave  Pic-7"	10min
Benediction (UK)    	- The Dreams You Dread          	46min
Benediction / Pungent Stench (UK/AUT) - Split 7"		 9min
Benighted Leams (UK)	- Caliginous Romantic Myth		33min
Bergthron (GER)         - Verborgen In Den Tiefen Der...        34min
Bestial (BRA)		- Final Presage				47min  good Death Metal
Bestial Desecration (GER) - Soldiers Of Death  7"		14min  bad produced Speed/thrash
Bestial Desecration / Nocturnal (GER/GER) - Split Live '04 	63min
Bestial Holocaust (BOL)	- Pacto Con Satan  7"			14min  pure Sarcofago/Mutilator/Vulcano worship
Bestial Holocaust (BOL)	- Final Extermination			35min  with a gal now grunting
Bestial Holocaust (BOL)	- Primigenium Invocation  7"		13min
Bestial Holocaust (BOL)	- Temple Of Damnation			40min
Bestial Holocaust (BOL)	- Odio Y Muerte '03			28min  totally Black Death chaos !!!
Bestial Holocaust / Nuclear Desecration (BOL/US) - Split 7"	10min
Bestial Holocaust / Surrender Of Divinity (BOL/THAI) - Split 7" 12min
Bestial Mockery  / Axis Powers (SWE/SWE) - Split 7"		14min
Bestial Mockery (SWE)	- Gospel Of The Insane			37min
Bestial Mockery (SWE)	- Chainsaw Destruction			53min
Bestial Mockery (SWE)	- Evoke The Desecrator			29min
Bestial Mockery (SWE)	- A Sign Of Satanic Victory  7"		 6min
Bestial Mockery (SWE)	- Chainsaw Execution			42min  LP with live and studio tx
Bestial Mockery (SWE)	- Christcrushing Hammerchainsaw		26min
Bestial Mockery (SWE)	- Slaying The Life			37min
Bestial Mockery (SWE)	- Sepulchral Wrath  10"			17min
Bestial Mockery (SWE)	- The Unholy Trinity			45min
Bestial Mockery (SWE)	- War The Final Solution... '00		13min
Bestial Mockery / Destruktor (SWE/AUS) - Split 10"		19min
Bestial Mockery / Force Of Darkness (SWE/CHI) - Split 7"	12min
Bestial Mockery / Inquisitor (SWE/NL) - Split CD		49min
Bestial Mockery / Karnarium (SWE/SWE) - Split 7"		15min
Bestial Mockery / Unholy Massacre (SWE/BRA) - Split LP		27min
Bestial Possession (PER)- Duros, Ebrios And Lujuriosos		31min
Bestial Raids (POL)	- Necrowar Holocaust Demo MCDr '03 	15min
Bestial Raids (POL)	- Order Of Doom  7"			16min
Bestial Raids (POL)	- Order Of Doom '03/'04			33min  two demos on MC, rel. by Time Before Time Rec. in '04
Bestial Raids (POL)	- Prime Evil Damnation			39min
Bestial Raids (POL)	- Reversed Black Trinity		35min
Bestial Raids / Blasphemophager (POL/ITA) - Split CD		50min
Bestial Raids / Hellish (POL/POL) - Split 7"			13min
Bestial Raids / Nocturnal Vomit (POL/GRE) - Split 7"		15min
Bestial Raids / Skeleton Blood (POL/US) - Split Tape '05	28min
Bestial Summoning (NL)	- The Dark War...   Re-Release CD	74min
Bestial Summoning (NL)	- Live EP  7"                 		14min
Bestial Summoning (NL) 	- Reh. '91                     		 4min
Bestial Summoning / Heretic (NL/NL) - Split LP			49min
Bestial Warlust	(AUS)	- Promo '95				20min
Bestial Warlust (AUS)	- Blood And Valour              	35min
Bestiar (POL)		- Lethal Venom  CDr			39min
Bethel (FIN)         	- Northern Supremacy '97        	15min
Bethlehem (GER)		- Dark Metal				52min  fantastic DeathDoom
Bethzaida (NOR)		- A Prelude To The Nine...  MCD		21min
Bethzaida (NOR)		- LXXVIII				49min
Bethzaida (NOR)      	- Dawn '94                      	25min
Bethzaida (NOR)      	- Nine Worlds CD                	47min
Bethzaida (NOR)      	- Nine Worlds '95               	33min
Betrayal (US)		- Renaissence By Death			50min  lame Thrash, horrible voice
Betrayed (GER)		- Apocalyptic Salvation MCD		27min
Betrayed / Karnarium (GER/SWE) - Split Demo '04			18min
Betrayer (ISR)		- My Twisted Symphony  MCD		19min
Betrayer (POL)		- Calamity				33min
Betrayer (POL)		- Calamity  Re-Release CD		57min  Unholy Bible Of Polish Death Metal Vol.4
Betrayer (POL)		- Necronomical Exmortis '91		25min  great Death Metal
Bewitched (CHI)		- Black Funeral (Satanic Statement...)  78min
Bewitched (CHI)		- Dragonflight				71min  Candlemess meets Mercyful Fate meets Storm
Bewitched (CHI)		- Hibernum In Perpetuum			74min
Bewitched (CHI)		- Selfconfidence			48min
Bewitched (CHI)		- Somewhere Beyond The Mist		70min  very Candlemass like now
Bewitched (CHI)		- Unveiling Zion			74min
Bewitched (SWE)		- At The Gates Of Hell			41min
Bewitched (SWE)		- Atrocities By A Minor  MLP		22min
Bewitched (SWE)		- Hell Comes To Essen  Live-CD		45min
Bewitched (SWE)		- Pentagram Prayer			42min  old-school in the Mercyful Fate vein
Bewitched (SWE)		- Rise Of The Antichrist		35min  southamerican+easteuropean influences
Bewitched (SWE)		- Spiritual Warfare			46min
Bewitched (SWE)      	- Diabolical Desecration        	47min
Bewitched (SWE)      	- Hellspell '95                 	16min
Bewitched (SWE)      	- Encyclopedia Of Evil MCD      	26min
Bewitched / F-Uncut (CHI/FIN) - Split LP			40min
Beyond (GER)		- Relentless Abomination Vortex '11	16min
Beyond (GER)		- Fatal Power Of Death			49min
Beyond Belief (NL)	- Dawn					57min  their two demos on vinyl
Beyond Belief (NL)	- Rave The Abyss			50min  Asphyx goes more Doom Metal
Beyond Belief (NL)	- Towards The Diabolical Experiment	55min  Asphyx on 15rpm, great vocalist
Beyond Dawn (NOR)	- Revelry				53min
Beyond Dawn (NOR)    	- Pity Love                     	51min
Beyond Dawn (NOR)    	- Adv. CD '95  Pity Love        	50min
Beyond Fear (UK)	- Haunted By Visions Of A... MCD	30min  old British Death
Beyond North (GER)	- Spectaculum				66min
Beyond The Embrace (US) - Against The Elements			47min
Beyond The Sixth Seal (US) - A Homicide Divine  MCD		36min  At The Gates meet newer Dismember
Beyond The Sixth Seal (US) - Earth And Sphere			40min
Beyond The Sixth Seal (US) - The Resurrection Of...		57min
Bhaobhan Sidhe (NL)	- Corpse Crater MCD			24min  ambient bullshit
Bhaobhan Sidhe (NL)	- The New Order  7"			11min
Bifrost	(NL)		- Western Magick  Promo '93		20min
Bifrost (NL)		- Mythistory				42min
Bifrost (NL)		- The Wildest Fire			53min
Big Boss (CZE)		- Q7					41min
Big Boss (CZE)          - Belial's Wind                         43min  obscure, atmospheric Dark Metal
Biohazard (US)		- Demo '89				16min  wow, Slaughter meets Carnivore meets HC
Birdflesh (SWE)		- Alive Autopsy				35min
Birdflesh (SWE)		- Carnage On The fields Of Rice  7"	12min
Birdflesh (SWE)		- Demo '95				14min  more Death Metal orientated
Birdflesh (SWE)		- Happy Fun Sumo Sandwich '07		27min
Birdflesh (SWE)		- Live At Giants Of Grind		37min  cool Live CD
Birdflesh (SWE)		- Mondo Musicale			30min
Birdflesh (SWE)		- Night Of The Ultimate Mosh		28min
Birdflesh (SWE)		- The Farmers' Wrath			36min
Birdflesh (SWE)		- Trip To The Grave  7"			15min
Birdflesh / Carcass Grinder (SWE/JPN) - Split 7"		13min
Birdflesh / Catheter (SWE/US) - Split MCD			25min
Birdflesh / Embalming Theatre (SWE/SWI) - Split 7"		12min
Birdflesh / Hatebreak (SWE/US) - Split 7"			12min
Birdflesh / Splatterhouse (SWE/US) - Split 7"			11min
Birdflesh / Squash Bowels (SWE/POL) - Split 7"                  13min
Birdflesh / The Kill (SWE/AUS) - Split 7"			13min
Birth Ritual (JPN)	- Angel Grinder 7"			10min
Birth Ritual (JPN)	- Witching Metal  7"			 8min
Bishop Of Hexen (ISR)	- Archives Of An Enchanted Philosophy 	45min
Bismillah (SIN)		- Anholy Hate  MCD			24min
Bitterness (GER)	- As All Beauty Starts To Fade  10"	19min  great Melodic Death, their best stuff till date
Bitterness (GER)	- Autumn's Fall				40min  got more deathly
Bitterness (GER)	- Dawn Of Golden Blood			35min
Bitterness (GER)	- Eve Of Destruction  7"		11min
Bitterness (GER)	- Marching Towards Infinity  7"		13min  old-school German Thrash
Bitterness (GER)	- Sweet Suicide Solutions		47min  good German Thrash
Bitterness / Witchburner (GER/GER) - Split 7"			10min
Black Angel (PER)	- Art and Fire  7"			16min
Black Angel (PER)	- Beyond From Beyond '06		49min
Black Angel (PER)	- From The Darkness			54min
Black Angel (PER)	- Reign Of Satan  7"			13min
Black Angel (PER)	- Satanic Rites In Brazil 2006		51min
Black Angel (PER)	- The Black Trurth '11			34min
Black Angel (PER)       - s/t                                   65min  both demos on CD, Southamerican war
Black Angel (PER)       - Occult Eternal Mystery '02            19min  great new songs, killer DeathBlack
Black Angel (PER)       - Rites '97                             28min
Black Angel (PER)       - Corpus '00                            30min
Black Angel / Adokhsiny (PER/S.KOREA) - Split CD		26min
Black Angel / Beelzebul (PER/COL) - Split CD			45min
Black Angel / Black Empire (PER/MEX) - Split Demo '06		48min
Black Angel / Evil (PER/SLO) - Split Demo '11			30min
Black Angel / Hinus Paganus (PER/BRA) - Split CDr '03		28min
Black Angel / Kranium (PER/PER) - Split 7"			14min
Black Anvil (US)	- Time Insults The Mind			36min
Black Anvil (US)	- Triumvirate				43min
Black Army Jacket / Hemlock (US/US) - Split MCD                 23min
Black Beast (FIN)	- s/t  7"				14min
Black Beast / Bloodhammer (FIN/FIN) - Split CD			33min
Black Blood (FIN)	- Cryptic Rituals			33min  low-fi shit Black Metal
Black Breath (US)	- Heavy Breathing			41min
Black Candle (LUX)	- Lead Me To The Tombs			43min
Black Candle (LUX)	- Nightfire				29min  good Black, bad guitar solos, ltd. 500
Black Coffee (RUS)	- Step Over The Threshold		35min  a bit like soft Agent Steel
Black Crucifixion (FIN)	- Satanic Zeitgeist  MLP		19min  Live 23.8.1991
Black Crucifixion (FIN)	- Hope Of Retaliation			39min
Black Crucifixion (FIN)	- The Fallen One Of Flames MLP		18min  demo on LP, with new Intro/Outro
Black Crucifixion (FIN) - Faustian Dream                        36min
Black Crusader (SWE)	- Born Evil '90				34min
Black Dementia (FRA)	- Dictum Of Negation			52min  Angelcorpse like
Black Dementia (FRA/NOR/DK) - Hyperborean Call  MCD		19min  similar to older Immortal
Black Empire (MEX)	- Into The Vails Of Past		30min  Good BlackDeath, Desaster coverversion
Black Empire (MEX)	- The Black Magic... Demo MCDr '00	23min
Black Fire (MALA)	- The Hereafter Live 1988  MCD		26min
Black Flame (ITA)	- Torment And Glory			37min
Black Flame (ITA)	- s/t  7"				12min  surprisingly good Black Metal
Black Funeral (US)	- Az-I-Dahak				34min  pure shit, amateurish Black Metal with Casio-equipment
Black Funeral (US)	- Belial Arisen				31min  Black Metal recorded in 1996, rel. in 2003
Black Funeral (US)	- Empire Of Blood			36min
Black Funeral (US)	- Moon Of Characith			45min  this album contains pure ambient crap
Black Funeral (US)  	- Spells Of Dark... Cass/EP '95 	25min
Black Goat (US)		- s/t  Re-Release CD			31min  on NWN!
Black Hole (ITA)	- Land Of Mystery			49min  Horror-Doom masterpiece, Vitus meets Mercyful Fate
Black Hole (ITA)	- Living Mask 				72min  recorded 1988, released 2000, but not as good as the debut
Black Lodge (NOR)	- Covet					52min  Death/Doom on HNF Rec.
Black Lodge (NOR)       - Demo '93                              17min
Black Mass (US)		- Conquering Legions Of Astaroth	36min  blackened Death Metal
Black Mass (US)		- Cut Your Heart Out For Satan MCDr 	24min
Black Mass (US)		- Hymns For The Sabbat '02		20min  tx from planned Split CD w.Pessimisst
Black Mass (US)		- To Fly With Demons			32min
Black Mass (US)		- Voices Of Fate			36min
Black Mass / Hellraised (US/US) - Split CD			30min
Black Mass Of Absu (US) - Looting The Tomb Of The...  7"	10min  ritualistic stuff
Black Pentecoste (US)	- Funeral Winds In Paradise		54min  Abruptum Rip-Off
Black Priest Of Satan (GER/FIN) - Fullmoon Rituals  7"		13min
Black Rain (CZE)	- Bez Ohne MCD				30min
Black Sabbath (UK)	- Vol.4  Re-Re-Release CD		44min
Black Sabbath (UK)  	- We Sold Our Soul... Best Of   	60min
Black September (US)	- The Sermon Of Vengeance 7"		10min
Black September (US)	- Tide Of The Storm MCDr		28min  Bolt Thrower styled, with a gal grunting
Black September (US)	- The Forbidden Gates Beyond		36min
Black September / Thou (US/US) - Split 7"			11min
Black Serpent (AUS)	- Nightside Cosmology  MLP		23min
Black Shepard (BEL)	- Demo '85				 7min
Black Shepard (BEL) 	- United Evil Forces '86            	13min  cult, cult, cult
Black Task (US)		- Long After Midnight  MLP		25min
Black Task / Incriminated (US/FIN) - Split 7"			12min  strange, Black Task is Heavy from mid 80es
Black Torment (MEX)	- Satanic Holocaust			36min  old dirty BlackThrash
Black Torment (MEX)	- Ten Years Of Blasphemy		49min
Black Torment / Invocation War (MEX/US) - Split 7"		13min
Black Torment / Motörpenis (MEX/POR) - Split 7"			15min  B.T. sounds very much like old Kaamos
Black Uniforms (ITA) 	- Horror Holocaust II '87       	18min
Black Uniforms (SWE)	- Faces Of Death			40min  Anti Cimex members, CrustMetal from '89
Black Uniforms (SWE)	- Splatter Punx On Acid			41min  comp. from 1986-1990
Black Virgin (US)       - Most Likely To Exceed                 28min  best Metal Enterprise vinyl
Black Vomit (MEX)	- The Faithful Servant '95		24min
Black Widow (UK?)	- Sacrifice				45min  Bewitched covered them, LP from '70
Black Witchery (US)	- Desecration Of The Holy Kingdom	28min  forget Blasphemy/Conqueror/Reveng
Black Witchery (US)	- Inferno Of Sacred Destruction MLP	25min
Black Witchery (US)	- Summoning Of Infernal Legions 7"	11min  big Nunslaughter/Profanatica fans
Black Witchery (US)	- Upheaval Of Satanic Might		29min
Black Witchery (US)     - Desecration Of The Holy... LP         33min  two Bonus tx against the CD
Black Witchery / Archgoat (US/FIN) - Split Live 2-LP		76min
Black Witchery / Conqueror (US/CAN) - Split CD			40min
Black Witchery / Katharsis (US/GER) - Split 7"			14min
Blackcrowned (S.AFR)	- With Wolvish Lust '04			15min
Blackdeath (RUS)	- Saturn Sector				39min
Blackfire (MALA)	- Lahir Dari Api 			56min  very old Venom/Sabbat sounding band
Blackhorned (DK)	- Arrival Of The Firedemon		59min
Blackhorned (DK)	- The Nightmare Graveyard Demo MCDr '05 15min  Victimizer member
Blacklight (SWE)	- Blacklight Demo-MCD			14min  new Swedish DM band, like old Dismember
Blackshine (SWE)	- Our Pain Is Your Pleasure		46min
Blackshine (SWE)     	- Reh./Demo '94                 	22min
Blackthrone (FIN)	- Above The Law				70min
Blackthrone (FIN)	- Black Metal Juggernaut		31min  old school BlackThrahs but strange vocals
Blackwinds (SWE)	- Origin				38min
Blackwinds (SWE)	- s/t  7"				17min  ex-Setherial
Blaksouls (POL)		- The Touch Of Deathwings '92		29min
Blasfemia (COL)		- Guerra Total  Re-Release CD		33min  incl. Live 1986
Blasfemia (COL)		- Guerra Total  MLP			14min  total cult massacre from 1988, aarghh
Blasfemia (HOND)	- El Indice De Los Libros Prohibidos	50min
Blasfemia (HOND)	- Pontificado E Imperio '98		53min
Blasphemer (COL)	- Executioner				28min
Blasphemer (UK)		- Dominion '93				25min
Blasphemiam / Necrofagos (COL/COL) - Split 7"			 9min
Blasphemic Cruelty (US)	- Devil's Mayhem			32min  complete massacre, like the best of Angelcorpse combined
Blasphemic Lust (GER)	- Demo '03				12min  old-school Black Metal, Avenger member on drums
Blasphemophager (ITA)	- ...For Chaos, Obscurity And... 	41min
Blasphemophager (ITA)	- Atomic Infested... Demo MCDr '05	18min  Blasphemy/Beherit worshippers
Blasphemophager (ITA)	- Nuclear Empire Of Apocalypse		36min  great Black/Death
Blasphemophager (ITA)	- Tyrants Of Nuclear Death  7"		 6min
Blasphemophager (ITA)	- The III Command Of The Absolute... 	38min
Blasphemophager (ITA)	- Return To Nuclear Hell		34min
Blasphemophager / Necro Holocaust (ITA/CAN) - Split 7"		12min
Blasphemous (SWE) 	- Reh. tck 19.5.97			 5min
Blasphemous (SWE) 	- The Eternal Journey '95		13min
Blasphemous Evil (FIN)	- Old Necromancers			42min
Blasphemous Noise Torment (ITA) - Weapons Of Chaos Reh. '09 	17min
Blasphemy (CAN)		- Blood Upon.../Gods... Re-Release 2-LP 42min
Blasphemy (CAN)		- Gods Of War				42min
Blasphemy (CAN)		- Live Ritual  CD			77min  CD-version with Die Hsard Rehearsal
Blasphemy (CAN)		- Live Ritual - Friday The 13th		36min  Live: 13.7.2001, Vinyl-only release
Blasphemy (CAN)		- Live Bootleg  7"			11min  Live in 1993
Blasphemy (CAN)		- Return Of The Hooded Demons		47min  Reh. 29.8.2001 on vinyl in good sound
Blasphemy (CAN)		- Ross Bay Cult Eternal			49min  one more Reh. Bootleg
Blasphemy (CAN)		- Spiritis Satanists			34min  basically "...The Final Armageddon" session
Blasphemy (CAN)		- The Final Armageddon			64min  bootleg, Unedit MLP '90, Live '93
Blasphemy (CAN)		- Total Blasphemic Ritual		78min  bootleg, 3 live gigs '93
Blasphemy (CAN)		- War Command For Baroeg		37min  prof. printed Bootleg with good sound
Blasphemy Rites (POL)	- Something Wicked, Raw And Ugly	60min  Blasphemy influenced noise
Blaspherian (US)	- Allegiance The Will Of Damnation MLP 	26min
Blaspherian (US)	- Infernal Warriors Of Death		37min
Blaspherian / Adumus (US/US) - Split 7"				 7min
Blaspherion (BEL)	- Rest in Peace				40min
Blasthrash (BRA)	- No Traces Left Behind			39min  Devastacion meets Thrash Metal
Blastmasters (US)	- Twisted Metal				48min
Bleed (US)		- Womb  MCD				24min
Bleed Of Hate (PER)	- New Blood...More Victims		32min
Blessed Death (US)	- Destined For Extinction		33min
Blessed Death (US)	- Hour Of Pain				44min  recorded 1991, released 2006
Blessed Death (US)	- Kill Or Be Killed			44min
Blessed Death (US)  	- Terminal Rage '90     	        25min
Blessed In Sin (FRA)	- Honour The Anus Of Mary		28min
Blessed Sickness (US)	- s/t  7"				12min
Blind Beyond (POL)	- Out Of Faith  MCD			15min  ex-Hazael member
Blind Guardian (GER)	- The Tides Of War  MCD			36min  came with Rock Hard #377
Blind Illusion (US)	- The Sane Asylum			40min  not much remained of Possesed
Blindead (POL)		- Devouring Weakness			45min
Blinder (CUBA)		- Transhumanos MLP			24min  cool Thrash from Cuba
Blitzkrieg (POL)	- 819  '01				46min  rel. by Time Before Time Rec. in '04
Blizzard (GER)		- Alcoholic Metal Mayhem '99		16min
Blizzard (GER)		- Hellish Rock'n Roll  7"		13min  ex-Mayhemic Truth, Warfare-like
Blizzard (GER)		- Pure Filth And Mayhem			31min  Warfare and Venom fit perfectly
Blizzard (GER)		- Rock'n Roll Overkill			50min
Blizzard (GER)		- The Return Of Pure Filth And... 7"	13min
Blizzard (GER)		- The Roaring Tanks Of Armageddon	45min
Blizzard (LAT)		- The Path To Spiritside '98		19min
Blizzard (US)		- Demo #1 '83				15min
Blizzard (US-CA)        - Demo '84                              13min  Jeff Beccera/Larry La Londe's first band??
Blodarv (DK)		- Hek Sen  7"				12min
Blodsrit (SWE)		- Helveteshymner			41min
Blodsrit (SWE)		- Hinterland				44min
Blodsrit (SWE)		- Ocutaris Infernum			43min
Blodsrit (SWE)		- The Well Of Light Has Finally...	29min
Blodsrit / Ritual Orchestra (SWE/INDO) - Split CD		55min
Blodulv (SWE)		- Diatribe  MCD				30min
Blodulv (SWE)		- III - Burial				48min
Blodulv / Aska (SWE/SWE)- Split CD				55min
Bloke (ARG)		- Demolicion 2002	 Re-Release CD	67min  Heavy Metal from 1984, re-released in 2002
Blood (GER)		- Dysangelium				40min
Blood (GER)		- Gas Flames Bones			32min
Blood (GER)		- Massacre  7"				11min  great new songs
Blood (GER)	        - Depraved Goddess              	36min
Blood (GER)         	- Heinous Noise IV 10/87  	      	23min
Blood (GER)          	- Tribute  Demo/Reh. 8/88       	27min
Blood (GER)          	- Spittle Red Of Blood 7"       	12min
Blood (GER)             - Impulse To Destroy + Recognize 7"     41min  Morbid Rec. Re-release
Blood / Inhume (GER/NL) - Split 7"				11min
Blood / Mystic Circle (GER/GER) - Split 7"                      15min
Blood / Psycho (GER/US) - Split 7"				 9min
Blood / Warspite (GER/GER) - Split 7"				12min
Blood Coven (US)	- True Fucking Metal 7"			11min
Blood Feast (US)	- Face Fate  MCD			16min  NRR-Rerelease
Blood Feast (US)	- Face Fate  MLP			16min
Blood Feast (US)	- Kill For Pleasure  Rerelease		43min
Blood Feast (US)	- Remnants - The Last Remains		47min  mainly old demo songs
Blood Feast (US)     	- Demo '86                     	 	17min
Blood Feast (US)        - Chopping Block Blues                  45min
Blood Lust (US)		- Anti-Life '87				13min
Blood Lust (US)		- Guilty As Sin				29min  Exciter-like
Blood Lust (US)		- Terminal Velocity  MLP		18min
Blood Of Christ (CAN)	- ...A Dream To Remember		44min
Blood Red Fog / Funerary Bell (FIN/FIN) - Split 10"		24min
Blood Red Throne (NOR)	- A Taste For Blood  MCD		27min
Blood Red Throne (NOR) 	- Altered Genesis			51min
Blood Red Throne (NOR) 	- Affiliated With The Suffering		39min  great Death Metal, Adramelch and Grave like
Blood Red Throne (NOR) 	- Monument Of Death			38min  Morbid Angel/Deicide/Adramelch like
Blood Red Throne (NOR)  - Monument Of Death Promo CD '99	14min  brutal Death, with Tchort (ex-Emperor)
Blood Red Throne (NOR)  - Come Death				43min
Blood Revolt (CAN)	- Indoctrine				43min
Blood Ritual (US)	- At The Mountains Of Madness		43min
Blood Ritual (US)	- Black Grimoire			45min
Blood Slaughter (US)	- Cannibalistic Massacre '87		 7min  sound: ultra shit
Blood Storm  (US)	- The Atlantean Wardragon		40min  Sarcofago/Sodom/Angelcorpse-like
Blood Storm (US)	- Ancient Wrath Of Ku			59min  Celtic Frost/Necrovore influenced
Blood Storm (US)	- Pestilence From The Dragonstar	51min  fine US-BlackDeath
Blood Storm (US)	- Sirian Storm				48min
Blood Storm (US)     	- Adv. CD '97 The Atlantean...  	30min  Rough Mix, incomplete and cut
Blood Storm (US)        - Death By The Stromwizard              61min  demo + bonusstuff
Blood Storm (US)        - Death By The Stormwizard '96          35min
Blood Storm (US)        - Live: Milwaukee Metalfest '97         22min
Blood Storm / Moria (US/SWE) - Split LP				26min  BS: Live w.Exciter cover, M: good Death
Blood Strom (US)    	- The Offering '93              	15min
Blood Tsunami (NOR)	- Grand Feast For Vultures		51min
Blood Tsunami (NOR)	- Thrash Metal				42min
Blood Vengeance (GER)	- Panzerschlag  7"			11min  Blasphemy meets killer sound
Blood Vengeance (GER)	- Iron Warfare MCD			26min
Blood-Feud (SWE)	- Genocide				57min  Avantgarde Death Metal combination, bad drumcomputer
Bloodbath (SWE)		- Nightmares Made Flesh			44min
Bloodbath (SWE)		- The Fathomless Mastery		42min
Bloodbath (SWE)		- The Wacken Carnage CD+DVD		54min
Bloodbath (SWE)		- Unblessing The Purity MCD		16min
Bloodbath (SWE)         - Breeding Death MCD                    14min  Swanö/Akerfeldt/Renske/Blackheim
Bloodbath (SWE)         - Resurrection Through Carnage          41min  total old-school Döds Metal massacre
Bloodbath (YUG)		- Frustrations				52min  seems to be a tape-only release
Bloodbath (YUG)		- Toxic Death + Demo '89  CDr		38min  Bootleg version of the legendary Thrash band
Bloodbath (YUG)		- Traumatic Memories			51min
Bloodcum (US)		- Death By A...  MLP			24min
Bloodhammer (FIN)	- Abbedissan Saatanalliset Houreet	33min
Bloodhammer (FIN)	- Ancient Kings  10"			20min  great oldschool Black Metal
Bloodhammer (FIN)	- Ancient Kings				32min  CD with lots of bonus tx
Bloodhammer (FIN)	- Post-Apocalypse Trilogy		37min
Bloodhammer (FIN)	- The Passion Of The Devil  MCD		21min
Bloodhammer / Anal Blasphemy (FIN/FIN) - Split 7"		11min
Bloodhammer / Blackdeath (FIN/RUS) - Split 7"			14min
Bloodhammer / Bliss Of Flesh (FIN/FRA) - Split 7"		11min
Bloodhammer / Deathspawned Destroyer (FIN/FIN) - Split 7"	10min
Bloodhammer / Incriminated (FIN/FIN) - Split LP			31min
Bloodhammer / Korgonthurus (FIN/FIN) - Split 7"			 9min
Bloodhammer / Ride For Revenge (FIN/FIN) - Split LP		37min
Bloodhammer / Vomitfago (FIN/FIN) - Split 7"			14min
Blooding Mask (US)	- All The Colors Of Death		59min  horrible Gothic, but on MBR Rec.!!! (supposedly their last release)
Bloodline (SWE)		- A PestilenceLong Forgotten  7"	12min  ex-Setherial
Bloodline (SWE)		- Werewolf Training			42min  great furious Black Metal
Bloodlust (POL)		- Hideous '93				26min
Bloodlust (POL)		- Holocaust '92				35min
Bloodlust (US)		- Guilty As Sin				30min
Bloodreaping (MEX)	- Feasting The Weak			36min
Bloodreaping (MEX)	- Ignis Penumbra			53min  Disgorge members
Bloodshed (FRA)		- First Bloodshed Demo MCDr '00		16min
Bloodshed (SWE)		- Inhabitants Of Dis			42min
Bloodshed (SWE)		- Laughter Of Destruction '99?		29min
Bloodshed (SWE)		- Skullcrusher  MCD			16min
Bloodsoaked (MEX)	- Frost Image				41min  killer old Death Metal
Bloodsoaked (MEX)	- Frost Image '93			41min
Bloodsoaked (MEX)	- The Omen  7"				12min
Bloodstar (SWI)		- Anytime Anywhere			47min
Bloodstar (SWI)		- Back From Hell  MCDr			18min  too industrial, mostly re-mixes of old songs
Bloodstar (SWI)		- Bloodstar				47min
Bloodstar (SWI)		- Hyperspace  10"			14min
Bloodstone (SWE)	- Branded At The Threshold Of... '94	20min
Bloodstone (SWE)	- Hour Of The Gate			42min  totally unknown Sunlight Death from 1995
Bloodsworn (NOR)	- All Hyllest Til Satan			33min
Bloodthirst (POL)	- Forgotten Years Of Killing DemoCDr'03 29min  old school BlackThrash
Bloodthirst (POL)	- Let Him Die				36min  raging Death-Thrash madness
Bloodthirst / Ebola (POL/POL) - Split CDr			32min
Bloodthirst / Excidium (POL/POL) - Split CD			41min
Bloodthorn (NOR)	- Genocide				43min  sometimes sounding like new Abominator
Bloodthorn (NOR)	- In The Shadow Of Your...		58min  ex-Manes, a bit similar to slower Emperor
Bloodthorn (NOR)	- Onwards Into Battle			50min
Bloodthorn (NOR)	- Under the Reign Of Terror		38min
Bloodthorn (NOR)        - In The Shadow Of Your... Do.-LP       81min
Bloodthrone (US)	- Storms Of Apocalypse			36min
Bloodthrone (US)        - Shield Of Hate                        37min
Bloodulv (SWE)		- II  					53min
Bloodulv (SWE)		- Pagan Panzer  7"			12min
Bloodulv (SWE)		- s/t					43min  Darkthrone influenced
Bloodwritten (POL)	- Iniquity Intensity Insanity		39min
Bloodwurm (CAN)		- Blasphemetized (Last Call)		39min  good Thrash
Bloodwurm (CAN)         - Transalvation                         51min  w.former Infernäl Mäjesty vocalist Vince
Bloodwurm (CAN)         - s/t  7"                               16min  w.Vince, 2nd vocalist of Infernäl Mäjesty
Bloody (BRA)		- Slow Death				38min
Bloody Ritual (FRA)	- Abyss Of The Thousand Cries '94	30min
Bloody Sign (FRA)	- Chaos Echoes				46min
Bloody Sign (FRA)	- Dyonisos Contre Le Crucifie '98	21min
Bloody Sign (FRA)	- Explosion Of Elements			45min
Bloody Sign (FRA)	- Primitive Horde Demo MCDr '01		18min
Bloody Sign (FRA)	- The 3rd Escape  7"			16min
Bloody Sign (FRA)	- Vana Vigala Loits			31min
Bloody Sign / Rademassaker (FRA/GER) - Split Demo '05		26min
Bloody Vengeance (CHI) 	- In Conspiracy With Death '10		26min
Bloothrone (US)		- Shield Of Hate Adv. CD '02?		10min
Blot Mine (SWE)		- Ashcloud				42min  Marduk/Dark Funeral like massacre
Blot Mine (SWE)		- Porphyogenesis			38min
Blot Mine (SWE)      	- Kill For Inner Peace '96      	21min  ex-Setherial
Blot Mine (SWE)      	- Adv. tcks for Demo'96         	16min
Bludgeon (US)		- Crucify The Priest			40min
Bludgeon (US)		- World Controlled			38min  completely crap
Blues Pills (SWE)	- Golden Treasures			42min  came with Rock Hard #351
Blut Aus Nord (FRA)	- Appease Me...				52min  they turned to total Underground Black
Blut Aus Nord (FRA)	- The Mystical Beast Of Rebellion	42min
Blut Aus Nord (FRA)  	- Fathers Of The Icy Age        	47min
Blut Aus Nord / Reverence (FRA/FRA) - Split 10"			19min
Blut aus Nord (FRA)	- Thematic Emanation Of.... MCD		28min  total worthless crap, non-Metal bullshit !!!!
Bluttaufe / Primitive Symphony (GER/SWE) - Split CD		55min
Blutvial (UK)		- I Speak Of The Devil			52min
Bluuurgh (NL)		- In My Embrace				44min
Blüdwulf / Tiger Junkies / C.O.T. (US/JPN/ITA) - Split MLP	17min
Bolt Thrower (UK)	- Eternal War  Live LP			55min  Headache Rec 1991
Bolt Thrower (UK)	- Honour Valour Pride			50min
Bolt Thrower (UK)	- In Battle There Is No Law CD		33min  Vinyl Solution 1990, incl. 1 Bonustck
Bolt Thrower (UK)	- Live At Bradford 12.1.91  7"		12min
Bolt Thrower (UK)	- Mayhem In The Chaos Wasteland		30min  Boot-LP with Demo '87 and Demo '89
Bolt Thrower (UK)	- Mercenary				47min
Bolt Thrower (UK)	- Mercenary  Digi-CD			54min  one bonus tck
Bolt Thrower (UK)	- The Peel Session 3.1.88  MLP		15min
Bolt Thrower (UK)	- Those Once Loyal			44min  THE Death Metal LP of 2005 !!!!!!!!!!
Bolt Thrower (UK)	- Where Next To Conquer?		51min  Live Bootleg CD
Bolt Thrower (UK)	- Who Dares Wins			50min
Bolt Thrower (UK)       - ...For Victory  + Bonus Live CD       91min  incl. Bonus CD Live War '92
Bolt Thrower / Napalm Death (UK/UK) - Split LP			40min  Demos on Bootleg LP
Bölzer (SWI)		- Aura MLP				15min
Bölzer (SWI)		- Soma  MLP				18min
Bölzer (SWI)		- Hero					47min
Bölzer (SWI)		- Lese Majesty  MLP			30min
Bombarder (YUG)		- Bez Balads - Najbolje			71min
Bombarder (YUG)		- Bez Milosti				36min
Bombarder (YUG)		- Ima Li Zivota Prije Smrti		41min
Bombarder (YUG)		- Ledena Krv				29min
Bombarder (YUG)		- Speed Kill  Re-Release CD		34min  their first Speed Metal demo from 1989 on CD
Bomberos (NOR)		- Bringing Down The... 7"		 8min  Punk/HC with Maniac on vox
Bomberos (NOR)		- Hate  MCD				10min
Bombs Of Hades (SWE)	- Chambers Of Abominations		31min
Bombs Of Hades (SWE)	- Into The Eternal Pit Of Fire  7"	11min
Bombs Of Hades / Usurpress (SWE/SWE) - Split 7"			12min
Bombs Oh Hades (SWE)	- Carnivores  7"			15min
Bombstrike (SWE)	- Livets Laga Slocknar  7"		10min
Bomstrike / Reign Of Bombs (SWE/SWE) - Split LP                 26min  Bombstrike sound now similar to Martyrdöd
Bone Gnawer (SWE)	- Feast Of Flesh			35min
Bone Gnawer / Bonesaw (SWE/SCOT) - Split MCD                    20min
Bone Sickness (US)	- s/t  7"				 5min
Bonesaw (SCOT)		- Sawtopsy				32min
Bonesaw / Lobotomized (SCOT/NOR) - Split 7"			 8min
Borea (POL)		- Whose Fault  Re-Release CD		52min
Borigor / Ceremonial Execution (GER/SWE) - Split 7"		11min  Metalcore/Dods Metal Split
Borknagar (NOR)		- Empiricism				49min
Borknagar (NOR)		- Epic					57min
Borknagar (NOR)		- The Archaic Course			38min
Borknagar (NOR)     	- The Olden Domain              	45min
Borknagar (NOR)      	- Borknagar                     	45min
Born Of Fire (SWE)	- s/t  7"				 7min  ex-Dismember/Entombed/Merciless
Born Of Sin (SWE)	- Let It Begin  MCD			17min
Botulistum (NL)		- Pestilental Terror			35min  even more chaotic than Revenge/Conqueror
Botulistum / Domini Inferi (NL/NL) - Split 7"			13min  Funeral Winds member
Boulder (US)		- Degenerates  7"			 8min
Bound For Tomb (GER)	- Bloodspawn				37min  stupid name but great German Black Metal !
Bound For Tomb (GER)	- Scourge  MCD				25min
Brain Damage (SWE)	- Reh./Demo 1/92			14min  Lobotomy-area, more Grind/Death
Brain Dead (GER)     	- Visions Of The Dark  7"       	12min
Brain Dead (MALA)	- From The Ecstasy/Live Demo '91 2*LP 	57min
Brain Implosion (NL)	- Sandgrains  7"			11min  old Thrash on Putrefaction Rec.
BrainDead (MALA)	- From The Ecstacy '92/'04		64min
Braindead (NOR)		- Balvaz '88 + Reh'88			21min  old Norsk DeathThrash
Braindead Corpse (DK)	- KZ Death '95				11min
Brainstorms (UKR)	- Lords...  7"				 8min
Brainwashing (NL)	- All Life Will End '93			24min
Brawl (SWE)		- Demo '9?				 9min  ex-Oral songs, transition to Oxiplegatz is audible
Break The Silence (MALA)- Merciless Mercenary			54min  ex-Silent Death members
Breakdown (BRA)		- Time To Kill				34min
Breed (SWE)		- Bang To Black Rock'n Roll '94?	13min
Brenvoliznepr (ITA) 	- The Zombie Rehearsal Demo MCDr '09 	13min
Brisen (ITA)		- Madre Tenebra  MCD			17min
Brisen (ITA)         	- Shades Of Soul                	41min
Brocas Helm / Manilla Road (US/US) - Split 7"			 7min
Broken Hope (US)    	- Swamped In Gore               	46min
Browne Eye / S.B.S. (US/US) - Split 7"				10min
Bruma (CHI)		- s/t  CDr				32min
Brutal Fear (SIN)       - Fatallurgigal                         39min
Brutal Obscenity (NL)	- It's Because Of The Birds And...	75min
Brutal Obscenity (NL)	- Dream Out Loud			48min
Brutal Obscenity / Xyster (NL/UK) - Split CD                    57min  both CCG-albums
Brutal Truth (US)	- Need To Control  Boxset-LP		51min  lots of Bonus songs against the CD
Brutal Truth (US)   	- S.O.B. Covers '95             	 5min
Brutaliator (SWE)	- Adv. Unrel. CDr Deactivated '05	38min
Brutaliator (SWE)	- s/t  CDr				32min  very good PowerSpeed Metal
Brutality (US)		- Dimension Demented/Metamorphosis	50min  both demos on CD
Brutality (US)		- Hell On Earth  7"			10min
Brutality (US)		- In Mourning				48min
Brutality (US)		- Live 06/11/90  CDr			45min
Brutality (US)		- Metamorphosis '91			13min
Brutality (US)		- Sadistic/Spawned Illusions  7"	10min
Brutality (US)		- When The Sky Turns Black		42min
Brutality Reigns Supreme (NL) - Back From The Dead  MCD		25min  ex-Sexorcist
Bugs B Gone (NOR)	- Act Of Rage  MCD			16min  Arctic Serenades, Terrorizer like
Bulldozer (ITA)		- 4CD-Set  The Day.../Final.../IX/Neurodeliri  42min+41min+32min+30min
Bulldozer (ITA)		- Dance Got Sick  MCD			16min  ultrarare, ultraunknown release from '93 !!
Bulldozer (ITA)		- Fallen Angel/Another Beer  Bootleg-7"	13min  feat. the 7" and the demo versions
Bulldozer (ITA)		- Greetings From Poland  CD-Rerel.??	55min  with 5 Studiotx, but not all LP-Livetx !!
Bulldozer (ITA)		- IX  CD				32min  the original from '88
Bulldozer (ITA)		- Last Live Legend			38min
Bulldozer (ITA)		- Unexpected Fate			37min
Bulldozer (ITA)      	- Another Beer 7" '84           	 7min  or is it called Fallen Angel 7" ??
Bulldozzer (SWE)	- Märk Hur Var Skugga '95?		 7min  Memory Garden members
Bunder Nekromunda (POL) - Songs Of Filth...  Demo CDr '03 	31min
Bundeswehra (POL)	- First Attack Of Bundeswehra '89	13min  with live bonus track
Bundeswehra (POL)	- King's Return '94			28min  very good Black Metal
Bundeswehra (POL)	- Totem '91				 9min
Bundeswehra / Nergal (POL/SWI) - Split LP			39min
Bunkur (NL)		- Bludgeon				81min  Sauron/Flesh Made Sin project, like Winter
Bunuh (SIN)		- The Torso Killers  MCD		21min  like old Impety/Abhorer
Burial (NL)		- Resurrection  Demo MCDr '06		19min  less Massacre/Death but still a punch
Burial (UK)         	- Effigy 7"                     	10min
Burial (US-FL)          - Presumed Dead  7"                     12min
Burial (US-MA)          - Enlightened With Pain                 36min  good Death Metal
Burial (US-MA)          - Mourning The Millenium MCD            19min
Burial Invocation (TUR)	- Rituals Of The Grotesque MLP		18min
Burial Invocation / Anatomia (TUR/JPN) - Split 7"		12min
Burialmound (FIN)	- Black Death				45min  turned totally to Morbid angel-like Death Metal
Burialmound (FIN)	- Horror  7"				 8min  good Black Metal on Arte De Occulta
Buried Beneath (US)	- And This Shall Too Pass Away '94	37min
Buried Beneath (US)	- The Last Rays Of The Moon		63min  demomaterial rerecorded, Black/Death
Buried Dreams (MEX)	- Beyond Your Mind			65min
Buried Dreams (MEX)	- Necropsphere				54min
Buried Dreams (MEX)	- Perceptions				42min  produced in Studio Fredman
Buried God (GER)	- Dark Revelation			37min  killer old-school Thrash
Buried God (GER)	- Sacrificed  7"			16min  great old-school German Thrash
Burning Inside (US)	- Apparition				48min
Burning Inside (US)	- The Eve Of Entities			44min
Burning Vision (AUT)    - Fear Of Reality                       49min
Burning Winds (US)	- Cease To Exist LP + 7"		66min
Burning Winds / Kerberos / Misanthropy (US/NL/US) - Split CD 	34min
Burnt Offering (US)	- Death Decay Comlete			52min  LP + Demo '86 rereleased
Burnt Offering (US)	- Walk Of The Dead			58min  old legend
Burnt Offering (US)	- s/t  LP				36min
Burnt Offering (US)  	- Death Decay '87               	19min
Burzum (NOR)		- Burzum + Svarte Dauen			68min
Burzum (NOR)		- Demo LP				34min
Burzum (NOR)		- Demos CDr '03				60min  Bootleg-CDR
Burzum (NOR)		- Et Hvitt Lys Over Skogen  7"		14min  unrel. tck from Det Som... session + Reh.tck
Burzum (NOR)		- Feeble Screams  7"			 9min  Bootleg again
Burzum (NOR)		- Once Emperor  7"			10min
Burzum (NOR)		- Ragnarok (A New Beginning)		48min  I am pissing my ass off...
Burzum (NOR)		- Spell Of Destruction  7"		 9min  Bootleg stuff, doubtful if this really is Burzum
Burzum (NOR)		- Stemmen Fra Tarnet			45min
Burzum (NOR)		- Svarte Dauen + Aske			28min
Burzum (NOR)		- Svarte Dauen  MCDr			10min  Once Emperor and Seven Harmonies Of...
Burzum (NOR)         	- Reh./Demo '91                 	70min
Burzum (NOR)         	- Black Metal  Reh. '9?         	27min  Reh.tx with a whole band (!)
Butcher (BRA)		- Astral Karma				33min
Butcher ABC (JPN)	- Apocalyptic Bestial Congregation MLP 	22min
Butcher ABC (JPN)	- Butchered At Birth Day MCD		14min
Butcher ABC (JPN)	- Butchered Feast Of Being		34min  Bolt Thrower meets Dead (GER). Killer !!
Butcher ABC (JPN)	- Official Bootleg Live '07?		24min
Butcher ABC (JPN)       - Promo Demo '02                        14min
By War (BRA)		- Heretic Signs				40min
By War (BRA)		- Invincible War			32min  old school Destruction-like Thrash
By War (BRA)		- Twelve Devil's Graveyards		46min
By War / Crucifier (BRA/GRE) - Split 7"				12min
Bömbers (NOR)           - Bergen  7"                             9min  Motörhead Tribute band with ex-Immortal member
C-187 (NL)		- Collision				42min
CIA (US)		- Attitude				30min
Cabal (SWE)		- Midian '91				13min
Cabal (SWE)		- Satanic Rites '91			15min
Cabal (US)		- Midian				32min  Necrophagia members, recorded 1990
Cachtice (SWE)		- Infernal Bloodlust			36min  great dirty old-school Thrash
Cachtice (SWE)		- Satanic Attack Demo MCDr '04		17min
Cacodaemon (FIN)	- Tales Of Demoncy			45min
Cacodaemon (FIN)	- The Demoniac Invocation		39min  totally obscure old-school Death Metal
Cad (SVK)               - Deadnation                            48min  bad fun-Grind
Cadaver (NOR)		- Hallucinating Anxiety  LP		40min
Cadaver (NOR)		- Necrosis				35min  musical change from last CD
Cadaver / Voice Of Hate (NOR/SPA) - Split 7"			 9min
Cadaver Corpse (GER)	- Live Chaos 7"				15min
Cadaver Feast / Minch (US/US) - Split 7"			13min
Cadaver Inc. (NOR)	- Discipline				39min
Cadaverous Condition (AUT) - In Melancholy			50min
Cadaverous Condition (AUT) - For Love I Said 			48min
Caducity (BEL)		- Destination: Caducity			39min
Caducity (BEL)		- Gentle Annihilation Of The Enthroned  45min
Caducity (BEL)		- Incarnated '92			26min
Caducity (BEL)		- The Weiliaon Wielder Quest		48min
Caducity (BEL)		- Whirler Of Fate			46min  great Thrash
Caedes (SWE)		- Unworthy Existence '92		23min
Caedes Cruenta (GRE)	- Skies Daimonon '09			33min
Cales (CZE)		- Bonds Of Togetherness			40min
Cales (CZE)		- KRF					45min
Cales (CZE)		- Savage Blood				43min
Cales (CZE)		- The Pass In Time			61min  bit Bathory-sh (Blood On Ice era)
Cales (CZE)		- Uncommunion Excursion			69min
Calhoun Conquer (SWI)	- Lost In Oneself			36min
Caliban (GER)		- A Small Boy And A Grey Heaven		40min
Caliban (GER)		- Say Hello To Tragedy  LP+CD	       108min
Caliban (GER)		- Shadow Hearts				39min
Caliban (GER)		- The Undying Darkness			46min
Caliban (GER)		- Vent					55min
Caliban (GER)		- s/t  MCD				33min
Calibos (CZE)		- Bez Komentare '96			48min
Calibos (CZE)		- Go, Go, Go...!  CDr			43min
Calibos (CZE)		- Nasedej  CDr				53min
Calibos (CZE)		- Sedm Ran				55min
Calibos (CZE)		- s/t 					47min  Power mixed with slight Thrash
Caligula (AUS)		- s/t  MLP				17min  PopRock shit
Caligula (US)		- Demo '87				19min
Callenish Circle (NL)	- Pitch.Black.Effects			44min
Callenish Circle (NL)	- Grateful...Yet Forbidding		47min
Callenish Circle (NL)	- Flesh Power Dominion			53min
Callenish Circle (NL)	- Lovelorn '95				22min
Callenish Circle (NL)	- Escape MCD				22min
Callenish Circle (NL)	- Drift Of Empathy			50min
Calvarium (FIN)		- Assaulting The Divine  MCD		20min
Calvarium (FIN)		- The Skull Of Golgotha			41min  high-class Finnish Black
Calvary (ITA)		- Across The River Of Life  MCD		23min  like old In Flames, bit heavier
Calvary Death (BRA)	- Jesus Intense Weeping			55min  CD has 5 bonus tx
Cancer (UK)		- Black Faith				47min
Cancer (UK)		- Bloodbath In The Acid			42min
Cancer (UK)		- Corporation$  MCD			22min
Cancer (UK)		- Spirit In Flames			40min  again disappointing
Cancerbero (CHI)	- Carnage + Abominations '08		21min  both demos pressed on one tape
Candlemass (SWE)	- Ancient Dreams			52min
Candlemass (SWE)	- At The Gallows End  12"		18min
Candlemass (SWE)	- Black Dwarf Pic-7"			12min
Candlemass (SWE)	- Chapter VI				43min
Candlemass (SWE)	- Dactylus Glomerata			44min
Candlemass (SWE)	- Death Magic Doom  LP+7"		59min
Candlemass (SWE)	- Epicus Doomicus.... Re-Release 2LP	95min  incl. Live LP from 1988 gig
Candlemass (SWE)	- From The 13th Sun  Re-Release LP	58min  w.3 bonus tx
Candlemass (SWE)	- If I Ever Die  Pic-7"			10min
Candlemass (SWE)	- King Of The Grey Islands		68min
Candlemass (SWE)	- Live Reflections			69min
Candlemass (SWE)	- Lucifer Rising MLP			73min
Candlemass (SWE)	- Nightfall				45min
Candlemass (SWE)	- Nimis  7"				 6min  new recordings from 2000
Candlemass (SWE)	- Samarithan  7"			12min
Candlemass (SWE)	- Samarithan  MLP			17min
Candlemass (SWE)	- Wiz  10"				17min
Candlemass (SWE)	- s/t					57min  great 2005-release
Candlemass (SWE)     	- CD-Bonus tck of 'Ancient Dreams'       7min
Candlemass (SWE)     	- Live  Do.-LP                  	75min
Candlemass (SWE)     	- Adv. Demo '85                 	16min
Cannibal Corpse	(US)	- A Skull Full Of Maggots '89		15min
Cannibal Corpse	(US)	- Gallery Of Suicide			45min  these guys are getting better and better
Cannibal Corpse (US)	- Bloodthirst				35min
Cannibal Corpse (US)	- Sacrifice / Confessions  7"		 6min
Cannibal Corpse (US)    - Vile tx '97 w. Chris Barnes(!)	21min  different vocals/riffs/lyrics
Cantara (NL)		- All Beauty '93			24min
Cantara (NL)		- Dark MCD				23min  Dutch Deathgrind, totally unknow but killer
Cantara (NL)		- Fields Of Everlasting Fire		29min
Captain Trips (AUS)	- Adv. unrel CD '90			64min  überfantastic Maiden meets Nevermore stuff
Captor (DK)		- Dogface				45min
Captor (SWE)		- Reuse To Die  MCD			20min
Captor (SWE)            - Drowned                               48min  too much Hardcore
Captor (SWE)            - Lay It To Rest                        57min
Captor (SWE)            - Demo '92                              32min
Carbon (AUS)		- Australian Blackmetal  Promo MCDr '01 11min
Carbon (AUS)		- March Of The Golgothan Hordes  7"	11min  mix of Destroyer 666 and Absu
Carbon / Elite (AUS/NOR)- Split 7"				13min
Carbonized (SWE)	- Screaming Machines			44min  uurgss...
Carcaroht (SWE)		- Dragons Dawn '93			15min
Carcass	(UK)		- Heartwork				42min  w. M.Amott (ex-Carnage, now Arch Enemy)
Carcass	(UK)		- Necroticism...			52min
Carcass	(UK)		- Swansong				47min
Carcass (UK)		- Demos 86/87  LP			44min
Carcass (UK)		- Flesh Ripping Sonic Torment		72min  demos, live and Rehearsal stuff
Carcass (UK)		- Foeticide  Live '88  Bootleg CD	40min
Carcass (UK)		- Go To Hell (??)  MCD			 8min  released after the Swansong CD
Carcass (UK)		- Live Bradford  15.11.89  7"		12min
Carcass (UK)		- Nottingham Rock City 11-14-89		33min  one of the better Bootleg-LPs
Carcass (UK)		- Swansong LP				50min  including the missing "Go To Hell" song
Carcass (UK)		- Syphonies/Reek Of... CD		77min  old Earache-version, 6 Reek-tx are missing
Carcass (UK)		- The Heartwork EP  MCD			13min
Carcass (UK)		- The Lost Peel Sessions MLP		16min  12.2.91
Carcass (UK)		- The Power Of Blood  7"		12min  Reh. 23.10.85 on vinyl
Carcass (UK)		- Tools Of Trade  MCD			18min
Carcass (UK)    	- Flesh Ripping Sonic Torment '87       19min
Cardiac Arrest (US)	- Beast Among Many  7"			10min  good Death Metal
Cardiac Arrest (US)	- Heart Stopping Death Rot  MCD		23min
Cardiac Arrest (US)	- Morgue Mutilations			40min
Cardinal (NL)		- Baptized In Cum			45min  ex-Nembrionic/Consolation/Unlord members
Cardinal Sin (P.RICO)	- Resurrection				71min
Cardinal Sin (SWE) 	- Reh. tx '95				16min
Cardinal Sin (SWE)   	- Spiteful Intent  MCD          	17min
Caricature (FIN)	- Between Fells  Promo '92		14min
Caricature (FIN)	- Between Fells Promo '92		14min
Caricature (FIN)	- Emptiness '91				20min
Carnage (NL)		- Hope Springs Infernal '98		24min
Carnage (SWE)		- Dark Recollections  Re-Release CD	57min
Carnage (SWE)		- Dark Recollections  LP		38min
Carnage (SWE)		- Reh. 17.9.89				 7min
Carnage (UK)    	- Impaler Of Souls II '90       	15min
Carnal Forge (SWE)	- Aren't You Dead Yet ?			36min
Carnal Forge (SWE)	- Firedemon				35min  The Haunted/Slayer going berzerk
Carnal Forge (SWE)	- Plase...Die !				38min
Carnal Forge (SWE)	- The More You Suffer			45min
Carnal Forge (SWE)	- Who's Gonna Burn			30min  mix of The Haunted, At The Gates, Slayer
Carnal Grief (SWE)	- Cradlesongs '97			17min  Dods Metal, some melody though
Carnal Grief (SWE)	- Nine Shades Of Pain			45min
Carnal Grief (SWE)	- Out Of Crippled Seeds  		43min
Carnal Lust (FRA)	- Whore Of Violence			40min  bit Swedish sounding Death Metal
Carneous (SWE)		- Promo MCDr '05			 9min
Carneous (SWE)		- Wave Of Sickness Demo MCDr '05	16min
Carnifex (EST)		- Poison Art  Demo CDr '99		26min
Carnivore (US)		- Carnivore  Re-Release CD		55min
Carnivore (US)		- Nuclear Warriors - The Early Years	42min  Bootleg LP
Carnivore (US)		- Retaliation  Re-Release CD		67min
Carniwhöre (NOR)	- Rising Up 7"				13min
Carnun (IRE)		- Malkuth '96				25min
Carpathian Forest (NOR)	- In These Trees Are My.. '92 		18min
Carpathian Forest (NOR)	- Defending The Throne Of Evil		54min
Carpathian Forest (NOR)	- Live In Darkness  CDr			60min  Live-bootleg CD
Carpathian Forest (NOR)	- We're Going To Hell For This		71min
Carpathian Forest (NOR)	- Strange Old Brew			41min
Carpathian Forest (NOR)	- Black Shining Leather			50min
Carpathian Forest (NOR)	- Bloodlust And Perversion		60min
Carpathian Forest (NOR)	- Morbid Fascination Of Death		45min
Carpathian Forest (NOR)	- Skjend Hans Lik			33min
Carpathian Forest (NOR)	- same  Pic-EP				 7min  new song + Mayhem cover (Ghoul)
Carpathian Forest (NOR)	- Fuck You All				45min
Carpatus (BRA)		- Out Of The Desolation Planet		43min  great Death from Brazil
Carpatus (BRA)		- Procellarum				32min  great blackened DeathDoom
Carpe Tenebrum (NOR)	- Dreaded Chaotic Reign			46min  w.Astenuu, completly Morbid Angel like
Carpe Tenebrum (NOR)	- Mirrored Hate Painting		40min
Carpe Tenebrum (NOR)	- Majestic Nothingness			46min  w. Dimmu Borgir member
Carpticon (NOR)         - Master Mortality                      37min  very good Norsk Black Metal, awesome sound
Carrion	(SWI)		- Evil Is There				35min  Exumer-like Thrash from '87/88 w. VO Pulver
Carrion (SWI)		- Demo II '86				35min  later released as thier LP
Carrion Lord (US)	- All Paths Lead to Chaos '91		30min
Carrioned (SPA)		- Hymns For Th... Demo CDr '04 		34min
Cartilage (FIN)		- In Godly Flesh '91			19min
Carve (SWE)		- Revel In Human Filth			34min  great fast Inquity/Panzerchrist like Death
Carve (SWE)		- Stillborn Revelations			37min
Carved In Flesh (US)	- As Seen Through Tears			33min
Casbah (JPN)		- Barefooted On Earth #2  MCD		21min
Casbah (JPN)		- Barefooted On Earth #1  MCD		17min
Casbah (JPN)		- Bold Statement			32min
Casbah (JPN)		- Dinosaurs				71min  rerecorded old stuff (even from 1985)
Casbah (JPN)		- Infinite Pain: Official Boot. MCD+DVD 16min
Casbah (JPN)		- Infinite Pain '87			22min
Casbah (JPN)		- Russian Roulette  2-CD	       136min  all demos and both 7"-vinyls
Casbah (JPN)		- Russian Roulette  7"			12min
Casket Garden (HUN)	- ...Of Grief  / An Ever...  '02	35min  Demo '00 and '99 re-released in '02
Casketgarden (HUN)	- Incompleteness In Absence		67min
Casketgarden (HUN)	- Open The Casket, Enter The Garden	40min
Casketgarden (HUN)	- This Corroded Soul Of Mine		37min  At The Gates/Dismember influenced stuff
Cast In Stone (FIN)	- Demoncrypt '01			10min
Castle (NL)		- same  CD				49min
Catacomb (FRA)		- The Years Of Morbidology  2-CD       158min
Catacomb (FRA)		- We Shall Inherit  MCD			21min
Catacomb (ITA)		- Unreal '91				21min
Catacombs (US)		- In The Depths Of R'Lyeh		73min
Catacombs (US)          - Echoes Through The Catacombs CDr      30min  slooow Doom
Catacumba (BRA)		- Birkat Ha-Minim  Demo MCDr '05	18min
Catacumba (BRA)		- Kratos				35min
Cataleptic (COL)	- Realidad '94				26min
Catamenia (FIN)		- Morning Crimson			40min
Cataract (SWI)		- Golem					27min
Cataract (SWI)		- Martyr's Melodies  MCD		16min
Cataract (SWI)		- War Anthems  7"			10min
Cataract (SWI)		- With Triumph Comes Loss		39min
Cataract (SWI)		- s/t  MCD				12min
Catastrophic (US)	- Pathology Of Murder			38min
Catastrophic (US)	- The Cleansing				39min  very Celtic Frost influenced, ex-Obi
Catastrophic (US)       - Born Into Bondage MCD                 20min  great Obituary-like Death Metal
Catharasis (US)		- Incantations Of Immortality '95	20min
Catharsis (POL)		- Bitter Disdain '95			29min
Catharsis (POL)		- Your Truth '93			31min
Cathedral (UK)		- In Memoriam  MLP			30min
Cathedral (UK)		- Ride Through The Decay  Live-LP	39min  very good sound, recorded in 1992
Cauchemar (CAN)	- La Vierge Noire  MLP				21min
Cauldron Black Ram (AUS)- The Devil Bellied 7"			14min  killer Black Metal
Cauldron Black Ram (AUS)- Slubberdegullion			35min
Cauldron Black Ram (AUS)- Skulduggery				35min  cool mix of Hellhammer and Master
Caustic (DK)		- Moments In The Infinite MCD		19min
Caustic (SPA)            - Rebirth Of Procreation               28min
Caustic Strike (SWE)	- Straight Down The Drain '05		21min
Cauterizer (SWE)	- Then The Snow Fell...  Re-Release 7" 	12min  demo on 7"
Celebration (POL)	- Beyond The Grave '90?			26min
Celebration (POL)	- Dead Bodies Massacre '91		29min  bit like Delirium (NL) meets Morbid Angel
Celephais (SWE)		- Human Failure '94			16min
Celephais (SWE)		- Nekromantik '93			18min
Celeste (FIN)		- Nature Dying '97			21min
Celestial (UK)      	- Promo '93                     	16min  featuring ex-Benediction member
Celestial / Doomstone (US/US) - Split Promo Demo '93		36min
Celestial Bloodshed (NOR) - s/t  7"				10min
Celestial Bloodshed (NOR) - Cursed, Scarred And Forever...	28min  MLP-running time...
Celestial Pain (SWE)	- Aggression 				38min  both Ultra-Thrash demos on LP, killer !!!!!
Celestial Pain (SWE) 	- Hatred '96                    	25min  ex-Unanimated, doing total old-school thrash !!!!
Celestial Season (NL)	- C.S.'s  Sonic Orb MCD         	19min
Celestial Season (NL)	- Flowerskin  7"			13min
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- 1987 Unreleased Tracks 7"		 9min  Boot-7", with Jihad and Barrel Of Fear
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- 1984 Fukkin Raw Rehearsals  '84/'05 	28min  Bootleg-tape with a Reh.'84
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- Demos 84 + 85  CD			69min  very good Bootleg compilation with rare stuff
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- Demos '92+'93 (only unrel)		43min  no joke !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   uhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- Eclipse Their Mourning Sun '87/'93	20min  Boot-tape from 93, Live tx from Hamburg Feb.87
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- Frost Of Damnation Live-Boot LP	32min  from 2006
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- From The Vaults  7"			15min  old Rehearsal stuff again on a bootleg
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- From The Vault			63min  a lot Rehearsal stuff, great sound, rare stuff
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- Icons Alive				93min  Boot-MC with mostly songs >=1992
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- Into The Pandemonium  Rerelease	60min  incl. some EPs and one "new" song
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- Interview 15.11.02	24min
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- Live: Long Beach 13.6.86		40min
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- Live: Düsseldorf 2.2.87		38min
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- Live: Hannover 4.2.86			58min
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- Live: Quebec 2.6.86			61min
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- Live: Metalysee Festival 22.3.86	60min
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- Live: New Jersey 13.12.87		29min
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- Live: Cleveland 10.7.86		51min
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- Live: World War III Festival  CDr	79min  Live in Montreal '85 + interview
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- Live: Giessen 3.5.85			44min
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- Live: Zürich 1.6.87			40min
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- Live St.Gallen 17.5.85  Bootleg-LP	47min
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- Live: St.Louis 06.12.1987		42min  incl. a lot of Pandemonium tx never heard live else
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- Live: Denver 3.6.86			63min
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- Live: Detroit 5.6.86			42min
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- Live: San Antonio 20.6.86		42min
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- Live: San Francisco 11.6.86		53min
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- Live: Toronto 4.7.86			45min
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- Live: Nottingham 27.10.87		68min  complete show, but not from SB
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- Live: Nottingham 27.10.87		50min  Soundboardrecording, also with the two unrel. tx "Jihad" and "Barrel Fear". It is by far the best live-recording from Celtic Frost ever. Thank you Zane.
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- Live: London, Hammersmith 31.10.87	45min  incomplete
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- Live: Saint Louis 6.12.87		42min
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- Live: London 31.10.87			74min
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- Live: Birmingham 25.10.87		72min  with two unrel. tx !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- Monotheist  CD			73min
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- Monotheist  2-LP			70min  ok stuff, not great but ok
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- Morbid Tales/Emperor's... Rerelease	47min  original versions of the Emperor tx !!!!!
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- Parched With Thirst... Promo LP	51min
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- Quebec 1.7.86				42min
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- Rarities				32min  Boot-LP from Brasil
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- Reh. 17.8.1985			 8min
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- Reh. 7/84 to 9/84			43min
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- Reh. 17.8.85				 9min
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- Reh. 17.6.87				 8min
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- Reh. tck Journey Into Fear '84	 5min  different version as on the Parched-CD
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- Reign Of Steel			60min  Live Weinheim 1.6.85 + Reh.'84
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- Return Of The Evil Tales		80min  Rehearsals and Live
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- Soundcheck: St.Gallen 17.05.85	86min
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- The Best Of Celtic Frost: Are You...	73min  Sampler from 2003
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- The Collector's  Bootleg-7"		 7min  In The Chapel... and The Inevitable Factor
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- To Mega Therion  Rerelease		45min  incl. Tragic Serenades EP
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- Vanity/Nemesis   Rerelease		54min
Celtic Frost (SWI)	- Wine In My Hand Promo MLP		 7min
Celtic Frost (SWI) 	- Live: New Haven 29.6.86		45min
Celtic Frost (SWI)  	- Radio Int. with Reed '85      	20min
Celtic Frost (SWI)   	- Rehearsals '84                	50min
Celtic Frost (SWI)   	- Radio Int. with Tom '84       	14min
Celtic Frost (SWI)   	- Rare and Unrel. Rehearsals  Boot-7"   10min  fuckin' Bootleg, at least ltd. 500
Celtic Frost (SWI)      - Live: Zürich 01.06.1987               40min  incl. a lot of Pandemonium tx never heard live else
Celtic Frost (SWI)      - Live: Cardiff 28.10.87                70min
Celtic Frost (SWI)      - Live: Weinheim 1.6.85                 53min  different recording version, more raw but complete
Celtic Frost (SWI)      - Live: Zürich 27.12.85                 59min
Celtic Frost / Bathory (SWI/SWE) - Live Weinheim 6-85/Demos     67min  Live + Hellhammer Reh. + Bathory stuff
Celtic Frost / Coroner (SWI/SWI) - Split 7"			13min
Celtic Frost / Hellhammer (SWI/SWI) - Split CD			73min  Noise-US Re-Release 1999, Morbid...+Apocalyptic...
Celtic Frost / Tankard (SWI/GER) - Split Flexy 7"		 7min  came with Kerrang '88
Cemetarium (SWE)	- ...Like A Bulldozer On Angel Dust '91 20min
Cemetarium (SWE)	- Faith And Fear			40min  from '88, unknown crust/punk gods
Cemetarium (SWE)	- She Went To The Butcher '91		20min
Cemetary (SWE)		- Incarnation Of Morbidity '91		10min
Cemetary (SWE)		- Where the Rivers.../The Funeral '92	11min
Cemetary (SWE)        	- An Evil Shade Of Grey         	40min
Cemetery (GER)		- Adv. Unrel CD '93 Enter The Gate	55min  very UK-styled Death Metal, should've been out on WVR
Cemetery Urn (AUS)	- The Conquered Are Burned		37min
Cemetery Urn (AUS)	- Urn Of Blood				32min
Cenotaph (ITA)		- Demonolatreia '92			16min
Cenotaph (ITA)		- Heart And Knife  MCD			13min  pre-Necrosphere
Cenotaph (ITA)		- Thirteen Threnodies			38min
Cenotaph (ITA)  	- Demo '94                      	15min
Cenotaph (MEX)		- 9 Epic Tales And Death Rites		49min  Mexico goes Gothenburg
Cenotaph (MEX)		- Riding Our Black Oceans 2-CD		74min  bonus live CD included
Cenotaph (MEX)		- Riding Our Black Oceans		50min  their last CD from '99, RIP
Cenotaph (MEX)		- Rise Of Excruciation			34min  demos + live
Cenotaph (MEX)		- Saga Belica				39min  produced by Harris Johns
Cenotaph (MEX)		- Tenebrous Apparitions  7"		10min
Cenotaph (MEX)		- The Gloomy Reflection... Re-Release	55min
Cenotaph (MEX)		- The Gloomy Reflection Of Our...	55min  Nihilist-like Death Metal from Mexico
Centinex (SWE)		- Apocalyptic Armageddon 7"		12min  new Death Metal stuff, a real drummer now
Centinex (SWE)		- Bloodhunt  10"			27min  Death cover "Mutilation" as bonus
Centinex (SWE)		- Bloodhunt MCD				22min  their best stuff till this date !!
Centinex (SWE)		- Deathlike Recollections  7"		10min  brutal old stuff, great
Centinex (SWE)		- Decadence - Prophecies Of Cosmic...	37min
Centinex (SWE)		- Diabolical Desolation			48min
Centinex (SWE)		- End Of Life '91			18min
Centinex (SWE)		- Hellbrigade				39min  now with a real drummer
Centinex (SWE)		- Live Devastation  7"			 9min
Centinex (SWE)		- Malleus Maleficarum			36min
Centinex (SWE)		- Malleus... Re-Release CD		52min
Centinex (SWE)		- Reborn Through Darkness		41min  killer Swedish Death Metal, awsome !!
Centinex (SWE)		- Shadowlands  7"			11min  Bonustx of 'Reborn Th...'-JapanCD
Centinex (SWE)		- Stupid Humanity '91			15min
Centinex (SWE)		- World Declension			39min
Centinex (SWE)       	- CD-Comp. tck '96              	 6min
Centinex (SWE)       	- Subsconcious Lobotomy         	35min
Centinex (SWE)       	- Transcend The Dark Chaos'94   	19min
Centinex (SWE)       	- Reflections                   	46min  UNBELIEVABLE Swedish DM !!!!
Centinex (SWE)          - Under The Blackened...Promo'93        15min
Centurian (NL)		- Chronzonic Chaos Gods			44min
Centurian (NL)		- Liber Zar Zax				46min  total killer Death Metal. Unbelievable...
Centurian (NL)		- Of Purest Fire  MCD			27min
Centurian (NL) 		- Of Purest Fire '97			27min  ex-Inquisitor, Morbid Angel/Deicide-like
Centurions Ghost (UK)	- A Sign Of Things To Come		35min  heavy stuff... if Necrophagia continued with Holocausto...
Cerberus (SWE)		- Cursed Flesh '92			17min
Cerebal Fix (UK)	- Bastards				40min  I still search their Demo '88 !!!!!!
Cerebal Fix (UK)	- Death Erotica				58min
Cerebal Fix (UK)	- Life Sucks And Then You Die		36min
Cerebrum (FIN)		- Grief  Promo '94			23min
Cerebrum (POL)		- Victims '92				24min
Cerebrum (SCOT)		- Demo '94				24min
Cerecloth (UK)		- Encrusted In An Oaken Legend  7"	10min
Cerekloth (DK)		- Halo Of Syringes  7"			13min
Cerekloth (DK)		- Pandemonium Prayers 7"		17min
Ceremonial Embrace (FIN)- Oblivion				37min
Ceremonial Execution (SWE) - Death Shall Set Us Free		61min
Ceremonial Execution (SWE) - Black God Rising  7"		13min
Ceremonial Oath (SWE)	- Demo '91				18min
Ceremonium (US)		- Demo '93				16min
Ceremonium (US)		- Into The Autumn Shade			35min
Ceremonium (US)		- Nightfall In Heaven  7"		12min
Ceremonium (US)		- No Longer Silent			33min
Ceremony (NL)		- Tyranny From Above			36min  ex-Sinister member
Ceremony (US)		- The Days Before The Death MCD		14min  w.Pat O'Brien and Steve Tucker from '91
Cernunnos Woods (US)	- Awaken - The Empire Of Dark...	43min  ambient shit
Ceti (POL)		- Extasy '93 Live			53min  w.Turbo members
Ceti (POL)		- Prolog  MCD				21min
Chain Collector (NOR)	- The Masquerade			48min
Chainsaw (CHI)		- ...Satan I Obey '01			12min
Chainsaw (CHI)		- The Annoucement			28min
Chainsaw (NL)		- Chainsaw Is The Law 7"		11min
Chainsaw (NL)           - Smell The Saw                         53min  bit Infernö-orientated, but less copying
Chainsaw (POL)		- The Journey Into The Heart Of...      56min
Chakal (BRA)		- Abominable Anno Domini		40min
Chakal (BRA)		- Darkland/Abominable Anno... 2-CD	88min  first LP + 7" remastered as bonus
Chakal (BRA)		- Deadland				38min
Chakal (BRA)		- Death Is A Lonely Business		31min
Chakal (BRA)		- Demonking				44min  great DeathThrash
Chakal (BRA)		- The Man Is His Own Chakal 		37min
Chamber Of Dismay (FIN) - Dark Clouds '93			14min
Channel Zero (BEL)	- s/t					53min
Chaos And Technocracy (ITA) - Abstract...And More  MCD		20min
Chaos Breed (FIN)	- Brutal				43min
Chaos Breed (FIN)	- Unleashed Carnage  MCD		19min  like Autopsy mixed with old Swedish Death
Chaos Breed / Rytmihairio (FIN/FIN) - Split 7"			15min  Chaos Breed very very Autopsy-like
Chaos Feeds Life (SWE)	- Strike Upon You  MCD			17min
Chaos Horde (US)	- Demo '86  LP				27min
Chaos Invocation (GER)	- In Bloodline With The Snake		51min
Chaos Omen (SWE)	- Let Clarity Succumb  MCD		24min
Chaos Omen (SWE)	- Life Be Gone  7"			 8min
Chaotic Symmetry (GRE)  - greek letters MCD			23min
Chapel Of Disease (GER)	- ...And We Have Seen The Storm		48min
Chapel Of Rest (UK)	- Memorium Grief '92			11min  brutal DeathDoom, like oldest My Dying Bride
Charon (FIN)		- Dies Irae '94				17min
Charon (GER)		- ...And forever Flows the Styx '99	27min
Charon (GER)		- Banished  7"				12min  cool BlackThrash
Charon (GER)		- Demo '98				28min
Charon (GER)		- Sulphur Seraph			39min
Chastisement (SWE)	- Alleviation Of Pain			36min  good new Swedish Death Metal band
Checer Patrol (GER/NOR) - Demo '86                      	13min  w. Mayhem(NOR) + Assassin(GER) members
Chemical Disaster (BRA)	- Scraps Of A Being			36min
Chemical Disaster (BRA)	- Resurrection				31min  good Death-Thrash
Chemikiller (US)	- Ancient Demons '04			60min  old-school Death-Thrash
Chemikiller (US)	- Hellrockin' Demos 2001-2002  CDr	32min
Chemikiller (US)	- Hellrockin' Demos II  CDr		73min
Chemikiller (US)        - Evilspeak                             59min
Chemikiller / Black Torment (US/US) - Split CDr			32min
Children Of Bodom (FIN)	- Something Wild			37min
Chirurgia (CZE)		- Deep Silence				36min
Chirurgia (CZE)		- The Last Door				43min  strange Death Metal
Chiva (SWI)		- Oracle Morte				30min
Choronzon (US)		- Magog Agog				62min
Choronzon / Ostracised (NL/NL) - Split Demo '93			45min
Chorus Of Ruin (UK)	- Oceans Of Sin  7"			 9min
Christ Agony (POL)	- Condemnation				56min
Christ Agony (POL)	- Elysium				40min
Christ Agony (POL)	- Epitaph Of Christ '92			23min
Christ Agony (POL)	- Faithless '95				45min
Christ Agony (POL)	- Live - Apocalypse			52min
Christ Agony (POL)	- Triology				53min
Christ Agony (POL)	- Unholyunion				53min  their Tape-LP released on CD in '95
Christ Agony (POL)	- Unholyunion / Daemoonseth Act II	99min
Christ Agony (POL) 	- Darkside				40min
Christ Agony (POL)   	- Moonlight '96                 	53min
Christ Agony (POL)      - Moonlight - Act III                   53min
Christ Denied (SPA)	- Got What He Deserved			46min
Christ Inversion (US)	- Adv.CD '01 13th Century Luciferian... 50min  still unreleased album, NFT
Christ Inversion (US)	- s/t					32min
Christ's Flesh (POL) 	- Accipite Et Manducate Ex Eo Omnes '95 35min
Chronic Decay (SWE)	- Ecstacy In Pain 7"			12min
Chronic Decay (SWE)	- Justify Your Existence		37min  killer unreleased Merciless-like Thrash LP from '94
Chronic Decay (US)      - Haunted Hands '93                     17min
Chronic Torment (SWE)	- Demons Of Chaos			30min  great great Swedish Death, with horror-keyboards
Chronic Torment (SWE)	- Wind Of Infections			26min
Chronic Torment (SWE)	- Dream Of The Dead 			57min  incl. the Sacretomia demo as bonus
Chronic Torment (SWE)   - Doomed                                35min  Swedish Döds Metal
Chruch Bizarre (DK)	- Demo '04				13min  good BlackDeath
Chton (NOR)		- Chtonian Lifecode			43min  great Norwegian Death Metal
Chtonic (TAIWAN)	- 9th Empyrean				39min
Chtonic (TAIWAN)	- Where The Anchestors' Souls Gathered 	43min
Church Bizarre (DK)	- Enigma Of Hades  7"			17min
Church Bizarre (DK)	- Evoked Or Not - Evil Will Come  7"	14min
Church Bizarre (DK)	- Six Luceat Lux  2-CD		       122min
Church Bizarre (DK)	- Sinister Glorification		44min
Church Bizarre (DK)	- The Liberating Darkness 7"		15min
Cianide (US)		- Dead And Rotting			43min
Cianide (US)		- Divide and Conquer			37min
Cianide (US)		- Gods Of Death				41min
Cianide (US)		- Hell's Rebirth			36min  they get faster and faster
Cianide (US)		- Promo CD '98				 9min
Cianide (US)		- Rage War MCD + 4 Livetx		40min  Demo '96 on CD, ltd. 250
Cianide (US)		- The Dying Truth			42min
Cianide (US)		- The Truth 7"				 8min  w. excellent Master-cover
Cianide (US)        	- Death, Doom And Destruction   	31min  ltd 1000, like insane Nihilist/Hellhammer
Cianide (US)        	- Rage War '96                  	22min  (GGEEIIILLLLL)
Cianide (US)        	- The Dying Truth               	42min
Cianide (US)            - Ashes To Dust  2-CD                  120min
Cianide / Coffins (US/JPN) - Split 7"				12min
Cianide / Machetazo (US/SPA) - Split 7"				10min
Circle Of Ouroborus (FIN) - The Knives Beneath  7"		11min
Cirith Ungol(US)	- Live 7"			       	 9min
Cirrhosis (BRA)		- Alcoholic Death Noise			47min  ultra killer Death Metal, like old Imperator
Cirrhosis (BRA)		- Drinks From Hell			36min
Clandestine (POL)	- Demo '94				25min
Clandestine (POL)	- Samotny Jednorozec '96		14min  incredibly great Death Metal
Clandestine (POL)	- Umarle Konie '96			28min  fantastic Polish Death Metal, old Hell-born
Clandestine Blaze (FIN)	- Church Of Atrocity  LP+7"		55min
Clandestine Blaze (FIN)	- Fist Of The Northern Destroyer	43min
Clandestine Blaze (FIN)	- Below The Surface Of Cold Earth '02 	19min
Clandestine Blaze (FIN)	- On The Mission  7"			13min
Clandestine Blaze (FIN)	- Night Of The Unholy Flames		45min
Clandestine Blaze (FIN)	- Fire Burns In Our Heart		38min
Clandestine Blaze (FIN)	- Deliverers Of Faith			46min  "Fist Of..." was beter, but still this is ok
Clandestine Blaze (FIN)	- Falling Monuments			43min
Clandestine Blaze / Deathspell Omega (FIN/FRA) - Split CD	44min
Clandestine Blaze / Satanic Warmaster (FIN/FIN) - Split CD      45min
Claws (FIN)		- Absorbed In The Nethervoid		31min
Claws (FIN)		- The Funeral Barge  7"			 8min
Claymords (NOR)		- ...More Sombre Than Life  MCD		16min
Clockwork (SWI)		- Demo Re-Release 2-10"			47min
Closer (SWE)		- Darkness In Me  MCD			12min
Coarse (FIN)		- Demo '93				17min  Death Metal, Gandalf/Nomicon/Soulgrind members
Coarse (FIN)		- Downwards '97				12min
Cobalt (US)		- Eater Of Birds			71min
Cobalt (US)		- Hammerfight  MCD			22min
Cobalt (US)		- Landfill Breastmilk Beast  MCD	45min
Cobalt (US)		- War Metal				40min
Cobolt 60 (NOR)		- Meat Hook Ballet			36min  like Carpathian Forest with less Black
Code (NOR)		- Resplendent Grotesque			36min
Code (UK/NOR)		- Nouveau Gloaming			51min  very Ved Buens Ende like
Coercion (SWE)		- Delete				42min
Coercion (SWE)		- Forever Dead				65min  pure Nihilist-like Swedish Death
Coercion (SWE)		- Headway '93				15min
Coercion (SWE)		- Human Failure '94			15min
Coercion (SWE)		- Lifework MCD				17min  killer Swedish DeathcrustMetal
Coffin Texts (US)	- Gods Of Creation Death And...		38min  Nile meets Slayer meets bad production
Coffins (JPN)		- Buried Death				39min
Coffins (JPN)		- Mortuary In Darkness			50min  Winter meets Divine Eve meets Hellhammer
Coffins (JPN)		- Sacrifice To Evil Spirit		37min  Demo on CD plus live tx
Coffins (JPN)		- The Other Side Of Blasphemy		42min
Coffins (JPN)		- Warhead  7"				12min
Coffins / Disgrace (JPN/FIN) - Split 5"				 6min
Coffins / Lobotomized (JPN/NOR) - Split 7"			11min
Coffins / Lobotomized (JPN/NOR) - Split 7"			10min
Coffins / Mala Suerte (JPN/US) - Split 10"			17min
Coffins / Otesanek (JPN(US) - Split LP				41min
Coffins / Skullhog (JPN/NL) - Split 7"				13min  cool Nihilist cover by Coffins
Coffins / Spun In Darkness (JPN/US) - Split 7"			12min
Coffins / T.A.A.S.O.A.B. (JPN/US) - Split CD			41min
Coffins / XXX Maniak (JPN/US) - Split CD			31min
Cohort (AUS)		- Drawn And Quartered			47min  underground Death Metal
Cohort (NOR)		- Reflections Of Madness  CDr		66min
Coitus Diaboli (FRA)	- Goat Kult 7"				 9min
Cold Steel (US)		- Bracing The Fall  MCD			17min
Coldblood (BRA)		- Under The Blade I Die			38min
Coldsteel (US)		- Freakboy				47min
Coldworker (SWE)	- Rotting Paradise			39min
Coldworker (SWE)	- The Contaminated Void			39min
Coldworker / Deathbound (SWE/FIN) - Split 7"			11min
Colemesis (C.RICA)	- Viviseccion '92			19min
Coma (SWE)		- s/t MLP				20min
Comandatory (SWE)	- s/t					58min
Comando Nuclear (BRA)	- Batalhao Infernal			32min  Satanic Speed Metal
Comatose (US)		- Adv. EP tx '94			 7min
Comecon	(SWE)		- Converging Conspiracies		45min  w. Martin van Drunen on vocals
Comecon (SWE)		- Fable Frolic				56min
Comecon (SWE)        	- Megatrends In Brutality       	41min
Communion (CHI)		- Demo #1 '08				 8min
Communion (CHI)		- s/t   MCD				23min
Complicity (SWE)	- Demo '92				11min
Compos Mentis (DK)	- Fragments Of A Withered Dream		38min
Concrete Sleep (SWE)	- As I Fly Away '92			14min
Condemnation (GRE)	- Entering The Gates Of Doom MLP	23min
Condemnation (POL)	- Abyssies Of Anguish			40min
Condemnation (POL)	- The Fall Of Lucipher '94		15min
Condemnation (POL)	- The Fall Of Lucipher '89		22min  different first version with different sound
Condemned (US)		- Humanoid Or Bimechanoid?		32min
Condenados (CHI)	- La Gran Muerte  7"			16min
Condor (NOR)		- Unstoppable Power			37min
Confessor (US)		- Blueprint Soul  Demo MCDr '04		18min
Confessor (US)		- Condemned  MLP			15min  Gods Of Grind Tour MLP
Confessor (US)		- Condmned				41min
Confessor (US)		- Sour Times  MCD			20min
Confessor (US)		- Unraveled				47min
Confusion (COL)		- Demos'lition				42min  old DeathGrind
Confusion (COL)		- Hopeless  7"				12min  old Colombian Death/Grind
Congestion (FIN)	- Bed Of The Ancient River '93		13min
Congestion (FIN)	- Promo '94				22min
Conjuration (FIN)	- Demo MCDr '04				15min  w.Incriminated members
Conjuration (FIN)	- Funeral For The Living  MCD		19min
Conjuration (US)	- s/t  7"				 9min  like a thrshy version of Death
Conjuration (US)        - Reality Of Life 22.4.90		20min  w. Paul Perry (mem. of the reformed Possessed)
Conjuration / Full Moon Lycanthropy (FIN/DK) - Split 7"         10min
Conqueror (CAN)		- Hammer Of Antichrist			68min
Conqueror (CAN)		- War Cult Supremacy			46min  BlackGrind
Conscious Rot (LIT)	- Congenital Passivity '93		38min
Consolation (NL)	- Stahlplaat				43min
Consolation (NL)	- The Truth  7"				 9min  great Death-Grind
Consolation (NL)    	- Brave Melvin From The...      	37min  Dutch death/grind
Consolation / Nembrionic Hammerdeath (NL/NL) - Split CD		64min  Beautyfilth and Tempter
Conspiracy (NL)		- Reincarnated				42min
Conspiracy Of Silence (BEL) - Faceless  MCD			20min
Conspirator (GER)	- Cannibal Of War			40min  ex-Witchburner member, old Thrash
Conspirator (GER)	- Exorcism				42min
Conspirator (GER)	- Second Conspiracy			43min
Construcdead (SWE)	- Repent				42min  ex-Terror 2000
Construcdead (SWE)	- The New Constitution '99 MCDr		11min
Construcdead (SWE)	- The Grand Machinery			40min
Construcdead (SWE)	- Violadead				52min
Construcdead (SWE)	- Wounded  MCD				17min
Contagium (CAN)		- Archaic MLP				24min
Contagium (CAN)		- s/t  7"				11min
Contamino (NOR)		- Mother Nature Gased '02		15min
Contempt (SVK)          - When Angels Begin To Cry              44min  fantastic Death Metal kommando !!!
Contempt (SVK)          - The Secret Around Us                  34min
Contra (SWE)		- Contradiction '90			17min
Contrivisti (US)	- s/t					30min
Control Denied (US)	- A Moment Of Clarity '97		11min
Control Denied (US)	- The Fragile Art Of Existence		51min
Contumacy (US)		- Fall Of The Structure  7"		12min
Convent (POL)		- Abandon Your Lord			36min
Convent (POL)		- Blessed Among The... Demo MCDr '02	 9min
Convent (POL)		- Displeasure '92			21min
Convent (POL)		- The Truth Revealed			34min
Convent (POL)		- Veritatis Splendor '98		22min
Conviction (SWE)	- Decline / Rebirth			47min  good Power/Thrash
Convulse (FIN)		- Reuscitation Of Evilness III 11/90	16min
Coprofago (CHI)		- Genesis				36min  progressive Death
Coprofago (CHI)		- Unorthodox Creative...Re-Release CD 	50min  re-mixed and with three bonus tx
Coprofago (CHI)		- Unorthodox Creative Criteria 		41min  first version
Coprophagist (GER)	- Demo I '90?				16min
Core (BRA)		- Through Chaos And Disharmony		34min
Coroner (SWI)		- Die By My Hand  Promo 12"		10min
Coroner (SWI)		- I Want You (She's So Heavy)  7"	11min
Coroner (SWI)           - The Unknown Unrel. Tracks '85-'95     90min  only sold at their Funeral-tour in '95 !!!!!!!!!!
Coroner (SWI)		- Autopsy				42min
Corporal Punishment (FIN) - Profaned Relics			41min
Corporal Punishment (FIN) - Walls - The Doom  7"		11min  Death from 1991
Corporal Punishment (FIN) - Into The Nerve Of Pain		54min
Corporal Punishment (FIN) - Stonefield Of A Lifetime		51min  more Doom than Death, on Black Mark
Corporation 187 (SWE)	- Subliminal Fear			33min  The Haunted meets even more Slayer
Corporation 187 (SWE)	- Newcomers Of Sin			44min
Corporation 187 (SWE)	- Perfection In Pain			36min
Corporation 187 (SWE)	- Promo '98				10min
Corpse (BRA)		- I Live You Die			34min
Corpse (RUS)		- Rememberance Of Cold... 7"		13min
Corpse Candle (SWE)	- Sense Of Nature '92			12min
Corpse Grinder (BRA)	- Celebration Of Hate			39min
Corpse Grinder (BRA)	- Hail To Death Metal Legion		41min
Corpse Grinder (BRA)	- Live Tape '99				31min
Corpse Grinder (BRA)	- Necrorealism '98			26min
Corpse Grinder (BRA)	- Persistence				34min
Corpse Grinder / Cancerbero / Hellfire (CHI/CHI/CHI) - Split CD 79min  old Chilean demos from early 90es
Corpse Molestation (AUS)- Dungeon Rehearsals '03		39min  Reh. from '91 and '93
Corpse Molestation (AUS)- Holocaust Wolves Of The Apocalypse 	67min
Corpse Vomit (DK)	- Drowning In Puke			39min
Corpsessed (FIN)	- The Chalice MCD			24min
Corpsevomit (US)	- Bastards Of Foreverfilth MCD		17min
Corpsevomit (US)	- Raping The Ears Of Those Above	46min
Corpus Christi (POR)	- Anno Domini '99			17min  pre-Corpus Christiiiii
Corpus Christii (POR)	- Rising				57min
Corpus Christii (POR)	- Master  Of...  7"			10min
Corpus Christii (POR)	- Lost Chapters  10"			23min
Corpus Christii (POR)	- The Fire God  			44min
Corpus Christii (POR)	- In League With Black Metal		41min
Corpus Christii (POR)	- Carving A Pyramid Of Thoughts MCD 	23min
Corpus Christii (POR)	- Tormented Belief			44min  their best work to date, killer Black Metal
Corpus Christii (POR)	- Saeculum Domini			42min
Corpus Christii (POR)	- The Torment Continues			43min
Corpus Christii / Thesyre (POR/CAN) - Split CD			42min  incl. covers of Mayhem/Akitsa
Corpus Mortale (DK)	- A New Species Of Deviant		41min
Corpus Mortale (DK)	- Integration  MCD			21min  great Death Metal
Corpus Mortale (DK)	- Seize The Moment Of Murder  7"	13min
Corpus Mortale (DK)	- Sombre and Vile  Promo CD '02		13min
Corpus Mortale (DK)	- Succumb to Superior MCD		18min
Corpus Mortale (DK)	- With Lewd Demeanor			39min  good Death Metal
Corpus Rottus (US)	- Rituals Of Silence 			29min  first Damnation Rec. release
Corpus Rottus (US)	- s/t  7"				 8min
Corrosion (PARA)        - Report To Exploitation                46min
Corrupt (SWE)		- Born Of Greed '04			17min
Corrupt (SWE)		- Conflict In Pain '90			14min  great Thrash
Corrupt (SWE)		- Silence Equals Death  7"		14min  Thrash ala first Merciless LP
Corrupted / Scarver's Calling (JPN/US) - Split 7"		11min
Corruption (POL)	- Bacchus Songs '96			54min
Corruption (POL)	- Dawn Of Sullen Oratory  Promo '93	35min
Corruption (POL)	- Ecstasy '95				59min
Corruption (POL)	- The Ultra-Florescene '92		41min  great DeathDoom, before they went Stoner
Corruption (SWE)	- Human Life Ignored '89		17min
Cortege (POL)		- V-666  Demo CDr '04			33min  very good Death Metal
Cortisol (CAN)		- Meat					47min
Cosmic Atrophy (US)	- Codex Incurbo				34min
Cosmic Death (SWE)	- Crimson Nightmare '97			14min
Count De Nocte (FIN)	- Nos Omnes Una Manet '96		25min
Count De Nocte (FIN)	- Sorores Nocte Genitae '98		30min
Count De Nocte (FIN)	- Sorores Noce Genitae  MCD		30min
Count Raven (SWE)	- Storm Warning				45min
Count Raven / Griftegard (SWE/SWE) - Split 7"			14min
Counterblast (SWE)	- Faceless  10"				22min
Counterblast (SWE)	- Impassivity  2-LP			78min
Counterblast (SWE)	- Nothingness  2-LP			55min
Counterblast (US)	- Balance Of Pain			48min
Countess (NL)		- Blazing Flames Of War			61min
Countess (NL)		- Burning Scripture			72min
Countess (NL)		- Heilig Vuur				68min
Countess (NL)		- Hell's Rock'n Roll			16min
Countess (NL)		- Holocaust Of The God Believers	73min  w.Alastis cover
Countess (NL)		- Spawn Of Steel			70min
Countess (NL)		- The Book Of Heretic			70min
Countess (NL)		- The Return Of The Horned One		43min
Countess (NL)		- The Revenge Of The Horned One Pt.1 	68min
Countess (NL)		- The Shining Swords Of Hate		69min
Countess (NL)           - The Revenge Of The Horned One Pt.2    68min
Countess / Megiddo (NL/CAN) - Split 7"                           7min
Coven (US)              - Boneless Christian                    31min  '93-reformation
Coven (US)              - Death Walks Behind You                37min  their LP from '89
Covenant (NOR)		- Nexus Polaris				43min
Covenant (NOR)       	- In Times Before The Light     	51min
Craaft (SWE)		- Terror Propaganda			39min  old-school Black
Crab Phobia (SWE)	- Vol.1 '89				14min  pre-Traumatic, pure Thrash
Cradle Of Filth (UK)	- Cruelty And...  Celtic Cross Edition	77min  with some coverversions
Cradle Of Filth (UK)	- Dusk And Her Embrace          	57min
Cradle Of Filth (UK)	- Midian				59min
Cradle Of Filth (UK)	- Sodomizing The Virgin Vamps           66min  Boot-CD with Live '94 + Total...Demo '92
Cradle Of Filth (UK)	- The Beginning Of Filth  CDr		68min  3 demos on a crappy Bootleg-CDr
Cradle Of Filth (UK)	- Vempire/Dark Fairytales...    	40min
Cradle Of Filth (UK) 	- Live Berlin 11.6.95           	60min  professional bootleg
Craft (SWE)		- Fuck The Universe			52min
Craft (SWE)		- Total Eclipse '99			23min
Craft (SWE)		- Total Soul Rape  Re-Release LP	40min
Craft (SWE)		- Void					48min
Craft (SWE)		- White Noise And Black Metal		43min
Cranial Torment (GRE)	- Death Is Rising '99			14min
Cranial Torment (GRE)	- Decaying In The Mud '98		10min
Cranium	(SWE)		- Speed Metal Satan MCD			20min  old-style, ala Razor/Kreator
Cranium	(SWE)		- Speed Metal Slaughter			33min  again Speed/Thrash goodies
Cranium (SWE)		- Speed Metal Sentence			40min
Creation Of Death (POL)	- Purify Your Soul			42min
Creeping (NZL)		- Funeral Crawl				45min  great dirty Black n'Roll
Cremains (CAN)       	- Back From The Dead '87        	20min
Cremate (GRE)		- Enchanting Black Process  7"		10min  good Thrash
Cremation (CAN) 	- Black Death Cult			30min
Cremation (GER)		- Hate Contamination			31min
Cremation (NL)		- Retaliation				32min  similar to Eternal Solstice
Cremator (AUS)		- Home Style Surgery MLP		23min  Thrash, a bit like slow Assassin
Crematory (SWE)		- The Exordium I '90			20min  some of the best Swedish Death Metal ever
Crematory (SWE)		- Unknown Netherworlds Of A...  CDr     70min  Masterkult bootleg
Crest Of Darkenss (NOR) - Project Regeneration			38min
Crest Of Darkness (NOR)	- Sinister Scenario			48min  Conception-guy goes Black Metal
Crest Of Darkness (NOR)	- Quench My Thirst			25min
Crest Of Darkness (NOR) - The Ogress				52min
Crest Of Darkness (NOR) - Evil Knows Evil			45min
Crestfallen (GER)	- Secrets Of Time MCD			21min
Cretin (US)		- Cretanic Grind Ambush  7"		 6min
Cretin (US)             - Freakery                              30min  pure Repulsion tribute band
Criminal (CHI)		- Cancer				32min  more old Slayer than new Sepultura, killer
Criminal (CHI)		- Cancer				29min  chilenean edition with 9tx and no videos
Criminal (CHI)		- Dead Soul				41min  like old Sepultura, ex-Pentagram
Criminal (CHI)		- Live Disorder MCD			20min
Criminal (CHI)		- No Gods No Masters			40min  awesome Death-thrash machine
Criminal (CHI)		- Victimized				35min
Criminal (CHI)          - Forked '92                            15min
Criminal (CHI)          - Demo '92                               8min  ex-Pentagram
Crimson Massacre (US)	- The Luster Of Pandemonium		53min
Crimson Midwinter (FIN)	- Promo Demo '97			15min
Crimson Midwinter (FIN)	- Us Mere Immortals '96       		20min
Crimson Midwinter (FIN)	- Just Another Cold Wasteland '95	24min
Crimson Midwinter (FIN)	- Random Choas				43min  similar to Children Of Bodom
Crimson Steel (GER)	- Crimson Slaughter  7"			10min  Sacred Steel member
Crionic (CZE)		- Different				47min
Crionics (POL)		- Armageddon's Evolution		66min
Crionics (POL)		- Human Error - Ways To...		45min
Cripple (SWE)		- Green Pillow				37min
Cripple (SWE)		- No More Living '90			18min
Criterion (NOR)		- The Dominant				35min  very good Death Metal
Crodor (POL)		- Epitomizin' '93			28min
Cromlech (SWE)		- Deleterious Eschatalogical '93	14min  fantastic old Hetsheds-like Death Metal
Cromlech (SWE)      	- Eschatological Horrors		61min
Cromlech (SWE)		- The Vulture Tones  MCD		22min  ex-Eucharist and ex-Ablaze My Sorrow
Cromok (MALA)		- Deafening Silence			53min
Cromok (MALA)		- Forever In Time			41min
Cromok (MALA)		- Mean, Meaner, Meanest			63min
Cronos (UK)         	- Venom                         	65min
Crowhead (NOR)		- Loveletter  Demo MCDr '00		14min  Ragnarok member
Crowley (SWE)           - The Gate '91                          17min  pre-Opeth
Crown Of Thorns	(SWE) 	- Eternal Death                 	54min  Swedish DeathThrash Kings
Crown Of Thorns (SWE)	- Forget The Light '94			19min
Crown Of Thorns (SWE)	- The Burning                   	43min
Crown Of Worms (PER)	- Shadows Of Past Wars 2002-2008	74min
Crownear (RUS)		- Full Moon Fever			41min  Anthrax-influenced Fun-Thrash. Crap.
Crowned In Semen (US)	- Demo  MCDr '04			 6min  ex-Profanatica guy, killer sound
Cruciamentum (UK)	- Convocation Of Crawling Chaos  10" 	19min  demo on 10"
Cruciamentum (UK)	- Engulfed In Desolation  MLP		25min
Cruciamentum / Vasaeleth (UK/US) - Split 7"			13min
Crucifer (SWE)		- Demo III '98				24min
Crucifer (US)		- Beyond The Realms '91			18min
Crucifer (US)		- Festival Of Death '91			35min  demo version
Crucifer (US)		- Festival Of Death			40min
Crucifer (US)		- Pictures Of Heaven			50min
Crucifer (US)		- Pray For The Dead 7"			11min
Crucifer (US)		- Separation				31min
Crucifer (US)		- The World Dies 1989-1999		65min  great farewell record
Crucifiction (SWI)	- s/t  7"				10min  BlackDoom
Crucified Mortals (POL/US) - Kill Upon Command  7"               9min
Crucified Mortals (POL/US) - Converted By Decapitation  MCD     26min  w.Novy and Vader member, more Deaththrash
Crucified Mortals (POL/US) - s/t				37min
Crucified Mortals (POL/US) - Rehearsal Hell '06                 31min
Crucified Mortals / Faith Xtractor (US/US) - Split MLP		25min
Crucified Mortals / Fastkill (US/JPN) - Split 7"		12min
Crucifier (US)		- Stronger Than Passing Time		49min
Crucifier (US)		- The Ninth Year			66min  undeground US-Death
Crucifier (US)		- Trampled Under Cloven Hooves 10"	21min
Crucifier (US)          - Crucifier '96                         29min  By Disgrace...+Unparal... rel. by Pagan Rec.
Crucifire (AUS)		- Unblessed Unto Hatred '03		11min  ex-Encabulos, godly Death Metal
Crucifire (AUS)		- Unblessed Unto Hatred  7"		13min
Crucifire (AUS)         - Thy Curse Denied  7"                  11min
Crucifix (DK)		- Threnody Of The Crucifix		44min
Crucifix (DK)		- Where Angels Rot  Demo MCDr '05	17min  w.Victimizer and ex-Kill member, cool Death Metal
Crucifixion (US)	- Desert Of Shattered Hopes		35min  killer Death Metal
Crucifixion Wounds (GER)- War Summoning MCD			25min
Crucifixion Wounds / Chaosbaphomet (GER/GRE) - Split 7"		10min
Crucifixionhammer (US)	- Graveyard Lust '09			12min
Cruciform (AUS)		- Atavism				32min  in the Armoured Angel style
Crucifyre (SWE)		- Infernal Earthly Divine		42min
Crude Society System (SWE) - The System You Hate...		40min
Crude Society System (SWE) - 7" '84                             15min  Hellhammer-influenced Hardcore
Crude Society System (SWE) - Crust'll Survive			30min  basically the Lost And Found Rec. CD
Cruel Criminal (ITA)	- The Shadow Of Judgement... MCD	19min  Celtic Frost inspired stuff
Cruel Force (GER)	- Ancient Black Spirit  7"		 9min
Cruel Force (GER)	- Under The Sign Of The Moon		45min  great German Thrash
Cruelty (BRA)		- Marching In Blood  7"			14min  ultra killer Death Metal from 1986
Crustacean (NL)		- Burden Of Our Suffering		33min
Crustacean (NL)		- Greed, Tyranny And Sodomy		44min
Crustacean (NL)		- Headcleaner  MCD			20min
Crustacean (NL)		- Insaniac				36min
Crux (CZE)		- Rev Smrti				31min  some Root members with old BlackThrash
Cry Of Terror (NL)	- Terror Of The Concrete World		35min
Cry Of Terror (NL)	- Unnatural Prospects In A Concrete...	39min
Cry Of Terror (NL)	- s/t  7"				 8min
Cryogenic (AUS)		- Ego Noria				38min
Cryogenic (AUS)		- Suspended Animation			34min
Cryogenic (GER)      	- Ignis Occultus In... '96      	18min
Crypt (AUS)		- El Nino				32min
Crypt (BEL)		- Dreams Of Glory And Agony '93		58min
Crypt (CHI)		- Reh. '85				 7min
Crypt Of Kerberos (SWE) - MCMXCI - MCMXCIII 3-LP	       100min
Crypt Of Kerberos (SWE) - The Macrodex Of War...		80min  compilation of all demos/rehs./EPs
Crypt Of Kerberos (SWE) - Demos + EPs  Re-Release CD		65min
Cryptal Darkness (AUS)	- They Whisperd You Had Risen		46min  incl. the godly violin-sound of My Dying Bride
Cryptal Darkness (AUS)	- Chapter II: The Fallen		45min
Cryptal Darkness (AUS)	- Descend Into Thy Grave  MCD 		26min
Cryptborn (FIN)		- In The Grasp Of The Starving...MCD	27min
Cryptborn (FIN)		- In The Grasp Of The Starving... '11	27min
Cryptic Carnage (GER)	- And Another Kingdom Was...    	39min
Cryptic Slaughter (US)	- Demo '85				14min
Cryptic Tales (POL)	- The Tales				60min  didn't they play Death Metal ? goth now
Cryptic Tales (POL)	- The Sign Of The Southern Cross '91	23min
Cryptic Tales (POL)     - Valley Of The Dolls '94               30min  the sad transformation to average DoomDeath
Cryptic Tales (POL)     - Anathema '92                          41min  old Swedish sounding Death Metal
Cryptic Winds (US) 	- Storms Of The Black Millenium		31min
Cryptic Wintermoon / Lord Astaroth (GER/GER) - Split 7"		16min
Crypticus (US)		- Dedicated To The Impure		29min
Crypticus (US)		- The Rites Of Infestation MCDr	        16min  Internet MP3 release
Crypticus (US)		- They Called Me Mad			37min  pretty good Finnish-styled Death Metal
Cryptopsy (CAN)		- Blasphemy Made Flesh	Re-Release	40min  Displeased Rec.
Cryptopsy (CAN)		- Ungentle Exhumation  7"		15min  demo on 7", their only listenable release
Cryptopsy (CAN)         - Whisper Supremacy                     32min
Crystal Age (SWE)    	- Far Beyond Divine Horizons    	36min
Crystal Darkness (NL)	- Sombre '95				35min  fantastic DeathDoom
Cult Of Catharsis / Opus Forgotten (NOR/NOR) - Split CD		61min  C.o.C.: Helheim and Taake members
Cult Of Daath (US)	- Razor War  7"				10min
Cult Of Daath (US)	- Slit Throats And Ritual Nights	49min
Cult Of Daath (US)	- The Grand Torturers Of Hell		29min  old Darkthrone worshippers
Cult Of Daath (US)	- Under The Cover Of The...		31min  demo recordings on CD I guess
Cultes Des Ghoules (POL)- Odd Spirituality  7"			17min
Cultes Des Ghoules (POL)- Spectres Over Transylvania  MLP	26min
Cultes Des Ghoules (POL)- Häxan					56min
Cultes Des Ghoules / Goat Tyrant (POL/POL) - Split LP		40min
Cultes Des Ghoules / Szron (POL/POL) - Split 7"			16min
Cultes Des Goules (GER) - The House At The Water  CDr 		46min
Cultus Sanguine (ITA)	- Shadow's Blood			42min
Curse (FIN)		- Demons Appear				37min  the demos on CD
Curse (FIN)		- The Black Horde  Cass.EP '95		18min
Curse (ICE)		- Cursed Be Thy Name  MCD		19min
Curse (ICE)		- Dimension Of Scattered... CDr '99	56min
Curse (SWE)		- Ad Futuron...  Re-Release 10"		17min  first Demo '89 on vinyl
Curse (SWE)		- Ad Futuron De Memoriam '89		17min  first demo, already in the Mefisto/Obscurity vein
Curse (SWE)		- Demo '89				19min  oldest/darkest Tiamat/Treblinka meets Mephisto
Curse (SWE)		- Integumenturm De... Re-Release 10" 	19min  second Demo '89 on vinyl
Curse (SWE)		- Maledicam Deos			40min
Curse (SWE)		- MCMXCIII-MCMXCV  			41min  digital, bought on Bandcamp
Cut Throat (JPN)	- Anal Electrocution  7"		10min
Cut Throat (JPN)	- Branded Then Whipped  7"		16min  w.covers of NME, Onslaught, Maze
Cut Throat (JPN)	- Evilive				47min  cool live recordings, ltd.100
Cut Throat (JPN)	- Live: Tokyo 4.5.98			24min  Sigh and Abigail members, lots of covers
Cut Throat (JPN)	- Please Show Me Your Pussy  7"		 7min
Cut Throat (JPN)	- Rape Rape Rape			35min  killer !!!!
Cut Throat (JPN)	- Thrash Metal Crazy Night  7"		10min
Cut Throat (JPN)	- Thrash Metal Slaughter '03		61min
Cyanosis (US)		- Bludgeoned '98			10min
Cyanosis (US)		- Methods				35min
Cyanotic (DK)		- The Chasm Within '92			13min
Cyclone	(BEL)		- Brutal Destruction	        	34min  Belgian Thrash from '86, similar to Exodus
Cyclone (BEL)		- Inferior To None			47min
Cyclone Temple (US)	- Building Errors In The Machine	30min
Cyclone Temple (US)	- I Hate Therefore I Am			54min  ex-Znowhite
Cyclone Temple (US)	- My Friend Lonely			44min
Cynic (US)		- Focus					36min
Cynic (US)		- Traced In Air				36min
Cyst (US)		- Concussion Symphony			33min
D.A.D. (DK)		- Riskin' It All			43min
D.H. (BRA)		- Human Deformation			26min  old Thrash
D.I.V. (RUS)		- Mein Kampf				42min  good thrahs, already crap lyrics
DAI (CZE)		- The Advent				55min  great strange Thrash from 1993 on Monitor Rec.
DBC (CAN)               - Unreleased                            27min  unrel. 3rd album
DBC (CAN)               - Dead Brain Cells                      37min
DBC (CAN)               - Universe                              38min
DDT (POL)		 - Dethroned Death '91			19min
DDT (POL)		- Fineness Of Brutality '92		31min
DH (GER)		- Leipzig  7"				14min  Punk
DIV (RUS)               - Devil's Sabbath  Re-Release CD        39min
DVC (US)		- Descendant Upheaval			44min  cool old US-Thrash
DVC (US)		- Molecular Shadow			44min  debut LP was better
Daemon (?)      	- Ignis Fatuus '96              	25min
Daemon (DK)		- Eye For An Eye			41min
Daemon (DK)             - Adv. CD '97 Seven Deadly...           30min
Daemon (DK)             - The Second Coming                     32min
Daemon (DK)             - Seven Deadly Sins                     30min
Daemonlord (SPA)	- Aarstrand  7"				13min  great Black Metal
Daemonlord (SPA)	- Coil Of Devastation  7"		13min  pure raging Blackthrash
Daemonlord (SPA)	- The End Of The Era  MLP		23min
Dagor (POL)             - Songs Of The Slav Ground '97?         15min
Damaar (LEBANON)	- Through Spears Of Sacrilege  MLP	20min  Blasphemy-influenced stuff
Damage (FIN)		- Demo '93				16min
Damage (FIN)		- The Immortal Death			27min  old Speed Metal
Damage (SWE)		- Black The Sky 6/95			25min
Damage (SWE)		- Tempus Erit  2/95			18min
Damaged (AUS)		- Promo '96				12min
Damien (MALA)		- Jahiliah  MCD				17min  ex-Sil Khannaz, more like Deicide
Damien (SWE)		- Requiem For The Dead  MLP		15min  the Swedish weirdos, MLP from '88
Damien (SWE)            - Chapter I '87                 	24min  unknown Swedish Power-Thrash-Death
Damien (SWE)            - Onslaught Without Mercy '86           29min
Damien Breed (GER)	- Ave Satani				48min
Damien Thorne (US)  	- The Sign Of The Jackal        	33min  ala Exciter
Damnable (POL)		- Inperdition MCD			23min
Damnable / Incarnated (POL/POL) - Split CD			46min
Damnation (CAN)		- Speed Anarchy				59min
Damnation (CAN) 	- Aggressive Repulsive... '87   	22min
Damnation (CAN) 	- Speed Anarchy '86             	17min
Damnation (CAN)         - World Thrashing Federation '89        29min
Damnation (POL)		- Coronation MCD			19min
Damnation (POL)		- Demonstrations Of Evil '03		56min  their old demos re-released on tape
Damnation (POL)		- Everlasting Sickness '93		22min
Damnation (POL)		- Reh. 19.01.93				25min
Damnation (POL)		- Resist				34min  mix of Hell-Born and Morbid Angel
Damnation (POL)		- Resurrection Of Azarath		74min
Damnation (POL) 	- Rebel Souls                   	46min
Damnation (SWE)		- Destructo Evangelia			40min
Damnation (SWE)		- Insulter Of Jesus Christ!  7"		14min  like Nifelheim meets 1984-Bathory
Damnation A.D. (US)	- Kingdom Of Lost Souls			47min  lame Thrash
Damnation Army (SWE)	- The Art Of The Occult			50min
Damnations Pride (SWE)  - Demo '3/89                            18min  Obscurity member
Damnatory (SWE)		- The Madness Never Ends		46min
Damnatory (SWI)		- Demo '91				17min  comparable to some old Finnish bands
Damnatory (SWI)		- Hybridized Deformity  7"		14min
Damned Eternal (SIN)	- Diabolical Requiem  Demo MCDr '09 	17min  great Black Metal
Damonacy (US)		- Therapeutic Morbidity  7"		 9min
Dan Swanö (SWE)         - Moontower                             44min
Danger Drive (POL)	- Darkness Comes...  '92		52min  fantastic Death Metal
Dangerous Force / Solitude (GER/TUR) - Split 7"			10min
Dark (CZE)		- Sex'n Death				44min  nice unknown Death Metal on Monitor
Dark (CZE)		- Under The Bottom			39min
Dark (CZE)		- Zyezn Gamballe And Mental World	47min
Dark Abbey (SWE)        - Blasphemy '90                         14min  mixture of old Entombed and Desultory
Dark Ages (SWE)		- Emperors Curse '96			22min
Dark Angel (US)		- Darkness Descends CD			48min  Rerelease + 3 Live Bonus tx
Dark Angel (US)		- Leave Scars				50min
Dark Angel (US)		- Live Scars LP				27min
Dark Angel (US)		- Merciless Death 7"			 9min  Shape 7" of Azra Records
Dark Angel (US)		- Reh. 21.3.85				13min
Dark Angel (US)		- Time Does Not Heal			68min  last album before the split
Dark Angel (US)     	- Hunger '94                    	15min  yep, THE Dark Angel
Dark Angel / Shellshock (US/US) - Split LP                      37min  demos of both bands
Dark Dominion / Secratain (AUS/AUS) - Split CD			60min
Dark Fortress (GER)	- Profane Genocidal Creations		69min
Dark Fortress (GER)	- Stab Wounds				61min  very good German Black Metal
Dark Fortress (GER)	- Tales From Eternal Dusk		53min
Dark Funeral (DK) 	- In Thy Forest '93           		25min  Synthy-shit
Dark Funeral (SWE)	- Agios O Baphomet			40min  Live-Boot with bad performance and no overdubs
Dark Funeral (SWE)	- Attera Totus Sanctus			42min
Dark Funeral (SWE)	- De Profundis Clamavi... 2-LP		61min  cool live recording
Dark Funeral (SWE)	- Diabolis Interium			36min
Dark Funeral (SWE)	- Equimanthorn  7"			 8min
Dark Funeral (SWE)	- In The Sign... Re-Release MLP		25min  two Bathory covers as bonus
Dark Funeral (SWE)	- Live: Hultsfed Sweden '97		35min  Radio-show, very good sound
Dark Funeral (SWE)	- Teach Children To Worship...MCD	28min
Dark Funeral (SWE)	- The Black Massacre  Live LP		40min  Live '97 Bootleg with ok/bad sound
Dark Funeral (SWE)	- Vobiscum Satanas			36min
Dark Funeral (SWE)      - The Secrets Of The Black Past         36min  the Dan Swanö sessions, ok sound
Dark Funeral / Bathory (SWE/SWE) - Split CD			57min  Live Hultsferd and Bathory demos
Dark Funeral / Carpathian Forest (SWE/NOR) - Split LP		35min
Dark Funeral / Von (SWE/US) - Split CD				45min  both MCDs for Karmageddon cash-in
Dark Half (MEX)		- Reborn				33min
Dark Heresy (UK)	- Abstract Principles Taken To...	61min
Dark Heresy (UK)	- Speared And Twisted '9?		15min  like old O.F.C./Ligeia/Nunslaughter
Dark Heresy (UK)        - Diabolus In Musica '93                33min
Dark Legion (POL)	- Bloodshed				46min  technical Death Metal
Dark Legion (POL)	- Eternity Of Nothing			46min
Dark Legions (SWE)	- Awakening Of The...Demo MCDr '05 	17min
Dark Legions (SWE)      - Satänic Deströyer                     47min  great old-school stuff
Dark Lunacy (ITA)       - s/t  CD                               69min  Therion meets Hollenthon meets Russia
Dark Millenium (GER)	- Diana Read Peace			44min  pure crap, debut was 100 times better
Dark Opera (POL)	- The Day Of Pariah '92			19min  very old-sounding Death Metal
Dark Opera (POL)        - Calling The Legend '94                48min
Dark Order (AUS)	- 5000 Years Of Violence		56min  Slayer influenced Thrash
Dark Order (AUS)	- The Violence Continuum		65min
Dark Possession (US)	- Dark Seraphim-Ripped To Pieces	31min  new songs from '04 and MCD '93
Dark Prophecies (POL)	- On The Edge Of Black... '00 		28min
Dark Reality (GER)	- Blossom Of Mourning			49min
Dark Remains (NL)	- Death Manifestation			44min  ex-Eternal Solstice member
Dark Remains (NL)	- Planet Earth Scourged			39min
Dark Satan (GER)	- Demo '85				22min  not very good BlackThrash
Dark Storm (CZE)	- Four Lucan Emperors  MCD		21min
Dark Towers (UK)	- Ceremonial Darkness '96		23min
Dark Tranquillity (SWE)	- Exposures  2-CD		       145min
Dark Tranquillity (SWE)	- Tranquillity '93			35min  both EPs officially released on MC
Dark Tranquillity (SWE)	- Damage Done				47min
Dark Tranquillity (SWE)	- Lost To Apathy  MCD			18min
Dark Tranquillity (SWE)	- Character				51min  again heavier ! Great stuff
Dark Tranquillity (SWE)	- Fiction  LP+CD			92min
Dark Tranquillity (SWE) - The Mind's I                          50min
Dark Tranquillity (SWE) - Projector                             51min  new masterpiece, great clean vocals
Dark Tranquillity (SWE) - Haven                                 44min
Dark Tranquillity (SWE) - Trail Of Life Decayed '91             22min  already Swedish Gods w. this demo !!
Dark Tranquillity (SWE) - Enter Suicidal Angels MCD             15min
Dark Tranquillity (SWE) - 10" Bonus tx of The Gallery            9min
Darkane (SWE)		- Expanding Senses			41min  lame volcals
Darkane (SWE)		- Insanity				49min
Darkane (SWE)		- Rusted Angel				41min  Bay Area meets Gothenburg !!!
Darkcreed (MEX)		- Dark Regions  MCD			26min  Swedish sounding Dödsmetall
Darken (US)		- s/t  MCD				23min
Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult / Pyre (GER/US) - Split LP	38min
Darkened Skies (P.Rico)	- Dawn Of Dreams			40min  Melodic Death
Darkest Hate Warfront (BRA) - Satanik Annihilation Kommando 	29min
Darkest Hate Warfront (BRA) - The Aftermath			42min
Darkest Hour (US)       - The Mark Of The Judas  Re-Release LP  40min
Darkest Oath (GRE)	- Paradise Of The Infernal Torment 7"	11min
Darkified (SWE)		- Dark '91				12min
Darkified (SWE)		- Sleep Forever  7"			10min
Darkified (SWE)     	- Cthulhu Riseth  MLP			19min
Darklands (SWE)		- A Memory Of You  MCD			13min
Darklands (SWE)		- s/t					47min  pure Doom
Darklord (AUS)		- Symphony Satanikka			56min  brutal BlackDeath
Darkness (CHI)		- Demo '89				18min
Darkness (COL)		- Yerba Mala, Nunca Muere		67min  compi. incl the MLP
Darkness (COL)          - Espias Malignos  MLP                  16min  great Thrash from 1989
Darkness (GER)		- Bocholt Live Squad: May 17, 1987	79min  Live CD
Darkness (GER)		- Broken Heart				48min  Defenders Of Justice LP on CD
Darkness (GER)		- Conclusion And Revival		39min
Darkness (GER)		- The Demos  3-LP Box		       138min
Darkness (GER)          - Unrel. tck 19.3.86                     7min  called 'Voice Of Malice'
Darkness (SWE)		- Voices  MCD				21min  young Swedish Dark Heavy Metal band
Darkness Enshroud (US)	- Ancient Kingdoms			64min  only Ambient stuff, no Metal
Darkness Eternal (CAN)	- Satanchrist				50min
Darkness Eternal (CAN)	- Dawn Of The Suffering			50min
Darkness Eternal (CAN)	- Misanthropic Annihilation		57min  very good Death Metal
Darkside NYC (US)	- Ambitions Make Way For... MCD		28min
Darkside NYC (US)   	- Suffer In Silence 7"          	12min
Darkthrone (NOR)	- Baptized In Blood			72min  Boot-CD with cool Death Metal like "A Blaze..." recordings
Darkthrone (NOR)	- Circle The Wagons			40min
Darkthrone (NOR)	- Clamour CDr				74min  bootleg of the bootleg ?? Venefiens Rec. ??
Darkthrone (NOR)	- Crossing The Triangle Of Flames 7"	 9min
Darkthrone (NOR)	- Dark Thrones And Black Flags		40min
Darkthrone (NOR)	- Demo LP				48min  all 3 demos and one Reh. tck '99
Darkthrone (NOR)	- Evil Past				39min
Darkthrone (NOR)	- F.O.A.D.				40min
Darkthrone (NOR)	- Forebyggende Krig  7"			 6min
Darkthrone (NOR)	- Hate Them				38min  back to Total Death
Darkthrone (NOR)	- In The Shadow Of The Horns  7"	10min
Darkthrone (NOR)	- Land Of Frost  Bootleg-CD		47min  again demo stuff on CD
Darkthrone (NOR)	- Live From The Past			73min  Live '89/'90/'91/'96(!)  with ok to good sound
Darkthrone (NOR)	- NWOBHM  7"				10min
Darkthrone (NOR)	- Plaguewielder				42min
Darkthrone (NOR)	- Preparing For War			75min
Darkthrone (NOR)	- Ravishing Grimness  			38min  mainly midtempo, mainly killer !!
Darkthrone (NOR)	- Rehearsal 1991  LP			34min  Bootleg-LP
Darkthrone (NOR)	- Return To Ultima Thule		31min  again demosstuff on LP  zzZZzzzZZ
Darkthrone (NOR)	- Sadomasochistic Rites			32min  pro-Bootleg, original Goatlord without vocals
Darkthrone (NOR)	- Sardonic Wrath			33min  this time not so good
Darkthrone (NOR)	- Sempiternal Past 2-LP			72min  The demos officialy on vinyl with bonus tx
Darkthrone (NOR)	- Sin Origin  Flexi 5"			 3min
Darkthrone (NOR)	- The Cult Is Alive			38min
Darkthrone (NOR)	- The Roots Of Evilness			54min  Live '90, Demo '88 and  Live '92 on CD (...)
Darkthrone (NOR)	- Thulcandra  7"			15min  released by Moonfag Rec., hahahahahaa !!!
Darkthrone (NOR)	- Too Old Too Cold  MLP			13min  more crust more rust, Sex Pistols meet Burzum
Darkthrone (NOR)     	- Goatlord                      	38min
Darkthrone (NOR)     	- A Night Of Unholy Black Metal CD      68min  live '96 + live '91 + Unholy... Reh. '93
Darkthrone (NOR)        - Under Beskyelse Av Mörke  MLP         13min  official Japan-only release, 3 Reh. tx prior to Under A Funeral...
Darkthrone / Mayhem (NOR/NOR) - The True Legends In Black	33min  and again demostuff on CDzzzZZZzzzzZZzzz
Darkwoods My Bethrothed (FIN) - Autumn Roars...       		53min
Darkwoods My Betrothed (FIN) - Dark Aureoles Gathering		33min  both demos on CD
Darkwoods My Betrothed (FIN) - Witch-Hunts			42min
Darzamat (POL)		- In The Flames Of Black Art		41min  DarkGothic
Das über Evils (SWE)    - Bratwurst Terror '02                  21min  pre-Necrovation
Daster (FIN)		- Darker Than Black  7"			10min  Thrash mixed with some strange Death influences
Daster (FIN)		- Inheritance From A Noble Soul		37min  now more Morgoth/Pestilence influenced
Daudur (NOR)		- s/t  10"				17min  demo on vinyl, incredible BlackThrash
Dave Slave's Doom And Disgusting (AUS) - Horror Soundtrax	41min  like the intermezzos on "We Are Death, Fukk You"
Dave Slave's Doom And Disgusting (AUS) - Satan's Nightmare	42min
Dave Slave's Doom And Disgusting (AUS) - The Ultimate... 7"     10min  strange, insane stuff
David Lee Rot (SWE)	- Pagan From the Heart '01		18min  like Pagan Rites
Dawn (GER)		- Entrance To Malevolence  MCD		16min
Dawn (GER)		- Trepass Infinity  7"			11min
Dawn (SWE)		- Apparition '92			17min
Dawn (SWE)		- Slaughtersun				55min
Dawn (SWE)           	- Sorgh Pa Svarte Vinger..MCD   	25min
Dawn / Pyphomgertum (SWE/MEX) - Split CD			41min
Dawn Of Azazel (NZL)	- Sedition				29min
Dawn Of Azazel (NZL)    - The Law Of The Strong                 45min
Dawn Of Azazel (NZL)    - Bloodforged Abdication  7"            10min  like old Order From Chaos
Dawn Of Decay (SWE)	- Grief '92				14min
Dawn Of Decay (SWE)	- Into The Realm Of Dreams  7"		11min
Dawn Of Decay (SWE)	- New Hell				33min  Furbowl meets Gehennah, one GOD song
Dawn Of Decay (SWE)	- Promo '93				27min
Dawn Of Decay (SWE) 	- Adv. Tape '97                     	11min
Dawn Of Decay (SWE)  	- Hell Raising Hell '95         	20min  ala old Nihilist/Entombed
Dawn Of Grief (SWE)	- Nevermore '94				18min
Dawn Of Time (SWE)	- A Force Of One  7"			10min  better than Darkane
Dawnbringer (US)	- Catharsis Instinct			45min
Dawnbringer (US)	- In Sickness And In Dreams  MCD	25min  fantastic deathly PowerThrash Metal !!!
Dawnbringer (US)	- Sacrament  MCD			21min  beautiful Heavy Tharsh Metal
Dawnbringer (US)	- Unbleed				40min
Dawnbringer (US)	- s/t  7"				 8min
Dawndeath Incinerator (US) - Tomb Of Corporeal Butchery		31min  electro Metal crap
Dawnfall (GER)          - Drei Räume                            60min  3 Black songs, rest is bullshit ambient
De Occulta Philosophia (ITA) - Obscura Simphonia '95		32min
De Vermis Mysteriis / Azhubham Haani (SWE/SWE) - Split Demo '91 44min
Dead (GER)		- In The Bondage Of Vice		36min
Dead (GER)		- Les Stars Du Rock Porno		72min  compilation with all EPs and also unrel. stuff
Dead (GER)		- Remasters				90min  90min on one CD!!! 7", Split w. Regurgitate and You'll Never...
Dead (GER)		- Saturdaynight Grind Fever 2001  7"	 8min  one-and-only reunion, Live 29.12.2002
Dead (GER)		- Slaves Of Abysmal Perversity  7"	17min
Dead (GER)		- V.I.P.				67min  incl. 32min of nothing, cool grind
Dead (GER)		- Wanted For Kinky Sessions  7"		10min
Dead (GER)		- Whorehouse Of Freaks			34min
Dead (GER)		- You'll Never Know... Re-Release LP	46min  one unrel. bonus live tck
Dead (GER)		- s/t  7"				 8min
Dead (US)		- s/t  7"				11min  pure shit
Dead / Butcher ABC (GER/JPN) - Split 7"				 9min
Dead / Haemorrhage (GER/SPA) - Split LP				28min
Dead / Meat Shits (GER/US) - Split 7"				12min
Dead / Regurgitate (GER/SWE) - Split CD				60min
Dead By Dawn (GRE)	- Black Knights  10"			27min  Greek Death Metal
Dead Christ (UK)	- Satans Hunger  7"			 8min  Beherit-like
Dead Congregation (GRE) - Purifying Consecrated Ground MCD 	21min  Dark Death Metal, similar to old Kaamos
Dead Congregation (GRE) - Graves Of The Archangels		42min
Dead Conspiracy (US)	- Gore Drenched Legacy			59min  demo compilation
Dead End (NL)		- Wartime In Eden  7"			13min
Dead End (SWE)		- 2 Minutes Warning '91			29min  fantastic DeathThrash
Dead End (SWE)		- Infinite '92				21min
Dead Head (NL)		- Depression Tank			42min  fantastic furious Death Thrash
Dead Head (NL)		- Dog God  10"				18min
Dead Head (NL)		- Dream Deceiver			49min
Dead Head (NL)		- Haatland				43min
Dead Head (NL)		- Kill Divison				38min  godly comeback
Dead Head (NL)		- The Festering '90			26min
Dead Head (NL)		- The Feast Begins At Dawn		41min
Dead Head (NL)          - Dream Deceiver                        48min  Kreator-like, their 2nd CD from '93
Dead Orchestra (US)	- Sounds Like Time Tastes		56min
Dead Reptile Shrine / Torturium (FIN/FIN) - Split LP		43min  DRS: blacknoise crap, T: great
Dead Silent Slumber (SWE) - Promo '99				23min
Dead Silent Slumber (SWE) - Entombed In The Midnight Hour	40min  Naglfar-Ryden's sideproject
Dead To This World (NOR)- Dominions Of Death 7"                 12min  w.Iscariah (ex-Immortal)
Dead To This World (NOR)- Sacrifice MLP				25min
Dead To This World (NOR)- First Strike For Spiritual...		39min
Dead Trooper (NOR)	- Spiritual Funeral  MCD		25min  bit like Illdisposed
Deadborn (GER)		- Stigma Eternal			36min
Deadhead (NL)		- Come To Salem				53min
Deadly Dark (MEX)	- Eternal Darkness			60min  very strange old-school Death Metal
Deadly Vision (POL)	- Sadist's Vision '94?			24min
Deadspawn (AUS)	- Emissions Of Reality				41min
Deafness (CAN)		- Oppressing The Sickness		30min
Death (US)		- Aggressive Thunder  7"		 9min  old Reh. from '85
Death (US)		- Early Demos LP			43min
Death (US)		- Human					34min
Death (US)		- Individual Thought Patterns		40min
Death (US)		- Live Demo 30.12.84			45min  good sound
Death (US)		- Live In L.A.				72min
Death (US)		- Meeting Your Archangel		47min  Bootleg LP with Rehearasal '85 and lots of rare songs
Death (US)		- Reh./Demos #3, #4, #5			61min  and some live songs
Death (US)		- Reh./Demos  CD			50min
Death (US)		- Reign Of Terror  7"			15min
Death (US)		- Symbolic				53min
Death (US)		- The Final Gigs  Boot-Live LP		39min  so called Fuck Chuck Gig from 1991
Death (US)		- The Sound Of Perseverance		57min
Death (US)		- Was Good For You  7"			17min  Infernal Death demo + live 30.12.84
Death (US)          	- Reh. '3/85                     	11min
Death (US)              - How We Die  Part 1  7"                11min
Death (US)              - How We Die Part 2  7"                  8min
Death Attack (GER)	- s/t Pic-7"				 8min  pre-Protector, Rehearsal pressed on 7"
Death Beast (US)	- Prophecies Of Doom: The Demos...CDr 	58min
Death Beast (US)	- The Wakening				51min
Death Breath (SWE)	- Let It Stink  10"			24min
Death Breath (SWE)	- Live Stockholm: 4.11.07		30min
Death Breath (SWE)	- Stinking Up The Night			34min
Death Breath (SWE)      - s/t  7"                                8min  Döds Metal like oldest Dismember, with ex-Dismember member
Death By Dawn (GER)	- One Hand One Foot...And A Lot Teeth   47min  w.Martin v.Drunen
Death Courier (GRE)	- Demise				34min  Mefisto-like Death-Thrash
Death Courier (GRE)	- Necrorgasm 7"				 9min
Death Dealer (CAN)	- Strange Cuts 7"			 8min  came with Snakepit #16 zine
Death Dies (ITA)	- Product Of Hate			45min
Death Dies (ITA)	- Rebirth Of Evil One			44min
Death Dies (ITA)	- The Art Of Domination  7"		11min
Death Dies (ITA)	- The Sound Of Demons			50min
Death Evocation (UK)	- s/t  7"				12min
Death Fist (GER)	- Demons  7"				14min
Death Fist (GER)	- Too Hot To Burn			44min
Death Fuck (NOR)	- Demo '87				14min  pre-Impostor, w. Samoth, Messiah
Death Living (CHI)	- Blasphemer				51min
Death Living (CHI)	- Forever Underground Occult...MCDr	17min
Death Militia (CAN)	- Noise Agony Mayhem  7"		 6min
Death Militia (CAN)     - Anthology 1985-1988                   77min  compilation of an old Thrash Metal band
Death Mission (NOR)	- The Ultimate... '90			27min
Death Penalty (US)	- Conviction				31min
Death Power (FRA)	- The Bogeyman				41min  similar to Assassin/Destruction
Death Power (FRA)	- s/t  7"				 9min
Death Reality (GER)	- Blasphemous Bleeding			41min  great German Death Metal
Death Reality (GER)	- Bloodprints				33min
Death Reality (GER)	- Flesh Still Feeds			35min
Death Sea (POL)		- Imagination World			51min
Death Sea (POL)		- Imagination World '95			43min
Death Sentence (US)	- Before The Slaughter  7"		15min  pre-Nunslaughter
Death Skull (CHI)	- Annihilation Of The.. Reh.'07 	29min
Death Skull (CHI)	- Annihilation Of The Pig		28min  CD-version of the demo
Death Skull (CHI)	- Blessed Altar  7"			13min
Death Skull (CHI) 	- Ready To Nail Him Again '06		12min
Death Smell (CHI)	- The Gift Of Blasphemy  MCDr		27min
Death Squad (NL)	- Into The Crypt			27min  old Death-Thrash, shitty short playing time
Death Thrash (US)	- Faces Of Death 2/86			15min  w. Tony (Whiplash) on dr.
Death Thrashers Kuopio (FIN) - Necromancy... / Zombies... '05	43min  both DTK-demos re-released on one MC
Death Toll 80k (FIN)	- Demo MCDr '06				12min
Death Trash (UK)        - The 10.000 RPM Groove Orgy            31min  Motörhead with a bit more punk
Death Vomit (RUS)	- s/t					31min
Death Warrant (MEX)	- Time Of Dying				68min
Death's Bride (BEL)	- Carpe Mortem '97			32min
Death's Bride (BEL)	- Demo '95				31min
Deathbound (FIN)	- Doomsday Comfort			34min
Deathbound (FIN)	- Non Compos Mentis			31min
Deathbound (FIN)	- We Deserve Much Worse			33min
Deathbound (SWE)	- To Cure The Sane With Insanity	29min  Crust/Nasum influenced Death
Deathchain (FIN)	- Deadmeat Disciples			33min
Deathchurch (JPN)	- Paranoid Destruktion '04		12min
Deathchurch (JPN)	- Unsilent Hate Anthem  7"		11min
Deathchurch / Morquido (JPN/JPN) - Split 7"			10min
Deathcon (NOR)		- Monotremata				35min  Deicide influenced Death Metal
Deathcon (NOR)		- Zerohuman  MLP			21min  Helheim project, cool Death Metal
Deathcore (GER)		- Monobrow				40min
Deathcore (GER)		- Spontaneous Combustion		34min
Deathcrush (MEX)	- Mutilating The Christian Filth	29min
Deathcult (SWI)     	- Demo MMXII  MLP			23min
Deathcult (US)		- Sodomy/Repulsive In My Ways 		35min
Deathevocation (SWE) 	- Combatzone Demo MCDr '06		13min
Deathevokation (US)	- Blood  MCDr				25min  demo officially pressed on CDr by Xtreem
Deathevokation (US)     - Blood '05                             26min  old-school Swedish Döds Metal like
Deathevokation (US)     - The Chalice Of Ages                   61min  great Swedish/Finnish Döds Metal
Deathevokation / Graveyard (US/SPA) - Split 7"			12min
Deathevokation / Lie In Ruins (US/FIN) - Split 7"		10min
Deathevokation / Mandatory / Kingdom (US/GER/POL) - Split CD 	66min
Deathforce (SWE)	- Semper Fi '00				16min  very good Thrash
Deathhammer (NOR)	- Forever Ripping Fast			43min
Deathhammer (NOR)	- Phantom Knights			35min
Deathhammer (NOR)	- Savage Poser Hunt '06			13min
Deathkids (US)		- Born In Hell				40min  Death Metal with some 13-year olds
Deathless (SPA)		- Promo Tape '96			10min
Deathless Anguish (POL) - Demise Inception			44min
Deadlock (GER)      	- To The Scum  LP			39min  pre-Dead
Deathrage (ITA)		- Down In The Depths Of Sickness	35min
Deathrage (ITA)		- Self-Conditioned Self-Limited		36min  Thrash ala Bulldozer
Deathronation (GER)	- A Soil Forsaken '06			21min  great old skull Death Metal
Deathronation (GER)	- Exorchism				29min  great German Death Metal
Deathronation (GER)	- Hallow The Dead			41min
Deathrow (GER)		- Life Beyond				40min
Deathrow (GER)		- Raging Steel				43min
Deathrow (GER)       	- Riders Of Doom                	45min
Deathrow (GER)       	- Deception Ignored             	42min
Deathspawned Destroyer (FIN) - The First Bestial Butchery	39min
Deathspawned Destroyer (FIN) - WarBloodMassacre			40min
Deathspell Omega (FRA/FIN) - Kenose				35min
Deathspell Omega (FRA/FIN) - Fas - Ite, Maledicti, In Ignem...	45min
Deathsquadron (SPA)	- Black Guard Of War  7"		12min
Deathstrike (US)	- Adv. Tape for EP '90			14min
Deathstrike (US)	- Reh. 2.5.85				 8min
Deathstrike (US)    	- Fuckin' Death '85			15min  later also released on the Deathstrike-CD
Deathwish (UK)          - At The Edge Of Damnation              45min
Deathwitch (SWE)	- Deathfuck Rituals			36min  ltd.500 or 1000 by Hellspawn Rec.
Deathwitch (SWE)	- The Ultimate Death			48min
Deathwitch (SWE)	- Violence Blasphemy Sodomy		42min
Deathwitch (SWE)     	- Triumphant Devestation        	38min
Deathwitch (SWE)     	- Dawn Of Armageddon            	55min  more great oldschool stuff (early-Bathory like)
Deathwitch (US)		- Monumental Mutilations		37min  brutal shit, mixed by James Murphy
Deathyell (CHI)		- From The Demo  7"			13min
Deathyell (CHI)		- Morbid Rites  2-LP			59min
Debauchery (US)		- Dead Scream Symphony  10"		27min  Judas Iscariot project
Debustrol (CZE)		- Apokalismus				31min
Debustrol (CZE)		- II - Svet Co Zatoci S Tebou		42min  only some small Thrash Metal hints left
Debustrol (CZE)		- III - Chytra Past			35min  not as good as in the past
Debustrol (CZE)		- Neuropatolog				37min  big Slayer fans from CZE, killer riffing
Debustrol (CZE)		- Pad Do Hrobu Mrtvol			46min
Debustrol (CZE)		- Prerushit				37min
Debustrol (CZE)		- Protest Live!  MCD			24min
Debustrol (CZE)		- Rwanda				35min  pretty shitty HC
Debustrol (CZE)		- Steak					40min  sadly more Nu-Metal stuff...
Debustrol (CZE)		- Vyhlazeni				41min
Debustrol (CZE)		- Vyznani Smrti				38min  demos on CD, like straight-forward Assassin
Decameron (SWE)      	- My Shadow                     	62min
Decapitated (POL)	- Nihility				34min
Decapitated (POL)	- The First Damned			56min
Decapitated (POL)	- The Negation  10"			32min
Decapitated (POL)	- Winds Of The Creation			41min
Decapitation (US)	- Bodily Dismemberment  7"		 8min  Deathcore demo from 1985 pressed on vinyl
Decayed	(POR)		- Behold The Wrath  7"			12min  incl. Black Magic (Slayer-cover)
Decayed	(POR)		- Satanic Rock'n Roll  7"		10min
Decayed (POR)		- 13 Candles Of Doom  CDr		67min
Decayed (POR)		- A Stygian Heritage  CDr		73min  incl. coverversions, like Desaster covering Unleashed...
Decayed (POR)		- Ataque Infernal '01			22min  new songs and covers (Violent Force, ...)
Decayed (POR)		- Blasphemic Offering-The Singles 2-CD 148min
Decayed (POR)		- Chaos Underground			70min
Decayed (POR)		- Demon Blade				36min
Decayed (POR)		- French Attack  MCD			19min
Decayed (POR)		- Hell-Witch  7"			14min
Decayed (POR)		- Hexagram				46min  fantastic Black Metal
Decayed (POR)		- Hymns To Satan  7"			14min
Decayed (POR)		- Live '95  3"-MCDr			24min
Decayed (POR)		- Live 9.9.99				27min  great Blackthrashing stuff of these guys
Decayed (POR)		- Lusitanian Black Fucking Metal	48min
Decayed (POR)		- Nockthurnaal				72min
Decayed (POR)		- Pure Fucking Mayhem '04		20min  Live '93 recording
Decayed (POR)		- Remnants...Of A Past  7"		13min
Decayed (POR)		- Resurrectionem Mortuorum		57min
Decayed (POR)		- Satanic Blast  7"			15min
Decayed (POR)		- Ten Years Of Steel			75min
Decayed (POR)		- The Beast Has Risen			74min
Decayed (POR)		- The Black Metal Flame			75min
Decayed (POR)		- The Book Of Darkness			74min  incl. some coverversions
Decayed (POR)		- The Seven Seals  7"			14min
Decayed (POR)           - In Lustful Mayhem                     35min
Decayed / Alastor (POR)	- A Sacrifice To Darkness  Split-CD	56min
Decayed / Azaghal / Pogost (POR/FIN/RUS) - Split CD		59min
Decayed / Corpus Christi (POR/POR) - Split 7"			12min  old Blackthrash meets Angelcorpse fans
Decayed / Darkness (POR/ITA) - Split CD				53min
Decayed / Thugnor (POR/POR) - Split CD				67min
Decayed / Urn (POR/FIN) - Split CD				42min
Decayed / Xerion (POR/POR) - Split CD				41min
Deceased / Crucified Mortals (US/US) - Split 10"		23min
Deceased... (US)	- As The Weird Travel On		48min
Deceased... (US)	- Behind The Mourner's Veil  MCD	28min
Deceased... (US)	- Blood Orgy In College Park		35min
Deceased... (US)	- Cloned  7'"				11min
Deceased... (US)	- Corpses, Souls And Other Strangeness 	68min
Deceased... (US)	- Inject The Ugliness  7"		14min  4 coverversions
Deceased... (US)	- Legions Of Arrggghhhh			74min  lots of rare stuff from 90-99
Deceased... (US)	- Return To The Evil Side		59min  Demo '86 and Live '89 on CD
Deceased... (US)	- Rotten To The Core			47min  old Hardcore covers !!!
Deceased... (US)	- Supernatural Addiction		48min  new cool stuff from this cult act
Deceased... (US)	- Surreal Overdose			45min
Deceased... (US)	- The Premonition  7"			12min  w. Iron Maiden cover
Deceased... (US)	- The Radiation Yeras			70min  two demos and some re-recorded old songs
Deceased... (US)	- Worship The Coffin  2-CD	       150min
Deceased... (US)	- Zombie Hymns				70min
Deceased... (US)       	- The Blueprints Of Madness     	57min
Deceased... (US)        - Fearless Undead Machines              69min
Deceased... (US)        - Up The Tombstones: Live 2000          56min
Deceased... / Sacrificial Blood (US/US) - Split 7"		12min
Deceiver (FIN)		- Rules Of Conduct '93			20min
Deceiver (SWE)		- Holov Posen Tro May Trot		42min  again cool stuff, whatever the title means
Deceiver (SWE)		- Riding With The Reaper		37min  great Thrash Metal
Deceiver (SWE)		- Thrashing Heavy Metal			35min
Deceiver (SWE)		- s/t  MCD				20min  Iron Fist Prod. is back !! Swedish Thrash
December Moon (UK)  	- Source Of Origin              	40min
December Wolves (US)	- Adv. CD tck '96               	 5min
December Wolves (US)	- Completely Dehumanized		32min
December Wolves (US)	- Til Ten Years                 	42min
December Wolves (US)	- We Are Everywhere CD/EP       	15min
December Wolves (US)	- Wolftread '94                 	30min
December Wolves (US)    - Blasterpiece Theatre                  41min
December Wolves / Pocculus (US/LIT) - Split 2-CD               102min  "Til Ten Years" and "Pocculus"
Deception (POL)		- Nails Sticking Offensive 		29min
Deception (POL)		- Nuclear Wind				29min  fantastic brutal Death, like Hate going berzerk
Deception (POL)		- Permanent Torment			32min  fantastic brutal Death Metal
Deception / Abrasive (POL/GER) - Split MC			63min  Permanent Torment CD and Desire MCD on tape
Deception / Putridity (POL/POL) - Split CDr			31min
Decieverion (US)	- ...Despondent  7"			15min
Decieverion (US)	- s/t  					41min
Decimation (US)		- Forgotten Race			59min  pre-Soulless, demos on CD, old Thrash
Decimator (UK)		- Carnage City State Mosh Patrol	40min
Decomposed (UK)		- Ego Sum Lex Mundi 7"			 9min
Decomposed (UK)		- Hope Finally Died...			42min  extreme DoomDeath
Decomposed (UK)		- The Funeral Obsession  MLP		12min
Decomposed God (BRA)	- The Last Prayer			37min
Decortiation (SWE)	- Promo '94				16min  with later Everdawn songs
Decoryah (FIN)		- Breathing The Blue  MCD		25min  their last sign of life, elegiac DeathDoom
Decrepit (US)		- Acrimonium				29min
Decrepit (US)		- Creation Of Sin			42min  7" + demo + bonus tck
Decrepit (US)		- The Wake  7"				10min
Deep Purple (UK)	- In Rock  Re-Release CD		79min  damn great
Deepred (FIN)		- Prophetic Luster			31min
Defaced Creation (SWE)	- Resurrection EP               	15min  like old Hypocrisy (Osculum... period)
Defaced Creation (SWE)	- Demo '95				40min  great mix of old and newer Swedish Death
Defaced Creation (SWE)	- Serenity In Chaos			33min  Deicide meets Cannibal. again a VoD-killer
Defaced Creation / Aeternum (SWE/SWI) - Split 7"                17min
Defaced Creation / Standing Out (SWE/SWE) - Split 7"		13min
Defacer (BRA)		- Noctural Mysteries			56min  like very old Rotting Christ
Defamatory (DK)		- Time '91				13min
Defcon (GER)		- Suicide				37min  lame German Thrash from the Eastern part
Defeated Sanity / Imperious Malevolence (GER/BRA) - Split 7"	14min  great Death Metal
Defender (SWE)		- They Came Over The High Pass		43min  ex-Afflicted
Defier (FIN)		- Overture Of Annihiliation  MLP	18min
Defiled (JPN)		- Defeat Of Sanity  MCD			21min
Defiled (JPN)		- Divination				37min
Defiled (JPN)		- Erupted Wrath				31min  Cynic like
Defiled (US)		- Ugliness Revealed			37min
Defleshed (SWE)		- Abrah Kadavrah  Re-Release CD		54min  w.Ma Belle Scalpelle MCD and two livetx
Defleshed (SWE)		- Death,The High Cost Of Living MCD	21min  live-CD
Defleshed (SWE)		- Fast Forward				30min  total musical destruction
Defleshed (SWE)		- Obsculum Obscenum 7"			10min
Defleshed (SWE)		- Reclaim The Beat			36min
Defleshed (SWE)		- Royal Straight Flesh			36min  Thrash-inferno, LP has bonus tck
Defleshed (SWE)		- Under The Blade  Re-Release		65min  plus 7" and Live MCD
Defleshed (SWE)		- Under The Blade			37min  aarghhh, eat the metal raw
Defleshed (SWE)      	- Ma Belle Scalpell MCD         	21min
Defleshed (SWE)      	- Abrah Kadavrah                	29min
Deformity (BEL)		- Misanthropy  MCD			14min
Deformity (BEL)		- Superior				41min  US-Death styled
Deformity (BEL)         - Murder Within Sin                     27min
Deformity (SWE)		- Demo I '91				16min
Deformity (SWE)		- Repulsions Of War '92			25min
Deformity (SWE)         - Sickly Obsessed '92                   25min  unknown Sunlight Stuido Döds Metal
Deformity / Congress (BEL/BEL) - Split 7"			 7min
Deggial (TUR)		- Upon The Path Of Damnation '10	14min
Degial (SWE)		- Awakening From Darkness '06		13min
Degial (SWE)		- Death And Darkness Buries All...  7" 	13min
Degial (SWE)        	- Savage Mutiny				35min
Degial (SWE)        	- Predator Reign			39min
Degradeath (COL)	- Obscuridad Oculta '92			27min
Degradeath (COL)	- Oscuridad Oculta			55min  demo on CD re-released
Deicide	(US)		- Amon: Feasting The Beast		31min  Demo stuff, Amon stuff (pre-Deicide)
Deicide	(US)		- When Satan Lives			56min
Deicide (US)		- Deicide				33min
Deicide (US)		- Deny The Cross			52min  Live Bootleg CD, sound is not good
Deicide (US)		- In Torment In Hell			31min
Deicide (US)		- Insineratehymn			32min
Deicide (US)		- Scars Of The Crucifix			30min
Deicide (US)		- The Stench Of Redemption		40min  best Deicide record since the debut
Deicide (US)		- Till Death Do Us Part			42min
Deicide (US)        	- Legion                        	29min
Deicide (US)        	- Once Upon The Cross           	29min
Deicide (US)            - Serpents Of The Light                 32min  better and longer than ever
Deifecation (NL)	- Catharic Octogenaricide MCDr		20min  Internet MP3 release
Deifecation (NL)	- Reciprocreation			36min
Deinonychus (NL)	- Ark Of Thought			44min
Deinonychus (NL)	- Mournument				56min
Deinonychus (NL)	- The Weeping Of A Thousand Years	64min
Deiphago (PHIK)		- Satan Cult Baphomet  7"		12min
Deiphago (PHIL)		- Filipino Antichrist			30min
Deiphago (PHIL)		- Satanik Eon				32min  Revenge/Conqueror like stuff, even better sound
Deiphago (PHIL)		- XCIII  7"				13min
Deiphago / Necro Holocaust (PHIL/CAN) - Split CD		36min
Deiphago / Nuclearhammer (PHIL/CAN) - Split 7"			10min
Deivos (POL)		- Hostile Blood				28min
Dekapitator (US)	- The Storm Before The Calm		39min
Dekapitator (US)	- We Will Destroy...You Will Obey	32min  mix of Possessed/Asphyx/Kreator
Deletion (SWE)		- s/t					33min  ex-Cabal, ex-Dissection, Puteraeon members
Delirium (MEX)		- Remember	MCD			26min
Delirium (NL)		- Live: Aalst 31.3.91			44min  sound a bit bad ,Celtic Frost cover
Delirium Tremens (GER)	- The Rock'n Roll MLP			25min
Delirium Tremens (GER)	- Thrashing Warthogs			41min
Delirium Tremens (GER)	- Violent Mosh Ground  Re-Release CD 	41min
Deliver (BRA)		- The Second Death			52min
Dellamorte (SWE)	- Everything You Hate			35min
Dellamorte (SWE)	- Fuck Me Satan  7"			13min  cool new stuff
Dellamorte (SWE)	- Home Sweet Hell			39min  in the Carnal Forge vein now
Dellamorte (SWE)	- Uglier And More Disgusting  LP	36min  one bonus tck
Dellamorte (SWE)	- Uglier and More Disgusting		33min  ten times better than Entombeds' new style
Dellamorte / Corned Beef (SWE/?) - Split 7"			15min
Deluge (AUS-Ade.)	- ...Of Plague And Conquest		39min
Delve (SWE)		- Sentenced By The Unkown '03		12min
Delve (SWE)		- The Dead Amongst  MCD			12min
Demantor (GER)		- Eternal Fight '93			19min
Demantor (GER)		- The Only Satisfaction			45min  great Death Metal from '95, unknown gods
Demented (SWE)		- Enter The Chamber Demo MCDr '06 	22min
Demented Ted (US)	- Despair '92				18min  good Death/Thrash
Dementia (CAN)		- Reticulation  7"			 8min
Demigod	(FIN)		- Unholy Domain '91			15min
Demigod (FIN)		- Let Chaos Prevail			41min
Demigod (FIN)		- Shadow Mechanics			45min  Return of the gods, good but not like 1992
Demigod (FIN)		- Slumber Of Sullen ... Re-Release CD	65min  incl. Unholy domain demo
Demigod / Necropsy (FIN/FIN) - Split CDr			67min  Masterkult bootleg, Split LP and demos
Demigod / Necropsy (FIN/FIN) - Split LP				39min  finally !!!!! It does exist and sounds killer !!!
Demilich (FIN)          - The Four Instructive Tales Of... '91  19min
Demilich (FIN)          - Nesphite                              39min
Demise (POL)		- God Insect				42min  Gothenburg-like death from Poland
Demise (POL)		- Like A Thorn				41min
Demise (POL)		- Outcome Of... 			26min  great melodic and aggressive Death Metal
Demise (POL)		- Torture Garden			56min
Demise (SWE)		- Prophecy '91				13min  pre-Agretator
Demise (US)		- Cruel Reality  MLP			18min
Demise (US-OR)          - Devious Deception  7"                 12min
Demiurg (SWE)		- Breath Of The Demiurg			40min  fantastic Swedish Death Metal, total killer	
Demiurg (SWE)		- The Hate Chamber			48min
Demogorgon (POL)	- Christ Is A Lie MCD			22min
Demogorgon (SWE)        - Och Döden Förde Dem '96               25min
Demolition Hammer (US)	- Necrology '89               		20min
Demolition Hammer (US)	- Epidemic Of Violence        		40min
Demolition Hammer (US)	- Tortured Existence			38min
Demolition Hammer (US)	- Time Bomb				38min
Demon (UK)          	- One Helluva Night             	82min  Live Do-LP
Demona (CHI)		- M.I.M. / The Assassin  7"		10min  nice gal, but horrible vocals
Demonaz (NOR)		- March Of The Norse			36min
Demoncy (US)		- Empire Of The Fallen Angel		35min  not in the Beherit-style anymore, but still ok
Demoncy (US)		- Faustian Dawn  LP			39min  demo on LP
Demoncy (US)		- Faustian Dawn / Within The... 2-CD   147min  only demo and Reh. recordings
Demoncy (US)		- Joined In Darkness			37min  Beherit-worshippers
Demoncy (US)		- Within The Sylvain Relams Of Frost	74min
Demoncy (US)            - Joined In Darkness  LP                49min  Spikekult version, bonustx
Demoncy / Dark Opus (US/FRA) - Split 7"                         12min
Demoniac (NZL)          - The Fire And The Wind                 43min
Demoniac (NZL)          - Prepare For War                       59min
Demoniac (NZL)          - Stromblade                            57min  great Black/Party Metal
Demoniac (NZL)          - Demons Of The Night  7"               16min  great old Speed Metal
Demonic	(NOR)		- The Empire Of Agony			37min
Demonic Christ (US)	- Demonic Battle Metal			33min  all 3 Demos and Promos
Demonic Christ (US)	- Punishment for Ignorance		34min
Demonic Cremator (SCOT) - My Dying Breath 7"			11min
Demonic Rage (CHI)	- Evoking The Pestilence MCD		19min
Demonic Resurrection (IND) - A Darkness Descends		61min
Demonic Sacrifice (US)	- Enter the Realm Of Pure Darkness	44min
Demonic Slaughter (POL) - Dignity Of Terror MCD			22min
Demonical (SWE)		- Bloodspell Divine '06/'11		17min  Demo CDr on tape
Demonical (SWE)		- Death Infernal			44min
Demonical (SWE)		- Hellsworn				35min
Demonical (SWE)		- Servants Of The Unlight		37min  ex-Centinex members, good Death Metal
Demonical / Paganizer (SWE/SWE) - Split 7"                       9min  Imperial Anthems Vol.1
Demonicon (US)		- Bloodlust				42min  some good old Death Metal riffs
Demonicon (US)		- Condemned Creation			53min
Demonification / Ironfist (SIN/SIN) - Split MC			46min
Demonize (AUT)		- Relentless  MCD			16min  great At The Gates like inferno
Demonized (MEX)		- Demonized				31min
Demonizer (BEL)		- The Essence Of War			42min
Demonizer (BEL)		- Thrashing Force...Attack		40min  title says it all
Demonizer (BEL)		- Triumphator				45min
Demonoid (?)            - Riders Of Apocalypse Promo CD'03      47min  secret project, similar to older Hypocrisy
Demonoid (SWE)		- Riders Of The Apocalypse		47min
Demonomancy (ITA)	- Bearers Of Black Arts '11		21min
Demonomancy (ITA)	- Rites of Barbaric Demons  MLP		22min
Demons Of Dirt (SWE)	- Demonblues  MCD			 9min
Demons Of Dirt (SWE)	- Killer Engine				36min  Wolverine Blues fans
Demonthor (BRA)		- A Night For The Demon			61min  underground Black Metal
Demonthor (BRA)		- Miss On The Altar  MLP		29min
Demysh (FIN)		- Demo II '99				18min
Den Saakaldte (NOR)	- öl, Mörke Og Depresjon		36min
Denata (SWE)		- Act Of The Insane			36min
Denata (SWE)		- Deathtrain				28min  old-school Thrash with bad vocalist
Denata (SWE)		- Departed To Hell  MCD			22min  like Maze Of Torment/Guillotine
Denata (SWE)		- s/t  7"				11min
Denial (MEX)		- Catacombs Of The Grotesque		44min  old Abhorrence/Amorphis like Dark Death Metal masterpiece
Denial (MEX)		- Immense Carnage Vortex  7"		11min  ex-Shub Niggurath, Swedish Death Metal like
Denial Fiend (US)	- Dead Awakening  7"			 8min  ex-Massacre/Nasty Savage members, Jungle Rot like style
Denial Fiend (US)	- They Rise  CD+DVD			44min
Denial Of God (DK)	- A Night In Transylvania  7"		12min  fantastic Dark Death Metal
Denial Of God (DK)	- Incubus  7"				13min
Denial Of God (DK)	- Klabautermanden MCD			19min
Denial Of God (DK)	- Robbing The Grave Of The Priest 7"	11min  great Mayhem cover
Denial Of God (DK)	- The Red Terror			41min
Denial Of God (DK)	- The Curse Of The Witch  7"		14min
Denial Of God (DK)	- The Horrors Of Satan			55min
Denial Of God (DK)	- The Book Of Oiufael  7"		 6min  one-track Tour-only 7"
Denial Of God (DK)	- The Dawn Of Aemizaez Demos 1992-93 	44min
Denial Of God (DK)	- The Crypt Has Eyes  7"		14min
Denial Of God (DK)	- The Dawn Of Aemizaez '93		26min
Denial Of God (DK)  	- The Ghouls Of Dog MCD         	24min
Denial Of God (DK)  	- Death And The Beyond			62min
Denial OF God (DK)  	- The Shapeless Mass  MLP		26min
Denial Of God (DK)  	- The Hallow Mass			63mi
Denial Of God / Abysmal Grief (DK/ITA) - Split 7"		13min
Denouncement Pyre (AUS) - Hells Infantry  MCD			25min
Denouncement Pyre (AUS) - World Cremation			37min
Denouncement Pyre (AUS) - Under The Aegis Of Damnation  7"	12min
Denouncement Pyre (AUS) - Circle Of The Black Flame 7"		13min
Denouncement Pyre / Diocletian (AUS/NZ) - Split LP		35min
Denying Nazarene (CHI)	- Obliterating The Christian Devotion	44min
Depravity (FIN)		- Galvanizer '91			21min
Depravity (FIN)		- Remasquerade  7"			13min
Depravity (FIN)		- Silence Of The Centuries  MCD		22min  Demigod meets Dark Funeral !!!!!
Depression (GER)	- Ein Hauch Von Moder  7"		15min  Death Metal, even with  the stupid title
Depressive Age (GER)	- Lying In Wait  CD			45min
Depressor (US)		- Book Of The Dead  2-7"		18min
Deranged (SWE)		- Architects Of Perversion MCD		16min  w. Mike Amott on some Leads/Solos
Deranged (SWE)		- Deranged				36min  4th killer CD
Deranged (SWE)		- High On Blood				41min  THIS IS FUCKIN DEATH METAL !!!
Deranged (SWE)		- III					36min  the Marduk guys dream of playing that fast
Deranged (SWE)		- III LP + Bonus 7"			53min
Deranged (SWE)		- Obscenities In B-Flat			34min
Deranged (SWE)		- Plainfield Cemetary			37min
Deranged (SWE)		- Rated X  Re-Release 2-LP		74min  both MCDs as bonus LP
Deranged (SWE)		- Rated-X/Sculpture Of...  Do.-CD	58min  Repulse Rec. 1995
Deranged (SWE)		- Sculpture Of The Dead  MCD		18min
Deranged (SWE)		- The Confessions Of A Necrophile '92 	10min
Deranged (SWE)		- The Red Light Murder Case		36min
Deranged (SWE)		- Upon The Medical Slab  7"		10min
Deranged (SWE)          - Adv. MCD '94 Architects Of... 	16min
Deranged (SWE)          - Adv. 7" '94 Upon The...        	 8min
Deranged (SWE)          - Compl. tck '94                	 4min
Deranged (SWE)          - ...The Confession Continues  7"       10min
Derekta (US)		- Goddess Of Death			53min  farewell compilation
Derekta (US)		- Premature Burial 7"			 9min
Derekta / Mythic (US/US)- Split LP				45min  Boot-LP with their 7" and Split 7" releases
Derelenismo Occulere (ECU) - Ave Satan  CDr			36min
DesExult (DK)		- Live In Copenhagen '86		59min
DesExult (DK)		- Saurian Dance  Reh.'86		23min
DesExult (DK)           - Fat Boys Wanna Rock '87               27min
Desaster (GER)		- Angelwhore				51min  Martin "Protector" Missy on guestvocals
Desaster (GER)		- Brazilian Blitzkrieg Blasphemie	72min
Desaster (GER)		- Divine Blasphemies			43min
Desaster (GER)		- Hellfire's Dominion			47min  Germany's best Black/Thrash act
Desaster (GER)		- Infernal Voices  MLP			13min
Desaster (GER)		- Ride On For Revenge  7"		10min  ahhhhhhhhhh...
Desaster (GER)		- Satan's Soldiers Syndicate		40min  again a masterpiece
Desaster (GER)		- Souls Of Infernity  7"		14min
Desaster (GER)		- Ten Years Of Total Desaster Do.-LP	72min
Desaster (GER)		- The Arts Of Destruction		48min
Desaster (GER)		- Tyrants Of The Netherworld  LP	46min
Desaster (GER)		- Zombie Ritual  Shape-7"		 8min
Desaster (GER)      	- Strombringer MLP              	21min
Desaster (GER)		- Live In Bamberg		       109min
Desaster (GER)		- The Oath Of An Iron Ritual		48min	
Desaster (GER)       	- Reh. '88                      	17min
Desaster (GER)       	- Reh.tx '97                    	17min  even thrashier than before !!! Incl. two covers
Desaster (GER)       	- unrel.+live stuff 89/93/95    	30min
Desaster / Pentacle (GER/NL) - Split MLP			19min  ultra killer, great bands, great stuff !!
Desaster / Sabbat (GER/JPN) - Split CD				65min
Desaster / Sabbat (GER/JPN) - Split 7"				 8min
Descend (GRE)		- Beyond The Realms Of Throes		46min
Descend (US)		- Requiem Of Flames  Promo MCD'02	13min
Descend (US)		- Requiem Of Flame		        30min  great old-school US Death Metal
Descend / All That Is Evil (US/US) - Split CD			31min
Descerebration (BRA)	- The Crusaders 666 X			39min
Descerebration (BRA)	- Underground Victory			39min  like old Expulser, blows Krisiun away !!!!
Desdemonia (LUX)	- Paralyzed				40min  very good Death-Thrash
Desecrate (NL)          - The Refuge '91                        20min  like Utumno
Desecration (INDO) 	- Curse Of A Thousand Pray '97 		25min
Desecration (UK)	- Gore And Perversion			53min  old UK-Death Grind on Arctic Serenade
Desecration (UK)	- Gore And Perversion 2			53min  re-recorded debut album
Desecration (UK)	- Inhuman				30min
Desecration (UK)	- Live '98				41min
Desecration (UK)	- Murder In Mind			32min
Desecration (UK)	- Pathway To Deviance			30min
Desecration (UK)	- Process Of Decay			29min
Desecration (UK)	- Raping The Corpse  7"			13min
Desecration (US)	- Psycho  Demo I '85                    10min  w. Mike Sus (Possessed)
Desecration (US)	- Reh. '86/'87				70min
Desecration (US) 	- Cowboys In Bondage '85		18min
Desecrator (UK) 	- Demo '92                      	20min
Desecrator (UK) 	- Promo '91                     	 5min
Desecrator (UK) 	- Subconscious Release          	44min  totally unknown, Slaughter/Master/Death-like
Desecrator / Necreous (SAFR/SIN) - Split Demo '94               43min  both are Underground Death Metal bands
Desecresy (FIN)		- Arches Of Entropy			45min
Desekrator (NOR)	- 3 Pic-7" Set				16min  still bullshit
Desekrator (NOR)        - Metal For Demons                      33min  pure Norwegian allstar bullshit, rcorded only for $$$
Desensitised (NL)	- Thriving On Carnage  MCD		17min
Desensitised (NL)	- Virus Of Violence			32min
Desensitised / Peach Her (NL/FRA) - Split CD			33min
Desert Mouth (DK)	- Freezer Burn '98			16min  Inquity/Konkhra/Bolt Thr. members
Desolate (BUL)		- Eventide Of The Orb And Heavens	49min
Desolate Ways (BRA)	- Eternal Dreams			44min  Doom
Desolation (BRA)	- In A World Of Terror			36min  very big Morbid Visions fans
Desolation Triumphalis (US?) - Purgatory Despairing  7"		12min  totally fantastic Black Metal
Desolation Triumphalis / O.T.A.L. (FRA/FRA) - Split 7"		 8min
Despair (GER)		- History Of Hate			38min
Despair (GER)		- Surviving You Always '88		15min
Despair (GER)           - Live Nijmegen 1/90  7"                13min
Despair (GER)           - Decay Of Humanity                     39min
Desperator (SWE)	- GRINDacCOREdion '99			 9min
Destroy (US)		- Total Fucking Chaos  7"		12min
Destroyer 666 (AUS)	- ...Of Wolves, Women And War  7"	10min
Destroyer 666 (AUS)	- Cold Steel...For An Iron Age		36min
Destroyer 666 (AUS)	- Defiance				42min
Destroyer 666 (AUS)	- King Of Kings  7"			12min
Destroyer 666 (AUS)	- Phoenix Rising			39min
Destroyer 666 (AUS)	- Satanic Speed Metal  7"		 8min  killer old-school Speed-Thrash, ltd. 350 (!!)
Destroyer 666 (AUS)	- See You In Hell  7"			 9min
Destroyer 666 (AUS)	- Six Songs With The Devil  MLP		19min
Destroyer 666 (AUS)	- Terror Abraxas  MLP			22min
Destroyer 666 (AUS)	- To The Devil His Due			37min
Destroyer 666 (AUS)	- Violence Is The Prince... Re-Release	48min
Destroyer 666 (AUS)  	- Violence Is The Prince Of...  	26min
Destroyer 666 (AUS)  	- Unchain The Wolves            	50min
Destroyer 666 (AUS)  	- Six Songs With The Devil '94  	25min
Destroyers (POL)	- 1tk from LP                   	 5min
Destroyers (POL)	- A Night Of the Lusty Queen		39min  old Heavy-Black Metal from Poland
Destroyers (POL)	- Noc Krolowej Zadzy			39min  pol. version of A Night At The Lusty Queen
Destroyers (POL)	- The Miseries Of Virtue		43min
Destruction (GER)	- A Black Metal Night  7"		16min
Destruction (GER)	- Alive Devastation			65min  Japan-only Live CD
Destruction (GER)	- All Hell Breaks Loose			46min  without the Bonus-CD
Destruction (GER)	- All Hell Breaks Loose + Bonus CD	66min  Demo '84 on Bonus CD
Destruction (GER)	- Bestial Invasion Of Antichrist	62min  Live 2001 + Demo '84 on CD
Destruction (GER)	- D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N.			48min
Destruction (GER)	- Invincible Force  Live-Boot LP	35min  live 27.5.85
Destruction (GER)	- Live At World War III LP		37min  Bootleg-LP of the worst quality
Destruction (GER)	- Live Without Sense LP			54min
Destruction (GER)	- Live '85  7"				10min
Destruction (GER)	- Mad Butcher/Eternal Devastation	55min
Destruction (GER)	- Metal Discharge  2-CD			66min
Destruction (GER)	- Metal Discharge			39min
Destruction (GER)	- Release From Agony			37min
Destruction (GER)	- Sentence Of Death/Infernal Overkill	59min  both LPs rereleased on CD
Destruction (GER)	- The Curse Of The Antichrist		99min
Destruction (GER)	- The Antichrist  LP			51min  Exploited-cover as bonustck
Destruction (GER)	- Them Not Me  MCD			20min
Destruction (GER)	- Thrash Anthems			72min
Destruction (GER)	- Whiplash 7"				 9min
Destruction (GER)    	- Mad Butcher  MLP              	20min
Destruction (GER)    	- Ludwigsburg 16.6.85           	33min
Destruction (GER)    	- Eternal Devastation           	38min
Destruction (GER)    	- Infernal Overkill             	40min
Destruction (GER)    	- Sentence Of Death MCD         	20min
Destructor (CAN)	- Forever In Leather			48min
Destructor (CAN)	- Sonic Bullet				46min  fantastic Power Metal
Destructor (US)		- Metal Spike Deep  7"			10min  came with Snakepit No.1 re-issue of the zine
Destructor (US) 	- Power Aggression '87                  19min  unreleased Demo
Destructor (US) 	- Smash Your Skulls With Power '85      22min
Destructor (US)     	- Maximum Destruction           	38min
Destructor (US)         - Maximum Destruction  Re-Release CD    65min  LP on CD w. Bonus + live
Destruktor (AUS)	- Brutal Desecration  7"		11min
Destruktor (AUS)	- Nailed				46min  fantastic Death Metal
Destruktor (AUS)	- Nuclear Storm MCD			17min
Destruktor (AUS)        - The Holy Trinity...Denied '97         10min  Blasphemy like, Destroyer 666 drummer
Desultory (SWE)		- Counting The Scars			42min  pretty good comeback album
Desultory (SWE)		- Forever Gone				21min  MC version released by Carnage Rec. (POL)
Desultory (SWE)		- From Beyond The Visions Of Death	57min  demo+live compilation, Bootleg?
Desultory (SWE)		- Swallow The Snake			44min
Desultory (SWE)		- Through Aching Aeons			44min
Det Hedenske Folk (NOR)	- True Northern '96           		14min
Det Hedenske Folk (NOR)	- Demo '95                    		15min
Det Hedenske Folk / Abyssic Hate (NOR/AUS) - Split CD     	40min
Deteriorate (US)	- Rotting In Hell			31min
Deteriorate (US)        - The Senectous Entrance                34min
Deteriorot (US)		- Adv. CD Rough Mix '03			22min
Deteriorot (US)		- In Ancient Beliefs			64min  a total Death Metal blast, killer !!!!!
Deteriorot (US)		- Manifested Apparitions Of...  7"	11min  Finnish sounding DM
Deteriorot (US)		- Manifested... Re-Release MCD		29min  incl. remastered Demo '92
Deteriorot (US)		- The Faithless				44min
Deteriorot (US)		- Unholy Return  MCD			19min
Detest (DK)		- Dorval				57min
Detestor (ITA)		- Ego MCD				16min
Detestor (ITA)		- In The Circle Of Time			47min
Detestor (ITA)		- Red Sand				43min
Dethroned / Excommunion (US/US) - Split CD			42min
Dethronement (SWE)	- Breeding The Demonseed '97		22min
Dethronement (SWE)	- Promo '97				19min
Dethronement (SWE)	- Steel Manufactured Death  MCDr	14min  great Swedish Death Metal
Dethronement (SWE)	- Survival Of The Sickest		41min
Dethroner (CHI)		- Bringer Of Desolation			41min
Detonation (NL)		- An Epic Defiance			46min
Detonation (NL)		- Lost Euphoria MCD			21min
Detonation (NL)		- Portals To Uphobia			44min
Detonator (HUN)		- Demo '90  MCD				24min  Demo '90 on CDr, awesome Thrash Metal
Detonator (RUS)		- Anthology 1992-1997 '97		75min
Detonator (RUS)		- Demo '92				38min  total old school Thrash, killer
Detriment (SWE)		- When Sorrow And Bitterness... '98	15min
Detrimentum (UK)	- A Monument Of Suffering  MCD		26min
Detrimentum (UK)	- Embracing This Deformity		52min
Deus Inversus (GER)	- The Downfall  MCD			16min
Deus Otiosus (DK)	- Death Lives Again  Demo MCDr '07	22min
Deus Otiosus (DK)	- Too Maimed To Use Demo MCDr '09 	11min  Live
Devastacion (ARG)	- ...Que Lo Pario			59min  great Death-Thrash
Devastacion (ARG)	- Decadencia / Maquinarias...		77min  demos on CD
Devastacion (ARG)	- Maquinarias De Poder '93		30min
Devastacion (ARG)	- Resistiendo Al Engano			65min
Devastation (CAN)	- Praise The Future  7"			12min
Devastation (CRO)	- Devastation Complete 1987-1989	78min
Devastation (US-Ill)	- Total Fucking Ripping Death		52min  all demos und unrel.LP on CD, killer sound
Devastation (US-Ill) 	- Dispensible Bloodshed 3-CD   	       171min
Devastation (US-Ill)    - A Re-Creation Of Ripping... '86       14min
Devastation (US-Ill)    - Demo '87                              25min
Devastation (US-Ill)    - Unrel. LP '87                         23min  their last sign of life, killer killer killer
Devastation (US-Ill)    - A Creation Of Ripping Death '86       18min
Devastation (US-Tx)     - Violent Termination CD                59min  rare CD with Bonustx
Devastation (US-Tx)     - Signs Of Life                         34min  Bay Area Thrash
Devastator (POL)	- Mayhemic Salvation '88		17min
Devastator (US)		- Conjuring Evil			50min
Devastator (US)		- Infernal Devastation  MCD		26min
Devastator (US)		- Morbid Force				49min
Devastator (US)		- Nocturnal Slut			45min
Devastator (US)		- Nuclear Proliferation			65min
Devastator (US)		- The End				73min  great Black Metal, 7 songs in 73min
Devastator (US)		- The Summoning				35min
Devastator / Blasphemer (US/US) - Split CD			49min
Deviant (SWE)		- Apathyphus  3"-MCD			12min
Deviant (SWE)		- Demo MCDr '03				16min
Deviant (SWE)		- Larvaeon				34min
Deviant (SWE)		- Tools Of Termination '04		16min
Deviated Instinct (UK)	- Definitive Instinct  CD		78min  two LPs and one EP on CD
Deviated Instinct (UK)	- Re-Opening Old Wounds  CD		48min  tx from 1986, 1987 and 1990
Deviated Instinct (UK)	- Nailed  MLP				17min
Deviated Instinct (UK)	- Rock'n Roll Conformity		30min
Deviated Instinct (UK)	- Guttural Breath			33min  very Frost like HardCrustCore
Deviated Instinct (UK)	- Re-Opening Old Wounds  LP		38min  songs from 1986 and 1987
Devil (NOR)		- Magister Mundi Xum '10		24min
Devil Lee Rot (SWE)	- A Little Devil Ain't Enough MLP	24min
Devil Lee Rot (SWE)	- At Hell's Deep			43min  a great release, the first I absolutley like from him
Devil Lee Rot (SWE)	- Devil United With Hellbangers '06	36min  Live 2003
Devil Lee Rot (SWE)	- Hellscraper / A Little Devil... CD	52min
Devil Lee Rot (SWE)	- Metal Dictator / Soldiers From Hell	72min
Devil Lee Rot (SWE)	- Metalizer				52min
Devil Lee Rot (SWE)	- Pagan From The Heart  7"		10min
Devil Lee Rot (SWE)	- Rot In Germany			35min  the infamous Andernach gig 23.03.2002
Devil Lee Rot (SWE)	- Soldiers From Hell  10"		29min
Devil Lee Rot (SWE)	- The Devil Has Landed			63min  Live CD
Devil Lee Rot / Flame (SWE/FIN) - Split 7"			16min  DLR: ex-Pagan Rites, F: like Bolt Thrower
Devil Lee Rot / Northern Darkness (SWE/SWE) - Split LP		38min  ND being killer old BlackThrash
Devil On Earth (BRA)	- Hunting, Shooting, Slashing And...	58min
Devilry (FIN)		- Inhumane Regiment  7"			11min
Devilry (FIN)		- Muslim Genocide  7"			11min
Devilry (FIN)		- Rites For The Spring Of...		32min
Devilry (FIN)		- Satanasphere  7"			11min
Devilry (FIN)		- Stormbolt 10"				18min
Devilry (FIN)		- Unleashed To Haunt '99		15min
Devilry / Ravening (FIN/FIN) - Split 7"				 8min
Devilyn (POL)		- Anger					42min
Devilyn (POL)		- Artefact				36min  sadly something is wrong this time
Devilyn (POL)		- Reborn In Pain			49min  Vader meets Morbid Angel's Domination
Devilyn (POL)		- The Past Against The Future		38min
Devilyn (POL)		- XI					26min
Devious (NL)		- Domain				49min
Deviser (GRE)		- Running Sore				44min  they get better and better, great !!!
Deviser (GRE)		- Thy Blackest Love: The Early Years	33min
Deviser (GRE)		- Transmission To Chaos			42min
Deviser (GRE)        	- Unspeakable Cults             	39min
Deviser (GRE)        	- Revelation Of Higher... 7"    	12min
Deviser (GRE)        	- The Blackest Love '95         	12min
Devoid (UK)		- Blackened Empire			31min  great UK-Death with a Swedish edge from 1991
Devourment (SWE)	- Shallow Grave  7"			11min  Furbowl members, from 1990
Devourment (SWE)     	- Reh. 1/91                     	10min  ex-Carnage
Devourment (SWE)     	- Reh. 7/90                     	 7min
Devourment (US) 	- Impaled '97                           10min
Dew  Scented (GER)	- Incinerate				47min
Dew Of Nothing (MEX)	- Doubleweird				38min
Dew Of Nothing (MEX)	- The Hatehunger  7"			 9min  with The Chasm members, similar to them
Dew Of Nothing (MEX)	- The Hatehunger  MCD			17min
Dew Scented (GER)	- Immortelle				48min
Dew Scented (GER)	- Impact / Inwards 2-LP			80min
Dew Scented (GER)	- Issue VI				46min
Diaboli	(FIN)		- Towards Damnation			36min
Diaboli (FIN)		- Anthems Of Sorrow			39min
Diaboli (FIN)		- Descent Into Hell  7"			 8min
Diaboli (FIN)		- Invocation				41min
Diaboli (FIN)		- Kirous  CD				36min  heavy Celtic Frost-influenced songs
Diaboli (FIN)		- The Antichrist			36min  great Finnsih Black again
Diaboli (FIN)		- Unseen Age Of War			74min
Diaboli (FIN)        	- Mesmerized By Darkness       	 	37min
Diabolic (US)		- Chaos In Hell/Possessed By Death	25min  both self-released MCD on one MCD
Diabolic (US)		- City Of The Dead  CD-Rerelease	19min  includes two bonustx
Diabolic (US)		- Subterraneal Magnitude		38min
Diabolic (US)		- Supreme Evil				33min
Diabolic (US)		- Vengeance Ascending			41min  what a blast !!!!
Diabolic (US)       	- City Of The Dead '97          	14min
Diabolic Force (BRA)	- March To Calvary			37min  strange guitar sound
Diabolic Force (BRA)	- Old School Attack  MLP		21min  like Sodom, Hellhammer and Apocal.Raids
Diabolic Force (BRA)	- Prisoner Of Wickedness  Reh.'02	27min
Diabolic Possession (US)- Ripped To Pieces  MCD			17min
Diabolic Witchcraft (RUS) - Demonic War Necrocarnage '03	49min  total destructive Abruptum/Beherit style
Diabolical (PARA)       - Dominus Infernal                      49min
Diabolical (SWE)	- A Thousand Deaths			33min
Diabolical (SWE)	- Deserts Of Desolation MCD		15min
Diabolical (SWE)	- Synergy				35min
Diabolical Masquerade (SWE) - Promo '94               		12min
Diabolical Masquerade (SWE) - Promo tck '94           		 5min
Diabolical Masquerade (SWE) - My Phantom Lodge        		43min
Diabolical Masquerade (SWE) - Nightwork				40min
Diabolical Masquerade (SWE) - Death's Design			43min
Diabolical Messiah (CHI)- Satan Tottendemon Victory !!! MCD 	26min
Diabolical Messiah (CHI)- Diabolical Attack MCDr		13min
Diabolicum (SWE)	- The Dark Blood Rising			45min
Diabolicum (SWE)	- The Grandeur Of Hell			39min
Diabolicum / Angst (SWE/SWE) - Split 7"				10min
Diabolicum / Watain (SWE/SWE)  - Split 7"			10min
Diabolique (SWE)	- The Diabolique  MCD			30min
Diabolique (SWE)	- Wedding The Grotesque			65min
Diabolos (US)		- The Three Mothers  MCD		14min
Diabolos Rising (FIN/GRE) - S.N.T.F.  7"			 8min
Diabolos Rising (FIN/GRE) - Industrial Vampiric Art		33min
Diabolos Rising (GRE/FIN) - Adv.MCD '96 Jesus Loves You   	25min
Diafragma (HUN)		- Condemned To Mortality '95		20min  great Death Metal
Diamanthian (UK)	- The Infinite Descent			33min
Diamatregon (FRA)	- Blasphemy For Satan			46min
Diamatregon (FRA)	- Charognard 7"				16min
Dicktator (FIN)		- What You Excrete Is What You Are  7"  13min
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter (GER) - Samurai			46min  they mix way too much music styles
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter (GER) - Allegro Barbaro		43min
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter (GER) - Dschinghis Khan 7"		13min
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter (GER) - Soft And Stronger		40min  German Black/Grind/Death, insane...
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter (GER) - Have A Nice Trip		43min
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter (GER) - All You Need Is Love		50min
Die Hard (SWE)		- Emissaries of the Reaper 7"		11min
Die Hard (SWE)		- Evil Always Return  MLP		22min
Die Hard (SWE)		- Hatred's Black Flame  7"		10min
Die Hard (SWE)		- Mercenaries Of Hell  7"		 8min
Die Hard (SWE)		- Nihilistic Vision			41min
Die Hard (SWE)		- Thrash Them All  7"			 8min
Dies Irae (CHI)		- Desde El Trono Demo MCDr '02		16min
Dies Irae (MEX)		- Etherial				64min  like very old In Flames
Dies Irae (MEX)		- Naive					63min
Dies Irae (NOR)		- Circle Of Leth LP			32min  demo pressed on vinyl
Dies Irae (POL)		- Fear Of God  MCD			19min  their forgotten debut
Dies Irae (POL)		- Immolated				32min
Dies Irae (POL)		- Sculpture Of Stone			40min
Dies Irae (POL)		- The Sin War				40min
Dies Irae (POL)         - Fear Of God  Demo Re-Release '00      40min  includes Faithless Rec. bands on B-side
Difenacum (SPA)		- Autoconflicto				46min  great Death Metal
Dim Mak (US)		- Intercepting Fist			44min
Dim Nagel (NOR)      	- Three Songs '95               	16min
Dimension F3H (NOR)	- Reaping The World Winds		60min
Dimension Zero (SWE)	- He Who Shall Not Bleed		35min
Dimension Zero (SWE)	- Penetrations From The...MCD		16min  brutal Gothenburg-Death w. In Flames guys
Dimension Zero (SWE)	- Silent Night Forever			32min
Dimension Zero (SWE)	- This Is Hell				37min
Dimentianon (US)	- Collapse the Void			28min
Dimentianon (US)	- Demo MCDr '01				16min
Dimentianon (US)	- Hossanas Novus Ordo Seclurum		63min
Dimentianon (US)	- Live Promo CDr '08			31min
Dimentianon (US)	- Seven Suicides			32min
Dimentianon / Rigor Sardonicus (US/US) - Split CD		37min
Dimmak (US)		- Enter The Dragon			51min  HC-/Death shit, ex-Ripping Corpse
Dimmu Borgir (GER)	- Destroying Tilburg 2001  CDr		42min
Dimmu Borgir (NOR)	- Death Cult Armageddon			77min
Dimmu Borgir (NOR)	- Godless Savage Garden			42min  superflous release
Dimmu Borgir (NOR)	- In Sorte Diaboli  LP+7"		56min
Dimmu Borgir (NOR)	- Inn I Evighetens Morke		13min  from "For All Tid"-Remastered-CD
Dimmu Borgir (NOR)	- Live: Roskilde Denmark '98		25min  Radio-show, not so good sound
Dimmu Borgir (NOR)	- Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia	62min
Dimmu Borgir (NOR)	- Spiritual Black Dimensions		47min
Dimmu Borgir (NOR)	- Stormblast  Re-Release LP + 7"	52min
Dimmu Borgir (NOR)	- The Serpentine Offering  7"		10min
Dimmu Borgir (NOR)	- The Invaluable Darkness		58min
Dimmu Borgir (NOR)	- Vredesbyrd  Re-Release 7"		 8min
Dimmu Borgir (NOR)	- World Misanthropy  MLP		36min
Dimmu Borgir (NOR)	- s/t  MCD				29min  came with Legacy #107
Dimmu Borgir (NOR) 	- Alive In Torment  MCD			25min
Dimmu Borgir (NOR)   	- Adv. MLP '94 Tusen Vinters..  	28min
Dimmu Borgir (NOR)   	- Devil's Path MCD              	19min
Dimmu Borgir (NOR)   	- Enthrone Darkness Triumphant  	60min  Digipack with a Bonustck
Dimmu Borgir (NOR)   	- Reh. '8/94                    	24min
Dimmu Borgir (NOR)   	- Stormblast  Promo-CD          	44min
Dimness (SWE)		- Blood Soaked Fields  Promo CD '98	45min  nice Thrash from Sweden
Diocletian (NZ)		- Decimator  MCD			24min
Diocletian (NZL)	- Doom Cult				34min
Diocletian (NZL)	- Sect Of Swords  7"			13min
Dion Fortune (SWE)	- Black Ode '93				10min
Dion Fortune (SWE)	- Tales Of Pain '94			 9min
Dirges (COL)		- After The Devastation			45min  good Thrash
Disabled (SWE)		- From Soldier To Disabled '95		13min  more Crust/Grind than Death
Disabuse (NL)		- Sorrow And Perdition  MCD		21min
Disaffected (POR)	- Vast					50min  mix of Moonspell, brutal Thrash and Hellchild, yeah !
Disaffection (SWE)	- Freaks '95				11min  epic MetalGoth or something
Disarmonie Mundi (ITA)	- Fragments Of D-Generation		47min  with Speed/Soilwork on vox, similar style
Disaster (CHI)		- Criaturas Del Mal			44min  Thrash massacre !!!
Disaster (CHI)		- Desquiciado '04			25min
Disaster (POL)		- The Way Of Disaster '94		55min
Disastrous Murmer (AUT)	- Rhapsodies In Red			36min
Disastrous Murmer / Embedded (AUT/GER) - Split 7"		13min  killer bands !!!!!!!
Disastrous Murmur (AUT) - ...And Hungry Are The Lost		47min
Disastrous Murmur (AUT) - Where The Blood Forever...	MCD	17min
Disastrous Murmur (AUT) - Daily Toilet Torturing  7"		16min
Discard (UK)		- Four Minutes Past Midnight		30min  completly Discharge
Discarnate (FIN)	- Reh. '94?				 9min  Impaled Nazarene/Beherit worshippers
Discarnate (UK)         - Mental Scars '93                      20min
Discarnated (AUS)	- Deus Misereatur			28min  Christian Death Metal and quiet good
Dischange (SWE)		- Seeing Feeling Bleeding		29min  lame Crust, badly produced
Dischange / Crazy Fucked Up Daily Life (SWE/JPN) - Split 7"	11min
Dischange / Excrement Of War (SWE/UK) - Split 7"		12min
Discharge (UK)		- Massacre Divine			41min  complete shit
Discharge (UK)		- Never Again  CD			38min
Disciples Of Mockery (US) - Prelude To... Re-Release CD		53min
Disciples Of Mockery (US) - Prelude To Apocalypse		42min
Disembowel (NL)		- A Matter Of Splatter  7"		10min
Disembowelment (AUS)	- Deep Sensory Procession... '91	26min
Disembowelment (AUS)    - Transcendence Into The Periphal       60min  like Evoken/Thergothon
Disembowelment (AUS)    - Dusk  MCD                             30min
Disembowelment (US)	- Mourning September '91		23min
Disfear (SWE)		- 1st 7"				 9min
Disfear (SWE)		- A Brutal Sight Of War  MCD		17min  both 7"s on CD
Disfear (SWE)		- A Brutal Sight Of War  7"		 8min
Disfear (SWE)		- Everyday Slaughter			27min
Disfear (SWE)		- Live The Storm			35min
Disfear (SWE)		- Misanthropic Generation		38min
Disfear (SWE)		- Powerload 7"				 8min
Disfear (SWE)		- Soul Scars				26min
Disfear / Doomriders (SWE/US) - Split 7"			10min
Disfear / Uncurbed (SWE/SWE) - Split 7"				 5min
Disfear / Zeke (SWE/US)	- Split 7"				 9min
Disforterror (BRA)	- Impalement And Holocaust... 10"+7"	28min
Disforterror (BRA)	- The Triumphant Way Of The Gods '00 	16min
Disgrace (FIN)		- 1990					41min
Disgrace (FIN)		- Born Tired				34min
Disgrace (FIN)		- Grey Misery				36min
Disgrace (FIN)		- Grey Misery  Re-Release CD		62min  first LP + first 7" + first demo on CD
Disgrace (FIN)		- Gula  7"				12min
Disgrace (FIN)		- If You're Looking For Trouble		37min
Disgrace (FIN)		- Inside The Labyrinth Of... '91	14min
Disgrace (FIN)		- Superhuman Dome			35min
Disgrace (FIN)		- Turku					30min  new rocking stuff from 2001
Disgrace (FIN)		- Vacuum Horror... MCD			16min
Disgrace (FIN)		- Vol.2					33min
Disgrace (FIN)          - Furvival  7"                          10min
Disgrace (SWE)		- The Last Sign Of Existence '92	21min
Disgrace / Tenderizer (FIN/FIN) - Split 7"			11min
Disgrace / The Egyptian Gay Lovers (FIN/GER) - Split 7"		10min
Disgrace / Trouble Bound Gospel (FIN/FIN) - Split 7"		12min
Disgrace And Terror (BRA) - Shadows Of Violence			45min
Disgrace And Terror (BRA) - The War  MCD			16min
Disgust (UK)		- A World Of No Beauty			52min
Disgust (UK)		- Thrown Into Oblivion  7"		14min
Disgusted (VIET)	- Rotting With The Flesh  7"		 8min
Disgusting (NOR)        - Disgusting MCD                        21min
Disgusting (NOR)        - Shapeshifterbirthblues                50min  HNF Rec, like Bolt-Thrower-goes-insane
Dishammer (SPA)		- Under The Sign Of The D-Beat Mark MLP 21min
Dishammer (SPA)		- Vintage Addiction			30min
Dishammer / The Warvolves (SPA/US) - Split 7"			11min
Disharmonic (ITA)	- The Black Dance Of Evil Spirits	30min
Disharmonic Orchestra (AUT) - Successive Substitution  7"	10min
Disharmonic Orchestra (AUT) - Just A Thought  7"		 9min  only sold at their european tour '92
Disharmonic Orchestra / Pungent Stench (AUT/AUT) - Splti LP 	32min
Disharmony (GRE)	- The Gate Of Deeper Sleep  7"		11min
Disharmony (GRE-diff)   - When Purity Withers                   47min  incl. Demo '97, now doing Power Metal
Dished (POL)		- Deadly Underground '92		33min
Dished (POL)		- Reason Of Suffering			34min
Disinter (PER)		- Hell Gate				35min
Disinter (PER)		- Laments Of The Unborn			38min
Disinter (PER)		- Warpest				55min
Disinter (US)		- As We Burn				32min
Disinter (US-IL)        - Beauty Of Suffering MCD               18min
Disinter (US-IL)        - Torn From The Grave                   26min
Disinter (US-IL)        - Vedma: The Disinter Witch Project     38min
Disinter (US-IL)        - Desecrated                            27min
Disinter (US-IL)        - Welcome To Oblivion                   37min
Disinter (US-IL)        - Demonic Portraiture                   73min
Disinter (US-WV)	- Tower Amidst A Necropolis '95?	16min  different Disinter
Disiplin (NOR)		- Anti Life				54min
Disiplin (NOR)		- s/t					52min  overrated NorwegainBlack Metal band
Diskord (NOR)		- Aural Abjection CDr '02		31min
Diskord (NOR)		- Doomscapes				46min  cross of Hallucinating Anxiety and In Pains (Cadaver)
Diskord (NOR)		- hdfh  7"				 9min  avantgarde Death Metal that sounds really good
Disloyal (POL)		- The Kingdom Of Plague			33min
Disma (US)		- The Manifestation  7"			11min
Disma (US)		- Towards The Megalith			47min
Disma / Winterwolf (US/FIN) - Split 7"				13min
Dismal (SWE)		- My Beautiful Empire '96		 9min
Dismal (SWE)		- My Beautiful Empire '96		10min
Dismal (US)		- Terra Plague  7"			10min
Dismal Divinity (P.RICO)- Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam  CDr		47min  brutal Death Metal, a gal grunting
Dismal Euphony (NOR)	- Autumn Leaves				43min
Dismal Euphony (NOR)	- All Little Devils			39min
Dismal Euphony (NOR)	- Lady Ablaze  MCD			20min
Dismal Euphony (NOR)	- Python Zero				43min
Dismal Euphony (NOR) 	- Soria Moria Slott  Remix      	47min
Dismal Euphony (NOR) 	- Soria Moria Slott             	42min
Dismember (SWE)		- Complete Demos  Digi-CD		40min
Dismember (SWE)		- Demos 1988-1990			58min
Dismember (SWE)		- Hate Campaign				34min
Dismember (SWE)		- Like An Everflowing... CD		40min  not the Rerelease, but also 2 Bonus tx
Dismember (SWE)		- The God That Never Was		35min
Dismember (SWE)		- Where Ironcrosses Grow		38min
Dismember (SWE)		- s/t					43min  best Dismember record since Indecent...
Dismember (SWE)      	- Misanthropic MCD              	20min
Dismember (SWE)      	- Death Metal                   	41min
Disorge (SWE)		- Demo '92				15min
Disparaged (SWI)	- Blood Source				41min
Disparaged (SWI)	- Deathtrap  MCD			19min
Disparaged (SWI)	- Overlust				43min
Dispatched (SWE)	- Act Of Resurrection '93		10min
Dispatched (SWE)	- Adv. unrel. CD Blackshadows '94	56min  the lost Exhumed Prod. version
Dispatched (SWE)	- Awaiting The End  7"			15min
Dispatched (SWE)	- Blackhadows MCD			19min
Dispatched (SWE)	- Dispatched Into External '92		15min
Dispatched (SWE)	- Motherwar				48min
Dispatched (SWE)	- Promised Land  MCD			25min
Dispatched (SWE)	- Promo 2 '93				20min
Dispatched (SWE)	- Promo MCDr '99			19min
Dispatched (SWE)	- Return To Your Mind  MCD		18min
Dispatched (SWE)	- Terrorizer, The Last Chapter...	50min
Dispense (SWE)		- In The Cold Night  MCD		18min
Disrupt (US)		- Doomed to Extinction  7"		14min
Disrupt (US)		- Millions Die For Money Making  7"	15min
Disrupt (US)		- Rid The Cancer  7"			10min
Disrupt (US)		- Unrest				50min  like old ENT
Dissect (NL)		- Swallow Souming Mass			51min
Dissection (CAN)	- Final Genocide			38min  Thrash massacre from late 80es
Dissection (LIT)	- Dissected Tapes			36min  demos on CD
Dissection (SWE)	- Into Infinite Obscurity  Bootleg-7"	15min  by Nuclear Boom Rec.
Dissection (SWE)	- Maha Kali  MCD			12min  boring return of the reaper...
Dissection (SWE)	- Reh. '9? ('90 or '91)			 2min  Carnage-cover (The Day Man Lost)
Dissection (SWE)	- Reinkaos				42min
Dissection (SWE)	- Starless Aeon MCD			12min
Dissection (SWE)	- Storm Of The... Re-Release 2-LP	86min
Dissection (SWE)	- The Grief Prophecy  7"		10min
Dissection (SWE)	- The Past Is Alive			34min  Demo/Satanized (pre-Dissec.)/7"/-stuff
Dissection (SWE)	- The Somberlain  Re-Release 2-LP	88min
Dissection (SWE)    	- Where Dead Angels Lie MCD     	24min
Dissection (SWE)     	- Night's Blood Live Oslo 4.5.93  LP    52min  incl. The Grief Prophecy Demo '91
Dissection / Immortal (SWE/NOR)	- Split Live 7"			12min
Dissenter (POL)		- Apocalypse Of The Damned		45min
Dissenter (POL)		- Bloodlust And Blasphemy		31min
Dissenter (POL)		- Contamination				42min
Dissenter (POL)		- Furor Arma Ministrat			36min
Dissenter (POL)		- Moral Insanity '9?			 9min
Dissimulation (LIT)	- Miglose...  7"			16min
Dissipation (US)	- D.S.W.  7"				 8min
Dissolved (SWE)		- Into A Form Of Grotesque '93?		15min
Distraught (BRA)	- Behind The Veil			49min
Distraught (BRA)	- Nervous System			50min
Divine Empire (US)	- Doomed To Inherit			35min
Divine Empire (US)	- Method Of Execution			59min
Divine Empire (US)	- Nostradamus				31min
Divine Empire (US)	- Redemption				34min
Divine Eve (US)		- Upon These Ashes Scorn The World	39min  MCD, unrel. 7" (Promo), sampler tracks
Divine Eve / Vex (US/US)- Split 7"				 9min
Divine Genocide (GER)	- Abomination In... Demo CDr '00	40min  w.Sataniac (now in Desaster)
Divine Sin (SWE)	- Dying To Live '90			15min
Divine Sin (SWE)	- Thirteen Souls			48min
Divine Sin (SWE)	- Winterland				47min
Divine Sin (SWE)	- Years Of Sorrow '91			21min
Divine Souls (SWE)	- Embodiement				35min
Divine Souls (SWE)	- The Bitter Selfcaged Man		39min
Doctor Butcher (US)	- Doctor Butcher			50min  w. Jon Olivia
Dodheimsgard (NOR)	- 666 International			66min  uargghhhh, shit
Dodheimsgard (NOR)	- Satanic Art MCD			16min
Dodheimsgard (NOR)	- Supervillain Outcast			57min
Dodheimsgard (NOR)   	- Monumental Possession         	37min  greatest BM of 1996/1997
Dodheimsgard (NOR)    	- Reh. '94                      	22min
Dodheimsgard (NOR)      - Mörk Skog  7"                         18min  Reh.'94 and Promo '93
Dog Faced Gods (SWE)	- Random Chaos Theory In Action		48min  HC verison of Ebony Tears
Dogod (US)              - The Other Side '92                    16min
Dogs With Jobs (CAN) 	- Shock                         	40min  w. Gordo on voc. (Piledriver mainman), similar sound
Dogs With Jobs (CAN) 	- Payday                        	43min
Dolmen (US)             - On The Eve Of War                     25min  pre-Absu, several Reh. on LP
Dolmen (US)             - On The Eve Of War Reh.'89             17min  pre-Absu, very thrashy
Dolorian (FIN)		- Voidwards				66min
Dolorian (FIN)		- When All Laughter Has Gone		54min
Dolorian (FIN)		- s/t					51min
Dom Dracul (SWE)	- Attack On The Crucified		38min  similar to Old
Dom Dracul (SWE)	- Genocide In The Name Of Satan '04	14min
Domain (POL)		- ...From Oblivion...			54min  ex-Pandemonium, slow Death Metal
Domain (POL)		- Gat Etemmi				41min
Domain (POL)		- Pandemonium				38min  ex-Pandemonium, recorded after the split
Domain / Demonized (MEX/MEX) - Split MCD			25min
Domination (UK)		- Desolate Lands '95			27min
Domini Inferi / Warhate (CAN/US) - Split MLP			12min
Dominion (US)		- Soul's Redemption  MCD		27min
Dominion Caligula (SWE) - A New Era Rises			41min  quiet rocky Dark Funeral stlyle
Dominus (CHI)		- The Occult Lords... Re.Release '05	15min
Dominus (DK)		- Godfallos				47min
Dominus (DK)		- The First 9				36min
Dominus (DK)		- View To The Dim			40min
Dominus (DK)		- Vol. Beat				43min
Dominus Xul (CHI)	- The Primigeni Xul			47min
Dominus Xul (CHI)	- To The Glory Of The Ancient Ones	41min
Dool (NL)		- Sketches Of Summerland  MCD		32min  came with Rock Hard #395
Doom (UK)		- Doomed From The Start			40min  The Demo's album
Doom (UK)		- Double Peel Sessions			28min  2nd one with Karl Willets on vox
Doom (UK)		- Fuck Peacville  Do.-LP		70min
Doom (UK)		- Live In Japan  7"			14min
Doom (UK)		- Monarchy Zoo				56min
Doom (UK)		- Police Bastard  7"			 8min
Doom (UK)		- Rush Hour For The Gods		30min
Doom (UK)		- The Greatest Invention		28min
Doom (UK)		- War Crimes - Inhuman Beings		38min
Doom (UK)		- World Of Shit				31min  from 2001, fantastic title tck
Doom (UK)               - Hail To Sweden  7"                    11min
Doom / Concrete Sox (UK/UK) - Split Live CD			61min
Doom / Cress (UK/UK)	- Split 10"				24min
Doom / Extinction Of Mankind (UK/UK) - Split 7"			13min
Doom / Hiatus (UK/BEL)  - Split 7"				13min
Doom / No Security (UK/SWE) - Split LP				37min
Doom / Selfish (UK(FIN)	- Split LP				45min
Doom Snake Cult (US)	- Love Sorrow Doom  Re-Release LP	40min
Doombringer (POL)	- Ancient Abominations			45min
Doombringer (POL)	- Sevenfold Pestilence  7"		13min  fantastic Dark Death Metal
Doomed (US)		- Broken 7"				 8min  w. Autopsy members
Doomed (US)		- Doomed To Death, Damned In Hell	28min
Doomed (US)		- Haematomania  7"			15min  w.Autopsy members, Peaceville Collectors Club
Doomsday (GER)		- The Daily Junkfood			50min  complete shit
Doomstone (US)		- 2 Song Promotape '94			 6min  w. 1 unrel. song from Those...-session
Doomstone (US)		- Possessed... Re-Release LP 		31min  Demo+Live
Doomstone (US)		- Satanavoid				46min  big return, Satanic Heavy Metal
Doomstone (US)		- Without Prayer			79min  two new tx + both old CDs
Doro (GER)		- All For Metal  MCD			39min  came with Rock Hard #375
Dorsal Atlantica (BRA)	- Pelagodiscus Atlanticus  2-CD	       106min  the old, the rare, the new, R.I.P.
Dorsal Atlantica (BRA)	- Dividir Et Conquistar			40min  versao em ingles !! english version
Dorsal Atlantica (BRA)	- Straight				40min  Crustcore now, not so good
Dorsal Atlantica (BRA)	- Ultimatum Outtakes 1982-1985		38min  old trax from this legend, rel. in 2002??
Dorsal Atlantica (BRA)	- Searching For The Light		39min
Dorsal Atlantica (BRA)	- Antes Do Fim				36min  thier debut from '86
Dorsal Atlantica (BRA)	- Dividir Et Conquistar 		45min  portugese version
Dorsal Atlantica (BRA)	- Victory  7"				 9min
Dorsal Atlantica (BRA)	- Terrorism Alive			74min
Dorsal Atlantica (BRA)	- Alea Jacta Est			45min
Dorsal Atlantica (BRA)	- Musical Guide From Stellium		35min
Dorsal Atlantica (BRA)  - Dividir Et Conquistar/Searching For.. 72min  both albums on one CD
Dorsal Atlantica (BRA)  - Cheap Tapes From Divide... MLP        26min
Dorsal Atlantica / Metalmorphose (BRA/BRA) - Split Rerele.LP	41min
Downer (AUS)		- Greater Scrape			41min  Deathgrind on Dark Oceans Prod.
Downlord (DK)		- Grind Trials  MCD			18min  Dave Ingram's new band
Downlord (DK)		- Random Dictionary Of The Damned	41min  very good Death Metal
Doxomedon (SIN)		- Evanesce  Re-Release 7"		16min  10-years edition of the MCD
Doxomedon (SIN)		- Evanesce  MCD				16min
Doykod (BRA)		- Accept The New Order			26min  produced by Korzus member
Dr. Death (GER)      	- Jesus Looks Like Me '93       	17min
Dr. Shrinker (US)	- Grotesque Wedlock			69min
Dr. Shrinker (US)	- Recognition '88			15min
Dr.Death (GER)		- Crash Course In The Garden... MCD 	21min  DoomDeath with Torchure-like voice
Dr.Shrinker (US)	- The Eponym Demo '90  7"		 9min
Dr.Steel (CRO)		- Heaven Or Hell  Re-Release CD		44min  normal Heavy from late 80es
Dracena (SWE)		- Demonic Women MCD			15min  the girls who founded Deathwitch !!!!!!!!
Dracena (SWE)		- Infernal Damnation			33min  fantastic melodic BlackDeath Metal. Awesome killer !!!
Dracena (SWE)		- Labyrinth Of Darkness  MCD		15min  their best work to date, killer title tck
Draconis (US)		- Overlords Of The Greying Dawn		37min
Draconis (US)		- The Highest Of All Dark Powers	21min  cool US-BlackDeath
Dragbody (US?)		- Swallowing Razors  7"			 7min  lame HC
Dragon (POL)		- Fallen Angel  pol.version		44min  pol. version of the LP
Dragon (POL)		- Horda Goga				41min  polish version of "Horde Of Gog"
Dragon (POL)		- Sacrifice '94				59min
Dragon (POL)		- Twarze				48min  Modern Metal ?? not good...
Dragonlord (US)		- Rapture				35min  brutal Thrash, w.ex-Sadus and Testament
Drakar (CZE)		- Kdyz Se Lame Cas 			48min  MC-only release, more Metal-oriented
Drakar (CZE)		- Let Draka				41min  Celtic Frost/Venom influenced
Drakar (CZE)		- The Flight Of The Dragon		41min  engl. version of Let Draka LP
Draksen (MEX)		- From Beyond '89			30min  very good Thrash
Draugsang / Mörker (NOR/SWE) - Split LP                         45min
Drawn And Quartered (US)- To Kill Is Human			34min
Drawn And Quartered (US)- Merciless Hammer Of Lucifer 2-CD 	81min
Drawn And Quartered (US)- Return Of The Black Death		40min  Immolation/Incantation stuff
Drawn And Quartered (US)- Extermination Revelry 		47min
Drawn And Quartered (US)- Hail Infernal Darkness		42min
Drawn And Quartered (US)- Conquerors Of Sodom  7"		15min
Dream Death (US)	- Back From The Dead			79min  all 3 demos on CD
Dream Death (US)	- Pittsburgh Sludge Metal		45min  Live '86 with good sound
Dream Death (US)    	- Unrel. 12" '89                	15min
Dream Upon Tombs (AUS) 	- Demo '97				15min
Dreams Of Damnation (US)- Epic Tales Of Vengenace		28min
Dreams Of Damnation (US)- Let The Violence Begin		28min  ex-Dark Angel, older Sepultura like
Dreamsfear (IRE)	- Prelude To Destiny MCD		29min  some cool PowerDoom
Dreignor Dragon Morth (ARG) - Principios (Acto De Repudio) CDr 	42min
Drifter (SWI)		- No Where To Hide			37min
Drifter (SWI)		- The Demos 1985+1986			54min
Driller Killer (SWE)	- And The Winner Is...			40min
Driller Killer (SWE)	- Brutalize				25min  more Discharge influenced in their beginning
Driller Killer (SWE)	- Cold Cheap And Disconnected		46min
Driller Killer (SWE)	- Fuck The World			33min
Driller Killer (SWE)	- L.I.F.E.  7"				 8min
Driller Killer (SWE)	- Reality Bites				71min  incl. 30min Live, Crust Death Metal, cool
Driller Killer (SWE)	- The 4Q Mangrenade			37min  again mega-fat produced Crust/Death Metal
Driller Killer (SWE)	- Total Fuckin' Hate			33min
Driller Killer (SWE)	- What Goes Around, Comes... 7"		10min
Driller Killer / Instinct (SWE/JPN) - Split 7"			11min
Driller Killer / Simbiose (SWE/POR) - Split 7"			12min  incredibly great Crust/Death massacre
Driller Killer / Viktims (SWE/FRA) - Split 7"			10min
Driller Killer / Viu Drakh (SWE/GER) - Split 7"			10min
Drown In Blood (GER) 	- Blood Red Path			33min  great Bolt Thrower influenced Crust
Drowned (BRA)		- Back From Hell			29min  comp. with Demo tx, covers and old tx
Drowned (BRA)		- Bio-Violence				39min
Drowned (BRA)		- Bonegrinder				39min  good Death Metal on Cogumelo
Drowned (BRA)		- Butchery Age				33min
Drowned (BRA)		- By The Grace Of Evil			43min
Drowned (BRA)		- By the Evil Alive...  MCDr		19min  MPiss3+booklet/backinlay from bandwebpage
Drowned (GER)		- Aerth  7"				14min  one of the best German Black Metal bands
Drowned (GER)		- Alive Undead '95/'13			40min
Drowned (GER)		- Demo '93				21min
Drowned (GER)		- Reh.Demo 12/12			11min
Drowned (GER)		- Rehearsals  Fall '01			21min
Drowned (GER)		- Viscera Terrae '06			20min  incredible killer sounding Death Metal
Drowned (GER)		- Idola Specus				38min
Drowned (NL)		- Mausoleum '92				15min
Drowned In Blood (MEX)  - The Warfare Continues			35min  technical Death Metal
Druid Lord / Kaiju (US/US) - Split 7" + MCD			38min
Druid Lord / Wooden Stake (US/US) - Split 7"			 9min
Dungeonhammer / Rust (FRA/SWE) - Split 7"			15min
Dusk (PAK)		- Where Dreams Bleed '98		12min
Dusk (PAKI)		- Dead Heart Dawning  MCDr		15min
Dusk (PAKI)		- Jahilia				42min
Dusk (PAKI)		- My Infinite Nature Alone		43min  DoomDeath from Pakistan, one 101 points song
Dusk (US)		- ...Majestic Thou In Ruin		33min
Dusk (US)		- Dusk  MCD				27min  more suicide DoomDeath
Dusk (US)		- Mourning...Resurrect			65min
Dust (SWE)		- The Endless Fall  7"			11min  good ultrafast Black Metal
Dust Devil (NL)		- Inject The Menance '90		22min
Dying Creed (FIN)	- Under The Surface '97			20min  killer Black/Death
Dying Embrace (IND)	- Misanthrope 7"			13min  great DarkDeath Metal from India
Dying Embrace (IND)	- Serenades Of Depravity CDr		46min  compilation of old stuff
Dying Fetus (US)	- Infatuation With Malevolence		43min  first pressing on WRR
Dynamic (SWE)           - Death's Corner '99                    11min  ex-Moria
Dyoxen (CAN)            - First Among Equals                    37min  like Holy Terror
Dysentery (GER)         - Sickening Thoughts '02                21min
Dysentery (GER)         - Pro Patria '95                        26min
Dysentery (GER)         - Spheres Of Insanity                   41min
Dysentery (GER)         - Pathological Waste 7"                 11min
Dysentery (GER)         - Brings Me No Tears                    46min  old Carcass with strange sound
Dysentery (SWE)		- Crawling In Blood  '92		41min
Dystrophy (Ger) 	- As Nemesis Kissed The Sky '93		22min
Dödsdömd (SWE)          - s/t 7"                                 8min
Dödsdömd (SWE)          - Beskada Var Vackra Värld 7"            7min
E-X-E (US)		- Sicker Than I Thought!		42min  Power-Speed mongers, awful voice
E-X-E (US)		- Stricken By Might			38min  great American Power Metal
E.N.T. (UK)		- Being And Nothing			30min
E.N.T. (UK)		- Damage 381				31min
E.N.T. (UK)		- Ear Terror				21min  Headache Rec. Live LP
E.N.T. (UK)		- Hatred And The Filth  7"		 7min
E.N.T. (UK)		- Law Of Retaliation			38min
E.N.T. (UK)		- Live At The Fulham Greyhound 1989 	31min
E.N.T. (UK)		- Live JUZ Burladingen 23.10.88  LP	34min
E.N.T. (UK)		- Punker Than Punk  7"			11min  covers of Sham 69/Discharge/...
E.N.T. (UK)		- The Peel Sessions  7"			11min
E.N.T. (UK)		- The Peel Sessions  LP			37min
E.N.T. (UK)             - Are You That Desperate Live 7"        13min
E.N.T. / Driller Killer (UK/SWE) - Split MCD			17min
E.N.T. / Pakeni (UK/YUG)- The Split Noiz Live EP		12min
E.N.T. vs K.L.F. (UK/UK?) - 3a.m. Eternal   7"			 6min  sold only through KLF fanclub
Ear Damage (BEL)	- Progress Of Humanity			40min
Earth (AUS)		- The Bleeding Fields			55min
Earth (AUS)             - Star Condemn'd                        45min  great melodic but still brutal Swedish Döds Metal like
Earth Flight (GER)	- s/t					50min
Earthcorpse (UK)	- Born Bleeding				46min
Earthquake (SWE)	- The Truth				59min
Earthquake (SWE)	- Theatricals				56min  old Metallica/Anthrax sound
Eat My Fuk (US)		- Fuk You, It's Eat My Fuk  3"-MCD	12min
Eat My Fukk (US)	- Wet Slit And A Bottle Of... LP	37min  lots of bonus
Eat My Fukk (US)	- Wet Slit And A Bottle Of... MCD	25min  GG-Allin/Autpsy Freaks
Eavens Creed / Sollubi (UK/US) - Split 7"			 7min
Ebola (POL)		- Destroy The Throne...  Demo MCDr '04 	17min
Ebola (POL)		- Infernal Revelation			28min
Ebola (POL)		- Suffering And Pain  Demo MCDr '03 	21min
Ebola / Jeninger (GER/GER) - Split 7"				11min
Ebony Tears (SWE)	- A Handful Of Nothing			31min
Ebony Tears (SWE)	- Demo '96				14min
Ebony Tears (SWE)	- Evil As Hell				40min
Ebony Tears (SWE)	- Tortura Insomniae			55min  Melodic Death Metal meets Skyclad
Eciton (DK)		- A Scent Of Veracity			37min
Eclipse (POL)		- Dorsacharm's Venomous Teleurs		27min
Eclypse (POL)		- Applause: Ihva Elohim Met		36min  ok, but no new Hate, Vader, Magnus
Ectomia (SWE)		- Feasting On Human Skulls '98		24min
Edge Of Sanity (SWE)	- Cryptic				36min
Edge Of Sanity (SWE)	- Crimson II + I  2-LP			83min
Edge Of Sanity (SWE)	- Evolution  Do.-CD			99min  great compilation
Edge Of Sanity (SWE)	- Kur-nu-gi-a '92			20min  Special Metal Maniacs edition
Edge Of Sanity (SWE)	- Nothing But Death Remains		31min
Edge Of Sanity (SWE)	- When All Is Said  2-CD	       149min
Edge Of Sanity (SWE) 	- Crimson                       	43min
Edge Of Sanity (SWE) 	- Infernal                      	50min
Edge Of Sanity (SWE) 	- Unrel. tk '96				 4min
Edicius (SWE)		- Pleasant Pain '94			14min
Editor (SVK)		- Demo Collection 2-CDr		       130min
Egzekuthor (POL)	- Badz Jak Metal			38min
Egzekuthor (POL)	- Czas Sumienia				75min  Demo '87 as bonus
Egzekuthor (POL)	- Hateful Subconsciousness '92		28min  fantastic Death
Eibon (SIN)		- The Garden Of Theophrastus		53min  fantastic melancholic DeathDoom, like old Argentum
Eidomantum (SWE)	- Fear The Master  7"			15min  like Root meets some Nifelheim
Eidomantum (SWE)	- From The Tomb Of Evil '00		16min
Eidomantum (SWE)	- Old Blood '03				16min
Eidomantum (SWE)	- The Death  7"				10min
Einherjer (NOR)		- Aurora Borealis  MCD			24min
Einherjer (NOR)		- Blot					60min
Einherjer (NOR)		- Norwegian Native Art			40min
Einherjer (NOR)      	- Dragons Of The North          	49min  fantastic Viking Metal
Einherjer (NOR)         - Norwegian Native Art                  40min
Einherjer (NOR)         - Far, Far North                        21min
Einsatzkommando (GER)	- Black Thrashing Speedmetal Of... '09 	28min  sounds like old German Deathnoise
Ejecutor / Atomicide (CHI/CHI) - Split CD			46min
Ekhymosis (COL)		- Ciudad Pacifico			39min  pure pop shit, they turned to gay
Ekhymosis (COL)		- Nino Gigante				36min  more like Melodic Speed Metal
Ekhymosis (COL)		- s/t  MLP				20min  Speed Metal, bad vocals
Ekron Cult (PARA)	- 7 Beasts 7 Gifts Demo MCDr '07	 7min
Ekron Cult (PARA)	- Queen Of The Luxury  MCD		24min
Elbereth (SPA)		- ...And Other Reasons			55min
Elbereth (SPA)		- Reminiscences From The Past  7"	10min  very old Finnish Death sounding
Electro Hippies	(UK)	- The Only Good Punk Is A Dead...	32min  British Hardcore/Grind/Death/Thrash
Electro Hippies (UK)	- The Peaceville Recordings		57min  both LPs plus Sampler tx
Electro Hippies (UK)	- The Peel Sessions  MLP		 9min
Electrocution (ITA)	- Inside The Unreal			34min  quiet good Death Metal from 1993
Electrocution (ITA)	- s/t  7"				 8min
Eliminator (US)		- Breaking The Wheel			35min
Elite (NOR)		- Bekmorket  MCD			22min
Elite (NOR)		- Bifrost				45min  could have been a good record, but horrible sound
Elite (NOR)		- Kampen				54min
Elite (NOR)		- We Own The Mountains			48min
Eljudner (NOR)		- Blod Og Kvad  7"			13min
Eluveite (SWI)		- Live At Feuertanz 2012		47min
Elysian Blaze (AUS)	- Cold Walls And Apparitions		55min  crappy average Black Metal
Elysian Fields (GRE)	- 12 Ablaze				41min  similar to Dark Tranquillity
Elysian Fields (GRE)	- Adelain				42min
Elysium (POL)		- Godfather				38min
Emancer (NOR)		- Invisible				50min
Emancer (NOR)		- The Human eXperiment			42min
Emancer (NOR)		- The Menace Within			53min
Emancer (NOR)		- Utopian Illusions			40min  great Black from Norge, rare these days
Embalmed (MEX)		- Exalt The Imperial Beast		26min
Embalmed (MEX)		- Heresy Reh.'97 + Live '94  Tape '05	38min
Embalmed (MEX)		- Prelude to Satan's War  7"		14min
Embalmed (MEX)		- Unholy Torment  MCD			19min  totally old-school Death massacre
Embalmed Souls (BRA)	- Become Vengeance, Become Wrath '99 	26min
Embalmed Souls (BRA)	- Bizarre Live Tape '03			23min
Embalmed Souls (BRA)	- Kingdom Of Fake Promises		34min
Embalmed Souls (BRA)	- Six Rites Of Possession Demo CDr '10 	58min  2nd demo as bonus, great Dark Death Metal
Embalmed Souls (BRA)	- The Temple Of Bizarre Cult '05	24min  INCREDIBLE ancient Death Metal !!!! 
Embalmer (US)		- 13 Faces Of Death			44min  very good Death Metal comeback
Embalmer (US)		- Embalmenation Of Demos		41min
Embalmer (US)		- There Was Blood...Re-Release MCD 	25min  re-released by Relapse in 1997 on MCD
Embedded (GER)		- A Severity Divine			35min
Embedded (GER)		- Banished From The Light		30min  next killer German Death Metal band
Embedded (UK)		- Live In The Pirate '96		26min
Embodied Grief (GER)	- Demo '03				18min
Embrace Of Thorns (GRE) - Praying For Absolution		44min
Embrace Of Thorns (GRE) - For I See Death In Their Eyes '07	32min  pure barbaric Beherit/Blasphemy worship
Embrace Of Throns (GRE) - Chants Of Atomic Genocide '04		22min
Embrace Of Throns (GRE) - Stench Of The Deceased Martyrs  '05 	17min  Beherit/Blasphemy inspired
Embrace Of Throns (GRE) - Atonement Ritual			35min  killer Death/Black Metal
Embracing (SWE)		- Dreams Left Behind			46min  ex-Naglfar member
Embracing (SWE)      	- I Bear The Burden Of Time     	41min
Embrional (POL)		- Cusp Of Evil				42min
Embrionic Death (US)	- Regurgitate The Dead '93		24min  Loud Out/Poland release
Embryo (SWE)		- Damnatory Cacophony '91		18min
Embryonic / Algol / Mayhem (NOR/NOR/NOR) - Split CD		74min  ultra bad Bootleg CD
Eminent Shadow (BRA)	- Final War				37min
Eminenz (GER)		- Death Fall				46min  demos on LP
Eminenz (GER)		- The Heretic				38min
Empaligon (GER)		- Black Dominated Annihilation		46min
Empaligon / Trimvirat Xul (GER/GER) - Split 7"			10min
Emperor	(NOR)		- 2 Versions Of 'Lord Of...'92  	 6min  7" version and Demonic Pitch Version
Emperor	(NOR)		- IX Equilibrium			44min
Emperor (NOR)		- A Midsummer Night's Dream		54min  Boot Live CD from a 93-gig
Emperor (NOR)		- Forgotten Centuries  7"		 8min  Bootleg
Emperor (NOR)		- Live At Wacken Open Air 2006		71min
Emperor (NOR)		- Live Inferno 2006			81min
Emperor (NOR)		- Live In Frostland  Boot-CD		70min  ultra evil sound (means total shit)
Emperor (NOR)		- Prometheus - The Discipline...	51min
Emperor (NOR)		- Reh. 9/92 + 10/92  CDr		63min
Emperor (NOR)		- Reverance  7"				12min
Emperor (NOR)		- Thus Spake the Nightspirit 7" 	10min
Emperor (NOR)		- Witches Sabbath  7"			10min  2-song bootleg version of  the "As The.."-7"
Emperor (NOR)		- Wrath Of The Tyrant  CD		43min  Wild Rags version, incl. 7" (2 songs)
Emperor (NOR)        	- Reh. tck '94                  	 6min  fuckin' great tck "Moonover Kara-Sher"
Emperor (NOR)        	- Anthems To The Welkin...      	45min
Emperor (NOR)        	- Reverence MCD                 	16min
Emperor / Throns (NOR/NOR) - Split-CD (1st pressing)		86min  featuring THORNS-Reh.-Bonus CD
Empheris / Morbid Execution (POL/POL) - Split Demo '07		27min
Emphysema (US)		- Promo '93				15min
Empire (POL)		- Eternally Dreaming '93		16min
Empire's Darkness (MEX) - Black N'Roll  Demo MCDr '05		26min
Emptiness (BEL)		- Guilty To Exist			44min  ex-Enthroned, great Death Metal
Emptiness (BEL)		- Necrorgy Demo CDr '02			34min
Empyrium (GER)       	- Songs Of Moors And Misty...   	45min
Empyrium (GER)       	- A Wintersunset...             	49min
Encabulos (AUS)		- Abandoning The Flesh  MCD		15min  old school Death Metal
Encabulos (AUS)		- Dark Divinity '98			15min  great Death Metal
Encabulos (AUS)		- Demo '97				14min
Enchanted (NOR)		- Breed My Sorrows '95			14min
Enchanted (NOR)		- Daylight Wing Collides MCD		11min
Enchantment (UK)	- A Tear For Young Eloquence '93	33min  fantastic DeathDoom
Enchantment (UK)	- Dance Of The Marble Naked		43min
Encoffination (US)	- Seventh Temple Of Laodicean... 7"	12min
Encomium / Graupel (GER/GER) - Split 7"				16min
End Of All (SWE)	- Same Shit But Different		34min
End Of All (SWE)	- The Art Of Decadence			29min  great Crust
Endermic (FIN)		- Syndromata Psychoorganica... '93	14min
Endermic (FIN)		- The Darkest Cloud '94			17min
Endless Dawn (SWE)	- Hymns From Below '92			22min
Endoparasites (FIN)	- Lifetheatre '93			23min
Endwarfment (NOR)	- The Paralympik Sessions		35min
Endwarfment (NOR)	- World Downsfall  7"			10min
Endwarfment / Victimised (NOR/NOR) - Split 7"			12min
Energetic Crusher (UK)	- Reh '91				 7min  done with Hellbastard equipment in their
Energetic Krusher (UK)	- Path To Oblivion			36min  old UK-Death
Enforcer (CHI)		- Violent Speed Attack  MCD		27min
Enforcer (SWE)		- Evil Attacker/Mistress From Hell 7"	 8min
Enforsaken (US)		- Embraced By Misery			35min
Engine (US)		- Engine				44min  w. Ray Alder and Joey Vera
Engorge (US)		- Cold Black Ejaculation  MCD		26min
Engorge (US)		- Dead...Fuck...Blackness		50min
Engorged (US)		- Death Metal Attack 2			44min
Engrave (US)		- The Rebirth  Re-Release		47min  demo tx as bonus
Engraved (NL) 		- Ninkharsag 				41min  Bootleg-full length version
Engraved (POL)		- Promo '94				26min
Enigmatic (SWE)		- Demo '94				16min
Enigmatic (SWE)		- The Tranquilled Icy Water  MCD	17min  2nd release from this band, more Cemetary like
Enigmatic (SWE)		- Two Days Of April  MCD		14min
Enoch (US/JPN)		- Graveyard Disturbances		39min  w.Killjoy and Mirai (Sigh), only horror sounds, no metal !
Enochian Crescent (FIN)	- Telecvovim				42min
Enochian Crescent (FIN)	- Omega Telecvovim			41min
Enochian Crescent (FIN)	- Anno Bastardi  Promo '96		20min
Enochian Crescent (FIN)	- Babalon Patrale De... MCD		18min  like new Necrophobic
Enochian Crescent (FIN)	- Black Church				37min
Enraged (NL)		- Counterblast  MCD			17min
Ensemble Nocturne (SWE) - Crimson Sky '95			26min  Impure Creations version
Enshadowed / Vulturine (GRE/BRA) - Split 7"			12min
Enshrined (SWE)		- Assembly Of The Damned '91		16min
Enshrined (SWE)		- Derevelation				44min
Ensiferium (FIN)	- Suomi Warmetal  MCD			14min
Ensiferum (FIN)		- The Live Path  MCD			23min  came with Legacy #110
Enslaved (GER)		- Twisted Nature  7"			16min
Enslaved (NOR)		- Axioma Ethica Odini			60min
Enslaved (NOR)		- Below The Lights			45min
Enslaved (NOR)		- Blodhemn				40min  Marduk-like, no more Viking melodies !!
Enslaved (NOR)		- Isa					59min
Enslaved (NOR)		- Live: Mexico 12.8.95			38min  not so good sound, incl. "Viking Metal"
Enslaved (NOR)		- Maradraum - Beyond The Within		58min
Enslaved (NOR)		- Monumension				59min  more like Ved Buens Ende / Anathema
Enslaved (NOR)		- Ruun					45min
Enslaved (NOR)		- The Sleeping Gods  MLP		28min
Enslaved (NOR)		- The Sleeping Gods  MCDr		29min  Internet MP3 release
Enslaved (NOR)		- The Watcher (Live)  Flexi-7"		 4min
Enslaved (NOR)		- Thorn  7"				11min
Enslaved (NOR)		- Vertebrae  Re-Release 3-LP		94min  incl. Live bonus LP
Enslaved (NOR)		- Vertebrae				49min
Enslaved (NOR)		- Yggdrasill  LP			41min  demo on black vinyl
Enslaved (NOR)       	- Nema Promo '91                	12min  their first official recording
Enslaved (NOR)       	- Promo '94                     	22min
Enslaved (NOR)       	- unrel. tck Viking Metal '95   	 5min  recorded live '95
Enslaved (NOR)       	- Eld                          	        60min
Enslaved (NOR)          - Live At The Milwaukee Festival '95    26min  incl. Viking Metal as tck
Enslaved / Necromance (GER/GER) - Split 7"			20min
Enslavement Of Beauty (NOR) - Megalomania			57min
Enslavement Of Beauty (NOR) - Mere Contemplations		40min
Enslavement Of Beauty (NOR) - Traces O'Red			50min
Enslaver (PANAMA)	- A Place Of Terror Inside '93		21min
Enslaver (PANAMA)	- Degradation '91			14min
Ensnared (SWE)		- Demo '11				12min
Entasis (AUS)		- Evil Rise  MCD			26min
Ente (ECU)		- s/t					51min  brutal South American Death from Ecuador
Enter Chaos (POL)	- Aura Sense				49min  simlar to Arch Enemy and girl on grunting vox
Enter Chaos (POL)	- Dreamworker				42min
Enter My Silence (FIN)	- Coordinate: D1SA5T3R			36min
Enter My Silence (FIN)	- Remotecontrolled Scythe		35min  fantastic "Swedish" Death Metal
Enter Self (US)		- Awaken In Agony			39min
Entety (US)		- Cadaveric Necrogrind  7"		 9min  great ultrabrutal US-Death
Entety (US)		- Cadaveric Necrogrind			32min  old demos from '92 an '94 on CD
Enthral	(NOR)		- Prophecies Of The Dying		64min  a Norwegian surprise
Enthral (NOR)		- Subterranean Movement			48min
Enthral (NOR)		- The Mirror's Opposite End		74min
Enthrone (NOR)       	- Black Winds '91               	16min  pre-Carpathian Forest
Enthroned (BEL)		- Armoured Bestial Hell			39min
Enthroned (BEL)		- Black Goat Ritual-Live In Thy Flesh	75min
Enthroned (BEL)		- Carnage In Worlds Beyond		38min  finally back like on the 1st album
Enthroned (BEL)		- Goatlust  7"				 6min
Enthroned (BEL)		- Pentagrammaton			42min  fantastic new record
Enthroned (BEL)		- Prophecies Of... Re-Release Do.-CD	99min
Enthroned (BEL)		- Regis Sathanas MCD			29min
Enthroned (BEL)		- The Apocalypse Manifesto		55min  Brazillian version of the CD
Enthroned (BEL)		- Towards The Skullthrone Of Satan	45min
Enthroned (BEL)		- Xes Haereticum			44min  finally back which sounds like their debut-masterpiece
Enthroned (BEL)      	- Live Bornem 28.10.95          	35min
Enthtoned (BEL)		- Tetra Karcist				35min  their best so far. Crushing Black/Death
Entity (SWE)		- Demo I '94				15min  godly voice
Entity (SWE)		- The Lasting Scar  7"			10min
Entity (SWE)		- The Payment  7"			11min
Entombed (SWE)		- But Life Goes On  7"			 8min  demo on Bootleg-7"
Entombed (SWE)		- Demos  CD				48min  Masterkult, last songs not listenable
Entombed (SWE)		- Full Of Hell  Promo MCD		11min
Entombed (SWE)		- Hollowman MCD				23min
Entombed (SWE)		- Left Hand Path  LP			38min
Entombed (SWE)		- Live 1992 7"				12min
Entombed (SWE)		- Live!  7"				14min  Liveboot from 11.11.1990
Entombed (SWE)		- Out Of Hand MCD 			32min  Japan Import with 7 (already released) Bonustx
Entombed (SWE)		- Out Of Hand MCD			11min
Entombed (SWE)		- Serpent Saints			41min
Entombed (SWE)		- When In Sodom  MCD			24min
Entombed (SWE)		- Wreckage MCD				21min
Entombed / Possessed (SWE/US) - Split Bootleg-7"		16min  Ent: Demo '89, Pos: Demo '91
Entrails (SWE)		- Human Decay  Demo MCDr '09		26min  killer SWE-Death again
Entrails (SWE)		- Reborn Demo CDr '09			49min  very old Döds Metal
Entrails (SWE)		- Tales From The Morgue			45min  fantastic SWE-Death
Entrails (SWE)		- Tales From The Morgue			43min
Entrails (SWE)		- The Tomb Awaits			44min
Entralis (CZE)		- Serpent Seed				50min  good Blackdeath Metal
Entrance (SWE)		- Demo '93				13min
Entrapment (NL)		- Crawling Morbidity  7"		 9min
Entropy (SWE)		- Trust Is Out Of Question '91		20min
Enuresis (DK/SWE)	- MCMXCIV  7"				10min  w.Deranged members, cool Death
Envenom (MALA)		- Christfukk  7"			13min
Envenom (MALA)		- Envisioned...The Helleternity '07	23min
Envenomed (US)		- s/t  7"				13min  Angelcorpse meets E.N.T.
Enviled (SWE)		- Malevolent Execution '01		28min
Enviled (SWE)		- Malevolent Execution '01		14min
Enviled (SWE)		- Promo '00				12min
Ephemeral (MALA)	- En Route To Ephemeral			50min
Epica (NL)		- s/t  MCD				34min  came with Legacy #130
Epidemic (GRE)		- Industrial				40min
Epidemic (US)		- Decameron				40min
Epidemic (US)		- Exit Paradise				45min
Epidemic (US)		- The Truth That Will Be		24min
Epidemic (US)		- s/t  7"				12min  killer thrash from '94!!!!!!!!
Epilepsia (PER)		- Comando De Aniquila... Promo CDr '03 	28min
Epilepsia (PER)		- Regreso a la Realidad '98		16min
Epilepsia (PER)		- Thrash Again				43min
Epitaph (AUS)		- Mind Control  MCD			20min  thrash stuff
Epitaph (SWE)		- MCMXC - MCMXCII 2-LP			70min  includes the godly Dark Abbey demo
Epitaph (SWE)           - Tranquillity                          38min  from '91, w. Lars Szöke
Epitaph (SWE)           - Seeming Salvation                     40min  old Swedish Death from '92
Epoch Of Unlight (US)	- Within The Night...  MCD      	22min
Epoch Of Unlight (US)	- What Will Be Has Been			48min
Epoch Of Unlight (US)	- Caught In The Unlight			43min  oldschool BlackThrash
Epoch Of Unlight (US)	- The Continuum Hypothesis		54min
Equimanthorn (NL)	- Clouds Of Death '89			 9min  Dead Head members, heavily Bathory-influenced
Equinox	(US)		- Upon The Throne Of Eternity 7"	14min  finally released
Equinox (POL)		- Unspeakable '89??			25min  great Polish Death
Equinox (US)		- Journey Into Oblivion			54min
Equinox (US)		- The Immortal Kind MCD			27min
Equinox (US)        	- Return To Mistery             	49min
Equinoxio / Capitis Damnare (PANAMA/GER) - Split 7"		14min
Equirhodont (CZE)	- Black Crystal				48min
Equirhodont (CZE)	- Equirhodont Grandiose Magus		43min  Root-members, sounds very similar to Root
Er Malak (BUL)		- b					43min  great Speed Metal
Ereshkigal (GRE)	- The Raping Of The Divine		43min  like oldest Rotting Christ
Ereshkigal (MEX)	- Ten Years Of Blasphemy		74min
Ereshkigal (MEX) 	- Shadow's Land				75min
Eroded (GER)		- Beneath The Cross '05			15min  SWE-Death worship
Eroded / Decrepitaph (GER/US) - Split 7"			14min
Eroded / Paganizer (GER/SWE) - Split 7"				14min  incredibly great Split EP
Eructation (SWE)	- Demo '92				25min
Eschaton / Burial Hordes (GRE/GRE) - Split Re-Release CD	30min
Esoteric (UK)		- Emotions - The Death Of... '93	90min
Esoteric (UK)		- Epistemological Despondency  2-CD	90min
Esoteric (UK)		- Esoteric Emotions  Demo-CD '93/99	79min  remasterd in '99, only made for friends
Esoteric (UK)		- Metamorphogenesis			45min
Esoteric (UK)		- Subconscious Dissolution Into The...	51min
Esoteric (UK)		- The Pernicious Enigma 2-CD	       116min
Esqarial (POL)		- A Conspiracy Of Silence '95		31min
Esqarial (POL)		- Amorphous				36min
Esqarial (POL)		- Discoveries				49min  similar to the last Death releases
Esqarial (POL)		- Inhertiance				44min  like Death's last records, technical+melodical
Esqarial + Kupczyk (POL)- Klassika				40min  Turbo guy as guest, more Power Metal stuff
Estigma (PER)		- The Bloodstained God			41min
Estuary (US)		- The Craft Of Contradiction		47min  good Death Metal
Estuary (US)		- To Exist And Endure			43min  good Melodic Death, with grunting girl on vox
Estuary Of Calamity (US)- The Sentencing			44min
Eternal (MEX)		- Abismo De Suenos			40min
Eternal (UK)		- Lucifers Children  MLP		30min  ex-Thy Grief Eternal/pre-Electric Wizard, Black Sabbath sound
Eternal Agony (GER)	- The Beginning Of A New... '98		25min  bestial BlackDeath, sick !
Eternal Autumn (SWE)	- Demo '94				13min
Eternal Autumn (SWE)	- Moonscape '96				28min
Eternal Autumn (SWE)	- The Storm				54min  mix of Kreator/Maiden/At The Gates
Eternal Autumn (SWE)    - ...From The Eastern Forest  Jpn-CD    45min  never released in Europe
Eternal Dark / Forest Nocturne (AUS/AUS) - Split CDr		35min
Eternal Darkness (BRA)	- Magnificent Spiritual Philosophy...	44min
Eternal Darkness (SWE)	- Comp.-LP tck '92			 6min
Eternal Darkness (SWE)	- Ceremony Of Doom '91			20min
Eternal Darkness (SWE)	- Adv. EP '92				11min
Eternal Darkness (SWE)	- Doomed  7"				11min  fantastic Death/Doom
Eternal Darkness (SWE)	- Total Darkness			46min  finally the Unrel.MLP 1993 released, plus 2 demos
Eternal Darkness (SWE)	- Promo '92				19min
Eternal Darkness (SWE)	- Suffering II '92			20min
Eternal Darkness (SWE)	- Adv. MLP '93                  	25min  Swedish Death/Doom Godz, never released
Eternal Deformity (POL)	- Forgotten Distant Time '94		40min
Eternal Devastation (BRA) - Slaughterhouse			34min
Eternal Gray (ISR)	- Kindless				46min  Death meets At The Gates meets Dark Funeral
Eternal Hatred (US)	- Upon Rotten Mankind 7"		13min  totally Usurper-like
Eternal Hatred (US) 	- The Eve Of Destruction '97		14min
Eternal Lies (SWE)	- Spiritual Deception			43min  killer melodical Death !!!!!!!!!
Eternal Madness (INDO)	- Abad Kegilaan				43min
Eternal Mind (SWE)	- Reflections '95			32min
Eternal Oath (SWE)	- Righteous				49min
Eternal Oath (SWE)	- So Silent				29min  nice Swedish Gothic Death Metal
Eternal Oath (SWE)	- Through The Eyes Of Hatred		41min
Eternal Oath (SWE)	- Wither				51min
Eternal Oath (SWE)   	- Promo '94                     	10min
Eternal Silence (NOR)	- Between The Unseen  MCD		21min
Eternal Solstice (NL)	- Reh./Demo '89				14min
Eternal Solstice (NL)	- Horrible Within               	35min  like old Massacre
Eternal Solstice (NL)	- Demonic Fertilizer			36min  insane "In The Year 2525"-cover
Eternal Solstice (NL)	- Promo '93				10min
Eternal Solstice / Decepitaph (NL/US) - Split 7"		 8min
Eternal Torment (US)	- Confined Within Consciousness  7"	 8min
Eternal Torment (US)	- Downfall Of Human Existence  7"	 8min
Eternal Tormentor (SWE) - New Fuckin' Demo '90			10min  recorded '88
Eternal Tormentor (SWE) - E.T. Is Still Not A Nice Guy '91	15min
Eterne (UK)		- As The Silence Fades '93		18min
Eterne (UK)		- Deadauthor				44min
Eterne (UK)		- Lament 7"				13min  beautiful Goth/Doom !!!!
Eterne (UK)		- Still Dreaming			57min
Ethereal (GRE)		- Dominion  10"				26min
Ethereal (GRE)		- Tales Of The Macabre			53min
Ethereal Woods (UK)	- In The Forest Of Arden		42min
Ethereal Woods (UK)	- Thickthorn				31min
Etherial Winds (NL)	- Find The Way...Together		39min
Etherial Winds (NL)	- Saved  MCD				21min  Hellhammer sound meets DeathDoomGothic
Eucharist (SWE)		- A Velvet Creation  Re-Release		48min
Eucharist (SWE)		- Adv. Tape '97				 9min  THE return of this Swedish Gods
Eucharist (SWE)		- Mirrorworlds				38min  Melodic Death Gods
Eulogy (US)		- The Essence  MCD			19min
Euphoria (SWE)		- And Light Will Fall... '98		19min
Eure Erben (GER)	- s/t					29min  ex-Darkness, Darkness songs with German lyrics
Eure Erben (GER)        - Eure Fäuste  MCD                      26min
Eutanasia (COL)		- Subdued				46min  great Death Metal demo from '92 on CD
Euthanasia (ITA)	- Cassette EP '94			14min
Euthanausea (FIN)	- Demo '93				22min
Euthanausea (FIN)	- Sleep - Dream - Fly - Die  MCD	13min  very good Death Metal
Euthanausea (FIN)	- s/t  7"				 9min
Evemaster (FIN)		- In Thiny Majesty '96/'03?		19min  re-release of the first demo
Evemaster (FIN)		- Lacrimae Mundi			45min  great outstanding music
Evemaster (FIN)		- Wither				48min
Ever Dark (US)      	- Armageddon's Birth MCD        	25min  fantastic American Death/Black
Ever Dark (US)      	- Not Of God                    	58min
Evercry (FIN)		- A Timeless Aura '95?			24min
Everlind (SWE)		- The Curse Of Everlind '99		15min
Evil (DK)		- Evil's Message  MLP			23min  Heavy Metal on Rave On Records '84
Evil (POL)		- DemonPunk				40min
Evil (POL)		- XII - XX				34min  great twisted Death Metal
Evil Angel (FIN)	- Dark Forces Of Hell  Demo CDr '02	27min  2nd edition with Live bonus tx
Evil Angel (FIN)	- Metal Onslaught  7"			 9min
Evil Angel (FIN)	- Ritual Sacrifice  Reh./Demo MCDr '05	 6min  sounds like oldest Imperator, killer !!!
Evil Angel (FIN)	- Unholy Fight For Metal		32min
Evil Army (US)		- Conquer Human Life  7"		 7min
Evil Army (US)		- Under Attack  7"			 7min
Evil Army (US)		- s/t MLP				25min
Evil Army / Bury The Living (US/US) - Split 7"			 8min
Evil Damn (PER)		- Through Black Abysses  MCD		25min  South American old-school Death, similar to Mortem
Evil Damn / Toxic Holocaust / Chainsaw Killer (PER/US/COL) - CD 60min  Split CD
Evil Incarnate (DK)	- Blackest Hymns Of God's Disgrace	31min
Evil Incarnate (US)	- Blood Of The Saints			33min
Evil Incarnate (US)	- Waiting For His Return		31min  incredibly crappy lyrics
Evil Incarnate / Blaspherian (US/US) - Split 7"			 8min
Evil Shepherd (BEL)	- History Of Violence Demo MCDr '08 	27min
Evil Shepherd (BEL)	- Sowing Death				39min
Evildamn / Abigail (PER/JPN) - Split CD				43min
Evildead (US)		- Annihilation Of Civilization		36min
Evildoer (SWE)		- Terror Audio				39min
Evilheart (BRA)		- Storm Of Annihilation			47min
Evilnasty (ITA)		- Blasphemous Canorae '03		23min
Evilnasty (ITA)		- Necromaniac Blood			45min
Evilwar (BRA)		- Unholy March				38min
Evilwar (BRA)		- s/t					40min  their 2nd CD
Evisceration (NL)	- Eclipse '94				29min
Evisceration (NL)	- Pure '95				26min
Evisceration (POR)	- A Hymn To The Monstrous		35min
Eviscum (US)		- Underneath The Buried  MCD		30min  like very first Amorphis demo, old Finnish Death
Evocation (SWE)		- Apocalyptic				40min
Evocation (SWE)		- Dead Calm Chaos			45min
Evocation (SWE)		- The Ancient Gate '92			12min  totally Entombed like
Evocation (SWE)         - s/t                                   32min  both demos on vinyl, godly Döds Metal
Evocation (SWE)         - Tales From The Tomb                   48min  great return, Swedish Döds Metal
Evoke (UK)		- Against A Blackened Sky '05		14min
Evoke (UK)		- Behold The Twilight  7"		 7min
Evoke (UK)		- Dreaming The Reality			41min  cool UK-Death Metal from '96
Evoke (UK)		- Forever Breeding Evil  MLP		24min
Evoke (UK)		- I Am My Own God '94			19min
Evoke (UK)		- Promo '01				13min
Evoke (UK)		- Promo '95				 8min
Evoke (UK)		- The Fury Written			39min  not so good UK-Death
Evoke (UK)		- Unrel. tx '95				13min
Evoke / Aeternum (UK/SWI) - Split 7"				14min  w.Carnage/Amorphis covers
Evoke / Kadath (UK/GER) - Split 7"				11min
Evoke / Mordbrann (UK/SWE) - Split LP				31min
Evoked Curse (FIN)	- Altar Of Sodomy '00			30min
Evoked Curse (FIN)	- Cursed Unholy Mausoleum '01		11min  similar to Pagan Rites, old-school Thrash
Evoked Curse (FIN)	- Meciless Revenge  Re-Release CD	49min
Evoked Curse (FIN)	- Merciless Revenge Demo CDr '04	29min
Evoked Curse (FIN)	- Outburst Of Hell '99			26min
Evoked Doom (GER) 	- Demo '86				11min  cult Black Metal , killlller
Evoked Doom (GER)       - Dead Tape  Reh. '85           	 8min  disappointing
Evoken (US)		- A Caress Of The Void			62min  pure DoomDeath madness
Evoken (US)		- Antithesis Of Light			72min
Evoken (US)		- Embrace The Emptiness			71min  like Morgion, extremly majestic Doom/Death
Evoken (US)		- Quietus				64min
Evoken (US)         	- Shades Of Night Descending    	35min
Evoken (US)             - Promo '97                             12min
Evoken / Beneath The Frozen Soil (UK/SWE) - Split CD		65min
Evoker (NL)	     	- Insurrection Of Doom '89		22min  ex-Asphyx members, old Hellhammer-like
Evol (ITA)		- Dies Irae				43min  both demos + 2 livetx on CD
Ex Dementia (US)	- The Red Mass MCD			25min
Ex-Inferiis (MEX)	- Ngul A Crist  7"			10min
Ex-Inferiis (MEX)	- s/t  7"				14min
Exanthema (SWE)		- Lunacy '94				24min
Exanthema / Chronic Decay (SWE/SWE) - Split CD			22min
Excarnated (AUS)	- Genital Gallery '99			17min
Excarnated (AUS)	- Homicidal Decimation			37min  Bolt Thrower meets listenable Mortician
Excarnated (AUS)	- Let The Hatred Manifest '98		15min
Excarnated (AUS)	- Purging The Earth			41min
Excavation (NL)		- Gravemouth				31min
Excavation (NL)		- Psychotic Possession  7"		10min
Excelsis (NOR)		- Beginning Of The End  MCD		20min
Excess Of Cruelty (BEL  - Excess Of Cruelty  7"                 13min
Excess Of Cruelty (BEL)	- Catharsis Tranquillitatis '93		23min
Excess Of Cruelty (BEL) - Under The Ivy Of Ithamar              38min  Gothenburg influenced stuff
Excess Of Cruelty (BEL) - Fionnuala  Promo '96                  12min
Excessum (SWE)		- Death Redemption			49min
Excidium (ITA)		- Infecting The Grave  7"		12min
Excidium (SWI)		- Innocence River			50min
Excision (NL)		- Dreamality				40min
Exciter	(CAN)		- The Dark Command			41min  ahhhh, the Speed Metal Gods
Exciter (CAN)		- Blood Of Tyrants			36min
Exciter (CAN)		- Comp.LP tck				 6min  called "Riders From Darkness"
Exciter (CAN)		- Death Machine				42min
Exciter (CAN)		- Devil's Soul  Bootleg-Live LP		47min  Stuttgart 8.3.84
Exciter (CAN)		- Heavy Metal Maniac  LP		40min
Exciter (CAN)		- New Testament				66min
Exciter (CAN)		- Night Of The Creeps  Boot-Live LP	46min
Exciter (CAN)		- Thrash Speed Burn			45min
Exciter (CAN)		- Violence And Force  LP		44min
Exciter (CAN)        	- World War III '82             	 8min
Exciter (CAN)        	- Feel The Knife EP             	14min  one great unrel. tck and two livetx
Excommunion (US)        - Superion                              37min  fast Polish Death Metal
Excoriate (GER)		- From Morbid Ruins '04			36min  great old Death Metal
Excoriate (GER)		- Horrible Death '02			30min  black/white cover, no bonus tracks
Excoriate (GER)		- On Pestilent Wings			35min
Excoriate (GER)		- Live 7"				11min
Excrement (FIN)		- Flesh And Blood '93			23min  good Finnish Death
Excrement (FIN)		- Scorched MCD				25min
Excretion (SWE)		- The Dream Of Blood '92		19min
Excretion (SWE)      	- Behold The Light '92          	15min
Excretion (SWE)		- Resurrection  2-CD		       109min
Excretion / Ultima Rausea (US/JPN) - Split 7"			12min
Excruciate (SWE)	- Beyond The Circle  2-CD	       102min  LP, Split LP and demo
Excruciate (SWE)	- Hymns Of Mortality  Promo '91 	30min
Excruciate (SWE)	- Passage Of Life			43min  old Sunlight Doom/Death
Excruciate (SWE)     	- Mutilation Of The Past 4/90   	30min  like old Therion, Christoffer on voc. (!!)
Excruciate/Epitaph (SWE/SWE) - Split LP				37min  Swedish Underground DM-bands from '91
Excruciating Pain (US)	- Thou Shall Choose			35min
Excruciating Terror (US)- Legacy Of Hate  7"			12min
Excruciation (SWI)	- Abyss Of Time '89			25min
Excruciation (SWI)	- Angels To Some, Demons To Others	56min
Excruciation (SWI)	- Anno Domini - An Anthology...		59min  old Swiss Thrash
Excruciation (SWI)	- Arise  MLP				11min
Excruciation (SWI)   	- Last Judgement MLP            	19min
Excruciation (SWI)      - The Return                            34min  Live CDr, Zürich November 10th 2005
Execration (AUT)	- Putrid Rehearsal Of Death '09		 9min
Execrator (CHI)		- Burning In The Shadows MCD		15min  old Hypocrisy-like
Execrator (CHI)		- s/t					36min  Sepultura Chaos A.D. influenced
Executer (BRA)		- Psychotic Mind			34min  old Brasilian force
Executer (BRA)		- Rotten Authorities  Re-Release CD	52min  demos '88 and '89 as bonus
Executer (BRA)		- Welcome To Your Hell			45min
Executer (BRA)          - Rotten Authorities                    31min
Executioner (US)	- Break The Silence			32min  now more thrashy
Executioner (US)	- In The Name Of Metal			31min  Power Metal on NRR
Executioner (US)	- Metal Up Your Ass  Re-Release 7"	 9min
Executioner (US)	- The Storm After The Calm CD		63min  Re-Release ?? ever officially rel. as LP ??
Exekrator (DK)		- Ordo Bestiae				66min
Exekrator (DK)		- Superstitious Maleficiae  7"		18min
Exekrator (DK)		- The Beast Is Come  7"			16min
Exempt (SWE)		- Ill Health '92			25min
Exempt (SWE)		- Wake Up '91				21min
Exhaust Death (POL)	- Morgoth '90				36min
Exhorder (US)		- Slaughter In The Vatican		42min
Exhorder (US)		- The Law				39min
Exhort (BRA)		- Attitude				48min
Exhortation (SWI)	- The Last Trial			45min  again an unknown Death Metal band
Exhume (SPA)		- s/t  7"				12min  Death Metal from 1992
Exhumed (SWE)		- Obscurity '90				17min
Exhumed / Gadget (US/SWE) - Split 7"				13min
Exhumed / Ingrowing (US/CZE) - Split 7"				13min
Exhumed / Nytophobic (US/GER) - Split 7"			11min
Exhumed / Retaliation (US/US) - Split 7"			10min
Exhumed / Sanitys Dawn (US/GER) - Split 7"			10min
Exit 13 (US)		- Spare The Wrench, Surrender...  7"	15min
Exitium (NOR)		- Ad Regnum Sathanas			36min  amateur-like low-fi Black Metal
Exmortem (DK)		- Berzerker Legions			32min
Exmortem (DK)		- Dejected In Obscurity			38min
Exmortem (DK)		- Funeral Phantoms			38min
Exmortem (DK)		- Killstorms  7"			 8min  great Autopsy cover
Exmortem (DK)		- Labyrinths Of Horror			30min  ultra American DeathThrash
Exmortem (DK)		- Nihilistic Contentment		33min
Exmortem (DK)		- Pest Campaign 2003  10"		11min
Exmortem (DK)		- Pestilence Empire			32min
Exmortem (DK)		- Promo '98				12min
Exmortem/Impending Doom (DK/GER)  -  Split 7"			11min
Exmortes (NL)		- Fuckin' Nightmare  7"			12min  this was even with small song-structures
Exmortes (NL)		- Hear The Saw...Coming Near 7"		15min  pile of horseshit
Exmortes (NL)		- Lord Of Temptation  7"		 7min
Exmortes / Apator (NL/NL) - Split 7"				12min
Exmortis (US)		- Darkened Path Revealed		56min
Exmortis (US)		- Fade From Immortal Chaos  CDr		60min  Masterkult bootleg
Exmortis (US)		- Immortality's End  MLP		14min  great old US-Death
Exmortis (US)           - Fade From Reality  7"                 13min  here more like old Cadaver
Exodus (US)		- 1982 Demo  7"				12min
Exodus (US)		- Another Lesson In... LIVE           	76min  one more powerful return, Thrash-Gods
Exodus (US)		- Bonded By Baloff			67min  Live from the 80s, plus demos
Exodus (US)		- Demo '82				13min  ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Exodus (US)		- Destroy Souza  7"			 9min  Live 1983 bootleg in bad quality
Exodus (US)		- Die By His Hand  7"			 7min  two live tx from 1983, similar to Metallica
Exodus (US)		- Riot Act  Pic-7"			14min
Exodus (US)		- Shovel Headed Kill Machine		61min
Exodus (US)		- Tempo Of The Damned			49min  sadly too much midtempo stuff only
Exodus (US)		- The Atrocity Exhibition		61min
Exodus (US)		- War Is My Shepard  Tour MCD		18min
Exodus (US)         	- Fabulous Disaster             	51min
Exodus (US)         	- Live '84                      	18min
Exodus (US)         	- Pleasure Of The Flesh         	47min
Exodus (US)             - Lesson In Violence '84                 8min
Exorcism (GER)		- Demonic Inheritance  7"		 9min
Exorcism / Morbid Execution (GER/POL) - Split 7"		11min
Exorcist (US)       	- Nightmare Theatre             	39min  cult release from '86
Exorcist / Piledriver (US/CAN) - Split CD			66min
Exordium (FIN)		- In Wrath Principle			32min
Exordium (FIN)		- Nihil  7"				 8min
Exordium (FIN)		- s/t  10"				19min
Exordium Mors (NZL)	- Verus Hostis - A Hymn To Fire  7"	14min
Exoto (BEL)		- A Thousand Dreams Ago			52min
Exoto (BEL)		- Ashes... 7"				12min
Exoto (BEL)		- Carnival Of Souls			53min
Exoto (BEL)		- The Fifth Season '92			22min
Expiration (SPA)	- Deviated  3"-MCD			21min
Explicit Hate (BRA)	- A View From The Other Side		37min  Deaththrash on Cogumelo from '88
Explicit Hate (BRA)	- Suicidal Mankind  7"			13min
Expulser (BRA)		- Adv. CDr Haeresis  '05 		40min
Expulser (BRA)		- Haeresis				53min
Expulser (BRA)		- Nevermore  Demo MCDr '04		13min
Expulser (BRA)		- The Marriage Of Heaven... '99		28min
Expulser (BRA)		- The Unholy One			38min  killer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Expulser (BRA)		- The Unholy One  Re-Release CD		52min  incl. the tx from the Split LP as bonus
Expulser / Brutal Distortion (BRA/BRA) - Split LP		27min  two Sarcofago-INRI influenced bands
Expulsion (SWE)		- Man Against				46min  from '96
Expulsion (SWE)		- Unrel EP '90				10min
Expulsion (SWE)      	- A Bitter Twist Of Fate        	18min
Expulsion (SWE)		- Certain Corpses Never Decay		64min
Expurgate (SWE)		- Forbidden Ruler '91			13min
Exterminance (US)	- The Seven Deadly Sins			33min
Exterminance (US)	- Vomiting The Trinity			63min
Exterminate (CHI)	- Demo Reh. '00				16min
Exterminate (CHI)	- Pact  7"				10min
Exterminate (CHI)	- The Semen Of Profanation  7"		11min
Exterminator (BEL)	- Forgotten Souls  MCD			22min
Exterminator (BEL)	- Mirror Images				39min  The Haunted from Belgium
Exterminator (BRA)	- Total Extermination			29min  Killer DeathBlack from 1987
Exterminio (BRA)	- s/t LP				38min
Extincion Cerebral (BRA)- Logica Hiperexitada  7"		12min
Extinction (SWE)	- Sworn To Extinction  Demo MCDr '05 	26min
Extinction Agenda (US)	- The Great Defile  MCDr		12min  Thrashhhhhh
Extinction Agenda / Oppression (US/SWE) - Split Demo '05	24min
Extinction Of Mankind (UK) - Weakness  7"			13min  in the Ambiex vein
Extol (NOR)		- And I Watch  7"			10min
Extol (NOR)		- Blueprint				54min
Extol (NOR)		- Burial				62min  strange BlackDeath
Extol (NOR)		- Mesmerized				35min  3 new songs, 3 Industrial remixes...
Extol (NOR)		- Paralysis MCD				16min
Extol (NOR)		- Pearl  MCD				10min
Extol (NOR)		- Synergy				43min
Extol (NOR)		- Undeceived				67min
Extreme Napalm Terror (GER) - Impulse To Destroy		36min  Fun Grindcore/Noisecore on Metal Enterprises
Extreme Unction (POR)	- Insane Procreation Promo '92		 6min
Extreme Unction (POR)	- In Limine Mortis			42min
Exumer (GER)		- Possessed By Fire  Re-Release		51min  Demo '86 as bonus
Exumer (GER)		- Possessed.../Rising From... CD	73min  Brazilian Import CD
Exumer (GER)		- Rising From The Sea  Re-Release	54min  unrel tx from '89 as bonus
Exumer (GER)    	- A Mortal In Black '85                 14min
Exumer (GER)         	- Possessed By Fire             	38min  a German Thrash Metal classic from '85
Exumer (GER)         	- Rising From The Sea           	38min
Exxxekkkutttor (BRA)	- Algoz '03				19min  w.Unholy Massacre member
Eye Gouger (US)		- Ass Rotor  7"				 8min
Eyehategod (US)		- In The Name Of Suffering		35min
Eyesburn (YUG)		- Dog Life				41min  ex-Bloodbath, pure HC now...
Ezurate (US)		- Infernal Dominatio			32min  raw Black Metal
F (FIN)			- I-III					44min
F.K.U. (SWE)		- A Mosh Under Pressure  7"		 7min
F.K.U. (SWE)		- Metal Moshing Mad			74min  30min of silence, similar to old Anthrax
F.K.U. (SWE)            - Horror Metal Moshing Machine           8min
Face Of Evil (SWE)	- s/t					36min  old Destroyer 666 mixed with Vomitor
Facebreaker (SWE)	- Bloodred Hell				36min  w.last Edge Of S. vocalist, oldschool Death
Facebreaker (SWE)	- Dead Rotten Hungry			37min
Facebreaker (SWE)	- Infected				42min
Facebreaker (SWE)	- s/t  7"				10min
Facelift (SWE)		- A Saga '96				22min  hardcore
Faces Of Death (AUS)	- s/t 					41min  Death/Grind, sometimes like old Dead
Faerghail (FIN)		- Blood Will follow Blood  MCD		21min
Faerghail (FIN)         - Dark Oceans Calm '96                  15min
Fafner (SWE)		- Trolskust '95				13min
Failed Humanity (UK)	- The Sound Of Razors Through...	40min
Falkenbach (GER)	- Magni Blandinn Ok Megintiri		42min
Falkenbach (GER)	- Ok Nefna Tysvar Ty			39min
Falkenbach (GER)     	- CD-Comp-tck '97                  	10min
Falkenbach (GER)        - Heralding The Fireblade               50min
Fall From Grace (SWE)	- Beryond '92				10min
Fall Of Serenity (GER)	- The Crossfire				51min
Fall Of Serenity (GER)	- Grey Man's Ruin			44min  big Dismember worshippers
Fall Of Serenity (GER)	- Royal Killing				42min
Fall Of Serenity (GER)	- Demo MCDr '00				14min
Fall Of Serenity (GER)	- Smoldering Doom MLP			24min
Fall Of The Bastards (US) - Dusk Of An Ancient Age		29min
Fall Out (CHI)		- Practise Tape 4/89			20min  ex-Pentagram
Fall Ov Serafim (SWE)	- Nex Jehovae				49min
Fallen (NOR)		- A Tragedy's Bitter End		57min  good Doooom, ex-Funeral (NOR) members
Fallen Angel (DK)	- An Omen Of Apocalypse			36min  old demos
Fallen Angel (SWE)	- Faith Fails				49min
Fallen Angel (SWE)	- Hang-Over '89				19min
Fallen Angel (SWE)	- Trapped In Siberia  MLP		24min  pure Ride The Lightning worship
Fallen Christ (US)	- Abduction Ritual			47min  Blackgrind
Fallen Souls (SALV)	- God Is Dead				34min  fantastic Black Metal LP !!
Fallen Souls / Necromancer (SALV/SALV) - Split 7"		17min
Fallen Yggdrasil (GER)	- In No Sense Innocence MCD		24min  good German melodic Death Metal
Fallen Yggdrasil (GER)	- Adv. Promo CD '04			 9min
Fallen Yggdrasil / Dementia (GER/GER) - Split 7"		15min
Faltomy (FIN)		- Forteiture '92			32min  pre-Decoryah, great stuff
Fantom (HUN)		- Lucifer Jelenj Meg!			29min  demo '87 on CD, similar to Tormentor
Fantom (HUN)		- Probafelvetelek 1987-1988		80min  old demos on CD
Fantom / Evoked Curse / Terror Strike (HUN/FIN/CHI) - Split CD 	52min  Fantom from 1987, others are doing Fantom cover songs
Fantom Warior (US)	- Fantasy Or Reality Bootleg-CDr	63min
Farasu (SIN)		- The Blackmoon Eclipse			30min
Farscape (BRA)		- Demon's Massacre			40min  total 80es Thrash massacre
Farscape (BRA)		- Doctrine Sickness '01/'07		16min  re-released
Farscape (BRA)		- For Those Who Love To Kill		47min
Farscape (BRA)		- Killers On The Loose			36min
Fastkill (JPN)		- Infernal Thrashing Holocaust		28min  great thrashing madness
Fastkill (JPN)		- Nuclear Thrashing Attack		30min
Fatal (US)		- Retrospective From Hell		62min  7" and 3 demos
Fatal (US)		- Somber Souls  CDr			80min  Masterkult bootleg
Fatal (US)		- Taste Of Death II '88			12min
Fatal (US)          	- A Somber Evocation...7"       	11min  similar to Coroner
Fatal (US)          	- Guts For Dinner '87           	23min
Fatal (US)          	- Soul Burns III '89            	16min
Fatal Embrace (GER)	- Dark Pounding Steel			39min
Fatal Embrace (GER)	- Legions Of Armageddon			42min
Fatal Embrace (GER)	- The Empires Of Inhumanity		50min
Fatal Embrace (GER)	- The Way To...  Demo CDr '98		37min
Fatal Embrace (GER)	- The Ultimate Aggression		41min  big Exodus fans
Fatal Embrace (SWE)	- Shadowsouls' Garden			43min  quiet good melodic Death Metal
Fatal Torment (FIN)	- Image Of Decay MCD			17min
Fatalist (US)		- Loss					28min
Fate (DK)		- Cruisin' For A Bruisin'		40min  ex-Mercyful Fate guys, from '88
Fates Warning (US)  	- Awaken The Guardian           	50min
Fates Warning (US)  	- No Exit                       	40min
Father Befouled / Demonic Rage (US/CHI) - Split 7"		11min
Faun (NOR)		- Betrothed Unto Death '95		24min
Faustcoven (NOR)	- Rising From Below The Earth		68min  very much in the Hail-vein
Faustcoven (NOR)	- The Halo Of Buring Winds		44min
Faustcoven / Cultes Des Goules (NOR/GER) - Split 7"		11min
Fear Factory (US)   	- Demanufacture                 	56min
Fear My Solitude (SWE)	- Monotonousness '96			46min
Fear My Solitude (SWE)	- Melancholicology '95			45min
Fear Of God (SWI)	- As Statues Fell  12"			20min  pure noise massacre, impressive !!
Fear Of God (SWI)	- Born Blind 7"				12min  Live and Reh.
Fear Of God (SWI)	- First EP  Re-Release 7"		14min  w.Infest-cover as bonus of the original 7"
Fear Of God (SWI)	- First EP   MCD			17min  including a radio interview
Fear Of God (SWI)	- Grind Masters				47min  7" + LP + Reh.'87+'88 + Live '88
Fear Of God (SWI)	- The Hermeneutics Of Fear Of God MLP 	20min  LP mixed by Dave Phillips
Fear Of God (SWI)	- Walking Through The Blood  7"		12min  Off The Disk Rec., the original
Fear Of God (SWI)	- Zeitgeist  2-LP			63min  95-songs Best-Off
Fear Of God / Death Noise (SWI/FRA) - Split MLP			19min  FOG: Reh. '88, DN: Demo '87, Live '87
Fear Ritual (BRA)	- s/t  MCD				12min
Fearer (GER)		- Confession To Hate			46min
Fearer (GER)		- Descent				42min  Obituary mixed with Massacre
Fearer (GER)            - Backfire                              38min
Feast Eternal (US)	- Prisons Of Flesh			51min
Fenria (SWE)            - De At Döden Vigda                     55min
Fenriz' Red Planet / Nattefrost (NOR/NOR) - Split LP		40min
Ferat (CZE)		- Rainhold				43min  wild Thrash
Ferat (CZE)		- s/t					58min  oh no, they turned from Thrash to Nu-Shit
Fermentatio (HUN)       - Felnezet '9?                         28min  bit like Imperator
Fermenting Innards (GER)- Drowned  MCD				21min
Fermenting Innards (GER)- Myst					47min  incl. Nirvana 2002 cover
Fertilizer (GER)	- A Painting Of Annoyance		31min  strange German Death Metal
Fester (NOR)		- The Commitments That Shattered...	55min
Fester (NOR)            - The Introduction  Promo '92           39min
Fester (NOR)            - Silence  Re-Release                   46min
Fester Plague (SWE)	- Demo '92				23min  good Sunlight DeathThrash
Festering Saliva (GER)	- The Isle Of Nightmares		42min
Fifth Dominion (IRE)	- Pain, Rage And Laughter '93		27min
Fili Nigrantium Infernalium (POR) - Fellatrix Discordia...      45min
Fili Nigrantium Infernalium (POR) - A Era Do Abutre  MCD	21min  a bit Bathory influenced
Fili Nigrantium Infernalium (POR) - Pic-7"			13min
Filii Nigrantium Infernalium (POR) - Retrofornicator  7"	12min
Filth Of Mankind (POL)	- Czas Konca Wieka  7"			13min
Filthy Christians (SWE)	- Demo '92				21min
Filthy Christians (SWE)	- Mean					34min  old Crust/Napalm Death like
Filthy Christians (SWE) - Nailed MCD                            14min  Sunlight-Death (not HC anymore) from '92
Filthy Christians / G-Anx (SWE/SWE) - Split 7"			14min
Fimbul (NOR)		- Det Siste Slaget '95			28min
Fimbul (NOR)		- Rammens Ferd				40min  both Demos '95 on CD
Fimbul (NOR)		- Vinterland '95			22min
Final Breath (GER)	- End Of It All  MCD			22min  good Thrash
Final Breath (GER)	- Flash-Burnt Crucifixes		43min
Final Breath (GER)	- Mind Explosion			49min
Final Holocaust (NOR) 	- Horrific Tales... '98			10min  old stuff, w. Gravferd + Muspellsheim memb.
Fingernails (ITA)	- Fingernails/Hell n'Back Re-Release CD 70min  Kuravilu version
Fingernails (ITA)	- Heavy Metal Forces			40min
Fingernails / Villains (ITA/US) - Split 7"			 7min
Finntroll (FIN)		- Blodsvept  MCD			28min  came with Legacy #83
Flageladör (BRA)        - A Noite Do Ceifador                   36min
Flageladör / Ruins (BRA/GER) - Split 7"				10min
Flagellator (GER)	- Channeling The Acheron		41min
Flame (FIN)		- Into The Age Of Fire			33min
Flame (FIN)		- March Into Firelands			36min
Flame (FIN)		- s/t MCDr				18min
Flames (GRE)		- Greatest Hits				50min
Flames (GRE)		- In Agony Rise				41min
Flames (GRE)		- Last Prophecy				35min
Flames (GRE)		- Live In The Slaughterhouse  MLP	21min
Flames (GRE)		- Made In Hell  Re-Release CD		55min
Flames (GRE)		- Made In Hell				48min
Flames (GRE)		- Merciless Slaughter  Re-Release CD	57min
Flames (GRE)		- Nomen Illi Mors			33min
Flames (GRE)		- Summon The Dead			32min
Flames (GRE)         	- Merciless Slaughter                   41min  Greek Thrash from '86
Flames (GRE)            - Summon The Dead + Last Prophecy       67min  Unisound Rerelease CD
Flames Of Hell (ICE)	- Fire And Ice				43min  pure Icelandic cult from '87!!! Strange/Insane...
Flashover (BRA)		- Infamous Country			31min
Flashover (BRA)		- Land Of Cannibals			42min
Flashover (BRA)		- Superior				38min
Flauros (FIN)		- Before My Eyes The New... 7"		15min
Flauros (FIN)		- Monuments Of Total...  MCD		22min
Flauros (FIN)		- Suicide  7"				 9min
Flauros (FIN)		- Third Curse  7"			11min  good Black Metal
Flegethon (GRE)		- Doomed In Eternal Suffering  7"	10min
Flegeton (FIN)		- The Temple Of Sagal '95		17min
Flegma (SWE)		- Demo '88				20min
Flegma (SWE)		- Eine Kleine Schlachtmusik 7"		10min
Flegma (SWE)		- Flesh To Dust				40min
Flegma (SWE)		- Hippihardcore '87			22min
Flegma (SWE)		- Live In Lund (16.06.88) '89		32min
Flegma (SWE)         	- Blind Acceptance              	44min
Fleischklump (SWE)      - Fleisch Für Die Kindern '96           15min
Flesh (SWE)		- Temple Of Whores			40min
Flesh (SWE)		- Worship The Soul Of Disgust		42min
Flesh (SWE)             - Dödsangest                            34min  ex-Maze Of Torment member, similar to Deceiver and M.o.T.
Flesh (UK)		- Nihilist Of Souls Promo '94		60min
Flesh Eternal (US)	- With Fire				43min
Flesh Made Sin (NL)	- Dawn Of The Stillborn			38min
Flesh Made Sin (NL)	- Masterwork In Blood MCD		26min
Flesh Made Sin (NL)	- Scenery Of Death  Demo MCDr '00	16min
Flesh Temptation (BRA)	- Beyond The Vision			29min  very good Brasillian Death from 1993
Fleshcrawl (GER)	- As Blood Rains From The Sky...	41min  unbelievable, old Swedish and old Finnish Death Metal combined with the best Fredman-prod. ever. BUT it is Not For Trade from my side until the release
Fleshcrawl (GER)	- Bloodred Massacre			34min  even more Swedish sounding, a krushing CD
Fleshcrawl (GER)	- Bloodsoul				36min
Fleshcrawl (GER)	- Descending Into The Absurd		55min  soundwise like Therion's 'Beyond Sanctorum'
Fleshcrawl (GER)	- Impurity				35min
Fleshcrawl (GER)	- Lost In A Grave  7"			14min
Fleshcrawl (GER)	- Made Of Flesh				41min
Fleshcrawl (GER)	- Soulskinner				44min
Fleshcrawl (GER)	- Structures Of Death			42min
Fleshtized (US)		- Divide And Conquer  MCD		23min
Fleshtized (US)		- Here Among Thorns			34min
Fleurety (NOR)		- Department Of Apocalyptic Affairs	50min  not listenable...
Fleurety (NOR)		- Evoco Bestias  7"			 7min
Fleurety (NOR)		- Ingentes Atque Decorii... 7"		13min  good re-recordings of old songs
Fleurety (NOR)		- Last Minute Lies MCD			21min
Fluisterwoud (NL)	- Langs Galg En Rad			35min
Fluisterwoud / Sauron (NL/NL) - Split 7"                        14min
Foeticide (MEX)		- Embrace Of Death			37min
Foeticide (MEX)		- Inside My Blood  2-CD	       	       101min
Foeticide (MEX)		- War Domain And Torment		49min
Fog (US-IN)             - From Within The Darkness... 7"        12min
Fog (US-IN)             - Through The Eyes Of Night...          60min  ten times better Black Metal
Fog (US-MD)             - Jezabel's Dream                       54min  lame debut
Foil (AUS)		- Rocket USA				49min
Folklord (BRA)		- Pagan Twilight '01			25min  great Death/Black Metal
For Ruin (IRE)		- December				43min
Forbidden (US)		- Distortion				59min
Forbidden (US)		- Forbidden Evil			43min  cult Thrash-Metal release !!!
Forbidden (US)		- Raw Evil-Live At The Dynamo EP	20min
Forbidden (US)		- Trapped				48min  Demo '92, Demo '91 and Demo '87
Forbidden (US)		- Twisted Into Form			43min
Forbidden Evil (US)	- As Good As Dead '87			 5min  one tck Promo
Forbidden Evil (US)	- Demo '7/87				17min  same as Marching Into Fire '87
Forbidden Evil (US)	- Endless Slaughter '5/85		16min
Forbidden Evil (US)	- Marching Into Fire '87		17min
Forca Macabra (FIN/BRA) - Nos Tumulos Abertos	 Re-Release LP 	31min
Forca Macabra (FIN/BRA) - Caveira Da Forca			29min  metallic R.D.P., Brasilians born in Suomi
Forca Macabra (FIN/BRA) - s/t  7"                               12min
Forca Macabra (FIN/BRA) - Meus Olhos So Veem Dor... 7"		15min
Forca Macabra (FIN/BRA) - Caveira Da Forca  LP + Flexi 7"	36min
Forca Macabra (FIN/BRA) - A Raiz De Todo O Mai  7"		 9min  with covers of Overdose and Dorsal Atlantica
Forca Macabra (FIN/BRA) - Ao Vivo No Japao - 2001  7"		15min
Forca Macabra / Armagedom (BRA/FIN-BRA) - Split LP              43min
Forca Macabra / Corpus Christi (FIN-BRA/BEL) - Split 7"         13min
Forca Macabra / Homomilitia (FIN-BRA/POL) - Split 7"		15min
Forca Macabra / Ulster (FIN-BRA/BRA) - Split MCD		13min
Forca Macabre (FIN/BRA) - Aqui E O Inferno			29min
Forca Macabre (FIN/BRA) - A Raiz De Todo O Mai  7"		10min  punk-edition w.covers of Lobotomia/Colera/Armagedom/Psykoze
Force (JPN)		- s/t  MCD				20min  like Hellchild
Force Of Darkness (CHI) - Live MMIV				31min
Force Of Darkness (CHI) - s/t					47min  fantastic BlackThrash in the vein of GoatSemen, just better
Force Of Darkness (CHI) - ReHellsal II '09			22min
Forcefeed (SWE)		- Soil  MCD				20min  first Metalcore CD from Sweden on WAR Music
Forefather (UK)		- Deep Into Time  Re-Release		45min  re-released in 2002
Forefather (UK)		- Engla Tocyme				41min
Forefather (UK)		- Legends Foretold			37min
Forefather (UK)		- Steadfest				56min
Forefather (UK)		- The Fighting Man			44min
Forest Of Impaled (US)	- Demonvoid				31min
Forest Of Impaled (US)	- Forward The Spears			41min
Forest Of Impaled (US)	- Mortis Dei  MCD			20min
Forest Of Souls (FRA)	- Contes Et Legendes d'Efeandayl	60min
Forest Of Souls (FRA)	- War And Poetry  MCD			26min
Forever Winter (FIN)	- Revenge				42min  very melodic Power Metal with Death/Black vocals
Forever Winter / Ritual Steel (FIN/GER) - Split 7"		10min
Forgotten Woods (SWE)	- Forgotten Woods/Through The Woods 	35min  both demos pressed on vinyl
Forlorn	(NOR)		- Forlorn MCD				23min  Sanrabb on voc.
Forlorn	(NOR)		- The Crystal Palace			42min  high quality stuff from Head Not Found Rec.
Forlorn (NOR)		- Ad Caelestis Res			43min
Forlorn (NOR)		- Hybernation				54min
Forlorn (SWE)		- Waves Of Sorrow '94			36min
Forlorn In Silence (NOR)- s/t  7"				13min
Formicide (SWE)		- Comatose '91				32min
Fornication (BRA)	- Descendants Of The Degenerated...	32min  Incantation influenced Death Metal
Fornication (BRA)	- Unleashed Wrath			35min
Forsaken (MAL)		- Virtues Of Sanctity  7"		14min
Forsaken (SWE)		- Departed Souls '91			 8min  killer Death Metal but too low sound
Forsaken Grief (SWE)	- Promo '92				12min
Forsth (SWI)		- Helvetic War				52min  contains pure bullshit
Forsth (SWI)         	- Winterfrost                   	50min
Fortid (ICE)            - Völuspa Part I: Thor's Anger          48min  very similar to old Enslaved and Master's Hammer
Foscor / Necrosadist (SPA/CYPR) - Split 7"			13min
Foul Stench (US)	- The Beginning 1993-1996		64min
Fourth Kingdom (CAN) 	- Decline Of Serenity '93       	30min
Fourth Reich (SWI)   	- Fatidical Date '89            	16min  pre-Alastis
Fragments Of Unbecoming (GER) - Skywards			42min
Fragments Of Unbecoming (GER) - Sterling Black Icon		51min
Fragments Of Unbecoming (GER) - Bloodred Tales  MCD		22min  good German Death Metal like At The Gates
Freevil (SWE)		- Freevil Burning			45min  ex-Denata/Seance members
From Beyond (BEL)	- Thrashin' Machine  MLP		21min
From The Depths (US)	- Bereavement  MCD			16min
Front (RUS)		- Mortal Surgery			39min
Front Beast (GER)	- A Collection Of Damned Souls		74min
Front Beast (GER)	- Ars Satanic Ex Tempus  7"		15min
Front Beast (GER)	- Black Spells Of The Damned		39min
Front Beast (GER)	- Cursed Lake 7"			12min
Front Beast (GER)	- Once Sent From Darkness  7"		11min
Front Beast (GER)	- Unholy Occult Mysteries  7"		12min
Front Beast (GER)	- Victims Of Death '01			22min  German Burzum fans
Front Beast / Agathocles (GER/BEL) - Split 7"			15min
Front Beast / Black Howling (GER/GER) - Split 7"		14min
Front Beast / Har Shatan (GER/GER) - Split 7"			11min
Front Beast / Inferno (GER/CZE) - Split 7"			12min
Front Beast / Mephisto (GER/ITA) - Split CD			40min
Front Beast / Ruins (GER/GER) - Split 7"			13min
Front Beast / Staub (GER/GER) - Split 7"			15min
Front Beast / Thy Ashes (GER/GER) - Split 7"			 9min
Frost (NOR)		- Contemplating Upon...			20min  weird Heavy/Thrash from Norway
Frozen Illusion (GER)	- Blown Away				40min
Frozen Illusion (GER)   - Hatespawned                           48min  completly average Death Metal
Frozen Shadows (CAN)	- Dans Les Bras Des Immortels		48min  Canadian Darkthrone fans
Frozen Shadows (CAN)	- Empires De Glace			32min
Frozen Shadows (CAN)	- Hantises 2-CD				83min  Empires De Glace demo on Bonus CD
Frozen Souls (GER)   	- The Second Day Of FsaB  7"    	 9min
Frozen Sun (DK)		- Dimensions				45min  Danish Death Metal
Frozen Sun (NL)		- Unspoken				45min  shitty alternative stuff on DFSA
Frustradiccion (SPA)	- s/t  7"				 7min
Fubar (NL)		- Justification Of Criminal... MCD 	25min
Fuck You All (NOR)	- s/t  7"				 8min
Fulcrum Creak (FIN)	- Conquer Me/Sight Of Aggression 7"	 7min
Fulgor (GER)		- Eyequinox  7"				11min
Fulmination (SWE)	- Through Fire '92			11min
Funcunt (FIN)           - Coldeäccol '91                        22min
Funebrarum (US)		- Beneath The Columns Of...		31min  old Demigod/Amorphis/Bolt Thrower like
Funebrarum (US)		- Dormant Hallucination  7"		10min
Funebrarum (US)		- The Sleep Of Morbid Dreams		40min
Funebrarum / Interment (US/SWE) - Split CD			40min
Funebrarum / Undergang (US/DK) - Split 7"			12min
Funebre (FIN)		- Brainspoon 7"				11min
Funebre (FIN)		- Cranial Torment '89			25min
Funebre (FIN)		- Cranial Torment CDr			37min  Masterkult bootleg
Funebre (FIN)		- Demo '90				10min
Funebre (FIN)        	- Children Of Scorn             	45min
Funebre (FNI)		- Children Of The... Re-Release CD	75min  incl. both demos
Funeral (MEX)		- Muerte A La Bestia			40min
Funeral (NOR)		- As The Light Does The Shadow		73min
Funeral (NOR)		- From These Wounds			65min  DeathDoom perfection. Incredible release
Funeral (NOR)		- In Fields Of Pestilent Grief		55min
Funeral (NOR)		- To Mourn Is A Virtue			70min
Funeral (NOR)		- Tragedies/Tristesse Re-Release 2-CD  140min
Funeral (NOR)		- Tragedies				59min  DoomDeath
Funeral (NOR)		- Tristesse MCD				40min  DeathDoom debut on Wild Rags
Funeral (NOR)        	- Tristesse                     	41min
Funeral (SWE)		- Forgotten Abominations  7"		12min  great old Tiamat/Treblinka like stuff
Funeral (US)		- s/t					28min  Demo and Reh.'96 on CD
Funeral Bitch (US)	- The Demos  7"				16min
Funeral Dirge (SWE)	- The Black Breath  7"			12min  like Thorns
Funeral Feast (FIN)	- Genocide Ad Nauseam			34min  great old Death Metal
Funeral Frost (SWE)	- Demo '95				18min
Funeral Frost (SWE)	- Queen Of Frost  Bootleg-CD		45min
Funeral Frost (SWE)	- Watch Them Burn  7"			14min
Funeral In Heaven (S.LANKA) - Daiwaye Haaskam Saha...7"		15min
Funeral Mask (US)	- Catapulting Corpses MCDr		12min
Funeral Mist (SWE)	- Darkness '96				22min
Funeral Mist (SWE)	- Devilry MCD				21min  w. Dark Funeral member
Funeral Mist (SWE)	- Devilry  MLP				26min  w.bonus tck
Funeral Mist (SWE)	- Havoc II  '96				18min
Funeral Mist (SWE)	- Maranatha				55min
Funeral Mist (SWE)	- Salvation				66min  great Black Metal
Funeral Mist (SWE)	- Hekatomb				43min
Funeral Nation (US)	- All Hallows Evil  7"			10min  rare release from Metal Merchant US
Funeral Nation (US)	- Kingdom Come Thy			58min  fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Funeral Nation (US)	- Reign Of Death  MLP			17min
Funeral Nation (US)	- State Of Insanity EP			17min
Funeral Nation (US)	- The Benediction '93			23min
Funeral Nation (US) 	- After The Battle              	43min  great Thrash from '91 with a satanic approach
Funeral Revolt (GRE)	- Burial  MLP				21min
Funeral Rites (JPN)	- Demo I '95				19min  fantastic underrated Black Metal
Funeral Rites (JPN)	- Necroeater				42min  killer killer. Sigh meets Burzum !!!
Funeral Rites (JPN)	- Promo '97				27min  great Japanese Black Metal with old feeling
Funeral Rites (JPN)	- The Wintermoon '96			29min
Funeral Rites (JPN)	- Weird Tales '97			19min
Funeral Whore / Profanal (NL/ITA) - Split 7"			15min
Funeral Winds (NL)	- Godslayer XUL  Re-Release LP		50min  Re-Release with Inferi bonus tx
Funeral Winds (NL)	- Godslayer Xul				34min  finally released, mix of Sodom/Hellhammer
Funeral Winds (NL)	- Koude Haat				36min  sounds like the old stuff, good Black Metal
Funeral Winds (NL)	- La Majestie Infernable		44min  demos, Split CD tx and live
Funeral Winds (NL)	- Nexion Xul				42min
Funeral Winds (NL)	- Screaming For Grace '94?		21min  their latest stuff, in the dark Hellhammer vein
Funeral Winds (NL)	- Screaming For Resurrection		42min
Funeral Winds / Demonic (NL/NOR) - Split LP			32min
Funerary Bell (FIN)	- The Coven				40min
Funerary Bell (FIN)	- The Second Manifestation  MCD		21min
Funerary Call (CAN)	- Damnation's Journey MLP		14min
Funerary Pit (AUS)	- Winds Of Hell '07			 9min  ex-Gospel Of The Horns/Destruktor/D'666
Funeratus (BRA)		- Echoes In Eternity			33min
Funeratus (BRA)		- Storm Of Vengeance			34min
Funeratus (BRA)		- The Baptism '99?			15min
Funeratus (BRA)		- The Baptism - Upcoming Apparition	30min  both demos on LP
Funeratus (BRA)		- Vision From Hell  7"			11min
Funeratus / Descerbration (BRA/BRA) - Split CD			46min
Funereal (US)		- The Misery Season			38min  pre-Cianide, their unrel. CD from 1994
Funereal Moon (MEX)	- Beneath The Cursed Light Of...	46min  ultra-evil Black
Funereal Moon (MEX)	- De Natura Daemonium  7"		14min  only ritualistic stuff here
Funereal Moon (MEX)	- Taumogenesis				75min
Funerot (US)		- Stranded In Time  7"			10min
Funerus (US)		- Festering Earth			37min  slow Incantation meets old Grave
Furbowl	(SWE)		- Demo 2/93				18min
Furbowl (SWE)		- Those Shredded Dreams 3-LP	       105min
Furbowl (SWE)           - The Nightfall Of Your Heart '91       12min
Furious Trauma (DK)	- Eclipse				44min
Furious Trauma (DK)	- Primal Touch				42min
Furious Trauma (DK)	- Roll The Dice				46min
Furious Trauma (DK)	- Strange Ways				33min
Furnace (US)		- Cremated Souls 7"			11min  bad Industrial-Death Metal
Furze (NOR)		- First Feast For Freedom  7"		12min  more in the Ved Buens Ende vein
Furze (NOR)		- Necromanzee Cogent			73min  horrible
Furze (NOR)		- Trident Autocrat  MLP			27min
Furze (NOR)		- Utd					42min  third LP full of songs, great low-fi Black Metal
Furze (NOR)		- s/t  Re-Release 7"			11min  w.Hellhammer cover
G-Anx (SWE)		- Far Out  7"				10min
G-Anx (SWE)		- Flashbacks				50min  all EP tx and unrel. LP
G-Anx (SWE)		- Masterpeace  7"			 8min
G-Anx (SWE)		- Out Of Reach  7"			14min
Gadget (SWE)		- Remote				30min
Gallhammer (JPN)	- Beyond The Hatred  MCDr		23min  Internet MP3 release
Gallhammer (JPN)	- Gloomy Nights				41min  three gals (!) playing a mix of Amebix and Hellhammer
Gallhammer (JPN)	- Ill Innocence				50min
Gallhammer (JPN)	- The Dawn Of...  CD+DVD		48min
Gama Bomb (N.IRE)	- Citizen Brain				39min
Gama Bomb (N.IRE)	- Survival Of The Fastest		34min  old-school Thrash
Gama Bomb / Black Sister (N.IRE/SCOT) - Split 7"		10min
Gamma Ray (GER)		- Somewhere Out In Space		64min
Gandalf	(FIN)		- Unrel. Studiotx '96			10min
Gandalf (FIN)		- Deadly Fairytales			47min
Gandalf (FIN)		- Rock Hell				46min
Gandalf (FIN)		- Snakebite '96				15min
Gandalf (FIN)		- The Cradle '95			20min
Gandalf (SWE)		- Demo II '94				16min
Garcharot (FIN)		- Core Of Despair			77min  old FIN-Death demos on CD
Gardenian (SWE)		- Sindustries				63min
Gardenian (SWE)		- Soulburner				48min
Gardenian (SWE)      	- Two Feet Stand                	38min  w. In Flames member
Gardens Of Obscurity (SWE) - The Abyss Of Coloured Tears '94 	17min  pre-The Darksend
Garlik De'th (NOR)	- While God Sleeps			28min  old Thrash demos on vinyl
Garrote (LIT)		- Mortuary '95				32min
Gates Of Ishtar	(SWE)	- At Dusk And Forever			36min  in the vein of the Debut-CD
Gates Of Ishtar (SWE)	- Where Weak Gods Gather '94    	30min
Gates Of Ishtar (SWE)	- The Dawn Of Flames            	44min
Gates Of Ishtar (SWE)	- A Bloodred Path               	33min
Gates Of Ishtar (SWE)   - Seasons Of Frost '95                  16min
Gaurithoth (FIN)	- Huoravasara  7"			13min
Gaurithoth (FIN)	- Perverse				39min
Gehenna	(NOR)		- Admirion Black			37min  very Death Metal-orientated now
Gehenna (NOR)		- Baroeg - 29.6.96 CDr			42min
Gehenna (NOR)		- Murder				31min  Florida-styled Death Metal now
Gehenna (NOR)		- WW					37min
Gehenna (NOR)        	- Malice                        	60min
Gehenna (NOR)        	- Black Seared Heart Rerelease  	34min
Gehenna (NOR)           - Deadlights MCD                        16min  cool, 'Master Satan' is their best tck ever...
Gehennah (SWE)		- 10 Years Fucked Up... Re-Release 7"	11min
Gehennah (SWE)		- 10 Years Fucked Up...  MCDr		11min  only sold at the 11.10.2002 gig, ltd.50
Gehennah (SWE)		- Decibel Rebel				34min
Gehennah (SWE)		- King Of The Sidewalk			32min  let's party !!!!!! Alcoholic Metal at its best
Gehennah / Rise And Shine (SWE/SWE) - Split 7"			10min
Gehirm (SWE)		- Double The Harvest '92		16min
Geisha Goner (POL)	- Catching Broadness			46min  Overkill meets Grave Digger on Carnage Rec.
Geisha Goner (POL)	- Catching Broadness  Re-Release CD	55min
Geisha Goner (POL)	- Hunting For The Human '94		52min  turned to ugly Fun Thrash
General Surgery (SWE)	- s/t  2-7"				25min  with Demo 1 '90, Demo 2 '90, Reh./Demo 9/90
General Surgery (SWE)	- Corpus In Extremis			37min
General Surgery (SWE)	- Left Hand Pathology			33min  Left Hand Path on Grind, haha
General Surgery / Butcher ABC (SWE/JPN) - Split CD		29min
General Surgery / Filth (SWE/AUS) - Split 7"			12min
General Surgery / Machetazo - (SWE/SPA) - Split 7"		11min
General Surgery / T.C.M.E (SWE/SWE) - Split CD			37min
Genesis Of Aggression (POL) - Disappointment '89		52min
Genetic Deformation (BRA) - Gates Of Eternal... 7" 		18min
Genital Deformities (UK)- Shag Nasty				32min  Amebix meets Bolt Thrower
Genital Deformities / Subcaos (UK/POR) - Split CD		72min  GD: great Crust with Celtic Frost touch
Genital Deformities / Subcaos (UK/POR) - Split 7"		16min
Genital Deformities/Nuclear Death (UK/POL) - Split LP           38min
Genital Putrefaction (POL) - The Insane Anxiety Of Soul '92	23min
Genital Putrefaction (POL) - Destination/Sepsis/Live '91	85min
Genocide (AUS)		- s/t  MCD				25min
Genocide (JPN)		- Beyond Blood Bath			39min
Genocide (JPN)		- Black Sanctuary			48min
Genocide (JPN)		- The Rites				73min  Live 2000 and Live 1984
Genocide (JPN)		- The Ritual Days			41min
Genocide (MEX)		- Discografia 1997-2008			46min
Genocide (POR)		- Breaking Point			37min
Genocide (POR)		- s/t					33min  mixture of old Benediction/Bolt Thrower
Genocide (SWE)		- Unfucked '94				11min  pre-Genocide SS with Miezko (NASUM)
Genocide (US)		- Demo I '85				10min
Genocide (US)		- Live At Blondies 6/4/1986  Boot-LP	30min  pre-Repulsion
Genocide (US)		- Submit To Genocide			36min
Genocide (US)		- Violent Death  Demo/Reh.10/85 	11min  pre-Repulsion, fantastic old Death Metal
Genocide (US)           - Demo/Reh. '11/86                       8min  pre-Repulsion
Genocide SS (SWE)	- Another Fucking EP			10min  ex-Necrony (R.I.P.)/Nasum, cool Crustcore
Genocide SS (SWE)	- Hail The New Storm			30min  Swedish Crust, ex-Necrony members
Genocide SS (SWE)	- Iron Cross  7"			12min  Genocide Super Stars now
Genocide SS (SWE)	- Queen Of The Death Camp  7"		10min
Genocide SS (SWE)       - We Are Born Of Hate                   47min  Motörhead meets Discharge !!!!1
Genocide SS / Vivisection (SWE/JPN) - Split 7"			14min
Genocide Superstars (SWE) - III					36min
Genocidio (BRA)		- Depression				29min  Brazilian Death
Genocidio (BRA)		- Depression  Re-Release CD		36min  first MLP as bonus and Joy Division cover
Genocidio (BRA)		- Hiatus  MCDr				17min  Internet MP3 release
Genocidio (BRA)		- Hoctaedrom				39min  the old Brazilian gods
Genocidio (BRA)		- Live 28.10.89				37min
Genocidio (BRA)		- One Of Them				36min
Genocidio (BRA)		- Posthumous				63min
Genocidio (BRA)		- Probations CD+DVD			71min
Genocidio (BRA)		- Rebellion  MCD			22min  now like Terrorizer, these old guys shred
Genocidio (BRA) 	- MLP '88                       	16min  insane, like oldest Sepultura
Genocrush Ferox (SWE)	- The Sepulchre Strangulation		41min  two nice Death Metal demos on CD
Gerogerigegege (JPN)	- All YOu Need Is Audio Shock  7"	12min
Gerogerigegege / CSMD (JPN/JPN) - Split 7"			14min  Gero. under the name of Hiroshi Itsuki
Ghamorean (SWE)		- Plaguempire				34min
Ghastly / Flame (AUS/FIN) - Split CD				39min  great BlackThrash bands
Ghost (POL)		- Bad Obsession '93			32min
Ghost (POL)		- II  8/89				13min
Ghost (POL)		- Noc Demona 9/89			24min
Ghost (POL)		- The Lost Of Mercy			41min  Polish Death Metal highlight, Loud Out Rec. CD 1994
Ghost Rider (ITA)	- Mayhemic Destruction 10"		19min  demo on 10"
Ghost Rider (ITA)    	- Mayhemic Destruction '84      	18min  pre-Necrodeath, an Italian legend
Ghostorm (LIT)		- Frozen In Fire			37min
Ghostorm (LIT)          - The End Of All Songs '93              19min  produced by Dan Swanö
Ghostorm (LIT)          - Black Box  Jpn-CD                     41min
Ghoul (US)		- Maniaxe				35min  good oldschool PowerThrashDeath
Ghoul (US)		- Splatterthrash			42min
Ghoul (US)		- Transmission Zero			40min
Ghoul (US)		- We Came For The Dead !!!		54min
Ghoul / Brody's Militia (US/US) - Split 7"			10min
Ghoul-Cult (NOR)	- s/t					39min  great BlackThrash Metal
Giaur (POL)		- ...Of Gods Human Race '92		28min
Gibbed (JPN)		- Eternal Life  Flexi-7"		12min
Giftgasattack / Mardröm (SWE/SWE) - Split MLP			23min
Gjenferdsel (NOR)	- I					33min
Gladiator (BRA)         - Dreadful Dreams                       30min  old Thrash on Whiplash Rec.
Gladiator (SVK)         - Designation                           45min  Slayer/Kreator like debut from '91
Gladiator (SVK)         - Legal Drug                            53min
Gladiator (SVK)         - Third Eye  Do.-CD                     58min  no Thrash anymore but Grunge, aarghh
Gladiator (SVK)         - Made Of Pain                          38min  big Slayer Fans
Gloom (SWE)		- Live 9.10.1992			30min
Gloom (SWE)             - Demo '92                              23min  old Döds Metal with Demigod-like voice
Gloria Diaboli (CAN)	- s/t  7"				 8min
Glöster Gladiattor (COL)- s/t  7"                                8min  the very first extreme Colombian record
Gnostic (US)		- Bloodwars Of Heretic Supremacy	40min
Gnostic (US)		- Evoking The Demons			30min
Gnostic (US)		- Hatewar 666				48min
Goat (DK)           	- Sacred Pilgrim                	29min
Goat Emperor (BRA)	- Announcing The Neo-Aeon '95		22min
Goat Horns (UK)		- From The Very Depths Of Hell  MCDr  	24min
Goat Horns (UK)		- Magicans Of Black Chaos  MCD		15min
Goat Horns (UK)		- The Nocturnal Call  7"		10min
Goat Horns / The True Endless (UK/ITA) - Split CD		29min
Goat Molestör (UK)      - Ancient Barbaric Assault '03          25min  like old Blasphemy/Demoncy/Beherit, if not better
Goat Molestör (UK)      - Realm Of Evoked Doom  7"              14min
Goat Of Mendes (GER)	- A Book Of Shadows			52min
Goat Of Mendes (GER)	- To Walk Upon The Wiccan Way		52min
Goat Of Mendes (GER)	- Thricefold				49min
Goat Vengeance (BRA)	- We Bring The Goat Massacre... 7"	13min
Goatchrist / Embrace Of Thorns (NOR/GRE) - Split CD		33min
Goatfire (ITA)		- Fiendish Ruminations			78min  5 demos on CD, 2 are total crap, 2 are crap, one is ok
Goatfire (ITA)		- Sarcophobic Initiation		25min
Goatholocaust / Vociferian (BEL/FRA) - Split Demo '04		43min
Goatlord (POL)		- Wieczny Plomien  CDr			37min
Goatlord (US)		- Distorted Birth: The Demos		94min
Goatlord (US)		- Reflections Of ... Re-Release LP+7"	54min
Goatlord (US)		- Reflections Of The Solstice		40min
Goatlord (US)		- The Last Sodomy Of Mary 2-LP		68min  Die Hard vinyl on NWN!
Goatpenis (BRA)		- Inhumanization			36min
Goatpenis (BRA)		- Semen 1992 - Anno Domini		30min  demos
Goatpenis (BRA)		- Trotz Verbot Nicht... Re-Release CD	47min  sounds like very old Repusion/Genocide
Goatpenis / Deathsquadron (BRA/SPA) - Split 7"			13min
Goatreich 666 (ITA)	- Funeral Of Nameless Angels  7"	11min
Goatreich 666 (ITA)	- Inhale The Cold Breath Of Who...	43min
Goatrot (US)		- Frenetic Goat Worship CDr '01		41min  w.Lethal Prayer member
Goatsemen (PER)		- ...Raids The North			30min
Goatsemen (PER)		- Demo I '03				32min  total killer Death Black Metal
Goatsemen (PER)		- Promo '00				20min  w.ex-Anal Vomit/Levifer members
Goatsemen (PER)		- Under The Horn... MCDr 		16min  Live MCDr
Goatsemen (PER)         - En Vivo En Lima Hell                  51min
Goatsemen / Anal Vomit (PER/PER) - Split CD			58min  what an unbelievable massacre !!! Killer !!!
Goatsemen / Levifer (PER/PER) - Split 7"			17min  a total Peruvian blast !!!
Goatsodomizer (SWE)	- Rapin' My Graveyard '02		 9min
Goatvomit (GRE)		- Chapel Of The Winds Of Belial  7"	14min  totally like very old Blasphemy
Goatvomit / Kratornas (GRE/PHIL) - Split Tape '03		39min
Goatvomit / Satanic Evil (GRE/FIN) - Split 7"			14min
Goatwhore (US)		- A Haunted Curse			40min
Goatwhore (US)		- Funeral Dirge Of The Rotting Sun	38min
Goatwhore (US)		- The Eclipse Of...  Re-Release LP	46min
Goatwhore (US)		- The Eclipse Of Ages Into Black	46min  Black Metal with Crowbar members
Goatwhore / Epoch Of Unlight (US/US) - Split 7"			10min  Celtic Frost, At The Gates and Kreator covers
Goatworship (SWE)       - Uraldriga Svenska Folksägner '93      29min  very Bathory like
God Among Insects (SWE) - World Wide Death			36min  similar to old Finnish Death meets some Dods-stuff
God Among Insects (SWE) - Zombienomicon				34min
God B.C. (SWE)		- Eargasms In Eden			37min
God Dethroned (NL)	- Bloody Blasphemy  LP			46min  one bonus tck
God Dethroned (NL)	- Bloody Blasphemy			40min  killer Death Metal, very fresh ideas
God Dethroned (NL)	- Into The Lungs Of Hell  2-LP		75min  lots of bonus stuff
God Dethroned (NL)	- Passiondale				39min
God Dethroned (NL)	- Ravenous				40min
God Dethroned (NL)	- The Toxic Touch			39min
God Dethroned (NL)	- The Christhunt			50min
God Dethroned (NL)	- The Lair Of The White Worm		41min
God Dethroned (NL)	- The Ancient Ones			60min
God Dethroned (NL)	- The Grand Grimoire			39min
God Dethroned (NL)  	- The Christhunt  Promo '92     	 9min
God Forbid (US)		- Determination				47min
God Forsaken (FIN)	- Electric Release   MCD		11min  The Obsessed like DoomerRock
God Forsaken (FIN)	- Reh. '91/92				13min
God Forsaken (FIN)	- The Tide Has Turned			48min
God Forsaken (FIN)	- Tomorrow Is Never  MCD		15min
God Macabre (SWE)	- Eve Of Souls Forsaken			34min  Live LP
God Macabre (SWE)	- The Winterlong  Re-Release		38min  remastered, 7" as bonus
Goddefied (SWE)		- Abysmal Grief  MCD			17min
Goddefied (SWE)		- Remnants Of The Art  7"		 9min  good SWE-Death comeback
Goddefied (SWE)		- Inhumation Of Shreds			66min
Goddess Of Desire (NL)	- Awaken Pagan Gods			48min
Goddess Of Desire (NL)	- Let Us Win This War			41min
Goddess Of Desire (NL)	- Symbol Of Triumph			52min
Goddess Of Desire (NL)	- Symbol Of Triumph  LP			44min  different to the CD version
Goddess Of Desire (NL)  - Conquerors Divine                     49min
Goden (NL)		- Episode Of The Apostle...  MCD	19min  like oldest Rotting Christ
Godfall (FIN)		- Demo 1 '94				18min
Godfall (FIN)		- The Sound Of Robogroove MCD		16min
Godgory (SWE)		- Way Beyond				40min
Godgory (SWE)        	- Shadows Dance                 	59min
Godgory (SWE)        	- Sea Of Dreams                 	51min
Godhate (SWE)		- Anguish  MCD				18min  ex-Throneaeon
Godhate (SWE)		- Equal In The Eyes Of Death		40min
Godkiller (MON)      	- The Rebirth Of The...MCD      	21min
Godless (CHI)		- Ecce Homo				47min
Godless (CHI)		- Irreligious Nemine Discrepante  2-7"	25min
Godless (P.RICO)	- Adricanorom Dumaso			43min  old Black Metal
Godless (P.RICO)        - Church Arsonist                       42min
Godless Rising (US)	- Battle Lords				40min
Godless Rising (US)	- Rising Hatred  MCD			25min  w.ex Vital Remains vocalist Jeff, cool Death Metal
Godsend (SWE)		- A Wayfarers' Tears...			57min
Godsend (SWE)		- In The Electric Mist			51min
Godsend (UK)		- s/t  MCD				24min  Thrash like Sabbat w.Andy Sneap, from '94
Godslaying Hellbeast / Necroholocaust (TUR/CAN) - Split 7"	13min
Godslaying Hellblast (TUR) - From The Deepest... 7"     	15min
Godüs (SPA)             - Hell Fuck Demon Sound                 32min  boring Black Metal
Golden Dawn (AUT)	- The Art Of Dreaming			49min
Goldenpyre (POR)	- Apocryphal '98			19min
Goldenpyre (POR)	- Decrepidemic  MCD			18min
Goldenpyre (POR)	- Necroterrorism Demo MCDr  '01		16min  old Dark Death Metal
Golem (GER)		- Dreamweaver				63min
Golem (GER)		- Eternity: The Weeping Horizon		43min
Golem (GER)		- The 2nd Moon				44min
Golem (GER)		- Visceral Scab  7"			10min
Golem / Nauseous Surgery (BRA/BRA) - Split CD			29min  underground Death massacre
Golgotha (POL)		- Land Of Death				45min  old Polish Death Metal from 1993
Golgotha (UK)		- Symphony In Extremis			40min  nice Doom Death Metal
Gomorrah (UK)		- Caress The Grotesque			48min
Gomorrah (UK)		- Embryonic Stages '91			19min
Gomorrah (UK)		- Reflections Of Inanimate Matter	37min  cool old UK-Death Metal
Gomorrah (UK)		- Umbilical Divorce '92			21min
Gonkulator (US)		- Satan's Burial Ground			42min  non-Metal crap
Gonkulator / Black Mass Of Absu (US/US) - Split 7"		12min
Gooseflesh (SWE)	- The Wraith '97			13min
Goreaphobia (US)        - Morbidious Pathology  7"              10min
Goreaphobia (US)        - Omen Of Masochism  MCD                18min
Goreaphobia (US)        - Omen Of Masochism  7"                  9min
Gorefest (NL)		- Chapter 13				52min  unlistenable crap
Gorefest (NL)		- Horrors In A Retarded Mind '90	20min
Gorefest (NL)		- Rise To Ruin				56min
Gorefest (NL)		- Tangled In Gore '89			18min
Gorefest (NL)       	- Soul Survivor                 	45min
Gorefest (NL)           - La Muerte                             64min
Gorehog / Veneral Disease (?/SPA) - Split CD			33min  bizarre but cool Deathgrind
Gorelord (US/NOR)	- Force Fed On Human Flesh		31min  sadly no killer music
Gorelord (US/NOR)	- Norwegian Chainsaw Massacre		42min
Gorelord (US/NOR)	- Zombie Suicide Part 666		39min
Gorement (SWE)		- Darkness Of The Dead			80min  with first CD, both EPs, demo and one unrel. tck
Gorement (SWE)		- Human Relic '91			13min
Gorement (SWE)		- Into Shadows  7"			 9min  unknown DEATH METAL GODSSSS
Gorement (SWE)		- Obsequies... '92			13min
Gorement (SWE)		- Obsequies... 7"			12min  godly, godly, godly Death Metal
Gorement (SWE)		- Repulsive Putrid Demos  MLP		24min  Bootleg
Gorement (SWE)		- The Ending Quest			42min
Gorephilia (FIN)	- Ascend To Chaos  MLP			29min
Gorephobia (US)		- Apocalyptic Necromancy		49min
Gorephobia (US)		- Sabbatic Communion  7"		13min
Gorephobia (US)		- Vile Beast Of Abomination		43min  some last comback tracks included
Gorgon (FRA)		- Call From Unknown Depths '93		25min  influenced by Hellhammer
Gorgon (FRA)		- Evoking The Ancient Forces Of...	45min
Gorgon (FRA)		- Reign Of Obscurity			51min
Gorgon (FRA)		- The Jackal Pact			38min
Gorgon (FRA)		- The Lady Rides A Black Horse		46min
Gorgon (FRA)		- The Spectral Voices			45min
Gorgon / O.T.A.L. (FRA/FRA) - Split CD				52min
Gorgoroth (NOR)		- A Sorcery Written In Blood  7"	 9min  demo on 7"
Gorgoroth (NOR)		- A Sorcery Written In Blood  MCD	19min  Demo '93 + Promo '94
Gorgoroth (NOR)		- Demo/Promo + Live  LP			42min  Bootleg LP
Gorgoroth (NOR)		- Destroyer				38min
Gorgoroth (NOR)		- Live In Grieghallen			32min
Gorgoroth (NOR)		- Promo '94				10min
Gorgoroth (NOR)		- Twilight Of The Idols / Incipit..2-LP 69min
Gorgoroth (NOR)		- Under The Sign... Re-Release CD	30min  Re-recorded album, lost its magic completely
Gorgoroth (NOR)      	- Under The Sign Of Hell        	33min
Gorgoroth (NOR)         - The Last Tormentor  7"                 7min
Gorgoroth (NOR)         - Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam           31min
Gorguts (CAN)		- And Then Comes Lividity		76min  demos, pre-productions and live
Gorguts (CAN)		- From Wisdom To Hate			41min
Gorguts (CAN)		- Live In Rotterdam			33min  Live '93
Gorguts (CAN)		- Obscura				61min
Gorguts (CAN)		- The Erosion Of Sanity			37min
Gorhoth (CHI)		- 1994-2000 A.B.			71min
Gospel Of The Horns (AUS) - Monmuments Of Impurity  7"		14min
Gospel Of The Horns (AUS) - A Call To Arms			33min
Gospel Of The Horns (AUS) - Eve Of The Conqueror  MLP		21min
Gospel Of The Horns (AUS) - Eve Of The Conqueror  MCD		28min
Gospel Of The Horns (AUS) - Realm Of The Damned			38min
Gospel Of The Horns (AUS) - Sinners/Monuments Re-Release LP 	32min
Grabnebelfürsten (GER)  - Von Schemen Und Trugbildern           73min  fantastic German Black Metal
Grabnebelfürsten (GER)  - Dynastie (Oder Wie Man...)            51min  fantastic German Black !!!!!
Grabnebelfürsten (GER)  - Schwarz Gegen Weiss                   63min
Graf Spee (URU)		- Reincarnation + Demo '92  CDr		67min  Bootleg version of this old cult band
Grave (SWE)		- 1 test tk Sunlight Studio '91		 4min
Grave (SWE)		- Anatomia Corporis Humani  MLP		17min
Grave (SWE)		- And Here I Die Satisfied MCD		13min  3 tck version
Grave (SWE)		- As Rapture Comes			43min
Grave (SWE)		- Back From The Grave  2-CD		94min
Grave (SWE)		- Burial Ground				43min
Grave (SWE)		- Corpse Putrefaction			77min  Masterkult, all old demos
Grave (SWE)		- Dominion VIII				49min
Grave (SWE)		- Exhumed 2-LP				80min
Grave (SWE)		- Extremely Rotten Demos 2-LP		53min
Grave (SWE)		- Extremy Rotten Live			56min
Grave (SWE)		- Fiendish Regression			46min  better than previous LP, incl. St.Vitus cover
Grave (SWE)		- Into The Grave  Re-Release CD		66min  incl. demo tx and their 7"
Grave (SWE)		- Necropsy - The Complete Demos 4-LP 	66min
Grave (SWE)		- The Dark Side Of Death		36min  came with Legacy #79
Grave (SWE)		- Tremendous Pain Promo '90		20min
Grave (SWE)		- Endless Procession of Souls		76min  2-LP
Grave (SWE)		- Morbid Ascent  MLP			26min
Grave (SWE)		- Out Of Respect For The Dead 2-CD	74min
Grave / Deviated Instinct / Devolution (SWE/UK/?) - Split CD    51min  old ultraheavy/ultrarare Grave-stuff
Grave / Devolution (SWE/?) - Split LP				35min
Grave Desecrator (BRA)	- Cult Of Warfare And Darkness  7"	10min
Grave Desecrator (BRA)	- Insult				45min
Grave Desecrator (BRA)	- Sign Of Doom				50min  killer BlackThrash
Grave Desecrator (BRA)	- Demo '01				17min
Grave Desecrator (BRA)	- Primordial And Repulsive  7"		11min
Grave Desecrator (BRA) 	- Dust To Lust				52min
Grave Desecrator / Catacumba (BRA/BRA) - Split 7"		 8min
Grave Miasma (UK)	- Exalted Emanation  MCD		36min
Grave Miasma (UK)	- Realm Of Evoked Doom  MCD		32min  Grave Molestor 7" plus bonus
Grave Ritual (US)	- Euphoric Hymns From The Altar...	46min
Gravehammer (SWE)	- Ensnared In Dismal Blasphemies 7"	 9min
Gravehill (US)		- Metal Of Death MCD			21min  w.Morgion/Crimson Relic member
Gravehill (US)		- Practitioners Of Fell Sorcery  MLP	26min
Gravehill (US)		- Rites Of The Pentagram		39min  ex-Divine Eve members
Graveless (SWE)		- Condemned To A Nameless Death '09 	22min
Graven (GER)		- Perished And Forgotten		38min
Graven (GER)		- The Shadows Eternal Call		36min
Graves At Sea (US)	- Documents Of Grief			29min
Graveside (RUS)		- Sinful Accession '93			35min
Gravewürm (US)		- Black Fire				46min
Gravewürm (US)		- Blood Of The Pentagram		43min
Gravewürm (US)		- Funeral Empire			69min
Gravewürm (US)          - Dark Souls Of Hell                    35min
Gravewürm (US)          - Into Battle                           64min
Gravewürm (US)          - Ancient Storms Of Hate                45min
Gravewürm (US)          - Warbeast  7"                          13min  w.Nunslaughter member
Gravewürm (US)          - Nocturnal Spells '96                  22min
Gravewürm (US)          - Warbeast + Command Of Satan's...      33min  CDr-version of both demos
Gravewürm (US)          - The Bestial Hordes  MCDr              20min
Gravewürm (US)          - Carnivorous Monarchy '03              20min
Gravewürm (US)          - Under The Banner Of War               57min
Gravewürm (US)          - Command Of Satan's Blade '98          21min
Gravewürm / Daemonlord (US/SPA) - Split 7"                      12min
Gravewürm / Devil Lee Rot (US/SWE) - Split 7"                   13min
Gravewürm / Herskeri (US/US) - Split CD                         40min
Gravewürm / Suicidal Winds (US/SWE) - Split CD                  42min  S.W. with a great Oz-cover
Gravewürm / Wintress (US/US) - Split CDr			53min
Graveyard (SPA)		- Into The Mausoleum MCD		24min  great old Death Metal
Graveyard (SPA)		- One With The Dead			41min
Graveyard (SPA)		- The Altars Of Sculptured Skulls  MLP 	24min
Graveyard / Necro (SPA/ITA) - Split Demo '11			42min
Graveyard / Terrorist (SPA/US) - Split 7"			15min
Graveyard Dirt (IRE)	- Of Romance And Fire '95		16min  Furbowl meets Doom Metal
Gravferd (NOR)		- Demonized				72min  old demos pressed on CD
Gravferd (NOR)		- Mjoelner I Kvitekrists Aasyn '95	28min
Gravferd (NOR)          - Av Hedensk Blod '96                   31min
Grenade (AUS)		- Hellsong  7"				14min  great Blackthrash, similar to Destroyer 666
Grenade (AUS)		- The Howling Damned			46min
Grenade (AUS)		- Venom Of God  7"			11min  similar to Destroyer 666
Grenjar / Vantro (NOR/NOR) - Split CD				56min  cool Black Metal
Grief (US)		- And Man Will Become The Haunted	51min
Grief (US)		- Come To Grief				55min
Grief (US)		- Depression  7"			15min
Grief (US)		- Dismal  MLP				22min
Grief (US)		- Dismal CD				43min
Grief (US)		- Miserably Ever After			58min
Grief (US)		- Torso					64min
Grief (US)		- Tour 2008 7"				11min
Grief (US)		- Turbulent Times			68min
Grief / 13 (US/US)	- Split 7"				15min
Grief / 16 (US/US)	- Split 10"				18min
Grief / 16 (US/US)	- Split 7"				12min
Grief / Corrupted (US/JPN) - Split 7"				13min
Grief / Dystopia (US/US)- Split 7"				13min
Grief / Soilent Green (US/US) - Split 10"			20min
Grief / Suppression (US/US) - Split 7"				11min
Grief Of Emerald (NOR)	- Malformed Seed			41min
Grief Of Emerald (SWE)	- The Beginning MCD			19min
Grief Of Emerald (SWE)	- Nightspawn				43min
Grief Of Emerald (SWE)	- Christian Termination			51min
Grief Of Emerald (SWE)  - The Beginning '97                     20min
Grievance (NOR)		- The Phantom Novels			38min
Grievance (NOR)		- s/t  MCD				19min
Griffin (US)		- Live '82  7"				14min  came with Snakepit #19
Griftegard (SWE)	- Psalm Bok  MLP			18min
Grim (SWE)		- The Domains Of Spirits 7"		12min  only ambient shit
Grim Force (JPN)	- Circulation To Conclusion		32min  ex-Ritual Carnage, more Bay Area stuff
Grima Morstua (ARG)	- Illustratio Per Horribilem...		41min
Grima Morstua (ARG)	- Magnam Mortem Transcendere		36min
Grima Morstua (ARG)	- Repulsive Sounds Of Satanic... 7" 	15min
Grimfist (NOR)		- 10 Steps To Hell			44min
Grimfist (NOR)		- Ghouls Of Grandeur			40min  w.Horgh and Frediabolo, more Death Metal
Grimm (NL)              - Dark Medieval Folklore                38min
Grimm (NOR)		- Nordisk Vinter  7"			12min  demo on 7", Carpathian Forest memb.
Grimnir (AUT)           - s/t  7"                               12min  good Black Metal
Grimnir / Mordgrund (AUT/GER) - Split 7"			13min
Grimoire (ISR)       	- A Requiem For The...          	39min
Grimorium Verum (ECU)	- s/t 					36min  great Death-Thrash with East European like vocals
Grimorium Verum (ECU) 	- Acnorajacal				35min
Grimorium Verum (ECU) - Demo 94-95  CD				67min
Grinder	(GER)		- The 1st EP				24min
Grinder (GER)		- Nothing Is Sacred			35min
Grip Inc. (GER/US)      - Nemesis                       	39min
Grom / North / Marhoth (POL/POL/POL) - Split CD			37min
Groms (NOR)		- Ascension				41min
Grotesque (SWE)      	- In The Embrace...CD           	50min
Grotesque Hysterectomy (NOR) - Reek MLP				23min  heavily in the Morbid Angel/Immolation vein
Grotesque Hysterectomy (NOR) - Piercing Through  7"		10min  Morbid Angel like Death Metal
Ground Zero (JPN)	- Etherealize  7"			12min  very good PowerThrash Metal
Ground Zero (JPN)	- Gate Of Death				26min
Ground Zero (JPN)	- Live Vanguard				42min  unknown Japanese Thrash band
Ground Zero / Jurassic Jade (JPN/JPN) - Split  Flexi 7"		 8min
Gruel (SWE)		- Demo '05				 9min
Gruesome Karnage (FRA)  - ...1990-1992  MCDr                    13min  Dark Death Metal history from France
Guardian (POL)		- Mind Of Darkness '92			36min
Guerra Total (COL)	- Nuklear Zombie Division		42min
Guidance Of Sin (SWE)	- Acts  7"				 8min
Guidance Of Sin (SWE)	- 6106					34min
Guidance Of Sin (SWE)	- Soulseducer				38min
Guidance Of Sin (SWE)   - Soul Disparity '97                    18min  ex-A Canorous..., Opeth-like Gothic/Death
Guided Cradle (CZE)	- Instinct Of Survival  7"		13min  Swedish Crust stuff
Guided Cradle / Instinct Of Survival (CZE/GER) - Split 7"	13min
Guillotine (BRA)	- Metal In The Vein			40min
Guillotine (SWE)	- Blood Money				42min
Guillotine (SWE)	- Under The Guillotine			35min  like Kreator's first LP
Guillotine (SWE)     	- Under The Guillotine '95      	13min  ala Kreator
Gurkkhas (FRA)		- A Life Of Suffering			37min
Gurkkhas (FRA)          - Engraved In Blood, Flesh And Souls    42min
Gut (GER)		- Assyfied/Pussyfied  7"		14min
Gut (GER)		- Hyper-Intestinal Vulva Desecration 7" 11min
Gut (GER)		- Pimps Of Gore  7"			10min
Gut / Retaliation (GER/SWE) - Split 7"				11min
Gutted Corpse (POL)	- Human Remains '93			31min
Haatstrijd (NL)		- Satansplaag  7"			12min
Hacavitz (MEX)		- Katun					52min
Hacavitz (MEX)		- Metztli Obscura			48min
Hacavitz (MEX)		- Venganza				53min
Hacavitz (MEX)		- s/t  7"				11min  ex-Ravager, ala Angel Corpse
Hacavitz / Thornspawn (MEX/US) - Split CD			46min
Hacavitz / Zygoatsis (MEX/THAI) - Split MCD			25min
Hades (CHINA)		- s/t					43min  DeathDoom from China, sound is ok
Hades (NOR)          	- Alone Walkyng MCD             	21min
Hades (NOR)          	- The Dawn Of The Dying Sun     	47min
Hades Almighty (NOR)	- Millenium Nocturne			59min
Hades Almighty (NOR)	- The Pulse Of Decay			33min
Hades Archer (CHI)	- For The Diabolical Ages		43min
Hades Archer (CHI)	- Penis Metal MCD			15min
Hadez (PER)		- Aquarelle  Re-Release LP		50min
Hadez (PER)		- Aquelarre				42min  from '93, cool Underground Death
Hadez (PER)		- Damnations From The Past		62min  last two demos on CD
Hadez (PER)		- Doomsday: The Death Rides		37min
Hadez (PER)		- Even If You Die A Thousand Times	51min
Hadez (PER)		- Extreme Badness Of The World '92	31min
Hadez (PER)		- From The Graves 1986-1992		70min  great old demos and Reh. on CD
Hadez (PER)		- Hadez Attack Again!!!			46min
Hadez (PER)		- The Path Of The Ossuray...  7"	12min
Haemorrhage (SPA)	- Emetic Cult				42min
Hagalaz Runedance (NOR)	- When The Trees Were Silenced  7"	 6min  Folk-shit
Hagall (US)             - Världens Undergang  7"                11min  total ambient shit
Hail (FIN)		- Inheritance Of Evilness		62min  total VON worshippers
Hail (FIN)		- Bestial Signs Of The Abyssic..10"	25min
Hail (FIN)		- Lawgiver  MCD				24min
Hail Of Bullets (NL)	- ...Of Frost And War			58min
Hail Of Bullets (NL)	- On Divine Winds			52min
Hail Of Bullets (NL)	- Promo 2007  MLP			20min  w.Martin v.Drunen
Hail Of Bullets (NL)	- Warsaw Rising  10"			29min
Haimad (SWE)		- The Horned Moon '97			14min
Half Man (US)		- No Choice But To Learn  7"		 6min  punk stuff
Hallows Eve (US)    	- Death And Insanity            	41min
Hallows Eve (US)    	- Monument                      	36min
Hallows Eve (US)    	- Tales Of Terror '86           	13min
Hallows Eve (US)        - Evil Never Dies                       46min  this is not Hallows Eve anymore but Lestregatus Nosferatu
Hallucatus (FIN)	- The 2nd Ruin '94			31min  ex-Execution
Hammer (POL)            - Hammer  LP                            38min
Hammer (POL)            - Sherman LP                            34min  rel. in Finland only
Hammer (POL)            - Terror  LP                            39min  first version, czech. lyrics
Hammer Of Revenge (CHI) - Archangel Of Destruction '01		10min  like old Poison/Germany
Hammerfall (SWE)     	- Glory To The Brave            	45min
Hammers Rule (US)       - After The Bomb                        40min  full-length version
Hammers Rule (US)       - After The Bomb EP                     19min
Hammerwhore (US)	- Live From The Riot '04		35min
Hammerwhore (US)	- s/t					47min
Hangman (BEL)		- Thrash From The Dead Demo MCDr '05 	10min
Hangman (ISR)		- Sinners Of Sodom Demo MCDr '03	17min
Hanker (CAN)		- The Dead Ringer			55min  Jag Panzer fans, like Ample Destruction
Har Shatan (GER)	- His Legacy				41min
Harassed (SWE)		- Desire Of Exploring The Afterlife '92 20min
Harassed (SWE)          - Neglected Emotions '94                24min
Harassor / Moon Dark (US/US) - Split 7"				 9min
Hardware (MEX)		- Cyber Death '91			31min
Hardware (MEX)		- Souls Vortex 7"			15min  spacey Death Metal
Harmony	(SWE)		- Promo '94				10min
Harmony	(SWE)		- The Radiance From A Star '95		27min
Harmony	(SWE)		- Until I Dream '94			18min  pre-Torment, now Maze Of Torment
Harmony (SWE)		- Blood Angels '93			20min
Harmony (SWE)		- Summoning The Past MCD		26min  pre-Maze Of Torment stuff
Harmony Dies (GER)	- I'll Be Your Master			28min
Harmony Dies (GER)	- Impact				35min
Harter Attack (US)	- Human Hell				34min
Hate (POL)		- Anaclasis				36min
Hate (POL)		- Awakening Of The Liar			32min  wroooooaaammmmmm !!!! Killer
Hate (POL)		- Cains Way				36min
Hate (POL)		- Daemon Qui Fecit Terram		31min  MC-only release by Vox Mortis
Hate (POL)		- Evil Art '93				27min
Hate (POL)		- Evil Decade Of Hate			66min
Hate (POL)		- Holy Dead Trinity			40min  Best-Of of Lord Is Avenger/Daemon Qui...
Hate (POL)		- Lord Is Avenger/Daemon... 2-CD	62min
Hate (POL)		- Morphosis				39min
Hate (POL)		- The Unwritten Law '93?		25min
Hate (POL)		- Victims				35min
Hate (POL)              - Abhorrence '92                        23min
Hate Eternal (US)	- Conquering The Throne			34min  w. Eric Rutan, god American Death Metal
Hate Eternal (US)	- Fury And Flames			40min
Hate Eternal (US)	- I, Monarch  LP+7"			49min  incl. free 7"
Hate Eternal (US)	- King Of All Kings			33min
Hate Eternal (US)	- Phoenix Among The Ashes		42min
Hate Eternal / Alas (US/US) - Split Promo CD '98                29min
Hate Furnace (US)	- Entity Of Nothingness			37min
Hate Plow (US)		- Everybody Dies			45min
Hate Plow (US)		- Moshpit Murder			59min  Live 2000 + Demo '96
Hate Plow (US)		- The Only Law Is Survival		35min
Hateful Agony (GER)	- Black Hole				34min  one of Germany's best Thrash bands
Hateful Agony (GER)	- Existence Is Punishment 		30min  great German oldschool band
Hateful Agony (GER)	- In The Name Of God			42min  great great Thrash
Hateful Agony (GER)	- Obey					39min
Hatepulse (NOR)		- In Extenso Letalis  MCD		23min  like best Carpathian Forest !!!
Hatespawn (GER)		- Abyssic Conquerors			43min  both demos on vinyl
Hatespawn (GER)		- Ascent From The Kingdom Below '97 	24min  great Dark Death Metal demo, Acheron cover
Hatespawn (GER)		- Blasphemous Redeemer '13		21min  great demo, Mike Browning on guest vocals
Hatespawn / Charon (GER/GER) - Split 7"				11min
Hatespawn / Dead Congregation (GER/GRE) - Split 7"		11min
Hatespawn / Signum Diabolic (GER/GER) - Split 7"		15min  both bands with ex-Impending Doom members, cool stuff
Hatesphere (DK)		- Something Old, Something...  MCD	28min
Hatesphere (DK)		- The King Of The Dead/Vote With... 7"	 9min
Hatesphere (DK)		- The Killing MCD			15min
Hatesphere (DK)         - Hatesphere                            41min
Hatesphere (DK)         - Bloodred Hatred                       32min
Hatework (ITA)		- ...The Actual Worst Has Come...	43min  good luck with your HC-Thrash in the future
Hatework (ITA)		- Madbent For Disaster			36min
Hatework (ITA)		- Thrashers' Attack '01			20min
Hatework (ITA)		- Thrashers' Attack  MCDr		21min
Hatework (SWE)		- Act Of Ferocity '99			14min
Hatework / Vexed (ITA/ITA) - Split 7"				15min
Hathor (GER)		- Broad Book Symptome  7"		17min
Hatred (ITA)		- Wind Of Annihilation  7"		11min
Hatred (ITA-Marche)	- Demo CDr '04				29min
Hatred (NL)		- Chaos In The Flesh  MCD		21min
Hatred (US)		- Demo '86  7"				15min
Havoc Unit/And Oceans (FIN/FIN) - Split Pic-7"			10min
Havohej (US)		- Hornbook Seytan  10"			16min
Havohej (US)		- Kembatinan Premaster			34min
Havohej (US)		- Man And Jinn  MCD			 9min
Havohej (US)		- The Black Mist  7"			 9min
Havohej (US)		- Tungkat Blood Wand  10"		10min
Hazael (POL)		- Chapel Of Doom  Re-Release CD 	30min  old demo on CD
Hazael (POL)		- Clairvoyance '92			25min
Hazael (POL)		- The Kiss And Other Movements		51min  MC-only release
Hazael (POL)		- When The Sun Is Dead '95		27min  even prod. in Woodhouse Studio !!
Hazardous Waste (US)	- Danger Zone/ Half Life  7"		 5min
Headhunter DC (BRA)	- ...And The Sky Turns To Black...	36min
Headhunter DC (BRA)	- Born...Suffer...Die  Re-Release CD 	68min  Re-Release with demo and live tx
Headhunter DC (BRA)	- Born...Suffer...Die			37min
Headhunter DC (BRA)	- God's Spreading Cancer...		54min
Headhunter DC (BRA)	- Live Violence 9.6.1995		54min  killer live sound, ltd.100, L.o.D. Rec.
Headhunter DC (BRA)	- Punishment At Dawn			46min
Headhunter DC (BRA)	- The Darkest Archives...  2-CD	       129min
Headhunter DC (BRA)     - Hell Is Here '89                      13min
Headhunter DC / Sanctifier (BRA/BRA) - Split 10"		30min  great morbid Death Metal
Hearse (SWE)		- Armageddon, Mon Amour			47min  sometimes DeathCrust, sometimes Melodic Death
Hearse (SWE)		- Cambodia				41min
Hearse (SWE)		- Dominion Reptilian			53min
Hearse (SWE)		- In These Veins			39min
Hearse (SWE)		- The Last Ordeal			42min
Hearse (SWE)		- Torch  7"				 9min  w.Max and Johan of ex-Furbowl
Hearse (US)		- All Soon To Be Dead...		52min  both demos on viynl, ultra doooom
Heathen (US)		- Recovered				48min
Heathen (US)		- Set Me Free  12"			10min
Heathen (US)		- The Evolution Of Chaos		67min  yes, 67min on one LP. Bad attenuated sound
Heaven Shall Burn (GER) - Antigone				48min
Heaven Shall Burn (GER) - Asunder				66min  great band, like At The Gates/Bolt Thrower
Heaven Shall Burn (GER) - In Battle There Is... Re-Release CD	53min
Heaven Shall Burn (GER) - Whatever It May Take			48min
Heaven Shall Burn (GER) - Death To Our Prayers			46min
Heaven Shall Burn (GER) - In Battle There Is No Law  MCD	27min
Heaven Shall Burn (GER) - Iconoclast LP+CD		       116min
Heaven Shall Burn / Caliban (GER/GER) - Split II LP		37min
Heaven Shall Burn / Caliban (GER/GER) - Split CD		32min
Heaven Shall Burn / Fall Of Serenity (GER/GER) - Split LP	30min
Heavenshore (SPA)       - Between Human And Divine MCD          22min
Heavy Water (UK)	- Angry Ballerina MCDr '04		20min  ex-Hellbastard, quiet cool Rock
Hecate (BRA)		- Ode Ao Oculto				55min  with some old Rotting Christ influences
Hecate / Mausoleum (BRA/BRA) - Split LP				44min
Hecate Enthroned (UK)	- Miasma MCD				23min
Hecate Enthroned (UK)	- Kings Of Chaos			34min  more Death Metal than CoF ever was
Hecate Enthroned (UK)	- Upon Promeathan Shores        	31min
Hecate Enthroned (UK)	- Redimus				46min
Hecate Enthroned (UK)	- An Ode For An Haunted Wood '95 	31min  later released as 1st CD
Hecate Enthroned (UK)	- The Slaughter Of Innocence    	47min
Hecatombe (FRA) 	- Commit Yourself... Or Deny! '92	16min
Hedon Cries (GRE)	- Hate Into Grief			41min  good DoomDeath
Hektcöre (POL)          - Imagine Theatre '93                   37min
Hektor (POL)		- The Inner Dementia '89		43min  old Thrash
Hel (SWE)               - Svart '95                             19min  very Bathory like
Helcaraxe (US)		- Broadsword 				37min
Helcaraxe (US)		- Triumph And Revenge			43min
Helheim (NOR)		- Blod Og Ild				40min
Helheim (NOR)		- Kaoskult				41min
Helheim (NOR)		- Terrorveldet  MCD			15min
Helheim (NOR)		- The Journey And The... CD + MCD	66min  with Helsviti MCD (not released before) as bonus
Helheim (NOR)		- Yersinia Pestis			43min
Helheim (NOR)        	- Av Norron Aett                	56min
Hell (GER)      	- Adv. Demo '83                 	 4min
Hell (GER)      	- Satanic Death '85             	13min
Hell (GER)      	- The Fall Of God '90           	13min
Hell (UK)		- Demos '81/'82				39min
Hell (UK)		- Land Of The Living Dead		42min  demo tx from 1981-1982
Hell (UK)		- Live  Notts Beat Club '82		30min  cut
Hell (UK)		- Save Us From Those Who... 7"		 9min  NWoBHM 1983
Hell (UK)       	- EP '83                        	 9min
Hell Bell (MEX)		- Devilish Metal '05			19min  bad Toxic Holocaust copyclown
Hell Darkness (ISR)	- Heartfelt  7"				10min
Hell Darkness (ISR)	- Rockin' Underground			39min
Hell Spirit (FIN)	- Hellspirit  Demo MCDr '05		17min  old-school BlackThrash
Hell Torment (PER)	- Demo MCDr '07				19min
Hell Torment (PER)	- Heaven Burns Today  7"		15min
Hell Torment (PER)	- I Invoke Thee '07			34min
Hell Torment (PER)	- Opening The Gates Of Hell		37min
Hell Torment / Slaughter Command (PER/GER) - Split 7"		15min
Hell Vomit / Derelenismo Occulere (ECU/ECU) - Split CD		53min
Hell's Angels (FIN)  	- Tormentors '90                	10min
Hellbastard (UK)	- Blood, Fire And Hate			68min  comp. from '98 with old stuff only
Hellbastard (UK)	- Eco War  MCD				22min
Hellbastard (UK)	- Hate Ripper Crust - The Demos CDr 	61min  demos on Bootleg CDr
Hellbastard (UK)	- Heading For Internal Darkness		33min  Celtic Frost meets Amebix
Hellbastard (UK)	- Heading For More Darkness		74min  Heading... LP + 9 Bonustx
Hellbastard (UK)	- In Grind We Trust			73min
Hellbastard (UK)	- Live: Riverside 31.7.88		41min  killer sound
Hellbastard (UK)	- Natural Order + 7 Bonustx		71min  incl. "They Brought Death" 7" and other tx
Hellbastard (UK)	- Reh. + Live '91/'92			51min  for their unrel. 3rd LP "Situation Violent"
Hellbastard (UK)	- Reh. tck '88				 6min
Hellbastard (UK)	- Ripper Crust '86			42min
Hellbastard (UK)	- Ripper Crust  Re-Release LP		41min
Hellbastard (UK)	- Ripper Crust  LP			40min  demo on vinyl
Hellbastard (UK)	- The Good Go First...Hate Militia	33min  demo on vinyl, plus one bonus tck
Hellbastard (UK)	- The Need To Kill			49min
Hellbastard (UK)	- They Brought Death 7"			14min
Hellbastard (UK)    	- Natural Order                 	45min
Hellbastard / Dissent (UK/US) - Split 7"			13min
Hellborn (POL)		- Cursed Infernal Steel			45min
Hellborn (POL)		- Darkness				47min
Hellborn (POL)		- Hellblast				47min
Hellborn (POL)		- Hellborn MCD				26min  w. Behemoth members, bad sound
Hellborn (POL)		- Legacy Of The Nephilim		41min
Hellborn (POL)		- The Call Of Megiddo			35min
Hellbreath (GER?)	- Slave To God				43min  unknown cult Thrash band from '87
Hellbringer (AUS)	- s/t					33min
Hellchamber (SWE)	- Satanic Death '97			23min  w.Rickard Alriksson, Kreator/C.Frost/Slaughter influences
Hellchild (JPN)		- Bareskin				36min
Hellchild (JPN)		- Circulating Contradiction		39min
Hellchild (JPN)		- Clockwork Toy  7"			 5min
Hellchild (JPN)		- Gleam In The Gloom  MCD		21min
Hellchild (JPN)		- In Words, For Words  MCD		10min
Hellchild (JPN)		- The Scent Of Summer Rain  7"		10min
Hellchild (JPN)		- To The Eden  MCD			19min
Hellchild (JPN)		- Where The Conflict Reaches		47min  great Death Metal
Hellchild (JPN)		- Wish					37min
Hellchild (JPN)		- s/t  10"				18min  10 covers !! E.g.Destrction/Exodus/U2/...
Hellchild / Bongzilla (JPN/US) - Split 7"			 8min
Hellchild / Converge (JPN/US) - Split LP			34min
Hellchild / Discordance Axis (JPN/US) - Split 7"		11min
Hellchild / Gigatic Khmer (JPN/JPN) - Split Flexi 7"		12min
Hellchild / Gomorrha (JPN/GER) - Split 7"			14min
Hellchild / Kilara (JPN/UK) - Split 10"				20min
Hellchild / Multiplex (JPN/JPN) - Split 7"			 9min
Hellchild / World Salad (JPN/US) - Split 10"			18min
Heller (YUG)		- s/t  Re-Release CD			48min  legendary Thrash LP + bonus
Hellfire (?)		- Into Fire  MCD			26min  demo on CD, sound better but still shit
Hellfire (?)            - Demo '98                              31min  Bathory copy-clownes
Hellfire (SWE)  	- Demo 8/86                     	14min  pre-Merciless(SWE)
Hellfire (SWE)  	- Reh. 11.7.86                  	30min
Hellgoat (SWE)		- Demo '01				12min  Lord Belial members
Hellhammer (SWI)	- Apocalyptical Fiend Death... '83/'05  60min  Bootleg tape with Death fiend demo and MLP
Hellhammer (SWI)	- Crucifixion				30min  first MLP + 3 sampler tx
Hellhammer (SWI)	- Demon Entrails		       116min
Hellhammer (SWI)	- Luxury  2-LP				94min  Satanic Rites and Death Fiend/T.o.D.
Hellhammer (SWI)	- Reh.'83				25min  w.Tom/Bruce Day/Mike Owens, with "song" Demon Entrails
Hellhammer (SWI)	- Blood Insanity  7"			 9min
Hellhammer / Bathory (SWI/SWE) - Split LP			42min
Hellhammer/Celtic Frost (SWE) - Buried and Forgotten 3-MC      163min  nice 3-MC Boxset, but nothing unrel.
Hellhound (US)      	- Ice Age                               66min  unknown US-Power-Thrash from '85
Hellias (POL)		- Blind Destiny				76min  tape release from 1993 on CD + Live '90
Hellias (POL)		- Closed In The Fate Coffin		63min  rec. from 1992 and 1988 on CD
Hellias (POL)		- Night Of Damnation  Re-Release LP	37min
Hellias (POL)		- Revenge Of Hellias  Re-Release LP	36min
Hellish (POL)		- Bestial Wrath Demo MCDr '06		15min
Hellish Crossfire (GER)	- Bloodrust Scythe			43min  total Thrash massacre, fantastic stuff
Hellish Crossfire (GER)	- Slaves Of The Burning Pentagram	38min  incredible German old-school Thrash like Darkness, Iron Angel...
Hellish Orkestra (NOR)	- Murder MCDr '03			14min
Hellkommander (BRA)	- Death To My Enemies			31min  in the Apocalyptic Raids-vein
Hellkrusher (UK)	- Buildings For The Rich		36min
Hellkrusher (UK)	- Doomsday Hour				38min
Hellkrusher (UK)	- Dying For Who  7"			 9min
Hellkrusher (UK)	- Fields Of Blood  7"			10min
Hellkrusher (UK)	- Wasteland				32min  Sodom meets Crust, great !!
Hellkrusher (UK)        - Victims Of Hate  7"                   12min  old Crust Core
Hellkrusher / Disclose (UK/JPN) - Split 7"			10min
Hellkrusher / Präparation H (UK/US) - Split 7"                  11min
Hellkult (FIN)		- The Collection			66min
Helloween (GER)		- Dr.Stein 7"				 9min
Helloween (GER)		- Walls Of Jericho			40min
Helloween (GER)         - First MiniLP / Walls Of Jericho       72min
Hellraiser (RUS)	- We'll Bury You			39min
Hellrealm (US)		- Chaos And Fear And Death  MCD		24min  not as good as the debut, the punch (and sound) is missing
Hellrealm (US)		- Hell Is Here On Earth			26min  like melodic VON, laughable playing time
Hellsaw (BEL)		- Demo 3 '86				16min  more Death/Grind stuff like earlier Blood
Hellsermon (DK)		- Bromstone, Sulphur And Blood  7"	 8min
Hellshock (US)		- Only The Dead Know The End Of War 	40min  true Wolfbrigade/Skitsystem worshippers
Hellspell (SWE)         - Devil's Might                         42min
Hellspirit (FIN)	- Demo II MCDr '06			14min
Hellstorm (NOR)		- Adv. unrel 2nd CD '01			33min  CD should have been called "Nuclear Sabbath"
Hellstorm (NOR)		- Fucking Bleed				39min  great old BlackThrash
Hellstorm (NOR)		- Slutcutter 7"				12min
Hellstorm / Endwarfment (NOR/NOR) - Split 7"			11min
Helltrain (SWE)		- Route 666				42min
Helltrain (SWE)		- The 666 7"				12min
Hellwar (SWE)		- Hellfuck '95?				11min  Bathory lovers
Hellwitch (US)		- Epitome Of Disgrace  Promo MCDr '05 	19min
Hellwitch (US)		- Final Approach			78min
Hellwitch (US)		- Nosferatu  7"				 8min
Hellwitch (US)		- Terraasymmetry  MCD			15min  ultra brutal stuff
Helstar	(US)		- A Distant Thunder			44min
Helstar	(US)		- Multiples In Black			35min
Helstar	(US)		- Nosferatu				43min
Helstar	(US)		- Remnants Of War			37min
Hemlock (US)		- Crush The Race Of God  MCD		26min  Darkthrone/Judas Iscariot, from '96
Hemlock (US)		- Funeral Mask				37min  awesome Black Metal warriors
Hemlock (US)		- Lust For Fire  MCD			24min
Hemlock / Black Army Jacket (US/US) - Split MCD			22min  H: Black Metal, BAJ: shitty HC-Grind
Hemnur (NOR)            - Satanic Hellride                      37min
Heptameron (GRE)	- Grand Master Of The Final... MCD	25min
Heptameron (GRE)	- Unholy Rehearsals Of Death '04	34min
Heptameron (GRE)	- Unholy Rehearsals Of Death '02	35min
Heresiarh (LAT)		- Dragons Of War '98			35min
Heresy (CHINA)		- Hymn					43min
Heresy (CHINA-HKG)      - Reincarnation                         48min  good DoomDeath, 3 useless Techno-remixes
Heretic (NL)		- Black Metal Holocaust			42min
Heretic (NL)		- Devilworshipper			37min
Heretic (NL)		- Devilworshipper Re-Release LP		49min  like earliest Hellhammer and Poison
Heretic (NL)		- Gods Over Humans, Slaves Under... 	34min
Heretic (NL)		- Praising Satan			41min
Heretic (NL)		- Sins From The Basement '04		16min
Heretic (POL)		- Transmigration/Unreal Silence '93	25min
Heretic (POL)		- Transmigration '92			14min
Heretic (US)		- Breaking Point			45min  w.Mike Howe, old US-Thrash
Heretic / Barbatos (NL/JPN) - Split 7"				 7min
Heretic / Capitis Damnare (NL/GER) - Split 7"			 8min
Heretic Angels (THAI)	- Delicious Sinistery			50min  cool and strange old-school Death Metal
Hermh (POL)		- Eden's Fire				41min  a lot of older Dimmu Borgir influences
Herpes (COL)		- Baladas Y Susurros  MCDr		26min
Herpes (COL)		- Medellin  7"				14min  w.Parabellum members
Herratik (AUS)		- Wrath Divine				65min
Hetroertzen (CHI)	- A Crimson Terrible Vision		52min
Hetroertzen (CHI)	- Flying Across The Misty Gardens	50min  Killer Black Metal !!!
Hetroertzen (CHI)	- Rex Averno				48min
Hetsheds (SWE)		- Demo '91				16min
Hetzer (POL)		- The Rise Of Abaddon			32min  good Death Metal
Heulend Horn (ARG)	- From The Caucasus To Gotland		42min
Hexecution (UK)		- Beyond All Evil  MCD			15min
Hexenhaus (US)		- The Edge Of Eternity			40min
Hexx (US)		- No Escape				32min
Hexx (US)		- Quest For Sanity MLP			22min
Hexx (US)		- Under The Spell			35min  great US-Power Metal from '85
Hexxed (N.IRE)		- The Synapse Collision			45min
Hexxed (N.IRE)          - Where Gods Look Away  7"              10min
Hideous Mangleus (US)	- We Live...  7"			10min
Hijo De La Aurora (?)	- Demo MCDr '07?			13min
Hin Onde (FIN)		- Shades Of Solstice			43min
Hin Onde (FIN)          - Fiery September Fire 7"               13min
Hin Onde (FIN)          - Ahti's Depths '98                     28min
Hin Onde (FIN)          - Songs Of Battle                       57min
Hirax (US)		- Assassins Of War  MLP			21min
Hirax (US)		- Barrage Of Noise  10"			24min
Hirax (US)		- Blasted In Bangkok  7"		11min  Promotion Tour 88
Hirax (US)		- Blasted In Bangkok  10"		18min
Hirax (US)		- Chaos And Brutality MCD		10min
Hirax (US)		- Demo '84				10min  pure Power Metal (!!)
Hirax (US)		- Demo 1984  7"				12min
Hirax (US)		- El Diabolo Negro  7"			 8min  the 2001 return
Hirax (US)		- El Rostro De La Muerte		53min
Hirax (US)		- Hate, Fear And Power MLP		17min  hysterical as always, from '86, w. DRI-dr.
Hirax (US)		- Noise Chaos War			54min
Hirax (US)		- The New Age Of Terror			37min
Hirax (US)		- Thrash And Destroy			77min  Live at Keep It True IX
Hirax (US)		- Thrash Metal Assassins		54min  compilation
Hirax (US)              - Not Dead Yet  Pic-MLP                 19min
Hirax / F.K.U. (US/SWE)	- Split 7"				 9min
Hirax / Resistance (US/FRA) - Split 7"				12min
Hirax / Spazz (US/US) 	- Split 7"				11min  Hirax with the 3rd "Blasted..." demosong
Hirudinea / Watchmaker (US/US) - Split CD                       35min  what an inferno !!
Hoarse (SWE)		- Puh!					35min  Step One Records owner, more Heavy/Rock
Hobb's Angel Of Death (AUS) - Angel Of Death          		38min
Hobb's Angel Of Death (AUS) - Two CD Bonustx of CD '88		 7min
Hobb's Angel Of Death (AUS) - Virgin Metal Invasion '87  	30min
Hobb's Angel Of Death (AUS) - Inhertiance			72min  ultrarare 2nd CD, still very Slayer-influenced
Hobb's Angel Of Death (AUS) - Demo '86				11min
Hobb's Angel Of Death (AUS) - Reh. '86				 7min  cuts
Hobbs Angel Of Deah (AUS) - Satan's Crusade			48min  both demos on official CD
Holder (BRA)		- Eternal Flame				31min
Holder (BRA)		- Merciful Scourge			40min
Holocaust (SPA)		- Demonic Bible  MCD			18min
Holocaust (SWE)		- Hellfire Holocaust  MCD		21min  stupid name, good Death Metal
Holocaustia (SWE)	- The Sacrament Seed  MCD		22min
Holocausto (BRA)	- Blocked Minds				34min  vocalist ruins it all
Holocausto (BRA)	- Campo De... Re-Release CD		40min  remastered + bonustck
Holocausto (BRA)	- De Voltao Ao Front			36min  ok return with good Death-Thrash, no Abruptum-shit anymore
Holocausto (BRA)	- Negatives				34min  old Sepultura-like
Holocausto (BRA)	- The True Apocalypse			37min  Live 1987 Bootleg CD
Holocausto (BRA)	- Tozago As Deismno			62min  from 1994, complete Abruptum-bullshit
Holocausto (BRA)     	- Campo De Exterminio                   35min  old Brazilian Death from '87
Holocausto (COL)	- Inferior  7"				11min  similar to old rotting Christ (first LP)
Holocausto (HON)	- B-316 '99?				39min  similar to old Transmetal
Holocausto / Atomic Aggressor (BRA/CHI) - Split CDr		26min  Demo '86/Demo '89 on CDr-Bootleg
Holocross (US)		- Holocross				35min  New Renaissence Rec. '88, Thrash
Holostoi Vystrel (RUS)	- Totalnij Ishod			31min  wow, the Russian Sarcofago
Holy Death (POL)	- 20 Years Of Devil Metal		72min
Holy Death (POL)	- Abraxas '94				58min  Cass.-LP?? Killer Black Metal !
Holy Death (POL)	- Apocalyptic War			66min  re-release of "Sodomy Of Megido" demo
Holy Death (POL)	- Evil '97				44min
Holy Death (POL)	- Forever Burning Ashes			66min  comp. from 1994-2001
Holy Death (POL)	- Megido '93				37min
Holy Death (POL)	- Sodomy Of Megido '93			48min
Holy Death (POL)	- The Knight, Death And The Devil	53min
Holy Death (POL)	- Triumph Of Evil			57min
Holy Death (POL)	- Triumph Of Evil?  Re-Release CD	55min
Holy Death / Chains Of Fire (POL/POL) - Split CD		30min
Holy Hell (FIN)		- Kill Jesus  Re-Release MLP		19min
Holy Order (CAN)	- Hateful Rage  MLP			26min
Holy Terror (US)	- Mind Wars  LP				40min
Holy Terror (US)	- Terror And Submission LP		43min
Holy Terror (US)    	- Mind Wars/Terror And Submission       83min  Thrash from '86 and '88
Hooded Menace (FIN)	- Fulfill The Curse			50min
Hooded Menace (FIN)	- Never Cross The Dead			50min
Hooded Menace (FIN)	- The Eyeless Horde  7"			13min
Hooded Menace / Anima Morte (FIN/SWE) - Split 7"		10min
Hooded Menace / Coffins (FIN/JPN) - Split 7"			12min
Hooded Menace / Horse Latitudes (FIN/FIN) - Split MLP		18min
Horde (AUS)		- Alive In Oslo				36min  cool Live CD from their only gig
Horde (AUS)		- Hellig Usvart				41min  Invert The Inverted Crosses, killer, haha...
Hordes (NL)		- Longing For The Kingdom Of Steel 7" 	13min  like Countess
Horfixion (CAN)		- Disynchronize				47min
Horfixion (CAN)		- Instigators Of Chaos			35min
Horfixion (CAN)		- Rage  MCD				22min  old-school Death with Master-beat
Horfixion (CAN)		- Self Inflicted Hell			37min
Horizon (NL)		- Carve My Soul '97			32min  ex-Evisceration, like Castle/Etherial Winds
Horna (FIN)		- Adventus Satanae  7"			15min
Horna (FIN)		- Envaatnags Eflos Solf Esgantaavne	49min
Horna (FIN)		- Haudankylmyyden Maile			66min
Horna (FIN)		- Herran Edessä  7"			10min
Horna (FIN)		- Hiidentorni				40min
Horna (FIN)		- Kohti Yhdeksan Nousua			33min
Horna (FIN)		- Korpin Hekti  7"			13min
Horna (FIN)		- Kun Synkkä Ikuisuus... Re-Release LP 	41min
Horna (FIN)		- Live In Imatra  Live-CDr		41min  very good sound, but bootleg is bootleg
Horna (FIN)		- Pimeyden Hehku  MLP			29min
Horna (FIN)		- Risti Ja Ruoska  7"			 9min
Horna (FIN)		- SOTA  7"				14min
Horna (FIN)		- Sanojesi Aärelle 2-CD			86min
Horna (FIN)		- Sotahuuto				37min  tribute to Bathory's first two LPs
Horna (FIN)		- Sudentaival				42min
Horna (FIN)		- Talismaani  7"			15min
Horna (FIN)		- Viha Ja Viikate  MCD			16min  incl. Carpathian Forest cover
Horna (FIN)		- Vuohipaimen  7"			15min
Horna (FIN)             - Perimä Vihassa Ja Verikostossa  10"   25min
Horna (FIN)             - ääniä Yössä                           44min
Horna / Behexen (FIN/FIN) - Split LP				40min
Horna / Blackdeath (FIN/RUS) - Split 7"				11min
Horna / Desolation Triumphalis (FIN/FRA) - Split 7"             10min
Horna / FOG (FIN/US-IN) - Split 7"                              13min
Horna / Kerberos (FIN/NL) - Split LP				30min
Horna / Legion Of Doom (FIN/GRE) - Split 7"			11min
Horna / Musta Surma (FIN/FIN) - Split LP			42min
Horna / Musta Surma (FIN/FIN) - Split 7"			16min
Horna / Nefarious (FIN/HUN) - Split 7"				12min
Horna / Ouroboros (US/CAN) - Split 7"				11min
Horna / Peste Noir (FIN/FRA) - Split 7"				10min
Horna / Sacrificia Mortuorum (FIN/FRA) - Split LP		38min
Horna / Tenebrae In Perpetuum (FIN/ITA) - Split 7"		14min
Horna / Woods Of Infinity (FIN/SWE) - Split 7"			12min
Horned Almighty (DK)	- Black Metal Jesus			36min
Horned Almighty (DK)	- Contaminating The Divine		41min
Horned Almighty (DK)	- In The Year Of Our Horned Lord  7"	14min
Horned Almighty (DK)	- Live Ersanguination  10"		25min
Horned Almighty (DK)    - The Devil's Music                     37min  turning Motörhead towards Black Metal, cool stuff
Horned God (BRA)	- Chaos, Bringer Of All Revelations	35min
Horned God (BRA)        - Absit  CD                             28min
Horns Of Domination (GER) - Demo '15				13min
Horricane (EST)		- The End's Facade			45min
Horricane (EST)		- The Lynch-Lawyers			50min  futuristic Death/Black Metal, but evry cool
Horrid (ITA)		- Awaiting For The Truth  7"		10min
Horrid (ITA)		- Blasphemic Creatures MCD		19min
Horrid (ITA)		- Evil's Birth 1989-2002		66min
Horrid (ITA)		- Reborn In Sin				47min  totally over-amplified bass-shit-sound
Horrid (ITA)		- Rising From The Hidden Spheres	50min
Horrid (ITA)		- The Final Massacre 			51min  compilation of demo/7"...
Horrid (ITA)		- You Are Mine '94			25min
Horrid / Clinicamente Morti (ITA/ITA) - Split Demo '10		43min
Horrified (GRE)		- Animal				34min
Horrified (GRE)		- Deus Diabolus Inversus		54min
Horrified (GRE)		- In The Garden Of The... CD		52min  feat. several Bonustx
Horrified (GRE)		- The Ancient Whisper Of Wisdom  7"	11min
Horrifier (US)		- Grim Fate				37min
Horror Of Horrors (US)	- Sounds Of Eerie			35min  pre-Diabolic
Horror Of Horrors (US)	- Fangs, Breaking The Skin		31min
Horror Of Horrors / Judecca (US/US) - Split 7"			 9min  H.o.H. with an cool instrumental
Horrorment (SWE)	- Homemade Horror '11			14min
Horrorscope (POL)	- Live Collision  CDr			35min  pro. Live CDR
Horrorscope (POL)	- Pictures Of Pain			46min  Thrash
Horrorscope (POL)	- The Crushing Design			45min
Hoth (POR)		- Rites Of Old...Ancient Scrolls CDr	46min  first version of Rites Of the Black Goddess
Hoth (POR)		- Rites Of The Black Rites		39min  cool Decayed project, nice cover
House Of Usher (SWE)	- On The Very Verge  7"			12min  Obscure Plasma Rec.
House Of Usher (SWE)    - Promo '93                             14min
Houwitser (NL)		- Damage Assessment			31min
Houwitser (NL)		- March To Die  7"			 6min  Possessed cover, ridicilous playing time
Houwitser (NL)		- Rage Inside The Womb			32min  ultra killer brutal Death
Houwitser / Grind6,4 (NL/CZE) - Split 7"			18min
Howitser (NL)		- Death But Not Buried			37min
Human Hate (BRA)	- Lost In The Abyss  7"			10min
Human Remains (US)	- Admirations Most Deep And Foul  7" 	11min
Human Waste (SPA)	- Brothel Of Souls			41min
Human Waste (SPA)	- Twelve Years Of Depression '02	57min  kinda best-of compilation demo tape
Human Waste (SPA)       - So Is Death                           40min
Human Waste / Obscure (SPA/SPA) - Split LP			47min  demos on LP
Humanicide (US)		- Human Right  7"			 7min  Thrash on Wild Rags
Humiliation (MALA)	- Brink Of Defeat  7"			12min
Hunters Moon (AUS)	- The Serpents Lust  MLP		22min
Hurusoma (JPN)		- Sombre Iconoclasm			54min  demo on CD with bonus tx
Hurusoma (JPN)		- This Beautiful Silence.... '97	24min
Hurusoma (JPN)		- War					40min  killer, Japan goes old Darkthrone !!
Hybernoid (UK)		- Dust In The Wind  7"			 9min  great DoomDeath
Hybernoid (UK)		- Technology / Regression  7"		10min
Hybernoid (UK)		- World Of Ruin  7"			10min
Hybernoid (UK)          - The Last Day Begins ?                 42min
Hyena (SWE)		- s/t  7"				10min  w.Sasrof and Thesyre member
Hypnos (CZE)		- Demons - The Collection 1999-2003	45min
Hypnos (CZE)		- In Blood We Trust			35min
Hypnos (CZE)		- Rabble Manifesto			40min
Hypnos (CZE)		- The Revenge Ride			36min
Hypnos (CZE)		- s/t MCD				14min
Hypnosia (SWE)		- Crushed Existance 4/96		15min
Hypnosia (SWE)		- Extreme Hatred			39min  w. the Possessed cover
Hypnosia (SWE)		- The Storms 1997			12min
Hypnosia (SWE)		- Violent Intensity  10"		21min  1 Bonus tck (Sodom-cover)
Hypnosia (SWE)		- Violent Intensity  MCD		17min  totally Sadus/Kreator-like
Hypnosis / Skull Smokes (POL/POL) - Split Demo '92		26min
Hypocrisy (SWE)		- 10 Years Of Chaos And... 2-CD	       103min
Hypocrisy (SWE)		- Catch 22 V2.0.08			43min  partly re-recorded version
Hypocrisy (SWE)		- Catch 22 / Into The Abyss  Do.-LP	83min  seems that Into... is a Bonus LP
Hypocrisy (SWE)		- Destroys Wacken (live)		66min  Live '98 + 4 studio tx
Hypocrisy (SWE)		- Don't JudgeMe  Pic-7"			 6min
Hypocrisy (SWE)		- Hypocrisy				46min
Hypocrisy (SWE)		- Into The Abyss			42min
Hypocrisy (SWE)		- Penetralia				52min  Rerelease with two Bonustx
Hypocrisy (SWE)		- Virus					43min
Hypocrisy (SWE)     	- Carved Up  7"                 	 7min
Hypocrisy (SWE)      	- The Final Chapter             	55min
Hypocrisy (SWE)      	- Penetralia                    	43min
Hypocrisy (SWE)      	- CD-Bonus tx                   	10min  from Osculum-DigiRerel.
Hypocrisy / Mesuggah (SWE/SWE) - Split 7"			 9min
Hypocrite (SWE)		- Edge Of Existence			49min  their 1st CD from '95
Hypocrite (SWE)		- Into The Halls Of The Blind		42min  Swedish PowerDeath Metal
Hypocrite (SWE)		- Welcome to Abaddon II '92		15min  like oldest Tiamat - Sumerian Cry like
Hypocrite (SWE)         - Dead Symbols III '94                  14min
Hypocrite / Electrocution (SWE/ITA) - Split 7"			15min
Hyponic (CHINA)		- Black Sun				34min  massive DeathDoom, best Chinese band !!!
Hyponic (CHINA)		- The Noise Of Time			36min
Hyporisy (SWE)		- The Arrival				40min
Hypothermia (SWE)       - Köld                                  47min
Hypothermia / Svartnar (SWE/SWE) - Split 7"			13min
Hämmer (CZE)            - Terror  CD                            44min  engl. version on Shark Rec. 1992
Hängöver (SWE-POL)      - Terrorbeer MCD                        12min  ex-Gehennah member
Hängöver (SWE-POL)      - Under The Shitfluence  MCD            12min  6 GG-Allin covers
Hängöver / GMC (SWE-POL/SWE)- Split  MCD                        15min
Hävok ünit / andOceans / The Sin:Decay (FIN/FIN/FIN) - Split CD 46min  last sign of life from ...And Oceans
I (NOR)			- Between Two Worlds			56min
I Rise In Flames (FIN)	- Demo '95				18min
I.M.C. (SWI)		- Enter Delirium			40min
I.N.C. (US)		- Razorback				49min
I.N.R.I. (NL)		- Hyper Bastard Breed			36min  US-like Death Metal, ex-Stigmatheist
IAD (GER)		- Die Prophezeiung  7"			14min  great Black Metal with some Death stuff
IAD (GER)		- Penitentiam Agite!  MCD		23min
IAD (GER)		- The 6 Precepts Of The... '01 		16min
IC Rex (FIN)		- Vedenjakaja				55min
INRI (PER)		- Efigies De Maldad			37min
Ice Age (SWE)           - Radio Int. + Studiotck '88             7min  all-girl Thrash Band, int. in Swedish
Ice Age (SWE)           - Demo '88                              15min
Ice Age (SWE)           - General Alert '87                     24min
Iced Earth (US)		- 5 Songs MCD				20min  came with German Rock Hard magazine
Iced Earth (US)		- Night Of The Stormrider		45min
Iced Earth (US)     	- Iced Earth                    	45min
Iced Earth (US)     	- Night Of The Stormrider       	56min
Iced Earth (US)     	- The Dark Saga                 	45min
Iconic Memory (UK)	- Majestic Embrace '95			28min
Iconoclasm (BEL)	- Marching Evil				44min
Iconoclasm (BEL)	- Preamble To Precipitate...		32min
Iconoclast (ITA)	- Promo Tape '92			12min
Iconoclast (ITA)	- The Unmutated Revelation 7"		13min
Ignivomous (AUS)	- Blood And Mercury			48min
Ignivomous (AUS)	- Death Transmutation			41min  very Immolation/Incantation like
Ignivomous (AUS)	- Eroded Void Of Salvation 7"		11min
Ignivomous (AUS)	- Path Of Attrition '07			19min  like oldest Incantation, killer !!
Ignivomous (AUS)	- Path Of Attrition  MLP		17min  demo on MLP
Ignivomous / Tzun Tzu (AUS/AUS) - Split 7"			12min
Ihsahn (NOR)		- Angl					48min
Ikuinen Kaamos (FIN)	- The Forlorn				53min  similar to the godly first Opeth CD
Ikuinen Kaamos (FIN)	- Tulivarjot '98			17min
Ilbred (US)		- Unearthly Sufferance			47min
Ildjarn (NOR)		- 1992-1995				79min
Ildjarn (NOR)		- Forest Poetry  2-10"			51min
Ildjarn (NOR)		- Hardangervidda  Part 2 MCD		21min
Ildjarn (NOR)		- Hardangervidda  Part 1		58min
Ildjarn (NOR)		- Ildjarn Is Dead 2-LP			78min
Ildjarn (NOR)		- Ildjarn 93				28min
Ildjarn (NOR)		- Minnesjord - The Dark Soil		31min  the demo released on LP
Ildjarn (NOR)		- Nocturnal Visions MCD			22min
Ildjarn (NOR)		- Son Of the Northstar  MCD		15min  I idiot paid money for this shit
Ildjarn (NOR)		- Strength And Anger			76min
Ildjarn (NOR)		- s/t					75min
Ildjarn-Nidhogg (NOR)	- s/t					41min  comp. of old material
Ildjarn-Nidhogg (NOR)	- Svartfrad  MCD			11min
Ill-Natured (SWE)	- Die By The Axe '01			22min
Illdisposed (DK)	- 1-800 Vindication			36min
Illdisposed (DK)	- Burn Me Wicked			42min
Illdisposed (DK)	- Four Depressive Seasons		48min
Illdisposed (DK)	- Helvede				51min
Illdisposed (DK)	- Kokaiinum				35min
Illdisposed (DK)	- Retro					52min
Illdisposed (DK)	- Return From Tomorrow MCD		28min
Illdisposed (DK)	- Submit				38min
Illdisposed (DK)	- The Prestige				41min
Illdisposed (DK)	- The Winter Of Our Discontempt '92	23min
Illdisposed (DK)	- There's Something Rotten...		40min
Imindain (UK)		- And The Living Shall Envy The Dead 	50min
Immaculate (SWE)	- Thrash, Kill'n Destroy		45min
Immemoreal (SWE)	- Temple Of Retribution			39min  great Swedish Black Death
Immemoreal (SWE)	- Towards 1347 III '99			11min
Immemorial (PER)	- Melodias Moribundas '93		19min  sick dissonant stuff
Immemorial (POL)	- After Deny				47min
Immemorial (POL)	- Monologue				39min
Immersed In Blood (SWE) - Eine Kleine Deathmusik '99		11min
Immersed In Blood (SWE) - Relentless Retaliation MCD		15min  ex-Inverted
Immersed In Blood (SWE) - Killing Season			29min  like Deranged with less US-Death Metal
Immolation (US)		- Close to A World Below		42min
Immolation (US)		- Demo '89				12min
Immolation (US)		- Failures For Gods			41min
Immolation (US)		- Harnessing Ruin			43min
Immolation (US)		- Hope And Horror  MCD+DVD		16min
Immolation (US)		- Providence  MCD			20min
Immolation (US)		- Shadows In The Light			40min
Immolation (US)		- The Ancient Blood 2-LP		73min
Immolation (US)		- Unholy Cult				41min
Immolation / Mortician (US/US) - A Day Of Death  Live-7"	13min  from 20.10.1990
Immortal (NOR)		- All Shall Fall			40min
Immortal (NOR)		- At The Heart Of Winter		46min
Immortal (NOR)		- Blashyrkh Kingdom			39min  Demo '91, 7" and Live in Greece
Immortal (NOR)		- Call Of The Wintermoon  7"		15min  first demo on 7"
Immortal (NOR)		- Damned In Black			37min
Immortal (NOR)		- Destroying Divina  Bootleg-Live LP	38min  good sound quality
Immortal (NOR)		- Easter Inferno 2003			48min  bootleg with killer sound
Immortal (NOR)		- Live Bergen 10.8.91			27min  two unrel tx. + Bathory cover!!! In their old style
Immortal (NOR)		- Live Mexico 2001  CDr			68min
Immortal (NOR)		- Live Zaandam  CD			33min  Live Boot-CD from 10.6.94
Immortal (NOR)		- Plague Of Evil			74min  pro-done live CD
Immortal (NOR)		- Reh. '91				10min
Immortal (NOR)		- Sons Of Northern Darkness		50min
Immortal (NOR)       	- Battles Of North Promo '92    	 9min  the same as Adv. EP '92 and Promo '92
Immortal (NOR)       	- Blizzard Beasts               	29min
Immortal (NOR)          - Live München 21.9.95                  35min
Immortal Fate (US)	- Beautiful				28min  brutal US-Death from 1993, rel. first time in 2001
Immortal Fate (US)	- Faceless Burial  7"			12min  Chris Reifert on backing vocals
Immortal Possession (US) - Mass Murder '94			21min  similar to At The Gates
Immortal Possession (US)- Mass Murder '94                       20min
Impaled / Engorged (US/US) - Split 7"				12min
Impaled / Lividity (US/US) - Split 7"				13min  cool underground Death
Impaled Nazarene (FIN)	- Rapture				38min  in the Ugra-Karma vein
Impaled Nazarene (FIN)	- Manifest  2-10"			44min
Impaled Nazarene (FIN)	- Enlightment Process  7"		 9min
Impaled Nazarene (FIN)	- Road To The Octagon			34min
Impaled Nazarene (FIN)	- Nihil					33min  back to the Ugra-Karma days
Impaled Nazarene (FIN)	- 2 Comp.-Only tx               	 7min  (incl. a S.O.D. cover)
Impaled Nazarene (FIN)	- All That You Fear			42min  killer !!!!! They got again better
Impaled Nazarene (FIN)	- Pro Patria Finlandia			38min  they got even dirtier, sounds killer !!!
Impaled Nazarene (FIN)	- Tol Cormpt... Re-Release CD		54min  ltd.2000, original cover and bonus tx
Impaled Nazarene (FIN)	- Death Comes In 26 Carefully... 	68min
Impaled Nazarene (FIN)	- Decade Of Decadence			62min
Impaled Nazarene (FIN)	- 2 LP Bonustx '98                       8min  from 'Rapture'
Impaled Nazarene (FIN)	- Latex Cult                    	31min
Impaled Nazarene (FIN)	- Absence Of War Does Not Mean...	38min
Impaled Nazarene (FIN)  - Motörpenis MCD                         9min
Impaled Nazarene / Beherit (FIN/FIN) - Day Of Darkness    	46min  Live-LP
Impaled Nazarene / Driller Killer (FIN/SWE) - Split 7"		11min
Impaler (UK)		- Impaler Of Souls '91			12min
Impaler (US)		- Audio from Video Clip '87		 5min
Impaler (US)		- If We Had Brains...We Would Be...	32min  Combat/Century Media Re-Release
Impaler (US)		- If We Had Brains...  LP		32min  LP from 1986
Impaler (US)		- It Won't Die				41min  CD from 1998
Impaler (US)		- One Nation Under Ground		42min  CD from 2000
Impaler (US)		- Rise Of The Mutants MLP		10min
Impaler (US)		- The Gruesome Years			53min
Impaler (US)		- The Mutants Rise Again  7"		17min
Impaler (US)		- Wake Up Screaming			26min
Impaler / Ripsnorter (US/US) - Split 7"				12min  2nd Split release of these two bands
Impaler / Ripsnorter (US/US) - Split 7"				13min  yep, Impaler have reformed !!!
Impedigon (BEL)		- As Desires Fade			41min
Impending Doom (GER)	- Apocalypse III			35min  fantastic Death Thrash
Impending Doom (GER)	- Beyond The Altar Of... 2-CD	       132min
Impending Doom (GER)	- Blasphemy Incarnate  10"		30min
Impending Doom (GER)	- Messias Abaddon '93			33min
Impending Doom (GER)	- Pagan Fires / Messias Abaddon		73min  both demos on CDr, remastered
Impending Doom (GER)	- Signum Of Hate  2-LP			54min  2 coverversions as bonus
Impending Doom (GER)	- Signum Of Hate			43min  old-school like
Impending Doom (GER)	- The Great Pale Hunter  7"		10min
Impending Doom (GER) 	- Pagan Fires Promo '97         	34min
Impending Doom (GER) 	- Caedes Sacrilegea             	59min
Impending Doom / Atanatos (GER/GER) - Split 7"			16min
Impending Doom / Goatfire (GER/ITA) - Split 7"			 9min
Imperator (POL)		- Deathlive '88				38min
Imperator (POL)		- Eternal Might/Endless Sacrifice	70min  Unholy Bible Of Polish Death Metal Vol.1
Imperator (POL)		- The Return Of Eternal Might  CDr	62min  Live 1986 and Eternal Might Demo 1986
Imperator (POL)		- The Time Before Time			47min  Rerelease + 2 Bonus tx (I guess remastered too)
Imperial (FRA)		- Aux Crepuscules			45min
Imperial (FRA)		- Aux Crepuscules  LP			38min  some different tx on LP and CD
Imperial (FRA)		- Malmort				41min
Imperial (FRA)		- Moonblood  7"				14min  10 years of Imperial revised
Imperial (FRA)		- Speed Metal Cult  Promo CD '00	35min  good riffs, stupid and worthless vocalist
Imperial (FRA)		- Thrasheurs 13  MCD			18min
Imperial (SWE)          - Mori Voluntari '95                    24min
Imperial (SWE)          - De Fördömdas Legion '96               17min  Setherial member
Imperial Domain	(SWE)	- In The Ashes Of The Fallen		37min  old Cemetary-like
Imperial Domain (FIN)	- The Ordeal				55min
Imperial Domain (SWE)	- In The Ashes Of The Fallen '96	18min
Imperial State Attack (SWE) - Castaway  7"			 6min
Imperio Nocturno (BOL)	- Opus - Tem Ohp Ab '99			57min
Imperious (SWE)		- In Splendour				34min  very brutal Swedish Death Metal
Imperious Malevolence (BRA) - Where Demons Dwell		30min
Imperious Malevolence (BRA) - Hatecrowned			36min
Imperious Malevolence (BRA) - s/t				27min  debut CD from 1999
Imperium (NOR)		- s/t MLP				12min  w.Dismal Euphony/Gehenna members, demo '96 on LP
Impetigo (US)		- All We Need Is Cheez  MCD		31min  live demo pressed on CD
Impetigo (US)		- Buio Omega  7"			10min
Impetigo (US)		- Faceless  7"				11min
Impetigo (US)		- Ultimo Mondo Cannibale		38min
Impetigo / Ingrowing (US/CZE) - Split MCD			12min
Impetigo / Transgressor (US/US) - Split 7"			14min
Impetuous Rage (BRA)	- Inverted Redemption			40min  the next blast from Brasil, cool Hellhammer cover
Impetuous Ritual (AUS)	- Relentless Execution Of Ceremonial... 37min
Impiety (SIN)		- 18 Atomic Years  2-CD 	       114min
Impiety (SIN)		- Asateerul Awaleen			40min
Impiety (SIN)		- Dominator  MLP			16min
Impiety (SIN)		- Formidonis Nex Cultus			38min
Impiety (SIN)		- Kaos Kommand 696			43min
Impiety (SIN)		- Paramount Evil			46min
Impiety (SIN)		- Skullfucking Armageddon		43min  ultra Death/Black/Grind
Impiety (SIN)		- Skullfucking Armageddon		56min  Drakkar-pressing, 3 bonustx
Impiety (SIN)		- Terroreign				35min
Impiety (SIN)		- Tormentors Of Tijuana Live LP		44min
Impiety (SIN)		- Woshippers Of The Seventh Tyranny 	39min
Impiety (SIN)           - Funeralight  Cass.'96                 20min
Impiety / Abhorrence (SIN/BRA) - Split MCD			12min
Impiety / Desaster (SIN/GER) - Split CD				50min  old demostuff
Impiety / Profanatica (SIN/US) - Split 7"                       11min  rare and remastered/rerecorded tx
Impiety / Surrender Of Divinity (SIN/THAI) - Split MCD		26min
Impious (NOR)           - Sorg '96                              15min
Impious (SWE)		- Born To Suffer			54min  Promo '01/Demo '96/6 covers on CD
Impious (SWE)		- Evilized				51min  Deicide meets Gothenburg !!!
Impious (SWE)		- Hellucinate				39min
Impious (SWE)		- Holy Murder Masquerade		38min
Impious (SWE)		- Infernal Pedomination '96		25min
Impious (SWE)		- New Promo CD '99			22min
Impious (SWE)		- Terror Succeeds			44min
Impious (SWE)		- The Killer				40min  their best work to date
Impious (SWE)   	- The Suffering  Promo '96              15min
Impious (SWE)           - The Deathsquad  MCD                   24min
Impious Havoc (FIN)	- At The Ruins Of The Holy Kingdom	47min
Impious Havoc (FIN)	- Dawn Of Nothing			38min
Impious Havoc (FIN)	- Maleficium				38min
Impious Havoc (FIN)	- Manifestations Of Plague And War	47min
Impious Havoc (FIN)	- Monuments Of Suffering  MCD		23min
Impious Havoc (FIN)	- The Good Shepherd  7"			10min
Impious Havoc (FIN)    - s/t                                    38min  fantastic Black Metal
Impostor (NOR)		- Still Not Satisfied? '89		17min
Imprecation (US)	- Sigil Of Baphomet  7"			12min
Imprecation (US)	- Sigil Of Lucifer  7"			 9min
Imprecation (US)	- Theurgia Goetia Summa			38min
Impule Manslaughter / Provocation (US/GER) - Split 7"		14min  I.M.: killer, PR: fantastic DeathCrust
Impulse Manslaughter (US) - Sometimes 7"                         9min
Impulse Manslaughter (US) - Burn One Naked And Nuke It  7"	11min
Impure (GER)		- In Disrespect To Mankind		29min
Impure (GER)		- Something Evil			28min
Impure (SPA)            - Acts Of Contrition                    33min  good Death-Thrash
Impure (UK)		- New Life '93				16min
Impure Poessession (CHI)- Vomito Y Fornication '03?		14min  Sarcofago freaks
Impurity (BRA)		- Guests Of The Infernal Pit  7"	 7min  recordings from 1991
Impurity (BRA)		- Into The Ritual Chamber		50min  The Lamb's Fury MLP as bonus
Impurity (BRA)		- Necro Infamists Of Tumulus Return	30min  finally back to the glory times of old, but bad sound
Impurity (BRA)		- Satanic Metal Kingdom CDr		47min  ltd. around 200, waiting for a record deal
Impurity (BRA)		- The Lamb's Fury			26min  like old Beherit
Impurity (US)		- Of Lust And War			35min
Impurity (US)		- Unearthly Affinity  MCD		15min  old-school Dark US-Death Metal
In Aeternum (SWE)	- And Darkness Came  MCD		18min  Swedish newcomer
In Aeternum (SWE)	- Beast Of The Pentagram  10"		21min  great covers of Bathory/Kreator/Slayer/...
In Aeternum (SWE)	- Covered In Hell  7"			 7min
In Aeternum (SWE)	- Curse Of Devastation  7"		17min
In Aeternum (SWE)	- Dawn Of A New Aeon			33min
In Aeternum (SWE)	- Demon Possession  7"			10min
In Aeternum (SWE)	- Forever Blasphemy			37min  killlllleeerrrr
In Aeternum (SWE)	- No Salvation  MCD			18min  w.killer Grotesque cover
In Aeternum (SWE)	- Nuclear Armageddon			38min
In Aeternum (SWE)	- Past And Present Sins			67min
In Aeternum (SWE)	- The Pestilent Plague			41min
In Aggression (CHI)	- An Extensive Aberration '90		18min
In Battle (SWE)		- Kingdom Of Fear			45min
In Battle (SWE)		- Soul Metamorphosis  MCD		16min  way more Death Metal now
In Battle (SWE)		- The Rage Of The Northmen		38min
In Battle (SWE)		- Welcome To The Battlefield		41min
In Battle (SWE)      	- In Battle                     	43min  Setherial side-project
In Cold Blood (SWE)     - Nailed '97                    	16min  pre-Raise Hell
In Dungeon (SWE)	- Machinegunnery Of Doom		45min  Old-School Thrash
In Dungeon (SWE)	- Machinegunery... Promo '96		21min
In Flames (SWE)		- 8 Songs				33min  came with Rock Hard magazine
In Flames (SWE)		- Black-Ash Inhertiance MCD		15min
In Flames (SWE)		- Clayman				48min
In Flames (SWE)		- Colony				42min
In Flames (SWE)		- Come Clarity  7"			 9min
In Flames (SWE)		- Come Clarity				47min
In Flames (SWE)		- Lunar...+Subterr... + Unrel.tx	67min  Unrel. Studiotcks May '95
In Flames (SWE)		- Lunar Strain  Re-Release LP		39min
In Flames (SWE)		- Reroute To Remain			50min  too poppy
In Flames (SWE)		- Soundtrack To Your Escape		46min  gets more and more poppy
In Flames (SWE)		- Subterranean  Re-Release LP		42min
In Flames (SWE)		- The Mirror's Truth MCD		14min
In Flames (SWE)		- The Quiet Place MCD			10min
In Flames (SWE)		- The Tokyo Showdown  2-LP		77min  LP has several bonus tx
In Flames (SWE)		- Whoracle				43min
In Flames (SWE)      	- The Jester Race               	41min
In Flames (US)		- A Sense Of Purpose			51min
In Hell (BRA)		- Suffering In Hell			29min  with ex-Krisiun/Vulcano members
In Hell (BRA)		- The Final Torment			31min  pure old-school Death Metal massacre !!!!!!
In League With Satan (ITA) - Black Mass Into The... MLP		20min
In Memorian (BRA)	- Centuries Of Sortilege '94		10min
In Memorian (BRA)       - Insanification MCD                    24min
In Ruins (US)		- Four Seasons Of Grey			45min
In The Dark Pit (POL)	- Demo '92				26min
In The Woods (NOR)	- Epitaph  7"				15min
In The Woods (NOR)	- Let There Be More Light 7"		13min
In The Woods (NOR)	- Strange In Stereo			64min
In The Woods (NOR)   	- A Return To The Isle Of Men   	53min
In The Woods (NOR)   	- Omnio                         	63min
In The Woods (NOR)   	- White Rabbit  7"              	12min
In Thy Dreams (NOR)	- Stream Of Dispraised Souls '95	15min  different recordings to the later MCD
In Thy Dreams (SWE)	- Highest Beauty			32min
In Thy Dreams (SWE)	- Stream Of Dispraised Souls MCD	16min  Wrong Again Rec., high quality
In Thy Dreams (SWE)	- The Gates Of Pleasure			35min
In-Quest (BEL)		- Destination: Pyroclasm  MCD		24min  sounds like a brutal Death-Thrash monster
In-Quest (BEL)		- Epileptic				43min  they are getting better and more brutal
In-Quest (BEL)		- Extrusion-Battlehymns			52min
In-Quest (BEL)		- Operation: Citadel			44min
In-Quest (BEL)		- The Comatose Quandaries		57min  more like Soilwork/Scar Symmetry now
In-Quest / Sarcastic Terror (BEL/GRE) - Split 7"		15min  S.T. with M.W.Daoloth
Inaeternum (COL)	- Siglos De Amnesia '94			36min  melodic Death Metal
Incantation (US)	- Blasphemy In Brasil  Live 2001	75min
Incantation (US)	- Blasphemous Cremation			32min  first erased roughmix of Onward To...
Incantation (US)	- Blasphemy				74min
Incantation (US)	- Decimate Christendom			48min  LP-bonus tck, great !! Fuck Bonus CD-DVDs !!
Incantation (US)	- Delieverance Of Horrific... 7"	11min
Incantation (US)	- Diabolical Conquest			46min  great brutal US-Death Metal
Incantation (US)	- Entrantent Of Evil  7"		15min
Incantation (US)	- Mortal Throne Of Nazarene		36min
Incantation (US)	- Onward To Golgotha			46min
Incantation (US)	- Primordial Domination CD		41min
Incantation (US)	- The Forsaken Mourning			36min  with 4 bonus tx
Incantation (US)	- The Infernal Storm			40min
Incantation (US)	- Thieves Of Cloth  7"			 8min
Incantation (US)	- Tribute To The Goat			41min
Incantation (US)	- Upon The Throne Of Apocalypse		36min
Incapacity (SWE)	- 9th Order Extinct			41min
Incapacity (SWE)	- Chaos Complete			41min  w.Edge Of.../Solar Dawn/Unmoored members
Incarcerated (UK)	- Engulfed In Infinity '92		21min
Incarcerated (UK)	- Engulfed In Infinity '92		21min
Incarcerated (UK)	- Primitive '91				28min
Incarcerated (UK)	- Unnatural Disorder  7"		11min
Incardine (SWE)		- Demo 2 '92				14min
Incardine (SWE)		- Moment Of Connection '92		17min
Incarion (PHIL)		- Unveil Southeast  7"			18min
Incarnated (SWE)	- Wool-Gathering '93			20min  like oldest Grave, Wild Rags edition
Incarnator (NOR)     	- Nordic Holocaust '92          	10min
Incarnator (NOR)     	- Promo tck '92                 	 5min
Incarnatus (ECU)	- Sinfonia De Hades			43min  old Rotting Christ fans
IncendiuM (FIN)		- Promo CD '99				 8min
Incest (POL)		- Moriar '92				23min
Incinerator (ITA)	- Live Into The Cremation '86		17min  good old Thrash
Incinerator (SWE)	- Disciples Of Sodom '03		10min  old-school Thrash attack
Incinerator (SWE)	- Thrash Attack MCD			17min  good Old-School Thrash
Incinerator (SWE)	- World Incinerator '03			13min
Incinerator (SWE)    	- Order Of Chaos '96            	19min
Incision (SWE)		- Adv. EP '92				13min
Incision (SWE)          - Perverted Possession '91              15min  w. It and Dan Swanö
Incriminated (FIN)	- Death Noize  10"			19min
Incriminated (FIN)	- Hypocricide  MLP			16min
Incriminated (FIN)	- Illusion Of Love  7"			10min
Incriminated (FIN)	- Kings Of Misery			38min
Incriminated (FIN)	- Miracle Of Purity			32min  like old Hellhammer, but bader sound
Incriminated (FIN)	- Possessed In Billnäs - Live		34min
Incriminated (FIN)	- Promo CDr '03				11min
Incriminated (FIN)	- Ride Of The Tyrants '03		33min  demos re-released on tape
Incriminated (FIN)	- The Promise Of Worse To Come		36min
Incriminated / Fulcrum Creak (FIN/FIN) - Split CD		37min
Incriminated / Nuclear Winter (FIN/GRE) - Split 7"              12min
Incriminated / Tulsa (FIN/FIN) - Split MCD			20min  Rehearsal crap
Incrust (BRA)		- Baptized In Unholy Gore		32min  Dark Death Metal
Incubus / Spectral Birth (AUS/AUS) - Split LP			32min  Demos from '87 on vinly, great Deaththrash-bands
Incursion (SWE)		- Demo '91				15min
Indesinence (UK)	- Noctambulism				72min
Indesinence (UK)        - Neptunian                             42min  pure Death Doom madness, Adorior member
Indestroy (US)		- First EP				40min
Indestroy (US)		- Senseless Theories + First EP		60min  old Thrasher on NRR Rec.
Indestroy (US)		- Senseless Theories			20min
Indomitus (SWE)		- s/t  MCD				19min  Doom
Indungeon (SWE)		- Machinegunnery Of Doom '96		20min
Indungeon (SWE)		- The Misanthropocalypse		36min
Inearthed (FIN)		- Ubiguitous Abscence Of... '95		16min  melodic Death
Inertial Mass (SPA)	- Quest For Autopsy '92			21min
Infamous Sinphony (US)	- Manipulation				41min
Infamy (US)		- Count The Dead '95			19min
Infamy (US)		- The Blood Shall Flow			41min
Infanticide (CZE)	- Life In Dead Faint '9?		18min  like slower Massacre
Infanticide (SWE)	- Lunacy  7"				 9min  Crust/Grind
Infected (AUS)		- Prick '93				19min
Infected Virulence (GER)- In The Outline Of Clouds MCD 		19min
Infected Virulence (GER)- Music Of Melkor			39min  great unknown German mid-90es Death Metal
Inferi (ARG)		- The Awakening Of The Black Hordes 	41min
Inferi (ARG)		- The Call Of The Dark Side		45min
Inferi (FIN)		- Shores Of Sorrow			50min
Inferi (NL)		- Inferi  MCD				25min  Funeral Winds project from 1995
Inferia (FIN)		- Explosive Copulation  MCDr		10min
Inferia (FIN)		- Fucking Is A Great Way To Get...	29min  ...To Know New People
Inferia (FIN)		- Masterpiece				30min
Inferia (FIN)		- No Sperm Shall Be Spared		33min
Inferia (FIN)		- Parental Advisory  MCD		23min
Inferia (FIN)		- Release For Burial Orgies		28min  Death/Grind orgy
Inferia (FIN)		- Spawned At The Dawn MCD		11min
Inferis (CHI) 		- In The Path Of Malignant Spirits	48min
Infernal (BRA)		- Drowning In The Chalice Of Sin	45min
Infernal (BRA)		- Of Weakness And Cowardice  7"		 8min
Infernal (BRA)		- Ritual Humiliation			56min
Infernal (COL)		- A Tragedy Called Existence		40min  with good Darkthrone cover
Infernal (COL)		- An Hymn In the Sinister Storm '96	26min
Infernal (COL)		- Evil Gathering '97			 9min
Infernal (COL)		- Majestic Fire  7"			 8min
Infernal (COL)		- The Deepest Emptiness			32min
Infernal (COL)		- The Infernal Compendium		76min  both prior CDs on one CD
Infernal (COL)		- The New Dawn				36min  underground Black with nice keyboards
Infernal (COL)		- Whipping The Sacred Law		47min
Infernal (SWE)		- Evil Gathering '97			 9min
Infernal (SWE)		- Infernal  MCD				16min  Defleshed/In Aeternum/Blackmoon mem.
Infernal (SWE)		- Summon Forth The Beast  MCD		16min
Infernal (SWE)		- The Infernal Return  7"		 9min  reminds a lot on old Necrophobic
Infernal (SWE)          - Killing The Weak '97                  13min  Non Serviam sideproject
Infernal (US)		- s/t  MCD				14min  Nasty Ronny's new band !!!!
Infernal / Exelsus Diaboli (COL/FRA) - Split CD                 57min
Infernal / Thy Antichrist (COL/COL) - Split LP			41min
Infernal Beauty (BEL)	- Midnartiis				48min
Infernal Beauty (BEL)   - Drakkensquar                          39min
Infernal Curse (ARG)	- Demented Visions Of Darkness  7"	13min
Infernal Curse (ARG)	- The Evil Is Not Dead... 7"		10min
Infernal Death (POL)	- Twilight Tales '92			35min
Infernal Gates (SWE)	- From The Mist Of The Dark Waters	50min
Infernal Gates (SWE)	- The Gathering Of Tears II '94		15min
Infernal Gates (SWE)    - In Sadness... '93                     17min
Infernal Hate (SPA)     - The Wisdom Of Obscure Dimensions      31min
Infernal Heirachy (US)	- s/t  7"				10min
Infernal Legion (BEL)	- Sculptured Humans 			38min  very good Death/Black
Infernal Legion (BEL)	- Die And Become... MCDr		24min
Infernal Necromancy (JPN) - Freezing Blackstained Universe  7"	11min
Infernal Slaughter (CHI)- Demo I '02				16min
Infernal Storms (NOR)	- Demo '97				20min
Infernal Torment (DK)	- Man's True Nature			32min
Infernal Torment (DK)	- Birthrate Zero                	55min
Infernal Vengeance (SWE)- Dual Mayhem				38min
Infernal War (POL)	- Conflagrator  MLP			20min
Infernal War (POL)	- Redesekration				38min
Infernal War (POL)	- Terrorfront				39min
Infernal War / Kriegsmaschine (POL/POL) - Split CD		29min
Inferno (GER)           - Demo '85                      	 8min
Infernus Serpest / Unholy Force (CHI/CHI) - Split CD		37min
Infernäl Mäjesty (CAN)	- Demon God  MCDr			34min
Infernäl Mäjesty (CAN)  - None Shall Defy  Re-Release CD        50min
Infernäl Mäjesty (CAN)  - Unholier Than Thou                    38min
Infernäl Mäjesty (CAN)  - One Who Points To Death               47min
Infernäl Mäjesty (CAN)  - 2 Comp. CD tx                          9min  recorded  '97 !!!
Infernäl Mäjesty (CAN)  - Where Is Your God  7"                  8min
Infernäl Mäjesty (CAN)	- House Of War  7"			 7min
Infernäl Mäjesty / Custom (CAN/CAN) - Split 7"                   8min
Infernö (NOR)           - Downtown Hades  LP                    38min  2 Live-Bonustx
Infernö (NOR)           - Reh. 23.9.94                          20min
Infernö (NOR)           - Downtown Hades                        30min
Infernö (NOR)           - Thrash Metal Dogs Of Hell  7"          9min
Infernö (NOR)           - Discowimpmangling  Reh. '96            5min
Infernö (NOR)           - Utter Hell                            36min  the masters of feedback and oldschool Metal
Infernö (NOR)           - Comp. tx '96                           8min
Infernö (NOR)           - Metal Commando ATTACK                 78min
Infestation (SWE)	- When Sanity Ends  Reh. '90		11min
Infestation (UK)	- Mass Immolation			36min  Death Death Death Metal
Infestdead (SWE)	- JesuSatan				35min
Infestdead (SWE)     	- Killing Christ MCD            	12min
Infestdead (SWE)     	- Hellfuck                     	        37min
Infestdead / Darkcide (SWE/SWE) - Split 7"			 9min
Infested Blood (BRA)	- The Masters Of Grotesque		34min  like Krisiun going berzerk
Infester (US)		- To The Depths, In Degradation		54min  totally forgotten jewel of brutal US-Death
Infidel (POL)		- Bloody Horns Of... Demo MCDr '08	22min
Infinitum Obscure (MEX) - Obscuridad Eterna  7"			10min  finally released, great Mexican Death, killer sound
Infinitum Obscure (MEX) - Sub Atris Caelis			39min  again great Death Metal from Mexico
Infinitum Obscure (MEX) - Internal Dark Force			41min  great, just great !!
Infinitum Obscure (MEX) - Ipsus Universum  10"			17min  vinyl-release of the Split CD part with Ancient Gods
Infinitum Obscure (MEX) - Seeding Darkness '08			18min
Infinity (NL)		- Enter Thy Labyrinth Of Hell		47min  very good Darkthrone like Black Metal
Infinity (NL)		- Nostalgia For The Dark Age		44min
Infinity (NL)		- The Arcane Wisdom Of Shadows		55min
Infinity (NL)		- The Birth Of Decay			51min  great Black Metal, Funeral Winds members
Infliction (ITA)        - The Faint Smell Of Suicide            46min  w.guest appearances of Ancient/Mörk Gryning members
Infuneal (SWE)		- Beneath The False... Demo MCDr '05 	10min
Infuneral (SWE)		- Sepulchral Monument			33min  fantastic Black Metal
Inhuman (GER)		- Inner Fears				38min  pre-Soul Demise
Inhume (NL)		- In For The Kill			33min
Iniuria (SWE)		- All The Leaves Has Fallen  MCD	18min
Inkisitor (FRA)		- Demo Re-Release MCDr '01/'03		22min
Inkisitor (FRA)		- Promo MCDr '05			14min
Inkisitor (FRA)		- s/t  7"				15min
Inkisizion (SPA)	- Where The Angels Change... '97	30min
Inner Sanctum (URU)	- Frozen Souls				41min  Celtic Frost worshippers
Inner Thought (CAN)	- Is There Hope Amid The... MCD		20min  Demo '93 on CD
Inner Thought (CAN)  	- Perspectives                  	35min
Inner War (US)		- The Profane Vulgar			64min
Innsmouth (AUS)		- She-Goat  7"				12min
Innsmouth (AUS) 	- The Departure Of Shub-Niggurath '09 	21min
Innumerable Forms (US)	- Dark Worship  7"			11min  massive Funebrarum project
Inquisicao (BRA)	- s/t MLP				22min  Boot-LP, originally released in 1987
Inquisicion (CHI)	- In Nomini				61min
Inquisition (AUT)	- Forgotten And Denied '93		42min  mix of Winter and slow Autopsy
Inquisition (US-COL)	- Anxious Death/Forever Under		57min
Inquisition (US-COL)	- Diabolus Nostrum Vinco		51min  Live boot with acceptable sound
Inquisition (US-COL)	- Invoking The Majestic Throne... LP	50min  one binus tck on LP
Inquisition (US-COL)	- Incense Of Rest  MCD			20min
Inquisition (US-COL)	- Into The Infernal ... Re-Release 2-LP	78min
Inquisition (US-COL)	- Live Bitterfeld 2001  '05		58min
Inquisition (US-COL)	- Nefarious Dismal Orations		47min
Inquisition (US-COL)	- Ominous Doctrines Of The Perpetual... 43min
Inquisition (US-COL)	- Unholy Inquisition Rites  MCD		16min
Inquisition (US-COL)    - Magnificent Glorification Of Lucifer  51min  not so good as the last LP
Inquisition (US-COL)    - Invoking The Majestic Throne Of...    47min
Inquisition (US-COL)    - Into The Infernal Of The Ancient...   66min  repress
Inquisition / Profane Creation (US-COL/BRA) - Split CD		54min
Inquisitor (NL)         - Walpurgis: Sabbath Of Lust            51min
Inquisitor (NL)		- I Am Sick And I Must Die  7"		 9min
Inquity (DK)		- Five Accross The Eyes			40min
Inquity (DK)		- Grime					46min
Inquity (DK)		- Inquity Bloody Inquity		71min  compilation
Inquity (DK)		- Revel In Cremation  7"		10min
Inquity (DK)		- Serenadium				42min
Inquity (DK)		- The Hidden Lore			21min
Inrage (SWE)		- Built To Destroy			37min
Insaintfication (BRA)	- Diseased 				50min
Insalubrious (SWE)	- Pieces Of A Dream '94			17min
Insane (GRE)		- Incense  7"				 8min  Sadus like Thrash
Insane (ITA)		- Wait And Pray				34min
Insane (POL)		- Religion '92				39min
Insane (ROM?)		- Demo '97?				44min
Insane Vesper (FRA)	- Unholy Procession  Demo MCDr '03	20min
Insaner (PER)		- Ignorancia Y Decadencia  7"		15min  Demo '88 on vinyl
Insaniac (US)		- Screams From The... '85		33min
Insanity (BRA)		- Cryogenization  7"			11min
Insanity (BRA)		- Mind Crisis				74min
Insanity (BRA)		- Phobia				44min
Insanity (BRA)		- Phobia '93				31min
Insanity (US)		- Chronicles Of The Cursed  2-CD       160min
Insanity (US)		- Death After Death Re-Release		38min  remastered and new guitars, a killer
Insanity (US)		- Demo 10/89				27min
Insanity (US)		- Extinction '94			34min  the last sign of life
Insanity (US)		- Fire Death Fate MLP			17min  Demo on LP limited to 18 copies !
Insanity (US)		- From The Grave			70min
Insanity (US)		- Reh. '89				20min
Insanity (US)		- Sacrefixion  MCD			18min  welcome back guys, great Death-Thrash
Insanity (US)		- Ultimate Death  CDr			41min  Demo '85, Reh. '86, Demo '94 officially re-released
Insanity (US)		- Visions Of Apocalypse CDr		45min  somehow an adv.production CD, but sounds absolutely killer
Insanity (US)       	- Death After Death             	38min  songs from '85 to '89, an unknown legend !!!
Insanity (US)           - Demo/Reh. '85 (final mix)     	17min
Insanity (US)           - Reh. '12/86                            6min  incl. unknown tck 'Carnivore'
Insatanity (US)		- Divine Decomposition			49min
Insatanity (US)		- The Black Stone MCDr			18min
Insatanity (US)		- Unholiness Rising '95			23min
Insatanity (US)		- Vengeance From... Re-Release CDr	30min
Insatanity / Immortal Suffering (US/US) - Split CD		49min
Insision (SWE)		- Beneath The Folds Of Flesh		30min
Insision (SWE)		- Ikon					34min
Insision (SWE)		- Promo '00				13min
Insision (SWE)		- Revealed And Worshipped		35min
Insision (SWE)		- Revelations Of The Sadogod '01	16min
Insision (SWE)		- The Dead Live On  MCD			18min
Insision / Inveracity (SWE/GRE) - Split 10"			25min
Instinct Of Survival (GER) - North Of Nowhere			37min
Instinct Of Survival (GER) - Call Of The Distance Blue		34min
Instinct Of Survival / Völkermord (GER/GER) - Split 7"	 	 8min
Institute (US)		- The Piano Player			60min  SwedenCrust with more hysteric voice
Insulter (BRA)		- Black Church '87/'11			 9min
Insurrection (UK)	- s/t					28min  Crust from 1988, on Peacville
Insurrection / Divine Death (BRA/BRA) - Split LP		40min
Interment (FIN)		- Life Here After  7"			11min  like Demigod/Xysma
Interment (RUS)		- Mutilated Reality '95			39min
Interment (SWE)		- ...Where Death Will Increase '91	18min  first Entombed meets first At The Gates MLP
Interment (SWE)		- Into The Crypts Of Blasphemy		37min
Interment (SWE)		- Where Death Will Increase 1991-1994 	54min  great demo compilation
Internal Decay (SWE)	- Demo '91				17min
Internal Suffering (COL)- Awakening Of The Rebel		28min
Internal Suffering (COL)- Unmercyful Extermination  MCD		18min
Internal Suffering (COL)- Supreme ... Re-Release LP		31min
Internal Suffering (COL)- Chaotic Matrix			32min
Internecine (US)	- The Book Of Lambs			33min  like Hate Eternal/Morbid Angel
Interred (SWE)		- Ve  Demo MCDr '07			28min
Interzone (CAN)		- Cydonia				30min  ex-Sacrifice
Intesine (NL)		- s/t  MCD				21min  Gothenburg fans
Intestate / Asfaril (JAP/JAP) - Split 7"			11min
Intestinal (SWE)	- Human Harvest				32min
Intestine Baalism (JPN)	- Banquet In The Darkness		44min
Intestine Baalism (JPN)	- Ultimate Instinct			37min
Intestine Baalism (JPN)	- An Anatomy Of... Re-Release CD	40min
Intestine Baalism (JPN) - The Energumenus '94                   22min  fantastic Swedish Döds Metal
Into Desolation (SWE)	- The Land Of Eternal Winter '96	25min
Into The Sunless Meridian (US) - s/t	 			68min
Intoxicate (SWE)	- Into Hibernation '91			20min
Intoxicate (SWE)        - Tango Of Nietsche '91                 21min
Intoxication (SPA)	- Cerebral Parasite  7"			11min
Intruder (US)		- Psycho Savant				55min
Invasion (US)		- Berserk Artillery Barrage		41min
Invasion (US)		- Conquered				30min  oldschool Thrash-Death stuff
Invasion (US)		- Orchestrated Kill Maneuver		55min
Inverno (ITA)		- Nocturnal Echoes Of Despair '97	19min
Inverted (SWE)		- Tales Of Estaban '91			17min
Inverted (SWE)		- There Can Be Only One...		30min  like old Hypocrisy
Inverted/Centinex (SWE/SWE) - Split 7"                    	12min
Invidious (SWE)		- In Death  MLP				15min
Invocation (GRE)	- Lonesome Was The Last Journey		53min
Invocation / Medieval Demon (GRE/GRE) - Split 7"		12min
Invocation War (US)	- Demonic Onslaught  7"			20min
Invocator (DK)		- Dying To Live				41min
Invocator (DK)		- Early Years				55min
Invocator (DK)		- Through The Flesh To The Soul		54min
Invocator (DK)      	- Alterations '89               	18min
Invocator (DK)      	- Weave The Apocalypse          	35min
Invoker (FRA)		- Initiate Mind Regression '93		25min
Ipsum (SWI)		- Behind The Mask			45min
Iron Angel (GER)	- Back From Hell  Demo MCDr '07		24min
Iron Angel (GER)	- Hellish Crossfire  Re-Release CD	69min  with 6 demo bonus tx
Iron Angel (GER)	- Legion Of Evil II '84			23min  1st version: includes the Bonus-Livetck
Iron Angel (GER)	- Live Warpke  20.07.85			48min
Iron Angel (GER)	- Rush Of Power  CDr			67min  Live+Demo II '84, officially rel. by the band
Iron Angel (GER)	- Rush Of Power				27min
Iron Angel (GER)	- The Tapes  CDr			76min  Live+Demo I '84, officially rel. by the band
Iron Angel (GER)	- Winds Of War  Re-Release CD		59min  Old Metal Rec., with 4 Bonus live songs
Iron Angel (GER)     	- Legions Of Evil II '84        	20min
Iron Angel (GER)     	- Live: Essen 12.1.85           	46min
Iron Angel (GER)     	- Demo III '85                  	14min
Iron Angel (GER)      	- Power Metal Attack '84        	26min
Iron Angel (GER)        - Studio Test '85                       20min
Iron Christ (US)	- s/t  MLP				10min
Iron Fist / Whipstriker (US/BRA) - Split 7"			14min  Whipstriker is pure Venom worship
Iron Lamb (SWE)		- Peskycostal Preaching  7"		12min
Iron Lamb (SWE)		- s/t  7"				13min
Iron Lamb / MotorBreath (SWE/SWE) - Split 7"			10min
Iron Maiden (UK)	- Piece Of Mind				46min
Iron Maiden (UK)        - Live After Death  Do.-LP             100min
Iron Warrior (CAN)	- The Deadly Illusion '88		10min
Ironfist (SIN)		- Dragonlore MCDr '01			23min
Ironfist (SIN)		- Ejaculated Insanity '05		47min  live concert
Ironfist (SIN)		- Hateshrinkers MCDr			14min
Ironfist (SIN)		- Serpent Goddess... MCDr '03		 5min  perverted BlackThrash
Ironfist (SIN)		- Sexcalibur  MCDr			25min
Ironfist (SIN)		- Tyrannikal Adversaries  MCDr		20min
Ironfist (SIN)		- Weapons Of Mass Sexxtruction 		37min
Ironfist (SIN)		- Worshippers Of The Black Witch  7"	14min
Ironfist (SIN)          - Fistal Destruction                    68min
Ironfist / Abigail / Deiphago (SIN/JPN/PHIL) - Split CD		54min
Ironfist / Morbosidad (SIN/US) - Split Demo '03			27min  total awesome old-school Death Black
Ironside (GER)		- Ecstatic Ritual			34min  very early Lifeforce release, CrustDoom
Irreverent (US)		- Blasphemous Crucifix Profanation	40min  pre-Black Witchery
Irritate (FIN)		- Driven  7"				11min  GrindCrust, sometimes like "Yeah" from Xysma
Irritate (FIN)		- Everyday Evil				36min
Irritate / Bud Junkees (FIN/FIN) - Split 7"			12min
Irritate / Hated Principles (FIN/US) - Split 7"			14min
Irritate / Iron Butter (FIN/US) - Split 7"			10min
Isafjord / Nest (NOR/FIN) - Split CD				43min
Isanmaa (FIN)		- Yli Peltojen Vetten Ja Tunturien  7"	12min
Iscariota (POL)		- Cosmic Paradox '94			41min
Isengard (NOR)		- Dark Lord Of Gorgoroth  7"		 9min  again the first demo (incomplete) on vinyl
Isengard (NOR)		- Spectres Over Gorgoroth  7"		11min
Isengard (NOR)       	- The Foe '90                   	 6min  Demo ???
Isengard (NOR)       	- Unreleased Demo II '90        	 9min
Ishtar (SWE)		- Diabolical Hymns MCD			25min
Ishtar (SWE)		- Krig					56min
Isildur (SWE)		- s/t  7"				10min
Isole (SWE)		- The Beyond 7"				12min  ex-Forlorn
Isole / Semlah (SWE/SWE)- Split 7"				13min  Imperial Anthems Vol.4
Israthoum (NL)		- Black Scenery Avatar			29min
Israthoum (NL)		- Monument Of Brimstone			46min
Istidraj (SIN)		- Blasphemic Conquest  7"		 7min
Istidraj (SIN)		- Singakult Black Metal CDr		43min
Istorm (NOR)            - Gjennom Mörke Skogen '04              21min  like oldest Burzum
Isvind (NOR)		- Intet Lever				40min  great comeback
Isvind (NOR)         	- Dark Waters Stir              	52min
Isvind / Orcrist (NOR/ITA) - Split 7"                            9min
Itnos (SIN)		- Christ Mary Bitch  7"			10min  furious Black
Ivul (SWE)		- Demo #1 '95				13min
Izegrim (NL)		- Bird Of Prey  MCD			27min
Izegrim (NL)		- Guidelines For Genocide		38min  with ex-Asphyx member
Izegrim (NL)		- New World Order  MCD			18min
Izegrim (NL)		- Promo CD '02				13min
Izegrim (NL)		- Tribute To Totalitarianism		44min
J.B.O. (GER)         	- Explizite Lyrik               	74min
J.B.O. (GER)         	- James-zensiert-Orches.        	53min  also called "Laut!!"
Jack Hammer (US)        - Chainsaw Love II '84          	20min  pre-Whiplash
Jag Panzer (US)     	- 8" Square Pic Disc                     3min  from '83
Jag Panzer (US)     	- The Return '96                	15min  the Tyrants return
Jag Panzer / Steel Prophet (US/US) - Reborn Classics Split CD	73min  Shadow Thief / Inner Ascendance
Jaguar (UK)		- Axe Crazy  7"				 8min
Jaguar (UK)		- Back Street Woman  7"			10min
Jaguar (UK)             - Demo '80                      	25min
James Murphy (US)	- Convergence 				54min
James Murphy (US)	- Feeding The Machine			64min  very technical Death Thrash
Jennie Tebler (SWE)	- Between Life And Death  MCD		9min
Jesus Anal Penetration (AUS) - Kill Fuckin' Kill  7"		12min
Jesus Anal Penetration (AUS) - Axe-periment In Religion  7"	12min
Jesus Anal Penetration / ONI (AUS/AUS) - Split CD		30min  cool DeathGrind and Black
Jesus Martyr (ARG)	- Sudamerican Porno			62min  similar to Fear Factory, but not so good
Jhesu Masturbator / Thy Feeble Saviour (US/US) - Split 7"	11min  Profanatica worshippers
Jigsore Terror (SWE)	- World End Carnage			38min  great Death/Grind, Furbowl cover, 
Jigsore Terror / Suppository (SWE/NL) - Split Pic-7"		14min
Journey Through The Dark (ITA) - Screams Of Sirens '95          21min
Journey Through The Dark (ITA) - ...Among Secrets  MCD		22min
Judecca (AUS)		- Awakened B The Stench Of... MCD	11min
Judecca (US)		- Beyond What The Eyes Can't See	26min
Judecca (US)		- Scenes Of An Obscure Death		31min
Judgement Day (NL)	- 40 Minutes To Impact			40min
Judgement Day (NL)	- Cir-Cum-Cis-Ion Of The Ma-Tyr		46min
Judgement Day (NL)	- March Of The Apocalypse  MCD		21min
Judgement Day (NL)	- Pathology Of Crowding '94		26min
Judgement Day (NL)	- To Conjure Conjoint Confusion  7"	13min  ala Sadus/Inquisitor
Julia Dream (NOR)	- Julia Dream				50min  ex-Carpathian Fullmoon
Julia Dream (NOR)    	- Demo 3/97                     	15min
Julia Dream (NOR)     	- Demo 11/95                    	20min
Julie Laughs No More (DK) - From The Mist Of Ruins		41min  very Blind Guardian inspired Death
Julie Laughs No More (SWE) - When Only Darkness Remains		42min
Julie Laughs No More (SWE) - s/t  MCD				20min  their debut, ltd.500
Julie Laughs No More / De Tveksamma (SWE/SWE) - Split CD	77min
Jumalhämärä (FIN)       - Vanity Of Humanity  7"                11min
Jumälhämärä (FIN)       - Slaughter The Messenger  MCD          20min  compelte shit
Jungle Rot (US)		- Darkness Foretold			27min
Jungle Rot (US)		- Dead And Buried			38min
Jungle Rot (US)		- Fueled By Hate			31min  Stumpf Ist Trumpf, killer old-school Death
Jungle Rot (US)		- Skin The Living MCD			25min
Jungle Rot (US)		- Slaughter The Weak			34min  Defleshed meets Six Feet Under
Jurassic Jade (JPN)	- A Cradle Song  7"			12min
Jurassic Jade (JPN)	- After Killing Man			39min
Jurassic Jade (JPN)	- Doku Yume Superuma MCD		16min
Jurassic Jade (JPN)	- Endoplasm  MCD			22min
Jurassic Jade (JPN)	- Gore					36min
Jurassic Jade (JPN)	- Hemiplegia MCD			19min
Jurassic Jade (JPN)	- Left Eye				28min
Jurassic Jade (JPN)	- Live At Explosion  Flexi-8"		16min
Jurassic Jade (JPN)	- Never Forget Those Days		42min
Jurassic Jade (JPN)	- The Early Years 1985-1988 CD+DVD 	49min
Jurassic Jade (JPN)	- War By Proxy  MLP+Flexi 7"		27min  Flexi 7" is Split 7" with Ground Zero
Jurassic Jade (JPN)	- Wonderful Monumnet MCD		24min
Justabeli (BRA)		- Hell War				45min  very good Death Metal
KAT (POL)		- 38 Minutes Of Life  Rerelease	CD	47min
KAT (POL)		- 38 Minutes Of Life			38min
KAT (POL)		- 666  LP				37min
KAT (POL)		- 666  Rerelease CD			37min
KAT (POL)		- Badz Wariatem-Zagrai Z Katem		16min
KAT (POL)		- Ballady  Rerelease CD			56min
KAT (POL)		- Bastard  Rerelease CD			50min
KAT (POL)		- Biblia Satanistyzna  2-MC	       134min  Roman Kostrzewski reading the sat. bible
KAT (POL)		- Czas Zemsty / Time Of Revenge  7"	10min
KAT (POL)		- Live Jarocin				48min
KAT (POL)		- Metal And Hell  LP			36min
KAT (POL)		- Metal And Hell  7"			 7min
KAT (POL)		- Metal And Hell  Re-Release CD		44min  incl. 2 bonus tx
KAT (POL)		- Mind Cannibals			55min
KAT (POL)		- Ostanti Tabor 7"			 7min
KAT (POL)		- Ostatni Tabor  Re-Release 10"		 7min
KAT (POL)		- Roze Milosci Najchetniej...		56min
KAT (POL)		- Somewhere In Poland 2003		69min
KAT (POL)		- Szydercze Zwierciadto  		42min  from 1997
KAT (POL)               - Oddech Wymarlych Swiatow Rerelease CD 39min  LP '87, rereleased '96 on Silverton Rec.
Kaamos (SWE)		- Curse Of Aeons '00			18min  killer Swedish Death Metal
Kaamos (SWE)		- Live: Athens 23.3.03  CDr		49min  sound is unfortunately total crap
Kaamos (SWE)		- Lucifer Rising			38min
Kaamos (SWE)		- Scales Of Leviathan  MCD		21min
Kaamos (SWE)		- s/t					35min  ultra brutal Swedish Death, killer
Kaamos (SWE)            - Promo '99                             12min  old Swedish Death, ex-A Mind Confused
Kaamos (SWE)            - EP '99                                 8min
Kaamos / Repugnant (US/US) - Split CD				51min  Live
Kabbal (FRA)		- Heretic MCD				11min
Kabbal (FRA)		- Synthetically Revived			40min  blast inferno, killer
Kadath (GER)		- Cruel!				41min
Kadath (GER)		- Into The Eternal Depths Of... '95	25min
Kadath (GER)		- Twisted Tales Of Gruesome... MCD	18min
Kadath (GER)         	- Into The Eternal Depths...'95 	27min
Kadotus (FIN)		- Seven Glorifications Of Evil		34min
Kadotus (FIN)		- Twilight's Depths  			30min
Kadotus (FIN)		- s/t  7"				12min
Kadotus (FIN)        	- Ech-Pi-El 609 '93             	10min
Kadotus / Alttari (FIN/FIN) - Split 7"				10min
Kafan (LEBANON)		- Injecting Evil In Thy Veins  MCD	27min
Kafan (LEBANON)		- Injecting Evil In They Veins '03	12min
Kalmah (FIN)		- Svieri Obraza  Promo CD '99		12min
Kalmah (FIN)		- Swamplord				37min
Kalmah (FIN)		- Swampsong				44min
Kalmah (FIN)		- They Will Return			42min
Kamikaze (BRA)		- s/t  MLP				18min  Power Metal on Cogumelo Rec.
Kampfar	(NOR)		- Norse MCD				12min
Kampfar (NOR)		- Fra Underverdenen			37min
Kampfar (NOR)		- Heimgang				48min
Kampfar (NOR)		- Kvass					45min
Kampfar (NOR)		- Mare					51min
Kampfar (NOR)        	- Kampfar MCD                   	19min
Kampfar (NOR)           - Mellom Skogkledde Aaser               40min
Kaoteon (LEBANON)	- Provenance Of Hatred  MCDr		14min  where Hardrock is a Sin: Lebanon
Karaboudjan (SWE)	- Sbrodj  MCD				20min  the continuation of Pan.Thy.Monium
Karandash (SWE)		- Applicide				34min  rare Swedish Thrash
Kari (NOR)		- Calling You  MCD			13min
Kari Rueslatten (NOR)	- Mesmerized				41min
Kari Rueslatten (NOR)	- Spindelsinn				37min
Kari Rueslatten (NOR)	- Other People's Stories		41min
Kari Rueslatten (NOR)	- Spindelsinn                   	38min
Kari Rueslatten (NOR)	- Pilot					50min
Kari Rueslatten (NOR) 	- Demorecordings 1995 Promo-CD  	32min
Karl Sanders (US)	- Saurian Meditation			57min
Karnarium (SWE)		- Deity Of Opposites  7"		15min  darkest Dark Death Metal
Karnarium (SWE)		- s/t					48min
Karnarium (SWE)		- s/t  7"				 8min
Karnarium (SWE)         - Tänk Pa Döden                         38min
Karnarium / Defiler (SWE/SWE) - Split 7"			10min
Katafalk (NL)		- Death's Contradiction  MCD		21min  great Thrash again
Katafalk (NL)		- Storm Of The Horde			37min  pure Thrash Metal massacre, fantastic
Kataklysm (CAN)		- Epic - The Poetry Of War		40min
Kataklysm (CAN)		- In The Arms Of Devastation		40min
Kataklysm (CAN)		- Northern Hyperblast Live		71min
Kataklysm (CAN)		- Taking The World By Storm  Pic-7"	11min
Kataklysm (CAN)		- Vision The Chaos  7"			12min  rare, from '94
Kataklysm (CAN)         - Victims Of This Fallen World          53min  soundwise like oldest Eucharist
Katalysator (SWE)	- Mass Genocide Ritual '08		14min  re-release on Zombie Ritual Tapes
Katatonia (SWE)		- Deliberation  MCD			13min
Katatonia (SWE)		- Discouraged Ones			50min
Katatonia (SWE)		- July  MCD				15min
Katatonia (SWE)		- Last Fair Deal Gone Done  2-CD	63min  incl. limited edition Tonights Music MCD
Katatonia (SWE)		- Live Consternation  CD+DVD		52min
Katatonia (SWE)		- My Twin  MCD				17min
Katatonia (SWE)		- Saw You Drown MCD			25min  ltd. 1500
Katatonia (SWE)		- Teargas  MCD				14min
Katatonia (SWE)		- The Great Cold Distance		69min
Katatonia (SWE)		- Tonight's Decision  Re-Release 2-LP 	64min
Katatonia (SWE)		- Viva Emptiness			52min
Katatonia (SWE)      	- Sounds Of Decay MCD           	20min
Katatonia (SWE)      	- Scarlet Heavens  Promo '94    	27min  =complete(!!) Promotx'94+titletrack, sorry..
Katatonia (SWE)      	- Brave Murder Day              	42min
Katatonia / Primordial (SWE/IRE) - Split 10"                    18min
Kate Bush (US)		- Lionheart				37min  what an innocent voice
Kathaaria (GER)		- Promo 2000				21min  fantastic German Black Metal
Kathaaria (GER)		- The Complex Void Of Negativity	45min  fantastic German Black Metal
Katharsis (GER)		- Fourth Reich				46min
Katharsis (GER)		- Kruzifixxion				42min
Katharsis (GER)		- VVorldVVithoutEnd			51min  old Darkthrone meet old Satyricon !!
Katharsis / Antaeus (GER/FRA) - Split 7"			16min
Katharsis / Nhaavah (GER/CZE) - Split 7"			14min
Kaviar Kavalier (CZE)	- Studio Y				61min  ex-Master's Hammer, Porn Goth/Metal
Kaviar Kavalier (CZE)	- Klinik				60min
Kawir (GRE)		- Arai					41min  not as good as in the past
Kawir (GRE)		- Dei Kabeiroi				48min  Best-Of
Kawir (GRE)		- Epoptia  Re-Release CD		49min
Kawir (GRE)		- To Cavirs MLP				21min
Kawir (GRE)		- s/t  7"				 9min
Kawir / Nocturnity (GRE/GRE) - Split 7"				13min
Kayser (SWE)		- The Good Citizen  MCD			14min
Kazjurol (SWE)		- A Lesson In Love '88			23min
Kazjurol (SWE)		- A Lesson In Love '88			30min
Kazjurol (SWE)		- Bodyslam  7"				10min  coversongs from SOD,Venom,Cro-Mags
Kazjurol (SWE)		- Concealed Hallucinations  7"		 9min
Kazjurol (SWE)		- Dance Tarantella			41min
Kazjurol (SWE)		- Messengers Of Death  7"		13min
Keen Of The Crow (US)	- Premonition  MCD			22min  ex-Morgion
Keen Of The Crow (US)	- Hyborea				57min
Keep Of Kalessin (NOR)	- Skygger Av Sorg '97			15min
Keep Of Kalessin (NOR)	- Agnen - A Journey Through The Dark	51min  like old Mayhem
Keep Of Kalessin (NOR)	- Reclaim  MCD				27min  w.Attila on vox on some tx, big Mayhem influx
Keep Of Kalessin (NOR)	- Through Times Of War			50min
Keep Of Kalessin (NOR)	- Armada				49min  less Mayhem worship, massive release
Keep Of Kalessin (NOR) 	- Kolossus				54min
Kekal (INDO)		- Beyond The Glimpse Of Dreams		52min  fantastic Black Metal
Keks (SWE)		- Nocturnal Denomination '92		28min  similar to Sad-Ex, pre-Bloodstone
Kentik Brosk (SWE)      - Ultraspell '88                        13min  Tribulation members, highspeed Deathrash
Kerasphorus (US)	- Cloven Hooves At The... MCD		19min
Kerasphorus (US)	- s/t  MLP				12min
Kerberos / Sadistic Grimness (NL/SWE) - Split 7"		19min
Key Of Mythras / Daemonlord (AUT/SPA) - Split 7"                14min
Kharon (NOR)		- Raised By Hellish Demons  MCD		28min  w.Ragnarok member
Kharon (NOR)		- The Fullmoon Curse '01		20min
Khazad Dhum (GER)	- Blackest				62min
Khazad Dhum (GER)	- Human Breeds Evil			64min  with and similar to Traumatic Voyage
Khert Neter (FIN)	- Images Of Khepri			30min  great twisted Death Metal
Khert-Neter (FIN)	- Arrival Of The Funeral Dogs		29min
Khisanth (US)		- Foreseen Storms Of The Apocalypse	53min
Khold (NOR)		- Krek					35min
Khold (NOR)		- Masterpiss Of Pain			35min  hype, listen to Urgehal instead (godsss)
Khold (NOR)		- Phantom				34min  they should play faster !!
Khold (NOR)             - Mörke Gravers Kammer                  39min  just great midtempp black. With CD no.3 they got it
Kill (SWE)		- Horned Holocaust			30min  Gothenburg's blackest band
Kill (SWE)		- Inverted Funeral			43min
Kill (SWE)		- Live For Satan '05			60min  live demo
Kill (SWE)		- Morbid Curse  7"			18min
Kill (SWE)		- Necro  7"				13min  raw Black Metal
Kill (SWE)		- Necrofiles				30min
Kill (SWE)		- No Catharsis				30min
Kill (SWE)		- No Catharsis				28min
Kill (SWE)		- Nocturnal Death '99			26min
Kill For Satan (AUS)	- Thy Kingdom Undone...			43min  w.Yuri (Armoured Angel)
Killaman (SWE)		- s/t					34min  Deranged go Crustcore
Killengod (AUS)		- Into The Ancient Moon			40min
Killengod (AUS)		- Transcendual Consciousness		29min
Killing Addiciton (US)	- Omega Factor				38min  old US Death Metal
Killing Addiction (US)	- Necrosphere  7"			13min  Avantgarde Grind or something
Killjoy	(US)		- Compelled By Fear			39min  w. Killjoy (ex-Necrophagia mainman)
Kimaera (LEBANON)	- Ebony Veilded				52min  like Argentum meets earliest Theatre Of Tragedy
King Diamond (DK)   	- Live In Concert 1987          	53min  released officially in '91 by Roadrunner
King's Evil (JPN)	- Deletion Of Humanoise			36min  Thrash freaks
Kingdom (POL) 		- Unholy Graveyard			39min
Koffin Kanser (MALA?)	- Soul New Agenda			53min
Kohort (POL)		- Christian Masquerade '95		37min
Koldborn (DK)		- Blessed By Beyond  Demo MCD'00	24min
Koldborn (DK)		- First Enslavement			39min
Koldborn (DK)		- The Devil Of All Deals  MCD		18min
Koldborn (DK)		- The Uncanny Valley			37min
Koldbrann (NOR)		- Atomvinter  7"			13min
Koldbrann (NOR)		- Moribund				59min
Koldbrann (NOR)		- Nekrotisk Inkvisition			49min
Koldbrann (NOR)		- Russian Wodka  7"			 8min
Koldbrann (NOR)		- Stigma: Pa Kant Med Livet  MCD	24min
Koldbrann / Faustcoven (NOR/NOR) - Split 7"			10min
Kommandant (US)		- Kontakt  MCD				21min
Kommandant (US)		- Stormlegion				39min
Konkhra (DK)		- Live Eraser 				51min
Konkhra (DK)		- Nothing Is Sacred  2-CD		78min
Konkhra (DK)		- Reality Check				45min
Konkhra (DK)		- Sexual Affective Disorder		44min
Konkhra (DK)		- Spit Or Swallow / Facelift Re-Release 52min
Konkhra (DK)		- Spit Or Swallow			42min
Konkhra (DK)		- Stranded				30min
Konkhra (DK)		- The Freakshow  MCD			21min
Konkhra (DK)		- Weed Out The Weak  CD			48min
Konkjra (DK)		- Malgrowth '91				21min
Kontrovers (SWE)	- s/t					36min
Korgonthurus (FIN)	- Tapa Itsesi  7"			10min
Korhior (PHIL)		- Warmageddon  7"			14min  similar to Impiety, from the Philippines
Korihor (PHIL)		- Bastardo				35min
Korihor (PHIL)		- Kult Razor  MLP			15min
Korihor / Abigail (PHIL/JPN) - Split CD				46min
Korihor / Maniak (PHIL/PHIL) - Split CD				31min
Korova (AUT)		- A Kiss In The...  Re-Release LP	42min  remastered
Korp (SWE)		- 4 Adv. tx '2000			18min  from their new CD "Thorns of Centuries..."
Korp (SWE)		- Demon-Reborn				55min  Hail To Sweden, Hail To VOD Rec.
Korp (SWE)		- Thorns Of Centuries Unfolds		51min  great DeathThrashing music, masterpiece !!!
Korp (SWE)		- Until Eternity Calls			42min  first, still unreleased CD
Korp (SWE)		- Utvald '96				18min
Korpiklaani (FIN)	- s/t  MCD				23min  came with Legavy #116
Korpse (SCOT)		- Mirror Distance			75min  demo, 7" and pre-Revirgin demos
Korpse (SCOT)		- Revirgin				47min
Korpse (SCOT)		- X  7"					10min
Korrozia Metalla (RUS)	- Russian Vodka				37min  rerecorded songs from 1985-1989
Korrozia Metalla (RUS)	- Orden Satani				36min  fantastic Thrash, long before they went Techno
Korrozia Metalla (RUS)	- Sadism				38min
Korrozia Metalla (RUS)	- Cannibal				41min  from 1991, still good, but not like in the past
Korruption (ROM)	- Slaves Of Darkness  CDr		63min
Korzus (BRA)		- Ao Vivo				31min  Live LP debut from 1985
Korzus (BRA)		- Live At Monsters Of Rock 		28min
Korzus (BRA)		- Mass Illusion				33min
Korzus (BRA)		- Pay For Your Lies  MLP		18min
Korzus (BRA)		- SP-SP-KZS				30min
Korzus (BRA)		- Sonho Maniaco				37min
Korzus (BRA)		- Sonho Maniaco / Pay For Your...	60min  Re-Release
Korzus (BRA)		- Ties Of Blood				41min  turned to a "The Haunted" like Thrash machine
Kotsen (SWI)		- Attack Of The Savage Horde  MLP	18min  w.Steve Warrior
Krabathor (CZE)		- 20 Years Of Madness		       146min  all 5 demos of the band
Krabathor (CZE)		- Cool Mortification			45min
Krabathor (CZE)		- Cool Mortification/Only Our Death..	94min  Re-Release + one bonus tck
Krabathor (CZE)		- Cool Mortification  Re-Release	49min  w.stupid bonus tck
Krabathor (CZE)		- Dissuade Truth			37min
Krabathor (CZE)		- Orthodox				32min
Krabathor (CZE)		- The Rise Of Brutality  7"		10min
Krabathor (CZE)		- The Rise Of Brutality  MCD		20min
Krabathor (CZE)		- Unforunately Dead			47min
Krabathor (CZE)      	- Mortal Memories MCD           	19min
Krabathor (CZE)      	- Lies                          	34min
Krabathor (CZE)      	- Only Our Death Is Welcome     	45min
Kranium (PER)		- Dos Sanris As Una Lagrima '96		19min
Kranium (PER)		- Mundo Interior '92			27min  still Death Metal, no folk influences
Kranium (PER)		- Testimonios				60min  very old band, folk-doom-heavy
Kranium (PER)           - Mundo Interior                        36min
Kratherion (CHI)	- Kulto A Serpentherion '04		31min
Kratherion (CHI)	- Necrouroboros XXXIII			44min
Kratherion (CHI)	- Vade Retro Jehova '05			28min  Ammit-member
Kratornas (PHIL)	- Hecatomb Of Affliction  MCDr		27min
Kratornas (PHIL)	- Hollow Ground Destruction  7"		13min
Kratornas (PHIL)	- Over The Fourth Part Of The Earth	31min
Kratornas (PHIL)	- Subterranean Sodomies  7"		20min
Kratornas (PHIL)	- The Corroding Age Of Wound 		72min
Kratornas (PHIL)	- The Onslaught Of Battledemons  10"	18min  pure noise, Lust meets Beherit
Kreator	(GER)		- Extreme Aggression			38min
Kreator	(GER)		- Outcast				50min
Kreator	(GER)		- Reh. 2.5.85				25min
Kreator	(GER)		- Terrible Certainty			36min
Kreator (GER)		- Behind The Mirror/Gangland MLP	 7min
Kreator (GER)		- Coma Of Souls				44min
Kreator (GER)		- Destroying Rock City  LP		40min  Boot-LP
Kreator (GER)		- Enemy Of God				55min  even heavier than the last LP already
Kreator (GER)		- Flag Of Hate  US-Version		28min  3 bonus tx
Kreator (GER)		- Hordes Of Chaos			38min
Kreator (GER)		- Live: Bochum/Zeche 21.9.86		40min  Killer Sound (FM-Radioshow) !!!!!
Kreator (GER)		- Out Of The Dark...Into TheLight	25min
Kreator (GER)		- Reh. October '84  7"			16min
Kreator (GER)		- Terror Prevails: Live At Rock Hard Pt.2 42min
Kreator (GER)		- Terror Prevails: Live At Rock Hard	40min
Kreator (GER)		- Violence Unleashed  MCD		27min  came with Legacy #106
Kreator (GER)		- Violent Revolution			57min
Kreator (GER)        	- Flag Of Hate  Maxi            	18min
Kreator (GER)        	- Pleasure To Kill              	40min
Kreator (GER)        	- Endless Pain                  	40min
Kreator (GER)        	- Renewal                       	39min
Kreator (GER)		- For The Horders  MCD			19min  came with Legacy #124
Kremate (BRA)		- Death: In The Name Of...		51min
Kreon (POL) 		- Thrash Demo Live '88			36min
Krhoma Death (FRA)	- Grating Into Corpse			38min  Death Metal from 92, bit like Obituary
Krieg / Satanic Warmaster (US/FIN) - Split 7"			11min
Kriegsmaschine (POL)	- Altered States Of Divinity		38min
Kriegsmaschine (POL)	- A Thousand Voices  MCD		19min
Kriegsmaschine (POL)	- Devotee '03				18min  killer Black Metal
Kriegsmaschine / Szron (POL/POL) - Split 7"			13min
Kriegsmaschine / Szron (POL/POL) - Split LP			41min
Krisiun	(BRA)		- Apocalyptic Revelations		40min  new Immortal-riffs (!) meet fastest Death Metal
Krisiun (BRA)		- Ageless Venomous			43min
Krisiun (BRA)		- AssassiNation				51min
Krisiun (BRA)		- Bloodshed				41min  some new tx, and half of their first MCD
Krisiun (BRA)		- Conquering North America		71min  live 1999 and 2000
Krisiun (BRA)		- Conquerors Of Armageddon		42min
Krisiun (BRA)		- Southern Storm LP+CD		       100min
Krisiun (BRA)		- Works Of Carnage			32min
Krisiun (BRA)        	- Black Force Domain            	45min  insane Brazilian Black/Death
Krisiun (BRA)           - Unmerciful Order MCD                  25min
Krisiun / Harmony Dies (BRA/GER) - Split 7"			 7min
Krisiun / Violent Hate (BRA/BRA) - Split LP			37min
Kristendom (FRA)	- Awakening The Chaos CD+DVD		42min
Kristendom (FRA)	- From Within				38min  lame At The Gates clown
Kristendom (FRA)	- Inferno				40min  better than the first CD
Kristendom (FRA)	- Operator Dead...Post Aband... MCD	25min
Krohm (US)		- A World Through Dead Eyes		45min
Krohm (US)		- Crown Of The Ancients  10"		22min  w.Evoken members
Krucifixion (CHI)	- Memories Of My Funeral '91		22min
Krueger (BRA)		- Turn On To Death			46min
Kruger (RUS)		- Aetu Bpaxabl  (russian title)		54min  2004 Re-Release
Kruger (RUS)		- Rozhdenniy Mrakom  Re-Release CD 	52min
Kruger (RUS)		- Satan's Embryo  Re-Release CD		43min
Krypt (NOR)		- I Am God  MCD				12min
Krypt (NOR)		- Prelude In Death			51min
Kryptor (CZE)		- Greedpeace				49min
Kryptor (CZE)		- Na Vychodni Fronte Boj !		58min  Live CD
Kryptor (CZE)		- Septical Anaesthesia			38min  Thrash, hard to listen to
Kryptor (CZE)		- Time 4 Crime				41min
Kryptor (CZE)		- United And Live			63min
Kryptos (INDIA)		- Spiral Ascent				55min  Thrash Metal
Krypts (FIN)		- Open The Crypt  Demo MCDr '09		25min  great great Death Metal
Krypts (FIN)		- s/t  7"				13min
Kulto Maldito (BOL)	- Alkohol Y Metal Hasta Sangrar 7"	15min
Kulto Maldito (BOL)	- Demo '06				23min  bestial Southamerican BlackDeath Metal, killer
Kulto Maldito (BOL)	- Diaboliko				48min
Kulto Maldito (BOL)	- En La Guerra Kon El Diablo  7"	14min
Kulto Maldito (BOL)	- Kulto A La Bestia			38min
Kulto Maldito (BOL)	- N.O.D.D. '06				21min
Kurb Satuus (NL)        - Never Forgotten  MCD                  18min  very good Death with Thrash influences
Kusoof (BAHR)		- Hilal Hubal  7"			15min  oriental styled Black Metal
Kutabare (AUS)		- Finger Food Fetish For The Morbidly...30min  Mortician like, with Damon Bloodstorm on vox
Kvikksolvguttene (NOR)	- Gamlem MCD                    	 9min  old-school Death, with Mayhem bassist
Kvikksolvguttene (NOR)	- Krieg					34min  new CD, incl. Mayhem and Vomit covers
Kvist (NOR)          	- Demo '94                      	17min
Kvist (NOR)          	- For Kunsten Maa...            	30min
L.S.N. (US)		- Fall To The Reich  7"			13min  Thrash demo on vinyl
L6b6t6my (ARG)		- Legions Of Beelzebub			39min
La Pestilencia (COL)	- Balistica				34min
La Pestilencia (COL)	- El Amarillista  MCD			24min
La Pestilencia (COL)	- Las Nuevas Aventuras...		32min  good thrash, but average vocalist, from 1993
La Pestilencia (COL)	- La Muerte Un compromiso De Todos 	32min  more Death/Thrash than HC in their beginning
La Pestilencia (COL)	- Productos Desaparecidos		49min
Labatut (BRA)		- Satanicum Ofertorium  7"		10min
Laceration (US)		- Ripping Avulsion  7"			10min  pre-Novembers Doom
Lado Obscuro (BRA)	- Senhor Das Trevas  7"			16min
Lair Of The Minotaur (US) - The Ultimate Destroyer		39min
Lair Of The Minotaur (US) - Carnage				37min
Lair Of The Minotaur (US) - War Metal Battle Master		44min
Lair Of The Minotaur (US) - Cannibal Massacre  7"		10min
Lake Of Tears (SWE)	- Demo '93				19min  like Tiamat - Clouds
Lake Of Tears (SWE)	- Forever Autumn			46min
Lake Of Tears (SWE)	- Greatest Tears: Vol.1			50min
Lake Of Tears (SWE)	- Greatest Tears: Vol.2			52min
Lake Of Tears (SWE)	- Headstones 				49min
Lake Of Tears (SWE)	- Lady Rosenred  MCD			11min
Lake Of Tears (SWE)	- Sorcerers  MCD			 7min
Lake Of Tears (SWE)	- The Neonai				42min  very soft stuff
Lake Of Tears (SWE)  	- A Crimson Cosmos              	40min
Lamentation (SWE) 	- ...And The Nightmare Continues '10	12min
Lamented Souls (NOR)	- Demo '95				20min  Norwegian Black Sabbath Fans
Lamented Souls (NOR)	- Essence Of Wounds  7"			 9min  Black Sabbath influenced Metal
Lamented Souls (NOR)    - The Origins Of Misery                 62min  w.Simen H., E. Sjursö and an Aura Noir guy
Lance Ozanix (US)	- Unusual Soundtracks MCDr		13min
Landfill (US)		- Assassins				38min  turned from Industiral-Death to pure Gothic garbage
Landfill (US)		- Extincion Is Mandatory		41min  very average Death/Industrial on Wild Rags
Landscape (SWE)		- In The Stillness Calm '96		10min
Langsuyr (MALA)		- Asyik 				41min
Langsuyr (MALA)		- The Eastern Cruelty  Re-Release CD 	45min
Langsuyr (MALA)         - Langsuyr                              38min  demo and EP of these malaysian Deathers
Langsuyr (MALA)         - Occultus Mysticism '93                13min  Malaysian guys, doing great old-school Death
Lapsus Dei (CHI)	- Beyond The Truth			52min
Laserguys (NOR)		- s/t MLP				18min  ridiculous Grind
Laserguys / Agathocles (NOR/BEL) - Split 7"			12min  best Agathocles stuff ever
Lassen (ECU?)		- Al Diabolo Nuestro Mundo		48min  non-Metal avantgarde shit
Last Funeral (BEL)	- Demo '96				30min
Lastwar (POL)		- Darkness In Eden '92			26min  fast Asphyx-like
Lastwar (POL)		- Skazani Na Zaglade			68min  Promo '91 and Live '91 a bonus
Lastwar (POL)		- Skazani Na Zaglade '90		25min
Latex (SWE)		- Hammerfuck MLP			14min  Lord Belial members ?? Venom like Black
Lautstürmer (SWE)	- Depopulator				29min
Lavra (FIN)		- Bluenothing				39min  w.Sceptical Schizo and This Empty Flow members
Lay Down Rotten (GER)	- Cold Constructed			39min
Lay Down Rotten (GER)	- Paralyzed By Fear			41min  good German Death Metal
Leave Scars (SWE)	- The Terminal Suffer '92		21min
Legacy (US)		- Reign Of Terror '85			20min  pre-Testament, Zetro Souza on voc.
Legal Butchery (BEL)	- Key To Paradise			38min
Legenda (FIN)		- Eclipse				51min
Legenda (FIN)        	- Autumnal                      	50min
Legion (BEL)		- Embedded In Darkness MCD		19min
Legion (CAN)		- Hell At Last  7"			12min  pre-Legion666
Legion (POL)		- Eon '95				33min
Legion (RUS)		- Knights Of Cross			33min  confusing Power/Prog/Thrash/White/Pseudo Metal
Legion (SWE)		- Awakened Fury  Promo CD		15min
Legion (SWE)		- Awakened fury  7"			12min  w.Nominon/Marduk member
Legion (SWE)		- Bloodaeons '00			20min  Marduk/Dark Funeral like
Legion (SWE)		- Revocation				46min
Legion (SWE)		- Unseen To Creation			37min
Legion (SWE)		- Unseen To Creation  LP		41min  bonus tx
Legion (US)		- Blissful Misery '94			17min
Legion (US)		- Conqueror				38min
Legion (US)		- Demo'92				26min
Legion (US)		- Of One Adv. Promo CDr '05		31min
Legion 666 (CAN)	- The Final Days LP			23min
Legion Of Death (US)	- Have A Nice Death '85			13min
Legion Of Death (US)	- MLP '87				25min  fucking old American Deathrash/HC legend
Legion Of Doom (US)	- s/t  7"				10min  Hardcore/Crust
Legion Of The Damned (NL) - Malevolent Rapture			38min
Legion Of The Damned (NL) - Feel The Blade			50min
Legion Of The Damned (NL) - Sons Of The Jackal  Re-Release LP 	37min
Legion Of The Damned (NL) - Cult Of The Dead			42min
Legion Sacra (PER)	- Tears In Darkness			45min
Legion666 (CAN)		- Black Goat Armageddon  MLP		23min
Legion666 (CAN)		- Die Scheisse Christus			41min  Crust Core goes Hellhammer !!!!! Killer !!!!
Legion666 (CAN)		- Kiss The Goat				31min
Legion666 / Bombstrike (CAN/SWE) - Split 7"			11min
Legion666 / Sick Terror (CAN/BRA) - Split LP			32min  L666: great old school Deaththrash
Legions Of Astaroth (US)- Death Ascesis  7"			 9min
Lehavoth (ISR)		- Hatred Shaped Man			30min
Lemming Project (GER)	- Extinction 				47min
Lemming Project (GER)   - Hate And Despise                      47min
Lengsel (NOR)		- Solace				44min
Leprocy (CAN)		- Brutal Occupation '88			22min
Leprocy (CAN)           - Brutal Occupation  MLP                20min
Leprosy (MEX)		- Reino Maldito				39min
Leprosy (SWE)		- Demo '88				22min  great great Thrash
Leprosy (SWE-Arvika)	- Trapped In Rage '04			14min
Leprosy (SWE-Helsingb.)- Death To This World '88		23min
Leprosy Terror (SPA)    - The Faces Of Terror 3"-MCD            20min  like Massacre
Lestregatus Nosferatu (US) - Demo '88                		26min  ex-Hallows Eve member, Death Metal now
Lestregatus Nosferatu (US) - Demo II '92             		25min
Let Me Dream (FIN)	- Greyscales				39min  Arcturus meets Parnassus
Let Me Dream (FIN)	- Medley Rain  MCD			20min
Let Me Dream (FIN)	- My Dear Succubus			40min  if Celtic Frost would have changed to Gothic
Let Me Dream (FIN)	- Soulshine				43min
Let Me Dream (FIN)	- The Maze  MCD				16min
Let Me Dream (FIN)	- The Maze '96				19min
Lethal (SWE)		- Annihilation Agenda			34min  fantastic Thrash
Lethal (SWE)		- Deliverance  7"			10min  great Thrash Metal
Lethal (SWE)		- Demolition '04			22min  pure Thrash Metal
Lethal Aggression (US)	- Life Is Hard...			28min
Lethal Curse (BRA)	- Rape The Innocence			49min  Death Metal on Cogumelo
Lethal Curse (BRA)      - Return To Obscurity '92?              15min
Lethal Injection (US)	- s/t   7"				13min
Lethal Prayer (US)	- Spirtual Decay			57min
Lethal Prayer (US)	- Theosophical Decadence		34min  self-released, ltd.300, lot of intros
Leukemia (SWE)		- Grey-Flannel Souled			49min
Leukemia (SWE)		- Innocence Is Bliss '91		22min
Leukemia (SWE)		- Suck My Heaven			47min  uarghhh shitty vocals ruin everything
Leviaethan (BRA)	- Disturbed Mind			37min  great Thrash
Leviaethan (BRA)	- Smile!				39min
Leviathan (POL)		- Mementor Mori '93?			28min
Leviathan (US)		- Rapacious Cadaver			36min  Boot-LP of one of Chris Barnes' old bands
Levifer (PER)		- Tribute To Supreme Beast '01		29min  Sarcofago rules !!!!! A Blast !!!
Levithan (SWE)		- Far Beyond The Light			42min  far better than Shining's 3rd LP
Levithan (US)		- Comp. tx '87				10min
Levithan (US)		- Legions Of Undead '87			18min  also w. Chris Barnes, like Kreator
Liar Of Golgotha (NL)	- Dwell Within The Mysterious Dark	42min  in the Parnassus/Octinomos vein
Liar Of Golgotha (NL)	- Dancing Throught The Palace...	45min  their debut from '94
Liar Of Golgotha (NL)	- Ancient Wars				46min
Liar Of Golgotha (NL)	- Vendetta MCD                  	17min
Libation (SIN)		- Sanctimonious Offerings 7"		17min  demo on 7"
Libation (SIN)		- Sanctimonious Offerings '91		17min  bestial Abhorrer like noise
Libation / Itnos (SIN/SIN) - Split LP				48min
Liber Spirituum (ECU)   - ...Frugativi Et Appellativi  MCD      29min
Lie In Ruins (FIN)	- ...Monuments  Demo MCDr '05		16min
Lie In Ruins (FIN)	- Architecture Of The Dead  MCD		26min  total Swedish dödsmetall massacre
Lie In Ruins (FIN)	- Demons, Rise '09			36min
Lie In Ruins (FIN)	- Swallowed By The Void			54min
Liers In Wait (SWE)	- Promo Tape '92			18min  only a Promo for the MCD, I hoped for unrel. stuff
Life Illusion (SWE)	- Into The Darkness Of My Soul '09	48min
Lifeless Image (SWE)	- Victimized '90			17min
Ligament (SWE)		- Demo '92				11min
Ligeia (US)		- In Death Overshadow Thee  7"		14min  Order From Chaos influenced stuff from 1996
Ligeia (US)         	- Promo '96                     	10min
Lightforce (AUS)	- Mystical Thieves			42min  pre-Mortification with normal Heavy Metal
Lik (SWE)		- Carnage				37min
Lik (SWE)		- Mass Funeral Evocation		36min
Lik (SWE)		- Sthlm Death Metal  7"			11min
Lik (SWE)		- Misanthropic Breed			40min
Lik / Uncanny (SWE/SWE)	- Split 7"				 7min
Lik (SWE)		- Lekamen Illusion Kallet  MLP		25min
Lik (SWE)		- Ma Ljuset Aldrig Na Oss Mer		35min  Armagedda sideproject
Lik (SWE)               - Besvärtande Strofer                   38min
Lilith (BOL)		- Monolith				67min
Lilith (BOL)		- The Conquering Of Eternal Wisdom	35min  great brutal Black Metal with keys
Limbonic Art (NOR)	- Ad Noctum-Dynasty Of Death 2-LP	75min  2 bonus tx
Limbonic Art (NOR)	- Ad Noctum-Dynasty Of Death		59min
Limbonic Art (NOR)	- Epitome Of Illusions			45min
Limbonic Art (NOR)	- In Abhorrence Dementia		66min
Limbonic Art (NOR)	- LP Bonus tck '96			 8min  from the 'Moon In The Scorpio' LP-version
Limbonic Art (NOR)	- Legacy Of Evil			59min
Limbonic Art (NOR)	- Phantasmagoria			71min
Limbonic Art (NOR)	- Rehearsal '95  LP			45min
Limbonic Art (NOR)	- Rehearsal '96  LP			54min
Limbonic Art (NOR)	- The Ultimate Death Worship		57min
Limbonic Art (NOR) 	- Reh. '96				43min
Limbonic Art (NOR)   	- Moon In The Scorpio           	60min
Limbonic Art (NOR)   	- 2 LP Bonustx '97                      13min  from 'In Abhorrence ...'
Limbonic Art (NOR)   	- Reh. '95                      	45min
Lipid (DK)		- Deliver Us From Evil			37min
Litham (ALG)		- Dhal Ennar				26min  from Algeria !!! CD pressed on Vinyl
Liturgia (COL)		- Corvi Et Cygnes			47min  more in the old Rotting Christ vein
Liturgia (COL)		- In Perpetuum  7"			12min
Liturgia (COL)		- Veritatis Splendor			43min
Living Death (GER)	- Eisbein 7"				10min
Living Death (GER)	- Killing In Action			38min
Living Death (GER)	- Live EP '88				20min
Living Death (GER)	- My Victim '83				15min
Living Death (GER)	- Protected From Reality		38min
Living Death (GER)	- Watch Out  MLP			21min  from '85
Living Death (GER)	- Worlds Neuroses			41min
Living Death (GER) 	- Metal Revolution			36min
Living Death (GER)   	- Vengeance Of Hell             	40min
Living Death (GER)   	- Back To The Weapons MLP       	17min
Living Pain (SPA)	- Mental Deformity  7"			12min  in the Demigod-vein
Livjatan (DK)		- Witchcraft  7"			11min
Lja (NOR)		- Til Avsky For Livet 			50min  very good Norwegian Black Metal
Lja (NOR)		- Vedderbaug CDr			30min
Lja / Koldbrann (NOR/NOR) - Split 7"				13min
Lluvia Negra (COL)	- s/t  7"			         8min
Lobotomia (BRA)		- Nadae Como Parece!			28min  more HC-Thrash
Lobotomia (BRA)		- s/t  Re-Release CD			51min  sometimes reminding me of early crusty Onslaught
Lobotomized (NOR)	- Fuckn Lobotomized  7"			17min  cool DeathMetal/Punk
Lobotomy (SWE)		- Against The Gods/Nailed In Misery	40min  both Demos on CD, released in '93
Lobotomy (SWE)		- Against The Gods '92			26min
Lobotomy (SWE)		- Born In Hell				43min  Swedish Death Metal
Lobotomy (SWE)		- Hymn  7"				13min
Lobotomy (SWE)		- Kill					44min
Lobotomy (SWE)		- Nailed In Misery '93			11min
Lobotomy (SWE)		- When Death Draws Near '90		11min  killer Sunlight demo
Lobotomy (SWE)          - Lobotomy                              61min  1st CD of these guys
Lobotomy (SWE)          - Holy Shit  MCD                        22min  their best stuff so far
Lock Up (SWE/UK)	- Hate Breeds Suffering			30min
Lock Up (SWE/UK)	- Play Fast Or Die - Live In Japan	45min
Lock Up (SWE/UK)	- Pleasure Pave Sewers			29min
Lonewolf (FRA)		- Curse Of The Seven Seas		54min
Long Distance Calling (GER) - Immunity  MCD			31min  came with Rock Hard #398
Long Voyage Back (AUS) 	- II					42min
Long Voyage Back (AUS) 	- Close To Animal			57min
Long Voyage Back (AUS)  - s/t					33min
Long Winters' Stare (US)- Cold Tale Eternal  MCD                21min  DeathDoom
Long Winters' Stare (US)- The Tears Of Odin's Fallen            63min
Long Winters' Stare (US)- Before The Dawn, So Go The...		53min
Lord (FRA)		- Behind The Curtain Of Darkness	53min
Lord (FRA)		- Black Moon Preacher  7"		14min  like old Desaster
Lord (FRA)		- Hell's Fucking Metal			32min  mix of Deaster and Destroyer 666
Lord Belial (SWE)	- Ancient Demons			46min  old demos
Lord Belial (SWE)	- Angelgrinder				38min
Lord Belial (SWE)	- Nocturnal Beast			44min
Lord Belial (SWE)	- Purify Sweden  7"			11min
Lord Belial (SWE)	- Revelation - The 7th Seal		43min  great Lord Belial stuff again, killer
Lord Belial (SWE)	- Scythe Of Death  MCD			21min
Lord Belial (SWE)	- The Art Of Dying '93			20min
Lord Belial (SWE)	- The Seal Of Belial			48min
Lord Belial (SWE)	- The Black Curse			53min
Lord Belial (SWE)	- Unholy Crusade			54min
Lord Belial (SWE)   	- Enter The Moonlight Gate      	50min
Lord Blasphemate (BRA)	- The Sun That Never Dies...		39min
Lord Blasphemer (US)	- Tales Of Misanthropy,...		34min
Lord Blasphemer (US)	- Visions Of Hatred			43min  great old-school Autopsy like
Lord Kaos (AUS/NOR)	- Thorns Of Impurity			58min  w. Astenuu of  Dimmu Borgir
Lord Of Putrefaction / Mortal Remains (UK/UK) - Split LP	51min
Lord Vicar / Griftegard (FIN/SWE) - Split 7"			12min
Lordes Werre (US)	- Canticles Of Armageddon MCD		20min
Lordes Werre (US)	- Demon Crusade				34min  oldschool Death Metal
Lordes Werre (US)   	- Adv. CD tx '96                	10min
Lords Of The Stone (NL)	- The Rhymes Of Bitterness '92		36min
Lords Of The Stone (NL)	- In An Eyelid's Fall '95		22min
Lords Of The Stone (NL)	- Diamonds In The Dust '93		15min
Lords Of The Stone (NL)	- Nightflowers				55min
Los Asesinos Del Pentagrama (PANA) - Cuando La Noche Calla 7"   10min
Loss (SWE)		- Verdict Of Posterity			35min
Loss (US)		- Life Without Hope...  CD		36min  demo on CD and bonus tx
Loss (US)		- Life Without Hope... '04		20min  incredible DeathDoom
Lost Soul (POL)		- Chaostream				46min  great Death Metal
Lost Soul (POL)		- Eternal Darkess '93			16min  incredibly great Polish Dark Death Metal
Lost Soul (POL)		- Scream Of The Mourning Star		35min  technical Death Metal
Lost Soul (POL)		- Superior Ignotum '95			41min
Lost Soul (POL)         - übermensch (Death Of God)             37min  Morbid Angel freaks
Lost Souls (SWE)	- Closeyoureyesanditwonthurt		39min
Lost Souls (SWE)	- Fracture				47min
Lost Souls (SWE)	- Never Promised You A Rosegarden	45min  Daniel Bergstrand prod. from 1994
Lothlorien (SWE)	- The Primal Event			48min  In Flames fans
Lou Cyfer (BRA)		- Worship Flesh MLP			21min  stupid name, killer Sarcofago-like music
Lou Cyfer / Cirrhosis (BRA/BRA) - Split LP			37min
Loudblast (FRA)		- A Taste Of Death			72min  compilation of very rare stuff
Loudblast (FRA)		- Disincarnate				41min
Loudblast (FRA)		- Fragments				48min  disappointing Gothic-Death
Loudblast (FRA)		- Licensed To Thrash			35min  Re-Release of the Split LP with bonus tx
Loudblast (FRA)		- Live  2CD				96min  Live '98 CD + Timekeeper Live CD '95
Loudblast (FRA)		- Planet Pandemonium			41min  back to their golden Thrash past
Loudblast (FRA)		- Sensorial Treatment  LP		30min  their thrashy debut from '89
Loudblast (FRA)		- Sublime Dementia			40min
Loudblast (FRA)		- The Time Keeper			71min  Live '95
Loudpipes (SWE)		- Demo 1 '94				13min
Loudpipes (SWE)		- Drunk For Ever  MCD			13min
Loudpipes (SWE)		- The Downhill Blues			36min
Lowbrow (US)		- Sex.Violence.Death			37min
Lowbrow (US)		- Victims At Play			43min
Lubricant (FIN)		- Nookleptia MCD			22min
Lubricant (FIN)		- Swallow The Symmetric Swab '91	21min  awesome !!!
Luciation (?)		- Infernalistic Flames Of...'07		21min
Lucifer (SWE)		- The Dark Christ  7"			 7min  shitty Death Metal
Lucifer (US)		- Watching The Christians Burn		35min  US-BlackDeath but shitty drumcomputer
Lucifera (COL)		- Legiones De Metal  7"			18min
Luciferion (SWE)	- The Apostate				59min
Lucifers Hammer (US)	- Ghosts Of Fall			59min  US BlackDeath, Celtic Frost cover
Lucifers Hammer (US)	- The Mists Of Time			43min  2nd CD
Lugubrious (SPA)        - In Nomini Domini Nostri '92           23min
Lugubrum (BEL)		- Al Ghemist				41min  low-fi Black Metal
Lugubrum (BEL)		- Albino De Congo			39min
Lugubrum (BEL)		- Bruyne Troon				68min  killer old-school Black Metal
Lugubrum (BEL)		- De Totem				52min
Lugubrum (BEL)		- De Vette Cuecken			41min
Lugubrum (BEL)		- De Ware Hond				46min
Lugubrum (BEL)		- Heilige Dwazen			45min
Lugubrum (BEL)		- Winterstones				44min
Lugubrum (NL)		- Live In Amsterdam			47min
Lugubrum / Finsternis (BEL/BEL) - Split CD			60min  Al Ghemist LP on CD and Darkthrone fans
Lukemborg (SWE)		- Forau '97				22min
Lullaby (BRA)		- My Master Lucifer  MCD		22min
Lullaby (BRA)		- s/t  7"				 9min
Lunacy (SWI)		- Grey Silence  MCD			18min
Lunacy (SWI)		- Sickness MLP				25min
Lunacy (SWI)            - Face No More                          33min  killer Thrash, like Despair with better vocals
Lunar Aurora (GER)	- Andacht				55min
Lunar Aurora (GER)	- Ars Moriendi				48min
Lunar Aurora (GER)	- Elixir Of Sorrow			65min
Lunar Aurora (GER)	- Mond					45min
Lunar Aurora (GER)	- Of Stargates And Bloodstained...	55min
Lunar Aurora (GER)	- Seelenfeuer				49min
Lunar Aurora (GER)	- Zyklus				47min
Lunar Aurora (GER)      - Weltengänger                          55min  very good German Black Metal
Lunar Aurora (GER)	- Hoagascht				52min
Lunar Aurora / Paysage D'Hiver (GER/SWI) - Split LP		43min
Lunaris (NOR)		- Cyclic				51min  modern (aka boring) Black Metal
Lunatic Invasion (GER)	- Totentanz				45min
Lunatic Invasion (GER)	- The Selected Ones			39min  Deathgrind with some nice female vox parts
Lust (CAN)		- Annihilation...Resurrection  CDr	38min
Lust (CAN)		- Apocalyptic Torment 			29min  complete NoiseBlack
Lust (CAN)		- Genesis Of A Satanic Race		45min
Lust (MEX)		- In The Name Of Pleasure... MCD	17min  old school Thrash
Lust (MEX)		- Possessed				33min
Lust / Anael (CAN/GER)	- Split LP				43min
Lust / Bestial Mockery (CAN/SWE) - Split Live Demo '00		72min
Lust / Goatreich 666 (CAN/ITA) - Split 7"			16min
Lustful (BRA)		- The Almighty Facets			39min
Lvcifyre (UK)		- Dying Light Ov God 7"			12min
Lvcifyre (UK)		- The Calling Depths			43min
Lycanthropy (US)	- ...As The Mourners Arise		43min
Lycanthropy (US)	- The Veils Of Sorrow  MCD		21min
Lydia Laska (NOR)	- White Trash Attack MCD		15min
M.V.D. / Prejudice (GER/CAN) - Split 7"				11min
MX (BRA)		- Again...				68min
MX (BRA)		- Mental Slavery Re-Release CD		72min  with 8 live bonus tx from 1988 (in bad sound quality)
MX (BRA)		- Mental Slavery			33min  old Brazilian cult act
MX (BRA)		- Simonical				30min
MX (BRA)		- Simonical  Re-Release CD		71min  w.7 demo tx and 2 Live tx as bonus
MX (BRA)		- The Last File				40min
MZ 412 (SWE)		- Burning The Temple Of God		63min
Maanelyst / Impitchrev (NOR/NOR) - Split CD			38min  M: Carpathian Forest member, I: ambient crap
Mabus 666 (IRE)		- Profit				35min
Macabre (US)		- Behind The Wall Of Sleep  MCD		12min
Macabre (US)		- Dahmer				52min
Macabre (US)		- Drill Bit Lobotomy 7"			 7min
Macabre (US)		- Gloom  Re-Release LP			40min
Macabre (US)		- Grim Scary Tales			50min
Macabre (US)		- Human Monsters MLP			16min
Macabre (US)		- Murder Metal				44min
Macabre (US)		- Shitlist 7"				12min
Macabre (US)		- Unabomber  MCD			17min  not as fast, but cool, inc.3 old songs
Macabre / Capitalist Casualties (US/US) - Split 7"		 9min  Macabre only with two tx from '89
Macabre Minstrels (US)	- Morbid Campfire Songs  MCD		19min  Macabre-project, totally crazy
Macabre Omen (GRE)	- The Ancient Returns			39min  epic Bathory mixed with Burzum
Macabre Omen / Ad Inferos (GRE/NOR) - Split 7"			13min
Macabre Omen / God Blood (GRE/CYPR) - Split 7"                  11min
Macabre Omen / Order Of The Ebon Hand (GRE/GRE) - Split 7" 	13min  pure Bathory worship
Macabre Omen / Thesyre (GRE/CAN) - Split 7"			15min  Bathory tribute by both bands
Mace (US)		- Process Of Elimination		31min
Mace (US)		- The Evil In Good			29min  Possessed/Sacrifice like, bad vocalist
Maceration (DK/SWE)	- A Serenade Of Agony			41min  Edge Of Sanity/Invocator members
Machine Head (US)	- Burn My Eyes				56min
Macrodex (SWE)		- Infernal Excess II '89		15min
Mactätus (NOR)		- Suicide				42min
Mactätus (NOR)          - Provenance Of Cruelty                 46min
Mactätus (NOR)          - Blot                                  43min
Mad Dragzter (BRA)	- Killing The Devil Inside		60min
Mad Dragzter (BRA)	- Strong Mind				72min
Mad Goya (YUG)		- Put Olindrali Avlijanera Re-ReleaseCD 68min
Magan (MEX)		- Nathicana  MCD			25min
Magane (JPN)		- Mortes Salantes			51min  strange Black Metal
Maggot Of Putrefaction (GER) - Infernal Harvest II '96		20min  the masters of Maggot Metal !!
Maggot Of Putrefaction (GER) - Reh. tx for Demo II    		16min
Maggot Of Putrefaction (GER) - Hell's Eaters '97      		14min  fantastic new demo !!!!!!!!
Magia Posthuma (BEL) 	- Magia Posthuma '96            	25min
Magnanimus (CHI)	- Storms Of Chaotic Revelations		38min  fantastic brutal Death, ex-Atomic Aggressor member
Magnanimus (CHI)	- Unchaining The Fever And The... 7"	15min
Magnus (POL)		- Acceptance Of Death			38min  disappointing
Magnus (POL)		- Gods Of The Crime '91			39min  demo version of the later rel. MC/CD
Magnus (POL)		- I Was Watching My Death		40min  merciless onslaught of killer Polish Death Metal
Magnus (POL)		- Power Metal '87			24min
Magnus (POL)		- Power Speed Blood '88			36min  2nd version with more tx, Hirax influenced
Magnus (POL)		- Scarlet Slaughterer			39min  Thrash blast from the past (1992)
Magnus (POL)		- The Gods Of The Crime '92		33min  a dream !!! Total killer Death Metal, Gods !!!
Magnus (POL)            - Alcoholic Suicide                     41min  MC-only release, Slayer meets Motörhead
Magnus (POL)            - Gods Of The Crime '91                 23min  very first 6-track version without the live tracks
Magus (US)		- Ruins Of Debauchery MCD		23min  prod. by Proscriptor, from 1991
Magus (US)		- Ruminations Of Debauchery  7"		15min
Mahdyhell (COL)		- Unleashing Hell '03			36min  old-school Heavy Death Black
Maim (SWE)		- Decreased To Exist			38min
Maim (SWE)		- From The Womb To The Tomb		36min
Majesty (FIN)		- Doomsday Machine  CD			53min
Majesty (FIN)		- The Crown Of Scorpio  MCD		20min  Doom Metal like Tristisia
Majesty (FIN)		- The Natural Architect '97		35min  obscure Doom
Malaphar (GER)		- Arisen From Flames '92		21min  Naked Whipper members
Malas (US)		- Conquest				27min  w.Lord Blasphemer member, Master-like old-school Death
Malediciton (UK)	 -Shadows Of Inquity Promo MCD'00	16min
Malediciton (UK)	- The Millenium Cotillion '98		54min  unrel. CD, also unmastered, thnaks Rich
Malediction (HUN)	- Eritis Sicut Deus... '00		32min
Malediction (UK)	- Chronicles Of Dissention		37min  old UK-Death/Thrash
Malediction (UK)	- Dark Effluvium  7"			13min
Malediction (UK)	- Demo '92				22min
Malediction (UK)	- Framework Of Contortion '91		58min  Promo, Reh. and Demo
Malediction (UK)	- Mould Of An Industrial Horizon  7"	10min
Malediction (UK)	- System Fear 7"			13min
Malediction (UK)	- The Tears That Precede Birth '94	56min  unrel. CD, in unmastered version
Maledictum (CHI)	- Inhumana Muerte Negra 		32min
Malefactor (GER)	- Awakening '91				28min  similar to old Mortal Sin
Malefic Order (TUR)	- Siddet-Nefret-Yikim Demo MCDr '06  	12min
Maleficarum (COL)	- At The Gates Of His Kingdom		36min
Maleficarum (COL)	- Demo '92				21min
Maleficarum (COL)	- Unholy Downfall Of Cristianism	45min  trend-free South American Black Metal
Maleficarum (ITA)	- Across The Heavens			44min
Maleficarum (ITA)	- Unblessed '93				20min  godly US-styled Death Metal
Maleficarum / Jezabel (COL/COL) - Split LP			47min
Malefice (US)		- Lotus Blossom				35min  two Hellhammer like tx, rest is more HC/Punk
Maleficia (FIN)		- Songs Of The Nightbird		58min  pre-Bloodhammer, but boring
Maleficio (SWE)		- Go To Hell				36min
Maleficio (SWE)		- Under The Black Veil			40min  great Melodic Death Metal
Malevolence (POR)	- Dominium				58min  their debut from 1996
Malevolence (POR)	- Martyrialized				31min
Malevolence (SWI)	- The Beginning '92			27min  great brutal Death Metal
Malevolent Creation (US)- Demo '87  MLP				17min  Bootleg?
Malevolent Creation (US)- Stillborn				43min
Malevolent Creation (US)- The Ten Commandments			34min
Malevolent Creation (US)- Retribution				34min
Malevolent Creation (US)- The Fine Art Of Murder		57min
Malex (SIN)		- Wira Cosmo				51min
Malfeitor (US)		- 1987 Demo  7"				11min  killer old-school Death
Malfeitor (US)          - 2 Tape-Comp. tx '88                    8min
Malfeitor / Amok (ITA/NOR) - Split 7"				 9min
Malicious Death (FIN)	- Devilization				35min  pure Finnish BlackThrash
Malicious Death (FIN)	- From Above				36min
Malicious Hate (US)	- Consumed By Hate  7"			12min
Malicious Onslaught (US)- Brutal Gore				32min
Malicious Onslaught (US)- Rebellious Mayhem			45min  Underground DeathThrash
Malicious Prophecies (MEX) - Reducido A Cenzias			34min
Malign (SWE)		- Divine Facing/Fireborn Re-Release CD 	30min
Malign (SWE)		- Divine Facing  10"			22min
Malign (SWE)		- Fireborn  7"				 8min  like Bathory '84/'85
Malignant Eternal (NOR)	- 20th Century Beast  MCD		23min
Malignant Eternal (NOR)	- Tarnet                     	        41min
Malignant Eternal (NOR)	- Far Beneath The Sun			44min  brutal Black mixed with some Thrashriffs
Malignity (NOR)		- Demonic '91				17min
Mammoth Grinder (US)	- Extinction of Humanity MLP		21min
Manaic Butcher (CZE)	- Live In Germany			37min
Mandator (NL)		- Perfect Progeny			44min
Mandator (NL)           - Initial Velocity                      42min  thrash-LP from '87
Mandatory (GER)		- ...Where They Bleed  MCD		20min  Asphyx-influenced stuff
Mandatory (GER)		- Adrift Beyond				59min  good German Death Metal
Mandatory (GER)		- Exiled In Pain			72min
Mandatory (MALA)        - s/t  CD                               35min  good exotic Death Metal
Manegarm (SWE)		- Dodsfard				33min
Manegarm (SWE)		- Havets Vargar				40min  big Necrophobic influence in the music
Manegarm (SWE)		- Ur Nattvindar '97			18min  Swedish Black, rec. in the Sunlight Studio
Manegarm (SWE)		- Vargaresa - The Beginning		39min  demos on vinyl
Manegarm (SWE)		- Vargstenen				52min
Manegarm (SWE)		- Vredens Tid				50min
Manegarm (SWE)          - Urminnes Hävd  MCD                    27min  pure Folk-songs
Manegarm (SWE)          - Nordstiärnans Tidsalder               41min
Manes (NOR)		- 1993-1994				39min  both demos on vinyl
Manes (NOR)		- Maanens Natt  MCD			17min
Manes (NOR)		- Ned I Stillheten  MCD			24min
Manes (NOR)		- Svarte Skoger				77min  all 3 demos + pre-Manes stuff on CD
Manes (NOR)		- Under Ein Blodraud Maane		37min
Manes (NOR)             - Til Kongens Grav De Döde... MLP       23min  third demo on vinyl
Manes (NOR)             - Unrel. Demo Tape '95                  20min  only unreleased stuff here
Manes / Manes (NOR/NOR) - Split LP				46min  two different Manes from Norway
Mangled (NL)		- Ancient Times				39min
Mangled (NL)		- Carnal Abhorrence 7"			13min
Mangled (NL)		- Most Painful Ways			37min
Mangled (NL)		- Perish				30min
Maniac Burcher / Inferno (CZE/CZE) - Split LP			38min
Maniac Butcher (CZE)	- Barbarians				34min
Maniac Butcher (CZE)	- Cerna Krev				48min
Maniac Butcher (CZE)	- Epitaph				35min
Maniac Butcher (CZE)	- Invaze				32min
Maniac Butcher (CZE)	- Il Sangue Nero			47min
Maniac Butcher (CZE)	- Krvestreb				32min
Maniac Butcher (CZE)	- Lucan - Antikrist			38min  w.Masters Hammer cover
Maniac Butcher (CZE)	- Live In Open Hell			31min
Maniac Butcher (CZE)	- Masakr				30min
Maniac Butcher (CZE)	- The Beast/Dva Tisice Let  7"		11min
Maniac Butcher (CZE)	- The Best Of - A Tribute To  3-LP     146min
Maniac Butcher (CZE)	- The Incapable Carrion			43min
Maniak (PHIL)		- Black Thrashing Genocide		33min
Manifest (NL)		- Godless '92				26min
Manifest (NOR)		- Half Past Violence			49min
Manifest (NOR)		- Lifelong, Painful Co-Existence MCD	21min  Death Metal with too much HC-like vocals
Manifest (SWI)		- Evil Side Of Mind  MCD		23min  great unknown Death Metal
Manifrest (SWE)		- Mind '92				17min
Manilla Road (US)	- Mystification				36min
Manilla Road (US)	- Open The Gates  LP+MLP		53min
Manilla Road (US)	- Roadkill				39min
Manilla Road (US)	- The Deluge				39min
Manowar	(US)		- Battle Hymns				40min
Manslaughter (POL)	- Infernal Madness '92			18min  great DeathDoom
Manslaughter (POL)	- Zombie's Night '90			15min
Mantak (MALA)		- 666  MCD				16min
Mantak (MALA)		- Amput Rogol And Sodomi  7"		11min
Mantak (MALA)		- Diabolical Psycholust			50min
Mantak (MALA)		- Eastern Sexxxrigalust  7"		13min  in the chaotic Impiety vein
Mantak (MALA)		- Sabahell's Blasphemer			28min
Mantak / Enshadowed (MALA/GRE) - Split 7"			10min
Mantak /Ampütator (MALA/US) - Split 7"                          13min
Mantas (US)		- Emotional  7"				 9min  Reh. from 1984 on vinyl, Kam Lee on vox
Mantas (US)		- Metal Before Death  7"		14min  four pre-Death songs from 2/1984 and 9/1984
Mantas (US)         	- Reh. '84                      	16min  pre-Death, incl. Venom cover
Manticore (AUS)		- Integrating The Extreme		38min
Manticore (SWE)		- Demo '94				16min
Manticore (US)		- Bowels Of The Holy Anoint Us...	39min
Manticore (US)		- For Rats And Plague			30min
Manticore (US)		- Ritual Cleansing Of The Whore		31min  LP with 2 bonus live tx
Manzer / Godslaying Hellblast (FRA/TUR) - Split 7"		15min
Maple Cross (FIN)	- Next Chapter				36min  At The Gates Like Death, strange voice
Maple Cross (FIN)	- The Eight Day Of Creation		35min
Mar De Grisis (CHI)	- Draining The Waterheart CD+3"-MCD 	80min
Mar De Grisis (CHI)	- The Tatterdemalion Express		56min  Firebox doom
Mardröm (SWE)           - När Mardrömmen Blir Till...  7"       11min
Marduk (SWE)		- Blackcrowned I+II  2 LPs		94min
Marduk (SWE)		- Curse Of The Undead  Boot-LP		43min  live in Rotterdam '97, sound not good
Marduk (SWE)		- Day Of Darkness Live 1998		54min
Marduk (SWE)		- Deathmarch  2004/05 MCD		12min  only to be sold on a tour which did not happen
Marduk (SWE)		- Glorification  MLP			22min  including Venom cover
Marduk (SWE)		- Guadalajara 26.5.2000  CDr		64min
Marduk (SWE)		- Hearse  7"				 9min  w.Possessed cover
Marduk (SWE)		- Here's No Peace  Re-Release 10"	15min
Marduk (SWE)		- Infernal Eternal			80min
Marduk (SWE)		- La Grande Danse Macabre		46min
Marduk (SWE)		- Nightwing				48min  even two (!) songs without the speed of light
Marduk (SWE)		- Obedience MCD				12min  cool Celtic Frost coverversion
Marduk (SWE)		- Panzer Division Marduk		30min
Marduk (SWE)		- Plague Angel				44min  great, Arioch and Emil brough new freshness
Marduk (SWE)		- Rom 5:12				53min
Marduk (SWE)		- Slay The Nazarene  7"			 9min
Marduk (SWE)		- Warschau				62min
Marduk (SWE)         	- Heaven Shall Burn             	36min
Marduk (SWE)         	- Glorification MCD             	19min
Marduk (SWE)         	- Live In Germania              	62min
Marduk (SWE)            - Here's No Peace  MCD                   8min  finally released after all these years
Mareridt (DK)		- Med Vold Skal Verden Bygges  7"	14min
Mareridt (DK)		- Mors Angelorum  10"			18min
Martire (AUS)		- Lucifer  7"				10min
Martire (AUS)		- Martire MCD				16min  like Angelcorpse,  from 91 !!!
Martire (AUS)		- Martire 7"				16min  MCD from 1991 rerleased on vinyl
Martire / Throneum (AUS/POL) - Split CD				33min
Martyr (US/CZE)		- Murder X	The End Of The Game	36min
Martyrdom (CHINA)	- II  MCDr				23min  good and furious Black Metal
Martyrdom (CHINA)	- Pagan's Hymn				49min  incl. Emperor cover
Martyrdom (NL)		- Adv. Unrel. LP '96			22min  fantastic old-school BlackThrash
Martyrdom (NL)		- Blackstench '94			25min
Martyrdom (NL)      	- Sodomy And Crush '96          	32min
Martyrdöd (SWE)		- Elddop				47min
Martyrdöd (SWE)		- Sekt					34min
Martyrdöd (SWE)         - In Extremis                           39min  perfect Swedish Crust, it can't get better !!!
Martyrdöd (SWE)         - s/t                                   29min  incredible Swedish Crust mixed with Black Metal
Martyrdöd (SWE)		- Hexhammaren				41min
Martyrium (NL)		- Ideology Of Death			27min
Martyrize (JPN)		- Apocalyptic Doom  Re-Release 7"	 8min  Reh.'89 on 7"
Martyrum (SWE)          - Frost Born '97                        15min
Martyrvore (US)		- Possessed By Mayhemic Slaughter	44min
Masacra (COL)		- Requiem  LP				42min
Masacre (COL)		- Adv. tx '99				13min
Masacre (COL)		- Barbarie Y Sangre En... MLP		24min
Masacre (COL)		- Barbarie Y Sangre... Re-Release CD	46min
Masacre (COL)		- Cancer De...Imperio Del Terror	67min  both demos on CD
Masacre (COL)		- Muerte Verdadera Muerte		40min  sadly in the Six Feet Under way now
Masacre (COL)		- Ola De Violencia  MLP			13min  wroaaammmm
Masacre (COL)		- Sacro					42min
Masacre (COL)		- Sacro  Re-Release CD			57min  incl. Bonus tx
Masacre (COL)		- Sepulcros En Ruinas - Reh.'89 CDr 	59min
Masacre (COL)		- Total Death				32min
Masacre (PER)		- En Vivo Hasta El Final  CDr		58min
Masochist (COL)		- Nothing Is Forever '99		42min  incl. Demo '98, old Black Metal
Masochist (US)		- Adv. EP '93 Fuck Your God		21min
Masochist (US)		- Antichrist Black Metal '93		11min  very good Black from the US
Masochist (US)		- Fuck Your God  7"			12min
Masochist (US)		- History  2-CD			       105min
Masochist (US)		- Nocturnal Practices '94		31min
Masochist (US)		- The Satanic Baptism IV '95		16min
Mass Psychosis (US)	- Face					54min
Mass Psychosis (US)	- Necroporno				33min
Mass Psychosis / Exterminance (US/US) - Split 7"		11min
Massace (US)		- Tyrants Of Death			60min
Massacra (FRA)		- Enjoy The Violence			36min
Massacra (FRA)		- Final Holocaust			48min
Massacra (FRA)		- Humanize Human			50min
Massacra (FRA)		- Signs Of The Decline			40min
Massacre (CHI)		- Back From The Mass Grave 2-CD	       152min
Massacre (GER)          - Demo '85                      	14min  German DeathThrash
Massacre (US)		- 5/2/1987 Rehearsal  Boot-LP		49min  crappy boot
Massacre (US)		- Corspe Grinder  Boot-Live LP		33min  live: 20.12.86
Massacre (US)		- Demo-nic Infestations '86/'05		38min  old Demos and Live '86
Massacre (US)		- Europe And Beyond  Bootleg-LP		51min  sound nearly ok
Massacre (US)		- Infestation Of Demos  LP		38min  different tx than Infestation Of Death CD
Massacre (US)		- Live Tampa Florida: 25.5.86		36min  Bootleg-Live LP
Massacre (US)		- The Second Coming			38min  finally released on CD, but I hear why Earache rejected this
Massacre (US)       	- Inhuman Conditions MCD        	21min
Massacre (US)       	- Promise                       	50min
Massacre (US)       	- Provoked Accuser 7"           	 6min  ltd. Bonus-7" of "From Beyond LP"
Massacre (US)           - Infestation Of Death                  50min  both demos + live on CD, killer sound
Massakre (CHI)		- Crematorium				45min
Massakre (CHI)		- Psychotic Redemption			38min
Massemord (NOR)		- 12 Years Of Mass Murders		69min
Massemord (NOR)		- Obscura Symphonia			45min
Massemord (NOR)		- Skogen Kaller				48min
Massemord (POL)		- Hatred Towards... Demo MCDr '04 	30min
Massemord / Svartskogg (NOR/NOR) - Split CD			43min
Massemord / Valdur / The Frost (NOR/US/CRO) - Split CD		74min
Massgrav (SWE)		- Warhead Salvation '99			15min
Massground (JPN)	- Emblem Stay Evil			41min  w.covers of Incantation/Terrorizer/Napalm Death
Massground / Monarchie Infernale (JPN/JPN) - Split 7"		 9min
Massive Assault (NL) 	- Dystopian Prophecies 			33min  ex-Absorbed
Master (RUS)		- Nechn Meptbblx  Re-Release CD		42min  kyrillic lettering, album from 1996
Master (RUS)		- On The Other Side Of A Dream		54min  kyrillic lettering: No Ty Ctopohy Cha
Master (RUS)		- With The Lee On A Neck		31min  fantastic Thrash
Master (RUS)		- s/t					41min
Master (US)		- Collection Of Souls			34min  more SpeedThrash like with good songs
Master (US)		- Demo./Reh. '85			 7min
Master (US)		- Faith Is The Season Promo CD		15min
Master (US)		- Faith Is The Season			54min
Master (US)		- Follow Your Savior MCD		10min
Master (US)		- Four More Years Of Terror		62min
Master (US)		- Fuckin' Death '85			15min
Master (US)		- Let's Start A War			40min
Master (US)		- Master				38min  w. three bonustx
Master (US)		- Masterpieces				56min  worthless compilation
Master (US)		- On The Seventh Day God Created...	36min
Master (US)		- Slaves To Society			46min
Master (US)		- The Human Machine			46min
Master (US)		- Unreleased 1985 Album			32min
Master (US)         	- Adv. LP II '92 On The...      	40min
Master (US)         	- The Final Word '95            	15min
Master (US)         	- Unknown Soldier 2/85          	20min
Master / Abomination (US/US) - Split 7"				 6min
Master / Excision (US/NL) - Split 7"                    	13min
Master's Hammer (CZE)	- Live In Zbraslav			39min
Master's Hammer (CZE)	- Finished '88                  	33min
Master's Hammer (CZE)	- Jilemnicky Okultista  CD		51min  original first pressing, music is same as Osmose CD
Master's Hammer (CZE)	- Vracejte Konve Na Misto		45min
Master's Hammer (CZE)	- Demo Collection #1  CDr		72min  The Ritual Murder '87/Live '89
Master's Hammer (CZE)	- Demo Collection #2  CDr		74min  Finished '88/The Mass '89
Master's Hammer (CZE)	- Ritual				51min  original Monitor Rec.CD from 1991, bonus tx
Master's Hammer (CZE)	- Ritual + Jilemnicky... 4-LP  	       101min
Master's Hammer (CZE)	- Ritual  LP				41min
Master's Hammer (CZE)	- Dry Blood  7"				 9min  unrel tx from '93 for a "Zashla Krev"-LP
Master's Hammer (CZE)	- Ritual                                53min
Master's Hammer (CZE)	- Reh. '92 (unrel. stuff)       	28min
Master's Hammer (CZE)	- Jilemnicky Okultista '92		38min  Czech demo-version, a year before the Osmose release
Master's Hammer (CZE)   - Reh. tck '92                  	 3min
Mastication (SWE)	- Demo '91				18min  fantastic Dods Metal, Excruciate/Morpheus members
Mastication / Exhumed (SWE/SWE) - Split CD			53min  one more good demo compilation
Mastifal (ARG)		- Carnivora				50min
Mastifal (ARG)		- Desde Las Tinieblas			57min  Transmetal going berzerk, cool DeathThrash
Mastifal (ARG)		- Vehemente  CD+DVD			79min
Mastifal (ARG)          - Holocausto Mental                     44min  like very old Sepultura
Mastiphal (POL)		- Damnatio Memoriae  2-CD	       103min
Mastiphal (POL)		- For A Glory Of All Evil Spirits...	45min  similar to Master's Hammer
Mastiphal (POL)		- Parvzya				44min
Mastiphal (POL)		- Seed Of Victory '98			58min  Falkenbach meets Dimmu meets Master's Hammer
Mastiphal (POL)		- Sowing Profane Seed '94		29min
Mastiphal (POL-diff)    - Nocturnal Landscapes '94              16min
Mastomah (POL)		- Luciferi Advocare '91			13min
Mastomah (POL)		- Luciferi Advocare  7"			13min  Demo '91 on vinyl
Masturbacion Cristiana / Xerbeth (ITA/BOL) - Split 7"		15min
Mausoleum (BRA)		- 10 Anos De Bestial Massacre		35min  w. two Vulcano covers
Mausoleum (BRA)		- O Retorno A Batalha			41min
Mausoleum (US-CA)	- Summoning Of The Damned '92		17min
Mausoleum (US-PA)       - Cadaveric Displays Of Ghoulish...     39min  complete Autopsy - Severed... rip-off, but cool
Maveth (FIN)		- Of Serpent And Shadow MLP		25min
Mayfair (SWI)        	- Find My Screams '91           	13min
Mayhem (GER)		- Live in Germany 30.1.85		10min
Mayhem (GER)            - Evil Pentagram '86                    25min  yeahhh, old German Underground Black
Mayhem (GER)            - Demo '85                      	22min  w. Mem von Stein (Exumer)
Mayhem (NOR)		- Ancient Skin  7"			 9min  bootleg of the rare Promo-CD
Mayhem (NOR)		- Ancient Skin/Necrolust MCD		 9min  Promo-CD, ltd. 500
Mayhem (NOR)		- Apokalyptik War  7"			14min  Reh. 17.1.1987 on 7"
Mayhem (NOR)		- Ashes					41min
Mayhem (NOR)		- Born In The Hands Of Doom '87		30min  Reh.17.1./18.1. again bootlegged...
Mayhem (NOR)		- Born Into Evil  Bootleg-LP		57min  Live Leipzig + Demo tx + Comp. tck
Mayhem (NOR)		- Carnage/The Freezing Moon  MLP	10min
Mayhem (NOR)		- Chainsaw Gutsfuck  Flexi 5"		 2min
Mayhem (NOR)		- Chimera				44min
Mayhem (NOR)		- Crystalized Pain In... Flexi 5"	 3min
Mayhem (NOR)		- Dawn Of The Black Hearts		38min  1st edition, without the '86 bonus tx
Mayhem (NOR)		- Deathcrush  MLP			20min  Poserslaughter '87, with speeded-up funsong
Mayhem (NOR)		- Deathcrush  Re-Release LP		42min  includes some more Rehearsal tcks
Mayhem (NOR)		- Demo Compilation '??			84min  bootleg...
Mayhem (NOR)		- European Legions			47min  bad triggered drum sound, uaargh
Mayhem (NOR)		- From The Dark Past			44min  instr. Reh.'92 with Schnitzelguy Grish.
Mayhem (NOR)		- Grand Declaration Of War		46min
Mayhem (NOR)		- Ha-Elm-Zalag MLP			24min
Mayhem (NOR)		- I Love Transylvania 7"		12min  rare Rehearsal-stuff on Bootleg-vinyl
Mayhem (NOR)		- In Memorium				72min
Mayhem (NOR)		- Last Breath (last recording w. Dead)	47min  crappy and bad Bootleg-CD in Digipak
Mayhem (NOR)		- Life Eternal				31min  Rough Mixes of DMDS
Mayhem (NOR)		- Live In Marseille 2000		60min  better sound as the Europ. Legions rec.
Mayhem (NOR)		- Live In Zeitz - 1990			35min
Mayhem (NOR)		- Live In Jessheim  LP			42min
Mayhem (NOR)		- Live In Sarpsborg  LP			37min
Mayhem (NOR)		- Live In Zeitz  LP			44min
Mayhem (NOR)		- Live In Leipzig  Re-Re-Release LP	48min
Mayhem (NOR)		- Live In Leipzig  Re-Re-Release 2-CD 	88min  Live Zeitz as Bonus CD
Mayhem (NOR)		- DMDS 5-LP Box			       194min	
Mayhem (NOR)		- Grand Declaration...Re-Release LP	48min  remastered/remixed
Mayhem (NOR)		- Esoteric Warfare			48min
Mayhem (NOR)		- DMDS Alive				44min
Mayhem (NOR)		- Daemon				50min
Mayhem (NOR)		- Live Jussheim 3.2.1990		42min
Mayhem (NOR)		- Mayhemic Carnage			33min  worst Bootleg ever, they mixed 45/33 on one side
Mayhem (NOR)		- Mediolanum Capta Est			56min
Mayhem (NOR)		- Ordo Ad Chao				41min
Mayhem (NOR)		- Reh. tck '96 				 6min  w.Legion (Marduk) on vox !!!
Mayhem (NOR)		- Sometimes They Come Back 7"		 7min  ltd. 100, two Reh. tx
Mayhem (NOR)		- The Return 21.6.97  Boot-LP		50min  live in Bischofswerda, sound even worser
Mayhem (NOR)		- The True Armageddon			65min  Deathcrush MLP + De Mysteriis... CD
Mayhem (NOR)		- U.S. Legions				45min
Mayhem (NOR)		- Up From The Tombs It Comes		78min
Mayhem (NOR)		- Vomit From Helvete MLP		18min
Mayhem (NOR)		- Worship Those Who Ruled '91		23min  last Reh. w. Dead, bootlegged from video
Mayhem (NOR)         	- Improvised Reh. tck 21.11.86  	 3min
Mayhem (NOR)         	- Wolf's Lair Abyss MCD         	25min  aaaarghhhh, musical destruction !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mayhem (NOR)         	- Bonus tx Live Leipzig LP      	11min  same on Projections...-Sampler, w. Dead
Mayhem (NOR)         	- Pure Fuckin' Armageddon CD            29min  the 1.456.974th bootleg
Mayhem (NOR)         	- Live: Damascus '90            	25min  Syria ??
Mayhem (NOR)         	- Reh. '86                      	15min
Mayhem (NOR)         	- Reh. 17.1.87                  	13min
Mayhem (NOR)            - Unreleased Reh. tck '88       	 6min  Emperor used the riff on their 2nd LP
Mayhem / Emperor (NOR/NOR)  - Split LP				44min
Mayhem / The Meads Of Asphodel (NOR/UK) - Split 10"		27min
Mayhem / Vomit (NOR/NOR)- Split Reh. '86			42min
Mayhem / Zyklon B (NOR/NOR) - Split 7"				10min  ultrarare mixes of both bands
Mayhemic Truth (GER)	- 1992-1994 (R.I.P.) '99/'04		52min  Tape-Re-Release
Mayhemic Truth (GER)	- In Memoriam  Re-Release CD		65min  I Hate quality release
Mayhemic Truth (GER)	- In Memoriam  LP			52min  one LP-Bonustck
Mayhemic Truth (GER)	- Live In Bernhausen CDr '00/'04	40min  tape-bootleg now on CDr-bootleg
Mayhemic Truth (GER)	- R.I.P.  Re-Release LP			49min  remastered version
Mayhemic Truth (GER)	- Son Of Dawn '93			25min
Mayhemic Truth (GER) 	- Demo '96                      	25min
Maze Of Torment	(SWE)	- Faster Disaster			32min  KILLER!! Old Slayer meets Swedish Death
Maze Of Torment (SWE)	- Death Strikes				32min
Maze Of Torment (SWE)	- The Force                     	42min  aggresive Swedish Death, a masterpiece
Maze Of Torment (SWE)	- Brave The Blizzard  7"		 8min  with demosongs from the 1st CD
Maze Of Torment (SWE)	- Maze Bloody Maze  7"			 9min
Maze Of Torment (SWE)	- The Unmarked Graves			38min  Thrash Thrash Thrash and some Death, killer
Maze Of Torment (SWE)	- Hammers Of Mayhem			37min
Maze Of Torment (SWE) 	- Hidden Cruelty			37min
Meadow In Silence (SWE) - Through The Tides Of Time And Space 	48min  nice old Swedish Black Metal with melody
Meadow In Silence (SWE) - Promo '96				30min
Meadow In Silence (SWE) - Far Beyond The Story '95		16min
Measureless (SWE)	- Demo II '94				19min  great Death Metal
Media In Morte (AUT)	- Into The Dark Ages '91		16min
Medicine Death (BRA)	- As A Vigorous And Lustful Virtue	74min
Medicine Death (BRA)	- Genetic Radioactive Experiments	32min
Medieval Art (FIN)	- Demo '97				16min
Medieval Demon (GRE)	- Demonolatria				53min
Medium (CUBA)		- Blinder				35min  brutal Thrash/Death
Mefisto (SWE)		- The Truth				46min  both '86-demos on CD
Megahertz (BRA)		- Pyramidal Power			43min
Megahertz (BRA)		- Rehearsal Tapes  7"			13min
Megaslaughter (SWE)	- Death Remains: The Demos 1990-1991 	45min
Megaslaughter (SWE)  	- Demo '91                      	17min
Megaslaughter (SWE)  	- Death Remains '90             	15min
Megaslaughter (SWE)  	- Calls From The Beyond         	43min  unknown Swedish DM-Band from '91
Megiddo (CAN)           - The Atavism Of Evil                   40min
Megiddo (CAN)           - The Final War                         53min  not the CDr, but the re-release on BW
Megiddo (CAN)           - The Devil And The Whore               46min  very Bathory influenced, killer
Megiddo (CHI)		- Agony Pleasure  MCDr			22min  Darkthrone/Celtic Frost-fans from Chile
Megiddo (CHI)		- Subterranean Empire			45min
Megiddo (UK)        	- The Blistering Glow Of...7"   	11min
Megiddo / Legion666 (CAN/CAN) - Split 7"                        11min
Mekanik (NOR)		- Der Mekanik Grooves  MCD		21min
Melechesh (ISR)		- As Jerusalem Burns...Al'Intisar	43min
Melechesh (ISR)		- Djinn					57min  FANTASTIC. Older Absu-worshippers
Melechesh (ISR)		- Emissaries				55min
Melechesh (ISR)		- Sphynx				57min
Melechesh (ISR)		- The Ziggurat Scrolls  10"		26min
Melechesh (ISR)		- The siege Of Lachish  7"		11min
Melek Taus (SWE)	- Expulsion From The Realms... MCD	16min
Melektaus (CHI)		- Transcendence Through Ethereal...	35min
Melissa (SWE)		- A Flight To Insanity  7"		12min
Memoria (SWE)		- s/t  MCD				20min  melodic Death
Memoria (SWE)		- s/t II  MCD				21min  2nd MCD, again self-titled
Memorial (NL)		- Enter My Megaron			30min
Memorial Day (GER)	- Embark Hades				54min  similar to old Torchure
Memorium (SWE-Horred)   - s/t  MCD                              14min  average Gothic Death Metal from 1995
Memorium (SWE-Horred)   - The Oak Of Memories '93               15min
Memorium (SWE-Horred)   - Enlightenment '93                     11min
Memorium (SWE-Norrt.)	- Eons In Slumber '93			13min  very old-Desultory like, Sunlight production
Memory Garden (SWE)	- Blessed Are The Dead  7"		10min
Memory Garden (SWE)	- Forever  MCD				19min
Memory Garden (SWE)	- Mirage				44min
Memory Garden (SWE)	- Ta Nagon Hart I Hand... 7"		 9min  metalized christmass songs
Memory Garden (SWE)	- Verdict Of Posterity			55min
Memory Garden (SWE)     - Marion  7"                            11min
Mendes (FRA)         	- Demo '86                      	 9min
Mengele (FIN)		- Senseless Extermination  7"		 9min
Menhir (GER)         	- Die Ewigen Steine             	40min  like aggressive Empyrium
Mental Aberration (POL)	- The Tower Of God '92			30min
Mental Aberraton (GER)	- Victim Of Its Own Sort  MCD		27min  very good German Death Metal, ala old Blood
Mental Crypt (SWE)	- Extreme Unction			40min
Mental Crypt (SWE)	- Sects Of Doom '96			21min
Mental Distortion (SWE/NL/ARG) - Mentally Distorted		37min  Devastacion/Monastery/ex-Entombed members
Mental Effort (CRO)	- s/t  Promo MCD '94			25min
Mental Funeral / Generichrist (US/US) - Split 7"		10min
Mental Horror (BRA)	- Abyss Of Hypocrisy			54min  their debut was way better
Mental Horror (BRA)	- Blemished Redemption			64min  fantastic, in the same league as Krisiun now !!
Mental Horror (BRA)	- Extreme Evolutive Trauma '99?		24min
Mental Horror (BRA)	- Proclaiming Vengeance			62min  killer BlackDeath, better than Krisiun
Mental Horror / Queiron (BRA/BRA) - Split CD			52min
Mental Terror (FIN)	- Revival In Terror  Demo MCDr '04	17min
Menticide (FIN)		- Domestic Violence  7"			11min
Menticide (FIN)		- Enforcer  7"				10min
Mephisto (ITA)		- Metal Of Death			37min  old Dark Death Metal
Mephisto (ITA)		- Tyrant's Reign			31min  demo on LP with 3 Bonus tx
Mephisto (ITA)		- Tyrant's Return '04			23min  old-school stuff
Mephisto / The True Endless (ITA/ITA) - Split 7"		10min
Mephitis (IRE)		- Blinded '96				22min
Mercenary (RUS)		- Promo for MCD '95			12min
Merciless (FRA)		- Vomiting Nausea  MLP			26min  two more tracks to the 7"
Merciless (FRA)		- Vomiting Nausea  7"			11min  pre-Mercyless
Merciless (FRA)         - Demo '89                              29min  sometimes caled "Visions From The Past"
Merciless (FRA)         - Immortal Harmonies '88                20min  pre-Mercyless, killer Thrash Death
Merciless (SWE)		- Live Fagersta plus Demos  CD		66min  Bootleg
Merciless (SWE)		- The Awakening  Rerelease		39min  with 4 Livebonustx
Merciless (SWE)		- The Treasures... Re-Release CD	48min
Merciless (SWE)		- s/t					38min  AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Merciless (SWE)      	- The Awakening CD              	27min
Merciless (SWE)      	- Behind The Black Door 7"      	15min  their Demo I '88 pressed on vinyl (great sound)
Merciless (SWE)      	- Realm Of The Dark  7"                 15min  Demo II '89 on vinyl
Merciless Crucifixion (GRE) - Aipesis  MCD			19min  total Blasphemy/Sarcofago worship with killer sound
Merciless Crucifixion / Suicidal Forms Elite (2*GRE) - Split'04 45min
Merciless Death (POL)	- Holocaust '92				27min  pro. tape from Carnage Rec.
Merciless Death (POL)	- Eternal Condemnation			69min  demo on CD with bonus
Merciless Death (POL)	- Promo tck '90				 7min  cuts
Merciless Death (POL)	- From Hell				53min
Merciless Death (POL)	- Sick Sanctities '93			37min
Merciless Death (POL)	- Eternal Condemnation '87		28min  the most furious Thrash from Poland ever
Mercy (SWE)		- Session 1981  7"			12min
Mercy (SWE)		- Underground				58min
Mercyful Fate (DK)	- Black Funeral 12"			 8min
Mercyful Fate (DK)	- Melissa's Nightmare  7"		15min  live in Wacken '99
Mercyful Fate (DK)	- The Vampire Is Back			85min  complete demo collection, killer sound
Mercyful Fate (DK)	- Werwolves In Hilversum  Boot-CD	26min  livbe 20.1.84, good sound
Mercyful Fate (DK)	- s/t (Nuns Have No Fun)  MLP		22min
Mercyful Fate (DK) 	- Live: Kopenhagen '82               	48min  last song cuts
Mercyful Fate (DK)  	- Curse Of The Pharaos          	62min  Bootleg-LP with demo stuff
Mercyful Fate (DK)      - All Witches Night  7"                 12min  two livetx from '81, one unrel.
Mercyful Fate (DK)      - Unrel. Live tck '??                    8min  called 'Shadow Night'
Mercyless (FRA)		- Abject Offerings			34min
Mercyless (FRA)		- Coloured Funeral			36min
Mercyless (FRA)		- In Memory Of Agrazabeth 2-CD	       155min
Mercyless (FRA)		- Sure To Be Pure			37min
Mercyless (FRA)         - Cold                                  44min  disappointing
Meshuggah (SWE)		- Promo Tape '91			14min
Mess Age (POL)		- Rejected Burden			43min
Mess Age (POL)		- Self Convicted			42min
Mess Age (POL)          - Crushed Inside                        42min
Messiah	(SWI)		- Extreme Cold Weather  LP		50min  with all intros and the Live-tx
Messiah	(SWI)		- Live: Geneve 30.5.87			62min
Messiah (SWI)		- Choir Of Horrors/Rotten Perish  Live 	79min
Messiah (SWI)		- Extreme Cold Weather Re-Re-Rel. 2-LP 	77min  w.Live Schaffhausen '87 Bonus Pic-LP
Messiah (SWI)		- Extreme Cold Weather Re-Rel. CD	80min
Messiah (SWI)		- Hymn To Abramelin  Re-Re-Release 2-CD 66min  w.both mixes
Messiah (SWI)		- Hymn To Abramelin  Re-Release CD	62min  w.Demo '84 tx
Messiah (SWI)		- Powerthrash/The Infernal Thrashing	47min  both demos in fantastic quality on vinyl
Messiah (SWI)		- Psychomorphia  Promo '90		20min
Messiah (SWI)		- Space Invaders			72min  Demo stuff from 85-87
Messiah (SWI)		- The Ballad Of Jesus  MCD		19min
Messiah (SWI)		- The Might Chaos Has Returned		39min  Demo '90 stuff
Messiah (SWI)		- Unreleased Demo 1984  LP		49min  demo from 1984, killer dungeon rehearsal tunes like "Speed Fight"
Messiah (SWI)		- Fatal Grotesque Symbols...  MLP	15min
Messiah (SWI)		- Fracmont 				45min
Messiah Paratroops (FIN)- s/t  7"                               11min  great Death-Thrash on Seraphic Decay
Messiah Paratroops (FIN)- The Other Gods... '92			15min
Mestema (FRA)		- Horrifying Sight '90			20min
Metal Church (US)   	- Metal Church                  	43min
Metal Church (US)   	- The Dark                      	43min
Metal Inquisitor (GER)	- The Apparition			46min
Metal King (COL)	- Metal Rules  7"			 9min
Metal King (COL)	- s/t  7"				13min
Metal Onslaught	(US)	- Cease To Exist  EP			21min
Metal Onslaught (US) 	- Demo '86                         	19min
Metal Satan / Rex Mortifier (BRA/LIBYA) - Split Demo '00	64min  killer old-school, bnut horrible recording quality
Metallica (US)		- Death Magnetic			75min
Metallica (US)		- Master Of Puppets			54min
Metallica (US)      	- Kill 'Em All                          50min
Metalucifer (JPN)	- Live Drilling '00			47min
Metalucifer (JPN)	- Warriors Ride On The Chariots  12"	16min
Metalucifer (JPN)	- Warriors Again  7"			15min  Sabbat and ex-Massacre members
Metralion (BRA)		- A Mosh In Brazil			28min
Metralion (BRA)		- Quo Vadis				34min
Metzeli (VENE)		- Burying The Goodness  7"		17min
Mezarkabul (TUR)	- Unspoken				64min  this is Pentagram (TUR), bit like Nevermore
Mezzerschmitt (NOR)	- Weltherrschaft  MCD			18min  Mayhem members playing lame stuff
Mezzrow (SWE)		- Demo '91				16min
Mezzrow (SWE)		- Then Came The Killing			34min  great Swedish Thrash
Mgla (POL)		- Further Down The Nest  7"		12min
Mgla (POL)		- Groza					37min
Mgla (POL)		- Mdlosci  7"				10min
Mgla (POL)		- Presence				20min
Mi'Gauss (US)		- Open Season				51min Immolation/Rottrevore/Arghoslent like
Mi'Gauss (US)           - Algonquin War Metal '97               24min  ex-Rottrevore, old US-Death Metal
Miasmal (FIN)		- s/t					37min
Miasmal (SWE)		- Demo '08				17min
Miasmal (SWE)		- s/t					10min
Miasthenia / Songs D'Enfer (BRA/BRA) - Split CD			45min
Mictlan (MEX)		- Donde Habitan Los Muertos		44min
Midas Touch (SWE)	- Presage Of Disaster			35min  Techno-Thrash
Midian (SWE)		- Promo '98				21min
Midian (SWE)            - Promo '98                             22min  like old Dismember, total killer newcomer
Midnatt (SWE)        	- Promo I '93                   	16min
Midnight (US)		- Berlin Is Burning  Pic-LP		40min
Midnight (US)		- Complete And Total Fucking Midnight 	49min
Midnight (US)		- Farewell To Hell 10"+7"		29min
Midnight (US)		- Satanic Royalty			34min
Midnight (US)		- Slay The Spits  7"			 7min
Midnight (US)		- Violates You Live!  CDr		73min
Midnight (US)           - White Hot Fire/Endless Slut  7"        7min  like Destoryer 666 meets Judas Priest
Midnight / Abigail (US/JPN) - Split 7"				 8min
Midnight Sun (FIN)	- ...And The Fire Still Burns  7"	17min
Midnight Sun (FIN)	- Demo I  '97				20min
Midnight Sun (FIN)	- Demo 2 '97				17min
Midnight Sun (FIN)	- Unofficial Promo '98			15min
Midvinter (SWE)      	- Midvinternatt '94             	10min
Midvinter (SWE)      	- At The Sight Of The Apocal... 	57min
Milos Dodo Dolezal (CZE)- Drazdivy Dotek			43min
Minas Morgul (POL)	- The Wilderness Shrouded In Winds '97 	25min
Minas Tirith (NOR)	- ...Demons Are Forever			43min
Minas Tirith (NOR)	- The Art Of Becoming			50min
Mind Riot (FIN)		- Inferno GoGo				37min
Mindblaster / Hathor (SWE/SWE) - Losers - Unite!  7"		13min  more Crust than Metal
Mindcollapse (SWE)	- Lifeless  MCD				19min
Mindcollapse (SWE)	- Vampires Dawn				41min  VOD Rec., quality Death Metal
Mindgrinder (NOR)	- Mindtech				48min
Mindgrinder (NOR)	- Riot Detonator			37min
Mindless Sinners (SWE)	- Master Of Evil  MLP			16min
Mindrot (US)		- Dawning				54min
Mindrot (US)		- Demo '90				56min
Mindrot (US)		- Endeavor  7"				10min
Mindrot (US)		- Forlorn  MCD				20min  in the Dusk/Disembowelment vein
Mindrot (US)		- Soul					54min  DeathDoom, "happier" than Evoken
Mindrot / Apocalypse (US/US) - Split 7"				14min
Ministry Of Terror (NL)	- Fall Of Life				41min  Thrash with God Dethroned members
Minotaur (GER)		- Daddschal  Reh.'87			17min
Minotaur (GER)		- Death Metal  7"			10min  from 1990, incl. 'Total Decay' from Demo '86
Minotaur (GER)		- Death Metal  Re-Release 7"		12min
Minotaur (GER)		- God May Show You Mercy...We Will Not 	39min
Minotaur (GER)		- Power Of Darkness			32min  Rerelease-CD with one bonustck
Minotaur (GER)		- Power Of Darkness LP			27min
Minotaur (GER)		- The Oath Of Blood  7"			11min  demo rereleased on vinyl
Minotaur (GER)		- The Power Of Darkness III '87		20min
Minotaur (GER)		- The Slaughter Continues  7"		10min
Minotaur (GER)      	- Welcome To... MLP                     24min  their last LP from '93
Minotauri (FIN)		- Doom Metal Invasion  10"		18min
Minotauri (FIN)		- Pain Of Life/Violence  7"		10min  doomy stuff
Minotauri (FIN)		- s/t  2-LP				72min
Minotauri / Reverend Bizarre (FIN/FIN) - Split 7"		13min
Miracle (POL)		- The Remnants Of Humanity '93		33min
Mirror Of Deception / Tefra (GER/UK) - Split 7"			14min
Mirthless (PER)		- Remembrances Demo MCDr '06		26min  Doom
Misanthrope (FRA)	- Variation Of Inductive Theories	51min
Misanthrope / Torturer (FRA/CHI) - Split CD			38min
Misanthropic (GER)	- Reborn				48min
Misanthropic (GER)	- Soulreaver				46min  great German Death Metal
Misanthropy (SWE)	- Demo '93				19min
Misantropic / Deathrace (SWE/SWE) - Split 7"			10min
Miscreant (RUS)		- Inside The Beyond			48min  great Death Metal, tape from '96 on CD
Miscreant (RUS)		- Occult Philosophy			61min
Miscreant (RUS)		- Oppressive				46min  cool Thrash
Miscreant (SWE)		- Ashes '93				14min
Miscreant (SWE)      	- Dreaming Ice                  	57min
Misericordia (SWE)	- Dechristianize			51min
Misericordia (SWE)	- Erase The Sky  MCD			18min
Misery (AUS)		- A Neccessary Evil			41min
Misery (AUS)		- Astern Diabolus '93			29min
Misery (AUS)		- Curses				45min
Misery (AUS)		- Dark Inspirations 7"			 9min
Misery (AUS)		- Insidious MCD				22min
Misery (AUS)		- On Demon Wings			35min
Misery (AUS)		- Revel In Blasphemy			74min  Adramelch meets Grave
Misery (SWE)		- Antiquated Future '90			17min
Misery (SWI)		- Burning Alive '90			27min
Misery (SWI)            - Mystic                                38min  like old Samael demos, w.Xytras
Misery Index (US)	- Hang Em High  7"			 7min
Misery Index (US)	- Overthrow				28min
Misery Index (US)	- Retaliate				35min
Misery Index (US)	- Traitors				38min
Misery Index (US)       - Dissent  MLP                          18min
Misery Index (US)       - Discordia                             33min
Misery Index / Bathtub Shitter (US/JPN) - Split 7"		14min
Misery Index / Commit Suicide (US/US) - Split MCD		18min
Misery Index / Mumakil (US/SWI) - Split 7"			10min
Misery Index / Structrue Of Lies (US/US) - Split MCD		21min
Misery's Omen (AUS)	- Demo '01				18min
Misery's Omen (AUS)	- Hope Dies				55min
Misery's Omen (AUS)	- To Worship Stone Gods  7"		11min  avantgarde Black
Misery's Omen (AUS)	- s/t  MCD				28min
Miserycore (CHI)	- Prelude to Destruction '08		14min
Miserycore (CHI)        - Civilization Torture                  31min
Miserycore / Unholy Force (CHI/CHI) - Split CD			35min
Misfits (US)        	- Die Die My Darling 7"         	 7min
Misfortune (SWE)	- Forsaken				36min
Misfortune (SWE)	- Midnightenlightened  MCD		15min
Missing Link (DK)	- Lobotomized				43min  ex-Artillery
Missing Link (DK)	- When The Door Is Closed		50min
Missing Link (SWE)	- Merry X-Mas Everybody  MCD		16min
Misteltein (SWE)	- Divine Desecrate Complete		48min
Misteltein (SWE)	- Rape In Rapture			61min
Misteltein (SWE)        - Spawn Of The Phantom Moon '98         16min  old Dimmu meets Darkthrone (!!)
Misteria (POL)		- Masquerade Of Shadows			42min
Misteria (POL)		- Universe Funeral			73min  great Death Black Metal
Misticia (COL)		- Sickness Of The Earth			50min
Misticia (COL)		- Welcome To Utopia  3"-MCD		19min  fantastic Death Metal
Mistik (MALA)		- Malaymitoslistik 1998-2004		60min
Mistress (UK)		- s/t					46min  horrible boring Black whatever stuff
Misvita (NOR)		- Misanthropic Aura			39min
Mithotyn (SWE)		- Gathered Around The Oaken Table	55min
Mithotyn (SWE)		- King Of The Distant Forest		60min
Mithotyn (SWE)       	- Behold The Shields Of... '93  	15min
Mithotyn (SWE)       	- Promo '96                     	29min
Mithotyn (SWE)       	- In The Signs Of The Ravens    	59min
Mithotyn (SWE)          - Promo '95                             24min  also called "Nidhogg"
Mithras (UK)		- Behind The Shadows Lie...		45min
Mithras (UK)		- Forever Advancing...Legions		47min  great brutal Death Metal
Mithras (UK)		- Worlds Beyond The Veil		68min  similar to Morbid A. "Heretic", but better !!!
Mnemonic (SWE)		- Shades From A Missing Epoch '95	12min
Moaning Wind (SWE)	- Demo 2  '94				23min
Moaning Wind (SWE)	- In My Forest '94			21min
Moaning Wind (SWE)	- Visions In Fire			52min
Mock (NOR)           	- Adv. Unrel. EP '94            	12min
Molecular Repulsion (CAN) - Veil Of Deception '91		28min
Molested (NOR)       	- Stormvold MCD                 	18min
Molested Senses (US)	- No Friends Here  MCD			24min  lame US-Death Metal
Moment Maniacs (SWE)	- Two Fuckin Pieces...			33min  Marduk + Wolfpack memb., Crust!!!
Monarque / Mortualia (CAN/FIN) - Split 7"			13min
Monastery (NL)		- Soul Insanity  MCD			19min  good Thrash, not the Entombed-project
Monastery (POL)		- God Save... '93			35min
Monastery (POL)		- Holy Inquisition '92			28min  only Power Metal, no Death Metal troops
Monastery (POL)		- Swieta Inkwizycja '93			40min  crappy Thrash on Baron Rec.
Monastery (POL)		- Thrashing Pictures Demo CDr '05	37min
Monastery (SWE/NL)	- The Process: Church Of The... 7"	14min  w.Sinister and Entombed members !!!!!!
Monastery (SWE/NL) 	- Ripping Terror '92			14min
Monastery / Anarchus (SWE-NL/MEX) - Split CD			29min
Monastyr (POL)		- Never Dreaming			37min
Monolith (UK)		- Sleep With The Dead  7"		10min  Cacophonous Rec, Nick Barker on dr.
Monolith (UK)		- Tales Of The Macabre	Promo LP	37min  never released LP on Vinyl Solution
Monomakh (RUS)		- s/t 					39min  old Russian Heavy/Hardock
Monstrosity (US)	- Burden Of Evil  7"			 8min
Monstrosity (US)	- Enslaving The Masses  2-CD		94min
Monstrosity (US)	- Horror Infinity '90			17min
Monstrosity (US)	- Imperial Doom				36min
Monstrosity (US)	- In Dark Purity			50min
Monstrosity (US)	- Live Extreme Brazilian Tour 2002	34min
Monstrosity (US)	- Millenium				41min
Monstrosity (US)	- Rise To Power				48min
Monstrosity (US)	- Spiritual Apocalypse			47min
Monument (GER)		- Kainsmal '95				20min
Monument (SWI)		- s/t  7"				12min  Hardcore, one song w. Erich Keller on vox
Monumentum (ITA)	- Metastasi				74min  pure non-Metal compilation 1987-2004
Monumentum (ITA)	- Museaum Hermeticum  MCD		23min  demo on CD
Monumentum (ITA)     	- Reh. 8.12.88                  	15min  cult act
Moon (POL)		- Daemon's Heart			30min
Moon (POL)		- Lucifer's Horns			41min
Moon (POL)		- Satan's Wept				36min  like old Master's Hammer
Moon Of Sorrow (NL)	- Crystal Emotions			65min
Moonblood (GER)		- Fullmoon Witchery			39min
Moonblood / Inferno (GER/CZE) - Split 7"			15min
Moonblood / Katharsis (GER/GER) - Split 7"			13min
Moondark (SWE)		- The Shadowpath  CDr			36min  early Asphyx meets Eternal Darkness, recorded in '93,
Moonlore (CAN)		- Scarlet Tears Divine '96		30min
Moonlore (NOR)		- The Spheres Beneath The Heavens	40min
Moonrise (ITA)		- Engrafting Feelings '96		27min
Moonstruck (SWE)	- First Light				39min  Opeth meets In Flames
Moonstruck (SWE)     	- Under Her Burning Wings '96   	15min
Moral Crusade (IRE)	- An Act Of Violence			41min
Moral Decay (SWE)	- Aeons Of Inquity '92			15min
Moratorium (DK)		- Imature Massacre '92			21min
Morbid (SWE)		- Ancient Morbidity  MLP		17min  came with Slayer #20
Morbid (SWE)		- Crucifix Masturbation			49min
Morbid (SWE)		- Deathexecution  Pic-EP		14min
Morbid (SWE)		- Deathexecution  Re-Release LP		37min  totally different to the original, again demo '87 and live
Morbid (SWE)		- December Moon  MCD			18min
Morbid (SWE)		- Demo's, Rehearsal And Live  CDr	70min  Bootleg
Morbid (SWE)		- From The Dark				71min  Bootleg again, but with complete 2nd demo
Morbid (SWE)		- Live From The Past  CDr		46min
Morbid (SWE)		- Live In Stockholm			31min  lots of unknown tx
Morbid (SWE)		- Reh.'87  7"				10min
Morbid (SWE)		- Storm In Stockholm			30min
Morbid (SWE)		- Year Of The Goat 3-LP		       112min
Morbid (SWE)            - Death Execution  Bootleg-LP           46min  limited 100 (!!!), Holycaust Rec., two unknown Reh. tx
Morbid / Poison (SWE/GER) - Split CD				52min  bootleg bootleg bootleg
Morbid Alcoholica (GER) - Narren Des Alcohols  MCD		21min  great Fun-Death
Morbid Angel (US)	- 3rd Gig  Boot-Live-LP			40min  Live Tampa '85 + Reh. '85
Morbid Angel (US)	- Abominations Of Desolation		43min
Morbid Angel (US)	- Blasphemy  Bootleg-LP			34min
Morbid Angel (US)	- Blessed Are The Sick  7"-Boxset	40min
Morbid Angel (US)	- Blessed Are The Sick			40min
Morbid Angel (US)	- Covenant				39min
Morbid Angel (US)	- Crush Jesus Christ Tour '91 Live-LP	41min
Morbid Angel (US)	- Entangled In Chaos  Live		39min
Morbid Angel (US)	- Formulas Fatal To The Flesh		51min
Morbid Angel (US)	- Gateways To Annihilation		45min  helllll yeaahhhhh
Morbid Angel (US)	- Gods Of All Heretics			52min  Live 2004 Bootleg CD
Morbid Angel (US)	- Heretic 2-CD			       102min
Morbid Angel (US)	- Illud Divinum Insanus			58min  crap
Morbid Angel (US)	- Live In Concert  Boot-CD		62min  cool sound, live N.Y. 23.1.88, L.A.25.5.86
Morbid Angel (US)	- Nevermore  7"				16min
Morbid Angel (US)	- Reh.Demo '85  7"			 9min
Morbid Angel (US)	- Sickness Over Europe  Live-LP		49min  Live Ludwigsburg 12.6.91
Morbid Angel (US)	- The Laibach Remixes  MLP		20min
Morbid Angel (US)	- Thy Kingdom Come  7"			 8min  Splattermaniac Records, the original
Morbid Angel (US)	- Thy Kingdom Come '87			25min  6-track version
Morbid Angel (US)   	- European Madness Live-Boot-LP 	40min
Morbid Angel (US)       - The Beginning (Rehs.'85 on CD)        34min  Dallas Ward/Kelly Bamber on vocals
Morbid Angel / Napalm Death (US/UK) - Split 7"			14min  ND: Live'92+Demo'85, MA: Live'92
Morbid Darkness (CAN)	- Warfare At Winters Solstice  7"	16min  first time on vinyl, cult Death Metal demo 94
Morbid Death (US)	- Gates To The Abyss '87		11min
Morbid Execution (POL)	- Cadaverous Cult  7"			12min
Morbid Execution (POL)	- Total Devotion  MCD			13min
Morbid Execution (POL)	- Necrotorment '02			 6min
Morbid Execution / Sepulcral (POL/ITA) - Split Demo '11		35min
Morbid Fear (SWE)	- Darkest Age '91			19min
Morbid Flesh (SPA)	- Reborn In Death			66min
Morbid Funeral (C.RICA) - Sathanas Rules The Earth		38min
Morbid Funeral (C.RICA) - Lord of Demons  7"			14min
Morbid Goat Fornicator / Black Angel (CHI/PER) - Split Demo '05 37min
Morbid Gods (US)	- Festering Corpse  7"			11min
Morbid Gods (US)	- Rotting Prophecies  7"		14min
Morbid Insane (POL)	- Sicken Crazy '92			24min  old Sodom like
Morbid Insulter (SWE)	- Antichrist Blasphemies MLP		15min
Morbid Insulter (SWE)	- Thundering Evil  MLP			20min  like Bathory/Nifelheim with a more Death Metal styled vocalist
Morbid Macabre (COL)	- Hell And Damnation  Re-Release CD 	39min
Morbid Macabre (COL)	- Nails Of Lust  7"			 9min  good Death Metal
Morbid Pain (CAN)	- Spirit Of Evil			31min
Morbid Saint (US)	- Adv. unrel. LP Destruction System '92 34min  never officially released
Morbid Saint (US)	- Spectrum Of... / Destruction System	66min  semi-official (?) re-release CD
Morbid Saint (US)       - Spectrum Of Death                     32min  ultra Kreator/Slayer like, Thrash massacre
Morbid Scream (US)	- The Signal To Attack  		64min  both demos and lots of unknown live tx finally on CD
Morbid Scream (US) 	- Demo '87                           	 9min  ex-Necrovore, pure ccccuuuullllllltttttttt
Morbid Scream (US)  	- Demo '89                      	15min  ex-Necrovore, a fantastic item !!!
Morbid Symphony (UK)	- Collection 1				50min
Morbid Symphony (UK)	- Collection 2				64min
Morbid Symphony (UK)	- Delirium Promo '96			 8min
Morbid Symphony (UK)	- Evil Cares For Its Own '91		24min
Morbid Symphony (UK)	- Permanence In Dark Earth  7"		11min
Morbid Symphony (UK)	- Seasons Past				41min
Morbid Symphony (UK)	- The Obscure Depths Of Light '94	20min
Morbid Termination (US)	- Demo '85				13min  like oldest Overkill
Morbid Upheaval (ITA)	- Solar Impetus '02?			 6min  like Order From Chaos but bullshit sound
Morbid Upheaval (ITA)	- Godhood Ablaze '04			16min  if just the sound would be better...
Morbid Upheaval / Capra Hircus (ITA/CAN) - Split 10"		23min
Morbid Vision (POL)	- Demonstration Of Force '91		22min
Morbid Vision (POL)	- Visions Of The Morbid Rites '92	30min  like old Sinister
Morbider (SPA)		- When Darkness Returns			42min
Morbius (US)		- Alienchrist				58min
Morbius (US)		- Sojurns Through The Septiac		42min  rec. in 1998, rel. in 2006, mix of Ares Kingdom and Vulpecula
Morbius (US)		- The Shades Below			35min
Morbius (US)		- Underground Civilization  7"		 9min
Morbosidad (US)		- Bajo El Egendro Del Crucificado  7"	 9min
Morbosidad (US)		- Cojete A Dios Por El Culo		31min
Morbosidad (US)		- Profanando En Vivo '03?		32min
Morbosidad (US)		- Profana La Cruz Del Nazareno		35min
Morbosidad (US)		- Santisma Muerte '94 + Reh.stuff	15min  Re-Release of the first demo
Morbosidad (US)		- s/t					32min  Blasphemy worshippers
Morbosidad (US)		- s/t  CD				25min  the original version
Morbosidad (US)         - Legiones Bestiales  7"                 6min
Morbosidad / Ironfist (US/SIN) - Split CD			27min
Morbosidad / Manticore (US/US) - Split 7"			12min
Morbosidad / Perversor (US/CHI) - Split LP			30min
Morbosidad / Pseudogod (US/RUS) - Split MLP			 8min
Morbosidad / Sadomator (US/DK) - Split 7"			 8min
Morbosidad / Sargatanas (US/MEX) - Split MLP			23min
Morbosidad / Witchrist (US/NZL) - Split 7"			 9min
Morbosidad / X.E.S. (US/US) - Split Promo MCDr '00              22min
Morbus (GER)		- Leibeigen				43min  some good Furbowl-like songs
Morbus (GER)		- Zwinger  MCD				28min  Furbowl-like
Morbus (VENE)		- Milenio  Re-Release MCDr		25min
Morbus Chron (SWE)	- Creepy Creeping Creep  7"		 7min
Morbus Chron (SWE)	- Demo '09				18min  specially made by the band, total killer one
Morbus Chron (SWE)	- Sleepers In The Rift			35min
Morbus Chron (SWE)	- Splendour Of Disease '10		14min
Mord (NOR/POL)		- Christendom Perished			37min
Mord (NOR/POL)		- Unholy Inquisition  MCD		18min  s/t 7" + Darkthrone cover
Mord (NOR/POL)		- s/t  7"				14min
Mord (POL)		- Necrosodomic Abyss			46min
Mordaehoth (NL)         - Bloedwraak                            61min  like earliest pagan Behemoth
Mordancy (NL)		- The Progressive Downfall  7"		12min
Mordant (SWE)		- Black Evil Master			31min  even better than old Nifelheim
Mordant (SWE)		- Momento Mori				33min
Mordant (SWE)		- Suicide Slaughter  MCD		17min  like old Nifelheim
Mordeth (BRA)           - Animicide                             56min  reminds me a lot of Vulpecula/Voivod
Mordeth (BRA)           - Dimension Of Death  7"                11min
Mordeth (BRA)           - Lux In Tenebris                       54min
Mordeth (BRA)           - Cybergods  MCD                        12min  great Death Metal
Mordhell (POL)		- Cut Yourself And Die!  MCD		24min
Mordichrist (SWE)	- Dressed In Menace  7"			11min
Mordichrist (SWE)	- s/t  10"				20min
Mordicus (FIN)		- Dances From Left			46min  Fin-Death Metal gods on  Thrash Rec. !!!
Mordicus (FIN)		- Three Way Dissection  7"		12min  more Death/Grind than the CD
Mordicus (FIN)		- Wrathorn '93				38min
Mordor (POL)		- Nothing... '92			43min
Mordor (POL)		- Prayer To...				48min
Mordor (POL)		- The Earth				51min
Mordor (SWI)		- Csejthe				68min
Mordor (SWI)		- Odes					68min
Morfeus (BRA)		- Disbelieved World			39min  Thrash Death Metal, bit like Slayer
Morgana Lefay (SWE)  	- The Secret Doctrine           	66min
Morgatory (US)		- Demo '93				 9min
Morgion	(US)		- Among Majestic Ruin			35min
Morgion	(US)		- Solinary				53min  Doom Gods
Morgion (US)		- Cloaked By Ages, Crowned In Earth	62min
Morgion (US)		- Rabid Decay / Travesty  CDr		62min  Demo + 7" + killer Studio Reh.
Morgion (US)		- Solinari CD + Bonus CD		118min  Relapse Rec. Sampler Bonus CD
Morgion (US)		- Travesty 7"				11min
Morgion (US)    	- 2 Song Reh. '95                       18min
Morgoth	(GER)		- Cursed				40min
Morgoth	(GER)		- The Eternal.../Resurrection...	42min  both MLPs on one CD
Morgoth (GER)		- Feel Sorry For The Fanatic		42min
Morgoth (GER)		- Odium					42min
Morgoth (GER)		- Resurrection Absurd  MLP		23min
Morgoth (GER)		- The Eternal Fall  MLP			18min
Morgue (FRA)		- Welcome To Your Grave '90		16min
Morgue (SWE)		- Gospel Of Gore '92			19min
Morgue (SWE)		- In Articulo Mortis '94		16min  Sat.Slaughter/Deranged/
Morgul (NOR)		- Parody Of The Mass			39min
Morgul (NOR)		- Sketch Of Supposed Murderer		49min
Morgul (NOR)		- The Horror Grandeur			46min
Morgul (NOR)		- Vargvinter '94			20min
Morgul (NOR)         	- Lost In Shadows Grey          	42min
Moria (SWE)		- Minas Ithil  MCDr 1/00		14min
Moria (SWE)		- Nocte MCDr 4/00			14min
Moria (SWE)		- Skogsfrun MCDr 10/00			10min
Moria (SWE)		- VargAgrav CDr '01			33min
Moria (SWE)             - Mörkrets Inbrott MCDr '02             14min
Moribund (BEL)		- Phantom Der Nacht  7"			12min  first Painkiller Rec. release
Moribund (SWI)		- Oracular Eyes				43min  Death/Morgoth fans, great
Moriorr (CZE)		- Cholera CDr				78min  Demo '89 on CDr plus Live '88
Moriorr (CZE)		- Masochrist				37min
Moriorr (CZE)		- Rev Alkoholika  CDr+DVD		46min  Demo '90 on CDr
Moriturus (POL)		- Sorrow '93				45min
Mornaland (SWE)		- The Journey '96			26min
Mornaland / Abominator (SWE/AUS) - Split CD			56min  M: BlackPop, A: like Bestial W./Beherit
Morne (US)		- Untold Wait				39min
Morne / Warprayer (US/UK) - Split LP				35min
Morningstar (FIN)	- Before The Dawn  7"			 7min
Morningstar (FIN)	- Finnish Metal				35min
Morningstar (FIN)	- Hell					45min  Finnish Blackthrasher
Morningstar (FIN)	- Inside The Circle Of Pentagram  LP	41min  Re-Release of both demos and bonus tx on vinyl
Morningstar (FIN)	- Kalevala Mysticism			40min
Morningstar (FIN)	- Rivendell				30min
Morningstar (FIN)	- Weight Of The Hammer			43min  even more hellish Rock'n Roll
Morningstar (FIN)   	- Adv.CD '95  Heretic Metal     	35min
Morningstar (FIN)    	- Heretic Metal                 	35min
Morningstar (FIN)       - As The Wolves Howl  MCD               20min  incl. two Demo-bonus tx from '93
Morpheus (SWE)		- In The Arms Of...  MLP		22min  self-pressing from '91. like old Grave !!
Morpheus (SWE)		- Son Of Hypnos				46min
Morpheus (US)		- Adipocere 7"				13min  different to the Do.-7" !!!
Morpheus (US)           - Adipocere Do.-7"                      17min
Morpheus / Exhumed (SWE/SWE) - Split Bootleg 2-MCDr		40min
Morpheus Descends (US)	- Chronicles Of The Shadowed...MCD	33min
Morpheus Descends (US)	- The Horror Of The Truth  MCD		14min
Morpheus Descends (US)	- Ritual Of Infinity			33min  ex-Morpheus (US)
Morphosis (IRE)		- Modus Operandi '93			25min
Morrigan (GER)		- Celts					67min
Morrigan (GER)		- Enter The Sea Of Flames		41min
Morrigan (GER)		- Headcult				62min
Morrigan (GER)		- Plague, Waste And Death		42min  ex-Mayhemic Truth, Epic and fast Black
Morrigan (GER)		- The Damned				47min
Morrigan (GER)		- Welcome To Samhain			46min
Morrigan / Abigail (GER/JPN) - Split 10"			23min
Morrigan / Nocternity (GER/GRE) - Split 7"			12min
Morsüre (FRA)           - Accleration Process                   31min  from '85, cool stuff
Mort (GER)		- Godless Dominion			31min  ex-Ungod members
Mort (GER)		- The Denial Of Christ			36min
Mort (GER)              - Frankonian Wrath  MCDr                 7min
Morta Skuld (US)	- As Humanity Fades			51min
Morta Skuld (US)	- Dying Remains				48min
Morta Skuld (US)	- For All Eternity			48min  their best release, killer Death Metal
Morta Skuld (US)	- Surface				34min
Mortage (BRA)		- Trench For Evolution			31min
Mortal Agony (FIN)	- The Cradle '94			21min
Mortal Decay (GER)	- Incarnated Souls Rebirth		33min  good Death with few Thrash-influences
Mortal Discipline (GER)	- Child Of Retribution			31min  Master's Hammer influenced Black Metal
Mortal God (FIN)	- Letting Moonlight Into You '94	23min
Mortal Impact (GER)	- Last Termnation '91			20min
Mortal Mutilation (SPA)	- Katie King  7"			11min
Mortal Pain (GRE)	- Where Somewhere Is Nowhere  7"	12min
Mortal Profecia (BRA)	- s/t  7"				16min
Mortal Remains (UK)	- Crawl '91				 8min
Mortal Sin (AUS)	- An Absence Of Faith			48min
Mortal Sin (AUS)	- I Am Immortal  Promo-LP		 5min
Mortal Sin (AUS)	- I Am Immortal Promo-LP + live		16min  incl. two livetx
Mortal Sin (AUS)	- Mortal Thrashing Mad  CDr		53min  official Live Bootleg
Mortal Sin (AUS)	- Out Of The Darkness  MCD		22min
Mortal Sin (AUS)	- Revolution Of The Mind		38min
Mortal Sin (AUS)	- Voyage Of The Distrubed  MLP		19min
Mortal Sin (AUS)	- Voyage Of The... Promo 12"            19min
Mortal Sin (AUS)        - Face Of Despair                       44min
Mortal Sin / Lethal (AUS/US) - Split CD				53min
Mortal Slaughter (POL)	- Destiny '92				42min
Mortal Slaughter (POL)	- Lepers '93				47min
Mortality (AUS)		- Structure				41min
Mortality (SWE)		- The Prophecy '90			17min  fantastic Thrash
Mortality (SWE)         - When Barbarity Reigns II '91          18min  Swedish Thrash
Mortavik (UK)		- Greeting The Dawn '95			18min
Mortavik (UK)		- Pure Atmospheric Aggression '96	16min
Mortem (PER)		- De Natura Daemonum			42min
Mortem (PER)		- Decomposed By Possession  LP		47min  two bonus tx
Mortem (PER)		- Demonios Atacan Los Angeles		51min
Mortem (PER)		- Demonolatry 7"			10min
Mortem (PER)		- Devoted To Evil  MLP			25min
Mortem (PER)		- Evil Dead '89				37min
Mortem (PER)		- Licantropos  7"			10min
Mortem (PER)		- Promo '90				11min
Mortem (PER)		- The Devil Speaks In Tongues		54min  awesome South  American Death, w. Sacrifice-cover
Mortem (PER)         	- Demon Tales                   	45min
Mortem (PER)         	- Vomit The Earth '92           	10min
Mortem (PER)            - Unearth The Buried Evil '94   	22min
Mortem (PER)		- Deinos Nekromantis			37min
Mortem / Pentacle (PER/NL) - Split 7"				11min
Mortem (RUS)		- Amputator				26min
Mortem / Morbid (NOR/SWE) - Split CD				72min  w.both Morbid demos, Morbid live '88 and Mortem's demo
Mortes Salantes (JPN)	- Demo II '96				24min  mix of Sabbat and Funeral Rites
Morthirim (SWE)		- s/t  MCD				16min  first Spikecult release
Morthra (NL)		- Birth Of Damnation '93		23min
Morthra (NL)            - Amerations Of Faith '91               25min  ex-Asphyx member
Morticus (ECU)		- Satanista Suprema  CDr		29min
Mortifer (POL)		- Breath Of The Night '95		43min
Mortifer (SWE)		- Battle Of The Titans '97		25min  2nd edition with two bonus tx
Mortifer (SWE)		- Harbringer Of Horror Promo CD '99	10min  killer new song
Mortifer (SWE)		- Live: Metal Meltdown Uppsala '99	20min  very good sound
Mortifer (SWE)          - Running Out Of Time II '97            27min  ex-Mörk Gryning, w. nice Kreator cover
Mortifer (SWE)          - Promo '94?                            10min  very early pre-Mörk Gryning/Vinterland stuff
Mortifer (SWE)          - Battle Of The Titans '97              19min  w. Mörk Gryning memb., cool Death Metal
Mortifer (SWE)          - Masters Of The Universe               48min  Mörk Gryning members
Mortification (AUS)     - Scrolls.../Post... Do.-CD            125min  with 3 Bonustx
Mortifilia (CZE)	- Redemption				34min
Mortify (GRE)		- Dizziness Of The Occult '90		13min
Mortify (GRE)		- The Way Of All Flesh			43min
Mortify (POL)		- Abyssal '96				28min  Deicide with more Thrash influences
Mortify (POL)		- The Calm Beyond '92			30min
Mortiturus (POL)	- Destructive Visions			43min
Mortofobia (BOL)	- Campos De Muerte			26min
Mortualia (FIN)		- s/t					71min  slow Black Metal
Mortuary (MEX)		- Blackened Images			29min
Mortuary (MEX)		- Reign Of Dead  7"			 8min
Mortuary (MEX)		- Where Death Takes Your Soul		37min  demo and live on LP
Mortuary Drape (ITA)	- Buried In Time			60min  more Death than ever
Mortuary Drape (ITA)	- Black Flames Of Blasphemy  7"		 7min
Mortuary Drape (ITA)	- Into The Drape - Mourn Path		38min
Mortuary Drape (ITA)	- Secret Sudaria			60min
Mortuary Drape (ITA)	- Secret Sudaria			47min  NEP-release without the bonus tx
Mortuary Drape (ITA)	- Tolling 13 Knell  Do.-LP		70min  four bonus tx
Mortuary Drape (ITA)	- Tolling 13 Knell			57min
Mortuary Drape (ITA) 	- Mourn Path MCD                	20min
Mortuary I.O.D. (NL)	- Distorted Massacre: Fear The Madness 	28min
Mortuary I.O.D. (NL)	- Damnation  MCD			16min
Mortum (SWE)		- The Everlasting '97			12min
Mortum (SWE)		- The Goddess Of Dawn '97		14min
Mortum (SWE)	      	- The Druid Ceremony			38min
Mortum (SWE)            - The Everlasting '97                   11min
Mortum (SWE)            - Promo '98                              8min
Mortum (SWE)            - The Goddess Of Dawn '97               14min
Mortuorio (PER)		- Camara De Torturas			65min  Demos from 1989/90 on CD, like Sarcofago on acid
Mortus (AUT)		- The Beat Of Greed			37min
Mortus (BRA)		- s/t  7"				15min
Mortuum (POL)		- For Those Who Left '96		38min
Mortuum (POL)		- Servant Of Desire '97			55min
Mortuus (SWE)		- De Contemplanda Morte			40min
Mortuus (SWE)		- s/t  7"				 9min
Moss / Monarch (UK/FRA) - Split 7"				10min  ultra doom bands covering Discharge and Turbonegro
Mototronko (ITA)	- Bilize (Mototronkicide) '92		19min
Motörhead (UK)          - 1916                                  42min
Motörhead (UK)          - Overkill                              37min
Mourn Lord (SWE?)     	- Reconquering Our... '94       	21min
Mournful (SWE)		- Demo '95				23min
Mournful Congregation (AUS) - The Monad Of Creation		61min
Mournful Congregation (AUS) - The June Frost  2-LP		61min
Mournful Congregation (AUS) - Weeping/An Epic Dream... 2-LP 	69min
Mournful Congregation (AUS) - Tears From a Grieving Heart	45min
Mournful Congregation (AUS) - The Dawning Of... 2-CD	       126min  Thergothon meets Morgion
Mournful Congregation / Stone Wings (AUS/AUS) - Split 10"	16min
Mournful Congregation / Stabat Mater (AUS/FIN) - Split 7"	14min
Mournful Congregation / Worship (AUS/FRA?) - Split 7"		17min  total Doooooom
Mourning Beloveth (IRE)	- Autumnal Fire '98			37min
Mourning Beloveth (IRE)	- The Sullen Sulcus			66min
Mourning Beloveth (IRE)	- Dust  Re-Release CD			75min
Mourning Beloveth (IRE) - A Murderous Circus  2-CD	       132min  with live Bonus-CD and two add. tx
Mourning Beloveth / Lunar Gate (IRE/IRE) - Split 7"		13min
Mourning Beloveth / Wreck Of The Hesperus (IRE/IRE) - Split 10" 21min
Mourning Sign (SWE)	- Alienor MCD				17min
Mourning Sign (SWE)	- Last Chamber '92			14min
Mourning Sign (SWE)	- Mourning Sign				40min  innovative Death, … la Decollation
Mourning Sign (SWE)	- Multiverse  CD			55min
Movarbru (BRA)		- Eterno Guerreiro  7"			15min
Mr.Death (SWE)		- Death Suits You 10"			20min  their best songs till now
Mr.Death (SWE)		- Descending Through Ashes		34min  the 10" was better
Mr.Death (SWE)		- Detached From Life			31min
Mr.Death (SWE)		- Unearthing  7"			13min
Muckspreader (UK)	- s/t  10"				17min
Mudra (PER)		- Habitaos De Guerra  CDr		30min
Mudra (PER)		- Habitaos De Guerra  Re-Release CDr 	43min
Muhra (FIN)		- Demo MCDr '02				10min  pure Grind
Multiplex (JPN)		- World					45min
Multiplex (JPN)		- s/t  MCD				24min
Multiplex (JPN)         - Quest For The Clearness  7"            6min
Multiplex (JPN)         - Uncanny Complex  7"                   10min
Multiplex / Exit-13 (JPN/US) - Split 7"				10min
Mundanus Imperium (NOR) - Ode To The Nightsky MCD               18min  ex-Nattefall, mix of Arcturus/Gehenna
Mundanus Imperium (NOR) - The Spectral Spheres Coronation	43min
Municipal Waste (US)	- Hazardous Mutation			26min
Municipal Waste (US)	- The Art Of Partying			32min
Municipal Waste (US)	- Waste 'Em All  MLP			16min
Murder Corporation (SWE)- Whole Lotta Murder Goin' On		47min
Murder Corporation (SWE)- Blood Revolution 2050  MCD		17min  Deranged members
Murder Corporation (SWE)- Tagged And Begged			33min
Murder Corporation (SWE)- Adv. MCD Blood Revolution 		14min
Murder Corporation (SWE)- Retract The Hostility/Forced... 7"	 8min
Murder Corporation (SWE)- Kill!  MCD                            19min
Murder Corporation (SWE)- same CD				36min  Regain Records '97
Murder Corporation / Grind Buto (SWE/INDO) - Split CD           29min
Murder Rape (BRA)	- ...And Evil Returns			38min
Murder Rape (BRA)	- Celebration Of Supreme Evil		34min
Murder Rape (BRA)	- Evil Shall Burn Inside Me Forever	30min
Murder Rape (BRA)	- In Liaison With Satan '93		15min
Murder Squad (SWE)	- Ravenous Murderous			41min
Murder Squad (SWE)	- Unsane, Insane And Mentally...	34min  allstar-project, Autopsy influenced
Murrain (CZE)		- The Famine 				47min
Must Missa (EST)	- Ma Ei Talu Valgust			42min  great Death Metal
Must Missa (EST)	- Martyr Of Wrath			34min
Must Missa (EST)	- Pure Hate  7"				11min
Must Missa (EST)	- The Target Of Hate			32min  fantastic BlackThrash
Must Missa (EST)        - Sex Beyond The Grave '00              24min
Musta Surma (FIN)       - Kaiken Pyhän Raunioilla  7"           12min
Mutant (SWE)		- Eden Burnt To Ashes Demo MCDr '98 	20min
Mutant (SWE)		- The Aeonic Majesty			40min
Mutation (SIN)		- Malignant Existence '91		15min
Mutation (SIN)		- Reh 6.1.1992				 7min
Mutation (SIN)		- Void Of Disharmony  7"		 7min
Mutilated (FRA)		- Resurrected/Psycho Death... LP	32min  both demos + unrel. 7" on vinyl
Mutilation (POL)	- Conflict Inside			46min  w.Death cover of "Mutilation"
Mutilation (POL)	- Immortal Visions '93			29min
Mutilation (POL)	- Possessed By Reality			31min  like Bolt Thrower
Mutilator (BRA)		- Grave Desecration			78min  Bootleg CD with demo and 3 live gigs
Mutilator (BRA)		- Immortal Force  Re-Release CD		43min  remastered Cogumelo version, 2 bonus tx
Mutilator (BRA)		- Immortal Force  Re-Release CD		38min
Mutilator (BRA)		- Into The Strange			41min  disappointing
Mutilator (BRA) 	- Demo '87                               7min
Mutilator (BRA)      	- Immortal Force                        33min  Brazilian Death from '87
Mutilator (FRA) 	- Omens Of Dark Fate '87                20min  pre-Mutilated
Mutilator / Sarcofago (BRA/BRA) - Split CD			45min  bad Bootleg, both bands live in 1986
My Darkest Hate (GER)	- At War  CD+DVD			37min
My Darkest Hate (GER)	- To Whom It May Concern		41min
My Darkest Hate (GER)	- Combat Area				40min
My Darkest Hate (GER)	- Massive Brutality			35min
My Dying Bride (UK)	- 34.788%...				56min
My Dying Bride (UK)	- A Line Of Deathless Kings		60min
My Dying Bride (UK)	- Deeper Down  MCD			16min
My Dying Bride (UK)	- For Lies I Sire			59min
My Dying Bride (UK)	- God Is Alone  7"			10min
My Dying Bride (UK)	- I Am The Bloody Earth  MCD		27min
My Dying Bride (UK)	- Like Gods Of The Sun			55min  a bit too weird
My Dying Bride (UK)	- Meisterwerk I				60min
My Dying Bride (UK)	- Sexuality Of Bereavement  7"		15min
My Dying Bride (UK)	- Songs Of Darkness, Words Of Light	59min
My Dying Bride (UK)	- Symphonaire Infernus... MCD		21min  incl. 2 bonustx
My Dying Bride (UK)	- The Dreadful Hours  Re-Release 2-LP 	71min
My Dying Bride (UK)	- The Berghest O'Whitby MLP		28min
My Dying Bride (UK)	- Thrash Of The Naked Limbs		18min
My Dying Bride (UK)	- The Light At The End Of The World	71min
My Dying Bride (UK)	- The Angel And The Dark... Do.-CD	87min  ltd. edition with Live Dynamo 1995 CD
My Dying Bride (UK)	- Turn Loose The Swans			55min
My Dying Bride (UK)	- Unreleased Bitterness  Flexi-7"	 8min  limited 1150, song from '91
My Dying Bride (UK)     - Meisterwerk II                        62min
My Garden (TUR)		- Neon Lights  MCD			17min  early Decoryah as close comparission
My Own Grave (SWE)	- Unholy  MCD				17min
My Own Grave (SWE)	- Unleash				35min
Myddraal (AUS)		- Blood On The Mountain			53min
Mykorrhiza (SWE)	- Northern Remembrance			52min
Mykorrhiza (SWE)	- Shattered Dreams			40min
Mykorrhiza (SWE)	- s/t  MCD				16min  old-school Death Metal
Myrddraal (AUS)		- Falling Sky				39min  last Decius Release (RIP), cool Black
Myring (FIN)		- Engage The Enemy MCD			21min
Myrk (ICE)		- Icons Of the Dark			48min
Myrkr (SWE)		- Black Illumination			40min
Myrkr (SWE)		- Offspring Of... Re-Release MLP	26min
Myrkr (SWE)		- Ritual Of Undeath  7"			13min
Myrkraverk (NOR)	- Nekromanita Muskaria  7"		11min
Myrkraverk (NOR)	- Nordvegen  7"				14min
Myrkskog (NOR)		- Deathmachine				44min
Myrkskog (NOR)		- Superior Massacre			34min
Mysteries (POL)		- In The Dark And Sodomy  7"		18min
Mysteriis (BRA)		- Fucking In The Name Of God		39min
Mysteriis (BRA)         - About The Christian Despair           38min
Mysthical (SPA)         - Dusk Of The Myth  7"                  15min
Mystic Charm (NL)	- Endless Sickness '92			20min
Mystic Circle (GER)     - Morgenröte                            46min
Mystic Circle (GER)     - Kriegsgötter 7"                       13min
Mysticum (NOR)		- Demons Never Sleep			45min  demos on CD
Mysticum (NOR)		- Lost Masters Of The Universe		66min  old demos and comp. tx
Mysticum (NOR)		- Piss Off  Promo '96			24min
Mystification (POL)	- From The Dark Side Of Life '93	31min
Mystification (POL)     - From The Dark Side Of Life '93        30min
Mystifier (BRA)		- Baphometic Goat Worship 7-LP	       226min  Die Hard box with Live Bonus LP
Mystifier (BRA)		- Demystifying The Mystified... MCD	19min
Mystifier (BRA)		- Profanus				44min  godly new CD, no opera crap anymore
Mystifier (BRA)		- The Fourth Evil Calling...		62min  incl. Poison (GER) cover !!!!
Mystifier (BRA)		- The World Is So Good... Re-Release CD 70min  incl. Aleister Crowley Demo '91 as bonus
Mystifier (BRA)		- Tormenting The Holy Trinity		42min  Demo '89 + 7"
Mystifier (BRA)		- Wicca + 3 Bonus tx			56min  Brazilian import
Mystifier (BRA)		- Wicca  Re-Release 2-LP		65min
Mystifier (BRA)      	- The World Is So Good..        	37min
Mystigma (GER)		- Universal Surrender			51min  ex-Tears Of Mystigma, still very Katatonia influenced
Mystik (US)		- Perpetual Being			53min
Mystik (US)         	- The Plot Sickens              	45min
Mythic (US)		- Anthology	CDr			50min  officially released by the band
Mythic (US)		- Mourning In The Winter... MCD		14min
Mythological Cold Towers (BRA) - Remoti Meridiani Hymni		60min
Mythological Cold Towers (BRA) - Immemorial			44min
Mythological Cold Towers (BRA) - The Vanished Pantheon		49min
Mythological Cold Towers (BRA) - Sphere Of Nebaddon		50min
Mythos (FIN)		- Moulded In Clay  10"			22min  Demo '93 on vinyl
Mythos (FIN)         	- Reh. tx '97                   	25min
Mythos (FIN)            - Dark Materal MCD                      25min
Mässmörd (SWE)          - Inget Liv / Inget Död                 29min  Swedish Crust
Mässmörd (SWE)          - Unleashed                             30min
Mörder (SWE)            - Deathlike Silence  7"                 10min  Crustcore with a growling voice
Mörk Gryning (SWE)	- s/t					56min
Mörk Gryning (SWE)      - Maelstorm Chaos                       49min
Mörk Gryning (SWE)      - Pieces Of Primal Expressionism        52min
Mörk Gryning (SWE)      - Return Fire                           49min
Mörkekunst (NOR)        - s/t  7"                               15min
Mörker (SWE)		- Höstmakter				50min  great melodic Black Metal
Mörker (SWE)		- Skuggornas Rike			59min
N.Y.C. Mayhem (US)	- Want Authority Unrel. EP '85		20min
NME (US)		- Lethal Dose '85			16min
NME (US)		- Unholy Death '85			17min
NME (US)		- Unholy Death 2002  CDr		69min  re-released by the band
NME (US)		- We Are All Hate  7"			10min
Nachtmystium (US)	- Assassins				43min
Nachtmystium (US)	- Demise				39min
Nachtmystium (US)	- Euology				30min
Nachtmystium (US)	- Holocaust Of Eternity '00		20min
Nachtmystium (US)	- Instinct: Decay			43min
Nachtmystium (US)	- Live Blitzkrieg			31min
Nachtmystium (US)	- Reign Of Malicious			28min
Nachtmystium (US)	- The First Attacks  Demos 2001-2002 LP 52min
Nachtmystium (US)	- s/t  MLP				25min  quiet good Black Metal
Nachtmystium / Krieg (US/US) - Split 7"				12min
Nachtmystium / Xasthur (US/US) - Split 7"			13min
Nader Sadek (US)	- The Malefic  MCD			21min
Naer Mataron (GRE)	- A Holocaust In Front Of... 7"		15min
Naer Mataron (GRE)	- Lessons On How To Defeat Death	45min  two new songs, rest old or other versions
Naer Mataron (GRE)	- River At Dash Scalding		55min  great Black
Naer Mataron (GRE)	- Skotos Aenaon				56min
Naer Mataron (GRE)	- Up From The Ashes			36min
Naer Mataron / Voice Of Hate (GRE/SPA) - Split 7"		11min
Naervaer (NOR)		- Demo '95				31min
Nagelfar (GER)		- Srontgorrth				70min
Nagelfar (GER)		- Virus West  Do.-LP			71min
Nagelfar (GER)          - Hühnengrab im Herbst                  58min  not the Swedish ones, German Black here
Nagelfar / Dark Embrace (GER/GER) - Split 7"			14min
Naglfar	(SWE)		- Diabolical				45min
Naglfar	(SWE)		- When Autumn Storms Come  7"		10min  new Pic-EP (ltd. 500), two killer songs
Naglfar (SWE)		- Ex Inferis  MCD			28min  killer Massacre cover
Naglfar (SWE)		- Harvest				43min
Naglfar (SWE)		- Pariah				38min
Naglfar (SWE)		- Sheol					44min
Naglfar (SWE)		- Vittra  Re-Release			58min
Naglfar (SWE)		- Principium				36min
Nahual (PER)		- Apostasy Act				66min
Nahual (PER)		- Covencraft				52min
Nahual (PER)		- Hail Satanic Victory			74min
Nahual (PER)		- Massive Onslaught Of Hell		47min
Nahual (PER)		- Mysteries Of The Cosmic Serpent	56min
Nahual (PER)		- The Scaffold Of The Dead		73min
Nail Within (ISR)	- s/t					37min  nearly topping At The Gates
Nailgunner (FIN)	- All Life End  Demo MCDr '04		14min
Nailgunner (FIN)	- Apocalypse Now Or Never		29min
Nailgunner / Wounds (FIN/FIN) - Split CD			35min  fantastic deathly Thrash Metal
Naked Whipper (GER)	- Painstreaks				50min  Blood-buddies
Naked Whipper (GER)	- Pagan Pussy Gore Intruder  7"		 5min
Nameless (COL)		- Dirge					59min
Nameless (GER)		- The Final Decision			37min  pre-Impending Doom from '93, LP-only release
Nameless (POR)		- The Overcome Of The Portugese...	41min
Namtaru (US)		- The Plagues Of Namtar  MCD		18min  Blood Storm member, old-school Death
Nao Religiao (BRA)	- Pegaram Jesus Pre Cristo		29min  punk, I hoped for Death Metal
Napalm Death (UK)	- Analysis Paralysis  7"		 5min
Napalm Death (UK)	- Bootlegged In Japan			72min
Napalm Death (UK)	- Christening Of The Blind		47min  cool Live Bootleg
Napalm Death (UK)	- Death By Manipulation			41min
Napalm Death (UK)	- Diatribes				45min
Napalm Death (UK)	- Enemy Of The Music Business		49min
Napalm Death (UK)	- Fear Emptiness Despair		39min
Napalm Death (UK)	- Greed Killing  MCD			24min
Napalm Death (UK)	- Harmony Corruption			34min
Napalm Death (UK)	- Hatred Surge  CD			30min  Demo and Live '86 on Booleg-CD
Napalm Death (UK)	- Inside Torn Apart			40min
Napalm Death (UK)	- Leaders Not Followers  MCD		19min  covers of Slaughter/Repulsion/Death/...
Napalm Death (UK)	- Leaders Not Followers Part 2		42min
Napalm Death (UK)	- Live 7"				12min  from 1989, maybe a Bootleg
Napalm Death (UK)	- Mentally Murdered  MLP		16min
Napalm Death (UK)	- Order Of The Leech			38min
Napalm Death (UK)	- Scum  CD				34min  without From Enslavement...
Napalm Death (UK)	- Smear Campaign			53min  w.Celtic Frost and Hellbastard/Axegrinder riffs
Napalm Death (UK)	- Suffer The Children  MCD		12min
Napalm Death (UK)	- The Peel Sessions  MLP		 7min
Napalm Death (UK)	- The Code Is Red...Long Live The Code 	41min
Napalm Death (UK)	- Time Waits No Slave LP+CD    	       110min
Napalm Death (UK)	- Utopia Banished			39min
Napalm Death (UK)       - Maniac Ears '86                        4min
Napalm Death (UK)       - Hatred Surge '85                      23min
Napalm Death (US)	- Harmony Corruption  2-LP		58min  incl. Live I.C.A. London '90 Bonus LP
Napalm Death (UK)	- All Things Being Equal  MCD		14min  came with Legacy #128
Napalm Death / Carcass (UK/UK) - Split Live LP			34min  some bad-sounding '88/'87 live gigs
Napalm Death / Coalesce (UK/BRA) - Split 7"			12min
Napalm Death / Negative Gain (UK/UK) - Split LP			49min  ND: Hatred Surge demo, NG: demo from mid 80es
Naphobia (US)       	- Of Hell                       	32min
Nar Mataron (GRE)	- Patera Dia, Dose Mou To... '99	28min  pre-Naer Mataron, Demo I '96 as bonus
Nartvind (BEL)		- Until Their Ruin 			45min  even no bass on this LP... underground sound
Nasheim (SWE)		- Evighet/Undergang			43min
Nastrond (SWE)		- Age Of Fire				54min  pure crappy boring Black Metal
Nastrond (SWE)		- Celebration Of The Four CDr		63min  pure ambient bullshit rec. in '96 and rel. in '03
Nastrond (SWE)		- Conquering The Ages			67min
Nastrond (SWE)		- From A Black Funeral Coffin		34min  demo + bonutx on vinyl
Nastrond (SWE)		- Muspellz Synir			55min  pretty sick new Black Metal record, no ambient
Nastrond / Myrkr (SWE/SWE) - Split 10"				21min
Nasty Savage (US)	- Indulgence				39min
Nasty Savage (US)	- Nasty Savage				44min  their debut from '85
Nasty Savage (US)	- Penetration Point			45min
Nasty Savage (US)	- Wage Of Mayhem '84			17min
Nasum (SWE)		- Doombringer  MLP			23min
Nasum (SWE)		- Grind Finale				126min
Nasum (SWE)		- Helvete				34min
Nasum (SWE)		- Human 2.0				39min
Nasum (SWE)		- Inhale/Exhale				45min  awesome Death/Grind with 38 songs
Nasum (SWE)		- Inhale/Exhale LP+Bonus 7"		51min  bonus 7" contains 4 covers (Siege, SOB,...)
Nasum (SWE)		- Shift					38min
Nasum (SWE)		- World In Turmoil  7"			10min
Nasum / Abstain (SWE/US)- Split 7"				14min
Nasum / Agathocles (SWE/BEL) - Split 7"				13min
Nasum / Asterisk (SWE/SWE) - Split 7"				14min
Nasum / Psycho (SWE/US) - Split 7"				12min
Nasum / Warhate (SWE/US)- Split 7"				 9min
Natas (US)		- Think What You Want!! '87		13min
Natas (US)              - Demo/Reh. '85                 	10min
Natas (US)              - Outcasts Of Society II '85    	19min  Demo-Gods, their best effort
Natas (US)              - Infernal Damnation III '86            14min
Nathaniel (POL)		- Waiting For Death '98			19min
National Napalm Syndicate (FIN) - Resurrection Of The Wicked 	52min
Nattas (SWE)		- At Ease With The Beast		38min
Nattas (SWE)		- Salvation  Demo MCDr '03		22min
Nattefall (NOR)		- Ode To The Nightsky '96		18min  pre-Mundanus Imperigum, also rel. on MCD
Nattefrost (NOR)	- Blood And Vomit			41min
Nattefrost (NOR)	- Terrorist				49min
Natterjack (SWE)	- Downfall '92				22min
Nattvindens Grat (FIN)	- Chaos Without Theory			45min
Naumachia (POL)		- Wrathorn				41min  melodic Black Death
Naumanthia (SWE)	- And The Water Came '95		17min
Nausea (US)		- Crime Against Humanity  MCD		23min
Nauseant (SWE)		- s/t  7"				14min  similar to Demilich
Nauseous Surgery (BRA)	- Abominable Voices			57min
Nauseous Surgery (BRA)	- Immortal Warriors			57min
Nauthis (SWE)		- The Almighty '94			12min
Navja (GER)             - Pagan Wolves '01                      16min
Nazghul (AUT)        	- The Throne Of Nordic... '96   	15min
Nazxul (AUS)		- Black Seed  Re-Release CD		35min
Nazxul (AUS)		- Iconoclast				57min
Nazxul (AUS)		- Live Pic-LP				44min  awesome
Nazxul (AUS)		- Quickener Of The Dead 7"		10min  US-Tour 7"
Nazxul (AUS)            - Totem                                 71min
Nazxul / Melek-Tha (AUS/FRA) - Split CD				73min  WARNING: Non-Metal ambient bullshit only
Nebiras (MALA)		- As The Sky Turns Black '93		21min
Nebiras (MALA)		- Into The Medieval Cults '97		24min  their best work, killer old Black Metal
Nebiras (MALA)		- Our BloodFor His Glory '94		40min
Nebiras (MALA)		- The Great Rites...  MCD		19min  Darkthrone's brotherband
Nebiros (COL)		- Demo Reh.'91 and Live '92 CD		50min
Nebiros (COL)		- Esperame En El Infierno  7"		15min
Nebiros (COL)		- Guerreros...+Sacrilegus Re-Release CD 60min
Nebiros (COL) 		- ...Mas Que Vencedor			67min
Nebiros (COL)           - Sacrilegus  7"                        14min
Nebrios (COL)		- Guerreros De Lucifer			50min
Neccrowretch (FRA)	- Putrefactive Infestation MLP		13min  killer Death Metal
Necro / Uncreation (ITA/ITA) - Split 7"				14min
Necro Schizma (NL)	- Discography				50min
Necro Schizma (NL)      - Erupted Evil                          78min  demo + live
Necro Schizma (NL)      - Necrocarnation '90                    19min  unrel. Reh./Demo II
Necrobiosis (FIN)	- The Pile Of Decayed Entrails '93	21min
Necrobiosis (POL)	- At Dawn Of Suffering '92		28min
Necrobiosis (POL)	- My Soul  '94				44min
Necrobiosis / Intense Agonizing (FIN/HUN) - Split 7"		16min
Necroblood (FRA)	- s/t  7"				11min
Necroccultus (MEX)	- Encircling The Mysterious Necro...	34min  Dark Death Metal gods !!!! Killer !!!!!!!!!
Necroccultus (MEX)	- Supreme Occult One...  7"		12min
Necroccultus / Shub Niggurath (MEX/MEX) - Split LP		46min
Necrocide (SWE)		- Demo '00				19min
Necrocock (CZE)		- Praktiky Pohrebnich Ustavu		46min  ex-Master's Hammer, luckily no Slagery stuff
Necrocurse (SWE)	- Chaos Carnage Cataclysm  7"		 9min  Runemagick on speed again!
Necrocurse (SWE)	- Chaos Carnage Cataclysm '11		13min  one bonus tck compared to the 7"
Necrocurse (SWE)	- Insane Curse Of Morbidity  7"		10min
Necrodead (CHI)		- Frustrated Message			35min  Chilenean melodic Death Metal
Necrodead (CHI)		- Killing Years... '97			51min  both demos from '91 and '92 on one tape
Necrodead (CHI)		- Path To Death				43min
Necrodead (CHI)		- The Last Trauma			67min
Necrodeath (ITA)	- 100% Hell				39min
Necrodeath (ITA)	- 20 Years Of Noise 1985-2005		70min
Necrodeath (ITA)	- Black As Pitch			39min
Necrodeath (ITA)	- Into The Macabre  Re-Release		36min
Necrodeath (ITA)	- Mater Of All Evil			36min  return of the legend
Necrodeath (ITA)	- The Shining Pentagram 10"		24min  demo on vinyl
Necrodeath (ITA)	- Ton(e)s Of Hate			38min
Necrodemon (CHI)	- Regions Of The Non Divine		58min  similar to At The Gates
Necrodemon (US)		- Ice Fields Of Hyperion		53min
Necrofago (BRA)		- Brutal Mutilation  MLP		25min  both demos on LP
Necrofeast (NL)		- Soulwinds				48min  like poor Parnassus or Dimmu Borgir
Necrofeast (NL)		- s/t					37min  like very slow Samael in their demo stage
Necroflesh / Entrails (ITA/CZE) - Split LP			30min
Necrofobia (ECU)	- Dark Deep And Eternal			32min  Ente-members, but bad vocals
Necroholocaust / Baphomets Horns (CAN/US) - Split 7"		13min
Necroholocaust / Manticore (CAN/US) - Split 7"			11min
Necroholocaust / Obeisance (CAN/US) - Split 7"			12min
Necrolust (POL)		- XII Faces Of Evil '94			40min  fantastic Death Metal
Necromancer (BUL)	- Memories '95				36min
Necromancer / Serpent Hordes (SALV/SALV) - Split CD             43min  pure shit, total crap from South America
Necromancia (BRA)	- Check Mate				32min  prod. by Andreas Kisser
Necromancia (BRA)	- Hypnotic  7"				10min  sounds like Bay Area Thrash
Necromancia (BRA)	- s/t					28min
Necromancy (BOL)	- ...Y A Satanas Gloria			50min  very good Blakc Metal
Necromancy (BOL)	- Into Apocalipsis '95/'05		40min
Necromancy (BOL)	- Satan Crush Useless God '94/'05	31min
Necromancy (SWE)	- Hanged In Hässelby '11		30min
Necromantia (GRE)	- Ancient Pride  MLP			28min  one bonus tck
Necromantia (GRE)	- Ancient Pride MCD			22min
Necromantia (GRE)	- Covering Evil - 12 Years...  Do.-CD	80min  new MCD and Best Of CD
Necromantia (GRE)	- IV: Malice  Re-Release LP		46min
Necromantia (GRE)    	- Adv. MCD '97 Ancient Pride    	22min
Necromantia / Acherontas (GRE/GRE) - Split LP			35min
Necromass (ITA)		- Chrysalis' Gold MCD			12min
Necromass (ITA)		- His Eyes  7"				12min
Necromass (ITA)      	- Abyss Calls Life              	52min
Necromessiah (ITA)	- ...Instar Gladii In Corporem Christi	43min
Necromessiah (ITA)	- Antiklerical Terroristik Death Squad	29min
Necromessiah (ITA)	- In Nomine Deus... Demo MCDr '03	17min
Necromessiah / Dewarsteiner (ITA/ITA) - Split 7"		10min
Necromicon (SWE)	- Peccata Mundi				42min  Grave meets Black Metal !!!
Necromicon (SWE)	- Sightvieler				61min
Necromicon (SWE)     	- Realm Of Silence              	38min
Necronaut (SWE)		- s/t					45min
NecronomicoN (CAN)	- Pharaoh Of Gods			55min  Morbid Angel/Vital Remains-like
Necronomicon (CAN)	- The Silver Key  MCD			19min
Necronomicon (CAN)	- The Sacred Medicines			46min
Necronomicon (GER)	- ...Possessed Again MCD		14min  self-released comback CDr
Necronomicon (GER)	- Construction Of Evil			50min
Necronomicon (GER)	- Demo I '85				22min  first ultrarare demo, mostly "forgotten"
Necronomicon (GER)	- Demo '85				20min
Necronomicon (GER)	- Demo 1985  MLP			21min  demo on LP
Necronomicon (GER)	- Escalation				33min
Necronomicon (GER)	- Necronomicon				38min  thier legendary debut from '85
Necronomicon (GER)	- Revenge Of The Beast  2-CD   	       102min
Necronomicon (GER)	- Screams				49min
Necronomicon (GER)	- The Devils Tongue  CD			33min  CD-version of Escalation
Necronomicon (GER)   	- Apocalyptic Nightmare         	40min  German Speed/Thrash from '84
Necronomicon (GER)   	- Possessed By Evil 7"			10min  German GODS from'84,like Destruction
Necronomicon Beast (BRA)- Hell Thrash War  MLP			24min
Necrony (SWE)		- Remasters				90min  Pathological...+Necronycism+EP+demo
Necrony (SWE)		- Under The Black Soil  Pic-MLP		11min
Necrony (SWE)           - Severe Malignant Pustule '91          22min
Necrophagia (US)	- Eat The Bones  MLP			23min  Bootleg
Necrophagia (US)	- Harvest Ritual Vol.1			48min
Necrophagia (US-LA)    	- MLP '87                               14min  different Necrophagia, not with Killjoy
Necrophagia (US-OH)    	- Reh. 6.11.86                  	 4min  Mercyful Fate Cover
Necrophagia (US-OH)     - Goblins Be Thine  MCD                 32min  boooooring !!!!!
Necrophagia (US-OH)     - Cannibal Holocaust  10"               20min
Necrophagia (US-OH)     - The Divine Art Of Tortur              36min
Necrophagia (US-OH)     - LP-Bonustck from "Holocausto..."       3min
Necrophagia (US-OH)     - Death Is Fun				28min  old demostuff of this cult-legend
Necrophagia (US-OH)     - Holocausto De La Morte                40min  ultra killer riffs, Phil Anselmo on git. !!
Necrophagia (US-OH)     - Black Blood Vomitorium MCD            16min
Necrophagia (US-OH)     - A Legacy Of Horror, Gore... 2LP       62min
Necrophagia (US-OH)     - Death Is Fun   Re-Release CD          31min  ReRelease of the '94 CD
Necrophagia / Antaeus (US/FRA) - Split Pic-7"                    8min
Necrophagia / Sigh (US/JPN) - Split 7"				 5min
Necrophagist (GER)	- Demo '95				15min
Necrophagist (GER)	- Epitaph				33min
Necrophagist (GER)	- Onset Of Putrefaction			36min  too technical
Necrophil (POL)		- Cannibal Sex  Re-Release CD		64min
Necrophil (POL)		- Meganerkromancja '89			27min
Necrophile (JPN)	- Demo 2 '89				 9min
Necrophile (JPN)	- Dissociated Modernity  7"		 9min
Necrophiliac (FRA)	- Abusive Penetrator '90		21min
Necrophiliac (SPA)	- Citadel Of Mirrors 			38min
Necrophobic (POL)	- Fears '94				48min  got worse
Necrophobic (POL)	- Feeling Of Agony '90			35min
Necrophobic (POL)	- No More Life '92			36min  great Death Thrash Metal
Necrophobic (SWE)	- Bloodhymns				46min
Necrophobic (SWE)	- Death To All				45min  again great stuff
Necrophobic (SWE)	- Hrimthursum				59min  great blast again
Necrophobic (SWE)	- Satanic Blasphemies			41min  shredding razorsharp guitar tone, killer
Necrophobic (SWE)	- The Third Antichrist			45min
Necrophobic (SWE)	- Tour EP 2003				41min  nothing unreleased
Necrophobic (SWE)    	- Darkside                      	33min
Necrophobic (SWE)    	- Spawned By Evil MCD           	17min
Necrophobic (SWE)	- Womb Of Lilithu			69min
Necrophobic (SWE)	- Mark Of The Necrogram			49min
Necrophobic (SWE)	- Dawn Of The Damned			48min
Necroplasma (SWE)	- Black Funeral Horns '01		25min
Necroplasma (SWE)	- Demo '01				18min
Necroplasma (SWE)	- Gospels Of Antichristian Terror	54min
Necroplasma (SWE)	- May Hearse My Redemption		39min  cool Black Metal, Neodawn 7" was better
Necroplasma (SWE)	- Obscurial Death  7"			12min  like Dissection with Nifelheim sound
Necroplasma (SWE)	- Sit Gloria Domini In Saeculum		36min  good release but horrible sound
Necroplasma (SWE)	- The Cold Of The Uncaring Moon '00	10min
Necroplasma / Darkness (SWE/ITA) - Split Demo '02		38min
Necroplasma / Tymah (SWE/HUN) - Split 7"			13min
Necropolis (UK)		- The End Of The Line			45min  UK-NWOBHM guys doing Death Metal (!!)
Necropolis (US) 	- The Last Slaughter '86                 8min
Necropolis (US)     	- Contemplating Slaughter               33min  US-Deaththrash from '88
Necropsia (CHI)		- Die Fucking Bastard			32min
Necropsia (CHI)		- Unholy Attacks...From Hell '03	38min  Promo '00, Reh. '92, Reh.'02
Necropsy (FIN)          - Never To Be Forgotten  7"             10min
Necropsy (GER)		- Some Dark Impressions  7"		 9min
Necropsy (UK)		- Blind Faith '96			21min
Necropsya (PER)		- Devastated By Time			53min
Necropsya (PER)		- Slaves Of The Magic  CDr		40min
Necropsya / Epilepsia (PER/PER) - Split 7"			13min
Necrorrosion (BRA)	- ...Unlabeled  7"			16min
Necros Christos (GER)	- Doom Of The Occult			73min
Necros Christos (GER)	- Ritual Doom Rehearsal '04		13min
Necros Christos (GER)	- Triune Impurity Rites			60min  great Dark Death Metal
Necros Christos (GER)   - Grave Damnation  MCD                  18min  demo pressed on MCD
Necros Christos (GER)   - Curse Of The Necromantical Sabbat 7"  12min  good Black Death
Necros Christos (GER) 	- One In Darkness, Two In...           107min	
Necros Christos (GER) 	- Nine Graves  MLP			41min
Necros Christos (GER) 	- Darkness Comes To...Live!		65min
Necros Christos (GER) 	- Domedon Doxomedon		       113min
Necros Christos / Goat Molestör (GER/UK) - Split CD             44min
Necros Christos / Loss (GER/US) - Split MLP			21min  incl. two Goatlord covers
Necrosadistic Goat Torture (UK) - The Maniac's Banquet MCD 	20min
Necrosadistic Goat Torture (UK) - One Nation Under Goat MCD 	27min
Necrosanct (UK)		- Incarnate				41min  killer Death Metal
Necrosanct (UK)     	- Equal In Death                	37min
Necrose (BRA)		- Acrostichon To The Rack  7"		15min  lame Grindcore
Necrosis (CHI)		- Enslaved To The Machine		47min  the legendary Thrash band, from 2001
Necrosis (CHI)		- The Search				41min  Thrash LP from 1988
Necrosis (US-NJ)	- The Prophet Of Carnage		44min  demo '92 on CD
Necrosis (US-RI)        - Acta Sanctorum                        33min
Necroslaughter (POL)    - Sacrifice To Satan  7"                10min
Necrosphere (ITA)	- Causa  7"				12min
Necrosphere (ITA)	- Revided				40min  brutal Death Metal
Necroterio (BRA)	- A Rotten Pile Of Dead Humans		40min
Necroterio (BRA)	- Laments Of Flesh			28min
Necrotic Chaos (MALA)	- Regime Grotesque			27min
Necrotion (US)		- Apocalyptic Vengeance			34min
Necrotion (US)		- Prelude To Apolcalypse  7"		 8min
Necrotomy (US)		- Indecent Exposure MCD			17min
Necrovation (SWE)	- Breed Deadness Blood			38min
Necrovation (SWE)	- Chants Of Grim Death  7"	 	14min  pure old-school Dods Metal massacre
Necrovation (SWE)	- Gloria Mortus  7"			 9min
Necrovation (SWE)	- Ovations To Putrefaction '04		18min  like Swedish Nihilist, Kaamos, Vomitory
Necrovation / Corrupt (SWE/SWE) - Split 7"			15min  w.Morbid and Mercyful Fate covers
Necrovomit / In League With Satan (ITA/ITA) - Split CD		38min
Necrovore (US)		- Divus De Mortuus - Necrograpgy	39min  demo + radio interview + live
Necrovore (US)		- The Abysmal Plains Of Hell  2-LP	67min  better sound than the Unreleased Evil CD
Necrovore (US)		- Unreleased Evil			74min  bootleg CD
Necrovore / Incubus / Morbid Angel (all US) - Split CD		41min  all three '87 demos on CD
Necrovore / Sarcofago (US/BRA)  - Split LP			32min  both Demos '87
Necrovorous (GRE)	- Crypt Of The Unembalmed... 7"		 9min
Necrovorous (GRE)	- Funeral For The Sane			44min
Necrowitch (US)		- Into The Temples Of Nar Matarru '06 	20min
Necrowretch (FRA)	- Now You're In Hell  7"		 8min
Needlestick (UK)	- Welcome To Planet Work  7"		14min
Neetzach (SWE)		- True Servants Of Satan		46min
Nefandus (SWE)		- Behold The Hordes '95			24min
Nefandus (SWE)		- Death Holy Death			37min
Nefandus (SWE)       	- The Nightwings Carried Our... 	45min
Nefarious (CAN)		- Involuntary Episodes Of... '93	19min
Nefarious (US)		- Hatred Destruction And War '02	42min
Nefas (ITA)		- He Was Born '97			20min
Nefas (ITA)		- Seven Times Seven			37min  similar to old Violent Dirge !!!!
Nefas (ITA)             - Transfiguration To The... MCD         23min  like Vader
Nefas / Bastard Saint (ITA/ITA) - Split MCD			13min
Negationist (NL)	- Satanic Victory  MCD			25min  melodic BlackDeath
Negative Creeps (GRE)	- In Uterus Rebirth			38min
Negative Plane (US)	- Et In Saecula Saeculorum		54min
Negura Bunget (ROM)	- Inarborat Kosmos  MCD			21min
Negura Bunget (ROM)	- Om					79min
Negura Bunget (ROM)	- Sala Molksa				28min
Negura Bunget (ROM)	- Zirnindu-Sa				38min
Nekrobutcher (COL)	- Primer Sacrificio '98			26min
Nekromantheon (NOR)	- Divinity Of Death			31min
Nekromantheon (NOR)	- We're Rotting  MCD			18min  similar to Audiopain
Nekromantie (COL)	- Resurreccion Maldita			39min  Best-Of from this old cult-act
Nekromantie (COL)	- s/t '88/'05				22min  like gods Parabellum and Reencarnacion, re-release
Nekronom (JPN)		- Machine Necro Meassacre Demo MCDr '05 12min  mix of old Hellhammer and Bathory
Nekropol (EST)		- Messenger Of Fallen Angel		54min  old Death Doom demo on CD
Nembrionic (NL)		- Bloodcult MCD				21min
Nembrionic (NL)		- Incomplete				49min
Nembrionic (NL)		- Psycho One Hundred			50min
Nembrionic + Ossdorp Posse (NL) - Briljant, Hard En Geslepen	56min  Metal and Rap doesn't fit
Nembrionic Hammerdeath (NL) - Themes On An Occult... 7"		13min
Nembrionic Hammerdeath (NL) - Lyrics Of Your Last Will '91	13min
Nemesis	(SWE)		- The Day Of Retribution		46min  Re-Release w. Candlemass-bonus tx
Nemesis (CHI)           - Live As Trio At Mol  12/2005          20min
Nemesis (COL)		- Hombre: Oveja Nehra Del Universo  7"   9min  very old Thrash from 1988
Nemesis (SWE)		- The Day Of Retri... Re-Release LP	40min
Nemesis Aeterna (SPA)	- ...And The Trip Begins  7"		11min
Nemesis Aeterna / Jigsore (SPA/SPA) - Split MCD			21min
Nemesis Ocvlta (MEX)	- The Complex				48min
Neocori (SWE)		- Purgatory Dreams MCD			18min
Neolithic (POL)		- For Destroy The Lament		53min
Neolithic (POL)		- Team 666 MCD				25min
Nepenthe (US)       	- Ligeia  7"                    	10min
Nephasth (BRA)		- Conceived By Inhuman Evil		44min
Nephasth (BRA)		- Immortal Unholy Triumph		31min
Nephasth (BRA)		- The Merciless Face Of Evil '99	14min
Nephastus (BRA)		- Tortuous Ways				33min
Nephente (US)		- The Conqueror Worm '93		14min  pre-Ligeia
Nephenzy (SWE)		- In Anguish And Furious Pain  7"	10min
Nephenzy (SWE)		- Stolen Blessing '9?			14min
Nephenzy (SWE)		- Where Death Becomes Art		43min  cool Swedish Black/Death
Nephenzy (SWE)		- Worshipped By The Mass Promo '97	15min
Nephenzy (SWE)          - Promo '97                             15min
Nephenzy Chaos Order (SWE)  - Pure Black Disease		47min
Nergal (GRE)		- Absinthos				31min
Nergal (GRE)		- De Vermis Mysteriis  7"		15min
Nergal (GRE)		- The Wizard Of Nerath			49min
Nergal (SWI)		- Symbol Of Zadkiel '92			17min
Nergal / Funeral Urn (GRE/GRE) - Split 7"			17min
Nergal / PSF (SWI/SWI)	- Split 7"				11min  really a Split 7" or fucked WRR up ?
Nerkroth (CHI) 		- Eterno Ritual Negro  7"		16min
Nerlich (FIN)		- Defabricated Process			40min
Nerlich (FIN)		- Innards '09				18min
Nerlich (FIN)		- Promo MCDr '05			27min
Nero Circus (UK)	- Human Pigs				45min  ex-Hellbastard, too much alternative
Nero Circus (UK)	- Nailed Harder  MCD			19min
Nero Circus (UK)	- Unrel tx. '95				14min  w.Sindrome/Devastation vocalist Troxy Dixler
Nervochaos (BRA)	- Legion Of Spirits Infernal		37min
Nervochaos (BRA)	- Payback Time				29min
Nervochaos (BRA)        - Quarrel In Hell                       48min
Netherealm (SIN)	- The Occultist Omnibus '02		41min
Netherealm (SIN)	- The Occultist Omnibus			63min  demo on CD + bonus stuff
Nethermancy (POR)	- Towards The Astral Twilight '99	13min
Nethermancy (POR)	- Weakening Divinity			74min  very similar to Decayed, 3 crappy bonus tx
Netherworld (AUS)	- s/t					34min  nice and varied Black Metal
Neurodeliri (ITA)	- s/t					27min  ex-Bulldozer member, from 1993
Neuropath (AUS)		- Desert Of Excruciation '95		12min
Neurosis (COL)		- En Vivo Medellin '95  CD		36min
Neurosis (COL)		- Mas Alla De La Demencia		64min  demo 1991 on CD
Neurosis (COL)		- Verdun 1916				51min  cool Thrash
Neurosis Inc. (COL)	- 15 Anos De Guerra			62min  great Best-Of compilation
Neurosis Inc. (COL)	- Masters Of Thrash			68min  tribute cover version album (Asphyx, Death, SOD ,...)
Neurosis Inc. (COL)	- Odas En Concierto			72min
Neurosis Inc. (COL)	- Subversivos Espirituales		44min
Neus (COL)		- Retroceso  7"				11min  very good Thrash
Neuthrone (BEL)		- Another Era Ending			43min  like Dream Death with less Frost
Neuthrone (BEL)		- As The Grey Skies Opened  7"		12min
Neuthrone (BEL)		- Half A Skull's Size  7"		10min
Neuthrone / Virtual Reality (BEL/UK) - Split 7"			11min
Neutron Hammer (FIN)	- Apokalyptic Attakk '04		21min  killer BlackDeath
Neutron Hammer (FIN)	- Damnation's Bringer  7"		14min
Never (POL)		- Monument				42min
Never Sleep (US)	- Crime Don't Pay  MLP			18min  Exciter-influenced
Nevermore (US)		- Enemies Of Reality  CD + DVD		41min  first pressing
Nevermore (US)      	- In Memory MCD                 	27min
Nevermore (US)      	- The Politics Of Ecstasy       	63min
New Light Choir (US) 	- Volume II				36min
New Light Choir (US) 	- Torchlight				53min
Nex (SWE)		- Zero					48min
Next (MEX)		- ...Y Los Restos			32min
Next (MEX)		- Invasion Nuclear			37min
Next (MEX)		- MCMXCVI DC				54min
Next (MEX)		- Metal Mexicano En Vivo		74min
Next (MEX)		- Pelea Muere				34min
Next (MEX)		- Recopilacion				66min
Next (MEX)		- Silencio Nocturno			35min
Next Step Up (US)	- Fall From Grace			41min  Hardcore/Crust
Next Step Up (US)   	- Intent To Kill CD/EP          	15min
Nezgaroth (SWE)		- Demo 2 '94				21min
Nezgaroth (SWE)		- Demo 1 '93				33min
Nicatas Drumer (SAFR)	- Impure Grandeur			49min  great South African Black Metal !!!!!
Niden Div. 187 (SWE)	- Impergium				27min  w. Thy Primordial/Dawn members
Niden Div. 187 (SWE)	- In The Twilight Of War		43min  CD and MCD re-released on LP
Niden Div. 187 (SWE) 	- Towards Judgement MCD         	16min
Nidingr (NOR)		- Sodomize The Priest			43min
Nidsang (SWE)		- Streams Of Darkness  7"		 9min
Nifelheim (SWE)		- 13 Years				39min
Nifelheim (SWE)		- Envoy Of Lucifer			43min  very good stuff again
Nifelheim (SWE)		- Servants Of Darkness			34min  yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Nifelheim (SWE)		- Unholy Death  7"			 6min
Nifelheim (SWE)      	- Devil's Force                         33min
Nifelheim (SWE)      	- Unholy Death '94              	16min
Nifelheim (SWE)		- Satanatas  MLP			26min
Nifelheim (SWE)		- The Burning Warpath To Hell  7"	10min
Nifelheim / Sadistik Exekution (SWE/AUS) - Split 7"		12min  N. with a new txk, SAD-EX from Demon With Wings
Nifelheim / Vulcano (SWE/BRA) - Split 7"			15min  cool new songs of both bands
Niflheim (AUS)		- Demo '96				15min
Niflheim (AUS)		- Myrkvid				47min  totally Hellhammer influcenced, girl on vox
Night Conquers Day (US) - Rebellion Is The Art Of Survival	74min
Night Conquers Day (US) - The First Snowfall			74min
Night Gallery (POL)	- True Lovers Path '95			57min
Night In Gales (GER)	- Razor  7"				15min
Night In Gales (GER) 	- Adv. EP '96                   	15min
Nightchill (SWE)	- Demo '94				20min
Nightfall (GRE)		- Astron Black				44min
Nightfall (GRE)		- Diva Futura				50min
Nightfall (GRE)		- Electronegative  MCD			17min
Nightfall (GRE)		- I Am Jesus				53min
Nightfall (GRE)		- Lyssa					41min
Nightly Gale (POL)	- ...And Jesus Wept			60min
Nightmare (COL)		- High Speed Venom			43min  US-styled Heavy Metal from the 80es, Witchtrap members
Nightmare (GRE)		- About To Explode			40min
Nightmare (POL)		- Cyptic Songs '93			20min
Nightmare (POL)		- Misterium Przeklenstw '92		19min
Nightmare Visions (UK)	- NVIII  MCD				27min
Nightmare Visions (UK)	- Suffering From Echoes MCD		35min
Nightmare Visions (UK)	- Bequest Of Sorrow (+ Suffering...EP)	77min  like very old Paradise Lost
Nightmare Visions (UK)	- Gates Of Delirium			46min  good one, DoomDeath mixed with Heavy Metak
Nightrage (SWE)		- Descent Into Chaos			42min
Nightrage (SWE)		- Sweet Vengeance 			41min
Nightspirit (SWE)	- Death Be Thy Name  MCD		18min  awesome melodic Black Death
Nightwish (FIN)		- Sacrament Of Wilderness Split MCD 	13min  Split MCD w.Darkwoods My Betrothed and Eternal Tears Of Sorrow
Nightwolf / Ravenclaw (GER/GER) - Split Demo '96		61min
Nihil Domination (ECU)	- Jehovah's Desecration Demo MCDr '05 	17min
Nihili Locus (ITA)      - Ad Nihilum Recidunt Omnia MCD         22min
Nihilist (AUS)		- s/t  7"				11min  Driller Killer like
Nihilist (SWE)		- Adv. tck for unrel Split-EP 	 	 6min  together with Dismember (see my Demolist)
Nihilist (SWE)		- Carnal Leftovers LP + 7"		49min  w.Entombed demo on Bonus 7"
Nihilist (SWE)		- Drowned CD				65min  incl. demos, 7" and live
Nihilist (SWE)		- Drowned In Shreds Of Autopsy CDr 	69min  Masterkult bootleg
Nihilist (SWE)		- Live Stockholm 20.11.88		25min  incl. Master coverversion and nearly ok sound
Nihilist (SWE)		- Nihilist 1987-1989			49min  all demos now officially released
Nihilist (SWE)		- The Demos '88-'90  LP			39min  Bootleg
Nihilist (SWE)  	- Drowned '89                           16min  4 song version (!!)
Nile (US)		- Amongst The Catacombs Of...		34min  varied US Death 'Egypt' Metal
Nile (US)		- Annihilation Of The Wicked		52min
Nile (US)		- Black Seeds Of Vengeance		31min
Nile (US)		- Festivals Of Atonement		33min
Nile (US)		- In The Beginning			42min
Nile (US)		- In Their Darkened Shrines		59min
Nile (US)		- Ithyphallic				63min
Nile (US)		- Papyrus Containing The Spell... 7"	 7min
Nile (US)		- Ramses Bringer Of War MCD		10min
Nimble Slush (US)	- Demo '92				21min  stupid name, good Techno Death
Nimrod (CHI)		- Time Of Changes			66min  old Thrash demo on CD, Chilenean cult band
Ninnghizhidda (GER)	- Blasphemy				43min  German Black Metal and really good (!!)
Ninnghizhidda (GER)	- Demigod				42min
Ninnghizhidda (GER) 	- The Horned Serpent '97            	30min
Nirvana 2002 (SWE)	- Disembodied Spirits '91		11min
Nirvana 2002 (SWE)	- Recordings 89-91			48min
No Return (FRA)		- Contamination Rises			40min  Possessed meets total Thrash, awesome...
No Return (FRA)		- Machinery				48min
No Return (FRA)		- Psychological Torment			39min
No Return (FRA)		- Red Embers  MCD			25min
No Return (FRA)		- Seasons Of Soul			47min  killer Thrash Metal
Noctambulism (MEX)	- Resurrection Of The Dead		46min  old demos on vinyl
Nocternity (GRE)	- Harps Of The Ancient Temples 7"	11min
Nocternity / Nastrond (GRE/SWE) - Split 7"			12min
Noctes (SWE)		- Vexilla Regis Prodeunt INFERNI	51min
Noctis Invocat (GUAT)	- Depressiva Vox Clamantis		46min
Noctuary (US)		- For Salvation				41min
Noctuary (US)		- When Fires Breed Blood		38min
Noctuary (US)		- Where All Agony Prevails  MCD		17min
Nocturn (NL)		- Shades Of Insanity  7"		11min
Nocturnal (AUS)		- s/t					38min  Shining/Burzum like stuff
Nocturnal (GER)		- Arrival Of The Carnivore		36min  Thrash massacre
Nocturnal (GER)		- Fire Of Revenge  7"			13min  w.Living Death cover, great Thrash
Nocturnal (GER)		- Raging Rehearsal  7"			13min
Nocturnal (GER)		- Slaughter Command  7"			 8min
Nocturnal (GER)		- Temple Of Sin  7"			14min  oldest old-school Thrash
Nocturnal (GER)		- Thrash With The Devil  MLP		19min
Nocturnal (GER)		- Thrash In Bitterfeld  7"		13min
Nocturnal (GER)		- Tormentor  2*7"			27min  12 times the same song
Nocturnal (GER)		- Violent Revenge			36min
Nocturnal / Armour (GER/FIN) - Split 7"				13min
Nocturnal / Pagan Rites (GER/SWE) - Split 7"			16min
Nocturnal Breed	(NOR)	- No Retreat...No Surrender		46min
Nocturnal Breed	(NOR)	- Aggressor				45min  again old-school, incl. cool Death-coverversion
Nocturnal Breed	(NOR)	- Raping Europe '97  10"		20min  ltd. 333, incl. 2 unreleased tx
Nocturnal Breed (NOR)	- The Tools Of Trade  Do.-LP		51min
Nocturnal Breed (NOR)	- Fields Of Rot				33min
Nocturnal Breed (NOR)	- Warthog  7"				 9min
Nocturnal Breed (NOR)	- Triumph Of The Blasphemer MCD		20min
Nocturnal Breed (NOR)   - Black Cult                            43min  demos on CD
Nocturnal Breed (NOR)   - Motörmouth  7"                        10min
Nocturnal Desire (GER)	- Weltenschmerz '97			47min
Nocturnal Fear (US)	- Code Of Violence			44min
Nocturnal Fear (US)	- Fog Of War				40min
Nocturnal Fear (US)	- Sterilize And Exterminate		43min
Nocturnal Graves (AUS)	- Satan's Cross				30min
Nocturnal Graves (AUS)	- Necromancer  7"			10min
Nocturnal Graves (AUS)	- Deathstorm '04			13min  like Necrovore
Nocturnal Graves (AUS)	- Profanation Of Innocence '04		13min
Nocturnal Graves / Hell Spirit (AUS/FIN) - Split LP		37min
Nocturnal Rites (SWE)	- In A Time Of Blood And Fire   	42min  100% pure Heavy Metal, very eighties like
Nocturnal Rites (SWE)	- Demo '90				21min  3 songs on cover, 4 songs on tape, old Death Metal
Nocturnal Vomit (GRE)	- Arts Of Tenebrous Superstition  7"	11min
Nocturnal Vomit (GRE)	- Infernal Ascension Of The Gods '03	13min
Nocturnal Vomit / Embrace Of Thorns (GRE/GRE) - Split 7"	12min
Nocturnal Vomit / Empheris (GRE/POL) - Split 7"			13min
Nocturnal Winds (FIN)	- Everlasting Fall			45min  great new melodic Black Metal stuff
Nocturnal Winds (FIN)	- Of Art And Suffering			45min  even more beautiful, killer !!!!
Nocturnal Worshipper (BRA) - Cerimonial Circle  7"		15min
Nocturnal Worshipper (BRA) - The Return Of The Southern...	43min  great Black Metal
Nocturnus (US)		- Ethereal Tomb				43min
Nocturnus (US)		- Nocturnus '87				18min
Nocturnus (US)		- Science Of Horror  7"			17min
Nocturnus (US)		- The Nocturnus Demos			42min
Nocturnus AD (US)	- Paradox				52min
Node (ITA)		- As God Kills				46min
Node (ITA)		- Ask MCD				26min
Node (ITA)		- Das Kapital				52min
Node (ITA)		- Sterilized  MCD			27min  strange Death Metal
Node (ITA)		- Sweatshops				42min
Node (ITA)		- Technical Crime 			37min
Noenum (FIN)		- Black Esoteric Evangelium 10"		26min
Nokturnal (US)		- Nothing But Hatred			37min
Nokturnel (US)		- Anti Grunge  7"			10min
Nokturnel (US)		- Fury Unleashed			34min  fantastic Old School Death Metal
Nomad (POL)		- Demonic Verses			42min
Nomad (POL)		- Disorder '96				32min
Nomad (POL)		- The Devilish Whirl			43min  ultrakiller Death Metal
Nomad (POL)		- The Independance Of Observation... 	48min
Nomad (POL)		- The Tail Of Substance '97		46min  great young Death Metal commando
Nomed (FRA)		- A Vision Of God  CDr			44min
Nomed (FRA)		- Feel The Pain MCD			27min  old Thrash band now on a Black Metal trip
Nomed (FRA)		- Like...				35min
Nomed (FRA)		- Live 7"				15min
Nomed (FRA)		- Silent Scream  MCDr			16min  released by Putrefaction Rec.
Nomed (FRA)		- Troop Of Death  MLP			19min
Nomenclatura Diablerie (AUS) - 888  7"				11min  from '88, w.Sadistik-drummer Sloth
Nomicon (FIN)		- De Rerum Natura  7"			 7min
Nomicon (FIN)		- Halla					36min
Nomicon (FIN)		- Promo '96				20min
Nomicon (FIN)		- Promo MCDr '98			11min
Nomicon (FIN)		- Yellow				42min
Nomicon / Sarnath (FIN/FIN) - Split CD				56min
Nominon (SWE)		- Blaspheming The Dead '03		15min  killer killer killer
Nominon (SWE)		- Blaspheming The Dead  7"		14min
Nominon (SWE)		- Demo '96				10min
Nominon (SWE)		- Diabolical Bloodshed			38min  new Death Metal gods !!!
Nominon (SWE)		- Legioes Em Portugal  7"		 8min
Nominon (SWE)		- Manifestation Of Black  7"		10min
Nominon (SWE)		- Monumentomb				41min
Nominon (SWE)		- Omen  MCD				17min
Nominon (SWE)		- Promo '97				24min
Nominon (SWE)		- Recremation				36min  best release since the godly debut
Nominon (SWE)		- Terra Necrosis			42min
Nominon (SWE)		- The True Face Of Death  MCD		28min
Nominon (SWE)           - Remnants Of A Diabolical History      44min  great old tracks re-recorded, Döds Metal massacre
Nominon / Exorcism (SWE/GER) - Split 7"				10min
Nominon / Fafner (SWE/SWE) - Split CD				72min  Demos from 1993-1996
Non Opus Dei (POL)	- Constant Flow				38min
Non Opus Dei (POL)	- Diabolical Metal			30min
Non Opus Dei (POL)	- Iliaest '01				21min
Non Opus Dei (POL)	- Sem Al Diavol Va Porti Al Mal		54min  old Root like, Dark Death Metal
Non Opus Dei (POL)	- The Quintessence			47min  average release
Non Opus Dei (POL)	- VI: The Satanachist's Credo		34min
Non Opus Dei (POL)	- Yfel '98				20min
Non Opus Dei (POL)	- Zima 2005				32min
Non Serviam (SWE)	- Necrotical				41min  Un-fuckin'-believable great
Non Serviam (SWE)	- Play God  7"				15min
Non Serviam (SWE)	- The Witches Sabbath			36min  demos on CD
Non Serviam (SWE)    	- The..., The Second Vision '97 	19min
Non Serviam (SWE)    	- The Witches Sabbath '97       	17min
Non Serviam (SWE)    	- Between Light And Darkness    	51min
Non Serviam (SWE)    	- Between Light And...'96       	13min
Noneuclid (GER)		- The Crawling Chaos			42min  strange/twisted Death Metal, Dark Fortress members
Noneum (FIN)		- Demo 2002  7"				11min
Nonexist (SWE)		- Deus Deceptor				41min  w.Matte Modin and Johan Liiva
Nordlys (GER)		- Reisen Til Den Hoyes Hall '95		29min
Nordlys (GER)		- Til Pest				76min
Nordlys (GER)        	- EP '97                        	 9min
Noren (SWI)		- Trained To Slay '89			51min
North (POL)		- As My Kingdom Rises '93		23min
North (POL)		- Entering The Dark...  Reh./Demo '93 	10min
North (POL)		- From The Dark Past			46min
North (POL)		- Korona/The Crown			48min
North (POL)		- Promo '94				29min
North (POL)          	- Thorns On The Black Rose      	42min
North (POL)             - Wojna Trwa '00                        45min
Northern Alliance (PAKI)- Death Anthems For A World Of Shit 7" 	17min
Northland (POL)     	- Czernoboh                     	57min
Nostradamus (POL)	- In Perpetuam Rei Memoriam '95		28min
Nostradamus (POL)	- Non Omnis Moriar '94			42min  great Death Metal
Nostradamus (POL)	- Vanitas Vanitatum... '96		43min
Not Us (US)		- Think What You Want  MLP		20min  ex-Natas
November's Doom (US)	- For Every Leaf That Falls  MCD	19min
November's Doom (US)	- The Pale Haunt Departure		52min
November's Doom (US)	- To Welcome The Fade...Re-Release 2-CD 84min  live-tx and MCD on Bonus CD
Novembers Doom (US)	- Amid It's Hallowed Mirth		61min
Novembers Doom (US)	- Of Sculptured Ivy And Stone...	50min
Novembers Doom (US)	- Reflecting In Grey Dusk		70min
Novembers Doom (US)	- The Novella Reservoir			47min
Novembers Doom (US)	- The Knowing				64min
Novembers Doom (US)	- To Welcome The Fade			55min
Nox (NL)		- Ixaxaar				35min
Nox (NL)		- Zazaz  MCD				11min
Nuclear Aggressor (ITA)	- Violent Thrashing Rage Demo MCDr '10 	15min
Nuclear Assault	(US)	- Life, Suffer, Die 2/86		12min
Nuclear Assault (US)	- The Plague EP                 	24min
Nuclear Death (POL)	- Freedom? '91				23min
Nuclear Death (POL)	- I Am Only God '92			21min
Nuclear Death (US)	- Carrion For Worm			28min  ultra Grind, Chris Reifert on backing vocals
Nuclear Death (US)	- For Our Dead/All Creatures... CD	34min
Nuclear Death (US)	- For Our Dead  7"			 9min
Nuclear Death (US)	- Harmony Drinks Of Me			47min
Nuclear Death (US)	- The Planet Cachexial			31min  less Metal, more Noise/non-Metal
Nuclear Death (US)	- Welcome to The Mind Of The... '87 	12min
Nuclear Death Terror (DK) - Ceaseless Desolation  7"		11min  great metallic Crust with Celtic Frost Cover
Nuclear Death Terror (DK) - Discography 2005-2008		66min
Nuclear Death Terror (DK) - s/t 7"				10min
Nuclear Death Terror (DK) - s/t  				27min  very good E.N.T.-like Crust, but horrible lyrics
Nuclear Death Terror (DK) - Total Annihilation 7"		 8min
Nuclear Desecration (US)- Desecrated Temple Of Impurity		31min
Nuclear Desecration (US)- Nuclear Demons Attack  7"		14min
Nuclear Magick (GER)	- Priests Of The Bomb			32min
Nuclear Magick (GER)	- Priests Of The Bomb '10		26min
Nuclear Symphony (ITA)	- Lost In Wonderland			44min
Nuclear Tribunal (GER)	- Attack Of The Salami Smokers...	38min
Nuclear Winter (GRE)	- Abomination Virginborn  7"		13min
Nuclear Winter (GRE)	- s/t  MCD				16min
Nuctemeron (NOR)        - Angel Of Destruction '97              13min  killer oldschool, Kreator-like, not the GER
Nuctemeron (SIN)	- Demo II '90				18min
Nuctemeron (SIN)	- Demo '88/Demo '90  CDr		29min  released by the band's own label
Nuctemeron (SIN)	- Procreator Of Sin			40min  both Demos and two unrel. tracks on CD
Nuctemeron (SIN)	- The Unexpected '88			14min  fantastic Death Metal
Nuctemeron (US)		- A Time The World Forgot		36min  demo on CD and one bonus tck
Nuctemeron (US)		- A Time The World Forgot  '94		32min  demo later released on CD by WRR
Nugatory (SWE)		- s/t  MCD				18min  old Swedish Death Metal band from 1995
Num Skull / Sea Of Tranquillity (US/US) - Split 7"		 9min
Numanthia (SWE)		- And The Water Came '95		17min
Numskull (US)      	- When Suffering Comes          	33min  old cult US band, similar to Seance now
Numskull (US)       	- Demo '95                      	25min
Numskull (US)       	- Future...Our Terror Promo '91 	45min
Nunslaughter (US)	- All Of The Dead			53min  compilation
Nunslaughter (US)	- An Evening At War			40min
Nunslaughter (US)	- Black  7"				 8min
Nunslaughter (US)	- Black Horn Of The Ram  7"		 2min
Nunslaughter (US)	- Blasphemer  7"			 4min
Nunslaughter (US)	- Blood Devil  Pic.-7"			12min
Nunslaughter (US)	- Blood Devil 7"			10min
Nunslaughter (US)	- Burn The Cross  7"			 9min  their best work to date, killer old-school Death
Nunslaughter (US)	- Cerebus  7"				 4min  cool fold-out cover, lousy playing time
Nunslaughter (US)	- Christmassacre MLP			 9min
Nunslaughter (US)	- Compilation CD			32min  from Unisound Rip-Off label
Nunslaughter (US)	- Damned In Japan  4*7" + CDr 		94min
Nunslaughter (US)	- Demoslaughter  2-CD	      	       112min
Nunslaughter (US)	- Devil Metal				45min
Nunslaughter (US)	- Eastern Illusion			34min
Nunslaughter (US)	- European Excommunication 7" 		11min
Nunslaughter (US)	- Evil Speaks  7"			 7min
Nunslaughter (US)	- Face Of Evil  7"			13min  demo on 7"
Nunslaughter (US)	- Fathers Of Fright  7"			 7min
Nunslaughter (US)	- Fuck The God In Heaven  MLP		11min
Nunslaughter (US)	- Fuck That Cunt  7"			11min
Nunslaughter (US)	- Goat					30min
Nunslaughter (US)	- Grehi Otza 				60min
Nunslaughter (US)	- Hate Your God				41min
Nunslaughter (US)	- Hell On Belgium  7"			11min
Nunslaughter (US)	- Hell On France  7"			13min
Nunslaughter (US)	- Hells Unholy Fire			30min  yeah, their first LP after 14 years !!!
Nunslaughter (US)	- Hell On Spain  7"			13min
Nunslaughter (US)	- Hell On Switzerland  7"		13min
Nunslaughter (US)	- Hell On Austria			47min
Nunslaughter (US)	- Hell On Holland  7"			13min
Nunslaughter (US)	- Hell On Germany  7"			11min
Nunslaughter (US)	- Hex					30min
Nunslaughter (US)	- Impale The Soul Of Christ... 2-7"	15min
Nunslaughter (US)	- Live In Aurora Illinois  MLP		24min
Nunslaughter (US)	- Metal Assault On Adelaide  2-7"	22min
Nunslaughter (US)	- Metal Assault Melbourne/Brisbane 3-7" 31min
Nunslaughter (US)	- Metal Assault On Canberra  7"		13min
Nunslaughter (US)	- NNN MLP				18min
Nunslaughter (US)	- Nordic Nightmare Tour 2007  7"	10min
Nunslaughter (US)	- One Night In Hell			44min
Nunslaughter (US)	- Open Sepulchre 			55min  compilation
Nunslaughter (US)	- Padova Tour EP... 7"			 8min
Nunslaughter (US)	- Radio Damnation  Re-Release CD	71min  new re-mastered original version
Nunslaughter (US)	- Radical Rapture Ruptures		42min
Nunslaughter (US)	- Radio Damnation			55min
Nunslaughter (US)	- Reh. 1987  Pic 7"			12min
Nunslaughter (US)	- Reh. 29.6.99				41min
Nunslaughter (US)	- Reh. 20.5.99				 3min  song called Black Horn Of The Raw
Nunslaughter (US)	- Rehearsal 1987  Re-Release 7"		12min
Nunslaughter (US)	- Rotting Rehearsal 1989  Re-Release 7"  8min
Nunslaughter (US)	- Satanic Sluts 7"			10min
Nunslaughter (US)	- SathaSlaughter  3"-CD			19min
Nunslaughter (US)	- Tasting The Blood Of Your... 7"	12min  original recordings for "Impale The Soul..."
Nunslaughter (US)	- The Day We Die			57min  compilation tape with 9 EP-appearances
Nunslaughter (US)	- The Bog People  7"			 9min
Nunslaughter (US)	- The Guts Of Christ  7"		 8min
Nunslaughter (US)	- The Rotting Christ 7"			14min
Nunslaughter (US)	- The Curse Before The Hex  3"-MCDr 	14min
Nunslaughter (US)	- The Supreme Beast  7"			 9min
Nunslaughter (US)	- The Devil Live In Providence		46min
Nunslaughter (US)	- Trifurcate  7"			 9min
Nunslaughter (US)	- Waiting To Kill Christ		58min
Nunslaughter (US) 	- Metal Assault On Sydney 7"		11min
Nunslaughter (US) 	- Unmixed adv. LP '97                 	 7min
Nunslaughter (US)   	- Face Of Evil V '96            	14min
Nunslaughter (US)       - The Rotting Christ  Metal Box 3"-MCD  19min  incl. Reh. 17.7.1989
Nunslaughter / Agathocles (US/BEL) - Split 7"			10min
Nunslaughter / Bloodsick (US/US) - Split 7"                     13min
Nunslaughter / Brody's Militia (US/US) - Split 7"		 9min  w.Misfits/C.Frost/Sarcofago/Septic Death covers
Nunslaughter / Centinex (US/SWE) - Split 7"			 8min
Nunslaughter / Cianide (US/US) - Split 7"			10min
Nunslaughter / Crucifier (US/US) - Split 7"			13min
Nunslaughter / Dekapitator (US)/US) - Split 7"			12min
Nunslaughter / Derekta (US/US) - Split 7"			11min
Nunslaughter / Destructor (US/US) - Split 7"			 7min  best Nunslaughter song ever, very Massacre-	influenced
Nunslaughter / Destruktor (US/AUS) - Split 7"			 7min
Nunslaughter / Dr.Shrinker (US/US) - Split 7"			11min
Nunslaughter / Fetus Eaters (US/US) - Split 7"			14min
Nunslaughter / Goatlord (US/US) - Split 7"			14min
Nunslaughter / Goatsodomy (US/FIN) - Split 7"			11min
Nunslaughter / Grand Belial's Key (US/US) - Split 7"		15min
Nunslaughter / Gravewürm (US/US) - Split 7"                     11min
Nunslaughter / Haemorrhage (US/SPA) - Split 7"			10min
Nunslaughter / Krieg (US/US) - Split 7"				 8min
Nunslaughter / Mutilated Messiah (US/US) - Split 7"		 9min  nice layout but musically one of the worst Nunslaughter Splits
Nunslaughter / Necrofilth (US/US) - Split MLP			21min
Nunslaughter / Nocturnal (US/GER) - Split 7"			 9min
Nunslaughter / Rabid (US/US) - Split 7"				 4min
Nunslaughter / Radiolokator (US/CZE) - Split 7"			10min
Nunslaughter / Slaughter (US/CAN) - Split 7"			12min  N.S.: Slaughter cover, S: two unrel. Reh. tx from '84
Nunslaughter / Sloth (US/US) - Split 7"				 9min
Nunslaughter / Soulless (US/US) - Split 7"			12min
Nunslaughter / Syphilitic Vaginas (US/SWE) - Split 7"		 8min
Nunslaughter / The Spawn Of Satan (US/US) - Split CD		39min
Nunslaughter / Throneum (US/POL) - Split 7"			 9min
Nunslaughter / Unholy Grave (US/JPN) - Split 7"			10min
Nunslaughter / Victimizer (US/DK) - Split LP			51min
Nunslaughter / Victimizer (US/DK) - Split Tape '04		52min  N.S.: Reh.'99, V: Reh. '04
O (FIN)                 - s/t MCD                                7min
O / Flauros (FIN/FIN)	- Split Demo '00			18min
O.I.D. (ITA)		- Our Inner Death '92			24min
Oath (FIN)		- Woodlands '96				17min
Obduktion (GRE)		- Break The Silence '00			 8min
Obeisance (US)		- F.U.C.K.  7"				15min
Obeisance (US)		- Hellbent On Slaughter  CDr		51min  CDr with 2 demo from 1993-1994
Obeisance (US)		- Infierno Eterno  CDr			61min  CDr with 2 demos from 1995-1996
Obeisance (US)		- Satanik Shoktroops Auf Doom 7"	16min
Obeisance (US)		- Satanic Fuck				67min
Obeisance (US)		- Unholy, Unwholesome And Evil		35min
Obeisance (US)          - Lucifer Master                        43min  totally killer US-Texas Death
Oberon (NOR)		- Big Brother  7"			 8min
Oberon (NOR)          	- Oberon MCD                    	23min
Oberon (SWE)		- Insane  Demo II '95			15min
Obfuscation (FIN)	- Swansongs  7"				15min  greath Death Metal
Obituary (US)		- Darkest Day				54min  some great songs, some boring as well
Obituary (US)		- Dead					63min
Obituary (US)		- Frozen In Time			35min
Obituary (US)		- Left To Die MCD			21min
Obituary (US)		- The End Complete			36min
Obituary (US)		- Turned Inside Out  Boot-Live LP	42min
Obituary (US)		- Xecutioner's Return			40min
Obituary (US)       	- Back From The Dead            	40min
Oblachnyj Kraj (RUS)	- 1991					45min
Oblachnyj Kraj (RUS)	- Great Harmony (Oblachnyj Kraj I)	76min
Oblachnyj Kraj (RUS)	- Patriot				47min
Oblachnyj Kraj (RUS)	- Svobody Zahoteli?			41min
Oblachnyj Kraj (RUS)	- Sel'Khozrok (Oblachnyj Kraj II)	47min  stuff from 1982
Obligatorisk Tortyr (SWE) - s/t					48min  cool Swedish Death/Grind
Obligatorisk Tortyr (SWE) - Aterförödelse                       39min  heavy Crust/Death
Obliteration (NOR)	- Nekropsalms				55min
Obliteration (NOR)	- Perpetual Decay			35min
Obliteration (NOR)	- Total Fucking Obliteration 7"		16min  brutal Death Metal
Obliteration (NOR)	- Black Death Horizon			43min
Obliteration (NOR)	- Goat Skull Crown  7"			10min	
Obliteration (NOR)	- Cenotaph Obscure			40min
Obliveon (CAN)		- Carnivore Motormouth			40min  killer Thrash, killer production, total killer
Obliveon (CAN)		- Cybervoid				47min  more modern styled DeathThrash now
Obliveon (CAN)		- Demo '89				32min
Obliveon (CAN)		- Fiction Of Veracity 10/89		35min
Obliveon (CAN)		- From This Day Forward			38min  Canadian Thrash-legend, LP from '90
Obliveon (CAN)		- Greatest Pits 1987-2000		60min  bonus: 10 MP3-songs from early demos
Obliveon (CAN)		- Nemesis				43min
Obliveon (CAN)		- Pre-Production Demo '89		30min
Obliveon (CAN)		- Promo MCD '98				11min
Obliveon (CAN)		- Whimsical Uproar... MCD		15min  Demo II '87 on CD, old Sodom-like
Oblivion (CAN)		- Demo 3/87				20min  pre-Obliveon
Oblivion (CAN)		- Demo 9/87 (remixed)			17min
Oblivion (CAN)		- Reh. 17.8.87				 7min  Slayer and Whiplash cover
Obnoxious (GER)		- Twilight Of The Autumn Past		44min  good Death Metal
Obscene (SWE)		- Grotesque Experience '90		20min
Obscene Eulogy (CAN/FIN)- Defining Hate - The Truth Undead      36min
Obscene Eulogy (CAN/FIN)- A Portal Into Fire  MCD               21min  Mika/Imp.Naz. on vox
Obscenity (GER)		- Human Barbecue			54min
Obscenity (GER)		- The 3rd Chapter			48min
Obscura (SWE)		- Demo '97				 6min
Obscura (SWE)		- In Agony '98				14min
Obscuratum / Horncrowned (SWE/COL) - Split 7"			12min
Obscure / Pandemic Genocide (POL/SPA) - Split 3"-MCD		23min
Obscure Disaster (GER)	- Zeitalter Der Unvernunft '95		26min
Obscure Infinity (SWE)	- Lycanthrope '95			24min
Obscure Infinity (SWE)	- Requiem '93				26min
Obscure Infinity (SWE)	- Promo '94				23min
Obscure Infinity (SWE)  - Adv. Unrel. Split LP '94              27min  their best ever, godly Döds Metal
Obscure Infinity (SWE)  - Beyond The Gate '93                   15min  thrashier version of old Grave
Obscure Minds (GER)	- The End  7"				15min  only crappy Punk
Obscured (SWE)		- Demo '94				20min  sometimes a Massacre styled guitar sound
Obscurity (SWE-Järfälla)- Wrapped In Plastic MCD                20min
Obscurity (SWE-Malmö)   - Damnations Pride  7"                  14min  their second Demo '88 pressed on 7", killer one
Obscurity (SWE-Malmö)   - Damnation Pride  CD                   42min  both Demos ('86+'88) + unrel. demo '92
Obscurity (SWE-Malmö)   - Ovations To Death  7"                 14min  one tck from the demo not on this 7"
Obsecration (GRE)	- Oblivious... 7"			11min
Obsecration (GRE)	- Oceanum Oblivione			43min
Obsecration (GRE)	- Sadistic Ritual... Promo MCDr '05	20min  good Death Metal
Obsecration (GRE)	- Seeds Of A Pervert God		54min
Obsecration (GRE)	- The Inheritors Of Pain		38min
Obsecration (GRE)	- Vault Of The Obscure Vortex  7"	11min
Obskure (BRA)		- Overcasting				57min
Obskure Torture (DK)	- Necro Rituals				38min  like Winter meets Necroschizma
Obskure Torture (DK)	- Spilling The Blood Of The World	63min
Obskure Torture (DK)	- Worship The Beast  MCD		18min
Obtained Enslavement (NOR) - Witchcraft				52min  w. Aeternus/Gorgoroth members
Obtest (LIT)		- 997  7"				13min  Lithuanian Bathory fans
Obtruncation (NL)	- The Callous Concept			48min
Occidens (CHI)		- Descending Of The...  Demo MCDr '04 	13min
Occidens (CHI)		- Glorification Of The Antichrist	38min
Occult (FRA)		- Intersincarnael  7"			 7min
Occult (NL)		- Elegy For The Weak			41min  Thrash-massacre
Occult (NL)		- Of Flesh And Blood			49min
Occult (NL)		- Prepare To.../The Enemy... 2-CD      110min  Demo '93 as bonus
Occult (NL)		- Rage To Revenge			36min
Occult (NL)		- Violence And Hatred MCD		 9min
Occult (NL)         	- The Enemy Within              	45min
Occultus / Esgaroth (COL/GRE) - Split CD			43min
Octinomos (SWE)		- Demo 2 '95				23min
Octinomos (SWE)		- Fuckhole Armageddon			37min
Octinomos (SWE)		- Welcome To My Planet			44min  ultrabrutal, forget Marduk/Dark Funeral
Octinomos (SWE)      	- Promo '95                     	12min
October 31  (US)	- The Fire Awaits You			42min  Deceased... member doing Heavy/Speed
October 31 (US)		- Salem's Curse  7"			 9min
October Tide (SWE)	- Grey Dawn				40min
October Tide (SWE)	- Rain Without End			40min  w. Katatonia members, similar style
October Tide (SWE)   	- Blue Gallery '95              	35min
Ocultan (BRA)		- Belicus Profanus			30min
Ocultan (BRA)		- Infernal Live				38min
Ocultan (BRA)		- Lords Of Evil...			36min
Ocultan (BRA)		- Profanation				33min  very good Black Metal
Ocultan (BRA)		- Regnum Infernalis			50min
Ocultan (BRA)		- Rememberances Of Evil...		40min
Ocultan (BRA)		- The Coffin				36min
Odhinn (SWE)		- From A Splendourus Battle MCD		20min
Odhinn (SWE)		- The North Brigade			36min
Odium (NOR)		- The Sad Realm Of The Stars		40min
Odium (POL)		- Misserycordia '98			28min  Power Metal
Of Fallen Crosses (US)	- Dismantling Her Six Arms		71min
Of Rytes (GER)		- Without...				39min  w.Mem v.Stein
Ofermod (SWE)		- Mysterion Tes Anomias  Re-Release CD 	27min  incl. 2 bonus tx
Ofermod (SWE)		- Mysterion Tes Anomias  7"		15min
Ofermod (SWE)		- Tiamtü				43min
Offal (BRA)		- s/t					28min  mix of Autopsy and Impetigo
Offal / Decrepitaph (BRA/US) - Split MLP			12min
Offense (SPA)		- Aside					47min
Offense (SPA)		- Basic '93				19min
Offense (SPA)		- Shining Dawn  7"			15min
Okkultum Magnificentia (ITA) - Satanick Astral Osmosis 7"	13min
Old (GER)		- Down With The Nails			35min
Old (GER)		- Nocturnal Ritual  7"			12min  great oldschool Black Thrash
Old / Omission (GER/SPA)- Split LP				45min
Old Funeral (NOR)	- Grim Reaping Norway  Live LP		38min  Live 8/91 and 5/91, good sound
Old Funeral (NOR)	- Join the Funeral Procession PicMLP	23min  Demo + 7"
Old Funeral (NOR)	- The Older Ones			49min  old Norwegian legend
Old Funeral (NOR)	- The Fart That Should...'89		 6min  yeah, farting with the Count (...)
Old Man's Child (NOR)	- Revelation 666: The Curse Of...	41min  like Dimmu Borgir now, sad...
Old Man's Child (NOR)	- The Hisorical Plague 5-LP    	       204min
Old Man's Child (NOR)	- Vermin				36min
Old Man's Child (NOR)	- Ill-Natured Spiritual Invasion        36min
Old Man's Child (NOR)	- In The Shades Of Life MCD     	28min
Old Man's Child (NOR)	- Born Of The Flickering        	52min
Old Man's Child (NOR)	- The Pagan Prosperity          	37min
Old Man's Child (NOR)   - In Defiance Of Existence              40min
Old Wainds (RUS)	- Religion Of Spiritual Violence	39min
Old Wainds (RUS)	- Scalding Coldness			40min
Old Wainds (RUS)	- Through The Chaos To...  7"		18min
Old Wainds (RUS)	- Where The Snows Are Never Gone	37min
Old Wainds (RUS)	- Zdes Nikogda Ne Skhodyat Snega '97 	38min  bad sound
Old Wainds / NAV (RUS/RUS) - Split CD				44min  demos of both bands I guess on CD
Oligarquia (BRA)	- Humanavirus				31min  oldschool Death monster, similar to The Chasm
Oligarquia (BRA)	- Nechropolis				40min
Oligarquia / Opus Draconis (BRA/POR) - Split CDr		22min
Omega (GRE)		- Second Coming, Second Crucifixion	45min
Omegavortex (GER)	- Spectral Blackness			67min
Omegavortex (GER)	- Black Abomination Spawn		46min
Omen (MALA)		- For The Horned One  7"		11min
Omen (US)           	- Battle Cry                    	38min
Omen (US)           	- Nightmares                    	21min
Omen (US)           	- The Curse                     	45min
Omen (US)           	- Warning Of Danger             	45min
Ominous (SWE)		- The Spectral Manifest			50min  similar to Hatesphere and Loss
Ominous (SWE)		- Void Of Infinity			47min
Ominous Crucifix (MEX)	- Decadent Religious Archetype '09	25min  Re-Release Demo
Ominous Crucifix (MEX)	- Relics Of A Dead Faith  7"		15min  killer Death Metal, ex-Necroccultus
Omnipotence (NOR)	- Adv. Demo '91				 5min  pre-Satyricon
Omnitron (SWE)		- Masterpeace				47min
Omnium Gatherum (AUS)   - Rectifying Human Rejection		30min
Omnium Gatherum (FIN)	- Spirits And August Light		42min
Omnium Gatherum (FIN)	- Years In Waste			44min
Ondskapt (SWE)		- Draco Sit Mihi Dux			46min
Ondskapt (SWE)		- Slave Under His Immortal Will  10"	16min  similar to old Arcturus
Ondskapt (SWE)          - Dödens Evangelium                     51min
One Man Army (SWE)	- 21st Century Killing Machine		60min
One Man Army (SWE)	- Christmas For The Lobotomizer  MCD 	19min
One Man Army (SWE)	- Error In Evolution			55min
One Man Army (SWE)	- When Hatred Comes To Life  MCD	18min
One Past Zero (GER)	- Demo MCDr '06				23min  St.Vitus like, w. ex-Poison (GER), ex-Fleshcrawl members
One Past Zero (GER)	- Divine Unholy  Demo MCDr '14		19min
One Past Zero (GER)	- Divine Unholy  MLP			29min
One Past Zero (GER)	- Heavy Shadows  Demo MCDr '13		22min  fantastic stuff, ex-Poison (GER)/Real Massacre members
One Past Zero (GER)	- Master Of The Obscure  Demo MCDr '15 	19min
One Past Zero (GER)	- Mental Zero Demo MCDr '08		16min  killer Stoner/Doom with lots of Metal inside
One Past Zero (GER)	- Minus Two Demo MCDr '07		24min  great StonerDoomMetal
One Past Zero (GER)	- Promo MCDr '18 			17min
One Past Zero (GER)	- The End Of All Your... Demo MCDr '10 	21min  great great Doom with hints of Death/Thrash
One Past Zero (GER)	- Unholy Divine  MLP			29min
One Past Zero (GER)	- Perpetual Creeping Horrors  MLP	28min
One Past Zero (GER)	- Promo MCDr '19			14min
Oni / Warkult (AUS/US)	- Split 7"				 9min  great Death Metal
Onslaught (UK)		- Hatred Towards The System		46min  old demos on Bootleg
Onslaught (UK)		- Hell In Copenhagen			45min  Live CD, March 28th, 1987
Onslaught (UK)		- In Search Of Sanity			59min
Onslaught (UK)		- Killing Peace				46min
Onslaught (UK)		- Let There Be Rock  Pic-MLP		14min
Onslaught (UK)		- Let There Be Rock EP	        	13min
Onslaught (UK)		- Let There Be Rock  7"			11min  b/w Shellshock (live), Jeans cover design
Onslaught (UK)		- Live Damnation  CD/DVD		42min
Onslaught (UK)		- Reh. '84				 7min
Onslaught (UK)		- Reh./Demo '84				33min
Onslaught (UK)		- The Shadow Of Death  MLP		20min  old 1984-Crustcore demos on vinyl
Onslaught (UK)		- Unrel. EP '83				10min
Onslaught (UK)		- Welcome To Dying  MLP			19min
Onslaught (UK)      	- Power From Hell               	43min  BlackThrash cult from '85
Onslaught (UK)      	- The Force                     	44min
Onslaught (UK)          - Reh. '84                      	 9min
Onslaught (UK)          - Shellshock EP                         19min
Onslaught (UK-diff)	- First Strike  7"			11min  sadly not the Thrash-Onslaught
Onslaught (US)		- Demo '84				12min  the US ones, not the UK-Black Thrasher
Opeth (SWE)		- Blackwater Park			68min
Opeth (SWE)		- Damnation				43min  very calm music, a bit boring
Opeth (SWE)		- Delieverance				61min
Opeth (SWE)		- Ghost Reveries			67min
Opeth (SWE)		- Heritage				56min
Opeth (SWE)		- Live '93				10min
Opeth (SWE)		- Live: Akalla, Sweden '91		22min  bad sound, Possessed-coverversion
Opeth (SWE)		- Morningrise  Re-Release CD		75min
Opeth (SWE)		- My Arms Your...  Re-Release LP	66min
Opeth (SWE)		- My Arms, Your Hearse			55min  a dream
Opeth (SWE)		- Orchid  Re-Release CD			72min
Opeth (SWE)		- Reh. '91				39min  Godssss
Opeth (SWE)		- Reh. 2/92				10min
Opeth (SWE)		- Still Life				63min
Opeth (SWE)		- The Devil's Orchard + Live 2009	63min  came with German Rock Hard magazine
Opeth (SWE)		- Watershed  CD+DVD			56min
Opeth (SWE)		- s/t  7"				 9min  no single drum-rhythm... official 7"
Opeth (SWE)          	- Orchid                        	68min
Opeth (SWE)          	- Morningrise                   	66min
Ophiolaltry (BRA)       - Anti-Evangelistic Process             28min
Ophiolatry (BRA)	- Transmutation				33min
Ophiolatry / Infernal Dominion (BRA/US) - Split CD		42min
Ophiolatry / Sacramental Blood (BRA/YUG) - Split CD		30min
Ophthalamia (SWE)	- A Long Journey			50min  Re-Release of A Journey In Darkness
Ophthalamia (SWE)	- Dominion 				39min
Ophthalamia (SWE)       - To Elishia                            53min
Opposition Party (SIN)	- Brain Fucked  7"			 9min
Oppresion (FIN)		- Alone  7"				13min
Oppressor (POL)		- Blasphemous Thoughts '94		47min
Oppressor (POL)		- Time Of Agnoy '9?			42min
Oppressor (US)		- Agony					38min
Oppressor (US)		- Elements Of Corrosion			32min
Oppressor (US)		- European Oppression Live		64min
Oppressor (US)		- Solstice Of Oppression		42min
Oppressor (US)		- s/t  7"				11min
Opprobium (US)		- Discerning Forces			37min  ex-Incubus
Opus Draconis (POR)	- Satanic Truth About False Union	38min
Opus Forgotten (NOR)	- Demon Of Destruction  7"		10min
Opus Leviathan / Assur (COL/COL) - Split CD			79min
Oral (SWE)		- Slagen I Blod  MCD			17min  w.Alf Svensson/Daniel Erlandson
Orator (BANGLA)	- Dominion Of Avyaktam  7"			18min
Orchrist (BEL)		- Echoes Of The Void			31min  brutal awesome Death Metal
Orcustus (NOR)		- Demo CDr '02				16min
Orcustus (NOR)		- World Dirtnap  7"			10min  w.Gorgoroth members, killer Black Metal
Orcustus (NOR)		- Wrathrash  7"				 8min
Orcustus (NOR)		- s/t					42min
Ordeal (BEL)		- Atrocities				45min
Order From Chaos (US)	- Plateau Of Invincibility  CD		35min  incl. EP Live Into Distant Fears
Order From Chaos (US)	- Imperium - The Apocalyptic Visions	74min
Order From Chaos (US)	- Dawn Bringer  CD			41min  incl. EP Pain Lengthens Time
Order From Chaos (US)	- Adv. LP Dawn Bringer '94		27min
Order From Chaos (US)	- Stillbirth Machine/Crushed Infamy	54min  Demo as bonus on CD
Order From Chaos (US)	- Will To Power  7"             	10min
Order From Chaos (US)	- And I Saw Eternity  MCD		21min
Order From Chaos (US)	- Plateau Of Invincibility  10"		18min
Order From Chaos (US)	- An Ending In Fire			38min  finally released after 3 years
Order Of The Vulture (US) - Death Disciple MLP			25min
Order Of The Vulture (US) - s/t					29min
Order Of The Vulture (US) - Martyr For Nothing  7"		13min
Ordo Draconis (NL)	- When The Cycle Ends '97		24min
Ordog (SCOT)		- Position One				39min
Ordog (SCOT)		- Two					42min
Organ (NOR)		- s/t  7"				12min
Organic Infest (P.RICO)	- Penitence				34min
Organic Infest (P.RICO)	- The Way To Temptation			54min  damn, might be a Dods Metal massacre, but shit sound
Organismos (COL)	- Manejos Invisibles  MLP		26min
Organismos (COL)        - s/t                                   44min  ex-Parabellum members. Great !!!
Original Sin (UK)	- Already Gone 7"			 7min  NWOBHM '82
Orisha Shakpana (JAMA) 	- Caribbean Metallic Storm  7"		16min
Orphanage (NL)		- Druid '94				19min
Orphanage (NL)		- Tour EP  MCD				16min
Orphanage (NL)      	- By Time Alone                 	54min
Orphaned Land (ISR)	- El Norra Alila			69min
Osculum Infame (FRA) 	- Dor-Nu-Fauglith               	58min
Osculum Obscenum (BRA) 	- Body Hurting Art			31min  Cradle Of Filth goes Bras. Death Metal !!!
Oscuro (UK)		- Lustmord Instinct '94			16min
Ossuary (LIT)		- Desert '93				22min
Ossuary (URU)		- Black Winds Of Conspiracy		52min  US Death Metal influenced blast, cool covers
Ossuary (URU)		- Silence Means Gold			40min  w.Possessed cover
Ossuary (URU)		- The Black Wind... '95			15min
Ossuary (URU)		- We Await The Secret... MCD		17min
Ossuray (URU)		- Destroying The Weak Opposition 7"	 8min
Ossuray Insane (US)	- Demonize The Flesh			49min  good old-school Death
Ouija (SPA)             - Riding Into The Funeral Paths         44min
Ouroboros (CAN)		- Circling The Coils Of Chaos  MCDr	14min  incl. two Blasphemy covers
Outrage (GER)		- 7 Is 1 Take One  CDr			49min
Outrage (GER)		- A Mute Reminder  CDr			35min  new songs from 2005, great Celtic Frost/Messiah/Poison style
Outrage (GER)		- Back For Attack  CDr			62min  the return, old demos songs re-recorded in 2004
Outrage (GER)		- Conspiracy				74min
Outrage (GER)		- Demo I '85				24min  totally Celtic Frost like
Outrage (GER)		- Demo II '86/08			24min  re-release demo
Outrage (GER)		- From Nightmare To Myth '86		39min  Black Metal cult !!!!!!
Outrage (GER)		- Go To Hell MC				50min  the tracks from the CD, but in their original versions, ltd.20
Outrage (GER)		- Go To Hell				49min  re-recorded tracks from their old demos again
Outrage (GER)		- Order In The Court! CDr		51min
Outrage (GER)		- Reh. '86				31min
Outrage (GER)		- Tales Of Counted Sorrows  MCD		24min
Outrage (GER)           - The Book Of The 7 Seals '87           53min  their fourth demo, their masterpiece
Outremer (SWE)		- Turn Into Grey			30min
Outremer (SWE)		- s/t  MCD				15min  ex-Sorcery
Overdeth (SWE)		- King Arthurs Final Battle  MCD	25min  the Swedish A.O.K.		
Overdose (BRA)		- Addicted To Reality			40min
Overdose (BRA)		- Circus Of Death			51min
Overdose (BRA)		- Conscience				46min
Overdose (BRA)		- Progress Of Decadence			48min
Overdose (BRA)		- Scars					55min
Overdose (BRA)		- Seculo XX				37min  the Split LP w. Sepultura + songs from 1988
Overdose (BRA)		- You're Really Big			41min  Powermetal now
Overfiend (GER)		- Antihuman  MCD			20min  pre-Antihuman
Overflash (SWE)		- 3 track Promo sampler '93		14min
Overflash (SWE)		- Silent Universe			57min  2nd CD turned totally into EBM/Goth, no Metal
Overflash (SWE)		- Threshold To Reality			40min  w.Devo Andersson, brutal Industrial Death Metal
Overflash (SWE)		- s/t					57min  3rd CD is the still worthless Gothic plus some Metal
Overkill (US)		- 6 Songs MCD				30min  came with Rock Hard Vol.299
Overkill (US)		- Feel The Fire		        	41min
Overkill (US)		- Taking Over				46min
Overkill (US)		- Under The Influence			48min
Overkill (US)       	- Demo 2/84                     	15min
Overkill (US)       	- Fuck You EP                   	20min
Overkill (US)       	- The Years Of Decay            	56min
Overkill (US)		- Last Man Standing  MCD		23min  came with Legacy #118
Overkill / Kreator (US/GER) - Split 7"				 7min  came with Rock Hard #358
Overload (CHINA)	- s/t					64min  Thrash Metal mixed with Power Metal
Overlord (POL)		- ...Is Everywhere '94			37min
Overlord (SWE)		- Bloodstained  Demo MCDr '02		16min
Overthrash (BRA)	- Reality In Black  7"			 7min  great Thrash
Oxiplegatz (SWE)	- Sidereal Journey			42min
Oxiplegatz (SWE)     	- Worlds And Worlds             	40min
Oz (FIN)		- ...Decibel Storm...			45min
Oz (FIN)		- Heavy Metal Heroes - Hey You		33min
Oz (FIN)		- III Warning				35min
Oz (FIN)		- Roll The Dice				40min
Oz (FIN)		- Second Hand Lady/Rather Knight  7"	 9min
Oz (FIN)		- Turn The Cross Upside Down  MLP	11min  great Heavy Metal
Oz (SWE)             	- Fire In The Brain             	28min  fantastic Swedish Speed Metal '83
Ozzy Osbourne (UK)  	- Just Say Ozzy  Live-EP        	20min
P.U.S. (BRA)		- Presets  CDr				67min  last sign of life, bullshit techno-remixes
P.U.S. (BRA)		- Sin Is The Only Salvation		31min
P.U.S. (BRA)		- Third World 7"			11min
P.U.S. (BRA)		- s/t  LP				30min  great brutal Death Metal, nice gal on guitar
P.U.S. (BRA)		- s/t  Re-Release CD			43min  bonus tx from Sexthrash/P.U.S. Split LP
Pactum (BRA)		- Summa Imperii Satanae 666		39min
Pactum (MEX)		- Antichristian From Of Freedom  7"	13min
Pactum (MEX)		- F.A.L.				35min
Pactum (MEX)		- Ficcion, Lujuria Y Blasfemia		31min
Pagan (SWE)		- same					37min  Epic Viking-Metal/Rock from late 80ies
Pagan Fears (COL)	- The Arrival				58min
Pagan Rites (SWE)	- Bloodlust And Devastation  MLP	20min  hail Primitive Arts, hail YLVA
Pagan Rites (SWE)	- Dancing Souls  7"			 8min  waited two years for this release and then it's totally disappointing
Pagan Rites (SWE)	- Demo '92				14min
Pagan Rites (SWE)	- Hell Has Come To Mother Earth		34min  Live-CDr Falkenberg 25.05.01
Pagan Rites (SWE)	- Hellcome Back To Earth		64min
Pagan Rites (SWE)	- Live Smedjan  14.9.00			36min
Pagan Rites (SWE)	- Mark Of The Devil			36min  with Nifelheim guys, incl. some old songs
Pagan Rites (SWE)	- Pagan Metal - Roars Of The Antichrist 34min
Pagan Rites (SWE)	- Pagan Metal  7"			10min
Pagan Rites (SWE)	- Rites Of The Pagan Warriors		62min
Pagan Rites (SWE)    	- Pagan Rites                   	73min
Pagan Rites / Evil Wrath (SWE/CAN) - Split 10"			20min
Pagandom (SWE)		- Crushtime				50min
Pagandom (SWE)		- Hear Your Naked Skin... '90		22min
Paganfire (PHIL)	- Hate Vanishing Point  7"		11min
Paganizer (SWE)		- Basic Instructions For Dying		33min
Paganizer (SWE)		- Born To Be Buried Alive  MCD		24min
Paganizer (SWE)		- Carnage Junkie			51min  with 5 bonus tracks
Paganizer (SWE)		- Dead Unburied				36min  total Sweden-chaos, like Kaamos and Vomitory
Paganizer (SWE)		- Deadbanger/Promoting/Dead.../Warlust 122min  2-CD with unreleased tracks
Paganizer (SWE)		- Deadbanger				33min  old-school PowerThrash
Paganizer (SWE)		- Death Forever				59min  Best-Of CD with unreleased  tracks
Paganizer (SWE)		- No Divine Rapture			37min
Paganizer (SWE)		- Promoting Total Death			31min  complete change, more brutal Death Metal
Paganizer (SWE)		- Scandinavian Warmachine		56min
Paganizer (SWE)		- Stormfire  Demo CDr '9?		17min
Paganizer (SWE)         - Murder Death Kill                     37min  again a total montster of Döds Metal
Paganizer / Depression (SWE/GER) - Split CD			50min
Paganizer / Sore (SWE/GER) - Split 7"				12min
Pagapu (PER)		- Seven Days Of Strom			46min  great mystical band from Peru
Pagapu / Sarcoma (PER/PER) - Split CD				43min  old BlackDeath mixed with Peruvian Folk
Pain (US)               - Into The Bloodbath '89                13min  w. Aaron (ex-Repulsion), Thrash-like
Pan-Thy-Monium (SWE)	- Dawn / Dream II  Re-Release MLP	23min
Pan-Thy-Monium (SWE)	- Dream II MCD				19min
Pan-Thy-Monium (SWE)	- Khaoohs				45min
Pan-Thy-Monium (SWE) 	- Khaoos And Konfusion          	35min
Pan-Thy-Monium (SWE) 	- Unrel. tck '94			 4min
Panchrysia (BEL)	- In Obscure Depths			43min
Panchrysia (BEL)	- Malicious Parasite			45min
Panchrysia / Iconoclasm (BEL/BEL) - Split CD 			49min  killer Black Metal by both bands
Pandaemonium (NL)	- Misanthropic '97			18min
Pandemonic (SWE)	- Lycanthropy '99			13min
Pandemonic (SWE)	- Ravenous  Promo MCDr '02		18min  good Kreator-like Thrash
Pandemonic (SWE)	- The Art Of Hunting Promo MCDr '04 	14min
Pandemonic (SWE)	- The Authors Of Nightfear		30min  Dark Angel/Kreator/Sadus fans
Pandemonium (POL)	- Devilry  Re-Release CD		61min  Unholy Bible Of Polish Death Metal Vol.2
Pandemonium (POL)	- Hellspawn				33min  again fantastic DeathDoom, less electronics and real drums again
Pandemonium (POL)	- Promo MCD '10				 9min
Pandemonium (POL)	- The Ancient... Re-Release 2-CD       122min  Devilri + live + CD + Reh.tx
Pandemonium (POL)	- The Zonei				48min  like old Pandemonium meets new Samael, Alchemist and Rammstein
Pandemonium (SWE)	- The Autumn Enigma			56min
Pandemonium (US)	- Hole In The Sky			35min
Panic (BRA)		- Best Before End			40min  their 2nd LP
Panic (BRA)		- Boiling Point				47min  sadly too much Sepultura like now
Panic (BRA)		- Epidemic				46min
Panic (BRA)		- Rotten Church				37min  debut-LP from 1987, like Dorsal Atlantica
Pantheist (BEL)         - Amartia                               77min
Pantheon (SWE)		- Only Chaos Reigns  '97		15min
Pantheon I (NOR)	- Atrocity Divine			51min  1349 and Sarkom members
Panzer (BRA)		- The Strongest				43min
Panzerchrist (DK)	- Battalion Beast			40min
Panzerchrist (DK)	- Forever Panzer  7"			13min  demo on 7"
Panzerchrist (DK)	- Outpost Fort Europe			29min
Panzerchrist (DK)	- Room Service				39min  what a massacre, killer Death Metal
Panzerchrist (DK)	- Six Seconds Kill			36min
Panzerchrist (DK)	- Soulcollector				33min
Parabellum (COL)	- La Madre Muerte '88			22min
Parabellum (COL)	- Sacrilegio  MLP			15min  Columbian Death Metal from '87 !!!!
Parabellum (COL)	- Sacrilegio '87			20min  re-press from '95 but one Reh. bonus tck
Parabellum (COL)	- Sacrilegio '87			29min
Parabellum (COL)	- Tempus Mortis				64min  both MLPs and lots of Rehearsals on CD
Parabellum (COL)        - Mutacion Por Radiacion MLP            11min
Paracoccidi.../Butcher ABC (MEX/JPN) - Split CD			50min
Parade Of Souls (FIN)	- De Profundis				55min  turned from Death Doom to pure Gothic crap
Parade Of Souls (FIN)	- Empyreum  7"				15min  Black Crucifixion and Beherit members
Paradigma (NOR)		- As Autumn Dies '94			39min  two bonus tx, 2nd edition of the demo ??
Paradigma (NOR)      	- Skadi MCD                     	29min
Paradigma (NOR)      	- Mare Veris                    	55min
Paradise Lost (UK)	- Demo LP				27min  both demos on LP
Paradise Lost (UK)	- Gothic				40min
Paradise Lost (UK)	- Live 7"				20min  rec. Live '91, ltd.333
Paradise Lost (UK)	- Lost Paradise				41min
Paradise Lost (UK)	- Shades Of God				49min
Paradise Lost (UK)	- The Past And The Present  Boot-CD	61min  Live '93 (radio) and Live '88 (unrel. tx)
Paradise Lost (UK)	- s/t  MCD				13min  came with Legacy #109
Paradise Lost / Autopsy (UK/US) - Split Flexi 7"        	 8min  from Kerrang magazine
Paradox (GER)		- Product Of Imagination		39min
Paragon Belial (GER)	- Nosferathu Sathanis			39min
Paragon Belial (GER) 	- Hordes Of The Darklands       	39min
Paragon Impure (BEL)	- A Commemoration Of Ish Kerioth  7" 	14min
Paragon Impure (BEL)	- Key To The Void  7"			11min
Paragon Impure (BEL)	- To Gaius				30min
Paralysis (US)		- Patrons Of The Dark			45min
Paramaecium (AUS)	- A Time To Mourn			41min
Paramaecium (AUS)	- Echoes From The Ground		43min
Paramaecium (AUS)	- Exhumed Of The Earth  CD		66min
Paramaecium (AUS)	- Repentance  MCD			28min  great DeathDoom Demo '91 pressed on MCD
Paramaecium (AUS)	- Within The Ancient Forest		55min
Paranormal Disposition (UK) - Labyrinth Of Hallucination '94	29min
Paraxism (FIN)		- .Xism Excursion  3"-MCD		14min  Swedish DeathDoom like
Paraxism (FIN)		- Demo I '92				20min
Paraxism (FIN)		- Selected Works Promo '95		17min
Parkinson (DK)		- Organism Rank  7"			 8min  w.Might Music boss, Death-Industrial
Parkinson (FRA)		- s/t 7"				14min
Parnassus (SWE)      	- Let The Stars Fall Again...   	47min
Parricide (POL)		- Crude					30min
Parricide (POL)		- Fascination Of Indiffernce '94	33min
Parricide (POL)		- Illtreat				39min
Parricide (POL)		- Kingdom Of Downfall			33min
Parricide (POL)		- Unnailed '95				25min
Parricide (US)		- A Future Of Suffering  MCD		17min
Pascal (POL)		- Collecion Of Destroyed Brains '92	30min
Pascal (POL)		- Demo '91				36min
Patecabra (CHI)		- Demo MCDr '05				25min
Patecabra (CHI)		- El Horror				44min
Path Of Debirs (GER)	- Time Lies In Chains '94		25min
Path Of Debris (GER)	- The Eyes Of The Basilisk		39min
Path Of Debris (GER)	- Waveless Ocean '95			27min
Path Of Debris (GER)	- When Darkness Descends		43min
Pathogen (PHIL)		- Blasphemous Communion  Re-Release LP 	42min
Pathogen (PHIL)		- Into The Subconscious...Demo MCDr '04 18min
Patologicum (POL)	- Promo MCDr '06			 8min
Pavor (GER)		- A Pale Debiliating Autumn		47min
Pavor (GER)		- Demo '93				29min
Pavor (GER)		- Furioso				52min
Pax Mortis (GER)	- My Belief '94				32min
Pax Mortis (US)		- A World Of Thieves  7"		11min
Pay (SWE)		- Hatred '9?				16min
Pazuzu (US)		- Infernal Iron Legion  CDr		46min
Pazuzu (US)		- Iron Tyrant  Reh. 21.6.97		55min
Pazuzu (US)		- Trendkill '95				46min
Pazuzu (US)     	- Adv. Infernal Iron Legion '95 	20min
Pazuzu (US)     	- Adv. tx 10.12.95              	20min
Pek (BEL)		- Preaching Evil  Re-Release LP		29min
Pek (BEL)		- Vomit Upon The Priest  Demo MCDr '06 	13min
Pek (BEL)		- Worship And Obey  7"			13min
Penakluk (MALA)		- Api  7"				10min
Penance (US)		- Alpha And Omega			54min
Penance (US)		- Parallel Corners			54min  ex-Dream Death
Penance (US)		- Proving Ground			71min
Penance (US)		- Spiritual Natural			70min
Penance (US)		- The Road Less Travelled		55min
Penance (US)		- The Road Revisited			58min  The Road Less Travelled with the first mix
Pentacle (NL)		- ...Rides The Moonstorm		50min  BIG Celtic Frost worshippers !!!!
Pentacle (NL)		- Ancient Death MCD			27min
Pentacle (NL)		- Archaic Undead Fury  10"		10min
Pentacle (NL)		- Under The Black Cross			40min
Pentacle (NL)       	- The Fifth Moon MCD            	26min
Pentacle (NL)       	- The Fifth Moon MLP            	29min  with Bonus tck
Pentacle / Repugnant (NL/SWE) - Split 7"			 9min  great Possessed and Obscurity covers
Pentacrostic (BRA)	- De Profundis				39min
Pentacrostic (BRA)	- Moments Of The Afflictions		29min
Pentacrostic (BRA)	- The Pain Years 1989-2010		72min  great compilation
Pentacrostic (BRA)	- The Pain Tears			55min
Pentagram (CHI)		- Compilation CD			43min  Picoroco Rec., both demos and live
Pentagram (CHI)		- Live:28.12.85 Santiago		24min  Soundboardrecording, unknown tx, cuts
Pentagram (CHI)		- Reborn 2001				53min  from 2001, killer, not Criminal sounding
Pentagram (CHI)		- Under The Spell Of The ... CD+DVD 	43min
Pentagram (CHI) 	- Demo II '87                           17min
Pentagram (CHI) 	- Demo I 19-20.1.1987                   16min
Pentagram (CHI) 	- Fatal Predictions  7"                 10min  Chilenian Death Metal from '87
Pentagram (TUR)		- Anatolia				61min
Pentagram (TUR)		- Bir					46min
Pentagram (TUR)		- Popcular Disari...!			40min
Pentagram (TUR)		- Trail Blazer				67min
Pentagram (TUR)		- s/t					40min  total Thrash, like Destruction 1987
Pentagram (US)		- Relentless/Day Of Reckoning		79min  Doom Gods
Per Capita (GER)	- s/t  MCD				22min  Wolfpack-styled Crust
Per Yngve Ohlin - Dead (SWE) - Honor The True One CDr		47min  Mayhem/Morbid Rehearsal tx
Perdition (CHI)		- Piaculum  MCD				26min
Perdition Hearse (NOR)	- Save Our Souls For The Devil	 MCD	26min  Malafide demo, tx from '96 and '99
Perdition Temple (US)	- Edict Of The Antichrist Elect		37min
Perditor (NL)		- In Signo Suo  MLP			28min
Pergamen (CZE)		- Psychopoetik				40min
Pergamen Luciferian (CZE) - Masakr 666				32min  a bit Master's Hammer influenced
Pergament (YUG)		- Vruca Linija				40min  average Power/Thrash
Perished (NOR)		- Grim  MLP				22min
Perished (NOR)		- Kark 					51min
Perished (NOR)       	- Kald Som Aldri Fyr  7"        	13min
Perished (NOR)       	- Through The Black Mist '96    	37min
Perished (NOR)          - Seid                                  45min
Perisynti (FIN)         - Turmeötuneen Ihmisen Luonto  7"       10min
Perpetua (ARG)		- Irrational				42min
Perpetual (P.RICO)	- Ad Perpetuam Rei Memoriam		34min
Perpetual (P.RICO)	- Tales Of Time '97			32min
Perpetual Demise (NL)	- Arctic				46min
Perpetual Hate (BRA)	- Attack 666  MCDr			25min  total Exodus/Kreator Thrash massacre
Persecution (AUS)	- Thick Face...Black Heart MCD		24min  sadly not the Slaughterlord-fans
Persecution (AUS)	- Tortured Existance '89		25min  similar to their landmates Slaughterlord
Persecutor (POL)	- Army Of Damned  Demo MCDr '07		14min
Persecutor (POL)	- Wings Of Death MCD			26min
Perverseraph (US)	- Savage Messiah  MCD			19min  ex-Namtaru
Perverseraph / Namtaru (US/US) - Split CD			38min
Perversor (CHI)		- Cult Of Destruction			31min
Perversor (CHI)		- Demon Metal  MLP			18min
Pervertum (AUT)         - Promo Tape '94                        26min
Pessimist (US)		- Blood For The Blood Gods		39min  good Death Metal
Pessimist (US)		- Cult Of The Initiated			37min
Pessimist (US)		- Evolution Unto Evil			53min
Pessimist (US)		- Slaughtering The Faithful		36min
Pest (FIN)		- Belial's Possessed Wolves  7"		12min
Pest (FIN)		- Blasphemy Is My Throne  MLP		26min
Pest (FIN)		- Hail The Black Imperial Hornsign '97 	19min
Pest (FIN)		- Hail The Black Metal Wolves Of...	47min
Pest (FIN)		- Towards The Bestial Armageddon 7"	13min
Pest (GER)		- s/t  7"				 9min  same like Nordlys - EP '97, officially rel. w. the new name
Pest (SWE)		- Black Thorns				30min  killer demo '99 on LP
Pest (SWE)		- Blasphemy Is My Throne		41min  diff tx and mix to the MLP
Pest (SWE)		- Daudafaerd  MLP			41min
Pest (SWE)		- Desecration				34min  this starts, where "Panzerfaust" stopped
Pest (SWE)		- In Total Contempt			39min
Pest (SWE)		- Rest In Morbid Darkness		51min  sounds like Nifelheim's debut
Pest (SWE)              - Evil Return  7"                       10min
Pestilence (NL)		- Chronicles Of Scourge			79min  cool Live CD with gigs from '88 and '89
Pestilence (NL)		- Consuming Impulse			38min
Pestilence (NL)		- Demos I + II  LP			33min
Pestilence (NL)		- Dysentry '86				17min
Pestilence (NL)		- Maelleus Maleficarum			39min
Pestilence (NL)		- Malleus Maleficarum + Bonustx		71min  incl. the first 2 demos
Pestilence (NL)		- Resurrection Macabre			55min
Pestilence (NL)		- Spheres				34min
Pestilence (NL)		- The Penance '87			22min
Pestilent Angel (POL)	- First Step To The Grave '93		34min
Pestilental Shadows (AUS) - Cursed				51min
Pestilential Shadows (AUS) - Embrace After Death		75min  Low-fi Black Metal
Phantasm (RUS)		- Keeper Of Death			43min
Phantasm (US)		- Lycanthropy				47min
Phantasm (US-CA)	- Demo '87				15min  w. Katon (ex-Hirax)
Phantasm (US-CA)	- Wreckage				41min  Demo on CD + live songs
Phantasm (US-WI)	- Gut Suckers 7"			12min
Phantasm (US-WI)	- The Abominable '92			46min
Phantasm (US-WI)      	- The Abominable '92            	45min
Phantasm (US-WI)       	- Lycanthropy '90               	45min
Phantasm (US-WI)        - The Abominable CD                     73min
Phantasma (SVK)         - Welcome In Heaven '94                 35min
Phantom (GER)		- s/t  7"				 8min
Phantom (US)		- Dead Or Alive				34min  timeless Power Metal from '87
Phlebotomized (NL)	- Devoted To God '92			29min
Phlebotomized (NL)	- Immense Intense Suspense		49min
Phlebotomized (NL)	- In Search Of Tranquillity 7"		14min  ultra strange Death/Doom
Phlebotomized (NL)	- Preach Eternal Gospels  MCD		27min
Phlebotomized (NL)	- Skycontact				52min  beautiful Death/Doom, great
Phlebotomy (GRE)	- Dawn Of Grief  7"			10min
Phlegein (FIN)		- Ancient Battlegrounds  10"		25min
Phlegein (FIN)		- s/t  7"				 9min
Phlegethon (FIN)	- Drifting In The Crypt  2-CD	       143min
Phlegethon (FIN)	- Fresco Lungs				41min  great Finnish Death Metal
Phlegethon (FIN)	- Lava Poetry Demo MCDr '07		10min
Phlegethon (FIN)	- Neutral Forest '90			26min
Phlegethon (FIN)	- Totems Within Demo MCDr '06		19min
Phlegm (US)		- Masterpiece Of Mutilation  7"		14min
Phobia (NOR)		- Feverish Convulsions '91		15min  pre-Enslaved (NOR)
Phobia (US)		- 22 Random Acts Of Violence		29min
Phobia (US)		- All That Remains  7"			11min
Phobia (US)		- Destroying The Masses  10"		17min
Phobia (US)		- Enslaved  7"				13min  more Grind here, less Death Metal
Phobia (US)		- Grind Your Fucking Head In  MCD	20min
Phobia (US)		- Loud Proud And Grind As...  MLP 	15min
Phobia (US)		- Means Of Inferno			36min
Phobia (US)		- Return To Desolation MCD		23min
Phobia (US)		- Serenity Through Pain			46min
Phobia (US)		- Unrelenting  MLP			15min
Phobia (US) 		- Get Up And Kill  MLP			18min
Phobia (US)             - Cruel                                 26min
Phobia / Abaddon Incarnate (US/IRE) - Split 7"			 9min
Phobia / Corrupted (US/JAP) - Split 7"				12min  total killer !!!!
Phobia / Extinction Of Mankind (US/UK) - Split MLP		24min
Phobia / Gadget (US/SWE)- Split LP				26min
Phobia / Gruel (FRA/US)	- Split LP				31min  lame Hardcore
Phobia / Plutocrazy (US/US) - Split Live LP			29min  crust grind inferno
Phobia / Resist And Exist (US/US) - Split MLP			24min
Phobia / Skrupel (US/GER) - Split 7"                            11min
Phossatery (BRA)	- Obscure Feelings			40min  great underproduced Death Metal from 1994
Physical Attraction (SWE) - The Fool Lead The Blind		43min
Pigmy Love Circus (US)	- When Clowns Become Kings	 	37min
Pike (SWE)		- Lack Of Judgement			59min
Piledriver (CAN)	- Metal Manifesto CD+DVD		44min
Piledriver (CAN)	- Stay Ugly				29min
Piledriver (NOR)	- A Mouthful Of Venus' Soda		44min
Pingo's Inferno (SWE)	- Human Shrapnels '94			25min
Pink Floyd (UK)		- Ummagumma				87min
Pink Floyd (UK)		- Atom Heart Mother			53min
Pink Floyd (UK)		- Meddle				48min
Pink Floyd (UK)		- Relics				50min
Pink Floyd (UK)		- Live at Pompeii  Bootleg 2-LP	       102min
Pink Floyd (UK)		- Dark Side Of The Moon			45min
Pink Floyd (UK)		- Wish You Were Here			45min
Pink Floyd (UK)		- Animals				43min
Pink Floyd (UK)		- The Final Cut				49min
Pink Floyd (UK)		- The Wall  Live 2-CD		       106min
Pink Floyd (UK)  	- The Early Years Boxset		xxmin
Pink Floyd (UK)		- Discovery  14-CD Boxset		xxmin
Pink Floyd (UK)		- The Later Years Boxset		xxmin
Poison (GER)		- Into The Abyss...Resurrected		68min
Piper's Dawn (SWE)	- Moonclad MCD				18min
Piper's Dawn (SWE)      - Demo '95                              18min  probably Gorement - Promo '95, with male vocals, one track on the Re-Release CD
Pirana (MEX)		- Destructive Animal Revolution 	65min
Pirana (MEX)		- Pirana Attack  MCD			25min
Pirana / The Pit (MEX/MEX) - Split MCD				24min
Piranha (GRE)		- Cancer  7"				 6min
Piranha (GRE)		- World's Grave MLP			17min
Piranha (US)		- Big Fucking Teeth  7"			 7min  w.Exodus member, Demo from '89 on vinyl
Placenta (SWI)		- s/t  7"				13min  industrial Grind
Plague (BEL)		- Twilight  7"				15min  Enthroned members
Plague (CHI)		- Into The Deathkult  7"		11min  Southamerican Black Metal madness
Plague Bearer (US)	- Rise Of The Goat  7"			15min
Plan E (FIN)		- Deep  7"				 8min  Gothmetal like
Plan E (FIN)		- E For Your Eyes  3"-MCD		11min
Plan E (FIN)		- E Four Your Ears 3"-MCD		16min
Pleurisy (NL)		- Dazed And Deranged			46min
Pleurisy (NL)		- Experience The Sacrilege		47min  fantastic melodic but powerful Death
Pleurisy (NL)		- Seizure				45min
Pleurisy / Asgaia (NL/GER) - Split LP				46min  fantastic Death Metal !!!
Pocculus (LIT)       	- Pocculus                      	60min
Poema Arcanus (CHI)	- Arcane XIII				74min
Poema Arcanus (CHI)	- Buried Songs: The Early Times		68min  DeathDoom
Poets Of The Plague (US)- s/t					50min
Pogrom (ARG)		- Flagellum Daemonum '95		24min
Pogrom (ARG)		- Trotzperiode				50min
Pointius Prophet (US)	- Rites Of Hatred '88			 8min  w. John Cyriis
Poison (GER)		- Bestial Death  LP			40min  Demo and two Reh.tx pressed on Bootleg-LP
Poison (GER)		- Final Rehearsal '87			24min  without vocals, 2 unrel. songs
Poison (GER)		- Further Down Into The Abyss		71min  remixed MLP and old reh./live tx, killer !!!
Poison (GER)		- Hoelle Und Vernichtung 4-LP/2-CD     373min
Poison (GER)		- Into The Abyss '87			34min
Poison (GER)		- Into The Abyss...Resurrected		68min
Poison (GER)		- Live: Schaffhausen 2/87		21min  their 2nd and their last live gig !!!
Poison (GER)		- Reh. '84				90min  lots of unknown tx, cool sound
Poison (GER)		- Reh. '86				13min  Slaves Of... as instrumental + Reaper
Poison (GER)		- Reh. 11.10.1986			 7min  Zombie dance + Hell Of The Living... (cut)
Poison (GER)		- Reh. 11/86				54min
Poison (GER)		- Reh. 12/86				20min  with unrel. tck "Zombie Dance"
Poison (GER)		- Reh. 13.3.86				 7min  Yog-Sothoth in an ultracool version
Poison (GER)		- Reh. 30.3.85				64min  killer sound, got it directly from the band
Poison (GER)		- Sons Of Evil '84			51min  1st released version: 12 tx (!!) but no intro
Poison (GER)		- Sons Of Evil  Re-Release LP		42min  Demo '84 on vinyl
Poison Mask (FIN)	- Graveyard World  7"			13min
Poisonous (BRA)		- Perdition's Den			38min  again great Death Metal from Brasil
Pokolgep (HUN)		- Ejszakai Bevetes			43min
Pokolgep (HUN)		- Koncertlemez				47min
Pokolgep (HUN)		- Pokoli Szimatek			38min
Pokolgep (HUN)		- Totalis Metal				36min  like Judas Priest, debut from 1986
Polluted Inheritance (NL) - Demo '94				14min
Polluted Inhertiance (NL) - Betrayed				44min
Polluted Inhertiance (NL) - Into Darkness			53min
Polluted Inhertiance (NL) - Try Out  Demo CDr '??		 5min
Polluted Inhertiance (NL) - Ecocide				39min  Dutch Death
Pope Death Threat (GER) - Grond '95				37min
Porphyria (POL)		- Mayhemic Blast  Promo MCDr '03	18min  Grind Blast massacre
Porrada (BRA)		- The Avalanche MLP			18min  great Death Grind
Portal (AUS)		- Demo Re-Release 7"			12min
Portal (AUS)		- Lurker AT The Threshold '06		17min
Portal (AUS)		- Outre					37min
Portal (AUS)		- Seepia				32min  mix of Vulpecula and Stargazer
Portal (AUS)		- Swarth				41min
Portal (AUS)		- The Endmills  7"			 9min
Portal (SWE)		- Forthcoming				38min
Portal (SWE)		- Signs Of The Forth... Promo CD '99	24min  cool Swedish Black/Death
Portal (SWE)		- The Prophet '98			23min
Portal / Rites Of Thy Degringolade (AUS/CAN) - Split LP		33min
Portrait (SWE)		- The Murder Of All Things...  7"	13min
Posession (SPA)		- Anoxia				41min  Metalcore ala Heaven Shall Burn
Poseydon (POL)		- Master Of Death '95			43min  good Death/Grind
Possessed (US)		- Agony In Paradise			59min  official Live CD with recordings from  1987
Possessed (US)		- Ashes From Hell  7"			14min
Possessed (US)		- Beyond The Gates/Eyes Of Horror	55min  Rerelease on CD
Possessed (US)		- Burning Alive In Hell			41min  Live Bootleg LP
Possessed (US)		- Demo '93  (4 tx version)		18min  complete version, w. 'The Exorcist'
Possessed (US)		- Fallen Angels  7"			16min  4 Reh. tx from '84
Possessed (US)		- Live S.Fransisco '84/San Diego'86  	68min  Boot-LP on CD and San Diego '86
Possessed (US)		- Rehearsals  Fall '84			20min
Possessed (US)		- The Demos 1984-1992			54min  Bootleg with actually good sound
Possessed (US)		- Wolrd War III  2-LP			77min  shit bootleg
Possessed (US)	 	- Boot Demo tape '05			78min  contains Demo '91, Demo '93 and Live 21.5.93
Possessed (US)  	- Demo tx '84                            8min  Fallen Angel + Swing Of The Axe
Possessed (US)      	- Live 3.1.86                   	35min  recorded from Soundboard
Possessed (US)      	- Live 1/85                     	45min
Possessed (US)      	- Live In San Fransisco 1984    	34min  Booleg Live-LP with good sound
Possessed (US)      	- Reh. 11.9.85                  	47min  good sound !!!
Possessed (US)		- Shadowcult  MCD			23min  came with Legacy #120
Possessed (US)		- Revelations Of Oblivion		54min
Possessed / Morbid Angel (US/US) - Split LP			35min  Demos on vinyl
Possessed / Side Effect (US/US) - Split 10"			30min  incl. new song of Jeff Becerra's band
Possession (US)		- Eternally Haunt			50min
Possession (US)		- The Unnameable Suffering  MCD		16min
Possesson (US)		- Scourge And Fire 3"-MCD		14min  very Mercyful Fate orientated
Post Mortem (US)	- Coroner's Office  CD			41min  LP '86 on CD, some stereo-errors on it
Post Mortem (US)	- Coroner's Office  LP			41min
Post Mortem (US)	- Destined For Failure			36min
Post Mortem (US)	- Festival Of Fun			34min
Post Mortem (US)	- Ring Around The Rectum  7"		13min
Post Mortem (US)	- Seasoned NoSalt Makes My...  7"	 7min
Post Mortem (US)	- The Missing Link  EP			18min  the American horror-Fans
Posthumous (BRA)	- My Eyes, They Bleed			58min
Power From Hell (BRA)	- The True Metal			28min  like first Bathory
Power From Hell (BRA)	- Sadismo				33min
Powerwolf (GE)		- The Rockhard Sacrament  MCD		28min  came with Rock Hard #314
Pragwald (SVN)          - s/t  7"                                9min  technical DeathJazz, Gorguts-like
Preacher (US)		- Trapped In Hell  MLP			12min  very good old Death-Thrash on WRR
Precipice (US)          - Prophet Of Doom                       46min
Prediction (POL)	- Nihil Desperandum '93			26min  Artillery meets Destruction/Assassin
Prejudice (BEL)		- Broken Promises			45min
Prejudice (BEL)		- Dominion Of Chaos			32min  more technical Death Metal now
Prejudice (BEL)		- Reality				37min  similar to Pestilence
Preludium (POL)		- Eternal Wrath				35min  FANTASTIC Polish Death Metal, KILLER !!
Preludium (POL)		- Impending Hostility			32min
Prestige (FIN)		- Attack Against Gnomes			39min
Prestige (FIN)		- Priest  MLP				10min
Pretty Maids (DK)   	- Future World                  	42min
Primal Dawn (IRE)	- s/t  MCD				14min
Prime Evil (US)		- Unearthed				58min  all 2 demos, the 7"/Comp.tx and old tx
Primigenium (SPA)	- Faith Through Anguish			43min
Primigenium (SPA)	- Intolerance				40min
Primigenium (SPA)       - As Eternal As The Night MCD           16min  Demo '94 + 2 Bonus tx on MCD
Primigenium (SPA)       - All Your Tears Will Be Ours  7"       12min  killer Black Metal !!!!!!!
Primigenium (SPA)       - Art Of War                            42min
Primitive Symphony (SWE)- Obscene Sadist '95			37min
Primordial (IRE)	- A Journey's End			48min
Primordial (IRE)	- Heathen Legacy  MCD			28min  came with Legacy #113
Primordial (IRE)	- Redemption At The Puritan's Hand	62min
Primordial (IRE)	- Spirit The Earth Aflame		74min  incl. 4 bonus tx (Hammerheart/US version)
Primordial (IRE)	- The Gathering Wilderness		58min
Primordial (IRE)	- To The Nameless Dead			68min
Primordial (IRE)     	- Imrama                        	46min
Primordial (SPA)        - Reh. 22.10.92                          4min
Primordial (SWE)	- De Mörka Makters Alla '95		33min  pre-Thy Primordial, before they changed name
Primordial / Mael Morda (IRE/IRE) - Split Pic-7"		12min
Proboscis (SWE)		- Demo '93				14min
Proboscis (SWE)		- Demo '92				11min
Probot (US)		- s/t					49min  Dave Gohl project with diff. vocalists
Probot (US)		- s/t  7"				10min  Cronos and Wino on vox, Dave Grohl project
Proclamation (SPA)	- Advent Of The Black Omen		35min  pure Blasphemy worship
Proclamation (SPA)	- Black Conjuration Reh.'04		20min
Proclamation (SPA)	- Execration Of Cruel Bestiality	31min
Proclamation (SPA)	- Imperious Jaws Of Ire '03		26min
Proclamation (SPA)	- Messiah Of Darkness And Impurity	35min
Proclamation (SPA)	- Nether Tombs Of Abaddon		31min
Proclamation / Teitanblood (SPA/SPA) - Split 7"			14min
Procreation (CAN)	- Incantations Of Demonic Lust MLP	25min  Blasphemy members, Demos '90 and '91 on Vinyl
Procreation (SWE) 	- Enter The Land Of The...'90		12min  w. Therion members
Profanal (SPA)		- Demo MCDr '07				16min
Profanal (SPA)		- Rotten Bodies  Demo MCD '09		24min
Profanal / Obscure Infinity (SPA/GER) - Split 7"		10min
Profanatica (US)	- As Tears Of Blood Stain The... 7"	 8min
Profanatica (US)	- Broken Jew  7"			 6min
Profanatica (US)	- Collection				47min  "Best-Of", with 5 unrel. songs
Profanatica (US)	- Disgusting Blasphemies Against God	41min
Profanatica (US)	- Live					74min  Live CD, rehearsal like atmosphere though
Profanatica (US)	- Profanatitas De Domonatia		40min  incredibly great brutal Black Metal
Profanatica (US)	- Sickened By Holy Host  2-LP		38min
Profanatica (US)	- The Raping Of... Unrel.LP '93		26min
Profanatica (US)	- The Years Of Pestilence  7"		15min
Profanatica (US)	- Weeping In Heaven  7"			 5min
Profanatica (US)        - The Enemy Of Virtue                   80min
Profanatica / Masacre (US/COL) - Split CD			35min
Profanation (ARG)	- Devastation Of Purity  7"		11min
Profanator (MEX)	- Deathplagued				39min
Profanator (MEX)	- Libido Clerico			53min  Porno-Thrash, w.Disgorge member Antimo
Profancer (SIN)		- Rest Without Peace			67min  Profancer/Beheaded/Profanation tracks
Profane (NL)		- Requiem '94				24min
Profane (NL)		- Sorrow '93				19min
Profane Grace (MEX)	- The Seal Of Xastur  7"		10min  mix of Abruptum, Mortiis and Vorak, uaargh
Profaner (AUS)		- Demo '07				12min
Profanum (POL)		- Flowers Of Our Black Misanthropy	40min
Profanum (POL)		- Musaeum Esotericum			39min  total ambient/synth bullshit
Profatum (ITA)		- Impaler Of Saints '94			35min
Profecia (ECU)		- VII Veces VII				53min
Professor (GER)		- Academizer  Re-Release 3"-MCD		12min
Profundi (SWE)		- The Omega Factor			40min  ex-Naglfar member
Promethean (FIN)	- Gazing The Invisible 			46min  Black Crucifixion members
Prophanity (SWE)	- I Vargens Tecken  7"			 8min
Prophanity (SWE)	- Stronger Than Steel			43min
Prophanity (SWE)	- The Battleroar '97			15min  powerful Swedish Black Metal, 3rd demo
Prophecy Et Sanctus (US)- The Light Shines No...'94		26min
Prophecy Of Doom (UK)	- Matrix				45min  strange DeathGrindCrust
Prophecy Of Doom (UK)	- The Peel Sessions  MLP		14min
Prophecy Of Doom (UK)	- Acknowledge The Confusion Master	32min  great DeathGrindCrust
Prophecy Of Doom (UK)	- Until The Again  7"		 	13min
Prophecy Of Doom (UK) 	- Tri-Battle-Thought-Form Engagement 7" 12min  great comeback, killer Crust
Prophecy Of Doom / Axegrinder (UK/UK) - Split CD		70min  Axegrinder sounds like Amebix !!!1
Prophesy (SIN)		- Tartary (Altun Ordo)  Demo CDr '05 	35min
Prophesy / Thoronath (SIN/FIN) - Split Demo '99			24min
Prosanctus Inferi (US)	- Red Streams Of Flesh  MLP		20min  lots of Necrovore influences
Prosanctus Inferi (US)	- Pandemonic Ululations Of Vesperic... 	27min
Prosanctus Inferi / Witch Tomb (US/US) - Split 7"		 9min
Prosector (POL)		- Terrible Ceremony '88			17min
Prosector (POL)		- Total Shot '87			20min
Prosecutor (POL)	- Krew Czarnej Ziemi '92		42min
Protected Illusion (FIN)- Sandman's Store  7"			12min
Protected Illusion (FIN)- Swimming In The Moonlight  7"		16min  Anthrax meets some heavier stuff
Protected Illusion (FIN)- 1989-1991: Watching The Wake		73min
Protector (GER)		- A Shedding Of Skin CD			42min  one bonus song
Protector (GER)		- A Shedding Of Skin			39min
Protector (GER)		- Echoes From The Past...		69min  demo, Misanthropy MLP and Golem LP
Protector (GER)		- Kain And Abel  2-CD		       159min
Protector (GER)		- Levithan's Desire  MLP		17min
Protector (GER)		- Misanthropy  MLP			23min  cool Death/Thrash, their debut MLP
Protector (GER)		- The Hertiage				40min
Protector (GER)		- The Return Of Thrash... 7"		15min
Protector (GER)		- Urm The Mad				49min  CD with 3 Live Bonus tx
Protector (GER)      	- Golem                         	40min  very brutal German Thrash from '88
Protector (GER)         - Welcome To Fire                       78min  Live and Demos (incl. the 2000 one)
Protector (GER)         - Ominous Message Of Brutality          66min  2nd part of the Best-Of compilation by I Hate Rec.
Pseudostratiffied E. / Paganus Doctrina (both C.RICA) - SplitCD 54min
Pseudostratiffied Epithelium (C.RICA) - Into The Flames		34min  nice Sarcofago worship
Pseudostratiffied Epithelium (C.RICA) - Dolonia			40min
Pseudostratiffied Epithelium (C.RICA) - Sodomizing... '94	19min
Psicorragia (PER)	- La Pasion De Lo Mortal		44min  Doom Death Metal
Psicorragia (PER)	- Presagios De Agonia MCD		24min
Psicosis (VENE)		- The Sound Of Leaves			34min
Psychic Crush (GRE)	- The Guardian Promo '92		18min  pre-Vorphalak
Psychic Pawn (US)	- Decadent Delirium			46min
Psychic Pawn (US)	- Disgorged Suppuration  7"		13min
Psychic Possessor (BRA)	- Toxin Diffusion			27min
Psychis Possessor (BRA)	- Nos Somos A America Do Sul		25min
Psycho (US)		- Mass Consumption  7"			 8min
Psycho/Nasum (US/SWE)	- Split 7"				11min
Psychoaggression (ITA)	- Abnormal Truth '93?			19min
Psychomancer (US)	- Butchered				48min
Psychomancer (US) 	- Si-Ko-Man-Sur				40min
Psychopathic Terror (FIN) - 230204				36min
Psychopathic Terror (FIN) - Fucker				32min  ex-Depravity, Hellhammer/Vomitory like sound
Psychorrhexis(US)	- The Catacomb Sodomies '91		17min
Psychosis (US)		- My Private Hell  7"			11min
Psychotic Waltz (US)	- A Social Grace                	65min
Psychrist (AUS)		- Debauching The Minions		38min
Psychrist (AUS)		- Embrace Rapture In Disgust		46min
Psychrist (AUS)		- The Abysmal Fiend  MCD		26min  Aussie Thrasher
Psycroptic (AUS)	- Symbols Of Failure			40min
Psycroptic (AUS)	- The Isle Of Disenchantment		39min  brutal Aussie Death
Psycroptic (AUS)	- The Scepter Of The Ancients		43min
Psypheria (US)		- Embrace The Mutation			40min
Psypheria (US)		- Gothic Disturbance  Re-Release CD	49min
Pugnacity (DK)		- People Live Their Lives... '92	41min
Puissance (SWE)		- Demo 2 '95				21min
Pulverizer (NL)		- Second To None  MCD			21min
Pulverizer / Creamation (NL/NL) - Split MLP			16min
Pungent Stench (AUT)	- For God Your Soul...			41min
Pungent Stench (AUT)	- Shisyu  7"				12min
Pungent Stench (AUT) 	- Extreme Deformity  7"			13min
Pungent Stench / Benediction (AUT/UK) - Split 5"		 7min
Purgatorium (SWE)	- Enter The Gate '92			22min
Purgatorium (SWE)	- Travels '94				27min
Purgatory (GER)		-  Psychopatica Sexualis  7"		14min
Purgatory (GER)		- Bestial				40min
Purgatory (GER)		- Blessed With Flames Of Hate		39min
Purgatory (GER)		- Cultus Luciferi: The Splendour Of...	39min
Purgatory (GER)		- Damage Done By Worms			56min
Purgatory (GER)		- Luciferanism				35min  old-school Death Metal massacre !!!!!
Purgatory / Polymorph (GER/GER) - Split 10"			16min
Purgatory / Seirim (GER/GER) - Split 7"				15min
Purtenance (FIN)	- MCMXCI - MCMXCII 2-LP			69min
Purtenance (FIN)        - Member Of Immortal Damnation          43min
Purtenance (FIN)        - Crown Waits The Immortal  7"          11min
Purulence (CAN)		- Atrocious Execration '91		20min  Gorement meets Acheron
Purulence (CAN)         - Inverted Decay  7"                     8min
Puteraeon (SWE)		- Fascination For Mutilation DemoCDr'08 28min
Puteraeon (SWE)		- The Extraordinary Work...Demo CDr '09 32min  great SWE-Death
Puteraeon (SWE)		- The Esoteric Order			44min
Puteraeon (SWE)		- The Requiem  Demo CDr '08		32min
Putrefaction (POL)	- Visions Of Putrefaction '92		13min
Putrefaction (SWE)   	- Painful Death '89             	12min  Grave sideproject
Putrevore (SPA/SWE)	- Morphed From Deadbreath		33min  SWE-Death with D.Rotten on Vocals
Putrid (FIN)		- Exhumation '91			17min
Putrid (FIN)		- God Forsaken  7"			10min
Putrid (FIN)		- Morbid Awakening '09			12min
Putrid (FIN)		- Re-Exhumation				45min
Putrid (SWE)		- Demo MMX '10				19min
Putrid Offal / Exulceration (FRA/SWI) - Split CD		37min
Putrifact (US)		- Reh. 7/21/90  7"			 9min
Putrifact (US)		- Visceral Devourment  7"		 9min
Pyogenesis (GER)	- Rise Of The Unholy  7"		11min
Pyogenesis (GER)	- Sacrificious Profanity  7"		12min
Pyogenesis (GER)	- Underneath  7"			14min
Pyorrhoea (POL)		- Desire For Torment			29min  killer brutal Death Metal
Pyorrhoea (POL)		- The Eleventh: Thou Shalt Be My...	37min  killer Polish Death Metal, like Vomitory without the Crust
Pyphomgertum (MEX)	- Gorific Carnal Confesions		40min  Bellphegot Rec., bad Grind, shitty vocs
Pyre (GER)		- Murder Satan  Holocaust		25min  total German Black Thrash Attack
Pyre / Nihil Nocturne (GER/GER) - Split 7"			10min
Pyrexia (US)		- Sermon Of Mockery			64min
Pyöveli (FIN)           - The New Renaissance Of Speed...       34min
Pyöveli (FIN)           - The New Renaussance Of... '05         33min
Pyöveli / Wounds (FIN/FIN) - Split CD                           28min
Queiron (BRA)		- Impious Damnation			47min
Queiron (BRA)		- Templars Beholding Failures		47min  brutal Death Metal, improved a lot
Queiron (BRA)		- The Shepherd Of Tophet		45min
Queiron (BRA)		- You'd Better Light A Candle... 7"	14min
Quest For Aidance (SWE)	- Fallen Man Collection MCD		11min
Quest For Aidance (SWE) - Dark Are The Skies At Hand  10"	15min
Quo Vadis (POL)		- Infernal Chaos			55min
Quo Vadis (POL)		- Krol					51min  mix of Death and Thrash, killer sound
Quo Vadis (POL)		- Monofobia '89				19min
Quo Vadis (POL)		- Politics '93				42min
Quo Vadis (POL)		- Quo Vadis  Re-Release CD		58min  old Polish Thrash
Quo Vadis (POL)		- Test Draizea '95			60min
Quo Vadis (POL)		- Uran					56min
Quo Vadis (POL)		- s/t  '92				32min  tape version with engl. lyrics
Quo Vadis (POL)		- s/t '94				35min  with Polish lyrics and bonus tck
Quo Vadis (POL)         - Po                                    58min
Quorthon (SWE)		- Purity Of Essence  Do,-CD		98min
Quorthon (SWE)       	- When Our Day Is Through MCD   	16min
R.A.V.A.G.E. (US)	- Kill Or Be Killed '86			23min  pre-Atheist
R.A.V.A.G.E. (US)   	- On They Slay '87              	14min  finally WITHOUT cut
R.U.Dead? (GER)		- 2 CD-Comp. tx '97	        	11min  from the new EP, but CD-quality
R.U.Dead? (GER)		- A Thought Before The Kill EP		18min  new EP of this ex-Poison/ex-Fleshcrawl legend
R.U.Dead? (GER)		- Completly Dead			69min  Farewell with lots of unknown, new and old tx
R.U.Dead? (GER)		- Hypnos '92				42min
R.U.Dead? (GER)		- Dead But Alive		       100min
Rabbath Ammon (JOR)	- Ammonites' Knights' Nights  7"	17min  like oldest Rotting Christ, great !!
Rabbath Ammon (JOR)	- Demo MCDr '05				17min
Rabid (US)		- Annihilation				54min  good Thrash
Rabid (US)		- Led to The Gallow '86			16min
Rademassaker (GER)	- Primitive Death Attack  10"		25min
Rademassaker (GER)	- Reanimation Of The Ancient... 7"	10min
Rademassaker (GER)	- Satanic Zombie Hordes			50min
Rademassaker / Bloody Sign (GER/FRA) - Split 7"			12min
Rademassaker / Exorcism (GER/GER) - Split 7"			13min
Radiation Sickenss (US)	- Bounds Of Reality  7"			11min
Radiation Sickness (US) - A Journey To Insanity  MLP		19min
Rage (GER)		- The Refuge Years  MCD			26min
Raging Fury (JPN)	- Deal You A Fatal Blow  MCD		23min
Raging Fury (JPN)	- The Rattlesnake Rules  7"		13min  very old Thrash band
Raging Fury (JPN)	- s/t					49min
Ragnarok (NOR)		- Blackdoor Miracle			42min
Ragnarok (NOR)		- Diabolical Age			54min
Ragnarok (NOR)		- In Nomine Satanas DCLXVI		48min
Ragnarok (NOR)       	- Nattferd                      	50min
Ragnarok (NOR)       	- Pagan..'94 (1st recording)    	23min
Ragnarok (NOR)       	- Arising Realm                 	50min
Ragnarok (NOR)       	- Pagan Land '94                	23min
Ragnarok (UK)   	- To Mend The Oaken Heart       	62min
Rain (SWI)		- Sephirots  Promo CD '99		33min  like new Samael
Rainbow (UK)		- Rising				34min
Raise Hell (SWE)	- City Of The Damned			46min
Raise Hell (SWE)	- Holy Target				42min
Raise Hell (SWE)	- Live: Stuttgart 25.9.2000  CDr	34min
Raise Hell (SWE)	- Not Dead Yet				40min
Raise Hell (SWE)	- To The Gallows  7"			10min
Raise Hell (SWE)	- Wicked Is My Game			46min
Raism (FIN/GRE)		- Aeshetic Terrorism			42min
Raism (FIN/GRE)		- The Very Best Of Pain  MCD		23min
Rampage (AUS)		- Veil Of Mourn				30min
Rampage (US)		- This End Up  CDr			57min
Ramses (MEX)		- s/t Tape LP				37min  like Transmetal
Rape Pillage And Burn (US) - Songs Of Death... MCD		17min  w.Richard Cabeza
Raped God (MEX)		- The Executioner			36min
Raped God (MEX)		- Tyrant Ressurection  MCD		19min
Raped God (MEX)		- s/t					34min  Mexican Thrash
Raped God / Black Torment (GER/GER) - Split 7"			14min
Raped Teenagers	(SWE)	- I Kraftans Klor  Flexi-Disc		10min  from To The Death Zine #3 '88,
Rapid Force (YUG)	- Apotheosis Of War			44min  Thrash from '93
Rapid Force (YUG)	- Burst Under Pressure			45min  crappy modern Metal stuff
Raptor (NL)		- Antichristian Terror Propaganda '03	33min  BlackNoise
Raptor (NL)		- Worship The Goat  MCD			24min  Ildjarn-influenced, but better !!
Rapture (FIN)		- Songs For The Withering		46min
Rapture (MEX)		- Living Inside Of Death		43min  great Death Metal, w.Cenotaph/Foeticide members
Raspatul (SIN)		- Devils In Renewed Birth		52min
Raspatul (SIN)		- Menghtiung Ajal  CDr			30min  furious Death/Thrash
Raspatul (SIN)		- Promo MCDr '04			10min
Rator (MALA)		- Possessed				51min
Ratos De Porao (BRA)	- Anarkophobia				37min  portugese version
Ratos De Porao (BRA)	- Ao Vivo No CBGB			53min
Ratos De Porao (BRA)	- Anarkophobia				37min
Ratos De Porao (BRA)	- Av Vivo				55min  fantastic live CD
Ratos De Porao (BRA)	- Brasil				30min
Ratos De Porao (BRA)	- Brasil / Anarkophobia			69min
Ratos De Porao (BRA)	- Crucificados Pelo Sistema  MLP	18min
Ratos De Porao (BRA)	- Carniceria Tropical			42min
Ratos De Porao (BRA)	- Cada Dia Mais Sujo E Agressivo	27min
Ratos De Porao (BRA)	- Decanse Em Paz			30min  LP from 1986
Ratos De Porao (BRA)	- Decanse Em Paz  Re-Release CD		35min  including live songs from 1983
Ratos De Porao (BRA)	- Dirty And Aggressive MLP		24min  engl. version of Cada Dia Mais...
Ratos De Porao (BRA)	- Feijoada Acidente? Brasil		31min
Ratos De Porao (BRA)	- Feijoada Acidente? International	40min
Ratos De Porao (BRA)	- Guerra Civil Canibal  7"		11min
Ratos De Porao (BRA)	- Homem Inmigo Do Homem			31min
Ratos De Porao (BRA)	- Just Another Crime...			47min
Ratos De Porao (BRA)	- Onisciente Coletivo			35min  still alive and raging
Ratos De Porao (BRA)	- Periferia 1982			42min  34 songs from 1982-1984
Ratos De Porao (BRA)	- Sistemados Pelo Crucifa MLP		19min  re-recording of the very first MLP
Ratos De Porao (BRA)	- So Crassicos...			39min  Best Of
Ravage (GER)		- Infernal Devastation  MCD		26min
Ravaged (SWE)		- Demo '9?				17min
Ravager (MEX)		- Naxzgul Rising			47min
Ravager (MEX)		- Storm Of Sin				37min  ex-Domain, LP has one bonus tck
Raven (UK)		- Architect Of Fear			47min
Raven (UK)		- Life's A Bitch			50min
Ravendusk (POL)		- Shadowcast				34min  melodic Death Black
Ravening (FIN)		- Humanure Demo MCDr '02		17min
Ravening (FIN)		- s/t  7"				11min  US-Death like, Satanic Warmaster member
Ravens Creed (UK)	- Albion Thunder			30min
Ravens Creed (UK)	- Neon Parasite  7"			 6min
Ravens Creed (UK)	- Nestless And Wild  7"			 8min
Raw Noise (UK)		- The Terror Continues 			27min
Raw Noise (UK)		- s/t  7"				 8min
Raw Noise (UK)          - A Holocaust In Your Home '9/84         9min  pre-Extreme Noise Terror
Razor (CAN)		- Armed And Dangerous  MLP		22min  I fuckin got it !!!!!!!!!!
Razor (CAN)		- Custom Killing			46min
Razor (CAN)		- Escape The Fire			43min  first demo pressed on LP
Razor (CAN)		- Live At The City Of Damnation		37min  LP Live bootleg from 10.5.1985
Razor (CAN)		- The Evil Invaders Alive		51min  Live Toronto 10.05.1985, plus Demo '84
Razor (CAN)          	- Toronto 10.5.85               	40min
Razor (CAN)          	- Decibles                      	46min  their newest strike ! Canadian legend
Razor (CAN)          	- Shotgun Justice               	40min
Razor (CAN)          	- Malicious Intent              	39min
Razor (CAN)          	- Armed MLP/Executioner's LP    	60min  both cultpieces on one CD (Reborn Classics)
Razor (CAN)          	- Open Hostility                	37min
Razor (CAN)          	- Violent Restitution           	40min
Razor (CAN)          	- Demo II '84                   	18min  another cult act
Razor (CAN)             - Escape The Fire '84           	43min  w. unknown tx, over the top sound
Razor Of Occam (AUS)	- Diabologue 7"				 9min  like Absu
Razor Of Occam (AUS)	- Pillars Of Creation  MCD		17min
Re-Vision (GER)		- Downfall  MCD				17min  sounds exactly like Sentenced - Amok minus the vocals
Re-Vision (GER)		- Longevity				68min
Realm Of Carnivora (EST)- Verised Relvad                        37min
Realm Of Carnivora (EST)- Vengeance Shall Come '02		48min  great Black Metal, Ketzer Rec.
Realm Of Chaos (DK)	- Stench Of Death '08			21min  great DeathCrust
Rebaelliun (BRA)	- Annihilation				38min
Rebaelliun (BRA)	- At War  Promo '98			 7min
Rebaelliun (BRA)	- At War  MCD				 7min  mix of Krisiun, Slayer guitars and Morbid An.
Rebaelliun (BRA)	- Bringer Of War  MCD			17min
Rebaelliun (BRA)	- Burn The Promised Land		35min
Rebaelliun (BRA)	- Burn The Promised... Digi-CD		42min
Rebellion (VEN)		- Land Of Hate				55min
Rebirth Of Nefast / Slidhr (IRE/IRE) - Split LP			32min
Reclusion (SWE)		- Shell Of Pain				42min
Recrucide (CHI)		- Rebellion				45min
Recrucify (PER)		- Awakening Of The Satan's Kommand 7" 	11min
Rectum (FIN)		- Enforced Prick '92			19min
Red Harvest (NOR)       - There's Beauty In The Purity Of...    53min
Redimoni (SPA)		- Into The Coiling Arms Of Mayhem	40min
Redimoni (SPA)		- The Onset Of Chaos MCD		20min
Redrum (US)		- Ghettoblaster  7"			 9min  w.Danny Lilker
Reencarnacion (COL)	- 888					35min  underground massacre from 1988, rare !!
Reencarnacion (COL)	- 888 Re-Re-Release CD			72min  with LP, EP and Live tx
Reencarnacion (COL)	- 888 + Acompana...  Re-Release CD	47min  pure underground cult from 87/88
Reencarnacion (COL)	- Acompaname A La Tumba  7"		10min
Reencarnacion (COL)	- Demos 1987 - 1994			74min
Reencarnacion (COL)	- Egipto				32min  very weird stuff from 1996
Reencarnacion (COL)	- Live '89				26min
Reencarnacion (COL)	- Mas Hombres, Menos Estatuas		57min  more Hardcore than Death Metal
Reencarnacion (COL)	- Se Puede Vivir Sin Dios		38min  best stuff since 888
Reencarnacion (COL)	- Visiones Terrenales			48min  ltd.150 from 2002, again totally avantgarde
Reflection (GRE)	- Sire Of The Storm  7"			13min
Regridior (LIT)		- Born In The Coffin '93		28min
Regridior (LIT)		- Forbidden Tears  MCD			20min
Regridior (LIT)		- Thouched By Thanat  7"		13min
Regurgitate (SWE)	- Carnivorous Erection			33min
Regurgitate (SWE)	- Concrete Human Torture '94		13min
Regurgitate (SWE)	- Deviant				32min
Regurgitate (SWE)	- Effortless Regurgitation		34min  the original Lowland Rec. Release from '94
Regurgitate (SWE)	- Effortless... Re-Release CD		56min
Regurgitate (SWE)	- Hatefilled Vengeance  MLP		18min
Regurgitate (SWE)	- Sickening Bliss			35min
Regurgitate (SWE)       - Promo MCD '99                         15min
Regurgitate (SWE-diff)  - Trials Of Life '92                    14min  Death Metal from an Avesta-based group
Regurgitate / Atrocity (SWE/US) - Split 7"			 7min  Imperial Anthems Vol.3
Regurgitate / Cripple Bastards (SWE/ITA) - Split 7"		11min
Regurgitate / Dead Infection (SWE/POL) - Split 7"		10min
Regurgitate / Entrails Massacre (SWE/GER) - Split 5"		 5min
Regurgitate / Filth (SWE/AUS) - Split 7"			13min
Regurgitate / Gore Beyond Necropsy (SWE/JPN) - Split 7"		10min
Regurgitate / Grudge (SWE/JPN) - Split 7"			14min
Regurgitate / Intestinal Infection (SWE/GER) - Split 7"		10min
Regurgitate / Noisear (SWE/US) - Split 7"			12min
Regurgitate / Psychotic Noise (SWE/SPA) - Split 7"		13min
Regurgitate / Realized (SWE/JPN) - Split 7"			12min
Regurgitate / Skullhog (SWE/NL) - Split 7"			 8min
Regurgitate / Suppository (SWE/NL) - Split LP			30min  both sound more like old Nasum than Nasum does today
Regurgitate / Vaginal Massaker (SWE/GER) - Split 7"		11min
Regurgitation (US)      - Backwash                              52min  old material form 1987
Reign Of Erebus (UK)	- Humanracist				38min  Industrial Black Metal massacre
Reign Of Erebus (UK)	- Inversion Principle			40min
Reign Of Erebus (UK)	- Of Blackest Magick...  MCD		18min
Reign Of Terror (AUS)	- Book Of The Dead MCD			26min
Reign Of Terror (AUS)	- Under Blackened Skies  MCD		20min
Reign Of Terror (US)	- Inverted Beliefs Of The... '00/'01	23min  tape-version by Dark Angel Rec.
Reign Of Terror (US)	- Therondy Of The Impaled		38min
Reincarnage (SWE)	- Black Vision 10			22min
Reincarnation (SPA)	- Void					38min
Relentless (SWE)	- Experiment In Excrement '01		13min
Rellik (US-NJ)		- Deceive The Deceiving  MCD		17min
Remasculate (SWE)	- Blend In And Juice Them  MCD		20min
Remasculate (SWE)	- Perversemonger			34min
Remasculate (SWE)	- Til The Stench Do Us...  Demo MCDr '04 8min
Renaissence (NL)	- The Death Of Art			71min
Renegade (AUS)		- Total Armageddon			30min
Repent (GER)		- Disciple Of Decline			39min  Bay Area like Thrash
Repent (GER)		- Escape From Reality			51min  incredibly great Thrash band
Repugnance (SWE)        - Demo '91                              18min  old Döds stuff from the golden age, Unleashed-member ?
Repugnant (SWE)		- Draped In Cerecloth '01		17min  old-school Swedish Death Metal
Repugnant (SWE)		- Epitome Of Darkness			44min  old-school Swedish Death Metal, Morbid cover from 2nd demo !!
Repugnant (SWE)		- Epitome Of...  Roughmix version '02	45min
Repugnant (SWE)		- Hecatomb  7"				13min  brutal Swedish Death Metal
Repugnant (SWE)		- Hectacomb  MLP			13min
Repugnant (SWE)		- Premature Burial  7"			15min  great Autopsy/Necrophagia like Swedish Death
Repugnant / Kaamos (SWE/SWE) - Split Live tape '03		53min
Repuked (SWE)		- Pervertopia				46min
Repuked (SWE)		- Repukalypse Now '10			29min
Repulsion (US)		- Excruciation 7"			 8min
Repulsion (US)		- Horrified				30min  Grindcore gods w. their LP from '86
Repulsion (US)		- Horrified  Re-Release 2-CD		94min
Repulsion (US)		- Horrified CD				32min  onc CD-bonustck of this legend
Repulsion (US)		- Live LP				30min  Live '86, Boot-LP w.ok sound rel. in '95
Repulsion (US)		- Rehearsals '85 + '86			57min  great quality
Repulsion (US)		- Slaughter Of The Innocent '86		31min
Repulsion (US)          - Demo '91                              14min  four-song tape, two appeared on the 7"
Requested Suffering (NL)- The Incantatrix '91			13min
Requiem (CHI)		- Eternal Darkness '91			24min
Requiem (CHI)		- Unlike				49min
Requiem (SWI)		- Formed At Birth			38min
Requiem (SWI)		- Nameless Grave MCD			22min  Malevolent Creation fans
Requiem (US)		- As The Image Slowly Fades '93		26min  pre-Epoch Of Unlight
Requiem (US/PER)	- Dawn Of Souls MCD			19min
Requiem (US/PER)	- Lock The Dead  MCD			18min
Requiem (US/PER)	- U.$.$.A. MCD				20min
Requiem (US/PER)        - Grave                                 35min
Requiem (US/PER)        - Christ Has Risen  MCD                 18min
Requiem (US/PER)        - Volume 6                              27min
Requiem Aeternam (URU) 	- Eternally Dying			53min
Requiem Aeternam (URU)  - Philosopher				47min
Restless (BRA)		- s/t					29min  very good Thrash
Resurrected (GER)	- Bloodline  7"				15min
Resuscitator (US)	- A Warrior's Death			33min
Resuscitator (US)	- Cursed Vision From His Infernal...	28min
Resuscitator (US)	- Iniciation  MCD			29min
Retaliation (SWE)	- Boredom And Frustration  7"		 8min
Retaliation (SWE)	- Exhuming The Past: 14 Years...	71min  115 songs in total
Retaliation (SWE)	- The Execution  MCD			16min  22 tcks, similar to Nasum
Retaliation (SWE)	- The Cost Of Redemption		27min
Retaliation (SWE)	- Violence Spreads Its Drape  MLP	17min  Nasum-worshippers
Retaliation / The Kill (SWE/AUS) - Split 7"			11min
Retaliatory (BRA)	- Retaliatory Attack			46min
Retribution (POL)	- Made In Hell				43min
Retrosatan (ARG)	- Grito Mortal  Re-Release LP		38min  Heavy/Speed Metal demo from 1984 pressed on vinyl
Rev. Kriss Hades (AUS)	- Paganini - Bloodlust - Static Age	39min
Rev. Kriss Hades (AUS)	- The Wind Of Orion			44min  total kaos, sikk stuff
Reveal (SWE)		- Nocturne Of Eyes And Teeth		30min
Revelation (US)		- Never Comes Silence			70min
Revelation Of Doom (POL)- Unholy Goatfuck			40min  very Witchmaster-like
Revelations Of Doom (POL) - Shemhamforash			37min
Revenant (US)		- Distant Eyes  7"			11min
Revenant (US)		- Exalted Being  7"			11min
Revenant (US)		- Overman  MCD				18min
Revenant (US)		- Prophecies Of A Dying World		57min
Revenant (US)		- The Burning Ground			73min
Revenge (CAN)		- Attack Blood Revenge  MCD		17min  ex-Conqueror
Revenge (CAN)		- Infiltration Downfall Death		36min
Revenge (CAN)		- Retaliation.Doom.Eradication  7"	 9min
Revenge (CAN)		- Triumph.Genocide.Antichrist		33min
Revenge (CAN)		- Victory Intolerance Mastery		29min
Revenge (CAN)           - Superior Command Destroy  7"           8min
Revenge (GRE)		- Nail Them All  7"			11min
Revenge (GRE)		- Whipping Death  7"			16min
Revenge / Arkhon Infaustus (CAN/FRA) - Split 7"			10min
Revenge / Witchtrap (GRE/COL) - Split 7"			14min
Revokation (SWE)	- Reincarnated Souls Of Hell '99	16min  old Grave/Dismember like
Revokation (SWE)	- Reincarnated Souls Of Hell  7"	16min  demo on vinyl, old Swedish Death
Revolting (SWE)		- Dreadful Pleasures			31min
Revolting (SWE)		- In Grisly Rapture			39min
Revolting (SWE)		- The Terror Threshold			53min
Rezet (GER)		- Have Gun, Will Travel			36min
Rhadamantys (NL)	- Labyrinth Of Thoughts 		37min  strange, weird and boring Death Metal
Rhymes Of Destruction (BEL) - Requiem / In Rememberance... 	71min
Ribspreader (SWE)	- Bolted To The Cross			31min
Ribspreader (SWE)	- Congregating The Sick			31min
Ribspreader (SWE)	- Rotten Rhythms And Rancid Rants	35min  their best ! Old-school Nihilist-like stuff.
Ribspreader (SWE)	- The Monolith  7"			11min
Ribspreader (SWE)	- Vicar Mortis  7"			10min
Ribspreader / Machetazo (SWE/SPA) - Split 7"			 8min
Ride For Revenge (FIN)	- The King Of Snakes			34min  kinda boring Black Metal
Ride For Revenge (FIN)	- The Renegade Temple  7"		12min
Ride For Revenge / Torturium (FIN/FIN) - Split MCD		22min
Rif (SWE)		- Something Happened Today  7"		13min  lame Punk, I hoped for something better
Rigor Mortis (?)        - First Assault '85                     18min  US-CA or GER ?????
Rigor Mortis (JPN)	- Betrayal  MCDr			12min
Rigor Mortis (US)	- Peace Through Tyranny  7"		11min  Reh./Demo 27/2/87, Death cover of Slughterhouse
Rigor Mortis (US-CA)	- Rigor Mortis  Re-Release CD		69min
Rigor Mortis (US-CA)	- Vs. The Earth				46min
Rigor Mortis (US-CA)    - Rigor Mortis                          41min  rare Thrash LP, similar to old Whiplash
Rigor Mortis (US-CA)    - Freaks MLP                            26min
Rigor Mortis (US-NY)    - Warriors Of Doom 7"                   10min  pre-Immolation, demo on 7"
Rigor Sardonicous / The Forgotten (US/US) - Split 7"		13min
Rigor Sardonicus (US)	- Risus Ex Mortuus			53min
Rimthurs (SWE)		- Ur:Kaos  MCD				21min
Ringnevond (NOR)	- Nattverd				40min
Ripped (US)		- Through My Eyes			37min  ugly and lame HC-Thrash
Ripper (US)		- ...And The Dead Shall Rise		45min
Rippikoulu (FIN)	- Musta Seremonia  LP			31min  Demos on vinyl
Ripping Corpse (US)	- Adv. unrel. 2nd CD '92		50min
Ripping Corpse (US)	- Death Warmed Over '86			14min
Ripping Corpse (US)     - Splatter Remains '89                  20min
Ripping Corpse (US)     - Demo III '90                          16min
Ripping Flesh (GRE)	- Mercy					66min
Ripping Flesh (MEX)	- Mercy  7"				11min
Rise (US)		- Divine Aeternum			54min
Rise (US)		- Life Into Ever Black			18min  Killer old-school Black/Death
Rise (US)		- Shadow Of Ruins			40min  mix of US- UK- and old Swedish Death
Rise (US)		- Slaves Of Illusion   CDr		33min  on Hungarian label
Rising Moon (ITA)	- Area 51				39min
Rising Moon (ITA)	- European Aliens  MCD			18min
Rising Moon (ITA)	- For The Remained Time			55min
Rising Moon (ITA)	- Hate From Heaven			42min  very At The Gates orientated
Rites (US)		- Prostate To The Black Tyrants '05	 9min
Rites Of Thy Degringolade (CAN) - Totality                      44min
Rites Of Thy Degringolade (CAN) - The Caryatid                  39min
Rites Of Thy Degringolade (CAN) - Totality's Kommand  7"        13min  similar to old Absu
Rites Of Thy Degringolade (CAN) - An Ode To Sin			30min
Ritual (POL)		- Promo Reh. '94			21min
Ritual (UK)		- Reh./Demo 1 '89			 4min  two songs in 4min.,but great stuff
Ritual (US)		- Chapter 666 (1993-1994)		51min  their two demos on CD, sound is not good
Ritual (US-Black)	- The Summoning				45min  not the Power Metaller, Black Metal here
Ritual (US-CA)		- Demonic Winter Metal			36min
Ritual (US-CA)          - Soldiers Under Satan's Command        31min  US-Old School BlackThrash
Ritual (US-Power)       - Trials Of Torment             	53min
Ritual Carnage (JPN)	- Every Nerve's Alive LP		58min  4 bonus tx !!!
Ritual Carnage (JPN)	- The Birth Of Tragedy			46min
Ritual Carnage (JPN)	- The Highest Law			42min  mixture of Massacre/Onslaugh/Unleashed
Ritual Carnage (US)	- I, Infidel				35min
Ritual Day (CHINA)	- Sky Lake				42min
Ritual Day (CHINA)	- s/t  7"				11min  very good BlackMetal on L.o.D. Rec.
Ritual Day / Frostmoon Eclipse (CHINA/ITA) - Split CD		38min
Ritual Orchestra / Mistik (INDO/MALA) - Split CD		56min
Ritual Sacrifice (US)	- The Early Years 1988-1992		57min
Ritualization (FRA)	- The Abduction Mass '09		19min
Ritualization (FRA)	- The Abduction Mass			28min
Riverge (JPN)		- Do A Threat For Eye  7"		15min
Riverge (JPN)		- Rebirth Of Skull			28min
Riverge (JPN)		- Till I Die...  7"			 9min  old Thrash from 1986
Riverge (JPN)		- To Great Kids '88			20min  cool Thrash !!!
Rok (AUS)		- Burning Metal				51min  killer killer killer
Rok (AUS)		- This Is Satanik			32min  Sadistik Exekution sideproject
Rok (AUS)		- Under A Southern Sky  7"		12min
Rompeprop (NL)		- Hellcock's Pornflakes  MCD		24min
Rompeprop (NL)		- Menstrual Stomphulk  MCD		21min  like very old Blood
Root (CZE)		- 7 Cernnch Jezdcu  7"			10min  ultrarare 7"
Root (CZE)		- Adv. EP '90				10min
Root (CZE)		- Black Seal				74min
Root (CZE)		- Black Seal  Re-Release 2-LP		74min  2 bonus tx
Root (CZE)		- Capturing Sweden - Live Falkenberg	71min
Root (CZE)		- Casilda  MCD				26min
Root (CZE)		- Comp. tck '91				 5min
Root (CZE)		- Daemon Viam Invenient CD+DVD		49min
Root (CZE)		- Dema  2-CD			       140min  all demos plus live
Root (CZE)		- Hell Symphony				45min
Root (CZE)		- Heritage Of Satan			43min
Root (CZE)		- Madness Of The Graves			45min
Root (CZE)		- Reap Of Hell '87			15min
Root (CZE)		- The Book				57min
Root (CZE)		- The Revelation			48min  english version of Zjeveni
Root (CZE)		- The Temple Of The Underworld		46min
Root (CZE)		- Zjeveni				35min
Root (CZE)		- Zjeveni / The Temple In The... 2-CD  103min  3 bonus tx
Root (CZE)              - Kärgeräs                              50min
Root (CZE)              - Hell Symphony/Kärgeräs  2-CD         116min  5 bonus live tx, 1 bonus studio tck
Roots (GER)		- Now '99				22min  Thrash from ex-Iron Angel members
Rosicrucian (SWE)	- Initiation Into Nothingness '90	15min
Rosicrucian (SWE)	- No Cause For Celebration		47min  pre-Slapdash, Thrash Metal here
Rosicrucian (SWE)       - Silence                               53min  weak Sunlight stuff from '91
Rot (BRA)		- Drowned In Restriction  7"		11min
Rot (POL)		- Pedofile Maniac '09			15min
Rot (US)		- Diabolus (The Unholy Rot) 7"		12min  Demo'90 on 7"
Rot / Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition (BRA/FRA) - Split CD	43min
Rotrave (ROM?)		- Malefactory '9?			25min
Rotten Flesh (SPA)	- Holy Tears (Ego Fum Papa)  7"		 9min
Rotten Flesh (SPA)	- Morgue Of Souls '91			25min
Rotten Sound (FIN)	- Cursed				28min
Rotten Sound (FIN)	- Cycles				34min
Rotten Sound (FIN)	- Drain					31min  crust inferno
Rotten Sound (FIN)	- Exit					29min
Rotten Sound (FIN)	- From Crust Til Grind			57min
Rotten Sound (FIN)	- Loosin' Face  MLP			23min
Rotten Sound (FIN)	- Murderworks				29min  total killer blasting Death Metal
Rotten Sound (FIN)	- Napalm  MLP + DVD			12min
Rotten Sound (FIN)	- Psychotic Veterinarian  7"		15min
Rotten Sound (FIN)	- Sick Bastard  7"			 9min
Rotten Sound (FIN)	- Still Psycho  MLP			17min
Rotten Sound (FIN)	- Under Pressure 			41min
Rotten Sound (FIN)	- s/t  7"				13min
Rotten Sound (FIN)      - Consume To Contaminate  MCD           16min
Rotten Sound / Control Mechanism (FIN/FIN?) - Split 7"		10min
Rotten Sound / Mastic Scum (FIN/GER) - Split 7"			15min
Rotten Sound / Unholy Grave (FIN/JPN) - Split MCD		15min
Rotting (CAN)           - The Forgotten                         56min  demos on CD
Rotting (CAN)           - Crushed                               37min
Rotting Blood (COL)	- Que El Metal Vuelva Al Infierno '06	30min
Rotting Christ (GRE)	- Non Serviam Tour: Live Mexico		46min  bad Bootleg-sound, Ade's Wind Promo as bonus
Rotting Christ (GRE)	- Passage To Arcturo  MLP		24min
Rotting Christ (GRE)	- The Mystical Meeting			49min  Passage MCD + Satans... Demo
Rotting Christ / Monumentum (GRE/ITA) - Split Pic-12"		11min  rerelease of the cult 7"
Rotting Corpse (GUAT)	- Pain To Pleasure '95			19min
Rotting Corpse (US)	- The Demos  CDr			55min  official release by the band with all demos
Rotting Flesh (GRE)	- Dreaming...The Underworld		42min
Rotting Head (POL)	- Backwardness				37min  Terrorizer/Brit-DeathGrind styled
Rottrevore (US)		- Copulation Of The Virtuos And...7"	12min  old US Death Metal
Rottrevore (US)		- Disembodied				49min  compilation of 2 EPs, demo and compilation tx
Rottrevore (US)		- Fornication In Delirium  7"		 9min
Rottrevore (US)		- Inquitous				38min
Rottrevore (US)		- The Epitome Of Vicious... CDr 	51min  Masterkult bootleg
Route Nine (SWE)	- The Works  MCDr			26min
Route Nine (SWE)        - Before I Close My Eyes Forever  7"     9min  w.Dan Swanö + Anders Jacobson
Rouwen (NL)		- Rouwkots  MCD				22min  ex-Mourning, Celtic Frost/Obituary like guitars
Rudra (SIN)		- Brahmavidya: Immortal I  2-LP		55min
Rudra (SIN)		- Brahmavidya: Primordial I		47min  fantastic Death-thrash, similar ro Devastacion
Rudra (SIN)		- Demo '97				33min
Rudra (SIN)		- Kurushetra				42min
Rudra (SIN)		- The Aryan Crusade			59min
Rudra (SIN)		- s/t					52min
Ruin (UK)               - Distort/Confuse  7"                    8min
Ruinebell (FIN)		- Demise In Disgrace  7"		11min
Ruins (GER)		- Baptized In Hell			70min
Ruins (GER)		- Satanic Bitchpenetration		41min
Runemagick (SWE)	- Ancient Incantations  7"		16min
Runemagick (SWE)	- Black Magick Sorceress  10"		22min
Runemagick (SWE)	- Dark Dead Earth  2-CD		       146min
Runemagick (SWE)	- Dark Live Magick			48min  official Live-LP, ltd.300
Runemagick (SWE)	- Darkness Death Doom 2-CD	       115min  incl. The Pentagram Bonus CD
Runemagick (SWE)	- Dawn Of The End			63min
Runemagick (SWE)	- Enter The Realm Of Death		54min
Runemagick (SWE)	- Envenom				62min
Runemagick (SWE)	- Invocation Of Magick			70min
Runemagick (SWE)	- Moon Of the Chaos Eclipse		68min
Runemagick (SWE)	- On Funeral Wings			74min
Runemagick (SWE)	- Requiem Of The Apocalypse		63min  Emma is killer, on Aftermath Music now !!
Runemagick (SWE)	- Resurrection In Blood			50min  Emma I love you, Dracena girl on bass
Runemagick (SWE)	- Sepulchral Realms  CDr		32min  doom-cover of The Return Of Darkness And Evil
Runemagick (SWE)	- The Supreme Force Of...		37min
Runemagick / Lord Belial (SWE/SWE) - Split 7"			13min
Runemagick / Ocean  Chief (SWE/SWE) - Split CD			48min
Running Wild (GER)	- Soldiers Of Hell  7"			17min
Russian Winter (RUS)	- The First Frosts			49min  old demosongs on CD
Russian Winter (RUS)	- V Plenu Zimii '93			76min
Rutthna (SWE)		- Doomsdaylight				38min  very good BlackDeath Metal
Rötten (MEX)		- Thrash'n Roll 7"			13min
S.B.S. (US)		- Taste It! 7"				11min  prehistoric Grindcore
S.G.R. (SWE)		- Massdevastation '92			14min  Uncanny/Interment members + 3 girls !!
S.G.R. (SWE)		- s/t  MCD				13min  Society Gang Rape, MCD also called "More Dead Than Alive"
S.G.R. (SWE) 		- No Fate				46min  the 3 Crustgirls+Uncanny drummer, now pure metallic Crust
S.L.R. (SWE)		- Controlled By Fear '89		15min  oldest Swedish Death/Crust
S.L.R. (SWE)            - Free From The Cursed At Last  7"      13min  turned from Döds Metal to good PowerThrash
S.L.R. / Mögel (SWE/SWE)- Split 7"				18min
Sabaism (SWI)		- The Unborn Dawn  MCD			19min
Sabaism (SWI)        	- The Unborn Dawn  Promo '95    	19min  Swiss All-Star Black Metal band
Sabaoth (PARA)		- Windjourney				49min
Sabaoth (PARA)        	- Stormsouls                    	45min
Sabaoth (PARA)        	- Southern Twilight  '9?        	36min
Sabbat (JPN)		- ...And The Sabbatical Queen		72min
Sabbat (JPN)		- ...To Praise The Sabbatical Queen	73min
Sabbat (JPN)		- ...To Praise The Sabbatical... 2-LP	96min
Sabbat (JPN)		- 10th Anniversary Demo '94		63min
Sabbat (JPN)		- African Harmageddon  7"		11min
Sabbat (JPN)		- American Harmageddon  7"		13min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Antarctic Harmageddon			35min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Asian Demonslaught  2-LP		72min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Asian Harmageddon  7"			12min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Baltic Harmageddon  7"		15min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Black Up Your Soul For Satan...'03   121min  compilation of Black Up... and For Satan...
Sabbat (JPN)		- Black Up Your Soul			75min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Brazilian Demonslaught  7"		11min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Brigitte Haramgeddon			71min  live concert from the 80es ??
Sabbat (JPN)		- Brooklyn Blackfire			43min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Charisma  LP				48min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Demonslaught Quebecois '07		62min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Demonslaught 7"			17min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Dietsland Harmageddon 7"		10min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Disembody  Re-Release LP		48min  one bonus tck on this Iron Pegasus LP
Sabbat (JPN)		- East-European Harmageddon  7"		11min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Envenom				48min  Rerelease on godly Iron Pegasus
Sabbat (JPN)		- Envenometal  3-LP + 7"	       131min
Sabbat (JPN)		- European Harmageddon  7"		12min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Evoke					50min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Evoke  Re-Release CD			57min
Sabbat (JPN)		- FETU Tribute Shape 7"			14min  Holycaust Rec. version
Sabbat (JPN)		- Far East Sabatical Live Attack '02	55min  Live '92 with pro. sound/booklet
Sabbat (JPN)		- Feel Finnish Fire  7"			 5min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Fetishism				54min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Fetishism  Re-Release 2-LP		92min  with MCD and exclusive tx as bonus
Sabbat (JPN)		- Finnish Demonslaught  7"		 8min  Karaoke version of Black Fire
Sabbat (JPN)		- French Harmegeddon  7"		13min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Geionslaught 1986			38min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Gezonslaught  7"			13min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Go Gezol Go!				40min  Live April 1987
Sabbat (JPN)		- Hamaguri Resurrection  7"		13min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Hamaguri Hihoukan 7"			12min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Iberian Harmagedoon  7"		11min  also called Sabbatical Magicrucifixion
Sabbat (JPN)		- Icelandic+Greenlandic Demonslaught 7" 12min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Ishidamien Inferno (black vinyl)	38min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Ishidamien Inferno (yellow vinyl)	37min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Ishidamien Inferno (clear vinyl)	40min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Karisma  CD				36min  japanese version of the LP
Sabbat (JPN)		- Karmagmassacre			47min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Live 666: Japanese Harmagedon CD+DVD 	67min  Re-Release
Sabbat (JPN)		- Live Curse				73min  live '87 and live '86
Sabbat (JPN)		- Live Curse 2004			73min  w. re-redesigned cover and backinlay
Sabbat (JPN)		- Live Festa - Black Up Seoul City	37min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Live Francisconslaught 2-LP+DVD	94min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Live Guanafight			41min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Live Hamagurism			39min  Live 1989
Sabbat (JPN)		- Live In Singapore 			38min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Live In Bankok			39min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Live In ThailanDemonslaught		68min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Live Lahnsteinight Sabbattackkk '11	80min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Live Resurrection  			53min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Live Revenge				44min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Live Sabbatical Hamaguri Queen	74min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Live Torture: Unleashed In The West	38min  Live Stockholm 2000, recorded by two cool guys
Sabbat (JPN)		- Live Undertakers (Gezol version)	40min  3rd and last part of the concet, with bonus tx
Sabbat (JPN)		- Live Undertakers (Zorugelion version) 37min  2nd LP in a row of 3 from the 6.6.94 gig
Sabbat (JPN)		- Live Wacko  3-7"			31min  ltd.100, three 7"s with their Berlin gig 97
Sabbat (JPN)		- Live666-Japanese Harmageddon '04	42min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Love Fire				40min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Malaysian Demonslaught 7"		10min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Mion's Hill				48min  5 diff. live versions of Mion's Hill from '86 to '03
Sabbat (JPN)		- Musta Tuli  7"			 9min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Naniwa Harmageddon: FETU  7" 		14min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Naniwa Tepoddonslaught  7"		10min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Oceanic Harmageddon  7"		14min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Polish Demonslaught 			66min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Private Release			37min  special release only for dedicated Sabbat fans, live May 2005
Sabbat (JPN)		- Psychedelic Pounding Pain		76min  Live In Tampere '08
Sabbat (JPN)		- Sabbademonical Liveslaught '03	43min  ltd.200, official tape, Live 9.9.1991
Sabbat (JPN)		- Sabbademonical Liveslaught DieHard CD 71min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Sabbatical Rehearsalucifer		31min  from 1985-86
Sabbat (JPN)		- Sabbatical 25 Years Demonslaught	69min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Sabbatical Satanichrist... 3-6"	21min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Sabbatical Holocaust			77min  first 5 7"s and 3 live 1986
Sabbat (JPN)		- Sabbatical Milanoslaught 7"		 9min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Sabbatical Visionslaught		67min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Sabbatrinity				46min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Satanasword				50min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Scandinavian Harmageddon  7"		14min
Sabbat (JPN)		- South American Harmageddon 7"		15min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Svart Eld  7"				 7min  Bathory cover and Swedish "Black Fire"
Sabbat (JPN)		- Temis Osmonslaught  7"		10min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Temisosmonslaught 7"			11min  live at Temis' wedding !!
Sabbat (JPN)		- Temisosmonslaught  Do.-7"		17min  Live Izumoden special edition w.Sammonslaught 7"
Sabbat (JPN)		- The Dwelling				60min  one song only !! Forget Edge Of S.
Sabbat (JPN)		- The Harmageddon Vinylucifer Singles 	74min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Tribute To Temis			40min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Uda's Ultimate Unison 2-LP		37min  Staff version, Gezol plus Terror Squad guys
Sabbat (JPN)		- Venometal				39min
Sabbat (JPN)		- Xenophobiac Xanthous Xenogenesis	42min  also Live In Bankok, but different songs
Sabbat (JPN)		- Zorugelionslaught  7"			11min
Sabbat (JPN)		- s/t  LP				34min  stuff from 2 EPs and 2 Live
Sabbat (JPN) 		- Live Aaarrrggghhh! 2-MC	       119min
Sabbat (JPN)    	- Sabbat  7"                            11min  their ultrarare first 7" from '85, ltd. 200
Sabbat (JPN)            - Live Undertakers (Temis version)      42min  their 10th anniversary concert 6.6.94 on LP
Sabbat (JPN)            - The Sabbatical Rites '85-'95          48min  lim.333, their 7"'s on LP, some remixed
Sabbat (UK)		- Blood For The Blood God  Flexi-7"	 8min  from '87, killer song
Sabbat (UK)		- Dreamweaver  				45min
Sabbat (UK)		- Magic In Theory And... '85		12min
Sabbat (UK)		- Mourning Has Broken			51min
Sabbat (UK)     	- BBC-RadioSession '86          	12min
Sabbat (UK)     	- Stranger Than Fiction '86     	10min
Sabbat / Abigail (JPN/JPN) - Kamikaze Splitting Roar Live '03	49min  pro. Live tapes from '02 and '01
Sabbat / Abigail (JPN/JPN) - Split LP				40min
Sabbat / Asbestos (JPN/JPN) - Split 7"				12min
Sabbat / Forever Winter (JPN/FIN) - Split Pic.LP		33min
Sabbat / Goatsemen (JPN/PER) - Split CD				73min
Sabbat / Gorgon (JPN/JPN) - Split 7"				11min
Sabbat / Gorgon (JPN/JPN) - Split CD				79min  Live-CD, worst quality possible...
Sabbat / Ironfist (JPN/SIN) - Split 7"                          16min
Sabbat / Metalucifer (JPN/JPN) - Split Tapes		       148min
Sabbat / Metalucifer (JPN/JPN) - Split 7"			10min
Sabbat / Metalucifer (JPN/JPN) - Split 2-CD		       148min  2-CD version of the 2-Tapes release
Sabbat / Surrender Of Divinity (JPN/THAI) - Split CD		73min
Sabbat / Terror Squad (JPN/JPN) - Split 7"			14min
Sabbat / Unholy Grave (JPN/JPN) - Split 7"			12min
Sabbat / Unpure (JPN/SWE) - Split 7"				14min
Sabbat / Vendetta (UK/GER) - Split Flexi 7"  (Rock Hard Nr.25)	 7min
Saboteur (SWE)		- A Necerending Bore  7"		12min
Sacrament (FIN)		- Confuse My Mind '99			21min
Sacramental Sachem (NL) - Demo I '92                            25min
Sacramental Sachem (NL) - Anxiety  Demo CDr '00			27min  fantastic Power Death Thrash Metal
Sacramental Sachem (NL) - Recrucifiction			57min  Death/Doom like Phlebotomized
Sacramental Sachem (NL) - The Dolcinites Were Wrong 7"		19min
Sacramentary Abolishment (CAN) - The Distracting Stone          56min  like straightforward Order From Chaos
Sacramentary Abolishment (CAN) - Rivers Of Corticone            47min
Sacramentum (SWE)	- Thy Black Destiny			40min
Sacramentum (SWE)    	- The Coming Of Chaos           	51min
Sacramentum (SWE)    	- Far Away From The Sun         	46min
Sacred Blade (CAN)   	- Demo '90                      	13min
Sacred Chao (GER)	- s/t  MLP				18min  ex-Living Death
Sacred Crucifix	(FIN)	- Realms Of Darkness '89		20min
Sacred Crucifix (FIN)	- Aeon Of Chaos				42min
Sacred Crucifix (FIN)	- From Beyond To...  MCD		23min  incl. good Sentenced cover (When Death Joins Us)
Sacred Reich (US)	- Alive 2019  MCD			20min  came with Legacy #121
Sacred Sin (POR)	- Anguish				42min
Sacred Sin (POR)	- Darkside				41min
Sacred Sin (POR)	- Eye M God				47min
Sacred Sin (POR)	- Hekaton				63min
Sacred Sin (POR)	- Mastery Of Holy Imperial Art		73min
Sacred Sin (POR)	- Rehearsal Tape '97			31min
Sacred Sin (POR)	- The Shades Behind 7"			14min
Sacred Sin (POR)	- Translucid Dream Mirror		54min
Sacred Steel / Wizzard (GER/FIN) - Split 7"			 8min
Sacreligious Torment / Burning Winds (US/US) - Split MCD	17min
Sacretomia (SWE)	- Altar Of Sin '92			21min
Sacrifice (CAN)		- Sacrifice Live Hell			43min  Bootleg-CD
Sacrifice (CAN)		- Soldiers Of...  Re-Release 2-CD      159min
Sacrifice (CAN)		- The Ones I Condemn			41min
Sacrifice (CAN)		- Torment In Fire  Re-Release CD	49min  w. 3 demo tx as bonus
Sacrifice (CAN)		- Torment In Fire  Re-Release 2-CD     136min  LP + Exorcism... demo + songs from 4 different live gigs
Sacrifice (JPN)		- Crest Of Black  7"			11min  Boot-7" with the demo
Sacrifice (JPN)		- Crest Of Black			39min
Sacrifice (JPN)		- Tears					45min
Sacrifice (JPN)		- Total Steel  Re-Release CD		46min
Sacrifice (US)		- Put Her On The Altar			62min  their first demos on CD
Sacrifice / Propagandhi (CAN/CAN) - Split 7"			 9min
Sacrificer (CHI)	- Sudden Death  MCDr			20min
Sacrificial (DK)	- Autohate				35min
Sacrificial (DK)	- Erect:Eloquent:Extinct		46min  mix of Darkane and new Dismember
Sacrificial (DK)	- Forever Entangled			31min  their debut from '93
Sacrificial (DK)	- Lords Of Torment I '91		25min
Sacrificial (DK)	- Ray Of Obscenity/Ticket To... 7"	11min
Sacrificial Blood / Trasher (US/US) - Split 7"			14min
Sacrificio (SPA)	- s/t  MLP				23min
Sacrificio (SPA)	- Guerra Eterna				35min
Sacrificium (GER)	- Demo CDr '96				34min
Sacrilege (SWE)		- And Autumn Failed '95			15min
Sacrilege (SWE)		- The Fifth Season			43min
Sacrilege (SWE)      	- Lost In The Beauty You Slay   	45min
Sacrilege (UK)		- Behind The Realms Of Madness LP	27min  like Discharge/Bolt Thrower from 1985
Sacrilege (UK)		- Behind The Realms Of Madness CD	72min  incl. 4 Live Bonustx
Sacrilege (UK)		- Early Demos				25min  demos on LP
Sacrilege (UK)		- Turn Back Trilobite			52min  their 3rd LP, more in the doomy way now
Sacrilege (UK)		- Within The Prophecy			45min  2nd LP, Bolt Thrower-like w. female vox
Sacrilege (US)		- Party With God			40min  Deathrash LP from 1986
Sacrilege (US)		- Too Cool To Pray			38min
Sacrilegio (COL)	- Unrel. Demo 6/87			12min
Sacrilegious (FIN)	- Demo '94				11min
Sacrilegious Impalement (FIN) - World In Ashes 7"		 9min
Sacrilegious Impalement (FIN) - s/t  10"			26min
Sacrilegium  / North / Neasit (POL/POL/POL) - Split Demo '00	38min  Split MCD recordings and Neasit Demo
Sacrilegium (POL)	- Embrace The Darkness			55min  compilation of old material
Sacrilegium (POL)	- Sleeptime  MCD			33min
Sacrilegium (POL)    	- Wicher                        	50min
Sacrilegium (POL)    	- Sleeptime '94                 	33min
Sacrilegium/North (POL/POL) - Split MCD                   	20min
Sacriphyx (AUS)         - Lone Pine  7"                          9min
Sacriphyx / Resuscitator (AUS/US) - Split LP			35min
Sacriphyx / Stargazer (AUS/AUS) - Split MLP			15min
Sacriversum (POL)	- The Shadow Of The Golden Fire '94	47min
Sacrosanct (NL)         - Recesses For Depraved                 47min
Sacrosanct (NL)         - Truth Is - What Is                    37min
Sad Solitude (SWE)	- Soul Peace '96			16min
Sad Theory (BRA)	- A Madrigal Of Sorrow			39min
Sad Theory (BRA)	- Biomechanical				41min
Sad Theory (BRA)	- The Lady And The Torch		45min
Sad Theory (BRA)	- s/t  MCD				16min  similar to old Rotting Christ
Sad Whisperings (NL)	- Sensitive To Autumn			61min  Dutch DeathDoom
Sadism (CHI)		- A Dwelling Of Gods			39min  Six Feet Under mixed with new Grave
Sadism (CHI)		- Deadline Sequences			38min
Sadism (CHI)		- From The Perpetual Dark '91		15min
Sadism (CHI)		- Perdition Of Souls CD			39min  Demo + live on CD
Sadism (CHI)		- Summon				35min
Sadism (CHI)		- Tribulated Bells / Darkside		66min  Re-Release on CD
Sadist (ITA)		- Black Screams  7"			11min
Sadist (SWE)		- Studio tck '87			 3min
Sadistic Grimness (SWE)	- Asteni				43min
Sadistic Grimness (SWE)	- Vicious Torture			60min  demos on CD, Bestial Mockery member
Sadistic Grimness (SWE) - Bleed For The Goat '01                20min  Bestial Mockery members
Sadistic Intent	(US)	- Ancient Black Earth  MCD		17min  killer, killer, total killer, those guys kill
Sadistic Intent	(US)	- Resurrection				26min
Sadistic Intent (US)	- Ancient Black Earth '96       	15min
Sadistic Intent (US)	- Demo+Reh Boot-Pic-LP			36min
Sadistic Intent (US)	- Demo LP				58min  Bootleg w.Demo '89 and Resurrection MLP
Sadistic Intent (US)	- Impending Doom  MLP			18min
Sadistic Intent (US)	- Live Tracks '08			27min  Not for trade, 4 new and unreleased tracks
Sadistic Intent (US)	- Morbid Faith  7"			10min  aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh
Sadistic Intent (US)	- Resurrection Of The Ancient Black...	50min  2 MCDs + 2 Livetx
Sadistic Intent (US)    - Adv. MCD '94 Resurrection             26min
Sadistic Intent / Ungod (US/GER) - Split 7"			10min
Sadistic Noise (GRE)	- A Decade In The Grave			50min
Sadistic Noise (GRE)	- The Crush Of Heaven  7"		 8min
Sadistic Torment (US)	- Unearthly Horrors			33min
Sadistik Exekution (AUS)- The Magus CD				37min  original Vampire Records CD
Sadistik Exekution (AUS)- Demo/Reh. '87              		 9min  not the same as Reh.'87
Sadistik Exekution (AUS)- K.A.O.S. + 5 Bonustx			64min
Sadistik Exekution (AUS)- Fukk II				38min
Sadistik Exekution (AUS)- Sadistik Elektrokution MCD		 9min
Sadistik Exekution (AUS)- Fukk					45min  love em or kill em
Sadistik Sodomizer (SWE)- Sado-Ritual, The Black Goat '88	14min  Beherit's inspirators
Sadiztik Impaler (SIN)	- Bestial Christ Fornication 7"		11min
Sadiztik Impaler (SIN)	- Sadiztik Syonan - To Supremacy	38min  wild Impiety-like BlackDeath
Sadiztik Impaler (SIN)	- Demonic Sadiztik Onslaught MCD	31min  w.Nuctemeron/Imp.Nazarene covers
Sadness (SWI)		- Demo '91				24min  great Death Metal, no Gothic influences
Sadness (SWI)		- Evangelion				35min
Sadness (SWI)        	- Danteferno                    	42min
Sadogoat (DK)		- Scourging The Son Of God  7"		12min
Sadogoat / Nocturnal Evil (DK/ARG) - Split 7"			13min
Sadomaniac / Megiddo (US/CAN) - Split 7"			12min
Sadomator (DK)		- Goatblood Pansperma			40min
Sadomator (DK)		- Goats Brew Alcolust			33min
Sadomator (DK)		- Infinite Goatsower  7"		11min
Sadomator (DK)		- Sadomatic Goat Cult			34min  brutal Blasphemy/Beherit worshippers, killer !!!
Sadus (US)		- 2 tx from Raging Death Sampler	 6min
Sadus (US)		- D.T.O. Demo 1986			28min  both (!) demos on CD
Sadus (US)		- Elements Of Anger			50min  their return !!
Sadus (US)		- Illusions  LP				30min
Sadus (US)		- Out For Blood				56min
Sadus (US)          	- A Vision Of Misery            	38min
Sadus (US)              - Demo '94                              16min
Saint Vitus (US)	- Born Too Late  CD			48min  incl. Thirsty And Miserable EP, SST '87
Saint Vitus (US)	- C.O.D.				42min
Saint Vitus (US)	- Die Healing				50min  last album before the split '94
Saint Vitus (US)	- Hallows Victim			35min
Saint Vitus (US)	- Heavier Than Thou			74min  Best Off
Saint Vitus (US)	- Let The End Begin... 12.3.95		73min  Live Bootleg w.Scott Reagers, ltd.500
Saint Vitus (US)	- Live LP				50min
Saint Vitus (US)	- Mournful Cries  CD			33min
Saint Vitus (US)	- Saint Vitus  CD			36min  their first release, SST '84
Saint Vitus (US)	- The Walking Dead  MLP			21min
Saint Vitus (US)	- Thristy And Miserable  MLP		13min
Saint Vitus (US)	- War Is Our Destiny  MLP		 4min
Saint Vitus (US)	- Blessed Night  7"			 8min
Saint Vitus (US)	- Lillie: F-65				35min
Saint Vitus (US)	- Live Vol.2				60min
Saint Vitus (US)	- s/t					41min
Sakaratul Maut (SIN)	- The Land Called Mahsyar		45min
Salem (ISR)		- A Moment Of Silence			60min
Salem (ISR)		- Collective Demise			49min
Salem (ISR)		- Creating Our Sins CD			74min  MLP + Demo
Salem (ISR)		- Kaddish				48min
Salem (ISR)		- Millions Slaughtered '90		57min
Salem (ISR)		- Strings Attached			64min
Salute (UK)		- Above The Law				34min  great Hellhammer like guitar sound
Salute (UK)		- The Underground			48min  great Celtic Frost type Crust-Death
Samael (SWI)		- 1987 - 1992				83min
Samael (SWI)		- Above					43min
Samael (SWI)		- Anti God  7"				13min
Samael (SWI)		- Blood Worship-Live In France '92/'12 	42min
Samael (SWI)		- Eternal				47min
Samael (SWI)		- From Dark To Black  7"		10min
Samael (SWI)		- Infernal Storm Of Medieval Prophecy 	32min  EP/Demo Bootleg LP
Samael (SWI)		- Into The Infernal Storm Of Evil	44min  incl. demos and 7"
Samael (SWI)		- Live In To The Pentagram '91/'12	42min  Bootleg
Samael (SWI)		- Live: Sion ?/?/91			46min  ok sound, taken from video bootleg I guess
Samael (SWI)		- Macabre Operetta 7"			13min
Samael (SWI)		- Medieval Prophecy  Re-Release CD	56min  official one, incl. all 3 demos as bonus
Samael (SWI)		- On Earth  MCD				17min
Samael (SWI)		- Reign Of Light			42min
Samael (SWI)		- Solar Soul				46min
Samael (SWI)		- Telepath  MCD				20min
Samael (SWI)		- Worship Satan  CDr			70min  Demos, 7" and Live '91
Samael (SWI)		- Worship Live				34min  Live Sion '91 Bootleg LP
Samael (SWI)         	- Manitou  7"                   	10min  my error, same as After The Sepulture 7"
Samael (SWI)         	- Passage                       	43min
Samael (SWI)            - Live In France '92                    43min  live with songs from the 1st LP
Samael / Algaion (SWI/SWE) - Split LP				34min
Samain (AUS)		- An Leanabh Naomh '95			36min
Samain (AUS)		- Indomitus				57min  Anatomy mixed with more pagan stuff
Samain (AUS)		- The Revenge Of The Natural  Promo '97 25min  old Ulver meets old Borknagar
Samhain (DK)		- The Courier 7"			14min  the demo has a better sound
Samhain (GER)		- Live '86				50min
Samhain (GER)   	- Eternal Death '86                     22min  pre-Deathrow
Samhain / Desexult (DK/DK) - Split LP				40min
Sammath Naur (POL)	- Self-Proclaimed Existence		47min
Sampler			- A Cry From The Crypt: The Rare Tracks 34min  w.Autopsy/Moonsorrow/Desaster/...
Sampler			- A Year In Metal			71min  Century Media sampler 2007
Sampler                 - Ablaze Nr.19                          70min  Century Media/Nuclear Blast/Avantgarde
Sampler                 - Ablaze Nr.22                          77min  with Arcane Sun/Eternal Autumn/Ninnghizhidda/...
Sampler			- Ablaze Nr.23				74min
Sampler			- Ablaze Nr.24				77min
Sampler			- Ablaze Nr.25				75min
Sampler			- Ablaze Nr.26				75min
Sampler			- Ablaze Nr.27				80min
Sampler			- Ablaze Nr.28				80min
Sampler			- Ablaze Nr.29				80min
Sampler			- Ablaze Nr.30				80min
Sampler                 - Ablaze Nr.31                          80min
Sampler			- Ablaze Nr.32				80min
Sampler			- Ablaze Nr.33				80min
Sampler			- Ablaze Nr.34			        80min
Sampler			- Ablaze Nr.35				80min
Sampler			- Ablaze Nr.36				80min
Sampler			- Ablaze Nr.37				80min
Sampler			- Ablaze Nr.38				80min
Sampler			- Ablaze Nr.39				80min
Sampler			- Ablaze Nr.40				80min
Sampler			- Ablaze Nr.41				80min
Sampler			- Ablaze Nr.42				80min
Sampler			- Abominable Path MC			92min  w.Belsebub/Severance/Nocturnal Rites/Demigod/...
Sampler			- Abysmal Sounds			41min  mostly Australian bands, Abysmal Sounds Rec.
Sampler			- Against All Gods			70min  w.Black Death/Crypt Of Kerberos/...
Sampler			- Alternate Endings			74min  The End Rec. sampler
Sampler			- Amassing The Hordes			50min  w.Psychrist/Astriaal/Darklord/Stargazer/Carbon/...
Sampler			- And...The Ravens Left The Tower	63min  w.Mystification/Inquest/Golgotha/...
Sampler			- Annihilation / Devastation  7"	11min  w.Lethal Aggression/Mental Funeral/BSOM/Vulcan
Sampler			- Annihilation Of The Antichrist	52min  w.Disgrace/Monastery/Frayeurs/...
Sampler			- Appointment With Fear			73min  w.Cenotaph/Dead/Masacre/Traumatic/...
Sampler			- Appointment With Fear II		75min  w.Exoto/Mangled/Solstice/Temperance/...
Sampler			- Appointment With Fear III		73min  w.Harmony/Gorugoth/Human Waste/...
Sampler			- Arising Realm Vol.17			67min
Sampler			- Arising Realm Vol.18			70min
Sampler			- As The Sun Burns			67min  w.Bahimiron/Funeral Rites/Crimson Massacre/Adumus
Sampler			- At The Foot Of Brutality		36min  w.Num Skull/Necromancy/Disorder/...
Sampler			- Ataque Demoniaco Vol.1		50min  w.Ammit/Witchtrap/Anal Vomit/Goat Semen/...
Sampler			- Atrocities				54min  w.Goldenpyre, rest blast stuff
Sampler			- Audio Espionage 8"			13min  w.Deceased.../Psycho/Gonkulator/...
Sampler			- Awaiting The Glorious... 7"		13min  w.Axis Of Advance, rest complete shit
Sampler			- Bailey Brothers: Diminished... LP	32min  w.Antichrist (!!!!!!)/Unseen Terror/Heresy/...
Sampler			- Banging Impulse Vol.1			88min  w.Repent/Master/Depressive Age/Nocturnal/...
Sampler			- Barbaric Onslaught: Australian...	49min  w.Atomizer/Carbon/Martire/Destruktor/...
Sampler         	- Beauty In Darkness            	80min
Sampler			- Beer Extermination Camp		47min  w.Baphomet's Blood/Deifago/Moder/Blasphemophager/...
Sampler			- Behind The Iron Curtain MC		98min  old GDR-Thrash/Death stuff between 87-90
Sampler                 - Behold The Legions Of Hell  7"        14min  w.Derekta/Witchburnger/Gravewürm/...
Sampler			- Belgian Metal Revolution 1		72min
Sampler			- Believe In Church And Agonize		61min  w.Necrophobic/Lunacy/Carbonized/...
Sampler			- Best Of 7Hard 2017			77min  came with Legacy #108
Sampler			- Beste Unterhaltung  Vol.2		58min  w.Arstidir and other Scandinavian bands
Sampler			- Bestial Necromancy Vol.1		67min  w.Sargatanas/Necroccultus/Grave Desecrator/...
Sampler			- Beyond The Grave			48min  Greek Death Metal Sampler
Sampler			- Beyond The Horizon MCD		15min  w.Porphyria/Lawgiver/Diphteria/Tears Of Grief, all from Eskilstuna
Sampler			- Black Mark Tribute Vol.I		53min  great Necrophobic and E.O.S., rest is shit
Sampler			- Black Mark Tribute Vol. II		47min  great Necrophobic, rest completely shit
Sampler			- Black Metal Against The World  7"	14min  w.Funeral Winds/LeviathanEternity/Ad Hominem
Sampler			- Black Metal Endsieg I  7"		17min  w.Black Witchery/Warloghe/...
Sampler			- Black Metal Endsieg II  7"     	15min  w.Decayed/Godless North, rest shit
Sampler			- Black Metal Endsieg III  7"		15min  w.Darkstorm/Secrets Of The Moon/...
Sampler			- Black Metal Terror Over London CDr 	50min  w.The One/Niroth/Goat Molestor/Fluisterwoud
Sampler			- Black Metal War			46min  w.Azaghal/Misanthropy/Vultyr
Sampler			- Black Summer Music 2006		71min  Century Media Sampler
Sampler			- Blackdeath Kult			53min  w.Parabellum/Vulcano/Mayhem/Poison/...
Sampler			- Blown To Pieces			70min
Sampler			- Born To Walk Against The Wind		62min  w.Morifade/Thronclad/Corporation 187/Seven/Isengard/
Sampler			- Brazilian Mayhemic Legions		62min  complete Destroyer and Mutilaton program
Sampler			- Brazilian Assault			66min
Sampler			- Brazilian Evil Legions Attack		40min  w.Goat Vengenace/Sheitan/Aqueronte/Pillars Of Empire
Sampler			- Brazilian Underground Attack		44min  w.Mausoleum/Bestymator/Ayperos/Kaziklu...
Sampler			- Break Out: German Metal tx No.1 	50min  w.Satans Pharynx/Vengeance/Not Fragile/...
Sampler			- Break Out: German Metal tx No.2	49min  w.Necronomicon/Ravage/Arkham/Advice
Sampler			- Breaking The Silence  7"		12min  w.Kazjurol/...
Sampler			- Britannia Infernus  2-CD	       145min  w.Hell/Pagan Altar/Sabbat/Antichrist/Warhammer/Adorior/...
Sampler			- Bullet In The Head			74min  rare R.U.Dead? tck, some good other stuff
Sampler			- Burning Abyss Vol.1			61min  w.Nomad/Menhir/Parricide/Apoplexy/...
Sampler			- Burning Hate Part 1  MC		54min  w.Lord Belial/Azatoth/...
Sampler			- Candlelight Collection Vol.4		58min  w.ENT/Zyklon/...
Sampler			- CBR: Hard Raw Fast  7"		14min  w.Nihilist, Strebers, Cemetarium, D.T.A.L.
Sampler                 - Chaos Zine Nr.8  Hail To Sweden       72min  Swedish Death Metal Sampler
Sampler                 - Chaos Zine Nr.9                       74min  Gorguts/Noctes/Amon Amarth/...
Sampler			- Chaos Zine Nr.10 Hammerheart...	80min  w.rare tx, exclusive live and raw mixes
Sampler			- Chicago Metal Hell  7"		13min  w.Cianide/Malas/Hellrealm/Terror Throne
Sampler			- Chilean Thrash Metal Army  CDr	56min  w.Disaster/Acrostic/Massive Power/Demonized/...
Sampler			- Christmas Pandemonium (livetx only)	64min  w.Autopsy/Obituary/Atrocity/Venom/...
Sampler			- Circle Of The Tyrants CD I		67min
Sampler			- Cogumelo Records Compilation		53min  w.Sexthrash/Chakal/Mutilator/Vulcano/...
Sampler			- Compilatorio Nivel Extremo		52min  only bands from Ecuador
Sampler			- Compilatorio Peruano			73min  w.Mortem/Nahual/Goat Semen/Pagapu/Epilepsia/Disinter/...
Sampler			- Cop-Out Vol.7				80min  w.unrel. Nightmare Visions track, rest boring
Sampler			- Corpse Flesh Genitals Vol.1  MC	60min  w.Fulmination/Deformity/Necrony/Altar/...
Sampler			- Cothurnus Nr.5			65min  Oral/Necrony/Helheim/Menhir/Blood/...
Sampler			- Creatures From The North  MCD		14min  w.Maple Cross/Sacred Crucifix/National Napalm Syndicate
Sampler			- Cries Of The Unborn			70min  WVR Rec., w.Warpath/Holy Moses/Incubator/...
Sampler			- Cronology Of Death  7"		15min  w.Sentenced/Carbonized/..., from '91
Sampler			- Crushing The Holy Trinity  3-LP      108min  w.Clandestine Blaze/Deathspell Omega/Exordium/Stabat Mater/...
Sampler			- Culinar Nostalgy West  2-CD	       156min  w.Embom/...And Here I Lie/Porno Coma/Association Area
Sampler			- Cut's You Up: 80's Cover Compi CD	78min  w.Atrocity/Tiamat/Dispatched/Death/...
Sampler			- Cyber Music				73min  Sampler from the Dutch label
Sampler			- Cyclone Empire: Imperial Metal Vol.1 	74min  w.Demonical/Evocation/Solstice/Mirror Of Deception/...
Sampler			- Dark Live Collection MC		62min  w.Nebiras/Silent Death/Brain Dead/...
Sampler			- Dark Passages 			46min  w.Saint Vitus/Penance/Solitude Aeternus/...
Sampler			- Dark Passages Vol.II			76min  w.Paul Chain/Solstice/Pentagram/Electric Wizard/...
Sampler			- Darkthrone Holy Darkthrone		45min  Emperor/Enslaved/Satyricon/Gehenna/...
Sampler			- Dead Flesh (Spanish DM Compilation) 	41min  w.Avulsed/Antropomorphia/Sacrophobia/Fermento/...
Sampler			- Death Certificate MMXIII		45min  came with Legacy #86
Sampler			- Death Is Just The Beginning Vol.1	47min
Sampler			- Death Is Just The Beginning Vol.2	79min
Sampler			- Death Is Just The Beginning Vol.3	77min
Sampler			- Death Is Just The Beginning Vol.4    125min
Sampler			- Death Is Just The Beginning Vol.5    156min
Sampler			- Death Is Just The Beginning Vol.6    160min
Sampler			- Death Is Just The Beginning Vol.7    158min
Sampler			- Death Is Upon Us			80min
Sampler			- Death Knell				62min  w.Denata/Agony/Incinerator/Thorneum/...
Sampler                 - Death Metal Session LP                37min  w. Törr/Root/Mamut/Abax/...
Sampler			- Death Or Glory Vol.1			51min  w.Abscess/Extorsion/Psychoneurosis
Sampler			- Death Or Glory Vol.2			63min  w.Corpesgrinder/Blessed/Scrupulous
Sampler			- Death To All Volume 1			78min  w.Wizzard/Daemon/Inquity/Windir/...
Sampler			- Deathgasm Rec. Vol.3			62min
Sampler			- Deathgasm Rec. Vol.5			76min
Sampler			- Deathstrike Records Sampler LP	42min  w.Farscape/Victimizer/Betrayed/Eternal Pain
Sampler			- Decapitated Demo Compi. No.1 MC 	50min
Sampler			- Decapitated Compilation 7"		13min  w.Septicemia/Could Be Worse/Death Courier/Neurosis
Sampler			- Deep Grave Dungeons			55min  w.Crucifier/Sathanas/Throneum/Bestial Mockery
Sampler                 - Deftone Nr.4                          70min
Sampler                 - Deftone Nr.5                          71min
Sampler                 - Deftone Nr.6                          75min
Sampler                 - Deftone Nr.7                          75min
Sampler                 - Deftone Nr.8                          76min
Sampler                 - Deftone Nr.9                          74min
Sampler			- Demo-lition: Metal Forces '88		45min  ultrarare Levithan/Anacrusis/Hobbs
Sampler			- Desert Storm Of Evil			45min  w.Hellchasm/Ayyup/Blackcrowned/Rex Mortifier/Deggial/Seit/...
Sampler			- Detonation Vol.1			61min  w.Ancient Rites/Anesthesy/Mutilator/...
Sampler			- Detonation Vol.2			54min  w.Scatophagus/Extol/Anesthesy/Poseydon/..
Sampler			- Disco's Out, Slaughter's In		50min  w.Disinter/Reinless/Lost Soul/Night Gallery
Sampler			- Distorted Harmony 1989-2000		72min
Sampler			- Distortion To Hell Vol.1		72min
Sampler			- Distortion To Hell Again  Vol.2	37min  w.Skitsystem/Zionide/Diskonto/...
Sampler			- Disturbing Summer 2003		74min  w.Killaman/Phobia/Master/Enthral/Sepsism/..
Sampler			- Don't Burn The Witch  10"		17min  w.Minotaur/Evil Angel/Toxic Holocaust/Goat Messiah
Sampler			- Doomsday News I			46min  Noise Rec. from '88
Sampler			- Doomsday News III			50min  Sabbat/Coroner/Tankard/Kreator libe '89
Sampler			- Dreams Of What Life Could Have Been 	80min w.Grief/TPOG/Moss/Soulpreacher/Ramesses/...
Sampler			- DSFA: Where Is Your God Now ?		44min  w.Sinister/Deadhead/Gorefest/...
Sampler			- DSFA 4 : No Control...		64min  w.Castle/Bluuurgh/Obtruncation/...
Sampler			- DSFA 5 : Resurrection Of Reality	76min  w.Altar/Thy Shall Die/Etherial Winds/...
Sampler			- DSFA 6 : Paradise Of The...		70min  w.Pentacle/Excision/Orphanage/...
Sampler			- DSFA 7 : Book Seven			44min
Sampler			- Dutch Assault				54min  w.Suppository/Last Days Of Humanity/S.M.E.S./Inhume
Sampler			- Earplugged 1				57min
Sampler			- Earplugged 2				54min
Sampler			- Eastern Invasion			57min  w.Sil Khannaz/As Sahar/Langsuyr/...
Sampler			- Eastern Invasion Vol.2		71min  w.Sil Khannaz/Darkcide/Crusade/Bazzah/...
Sampler			- Ecuador Subterraneo II		71min  w.Mortuum/Mutilated Christ/Legion/...
Sampler			- Effigy Of The Possessed		39min  w.Evisceration/Judgement Day/Esmegor
Sampler			- Embalmed Madness Vol.1		54min  w.Nerlich/Decoherence/Gorgasm
Sampler			- Enchanting Part II 1998 MC		51min  w.Flauros/Fall Of the Leafe/...
Sampler			- Encyclopedia Pestilencia 3-CD	       224min
Sampler         	- Endless Endearment            	74min  incl. unrel. Empyrium/Scepter(US) + other shit
Sampler			- Eternal Blackness: Underground...	61min  w.Dawn/Homicide/Mangled/Endless/...
Sampler			- Eternity No.13			74min
Sampler			- Eternity No.17			74min
Sampler			- Eternity No.20			77min
Sampler			- Evil Warriors Of Southern Lands 1	68min  w.Pactum/Kreditor/Psicodeath/Kabarah/...
Sampler			- Feast Of The Diabolical  7"		13min  w.Chaosbaphomet/Wargoat/Embrace Of Throns/Bethor
Sampler			- Fire And Ice: Icelandic Compi.	64min
Sampler			- Firesampler Vol.4			59min  Firebox Sampler
Sampler			- For Battles To Come Vol.1 MC		49min  lots of melodic Death/Black Metal bands of late 90es
Sampler			- Four Burials				52min  w.Mournful Congregation/Loss/Otesanek/Orthodox
Sampler			- Four Concentric Ways Of The...	52min  w.Black Empire/Kratornas/Xerion/Nakkiga
Sampler			- Freeware Vol.2			80min  HC-sampler, some good, many average
Sampler			- From Columbia With Hate		69min
Sampler			- From Colombia With Hate Vol.2		77min  w.Soulburner/Exterminance/Liturgia/...
Sampler			- From Here To Nowhere			61min  w.Gangrena and other Portugese Metal bands
Sampler			- From The Underground...		67min  w.Nominon/Korp/Impious/Bestial Mock./...
Sampler			- Fuck You, We're From Denmark 1	72min
Sampler			- Fuck You, We're From Denmark 2	75min  w.Dominus/Sacrificial/Frozen Sun/...
Sampler                 - Fuck You, We're From Denmark 3        66min  w.Saturnus/Autumn Leaves/Goat/...
Sampler                 - Fuck You, We're From Denmark 4        71min  alternative shit
Sampler			- Fuck You, We're From Denmark 666	75min
Sampler			- Full Of Hate Vol.1  MC		32min  w.Crematory/Nirvana 2002/Merciless/Exempt/...
Sampler			- Funeral Cult Rehearsals  MCD		26min  w.Immortal/Throne Of Ahaz/Crematory
Sampler			- Galy Records Spring 2003		76min  w.Cryptopsy/Neuraxis/DBC/Gorguts/...
Sampler			- Gentle Carnage Vol.1			78min
Sampler			- Glory Of The Ancient Gods		37min  w.Armageddon/Necroplasma/Epuration...
Sampler			- Godless 2				72min  w.Nazxul/SadEx/D666/Carbon/Grenade/Astriaal/Darklord/...
Sampler         	- Gods Of Darkness Festival-CD  	42min
Sampler			- Gods Of Grind (Earache Rec.)		65min  w.Cathedral/Carcass/Entombed/Confessor
Sampler			- Godschild Music 2004			64min  w.Scalping Screen (ex-Mordicus), rest shit
Sampler			- Grimoire Of Exalted Deeds No.?	80min  Metal Agen/Adipocere/Twilight bands
Sampler			- Grind War Finland			67min  w.Irritate/Emulgator/Murder Company/Drunk Junkees
Sampler			- Grindcore's Death Row			53min  w.Cianide/Morgue/Therion/Impaler/Dead Youth/...
Sampler			- Grindcrusher CD			43min  the legendary Earache sampler
Sampler			- Grotesque First Action		32min  w.Prejudice/Carnal Decay/Necrotorture
Sampler			- G.U.C. Compilation Edition 2004	76min
Sampler			- G.U.C. Compilation Vol.12		70min
Sampler			- G.U.C. Compilation Vol.13		73min
Sampler			- G.U.C. Compilation Vol.19		76min  German Underground Thrash/Death/Black
Sampler			- Gummo Soundtrack			75min  w.Absu/Sleep/Mystifier/Nifelheim/...
Sampler			- Hardcore For The Masses		54min  w.Nihilist/G-Anx/Tribulation/Asocial/...
Sampler			- Hardcore Leeft!  MCD			15min  w.Consolation/Nembrionic, rare songs
Sampler			- Hardcore Holocaust (87-88 sessions)	41min  Bolt Thrower/Doom/E.N.T./Napalm Death/...
Sampler			- Hardcore Holocaust II			40min  cool John Peel session sampler
Sampler			- Havoc Rec.: The First 15 Years	74min
Sampler                 - Headbangers Against... Vol.I 7"       13min
Sampler                 - Headbangers Against... Vol.II 7"      13min  great 7",with Nifelheim doing a Volcano cover
Sampler			- Headbangers Against... Vol.III 7"	15min
Sampler			- Headthrashers LP			40min  w.MX/Cova/Blasphemer/Necromancia
Sampler			- Hellas - 1989-2006 Anthology	       152min  Greek Death/Black bands only
Sampler			- Hellbangers - Metal Forces		49min
Sampler			- Hellblasting Revenge Vol.1		68min  w.Vexed/Hatework/Hell In A Cell/Alea Jacta
Sampler			- Hellfest: New Blood II		42min
Sampler			- Hellhound Compilation			72min  w.S.Vitus/Obsessed/Year Zero/Iron Man/..
Sampler                 - Hell's Headbangers/Deathgasm          77min
Sampler			- Hell's Headbangers Compilation Vol.2 	75min
Sampler			- Hellblasting Revenge Vol.1		68min  w.Hatework/Vexed/Alea Jacta/Hell In A Cell
Sampler			- Hepatic Bile Duct  Vol.1		94min  w.Xysma/Curse/Grotesque/Evoked Curse/Squirm/...
Sampler			- Hiatus Peaceville Sampler		46min  w.Doom/Sore Throat/Axegrinder/...
Sampler			- High Radiation			74min  w.Itnos/Ossuray Insane/Excess Of Cruelty/Beheaded/...
Sampler			- History Of Things To Come		71min  w.Expulsion/Phantasm/Dr.Shrinker/...
Sampler			- Holy Shit				63min  w.Arallu/Nail Within/Lehavoth/...
Sampler			- Holy-er Than Thou  Vol.4		49min  w.Supuration/Misanthrope/Frozen Shadows
Sampler			- Holy-er Than Thou  Vol.11		48min
Sampler			- Hot Rec.: Rape Of The Holy Trinity	68min  unrel. Dodheimsgard/Aura Noir (Fenriz on voc.)/...
Sampler			- HRPS Vol.1  7"			15min  w.Morbosidad/Toxic Holocaust/Carniceria/Funeral Shock
Sampler			- Hungarian Legacy 2018			80min  came with Legacy #115
Sampler			- Hymns Of The Dead  Vol.1		47min  w.Obscurity/Grave/Merciless/Treblinka/...
Sampler			- Hyp No.4 Special Supplement Flexi-7" 	13min  w.Bellzlleb/Billy And The Sluts/Ba-Ra-Va-La
Sampler			- I Feel Desire To Kill  CDr		40min  w.Behexen/Nocturn/Uhrilehto/Evemaster/...
Sampler			- In Crust We Trust (Lost+Found Rec.)	61min  w.Disfear/Crude S.S./Heresy/Siege/...
Sampler			- In Decay We Trust  Vol.1		71min  Avantgarde Rec. with some rare tx
Sampler			- In The Eyes Of Death (Century Med)	59min  ultrarare stuff: Grave/Unleashed/Loudblast/...
Sampler			- In The Eyes Of Death II		77min  rare tx of Century Media acts
Sampler			- In The Eyes Of Death III		73min
Sampler			- In The Eyes Of Death IV  2-CD	       153min
Sampler			- In Search Of Weird Truth		61min  w.Sernade/Apocalyptic Raids/Worship/...
Sampler			- In Unison: Irish Metal Bands  2-CD   117min  w.Lunar Gate/Cruachan/Arcane Sun (unrel.)/..
Sampler			- Incredible Strange Metal		80min  w.Parabellum/Exmortes/Svaty Vincent/...
Sampler                 - Infinite Visions Of Hell              64min  w.Vader/Krabathor/Salem/Itnos/Avulsed/...
Sampler			- Intrusion Of Dark Journey MC		45min  w.Demisor/Nebiras/Bazzah/...
Sampler			- Invasione Totale Vol.3		80min
Sampler			- Is This Heavy Or What?  7"		16min  w.Damien/Tribulation/Atrocity/Gravity
Sampler			- Israheller				67min  w.Salem/Lehavoth/Betrayer/Orphaned Land/...
Sampler			- Japanese Assault 			56min  w.Swarrrm/Realized/Muga/Senseless Apocalypse
Sampler			- Jeleshbij Marsch 1 (?? kyrillic...)	39min  w.Shah/Korrozia Metalla/Trashmachina/...
Sampler			- JL America: Brutal Aggression		58min  w.Mortuary/Morpheus Descends/Deteriorate/..
Sampler			- JL America Vol. 1			74min  w.Samael/Acheron/Beherit/Nokturnel/...
Sampler			- Kathaarian Vol.1  MC			63min  w.Evocation/Marduk/Suffer/Encined/Necrophobic/...
Sampler			- Kathaarian Vol.2  MC			62min  w.w.Lobotomy/Dawn/Kataonia/Hypocrite/...
Sampler			- Knock 'em Down To Size  7"		15min  w.Solstice/Reverend Bizarre/Griftegard/... 6 doom bands in 15min !
Sampler			- Krachnacht Vol.2			80min
Sampler			- Krachnacht Vol.4			77min
Sampler			- La Ciudad Podrida Vol.1		42min  w.Diskordia/Dexkoncierto/Crimen Impune/...
Sampler                 - Lärmbelästigung No.4                  73min
Sampler                 - Lärmbelästigung No.5                  73min
Sampler                 - Lärmbelästigung No.6                  78min
Sampler			- Last Call From Lost Scenes Vol.1 7"	16min  bands from Albania/Jordan/Madagascar/...
Sampler			- Last Call From Lost Scenes Vol.2 7"	13min  w.bands from Paraguay/Malta/Brunei/...
Sampler			- Lead Us Into War And Final Glory	63min  w.Allfather/Gnostic/Nebron
Sampler			- Legacy No.5 1/2000			74min
Sampler			- Legacy No.6 3/2000			74min
Sampler			- Legacy No.8 4/2000			74min
Sampler			- Legacy No.9 5/2000			74min
Sampler			- Legacy No.10 6/2000			74min
Sampler			- Legacy No.11 1/2001 			73min
Sampler			- Legacy No.12 2/2001			74min
Sampler			- Legacy No.13 3/2001			75min
Sampler			- Legacy No.14 4/2001			79min
Sampler			- Legacy No.15 5/2001			79min
Sampler			- Legacy No.17 1/2002			79min
Sampler			- Legacy No.18 2/2002			80min
Sampler			- Legacy No.19 3/2002			66min
Sampler			- Legacy No.20 4/2002			47min
Sampler			- Legacy No.21 5/2002 			80min
Sampler			- Legacy No.22 6/2002			79min
Sampler                 - Legacy No.23 1/2003                   73min
Sampler			- Legacy No.24 2/2003			79min
Sampler			- Legacy No.25 3/2003			80min
Sampler			- Legacy No.26 4/2003			76min
Sampler			- Legacy No.27 5/2003			73min
Sampler			- Legacy No.28 6/2003			80min
Sampler			- Legacy No.29 1/2004			79min
Sampler			- Legacy No.30 2/2004  			73min
Sampler			- Legacy No.31 3/2004			76min
Sampler			- Legacy No.32 4/2004 			79min
Sampler			- Legacy No.33 5/2004 			74min
Sampler			- Legacy No.34 6/2004			80min
Sampler			- Legacy No.35 1/2005			79min
Sampler			- Legacy No.36 2/2005			80min
Sampler			- Legacy No.37 3/2005			80min
Sampler			- Legacy No.38 4/2005			77min
Sampler			- Legacy No.39 5/2005			79min
Sampler			- Legacy No.40 6/2005			64min
Sampler			- Legacy No.41 1/2006			56min
Sampler			- Legacy No.42 2/2006			77min
Sampler			- Legacy No.43 3/2006			79min
Sampler			- Legacy No.44 4/2006			65min
Sampler			- Legacy No.45 5/2006			79min
Sampler			- Legacy No.46 6/2006			69min
Sampler			- Legacy No.47 1/2007			55min
Sampler			- Legacy No.48 2/2007			65min
Sampler			- Legacy No.49 3/2007			73min
Sampler			- Legacy No.50 4/2007			68min
Sampler			- Legacy No.51 5/2007			78min
Sampler			- Legacy No.52 6/2007			68min
Sampler			- Legacy No.53 1/2008			79min
Sampler			- Legacy No.54 2/2008 2-CD	       157min
Sampler			- Legacy No.55 3/2008 2-CD	       158min
Sampler			- Legacy No.56 4/2008			76min
Sampler			- Legacy No.57 5/2008			80min
Sampler			- Legacy No.58 6/2008			73min
Sampler			- Legacy No.59 1/2009			74min
Sampler			- Legacy No.60 2/2009			73min
Sampler			- Legacy No.61 3/2009			74min
Sampler			- Legacy No.62 4/2009 2-CD	       150min
Sampler			- Legacy No.63 5/2009 2-CD	       154min
Sampler			- Legacy No.64 1/2010			77min
Sampler			- Legacy No.65 2/2010  2-CD	       134min
Sampler			- Legacy No.66 3/2010  2-CD	       150min
Sampler			- Legacy No.67 4/2010			69min
Sampler			- Legacy No.68 5/2010			79min
Sampler			- Legacy No.69 6/2010			80min
Sampler			- Legacy No.70 1/2011			78min
Sampler			- Legacy No.71 2/2011 2-CD	       160min
Sampler			- Legacy No.72 3/2011 2-CD	       155min
Sampler			- Legacy No.73 4/2011			80min
Sampler			- Legacy No.74 5/2011			75min
Sampler			- Legacy No.75 6/2011 3-CD	       227min
Sampler			- Legacy No.76 1/2012			80min
Sampler			- Legacy No.77 2/2012			80min
Sampler			- Legacy No.78 3/2012			78min
Sampler			- Legacy No.79 4/2012			80min
Sampler			- Legacy No.80 5/2012			80min
Sampler			- Legacy No.81 6/2012			80min
Sampler			- Legacy No.82 1/2013			80min
Sampler			- Legacy No.83 2/2013 2-CD	       150min
Sampler			- Legacy No.84 3/2013			80min
Sampler			- Legacy No.85 4/2013			80min
Sampler			- Legacy No.86 5/2013			80min
Sampler			- Legacy No.87 6/2013			79min
Sampler			- Legacy No.88 1/2014			77min
Sampler			- Legacy No.89 2/2014			76min
Sampler			- Legacy No.90 3/2014			78min
Sampler			- Legacy No.91 4/2014			75min
Sampler			- Legacy No.92 5/2014			79min
Sampler			- Legacy No.93 6/2014			78min
Sampler			- Legacy No.94 1/2015			79min
Sampler			- Legacy No.95 2/2015			79min
Sampler			- Legacy No.96 3/2015			79min
Sampler			- Legacy No.97 4/2015			78min
Sampler			- Legacy No.98 5/2015			77min
Sampler			- Legacy No.99 6/2015			76min
Sampler			- Legacy No.100 1/2016			75min
Sampler			- Legacy No.101 2/16			60min
Sampler			- Legacy No.102 3/16			77min
Sampler			- Legacy No.103 4/16			80min
Sampler			- Legacy No.104 5/16			77min
Sampler			- Legacy No.105 6/16			78min
Sampler			- Legacy No.106 1/17			76min
Sampler			- Legacy No.107 2/17			76min
Sampler			- Legacy No.108 3/17			76min
Sampler			- Legacy No.109 4/17			70min
Sampler			- Legacy No.110 5/17			79min
Sampler			- Legacy No.111 6/17			70min
Sampler			- Legacy No.112 1/18			80min
Sampler			- Legacy No.113 2/18			80min
Sampler			- Legacy No.114 3/18			78min
Sampler			- Legacy No.115 4/18			70min
Sampler			- Legacy No.116 5/18			80min
Sampler			- Legacy No.117 6/18			78min
Sampler			- Legacy No.118 1/19			77min
Sampler			- Legacy No.119 2/19			79min
Sampler			- Legacy No.120 3/19			79min
Sampler			- Legacy No.121 4/19			78min
Sampler			- Legacy No.122 5/19			80min
Sampler			- Legacy No.123 6/19			79min
Sampler			- Legacy No.124 1/20			70min
Sampler			- Legacy No.125 2/20			71min
Sampler			- Legacy No.126 3/20			75min
Sampler			- Legacy No.127 4/20			79min
Sampler			- Legacy No.128 5/20			73min
Sampler			- Legacy No.129 6/20			73min
Sampler			- Legacy No.130 1/21			62min
Sampler			- Legions  2-CD			       116min  w.Astriaal/Misery/Excarnated/Destroyer 666/Nazxul/...
Sampler			- Legions Of Iron And Steel		67min
Sampler			- Legions Of The Dark			65min  w.Bunuh/Beast Petrify/Inner War/Vrykolakas/Abattory/...
Sampler			- Legions Of Thrash			62min
Sampler			- Listenable Records			77min  came with Legacy #129
Sampler			- Litanies Of Sacrilege			41min  w.Grave Miasma/Necroccultus/Bestial Holocaust/Zygoatsis...
Sampler			- Live Death: Milwaukee Metalfest	45min  w.Cancer/Exhorder/Suffocation/Malevo...
Sampler			- Live Evil  Vol.1  2-LP		63min
Sampler			- Lo Mas Potente Del...Metal Vol.1	40min  Columbina Underground
Sampler			- Loudblast Records			67min  w.Let Me Dream/rest is average
Sampler			- Louder Than Hell  7"			10min  w.Hirax/Accüsed/Voetsek/...
Sampler			- Lusitania Dark Horde			66min  w.Decayed/Corpus Christii/Storm Legion/...
Sampler			- Magistellus Infernal Prod.  CDr	57min  w.Imperial/Nahual/Lament/Blooddawn/...
Sampler			- Maleficium: Say You Love Satan 1	67min  w.Witchmaster/Throneum/Azerath/Sauron/...
Sampler                 - Malicious And Last Epitaph CD         70min
Sampler                 - Malleus Maleficarum                   71min  thankfully a Swedish Underground EBM sampler, no Döds Metal
Sampler			- Massacre Of Masters			31min  w.Hellkrusher/Slander/Oxidizer/Cadaverina
Sampler			- Metal Attack Vol.1  Noise Rec. '84	33min  w. Warrant/Celtic Frost/Grave Digger/...
Sampler			- Metal Blade Rec.: Death Campaign	75min  Best off anno 2001
Sampler			- Metal Explosion			77min  Evoken/D.A.B./Postmortem/Covenant/...
Sampler			- Metal Legions				48min  w.Rudra/Beast Petrify/Abattoir/Sakartul Maut/Brutal Fear
Sampler			- Metal Mania No.3			72min  w.Carnivore/Demonic Christ/Obsidian/...
Sampler			- Metal Massacre III			43min  w.Slayer/Snowhite/Warlord/...
Sampler			- Metal Massacre IV			50min
Sampler                 - Metal Massacre V                      45min  from '84 w. Destructor/Voivod/Omen/...
Sampler			- Metal Massacre VI			49min  Possessed/Hirax/Dark Angel/...
Sampler			- Metal Massacre VII			50min  w. Heretic/Detente/Juggernaut/Titanic/...
Sampler			- Metal Massacre VIII			49min
Sampler			- Metal Massacre IX			43min
Sampler			- Metal Massacre X			45min
Sampler			- Metal Merchant Vol.5			69min
Sampler			- Metal Merchant Vol.6			67min
Sampler                 - Metal Merchant Vol.8                  78min  Fatal Embrace/Gut/Wizzard/shit...
Sampler			- Metal Merchant Vol.16			68min  lame True/Power Metal Bullshit
Sampler			- Metal Merchant Vol.21			71min
Sampler			- Metal North				51min  w.Unholy/Toxic Waste/Celeborn/Left Hand Solution/Quicksand Dream
Sampler			- Metal On Metal			70min  w.Jumalation/Evil Angel/Flame/Slugathor/Wengele/...
Sampler			- Metal On Metal  Vol.II		73min  w.Witchtiger/Morningstar/Minotauri/Bloody Hell/...
Sampler			- Metal On Metal  Vol.III		80min
Sampler			- Metal Ostentation II			78min  w.Vesen/Funeral Feast/Maple Cross/...
Sampler			- Metal Shock				34min  w.Kat/Turbo/Hammer/Destroyer/...
Sampler			- Metalmania '87			37min  w. Destroyer and Hammer
Sampler			- Metalmania '87			40min  w. Dragon and Wilczy Paiak
Sampler			- Metalmania '87			41min  w. Open Fire and Stos
Sampler			- Metalmania '88			40min  w.Turbo/Dragon/Hammer/Destroyer/...
Sampler			- Metalmania '89			41min  w.turbo/Alastor/Hammer/Egzekutor/...
Sampler			- Metalmaster Compilation		59min  Bulldozer/Deathrage/Dragon/...
Sampler			- Metaltrax Part III			75min  w.Mothra/Exxor/Morganom/Midian/Unexpected/...
Sampler			- Migraine In The Membrane  Vol.1	69min  w.Pleurisy/9th Plague/Birdpains/Eyesore/...
Sampler			- Milwaukee Metal Fest			79min  bands from Nightfall/Terrorizer/Deathgasm
Sampler			- Misanthropic Union			73min  w.Shining/Craft/Arckanum/Sol Negro/Tsjuder/...
Sampler                 - Moerkeskye 2003 Nachtzauber           68min  w.Lunar Aurora/Manes/SOTM/...
Sampler			- Moerkeskye 2004			69min  w.Negura Bunget/Farsot/Manes/...
Sampler			- Moonfog 2000  2CD			80min  30min unrel. stuff w.Darkthrone/Thorns/...
Sampler			- Morbid Death  CDr			78min  Detest Rec./Dark Descent sampler
Sampler			- Morbid Noise Abomination VII		93min  w.Ancient Rites/Sadness/Catacomb/...
Sampler			- Morbid Noise Vol.4  MC		85min  demo songs of Carbonized/Disgrace/Bathym/Beherit/...
Sampler         	- Morbid Noizz                  	60min
Sampler			- More Than Death  7"			14min  w.Shud/Nocturn/Nomicon/Rad. Sickness
Sampler			- Moribund Death Cult Vol.1		80min
Sampler			- Mortal Mutation			60min  w.Catacomb/Anatomy/Centinex/Inferia/...
Sampler			- Mortuary Vol.1			74min  w.Thromentor/Extreme Unction/Moonspell/Silent Scream/Bowelrot
Sampler			- Music For The Dead Masses		77min  w.Necrophagist/Mortal Flesh/Traumatism/Scarve/...
Sampler			- Mystical Music vs. Carnage Compi.	76min
Sampler			- Mystical Music vs. Carnage Vol.2	77min
Sampler			- Mystical Music No.14			78min
Sampler			- Mystical Music No.15			80min
Sampler			- Mystical Music No.16			79min
Sampler			- Nahuel II Compilado			75min  w.Masacre/Scud/Exterminio/Avernal/...
Sampler			- Nahuel IV Compilado			80min  w.Liturgia/Mastifal/Krueger/Slow Death/Funeral/...
Sampler			- Naked Breakers  7"			14min  w.Riverge/Terror Squad/Humpty Dumpty
Sampler			- Near Dark Productions			63min  w. Sorhin/Melek Taus/Blot Mine/...
Sampler			- Necromaniac #8: Death Metal Fanzine 	79min  w.Drowned (Ger)/...
Sampler                 - Necropolis Rec. Comp.-CD '97          74min
Sampler			- Neodawn Sampler Autumn 2000		61min  w.Vinterriket/Legion/Crowhead
Sampler			- New Age Of Iron  Vol.1		33min  w.Delirium Tremens/Metal Inquisitor/Portrait/Ram/Enforcer/...
Sampler			- New York Metal '84			41min  w.Overkill/Deathslayer/Frigid Bich/...
Sampler			- No Colours Rec. Vol.II		74min
Sampler			- No Colours Rec. Vol.III		74min
Sampler			- Nordisk Sang: Music Of Norway		50min
Sampler         	- Nuclear Blast 10years         	80min  Festival CD
Sampler			- Nuclear Blast Promo EP 1		15min  w.Sinister/Hypocrisy/Afflicted/Resurrec.
Sampler			- Nuclear Blast Promo EP 2		13min  w.Gorefest/Macabre/Benediction/Mortifi.
Sampler         	- Nuclear Blast Series 7        	78min
Sampler         	- Nuclear Blast Series 8        	70min
Sampler         	- Nuclear Blast Series 9        	55min
Sampler			- Nuclear Blast Series 14		80min
Sampler			- Nuclear Blast Series 19		79min
Sampler			- Nuclear Blast Series 27		69min
Sampler			- Nuclear Blast Series 28		52min
Sampler			- Nuclear War Now! Festival		46min  w.Ares Kingdom/Terrorama/Revenge/Morbosidad/...
Sampler			- Ny By Fritidsgard Rec. Sampler 7"	14min  w.Crematorium (pre-Defleshed) and 3 punk/rock bands
Sampler			- O.B.C.				40min  w.Enochian Crescent/Black Dawn/O.
Sampler			- Obscene Extreme 2011			70min
Sampler			- Obscure Infinity			57min  Tape-Comp. w. demos of Darklord/Amethyste/Carmina/Atrophy
Sampler			- Obscurum Per Obscurius		70min  w.Putrid Offal/Khroma Death/Supuration/Dagon/Sepulchral/...
Sampler			- Off The Disk 6*7"			63min  5 of their EPs re-released and one sampler 7"
Sampler                 - Official Demo Series Vol.1            55min  w.Dark Angel/Dark Tranq./Infernäl Mäjesty
Sampler			- Opinionated Records Sampler 7"	16min  w.Appendix/Authorize/Nirvana 2002
Sampler			- Oskorei No.6  CD			74min  w.Mindgrinder (demo song)/Necrocide/Endsum/...
Sampler			- Oslo We Rot  2*7"			24min  w.Execration/Dskord/Obliteration/Lobotomized
Sampler                 - Osmose: World Domination II          126min
Sampler         	- Osmose: World...II free Promo 	71min
Sampler			- Out Of The Box Vol.1			56min  w.Traumatic/Crimson Midwinter/The Darksend/...
Sampler			- Outbreak Of Evil  7"			13min  w.Nocturnal/Vomitor/Bestial Mock./Toxic H.
Sampler			- Outbreak Of Evil  Vol.2  7"		11min  w.Abigail/Villains/Midnight/Force Of Darkness
Sampler			- Outbreak Of Evil  Vol.3  7"		12min  w.Evil Angel/Nailgunner/Gravewurm/Grippiud
Sampler			- Outbreak Of Evil  Vol.4  7"		16min
Sampler			- Oz Live!				69min  w.Dies Irae/Buried Dreams/Disgorge/Shamash
Sampler			- Pain Unlimited			62min  w.Gorement/Krhoma Death, rest shit
Sampler			- Painkiller Vol.II  7"			12min  w.Hellchild/Bongzilla/cst./Vomitus
Sampler			- Panggilan Pulau Puaka II		48min  south eastern asia bands, killer !!!
Sampler			- Panggilan Pulau Puaka III		56min  w.Herriot/Impiety/Terror Squad/Mandatory/..
Sampler			- Panggilan Pulau Puaka IV		50min  w.Surrender Of Divinity/Demizer/...
Sampler			- Pantalagia Comp. LP MBR Records	38min  w. Cadaver/Therion/Rottrevore/Cenotaph/...
Sampler			- Party San Open Air - Hell Is Here MCD 18min  w.Carcass/Hypocrisy/Legion Of The Damned
Sampler			- Peaceville New Dark Classics		48min
Sampler			- Peaceville Celebrating 21 Years	74min
Sampler			- Pestilentia Australis			74min  w.Myddraal/Anarazel/Misery's Omen/...
Sampler			- Polar Grinder				26min  w.Nasum/Birdflesh/Regurgitate/Assel/...
Sampler			- Polish Assault			68min  w.Yattering/Decapitated/Lost Soul/...
Sampler			- Polka Slam  7"			13min  w.Bolt Thrower + three others from 1989
Sampler			- Power From The North			65min  Swedish Bands cover old Swedish legends
Sampler			- Power It Up  Promo MCD		24min
Sampler			- Power It Up: The Source In Grind	72min
Sampler			- Primitive Finland 10"			25min  w.Bloodhammer/Incriminated/Baptism/...
Sampler			- Projections Of A Stained Mind  LP	42min  some less songs than the CD
Sampler			- Proselytism 2008  CDr			53min  w.Akron Cult/Atomicide/Force Of Darkness/Chainsaw/Vulcano/...
Sampler			- Proyecto III  MLP			22min  w.Transmetal/Next/Ramses/Inquisdor/...
Sampler			- Projeto Mythus			42min  w.Insanity (BRA), rest unknown Rock/Metal bands
Sampler			- Proselytism Plans For 2005  MCDr	21min  w.Force Of Darkness/Gorhoth/Ejecutor/Chainsaw/Atomicide/...
Sampler			- Punishment 18 Rec. Vol.2		58min
Sampler			- Raging Death				36min  w. Sadus/Xecutioner/Ravage/...
Sampler                 - Really Fast Vol.6                     47min  w.Crücifix/Sauna/...
Sampler                 - Really Fast Vol.8                     45min  w.Lifeless Image/Cascade/Hälsningsarmen/Dissober/...
Sampler			- Really Fast Vol.9			45min  w.Nasum (9tx)/Millencolin/Bombraid/...
Sampler			- Recrucifixion  4-way Split CD		36min  w.Behalf Fiend/Nahual/Warfare/Grima Morstua
Sampler			- Regressive Hostility			50min  w.Autoritär/Irritate/Nasum/Denak/Cardioid
Sampler                 - Relapse Sampler Spring '99            73min  unrel. Nasum/Benumb
Sampler			- Relapse Records: Forging The Future 	53min
Sampler			- Relapse Singles Series Vol.1		44min  w.Apparition/Incantation/and two Punk bands
Sampler			- Relapse Singles Series Vol.2		42min  w.Disrupt/Deceased.../Destroy/General Surgery
Sampler			- Relapse Singles Series Vol.3		37min  w.Rottrevore/Incantation/Repulsion/Monstrosity
Sampler			- Relapse Singles Series Vol.4		43min  w.Exit 13/Phobia/Gorephobia/Amorphis
Sampler			- Relapse Singles Series Vol.5		47min  w.Affliced/Mythic/Mortician/Candiru
Sampler			- Requiem - Morbid Symphonies Of...	76min  w.Vermin/Iconoclast/Obfuscation/...
Sampler			- Resurrected In Festering Slime	55min  godly SWE-Death sampler on Soulseller Rec.
Sampler			- Resurrection Of The Gods  Vol.1	54min  Underground Metal Attack From China
Sampler			- Resurrection Of The Gods  Vol.2	50min  w.Hyponic, best Chinese band !!!
Sampler			- Retrospectivo Al Metal Chileno	48min
Sampler         	- Rock Extremum Part IV         	72min
Sampler                 - Rock Hard 9/96 CD                     76min
Sampler                 - Rock Hard 11/96 CD                    79min
Sampler                 - Rock Hard 1/97 CD                     79min
Sampler                 - Rock Hard 5/97 Vol.6                  77min
Sampler                 - Rock Hard 7/97 Vol.7                  75min
Sampler                 - Rock Hard 9/97 Vol.8                  78min
Sampler                 - Rock Hard 11/97 Vol.9                 78min
Sampler                 - Rock Hard 3/98 Vol.10                 78min
Sampler                 - Rock Hard 3/98 Vol.10                 70min  unsigned bands here
Sampler                 - Rock Hard 5/98 Vol.11                 80min
Sampler                 - Rock Hard 7/98 Vol.12                 78min
Sampler                 - Rock Hard 9/98 Vol.13                 74min
Sampler                 - Rock Hard 11/98 Vol.14                77min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 3/99 Vol.15			77min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 5/99 Vol.16			77min
Sampler                 - Rock Hard 7/99 Vol.17                 74min
Sampler                 - Rock Hard 9/99 Vol.18                 78min
Sampler                 - Rock Hard 11/99 Vol.19                77min
Sampler                 - Rock Hard 1/00 Unsigned Bands         74min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 3/00 Vol.20			76min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 5/00 Vol.21			77min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 6/00 Hard Union		75min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 7/00 Vol.22			78min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 9/00 Vol.23			77min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 11/00 Vol.24		75min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 1/01 Unsigned Bands		71min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 3/01 Vol.25			79min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 2/01 Unsigned Bands		74min  w.Naxzul/Pavor/Soul Demise, rest bullshit
Sampler			- Rock Hard 5/01 Vol.26			78min  w.Darkane/unmixed Dark Funeral/rest is shit
Sampler			- Rock Hard 6/01 Hard Union             65min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 7/01 Vol.27			71min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 9/01 Vol.28			77min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 11/01 Vol.29		76min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 1/02 Unsigned Bands 	57min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 3/02 Vol.30			78min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 5/02 Vol.31			79min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 7/02 Vol.32			78min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 9/02 Vol.33			77min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 11/02 Vol.34		75min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 3/03 Vol.35			77min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 5/03 Vol.36			72min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 7/03 Vol.37			67min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 9/03 Vol.38			62min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 11/03 Vol.39		76min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 3/04 Vol.40			74min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 5/04 Vol.41			73min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 7/04 Vol.42			75min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 9/04 Vol.43			62min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 11/04 Vol.44 		72min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 03/05 Vol.45		69min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 05/05 Vol.46		75min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 07/05 Vol.47		73min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 09/05 Vol.48		74min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 11/05 Vol.49		73min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 03/06 Vol.50		68min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 05/06 Vol.51		71min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 07/06 Vol.52		65min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 10/06 Vol.53		70min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 3/07 Vol.54			61min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 05/07 Vol.55		74min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 07/07 Vol.56		67min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 09/07 Vol.57		66min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 11/07 Vol.58		73min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 03/08 Vol.59		68min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 05/08 Vol.60		62min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 07/08 Vol.61		63min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 09/08 Vol.62		62min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 11/08 Vol.63		59min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 03/09 Vol.64		59min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 05/09 Vol.65		60min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 07/09 Vol.66		62min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 09/09 Vol.67		66min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 11/09 Vol.68		71min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 01/10 Vol.69		51min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 03/10 Vol.70		68min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 05/10 Vol.71		66min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 06/10 Vol.72		66min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 07/10 Vol.73		61min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 09/10 Vol.74		60min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 10/10 Vol.75		65min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 11/10 Vol.76		77min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 02/11 Vol.77		64min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 03/11 Vol.78		66min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 06/11 Vol.79		63min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 12/11 Vol.80		59min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 03/12 Vol.81		69min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 07/12  Vol.82		69min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 09/12  Vol.83		53min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 10/12  Vol.84		50min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 11/12  Vol.85		53min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 12/12  Vol.86		52min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 02/13  Vol.87		65min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 03/13  Vol.88		47min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 04/13  Vol.89		51min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 05/13  Vol.90		53min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 06/13  Vol.91		49min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 09/13  Vol.92		61min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 11/13  Vol.93		58min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 12/13  Vol.94		55min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 01/14  Vol.95		54min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 03/14  Vol.96		49min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 04/14  Vol.97		52min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 05/14  Vol.98		55min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 06/14  Vol.99		50min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 07/14  Vol.100		49min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 09/14  Vol.101		56min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 10/14  Vol.102		49min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 11/14  Vol.103		51min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 02/15  Vol.104		53min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 04/15  Vol.105		55min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 06/15  Vol.106		56min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 07/15  Vol.107		53min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 08/15  Vol.108		47min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 10/15  Vol.109		47min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 11/15  Vol.110		48min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 12/15  Vol.111		54min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 02/16  Vol.112		55min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 03/16  Vol.113		52min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 04/16  Vol.114		55min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 05/16  Vol.115		48min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 06/16  Vol.116		51min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 07/16  Vol.117		49min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 10/16  Vol.118		56min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 11/16  Vol.119		50min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 12/16  Vol.120		55min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 02/17  Vol.121		53min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 04/17  Vol.122		47min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 05/17  Vol.123		47min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 06/17  Vol.124		58min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 08/17  Vol.125		53min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 09/17  Vol.126		54min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 10/17  Vol.127		53min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 11/17  Vol.128		53min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 12/17  Vol.129		53min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 02/18  Vol.130		53min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 03/18  Vol.131		51min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 04/18  Vol.132		55min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 05/18  Vol.133		50min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 06/18  Vol.134		49min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 07/18  Vol.135		50min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 09/18  Vol.136		43min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 10/18  Vol.137		48min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 12/18  Vol.138		48min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 01/19  Vol.139		44min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 03/19  Vol.140		44min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 04/19  Vol.141		43min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 05/19  Vol.142		43min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 06/19  Vol.143		46min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 07/19  Vol.144		41min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 09/19  Vol.145		47min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 10/19  Vol.146		44min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 12/19  Vol.147		43min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 01/20  Vol.148		48min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 03/20  Vol.149		43min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 05/20  Vol.150		43min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 07/20  Vol.151		39min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 11/20  Vol.152		44min
Sampler			- Rock Hard - Das Festival  Live CD	57min  live tx w.Amon Amarth/Unleashed/Communic/...
Sampler                 - Rock Hard - Das Festival 2006 Live CD 52min
Sampler			- Rock Hard - Das Festival 2007 Live CD 55min
Sampler			- Rock Hard - Das Festival 2007-2012	51min
Sampler			- Rock Hard - Das Festival 2009-2019	60min
Sampler			- Rock Hard Presents: Monsters Of Death	71min  incl. some rare material, mixes,...
Sampler			- Rock Hard 20 Years SPV-sampler	35min
Sampler			- Rock Hard 25 Years Roadrunner sampler 39min
Sampler			- Rock Hard/Century Media collaboration 42min  2004-stuff from CM, nothing rare
Sampler			- Rock Hard - Nuclear Blast Rec. CD	43min
Sampler			- Rock Hard - AFM Rec. 			48min
Sampler		 	- Rock Hard - EMP: 20 Years Of R'n'R 	55min
Sampler			- Rock Hard - Escape Music		46min
Sampler			- Rock Hard - Warner Music		36min
Sampler			- Rock Hard Death Metal Special		36min
Sampler			- Rock Hard - Best Of 2011		56min
Sampler			- Rock Hard - Best Of 2013		57min
Sampler			- Rock Hard - Best Of 2014		69min
Sampler			- Rock Hard - Best Of 2015		51min
Sampler			- Rock Hard - 9 Rare Songs 9 Legenden   55min
Sampler			- Rock Hard Unerhoert Sampler		65min
Sampler			- Rock Hard Unerhoert Sampler Vol.13 	64min  numbering system ??? Vol.13 ??
Sampler			- Rock Hard Top 10 Bandcontest		44min
Sampler                 - Rockmapa 1                            39min  w.Arakain/Törr/Kern/Motorband/...
Sampler			- Rockmapa 2				37min  w.Panika/Taxi/Kabat/Merlin/...
Sampler			- Rodrigo D. - No Futuro  Soundtrack	40min  w.Colombias best: Profanacion/Blasfemia/Ekrion/Agresor/Dexkoncierto...
Sampler			- Roots  Vol.II				74min
Sampler			- Roots  Vol.III			74min
Sampler			- Roots  Vol.IV				74min
Sampler			- Roots  Vol.V				73min
Sampler			- Root Of All Evil Rec. 3rd Birthday	51min  w.Impaler/Walhalla/Somnus/...
Sampler			- Rottenness II				75min  w.Necroterio/Headhunter DC/Hecatomb/...
Sampler         	- S.O.D. Magazine #9 CD         	74min  from Displeased Rec.,incl. some rare demostuff
Sampler			- S.P. Metal I				32min  w.Avenger/Virus/Centurias/Salario Minimo
Sampler			- S.P. Metal II				43min  w.Korzus/Santuario/Abutre/Performaces
Sampler			- Satan's Goats Tribute  7"		14min  w.Goatsemen/Goat Wrath/Goat Messiah/...
Sampler			- Satan's Goats Tribute Vol.2  7"	17min  w.Goatbless/Nocturnal Goat/Goat Horns/Goat Prayers
Sampler         	- Satan's Revenge I                     50min  w. Axehammer/Cerebus/Artillery/...
Sampler         	- Satan's Revenge II                    42min  w. Damien/Necrovore/Darkness/Ripping Corpse/...
Sampler			- Satanic Butchery  7"			17min  w.Necroplasma/Dom Dracul/Sarin/Capitis Damnare
Sampler			- Scandinavan Metal Attack		41min
Sampler			- Scandinavian Metal Attack  II		48min
Sampler			- Screaming For A Change		54min
Sampler			- Screwing The Sane			42min  w.Horrified/Acid Death/Mortal Pain/Medieval Death/...
Sampler			- Season Of Mist Rec./Holy Rec. 	77min
Sampler			- Selartsecna Sotim And Saimefsalb	53min  w.Grimorium Verum/Zidiz/Lapida/Alcohoic Rites
Sampler			- Seraphic Decay Rec.			78min  5 7"s of Abhorrence/Disgrace/Toxaemia/...
Sampler			- Servants Of Chaos			80min  came with Legacy #80, Debemur Morti sampler
Sampler			- Shit Hits Vol.1  7"			15min  w.Autumnfire/Belial/Fuckathon/Obfuscation/Plan E/Irstas/
Sampler			- Shit Hits Vol.2  7"			16min  w.Blood/Plan E/Excess Of Cruelty/...
Sampler			- Signed For Death  Vol.2		74min  w.Tatre/Koldborn/Sacrificial/Thorium/...
Sampler			- Skull Smash Vol.1			36min  w.Riverge/Deathtrap/Shell Shock/Raging Fury/Death Blow/Disarm/...
Sampler			- Skullthrashzone Vol.1			44min  w.Jurassic Jade/Ground Zero/X/Shell Shock/Doom/Rose Rose
Sampler			- Smells Like Team Spirit		73min  w.Altar/Nembrionic/Eternal Solstice/...
Sampler			- Smells Like Team Spirit  II		76min  w.Pentacle/Altar/Stentorian/Unlord/...
Sampler			- Smells Like Team Spirit IV		74min
Sampler			- Sometimes...Death Is Better		72min  w.Algol/Inquisitor/Deranged/...
Sampler			- Sometimes Death Is Better 2,3,4 3-CD 231min
Sampler			- Sometimes Death Is Better 5-9  5-CD  359min
Sampler			- Sonic Excess				62min  w.Earache bands only
Sampler			- Sonic Obliteration			48min  w.Odyssey/Interzone/Aurora Borealis/...
Sampler			- Soul Rape				55min  Austrian Metal bands
Sampler			- Souls Of Dead				59min  w.Parricide/Legion/Neolith/Esqarial/...
Sampler			- Sounds - Waves  7"			18min  C.F.-Visual Aggression in 87er line up ??
Sampler			- Sound Explosion 2003			62min  Lifeforce Rec. bands
Sampler			- Southern Warriors Cult  Vol.1		72min  w.Defacer/Cheol/Mausoleum/Behalf Fiend/...
Sampler			- Southern Warriors Cult  Vol.2		73min  only crappy Black Metal underground bands
Sampler			- Southern Storm Of Evil		37min  w.Goat Semen/Grima Morstua/Ammit/Fallen Souls/...
Sampler			- SpeedPunkMetalCrust  7"		10min  w.Armagedom/Minkions/Children Of Technology/Nuclear Frost
Sampler			- Speed And Spikes Vol.1  7"		14min  w.Toxic Holocaust and Blüdwülf
Sampler			- Speed And Spikes Vol.2  7"		12min  w.Absu and Rumpelstilskin Grinder
Sampler			- Speed And Spikes Vol.3  7"		11min  w.Abigail/Nekromantheon
Sampler			- Speed And Spikes Vol.4  7"		 8min  w.Early Man/Rammer
Sampler			- Speed And Spikes Vol.5  7"		 7min  w.Avenger Of Bloood/Witchaven
Sampler			- Speed Kills III			51min
Sampler			- Speed Metal				36min  w.Slayer/Voivod/Omen/Bloodlust/...
Sampler			- Speed Metal Vol.1			51min  w.Tyrant/SDI/Vampyr/Darkness/...
Sampler			- Speed Metal Hell II			45min
Sampler			- Speed Metal Hell I+II+5 Bonus        100min  great Samplers from '85
Sampler			- Speed Metal Hell III			40min  w.Prong/Dream Death/Necrophagia/...
Sampler			- Stars On Thrash			55min
Sampler			- Statement Of Intent: Wicked World	79min  rare stuff of The Haunted/Deranged/...
Sampler			- Storm Of Nebiula I			61min  w.Sil Khannaz/As Sahar/Riusgnal/Aradia/Vociferian Eternity
Sampler                 - Storm Of Nebiula II                   58min  Malaysia bands only
Sampler			- Storm Will Come 2			73min  w.E605/Al Sirat/Veneral Disease/...
Sampler			- Storm Will Come III			77min
Sampler			- Suburban Metal  7"			16min  w.Gallow/Pandemonic/Mythistory/Ad Infinitum
Sampler			- Sudamerica Brutal  Vol.1		68min  w.Anal Vomit/Funeral/Carnarium
Sampler			- Sudamerica Brutal  Vol.2		62min  w.1917/Slow Death/Slow Agony
Sampler			- Suffer Tape Nr.2			61min
Sampler			- Supreme Brutal Legions		65min  w.Insision/Lacerate/Koma/Vrykolakas
Sampler			- Swedish Assault			44min  w.Genocide SS/Disfear (w.Tompa!)/...
Sampler			- Swedish Death/Thrash Demo Classics 1  75min
Sampler			- Swedish Death/Thrash Demo Classics 2 	78min
Sampler			- Swedish Death Metal  3-CD    	       222min
Sampler			- Sweet For My Sweet  Chapter 1		53min  w.Immersed In Blood/Outcast/C.o.O.
Sampler			- Sword Of Thrash  Flexi-7"		13min  w.Hellchild/Lesshaze/Gabish/Japanese bandname
Sampler			- Symphony Of Dark			91min  w.Sabaoth/Necromicon/Abigail/Grimoire/...
Sampler			- Terrorizer Vol.4			72min
Sampler			- Teutonic Invasion Part II		42min
Sampler			- The Anti-Posers Unite !		37min  w.Bloodcult/Rademassaker/Chemikiller
Sampler			- The Battery Tapes Vol.1		61min  w.pre-Dark Tranquillity/pre-Fleshcrawl/...
Sampler			- The Best Of 7Hard			72min  came with Legacy #81
Sampler			- The Best Of 7Hard 2014		77min
Sampler			- The Best Of 7Hard 2016		79min
Sampler			- The Big Teutonic 4  MCD		15min  came with Legacy #82
Sampler			- The Big Teutonic 4  MCD		13min
Sampler			- The Birth Of A Tragedy  2-LP		94min  w.Decayed/Morbid God/Sacred Sin/...
Sampler			- The Blackest Death  CDr		58min  w.Rator/Profancer/Necrofist/Beheaded Nasrani
Sampler			- The Bloodbath Is Coming  2-7"		24min  w.Nasum/Assel/Demisor/Yacopsae/...
Sampler			- The Bulldozer Armageddon Vol.1 7"	 8min  Sabbat / Imperial (JPN/FRA) paying tribute
Sampler			- The Bulldozer Armageddon Vol.2 7"	 7min  Decayed / Abigail
Sampler			- The Cocoon Pf Asphyx  MC-sampler	61min  w.Incinerator/Vacarme/Lethal/Re-Creation
Sampler			- The Colombian Awakening		90min  demotcks from early 90es, w.Holocausto/IMRI/Antagon/...
Sampler			- The Death Of Africa...?		38min  w.VoD/Abhorrence/Debauchery/...
Sampler			- The Eerie Sampler			69min  w.Wizzard/Raven/Gravferd/Darkwoods M.
Sampler			- The Evil Conquest  7"			15min  w.Bestial Holocaust/Behalf Fiend/Grave Desecration/Blasphemiam
Sampler			- The Gathering				69min  w.Sil Khannaz/Suffercation/Mistery/Senseless/D'Cromok/...
Sampler                 - The Kanada Compilation CD             23min  w.Inf.Mäjesty/The Harpoons/Custom
Sampler			- The Lost Tapes Of Cogumelo		29min  w. Sarcofago/Chakal/Mutilator/...
Sampler			- The Monsters Of Rockwave...		54min  live: Immortal/Sodom/Nightfall/...
Sampler			- The Morbid Two			73min  w.unrel stuff by Hypnos/Disinter/Impetigo/...
Sampler			- The Return Of Darkness And Hate	74min  w.Anatomy/Sabbat/Impiety/Unpure/...
Sampler			- The Unholy Bands From The Holy Land 	36min  w.Salem/Corpus/Scaffold/Incarnation/...
Sampler			- The Unholy Unification To Sacrifice	42min  w.Bestial Raids/Acrimonious/Zygoatsis
Sampler			- The Vikings Are Coming		51min  w.Crude S.S., rest normal punk
Sampler			- The Winds Of A New Millenium Vol.1 	68min  w.Insanity/Lethal Curse/Strangulation/...
Sampler			- The Wine Of Satan II			44min
Sampler                 - The World Domination Live-2CD        107min  Enslaved/Bewitched/Swordmaster/D.T./...
Sampler			- There's A Method To Our Madness	38min  ultrarare Punk/HC-sampler from '86
Sampler			- This Is Metal !			56min  w.Goddess Of Desire/Nocturnal Breed/...
Sampler			- Thrash'em All  7/98 Vol.1		71min
Sampler			- Thrash'em All  4/99 Vol.3		75min
Sampler			- Thrash And Burn			47min  Irish Tribute To Thrash (all cover versions)
Sampler			- Thrash Metal Attack I			45min  w. Wargod/DesExult/Necrophagia/Necropolis/...
Sampler                 - Thrash Metal Blitzkrieg Vol.1  7"     15min  w.Skull/Hangöver/Pyöveli/Paganfire
Sampler			- Thrash Metal Blitzkrieg Vol.2  7"	14min  w.Bloodthirst/Witchtrap/Hangman/Death Thrashers Kuopio
Sampler			- Thrash Metal Blitzkrieg Vol.3  7"	15min  w.Violent Attack/Disaster/Crimson Steel/Crucifier
Sampler			- Thrash Of The Titans			30min  w.Hirax/DRI/Anal Cunt/....
Sampler			- Thrash Revenge On Skull Island  7"	12min  w.Sacrilege BC/Abigail/W.H.N./Conquest for Death/...
Sampler			- Thrash Yourself And Fuck the Rest MLP 13min
Sampler			- Thrashing Deathpower			46min  w.Multiplex/Gibbed/Satanic Hellslaughter
Sampler			- Thrashing Holocaust  Vol.1		71min  FINALLY from Necropolis Rec.
Sampler			- Thrashing Rage    			47min  w.Teutonic/Cut Throat/Hateful Agony/...
Sampler			- Thrashing Like A Maniac		54min  w.Dekapitator/Warbringer/Toxic Holocaust/...
Sampler			- Thrashing Relics Vol.1		80min  w.Lycanthropy/Morphosis/Mengele/N.N.S.
Sampler			- To Hell With Cleveland  7"		11min  w.Decrepit/Nunslaughter/Sana sixty/Dokto Bitch
Sampler			- To Magic...				74min  Prophecy Productions sampler, uurgs
Sampler			- Tormenting Legends Part 1		53min  w.Pest/Armagedda/Satanic Warmaster/...
Sampler			- Tormenting Legions Part 2		77min  w.Katharsis/Sarcophagus/Sarath/Elite/...
Sampler                 - Törnen MC                            108min  w.Necromicon/Nifelheim/Satariel/Arckanum/...
Sampler			- Toronto City Omnibus			41min  w.Legion666, rest is Punk crap
Sampler         	- Total Virulence               	39min  French DM-Sampler from '90
Sampler			- Trampling The Holy Faith		47min  w.Profanatica/Nuclear Desecration/Goatsodomy/Unholy Crucifix
Sampler			- Tribal Convicton Zine Assault Vol.1	70min
Sampler			- Tribute To AMEBIX			53min  w.Acrostix/Effigy/Raw Gauge/Age/Life/Zoe
Sampler			- Tribute To ANGELREAPER + FANTOM 	72min  w.Evoked Curse/Warkult/Dusk/Age Of Agony/...
Sampler			- Tribute To ANTI CIMEX			38min  w.Driller Killer/Wolfbrigade/R.D.P./Avskum/...
Sampler			- Tribute To AS SAHAR: Eastern...	53min  w.Mantak/Tyranny/As Sahar/Darkregime/...
Sampler			- Tribute To AT THE GATES		62min  w.Godhate/Taetre/Paganizer/Soul Demise/Illdisposed/...
Sampler			- Tribute To ANARCHUS			41min  w.Ravager/Morbosidad/Disgorge/...
Sampler			- Tribute To BATHORY			60min  w. War/Nifelheim/Marduk/Emperor/Lord Belial/...
Sampler			- Tribute To BATHORY: Hellas Salutes... 53min  w.Flames/Deviser/Zemail/Kawir/...
Sampler			- Tribute To BATHORY: From The Hordes 	96min  w.Sauron/Decayed/Bathorlord/Mephisto/Lord/...
Sampler			- Tribute To BEHERIT  CDr		45min  w.Megiddo/Cult Of Daath/Hellchasm/...
Sampler			- Tribute To BLACK SABBATH		60min  w.Infamy/Rise/Coffin Texts/Agent Steel/Tyrant/...
Sampler			- Tribute To BLACK SABBATH:Hell Rules 2 65min  w.Evoken/Equinox/Vital Remains/Acheron/...
Sampler			- Tribute To BRAIN DEAD			64min  w.Necrotic Chaos/Medicine Death/As-Sahar/Tandus/Brain Dead/...
Sampler			- Tribute To BURZUM  2-CD	       143min
Sampler			- Tribute To BURZUM  2-LP		69min  w.Forefather/Xasthur/...  3 times "Ea, Lord Of The Depths"
Sampler			- Tribute To BURZUM: A Man, A Band...	37min  average Italian bands paying tribute
Sampler			- Tribute To C.O.C.: Dark Thoughts  7"   8min  w.Municipal Waste/Why?/Caustic Christ/Holier Than Thou?
Sampler			- Tribute To CARCASS			63min  w.Exhumed/Necrony/General Surgery/...
Sampler			- Tribute To CARNIVORE			52min  some ok songs, some total bullshit songs by bullshit bands
Sampler                 - Tribute To CELTIC FROST               64min  w.Marduk/Hypocrite/Akercocke/Acheron/...
Sampler			- Tribute To Cliff Burton: 10 Years... 	67min  w.Root/Editor/Kryptor/Dark/...
Sampler			- Tribute To CORONER  7"		11min  w.Pharaoh and Canvas Solaris
Sampler			- Tribute To CROMOK			58min  w.Sil Khannaz/Langsuyr/Mantak/Malex/...
Sampler			- Tribute To DARKTHRONE  2-CD		72min  w.Lycanthropy/Myrddraal/Megiddo, rest shit
Sampler			- Tribute To DEAD CAN DANCE 2-CD       150min
Sampler			- Tribute To DEATH			50min  w.Pessimist/Exmortis/Solus/Tortharry/...
Sampler			- Tribute To DEATH: Unforgotten Past 	65min  w.Insision/Hyponic/Dungortheb/Ritual Day/...
Sampler			- Tribute To DEBUSTROL: Perlo...	54min  w.Cales/VAR/Elysium/Ingrowing/...
Sampler                 - Tribute To DESTRUCTION                47min  w.Kauldron(Kam Lee)/The Chasm/Diabolic/..
Sampler			- Tribute To DISCHARGE: Defense...	32min  w.Driller Killer/Nasum/Uncurbed/...
Sampler			- Tribute To DISCHARGE: Punks...	51min  w.ENT/Raw Noise/Nausea/SDS/...
Sampler			- Tribute To DORSAL ATLANTICA		48min  w.Headhunter DC/Genocidio/Insanity/...
Sampler                 - Tribute To FALKENBACH: Part 1         51min  w.unknown whatever bands
Sampler                 - Tribute To FALKENBACH: Part 2         51min  w.Vinterriket/Bewitched/...
Sampler			- Tribute To FANTOM: Fantomania I	52min  w.Fantom/Evoked Curse/Terror Strike
Sampler			- Tribute To FANTOM: Fantomania II 	58min  w.Dög/Drnken Bastard/Funebre/Sacrifical Dagger/...
Sampler			- Tribute To GUT			73min  w.Rompeprop/Oxidised Razor/Amok/...
Sampler                 - Tribute To Hell: Satanic Rites 2CD   141min  unreleased stuff of 32 BM bands, cool
Sampler			- Tribute To HELLHAMMER  MCDr		27min  w.Megiddo and Rampage
Sampler			- Tribute To ILDJARN			74min  w.Orcrist/Urfaust/Forgotten Tomb/...
Sampler			- Tribute To IMPETIGO			70min  w.Exhumed/Mortician/Blood/...
Sampler			- Tribute To IRON MAIDEN		73min  w.Absu/Angel Corpse/Opeth/Morgion/...
Sampler			- Tribute To IRON MAIDEN: Made In Scan. 49min  w.Withering Surface/Infernal Torment/Frozen Sun/...
Sampler                 - Tribute To IRON MAIDEN                46min  ultrarare JPN-Toys Factory sampler
Sampler                 - Tribute To JUDAS PRIEST               60min
Sampler			- Tribute To JUDAS PRIEST: The Priest 	56min  w.Annihilator/Witchery/Death/Hammerfall/Therion/...
Sampler			- Tribute To JUDAS PRIEST: Hell Bent... 54min  w.Angel Corpse/Equinox/Soulless/Vital Remains/...
Sampler			- Tribute To KAT			73min  w. Behemoth/Vader/Luciferion/...
Sampler			- Tribute To KATATONIA		       101min
Sampler			- Tribute To KING DIAMOND		48min
Sampler			- Tribute To KING DIAMOND		63min  w.Black Witchery/Postmortem/Mortuary Oath/...
Sampler			- Tribute To KISS: Kiss Of Death	45min  w.Acheron/Equinox/Blood Coven/Tchort/...
Sampler			- Tribute To KISS: Creatures Of The...  55min  w.Hammerfall/Anthrax/Hypocrisy/Doro/Bathroy/...
Sampler                 - Tribute To KISS: A Norwegian Tribute  73min  only Hardrock bands
Sampler			- Tribute To KREATOR			39min  w.Krisiun/Hemlock/Acheron/...
Sampler			- Tribute To KREATOR (Dwell Rec.)	64min  w.Headhunter DC/The Chasm/Krabathor/..
Sampler                 - Tribute To MASACRE CD                 71min  w.Agressor/Misticia/Total Death/Thy Antichrist/...
Sampler			- Tribute To MASTER'S HAMMER		64min
Sampler			- Tribute To MASTER's HAMMER		78min  w.Avenger/Agmen/Dark Storm/Unclean/...
Sampler			- Tribute To MAYHEM			63min  w.Immortal/Vader/Behemoth/Absu/...
Sampler			- Tribute To MEGADETH: Megaded		54min  w.Abhorrent/Pessismist/Killswitch/...
Sampler			- Tribute To MERCYFUL FATE		70min  Emperor/Armageddon/Immolation/...
Sampler			- Tribute To METALLICA 2		75min  cool Exmortem cover, rest average
Sampler			- Tribute To METALLICA 3		58min  Impious blasting 'One' away, rest average
Sampler			- Tribute To METALLICA: Overload	63min  w.Crematorium/Terror/Engrave/...
Sampler			- Tribute To METALLICA: Overload 2 	65min  w.Mystifier/Krabathor/Soulless/Diabolic/...
Sampler			- Tribute To Mike "Zander" Zerna 7"	14min  w.Enslaved/Necromance/Lubricant/...
Sampler			- Tribute To MORBID ANGEL: Scream Forth	58min  w.Angel Corpse/The Chasm/...
Sampler			- Tribute To MORBID ANGEL		49min  w.Zyklon/Luciferion/Krisiun/...
Sampler			- Tribute To MOTLEY CRUE: Indulgence	48min  none-Metal bands sadly
Sampler                 - Tribute To MOTöRHEAD                  49min  w.Acheron/Black Witchery/Vile/Engrave/...
Sampler			- Tribute To MERCYFUL FATE (Still Dead) 77min  Equinox/Soilwork/Acheron/Necrophagia/...
Sampler			- Tribute To MORTEM: Death Rules... 	51min  w.Headhunter DC/Evildamn/Mantak/Karnarium/...
Sampler			- Tribute To NASUM			72min
Sampler			- Tribute To NUNSLAUGHTER		68min
Sampler			- Tribute To OZZY OSBOURNE		54min  w.Solitude Aternus/Oppressor/Morta Skuld/...
Sampler			- Tribute To OZZY: Land Of The...	49min  w.w.Soulless/Vile/Deceased.../Coffin Texts/...
Sampler			- Tribute To POISON IDEA		44min  w.Wolfbrigade/Ratos De Porao/Bonehouse/Barcode/...
Sampler			- Tribute To POSSESSED			45min  w.Absu/Pentacle/Sad.Intent/Vader/Impious/...
Sampler			- Tribute To RATOS DE PORAO		44min
Sampler			- Tribute To REGURGITATE		57min  51 songs
Sampler			- Tribute To REPULSION			43min  w.General Surgery/Impaled/Coldworker/Cretin/...
Sampler			- Tribute To ROTTING CHRIST		71min  w.Mystifier/Sanctifier/Insanity/Folk Lord/...
Sampler			- Tribute To SABBAT (JPN)		39min  w.Desaster/Gorgon/Kathaaria/...
Sampler			- Tribute To SARCOFAGO			69min
Sampler			- Tribute To SEPULTURA			63min  w. Sacramentum/The Crown/Swordmaster/...
Sampler			- Tribute To SEPULTURA			58min  w.Mystifier/Enter Self/Vore/Rise/...
Sampler                 - Tribute To SLAYER: Gateway To Hell    56min  Dark Funeral/Diabolic/Infamy/...
Sampler			- Tribute To SKEPTICISM  2-CD	       102min
Sampler			- Tribute To SLAYER: Gateway...II	61min  w.Nocturne/Black Witchery/The Chasm/...
Sampler			- Tribute To SLAYER: Hell At Last	46min  w.Deteriorot/Nephasth/Diabolic/Engrave/ONI/...
Sampler                 - Tribute To SLAYER: Slatanic... I      42min
Sampler                 - Tribute To SLAYER: Slatanic... II     50min
Sampler			- Tribute To SLAYER: Straight To...	47min  w.Jungle Rot/Brutal Truth/Mortician/...
Sampler			- Tribute To SLAYER: Argentinean...	69min  w.1917/Devastacion/Avernal/Serpentor/...
Sampler			- Tribute To SODOM: Sodomaniac...MLP 	23min  w.Nocturnal/Protectors/Bestial Mockery/Suicidal Winds/...
Sampler			- Tribute To TESTAMENT: Jump In The... 	45min
Sampler			- Tribute To TRANSMETAL 		59min  w.Vil/IRA/Disgorge/Panic/Luzbel/...
Sampler			- Tribute To TRANSMETAL En Vivo		45min  w.Panic/Disgorge/Domain/Leprycorn/...
Sampler			- Tribute To TWISTED SISTER		39min  w.Cianide/Evil Incarnate/Black Witchery/...
Sampler			- Tribute To VENOM: Promoters Of The...	54min  Re-Release by Tribute Rec. in '97
Sampler                 - Tribute To VENOM (Dwell Rec.)         54min  w.Nokturne/Mörk Gryning/Black Witchery/...
Sampler			- Tribute To VENOM: Gods Of Goats	56min  w.Machetazo/Aquer/Spinal Cord/Cerebrum/...
Sampler			- Tribute To VENOM: Split Tribute CDr 	31min  w.Rampage and Chemikiller
Sampler			- Tribute To VON: A Norwegian...2-7" 	15min  w.Norwegian Evil/Taake/Amok/Urgehal
Sampler			- Tribute To VON: Sacrifice At The...	62min
Sampler                 - Tribute To WASP: Show No Mercy        56min  w.Soulless/Abattoir/Krüger/Mystifier/Noctuary/...
Sampler			- Tribute To WASP: Shock Rock Hellions 	49min  w.Dracena/Denial Of God/Impaler/Exekrator/...
Sampler			- Tribute To WINTER  7"			11min  w.Unearthly Trance/Volition
Sampler			- Triumph Of Death 			33min  w.Acheron/Samael/Carcass/Beherit/...
Sampler			- True Kings Of Norway			59min
Sampler			- True Metal Subversion			74min  w.Neurosis/Avatar/Pagan Fears/Silent Scream/...
Sampler			- Tsunami Benefit MCD			10min  w.Napalm Death/The Haunted/Heaven Shall Burn
Sampler			- Twilight Compilation  Vol.1		74min
Sampler			- Tyrannious Mutations Of Sathanas	32min  w.Blasphemophager/Tyrants Blood/Almighty Sathanas
Sampler                 - überthrash Vol.I   2-7"               13min  w.Infernö/Aura Noir/Audiopain/Nocturnal B.
Sampler                 - überthrash Vol.II  2-7"               14min  w.Infernö/Aura Noir/Audiopain/Nocturnal B.
Sampler			- Ultimate Swedish Vol.1		69min  w.Unleashed/Unanimated/Celestial Pain/...
Sampler			- Ultimate Swedish Vol.2		47min  w.Uncurbed/Driller Killer/S.G.R./Loud Pipes/...
Sampler			- Ultrametal Vol. I			40min  w.Debustrol/Kabat/Masters Hammer/...
Sampler			- Ultrametal Vol. II			46min  w.Krabathor/Tortura/Dark/DAI/...
Sampler                 - Ultrametal Vol. III                   41min  w.Anarchus/Joy/Detrom/Krucipüsk
Sampler			- Uncontrolled Decease MLP		20min  w.Ninnghzhida/Corruption/Porphyria
Sampler			- Under The Banner Of Darkness		71min  Near Dark Prod. from Sweden
Sampler			- Underground Attack			44min  w.Nocturnal/Vexed/Horrid/Hangover/...
Sampler			- Underground Domination Vol.1		79min  w.Debauchery/Sniper/Deadborn/... MDD Rec.
Sampler			- Underground Revolution Vol.1		73min  w.Abramelin/Dusk/Disembowelment/...
Sampler			- Unholy Thrashing Savage		76min  w.Storming Steels/Dunkel Reoter/Omission/Revenge
Sampler			- United In Annihilation		60min  w.Warfist/Acral Necrosis/Witchtrap
Sampler			- Unleash Your Soul Part.1		77min  w.Avulsed/Pandemia/Koldbrann/Orkus/...
Sampler			- Unsigned For Now Vol.1		80min  Mighty Music Zine CD, w.Urkraft/Divine Lust/...
Sampler			- Upon A Dark Horizon			74min  w.Sorhin/Nagelfar/Aeternus/Vomitory/Hellwitch/...
Sampler			- US Speedcore Invasion			38min  w.Legacy/DRI/Sacrilege/Heathen/...
Sampler			- Vates Noctis Vol.1			74min
Sampler			- Vile Vibes (Peaceville)		40min  w.Autopsy/Paradise Lost/Doom/Confessor/...
Sampler			- Violent Hell Assault			39min  w.Violent Attack/Mahdyhell/Assault
Sampler			- Visionaries Of The Macabre  Vol.1	74min  w.Pessismist/Avulsion/Dusk/Cryptopsy/Acheron/...
Sampler         	- Voices From The Dark Side PromoVol.II 90min  from the German zine
Sampler			- Voices From The Underground Vol.1	50min  w.Sentenced/Carbonized/Dr.Shrinker/...
Sampler			- Voices Of Death  Part I		60min  w. Sorcery/Hypnosia/Korp/Taetre/...
Sampler                 - Voices Of Death  Part II              66min  lots of Swedish Underground bands
Sampler			- Voices Of Death  Part III		67min
Sampler			- Voices Of Death  Part IV		62min  w.Arise/Moria/Withered Beauty/...
Sampler			- War Dance				59min  w. Carnal Forge/Darkane/Eucharist/...
Sampler			- War Dance (different version)		41min  normal version of the sampler
Sampler			- Warfare Noise I			30min  w.Chakal/Sarcofago/Mutilator/Holocausto
Sampler			- Warfare Noise II			39min  w.Mayhem/Aamonhammer/Witchhammer/...
Sampler			- Warfare Noise III			34min  w.Razeforce/Grey Flow/Butcher/Disease
Sampler			- Waging The War			73min
Sampler			- Wake Me When It's Over MC		93min  old sampler loads of SWE-Death demo bands
Sampler                 - Warhead Records Spring '99            72min  incl. Armoured Angel, Cryogenic, rest is shit
Sampler			- Warhead Records Vol.1			65min  great Warhead labelsampler from '95
Sampler 		- Warriors Of The Morbid Moon  Vol.1 	40min  w.Blaster Pain/Imperial Devastation/Nuclear Winter/...
Sampler			- Warriors Of The Morbid Moon 3  7"	12min  w.Imperious Malevolence/War Riser/...
Sampler			- We Don't Give A Fuck			30min  Punk tribute sampler w.Abigail/Miserycore/Farscape/...
Sampler			- Weird Tales Of Madness Vol.1		56min  w.Funebre/Phlegton/Desolation/Tormentor/...
Sampler			- Where Heavy Gloom Dominates		55min  w.Fall Of Serenity/Impending Doom/...
Sampler			- Where We Go, Others Can Only...	72min  No Fashion Labelsampler
Sampler			- Whiplash Attack Vol.1			40min  w.Crosskill/Hammeron/Deadly Fate/A.
Sampler			- Whispers!  2-LP + 7"		       120min  w.Hellbastard/Hiatus/Warcollapse/Hellkrusher/..
Sampler			- Wild Rags 000 (!), lim.edition Do.LP	42min  Not Us/Bloodcum/Outcasts/Infamous Sym.
Sampler			- Will Evil Win?  Flexi-7"		15min  w.Anihilated/Desecrators/Lord Crucifier/...
Sampler                 - With Us Or... Vol. 2                  66min  Napalm Records Sampler
Sampler			- World Domination I			54min  with the rare Absu-tck
Sampler			- World Domination II		       127min
Sampler			- World Domination III			55min
Sampler			- World Domination IV  2-CD	       140min  2nd CD with rare and unrel. tx
Sampler			- World War III 			37min  w.Crude SS/Raw Power/...
Sampler			- Worstcase Scenario			70min  w.Misery/Sadistik Ex./Undinism/Worm/...
Sampler			- Wurzelgeister 2-LP			76min  w.Lunar Aurora/Pest/Nagelfar/...
Sampler			- Xtreem Mutilation  Vol.1		79min  only rel. stuff by Xtreem Rec.
Sampler			- Xtreem Compilation  Vol.2		79min
Sampler			- Xtreem Compilation  Vol.3		80min
Sampler			- Xtreem Compilation  Vol.4		80min
Sampler (SWE)		- Arte De Occulta '96			15min  w. Setherial and Sorhin songs
Sanctification (SWE)	- Misanthropic Salvation 		29min  bit boring US-Death
Sanctifier (BRA)	- Awaked By Impurity Rites		33min
Sanctifier (BRA)	- Demons				70min  Demo compilation
Sanctifier (BRA)	- Zi Dingir Kia Kanpa  Demo MCDr '03 	13min
Sanctifier / Krüger (BRA/BRA) - Split Demo MC '03               43min  both bands live
Sanctimony (LAT)	- When The Sun Was God '96		36min  killer Death Metal demo
Sanctimony (LAT)        - Eternal Suffering                     33min  like Bolt Thrower meets Thorium
Sanctuary (US)      	- Into The Mirror Black         	47min
Sanctum (UK)            - Dimensions Of The Mind  7"            10min
Sanctum (UK)            - Raped Of Your Religion                36min
Sanctum (US)		- Enslaved  Re-Release 7"		11min
Sanctum (US)		- On The Horizon			29min
Sanctum (US)            - s/t  7"                                7min  great Crust stuff
Sanctum / Stormcrow (US/US) - Split LP				32min  Bolt Thrower - Warmaster tribute incl. the Crust. Killer !!!!
Sanctum Regnum (GUAT) 	- Satan's Flesh '96			35min
Sanctum Regnum (GUAT)   - Damned Tomb				41min
Sangunarry (SWE)	- Demo I '95				17min  old school Swedish Death Metal
Sanzia (SWE)		- You Whirl Within It... CDr		44min
Sapfhier (SWE)		- Trollskogen				43min
Sapfhier (SWE)		- Under Eternally Grey Skies		57min  ex-Exanthema, now doing good Black Metal
Saram (PER)		- Embryo  7"				15min  also some pure Sarcofago worshippers of death
Saram (PER)		- Metal Mayhem Genocide '04		16min
Saram (PER)		- Sinners  CD				62min  compilation of old songs
Saram (PER)		- Sinners '98				29min  Anal Vomit members, killer BlackDeath
Sarath (NOR)            - Husk, Du Skal Dö  7"                  12min  great Norwegian Black Metal
Sarcasm (SVN)		- Crematory Re-Release LP		30min
Sarcasm (SVN)		- Igra Narave + Crematory		65min
Sarcasm (SVN)		- Revolt				47min
Sarcasm (SWE)		- A Touch Of Burning Red Sunset		42min  very Autopsy influenced
Sarcasm (SWE)		- A Touch Of The Burning Red ... '94	22min
Sarcasm (SWE)		- Demo II '93				 9min
Sarcasm (SWE)		- In Hate '92				15min
Sarcasm (SWE)		- Never After  3-LP + 7"	       147min  all their old stuff finally on vinyl
Sarcasm (SWE)		- Scattered Ashes  7"			13min
Sarcastic (BRA)		- Corpse In Decomposition  7"		12min  stupid Carcass clown
Sarcastic (MEX)		- Nacimento Hacia Las Alturas		41min  great old filthy Thrash
Sarcastic (MEX)		- No Forgiveness '90			23min  best Mexican thrash
Sarcastic (SWE)		- The Haunting '95			31min
Sarcastic (SWE)		- The Haunting (speical version) '95	35min  one bonus track
Sarcazm (SWE)		- Breath, Shit, Excist... MCD		12min
Sarcazm (SWE)		- Human Decadence '91			25min
Sarcazm (SWE)		- Snaildeath '90			19min
Sarcofago (BRA)		- Crust  MCD				12min  their comeback, FOMBM !!!! hell yeah !!
Sarcofago (BRA)		- Decade Of Decay			73min  Best Of
Sarcofago (BRA)		- I.N.R.I.  Re-Release LP		27min
Sarcofago (BRA)		- INRI + 5 Bonus tx			46min  Recrucify 7" and 3 livetx
Sarcofago (BRA)		- If You Are False Don't Entry  7"	11min
Sarcofago (BRA)		- Invoking The Black Vomit Of Hell	29min  total crappy live Bootleg
Sarcofago (BRA)		- Live: Belo Horizonte '85		17min  first live show
Sarcofago (BRA)		- Lust For Death			31min  both demos and Reh. '89
Sarcofago (BRA)		- Nazarenus Torment Continue CDr	40min  crappy Bootleg
Sarcofago (BRA)		- Night In Hell  Boot-Live CD		35min  evil sound quality
Sarcofago (BRA)		- Putrid Corpses 2*7"			20min
Sarcofago (BRA)		- Reh. 17.2.87				20min
Sarcofago (BRA)		- Reh. 14.5.87				13min
Sarcofago (BRA)		- Satanic Lust  Boot-LP			39min  demo and live
Sarcofago (BRA)		- The Anal Rape Of God			59min  bad bootleg with demos
Sarcofago (BRA)		- The Worst				44min  the newest output from these jungle sickos
Sarcofagus (FIN)	- Envoy Of Death  Re-Release CD		44min  Occult Hard Rock from 1980
Sarcoma (MEX-Jalisco)	- Godless Land				48min  Sargatanas member
Sarcoma (MEX-Madero)    - Visceral                              27min
Sarcoma (PER)		- Preludio De Mortandad '96		21min
Sarcoma (US)		- Ars Moriendi  7"			13min
Sarcoma Inc. (NOR)	- Psychopathology			69min
Sarcoma Inc. (NOR)	- Psychopathology			63min
Sarcoma Inc. (NOR)	- The Dark Prophecy			44min
Sarcoma Inc. (NOR)	- Torment Rides Forever			37min  good BlackThrash
Sarcophagus (US)	- ...From The Ruins Of Paradise		38min
Sarcophagus (US)	- For We...Who Are Consumed...		31min
Sarcophagus (US)	- Hate Cult  7"				11min
Sarcophagus (US)	- Requiem To The Death Of Passion	36min
Sarcophagus (US)	- Sarcophagus/Deadnoise/Ubermensch	60min  all three EPs on CD
Sardonic Tears (SWE)	- Enter Oblivion '97			17min
Sargatanas (MEX)	- Knights Of The Southern Cross		49min
Sargatanas (MEX)	- Live '01				34min
Sargatanas (MEX)	- Sargatanas MCD			12min  their first effort
Sargatanas (MEX)	- The Enlightenment			62min
Sargatanas (MEX) 	- Obscure Sargatanic Possession '10	77min  double-MC
Sargatanas / Hadez (MEX/PER) - Split 7"				 9min
Sargatanas Reign (SWE)	- Euthanasia...Last Resort		49min  w.Devo Andersson (ex-Marduk)
Sargatanas Reign (SWE)	- Bloodwork				38min
Sargatanas Reign (SWE)  - Hellucination  7"                     12min  fast DeathBlack, not the Mexican ones
Sargeist (FIN)		- The Dark Embrace  7"			12min
Sargeist (FIN)		- Tyranny Returns			41min  demo on vinyl
Sargeist / Bahimiron (FIN/US) - Split 7"			12min
Sargeist / Horned Almighty (FIN/DK) - Split LP			35min
Sargoth (SWE)		- Lay Eden In Ashes			36min
Sargoth (SWE)           - Mörkrets Anlete '95                   19min
Sarke (NOR)		- Oldarhian				42min
Sarke (NOR)		- Vorunah				38min
Sarkom (NOR)		- Bestial Supremacy			51min
Sarkom (NOR)		- Exit Terra  7"			16min
Sarkom (NOR)		- To Win Something That Was Never... 7"  9min
Sarnath (FIN)		- Cosmopolitan  7"			 9min
Sarnath (FIN)		- Life...Lies				43min  more like newer Sentenced
Sarnath (FIN)		- Overshine				44min
Sarnath (FIN)        	- Cosmopolitan  7"              	12min
Sartan (ARG)		- Sepultando Las Lagrimas...		52min
Saruman (GER)		- Black Bleeding Heart			45min
Saruman (GER)		- Ride On The Darkside			33min  At The Gates influenced
Satan (UK)		- Kiss Of Death 7"			 9min  NWOBHM '81
Satan's Blood / Kult Ov Azael (GER/US) - Split 7"		14min
Satan's Host / Sanctuary (US/US) - Split CD			65min  reborn classics
Satan's Massacre (US)	- Demo '86				34min  sadly without drums...nice old stuff
Satan's Pharynx (GER)	- Gate To Hades '83			25min  Power Metal only...
Satanarchy (SWE)	- Disgraceful World			34min  w.Gehennah/ex-Furbowl members
Satanel (ITA)		- War Ceremonial Hail  7"		10min
Satanel (ITA)		- War Ceremonial Hail  LP		43min
Satanel / Death Dies (ITA/ITA) - Split CD			45min
Satanic Slaughter 	- Land Of The Unholy Souls		37min
Satanic Slaughter (SWE)	- The Early Years: Dawn Of Darkness	68min  first 2 CDs on 1CD, no bonus, nothing
Satanic Slaughter (SWE)	- Banished To The Underworld		37min
Satanic Slaughter (SWE)	- Afterlife Kingdom			40min
Satanic Threat (US)	- In To Hell  7"			10min  Minor Threat worship by Nunslaughter members
Satanic Torment (FIN)	- Sons Of The Devil Demo CDr '06	26min  primitive Death Metal, incl. Von cover
Satariel (SWE)		- Chifra  MCD				16min
Satariel (SWE)		- Hydra					42min
Satariel (SWE)		- Lady Lust Lilith			51min  Swedish DM. awesome Eucharist-Cover !!!!
Satariel (SWE)		- Phobos And Deimos			51min
Satariel (SWE)       	- Promo '96                     	15min
Sathanas (US)		- Armies Of Charon			36min  finally this cult legend is back
Sathanas (US)		- Black Earth				45min  recorded in 1996, released in 2001...
Sathanas (US)		- Crowned Infernal			42min
Sathanas (US)		- Cruentus Diabolos MCD			15min
Sathanas (US)		- Enter The Diabolic Trinity		39min
Sathanas (US)		- Flesh For The Devil  MCD		23min
Sathanas (US)		- Hex Nefarious				47min
Sathanas (US)		- Nightrealm Apocalypse			39min
Sathanas (US)		- Ripping Evil  7"			15min  their legendary demo on 7"
Sathanas (US)		- Thy Dark Heavens			36min
Sathanas (US)		- Warlords Of Death  7"			12min
Sathanas (US)   	- Armies Of Charon  Promo '96           10min
Sathanas (US)   	- Black Earth CD-Testpress.'96  	45min
Sathanas / Bathym (US/US) - Split CD				63min  compi. of old material
Sathanas / Nominon (US/SWE) - Split 7"				 9min
Satureye (SWE)		- Silvery Soul  Demo MCDr '01 		11min
Satureye (SWE)		- To Nothingness Return  Demo MCDr '03	 9min
Satureye (SWE)		- Where Flesh And Divinity Collide	41min  very Merciless-like Thrash Metal
Satureye (SWE)		- Wither  Demo MCDr '03			16min
Satureye (SWE)		- s/t  Demo MCDr '02			10min
Satyricon (NOR)		- All Evil  7"				12min
Satyricon (NOR)		- Baroeg - 12.4.96  CDr			42min
Satyricon (NOR)		- Black Lava In The North		46min  live 2002 in Stockholm, killer sound
Satyricon (NOR)		- Intermezzo II  MCD			21min  only the good Sarcofago-covers saves this CD
Satyricon (NOR)		- K.I.N.G.  MCD				 7min  ltd.1000, only sold in Norway
Satyricon (NOR)		- Live Roskilde 2002			68min
Satyricon (NOR)		- My Skin Is Cold  7"+MCD		44min  MCD 31min, 7" has 2 out of 5 songs of the MCD
Satyricon (NOR)		- Now, Diabolical			44min
Satyricon (NOR)		- Pesten 1996  7"			10min  live Bootleg
Satyricon (NOR)		- Protect The Wealth Of The Elite	35min  good Live LP Boot from 2000
Satyricon (NOR)		- Rebel Extravaganza			61min
Satyricon (NOR)		- The Age Of Nero			43min  best stuff since a long time
Satyricon (NOR)		- Unrel. Demo '91		 	 8min  released under their old name Omnipotence ?
Satyricon (NOR)		- Vulcano				65min
Satyricon (NOR)      	- Meggido MCD                   	21min
Satyricon (NOR)         - Live In Stockholm                     46min
Sauron (NL)		- For A Dead Race			36min  damn great oldschool BlackThrashDeath
Sauron (NL)		- The Channeling Void			46min
Sauron (NL)		- True Hate Embodiement  Re-Release 7" 	15min  great Blackthrash
Sauron (NL)		- Universe Of Filth			35min  great old-school BlackThrash
Sauron (POL)		- Hornology				39min
Sauron (POL)		- Kraina Martwego Slonca  CDr		63min
Sauron (US)		- Satanic Assassins			35min
Savage Death (US)	- Crucified In Hell '86			20min
Savage Death (US)	- Crucified After The Genocide		34min
Savage Death (US)	- Mass Genocide '85			20min
Savage Grace (US)	- The Lost Grace  7"			16min  came with Snakepit No.18
Saxon (UK)          	- A Solid Ball Of Rock          	40min
Sayyadina (SWE)		- Fear Gave Us Wings			30min
Scapegoat (BUL)		- Path Of The Search '96		40min  oldschool Death
Scar Symmetry (SWE)	- Pitch Black Progress			60min
Scar Symmetry (SWE)	- Symmetric In Design			49min  great modern DeathThrash
Scarve (FRA)		- Irradiant				52min
Scarve (FRA)		- Luminiferious				45min
Scarve (FRA)		- Six Tears Of Sorrow			30min  their debut without modern influences
Scarve (FRA)		- The Undercurrent			42min
Scarve (FRA)		- Translugence				54min  even more brutal and modern as Darkane
Scarver's Calling (US)	- Killed  7"				12min
Scattered Remnants (US)	- Destined To Fail			32min
Scent Of Death (SPA)	- Entangled In Hate  MCD		20min
Scent Of Death (SPA)	- Woven In The Book Of Hate		35min  very Immolation-like
Scent Of Flesh (FIN)	- Become Malignity  MCD			22min
Scent Of Flesh (FIN)	- Deform In Torture			33min
Scent Of Flesh (FIN)	- Roaring Depths Of Insanity		43min
Scent Of Flesh (FIN)	- Valor In Hatred			44min
Scenteria (SWE)		- Art Of Aggression			39min
Scepter	(US)		- Metal Supremacy MCD 			17min  mixture of Celtic Frost/Voivod/Venom
Scepter (US)		- Fucking Metal Motherfucker		34min
Scepter (US)            - I'm Going To Hell                     32min  Killer Celtic Frost-like Metal
Sceptic (POL)		- Blind Existence			47min  debut CD full of Atheist/Cynic like music
Sceptic (POL)		- Internal Complexity			49min  now with grunting girl, nice Coroner cover
Sceptic (POL)		- Pathetic Being			47min  great technical Death Metal
Sceptic (POL)		- Unbeliever's Script			48min  got a bit softer, still technical Death Metal
Sceptical Schizo (FIN)	- The Plight  7"			16min
Sceptical Schizo (FIN)	- s/t  7"				12min  their first 7"
Scheitan (SWE)		- Berzerk 2000				41min
Scheitan (SWE)		- Nemesis				34min
Scheitan (SWE)       	- Travelling In Ancient Times   	35min
Schismatic (POL)	- Circle Of Evolution '93		44min
Schismatic (POL)	- Egregor				47min  strange Polish Death Metal
Schizo (ITA)		- Cicatrix Black			40min
Schizo (ITA)		- Main Frame Collapse			35min  Fast Thrash from '88
Schizo (ITA)		- Promo 3" MCD				 9min  free giveaway from Nosferatu mailorder
Schizo (ITA)		- Sounds Of Coming Darkness MCD		22min  great Thrash
Schizo (ITA)		- Thrash The Unthrashable.. '86		18min
Schizo (ITA)    	- Total Schizophrenia '87       	25min
Schwoiáfuaá (GER)	- Oinr Isch Emmr Dr Arsch		36min  Schwabenrock, no Oi-shit
Scorched Earth (US)	- Devils In Iron			42min  godly mix of first Serpent Obscene and Texas Death Metal
Scorched Earth (US)	- Gods, Kings And Conquerors		36min  another Master-like Death Metal blast
Scorched Earth (US)	- Thy Kingdom Crushed Demo-CD'00	37min  similar to Master, Killer !!!!!
Scorpions (GER)         - Virgin Killer                         36min  my first Hardrock item, I 've listened in 1986
Screams Over Northland (SWE) - s/t  7"				14min
Scrupulous (BRA)	- The Abyss '95				23min
Scum (FIN)		- Mother Nature				45min
Scum (FIN)		- Purple Dreams And Magic Poems		42min
Scum (FIN)		- Voyage Into Depth Of Insanity 7" 	10min  old Finnish Death
Scum (GER)		- Gargoyle  7"				13min
Scum (NOR)		- Gospels For The Sick			41min
Scum (SWE)		- Demo 1 '91				15min  pre-Amon Amarth
Scurvy (SWE)		- Demo 1 '00				12min
Scurvy (SWE)		- Tombstone Tales			29min
Scurvy / Death Reality (SWE/GER) - Split 7"			15min  great new Death Metal bands
Scurvy / Morsgatt (SWE/GER) - Split 7"                          15min
Scythe (GER)		- Decay					57min
Scythe (GER)		- On My Way Home			60min  fantastic German Death Metal
Scythe (GER)		- Poetry Of Illusions			50min
Scythe (GER)		- Season Of The Tall Pines		52min  like Anarcrusis on a higher level
Scythe (GER)		- The Process Of Rotting		51min  great Thrash with many Death influences
Scythian (UK)		- To Those Who Stand Against Us...	44min
Scythian / Kawir (UK/GRE) - Split 7"				13min  fantastic Split 7", great Death and Black Metal
Sea Of Tranquillity (US)- The Omegan Ruins			60min
Sea Of Tranquillity / Pax Mortis (US/US) - Split CD		69min
Seance (SWE)		- Awakening Of The Gods			37min
Seance (SWE)         	- Reh. '94                      	10min
Sear (FIN)		- Begin The Celebrations Of Sin		36min  very good Death Metal
Sear (FIN)		- Lamentations Of Destruction		38min
Sear Bliss (HUN)	- New Promo CD '99			18min  only one new song, two old ones too
Sear Bliss (HUN)	- The Haunting				46min
Sear Bliss (HUN)     	- The Pagan Winter (+Bonustck)  	32min
Sear Bliss (HUN)     	- Phantoms                      	51min
Searing I (SWE)		- Bloodshred				43min
Season (POL)		- Nocurenofeeling			60min
Seasons Of Darkness (SWE) - Midvinter Dreams '98		21min
Secrets Of The Moon (GER) - Stronghold Of The Inviolables	41min
Secrets Of The Moon (GER) - The Exhibitions  MCD		18min  fantastic Black Metal
Secrets Of The Moon (GER) - Antithesis				66min
Secrets Of The Moon (GER) - The Ambience Of A Dead Star MLP 	26min
Secrets Of The Moon (GER) - Them Bones  7"			10min
Secrets Of The Moon (GER) - Privilegium				69min
Secrets Of The Moon (GER) - De Musica Mundana			42min  Promo '98 + 2 Live tx 2001 on LP
Secrets Of The Moon (GER) - Carved In Stigmata Wounds		71min
Secrets Of The Moon (GER) - Live Bitterfeld: 8.12.2001		55min  very good sound, pro. tape
Secrets Of The Moon / Averse Sefira (GER/US) - Split 7"		13min
Secrets Of The Moon / Lunar Aurora (GER/GER) - Split 7"		12min
Section 37 (UK)		- The Kudos Of Serial Killing		62min  non-Metal stuff
Seeds Of Hate (GER)	- Persecution Of Christian Filth	34min  w.Judas Iscariot member
Seeds Of Hate / Elite (GER/NOR) - Split 7"			11min
Seeds of Iblis (IRAQ)	- Jihad Against Islam  7"		17min
Segregation (SWE)	- Blessed '92				15min
Seirim (GER)		- Empire Of The Dead			43min
Seirim (GER)		- Kill.War.Chaos			45min
Selefice (GRE)		- Where Is The Heaven			39min
Selfish (FIN)		- s/t  7"				11min  Swedish Crust from Finland
Semen Of Satan (GER)	- Demo '84				26min
Sempiternal Deathreign (NL) - The Spooky Gloom			35min
Senda Negra (URU)	- s/t					51min  ex-Inner Sanctum, dark GothicMetal
Senderos Del Mal (CHI)	- Pacto, Blasfemia Y Guerra  MCD	25min
Senderos Del Mar (CHI)	- Demondo De Vida Eterna '05		24min
Senseless (MALA)	- Fantasy Of My Own			42min
Sentenced (FIN)		- Join The Totting Ways CDr		68min  Masterkult bootleg
Sentenced (FIN)		- Shadows Of Past CD			51min  not the Rerelease,but the CD from Thrash Rec.
Sentenced (FIN)		- Shadows Of The Past  Rerelease CD	66min  Journey To Pohola Demo '93 as bonus
Sentenced (FIN)		- The Glow of 1000 Suns / Amok Run 7" 	10min
Sentenced (FIN)      	- Down                          	46min
Seol (COL)		- Death...The Sense Of Life		28min
Separator (POL)		- Live Demo '88				16min  sometimes called "Mein Kampf", well...
Separator (POL)		- Reh. '87				14min
Sepsism (US)		- Purulent Decomposition		39min  in the Finnish vein
Sepsism (US)		- Severe Carnal Butchery		37min
Sepsism (US)		- To Prevail In Disgust			35min
Septic Broiler (SWE) 	- Enfeebled Earth '90           	17min  pre-Dark Tranquility
Septic Flesh (GRE)	- A Fallen Temple			55min
Septic Flesh (GRE)	- Communion  Re-Release LP		38min
Septic Flesh (GRE)	- Forgotten Paths (The Early Days)	47min
Septic Flesh (GRE)	- Ophidian Wheel			52min
Septic Flesh (GRE)	- Revolution DNA			60min
Septic Flesh (GRE)	- Sumerian Daemons			57min
Septic Flesh (GRE)	- Temple Of The Lost Race  MLP		22min
Septic Flesh (GRE)	- The Eldest Cosmonaut MCD+VHS		25min
Septic Grave (SWE)	- Beyond The... '94			15min
Septicemia (GRE)	- Natorum De Mondo '91			37min  incredibly raging Thrash Metal
Septicemia (GRE)	- Sabbath Conventions			31min  old Greek DeathBlack Metal
Sepulchral (FRA)	- Internal Decomposition '91		16min
Sepulchral Aura (FIN)	- Demonstrational CD MMVII '07		21min
Sepulcro (PER)		- Sepulchral Voices			69min  old late 80es Thrash band, compilation of demos, live...
Sepultura (BRA)		- Arise MCD				12min
Sepultura (BRA)		- Arise					44min
Sepultura (BRA)		- Beneath The Remains			43min
Sepultura (BRA)		- Beneath  the Remains			43min
Sepultura (BRA)		- Bestial Devastation Re-Release LP	20min
Sepultura (BRA)		- Bestial Devastation '85		18min  later released as their first Split-MLP
Sepultura (BRA)		- Demo III '87				 6min
Sepultura (BRA)		- Kairos				54min
Sepultura (BRA)		- Mass Hypnosis  Boot-Live LP		42min
Sepultura (BRA)		- Morbid Visions  LP			36min  release by Cogumelo 1986, w.intro
Sepultura (BRA)		- Morbid Visions  LP			38min  Cogumelo Records with Intro (!!)
Sepultura (BRA)		- Morbid... / Bestial... Re-Release CD	56min  incl. two bonus tx
Sepultura (BRA)		- Revolusongs  MLP			27min  covers by Hellhammer and Exodus, rest shit
Sepultura (BRA)		- Schizophrenia Re-Release CD		57min  three bonus tx, rereleased by Cogumelo
Sepultura (BRA)		- Shizophrenia				43min
Sepultura (BRA)		- Territory MCD				 9min
Sepultura (BRA)		- Under Siege MCD			13min
Sepultura (BRA)      	- Roots Bloody... CD-Single     	15min  featuring an awesome Celtic Frost cover
Sepultura (BRA)      	- Bestial.../Morbid Dev.        	50min  LP a bit scratched
Sepultura / Overdose (BRA/BRA) - Split Pic.-LP			37min
Seraph (US)		- Awakened  MCD				21min
Seraph Profane (SWE)	- Incarcerated '92			18min  incredible great Swedish Death Metal
Serenade (SCOT)		- Let Loose The Beauty '94		25min
Serenade (SCOT)		- Plague Of Time  MCD			22min
Serenade (SCOT)		- The 28th Parallel			52min
Serenade (SCOT)		- The Chaos They Create			46min
Serenade (SCOT)		- The Serpents Dance			36min
Serenade / Harmony (SCOT/SWE)  - Split CD			51min
Serenades (ITA)		- The Age Of Purity			40min  DeathDoom, comparable to Serenade...
Sermon (RUS)		- From Death To Death			49min
Sermon (RUS) 		- Hypertonia '99			46min
Serpens Aeon (MEX)	- Dawn Of Kouatl			37min  killer, like The Chasm !!!
Serpent (SWE)		- Autumn Ride				46min  2nd CD, heavy Saint Vitus influences
Serpent Cult (BEL)      - Trident Nor Fire  MCD                 19min  DeathDoom with nice female vocals
Serpent Obscene (SWE)	- Behold The Beginning '97		11min
Serpent Obscene (SWE)	- Devastation				34min
Serpent Obscene (SWE)	- Chaos Reign Supreme			34min  average, their debut is still unreached
Serpent Obscene (SWE)	- Massacre '99				11min  great new band
Serpent Obscene (SWE)	- s/t 					29min  ultra Thrash in the Exodus vein
Serpent Rise (BRA)	- Gathered By...			65min  Doom Death Gothic
Serpent Rise (BRA)	- Travellin' Free '96			24min
Serpentor (ARG)		- Final Sangriento			45min
Serpentor (ARG)		- Poseido				51min
Serpentor (ARG)		- s/t					52min  brutal Thrash
Set (US)		- Dominus Profanum '09			16min
Setherial (SWE)		- Death Triumphant			42min
Setherial (SWE)		- Endtime Divine			43min  even more like Dark Funeral
Setherial (SWE)		- From The Ancient Ruins		42min
Setherial (SWE)		- Hell Eternal				41min
Setherial (SWE)		- Lords Of The Nightrealm		48min
Setherial (SWE)		- Treason  7"				10min
Setherial (SWE)      	- For Dem Mitt Blod  7"         	12min
Setherial (SWE)      	- A Hail To The Faceless... '94 	20min
Setherial (SWE)      	- Comp CD tck '95               	 5min
Setherial (SWE)      	- Nord                          	46min
Severance (US)		- Abysmal Ascent  7"			13min
Severance (US)		- Progression Towards Purgatory		75min
Severance (US)		- Salvation Denied			29min
Severance (US)		- Suffering In Humanity			50min
Severance (US)		- The Truth In Question			36min
Severance (US)		- What Lies Ahead			74min  first MCD as bonus
Severe Torture (NL)	- Blood Letting				51min
Severe Torture (NL)	- Butchery Of The Soul  MCD		21min
Severe Torture (NL)	- Feasting On Blood			34min
Severe Torture (NL)	- Lambs Of God  7"			 7min
Severe Torture (NL)	- Misanthropic Carnage			33min
Severe Torture (NL)	- Pray For Nothing  7"			 7min
Severe Torture (NL)	- Promo CD 6/99				 7min  ultra Death Metal, Centurian-like
Sex Pistols (UK)    	- Never Mind The Bollocks       	39min
Sexorcist (NL)		- Demo '92				17min  rel. by Wild Rags
Sexorcist (NL)		- Demo I  '91				22min
Sexorcist (NL)		- Welcome To Your Death 		69min
Sexorcist / Extreme Smoke 57 (NL/NL) - Split 7"			10min
Sexthrash (BRA)		- Funeral Serenade			28min  aaarghhhhhhhhhhh, killer
Sexthrash (BRA)		- Sexual Carnage  Re-Release CD		42min  killer killer killer !!!!!!! 7" as bonus
Sexthrash (BRA)		- XXX  7"				 7min
Sexthrash (BRA)         - Rape From Hell                        38min  very cool cumback
Sexthrash / P.U.S. (BRA/BRA) - Split MLP			24min
Shaarimoth (NOR)	- Current 11				40min
Shackles (AUS)		- Coup De Grace				35min
Shackles (AUS)		- Orgy Of Corpses '05			17min
Shackles (AUS)		- Traitor's Gate			43min
Shackles (AUS)		- s/t  7"				16min  bit like D'666
Shade (POL)		- Sounds Of Memory (chapter...echo)	38min  great DeathDoom
Shadow Dancers (NOR)	- Dying For Love  MCD			21min  w.Rym and Cultoculus, now Crowhead
Shadow Dancers (NOR)	- My Fate '96				 6min
Shadow Dancers (NOR)	- Son Of The Wasp '92?			21min  very Metal-styled music befoe it went Gothic
Shadow Season (NOR)	- The Frozen				21min  w.Sanrabb/Dolgar/Trym
Shadowbreed (NL)	- Avatar  7"				 9min  great Death Metal !!!
Shadowbreed (NL)	- Only Shadows Remain			33min
Shadowbreed (NL)	- Promo '99				 8min
Shadowbreed (NL)	- The Light Of The Shadow  Pic-LP	30min  some bonus tx
Shadowbreed (SWE)	- The Light Of The Shadow  MCD		21min
Shadowdances (LIT)	- Burning Shadows MCD			23min
Shadowlord (SWE)        - Dreams From The Blasphem... '95       20min
Shadows FX (BRA)	- s/t					31min  great Death Metal
Shadows Land (POL)	- Ante Christum (Natum)			37min
Shadows Land (POL)	- Terminus Ante Quem			31min
Shadows Of Sunset (FIN)	- Fires Of The Soon Dead Sun '96	18min
Shadows Of Sunset (FIN) - Reflection From Afar  MCD             20min
Shadowseeds (SWE)	- Dream Of Lillith			54min
Shagdiel (SWE)		- Fall '92				27min  pre-Nasum, more Death Metal orientated
Shamash (MEX)		- Behind The Sun '97			29min
Shamash (MEX)		- Eternal As Time			43min
Shamharoth (SWE)	- Spheres Ablaze '95			18min  great Black Death
Shape Of Despair (FIN)	- Written In My Scars  7"		13min
Shape Of Despair (FIN)	- Before The Rain  7"			14min
Shape Of Despair (FIN)	- Illusion's Play			62min
Shape Of Despair (FIN)  - Shades Of...                          57min
Shape Of Despair (FIN)  - Angels Of Distress                    55min
Shattered (SWE)		- Wrapped In Plastic			32min
Sheer Terror (US)	- Asshole And Proud  7"			15min
Sheer Terror (US)	- Just Cant't...CD-Rerel.+live		42min  very Celtic Frostish Hardcore
Sheer Terror (US)	- Love Songs For The Unloved		53min  incl. Old, New, Borrowed... 10" as bonus
Sheer Terror (US)	- Not Waving, Drowning  7"		 7min
Sheer Terror (US)	- Thanks For Nuthin'			26min
Sheer Terror (US)   	- Just Can't Hate Enough        	32min
Sheer Terror (US)   	- Old,New,Barrowed And Blue 10" 	14min
Sheer Terror (US)   	- Ugly And Proud                	40min
Shellshock (US)		- Demo #1 '83				15min  pre-Dark Angel
Sheolgeenna (CHI)	- The Dark Chambers...			40min  Krisiun-styled stuff from Chile
Shining (SWE)		- Född Förlorare			42min
Shining (SWE)		- Halmstad				42min
Shining (SWE)		- Klagopsalmer				51min  some of the best Shining stuff
Shining (SWE)		- Livets Andhallplats			45min
Shining (SWE)		- Submit to Selfdestruction  7"		14min  their debut release from 1999
Shining (SWE)		- The Darkroom Sessions			55min
Shining (SWE)		- The Eerie Cold			39min  best recording so far
Shining (SWE)		- Through Years Of Oppression		48min
Shining (SWE)		- Within Deep Dark Chambers		51min
Shining (SWE)           - Angst - Självdestruktivitetens...     47min
Shining / Den Saakaldte (SWE/NOR) - Split 7"			14min
Shining / Dolorian (SWE/FIN) - Split 7"				11min
Shining / Enslaved (SWE/NOR) - Split CD				41min
Shining / Funeral Dirge (SWE/SWE) - Split CD			31min  both of their 7"s
Shok Paris (US)		- Steel And Starlight			42min
Shredded Corpse (US)	- Exhumed And Molested  MCD		25min
Shroud (SPA)		- Chamber Of Suicide  MCD		26min  great Spanish Black Metal !!
Shub Niggurath (MEX)	- A Deadly Call From The Stars		49min
Shub Niggurath (MEX)	- Evilness And Darkness Prevails	31min
Shub Niggurath (MEX)	- Horror Creatures  			69min  demo + live on CD
Shub Niggurath (MEX)	- Horror Creatures '90			22min
Shub Niggurath (MEX)	- The Kinglike Celebration		33min
Shub Niggurath / Tormentor (MEX/MEX) - Split CD			63min
Shud (FRA)		- Promo Tape '92			23min
Sickening Gore (SWI)	- Destructive Reality			30min  great Swiss Death Metal
Sickness (SWE)		- Demo '92				19min
Sickness (US)		- Promo '93				10min
Side Effects (BRA)	- Traitors Execution MCD		27min  Napalm Death meets Ratos De Porao
Sidewinder (UK)		- Lies, Half-Truths Misinformation...	52min
Sidewinder (UK)		- White Knuckle Ride '97		20min
Sidewinder / Vortice Cremisi (UK/ITA) - Split 7"		12min  ex-Hellbastard, good Alternative stuff
Siebenbürgen (SWE)      - Loreia                                52min
Siebenbürgen (SWE)      - Grimjaur                              56min
Siecrist (BRA)		- Freezin' Hell  MLP			24min
Siecrist (BRA)		- No Choice				47min
Siecrist (BRA)		- Soul In Fire				44min
Siecrist (BRA)		- What's Going On In Your Mind		40min  very Swedish Death Metal oriented
Siege (US)          	- Drop Dead '85                 	 5min
Siege (US)              - Demo '85                               6min
Siegrid Ingrid (BRA)	- The Choice  7"			13min
Sigh (JPN)		- A Tribute To Venom  MLP		23min  different to the old tape-release
Sigh (JPN)		- Ghastly Funeral Theatre  MCD		24min
Sigh (JPN)		- Hail Horror Hail			54min
Sigh (JPN)		- Hangman's Hymn			45min
Sigh (JPN)		- Imaginary Sonicscape			64min
Sigh (JPN)		- Scenario IV: Dread Dreams		53min
Sigh (JPN)		- Scenes From Hell			43min
Sigh (JPN)		- Scorn Defeat  Re-Release LP		52min
Sigh (JPN)		- The Curse Of Izanagi  7"		13min
Sigh (JPN)		- The Eastern Forces Of Evil: Live	66min  Live 1992-1996
Sigh / Abigail (JPN/JPN)- Split 7"				15min
Signs Of Darkness (BEL)	- Beyond The Autumn Leaves		46min
Signs Of Darkness (BEL)	- Solemn Tears MCD			22min
Signs Of Darkness (BEL)	- The 17th Floor			45min
Sijjin (GER)		- Angel Of The Eastern Gate  MLP	19min
Sil Khannaz (MALA)	- 20th Anniversary  Live 2-CD	       106min
Sil Khannaz (MALA)	- Bara Pawaka				42min
Sil Khannaz (MALA)	- Beridiri Antara Panju-Panii		47min
Sil Khannaz (MALA)	- Conception Of...  Re-Release CD	46min
Sil Khannaz (MALA)	- Darah Muda				51min  covers of Metallica, Europe, As Sahar, WASP, Ozzy,...
Sil Khannaz (MALA)	- Gerbang Kayangan			43min
Sil Khannaz (MALA)	- Pendita Gila '95			19min
Sil Khannaz (MALA)	- Purnama 13				66min  Slayer meets Iron Maiden meets Bay Area
Sil Khannaz (MALA)	- Stonger Than Before - Live		39min
Silencer (SWE)		- Death - Pierce Me			42min  bullshit ! Goat anyone ? Goat vocals, spit !
Silent Death (MALA)	- Before The Sunrise  Re-Release CD	79min
Silent Death (MALA)	- Break The Silence '97			26min
Silent Death (MALA)	- Tribute To The Old School		39min  lots of covers from Celtic Frost/Slayer/Sepultura/Possessed/...
Silent Death (MALA)     - Harbringer Of Devastation             60min
Silent Death (SWI/US)	- Stone Cold MCD			23min  Bret Hoffmann (Malevolent C.) on voc
Silent Death / The Fallen (MALA/MALA) - Split CD		60min
Silent Scream (US)	- From The Darkest Depths Of The...	44min  produced by Gene Hoglan
Silenxce (NL)		- Search For Distant Lights...		68min  their Demos from '86...'90 on CD. Great Thrash hammer
Silexater (GER)      	- Bleeding Death  7"            	12min
Sindrome (US)		- Into The Halls Of...  CD		44min  both demos on CD
Sindrome (US)		- Into The Halls Of... Pic-MLP		20min  Dies Irae Prod.
Sindrome (US)		- Vault Of Inner Conscience Pic-MLP	24min
Sindrome (US)       	- Into The Halls Of Exter... '88 	22min
Sindrome (US)       	- Vault Of Inner Conscience '91 	25min
Sinister (NL)		- Afterburner				46min
Sinister (NL)		- Aggressive Measures			31min  their best work ! Killer
Sinister (NL)		- Creative Killings			36min
Sinister (NL)		- Diabolical Summoning			33min
Sinister (NL)		- Putrefying Remains  7"		11min
Sinister (NL)		- Savage Or Grace			56min
Sinister (NL)		- The Blood Past			73min
Sinister (NL)		- s/t  7"				 8min
Sinister (NL)       	- Bastard Saints MCD            	20min
Sinister / Monastery (NL/NL-SWE) - Split 7"			15min
Sinners Burn (SWE)	- Insanity Warmachine			40min
Sinners Burn (SWE)	- Mortuary Rendezvous			31min
Sinners Burn (SWE)      - Pre-Mortal Autopsy                    33min  Paganizer project
Sinoath (ITA)		- Forged In Blood			42min  Demo and Live 1991 on CD
Sinoath (ITA)		- Research				44min
Sinoath (ITA)		- Still In the Grey Dying  MCD		24min
Sinoath (ITA)		- Under The Ashes			55min
Sins Of Omission (SWE)	- Flesh On Your Bones			45min
Sins Of Omission (SWE)	- The Creation				42min
Sithlord (AUS)		- Labyrinth To The Gods			31min  killer DeathThrash !!!!!
Sithlord (AUS)		- The Return To Godless Times		70min
Six Feet Under (US)	- Bringer Of Blood  7"			 6min  English and German versions of B.o.Blood
Six Feet Under (US)	- Maximum Violence  PromoCD		38min  unmastered version
Six Feet Under (US) 	- Alive And Dead  MCD           	24min
Six Feet Under (US) 	- Warpath                       	42min
Sixx (US)		- Sister Devil  2-MLP			30min
Sjölmord (NL)           - We'll See About That  7"              14min
Skegg (SWE)		- Demo '94				 8min
Skeletal Earth (US)	- De.ev''shun			50min
Skeletal Earth (US)	- Euology For A Dying Fetus		40min
Skeletal Earth (US)	- s/t  7"				10min
Skeletal Spectre (SWE)	- Occult Spawned Premonitions		49min
Skeleton (CAN)		- What Will You Do?  7"			13min  Crust-stuff
Skepticism (FIN)	- Aes  MCD				28min
Skepticism (FIN)	- Alloy					48min  great stuff again
Skepticism (FIN)	- Ethere  MCD				27min
Skepticism (FIN)	- Faramakon 				63min
Skepticism (FIN)	- Formakon  MCD				19min
Skepticism (FIN)	- Lead And Aether			48min
Skepticism (FIN)	- Stormcrowfleet			58min
Skepticism (FIN)	- Towards My End  7"			11min  their debut from 1992
Skepticism (FIN)	- Ordeal				78min
Skincrawler (US)	- Lair Of The Foul			38min  Hellhammer-sound with Dream Death like vocals
Skitsystem (SWE)	- Allt E Skit				40min
Skitsystem (SWE)	- Ondskans Ansikte  10"			21min  CrustCore w.Tompa (At The Gates) on voc
Skitsystem (SWE)	- Profithysteri  7"			13min  debut release from 1995
Skitsystem (SWE)        - Stigmata                              34min
Skitsystem (SWE)        - Enkel Resa Till Rännstenen            29min  next CrustCore inferno
Skitsystem (SWE)        - Grä Värld / Svarta Tankar             31min  two ex-At The Gates members, Crust from
Skitsystem / Cyness (SWE/GER) - Split 7"                         9min
Skitsystem / Nasum (SWE/SWE) - Split 7"				12min
Skitzo (US)		- Five Point Containment		54min  great Thrash stuff finally again
Skitzo (US)		- Got Sick!  CDr			69min
Skitzo (US)		- Hellavator Musick			32min
Skitzo (US)		- M-80's  2-CDr			       114min  Demos/Reh./Live from 1982-1990
Skitzo (US)		- Mosh Till Vomit  2-CD		       149min
Skitzo (US)		- Psycho Babble  CDr			46min
Skitzo (US)		- Synusar'sukus				38min
Skitzo (US)		- The Skulling  MCD			28min
Skitzo / Foul Stench (US/US) - Split 7"				15min
Skitzo / Shrine Of Scars (US/US) - Split 7"			13min
Skramasax (CZE)		- Dark Powers				41min
Skuggeheim (NOR)	- Kjöt Og Blod  7"			10min
Skull (?)		- Demo '07				24min  secret Death Metal project
Skull (COL)		- Beer, Metal, Spikes '04		30min  old-school BlackThrash
Skull (COL)		- Beer, Metal, Spikes			38min  demo on CD + 2 live tx
Skull (SWE)		- You're Dead '90			10min
Skullcrusher (AUT)   	- Deathmarch '95                	10min
Skullcrusher (SWE)	- Tortured To Death '97			18min
Skullfuck (FIN)		- The Supreme Ugliness			31min
Skullview (US)		- Consequences Of Failure		61min
Skyclad (UK)        	- 2 Song Promo CD '92           	10min
Skyclad (UK)        	- Tracks From The Wilderness MCD	24min
Skyclad (UK)        	- The Wayward Sons Of...        	47min
Skyfire (SWE)		- Timeless Departure			42min
Skymning (SWE)		- Artificial Supernova			60min
Skymning (SWE)		- At The Fields Of Megiddo '99		14min
Skymning (SWE)		- Machina Genova			41min
Skymning (SWE)		- Stormchoirs				55min
Slashing Death (POL)	- Kill Me../Irrevocably.. Re-Release CD 38min  Unholy Bible Of Polish Death Metal Vol.6
Slashing Death (POL)	- Kill Me Coz I Have No Hope '92	17min
Slaughtbbath (CHI)	- Furious As the Black Flames Of... '08 24min
Slaughtbbath (CHI)	- Total Warlust  7"			13min
Slaughtbbath / Demonic Rage (CHI/CHI) - Split CD		46min
Slaughtbbath / Vultur (CHI/ITA) - Split Demo '10		29min
Slaughter (CAN)		- Bloody Karnage '84/'03		48min  first demo with 11 unrel. bonus tx !!!!!!!
Slaughter (CAN)		- Bloody Karnage 7"			15min
Slaughter (CAN)		- Fuck Of Death				40min  legendary Evil Chuck Reh. on LP
Slaughter (CAN)		- Nocturnal Karnage MLP			24min
Slaughter (CAN)		- Not Dead Yet  LP			35min  LP-Bootleg of their Demo '91
Slaughter (CAN)		- Not Dead Yet / Paranormal		63min  both demos and 4 live tx, all remastered
Slaughter (CAN)		- Strappado				71min  album + live concert, completly remastered
Slaughter (CAN)		- Strappado Pic-LP			34min  w. never released intro and never heard mix
Slaughter (CAN)		- Surrender Or Die  CD			30min  re-released by Utopian Vision
Slaughter (CAN)		- Tortured Souls 4-CD			298min
Slaughter Command (GER) - Ride The Tornado			39min
Slaughter Hammer (GER) 	- Zombie Surrender '12/86		25min  old German Death Metal
Slaughtercult (SWE)	- Suffer In Perversion  Demo MCDr '05 	12min
Slaughtercult (SWE)	- To Gash The Skin  Demo MCDr '04	13min
Slaughtered Priest / Ruins (GRE/GER) - Split 7"			13min
Slaughterlord (AUS)	- Reh. 24.1.88				15min  two unknown tx
Slaughterlord (AUS)	- Tck for unrel. Comp.-LP '86		 4min
Slaughterlord (AUS)	- They Call Us Legion			32min
Slaughterlord (AUS)	- Thrash 'Til Death			41min  fantastic release
Slaughterlord (AUS) 	- Promo tk '86				 4min  bad sound
Slaughterlord (AUS) 	- Reh./Demo '86				32min  complete version !!!!!! lots of unknown tx !!!!!!
Slavery (BRA)		- Immortal Dismalness			38min
Slavery (BRA)		- To Kill In Cold Blood			35min  answer to old Deicide
Slavery (CHI)		- After The War '94			22min
Slavery (CHI)		- Collapse				43min
Slavia (NOR)		- Norwegian Black Metal Terror  7"	 9min
Slavia (NOR)		- Strength And Vision			35min
Slayer (US)		- Christ Illusion			38min
Slayer (US)		- Cult  7"				 5min
Slayer (US)		- Decade Of Aggression			90min
Slayer (US)		- Die By The Slayer  LP			37min  Live 1983
Slayer (US)		- Eyes Of The Insane  7"		 8min
Slayer (US)		- God Hates Us All			44min
Slayer (US)		- Haunting The Chapel EP		14min
Slayer (US)		- Live L.A. 14.11.83  7"		13min
Slayer (US)		- Live Undead +Haunting The Chapel	40min
Slayer (US)		- Live Undead  Re-Release LP		30min  Metal Blade Re-Release in '87
Slayer (US)		- Past Aggression  7"			15min  unrel. songs from 1983
Slayer (US)		- Promo 12" '86				18min  4 Remixed tx + In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida
Slayer (US)		- San Fransisco 23.8.1985		78min  bad sound
Slayer (US)		- Seasons In The Abyss			42min
Slayer (US)		- Seasons In The...  Bloodpack-MCD	16min
Slayer (US)		- South Of Heaven			37min
Slayer (US)		- The Blood Before The Reign MLP	24min  Reign On Blood rehearsals/demos on Bootleg LP
Slayer (US)		- World Painted Blood			40min
Slayer (US)         	- Divine Intervention           	37min
Slayer (US)         	- Reign Of Justice Live-Boot-LP 	40min
Slayer (US)         	- Reh. 3/84                     	25min
Slayer / S.A. Slayer (US/US) - Split Live LP			81min  only tiem both bands met on 30th.Nov. '84
Slayer Angel (FIN)	- Garden Of Stone '97			18min  good Death Metal
Slayer/T.S.O.L. (US/US)	- Abolish Government  7"        	 7min
Slidhr (IRE)		- s/t  7"				10min
Slow Agony (PARA)	- Crumbling Empires  			34min  cool exotic Thrash
Slow Agony (PARA)	- Spiritual Euphoria			39min
Slow Death (POL)	- Deadly Visions '88/'10		27min  demo re-released in 2010
Slow Death (VENE)	- A Prayer For... Demo CDr '00		30min
Slow Death (VENE)	- Dead...But Still...  Demo CDr '03	38min
Slowgate (SWE)		- Force Of The Unknown			64min  weird and cool Death Metal
Slowgate (SWE)		- Nordic Rage				50min  cool Death Metal
Slowgate (SWE)		- s/t  7"				10min
Slugathor (FIN)		- Circle Of Death			36min
Slugathor (FIN)		- Crush Skulls And Bones '03		25min
Slugathor (FIN)		- Delicacies Of The Cadaver  7"		11min
Slugathor (FIN)		- Delicacies Of Cadaver '00 MCDr	11min
Slugathor (FIN)		- Echoes From Beneath			43min
Slugathor (FIN)		- Fabric Of The Multiverse  7"		12min
Slugathor (FIN)		- Promo MCD '02				12min
Slugathor (FIN)		- Reviled, Defamed And Spat Upon	67min
Slugathor (FIN)		- Unleashing The Slugathron		32min  great old-styled Death Metal from Finland
Slugathor / Age Of Agony (FIN/HUN) - Split 7"			13min
Slugathor/ Deep Red (FIN/FIN) - Split 7"			11min
Slutvomit (US)		- Satanic Slut Metal  7"		15min
Slutvomit (US)		- Turning The Cross Towards Hell  7"	11min
Smile Carved Sour (NOR) - Sound You'll Never Hear  CDr '03	55min  like Ved Buens Ende
Smouldering In Forgotten (BAHR) - Legions Into Black Flames	68min  great Black Metal
Snowblind (GRE)		- s/t					50min  Nightfall members, good Thrash, shitty voice
Sobre Nocturne (SWE)	- Serpentine Dreamweaver		42min  ex-Necromicon, like Therion in 2004
Sodamned / Dark Celebration (BRA/BRA) - Split CD                40min
Sodom (GER)		- Better Off Dead			43min
Sodom (GER)		- Black Equinox				79min  Witching Metal+Victim Of... demos + Live Belgium 28/12/05
Sodom (GER)		- Days Of Retribution  MCD		21min  came with Legacy #103
Sodom (GER)		- Essen 23.9.84				45min
Sodom (GER)		- In The Sign.../Obsessed... CD		58min
Sodom (GER)		- In The Sign Of Cruelty  7"		12min
Sodom (GER)		- Live Germany: Essen 1984		31min  Boot LP with ok sound
Sodom (GER)		- Live: Velbert 3.5.85			12min  sound not good
Sodom (GER)		- M-16					56min  Digi-pack w. 2 bonustx
Sodom (GER)		- Mortal Way Of Live  2-LP		65min
Sodom (GER)		- One Night In Bangkok			99min
Sodom (GER)		- Persecution Mania  LP			36min  I got it as white vinyl LP !!!
Sodom (GER)		- Pretenders To The Throne MLP		24min  Boot with an unrel. EP from 1984 (pre-In The Sign...)
Sodom (GER)		- Rehearsals 1984  7"			10min
Sodom (GER)		- Satans Conjuration			63min  Witchhammer demo + Live Essen 1/12/84 on CD
Sodom (GER)		- Sodom's Attack  Demo's 1984-85	61min  all 3 demos on CD
Sodom (GER)		- Sodomy And Lust  MLP			15min  also called Exposure Of Sodomy
Sodom (GER)		- The Final Sign Of Evil		46min
Sodom (GER)		- The Saw Is The Law  MLP		12min
Sodom (GER)		- The Sins Of Sodom			42min  Witching Metal and Victims Of Death demos on LP
Sodom (GER)          	- Persecution Mania CD          	57min
Sodom (GER)          	- Demo '85  + Devil's Attack    	16min
Sodom (GER)             - s/t                                   46min
Sodom (GER)             - Code Red + Hommage To The Gods       101min  KILLER, like Persecution Mania
Sodom (GER)             - Obsessed By Cruelty LP                42min
Sodom (GER)		- Chosen By The Grace Of God  MCD	24min  came with #Legacy #123
Sodom (GER)		- A Handful Of Bullets  MCD		23min  came with Rock Hard #402
Sodom / Running Wild (GER/GER) - Split 7"			 9min  came with Rock Hard #352
Sodomizer (BRA)		- Jesus Is Not Here Today		46min
Sodomizer (BRA)		- More Horror And Death Again...	69min
Sodomizer (BRA)		- Tales Of The Reaper			31min  good Thrash, but the vocals ruin the LP
Sodomizer (BRA)		- The Dead Shall Rise To Kill		57min  fantastic blackened Thrash Metal !!!
Sodomizer (BRA)		- The Dead Walk '05			27min
Sodomizer / Farscape (BRA/BRA) - Split 7"			12min
Soils Of Fate (SWE)	- Sandstorm				36min  shitty death grind, stupid vocals and sound
Soils Of Fate (SWE) 	- Pain...Has A Face '97             	16min
Soilwork (SWE)		- A Predator's Portrait			46min
Soilwork (SWE)		- Exile  Pic-7"				 7min
Soilwork (SWE)		- Figure Number Five  2-CD		60min  incl. Demos as bonus
Soilwork (SWE)		- Figure Number 5 / Natural Born...	82min  official 2-LP
Soilwork (SWE)		- Light The Torch  MCD			 7min
Soilwork (SWE)		- Rejection Role  MCD			 8min
Soilwork (SWE)		- Stabbing The Drama			41min
Soilwork (SWE)		- Stabbing The Drama  MCD		 9min
Soilwork (SWE)		- Steel Bath Suicide			36min  great Swedish Death
Soilwork (SWE)		- The Chainheart Machine		44min
Soilwork (SWE)		- The Early Chapters  MCD		25min
Sol Negro (US)		- Hellish Furnace MCD			28min
Sol Negro (US)		- Of Darkness And Flames  MLP		31min
Solar Dawn (SWE)	- Equinoctium				35min
Solar Dawn (SWE)	- Frost-Work  MCD			12min
Solefald (NOR)		- The Linear Scaffold			40min
Solherv (DK)		- Tagernes Artusinde			51min  good Death/Black Metal
Solitary Confinement (GER) - Einzelhaft				47min  great Death Metal
Solitary Confinement (GER) - Die Qual '94			12min
Solitary Confinement (GER) - Poluted Earth  7"			11min
Solitude Aeternus (US)	- Justice For All			38min  their rare demos on vinyl !!!!!
Solitude Aeternus (US)	- Through The Darkest Hour    		58min
Solitude Aeternus (US)	- Alone					71min
Solitude Aeternus (US)	- Adagio                              	68min  w. 'Heaven And Hell' Coverversion, Doooooom
Solitude Aeternus (US)	- Into The Depths Of Sorrow		52min
Solitude Aeternus (US)	- Downfall				45min
Solitude Aeternus / Iron Rainbow (US/US) - Split 7"		11min
Solstafir (ICE)		- 2 remaining songs from '96		 9min  they were on the promo, but not on the MCD
Solstafir (ICE)		- Black Death  7"			12min
Solstafir (ICE)		- Köld					72min
Solstafir (ICE)		- Masterpiece Of Bitterness 		71min
Solstafir (ICE)      	- Til Valhallar MCD             	21min
Solstafir (ICE)         - I Blödi Og Anda                       57min
Solstice (NL)		- An Era Of Weary Virtues  7"		14min  Durch DeathDoom
Solstice (NL)		- Poems Of Petulancy '92?		30min  similar to old Delirium
Solstice (UK)		- Halcyon  Re-Release CD		46min
Solstice (UK)		- Lamentations				58min
Solstice (UK)		- New Dark Age				66min
Solstice / The Lord Weird Slough Feg (UK/US) - Split 7"		10min
Solstice / Twisted Tower Dire (UK/US) - Split 10"		13min
Solutions (US/NL/CZE)	- Debut  MCD				21min  w.ex-Master/ex-Pestilence members
Soma (UK)		- Communion Of The Unconscious '95	18min
Somnus (US)		- Awakening The Crown			44min  like Violation meets Gothenburg vocalist
Somnus (US)		- Through Creation's End		43min  first CD was better
Somnus (US)		- To Return To Crimson Skies '97	23min
Somnus / Theatre Of The Macabre (US/US) - Split 7"		10min
Son Of Earth (SWE)	- s/t					32min  great Swedish Death, like grindy Morbus Chron with demo sound
Sonne Adam (ISR)	- Armed With Hammers  7"		17min
Sonne Adam (ISR)	- Transformation			42min
Sonne Adam (ISR)	- Doctrines Of Dark Devotion  MLP	36min
Sons Of Satan (GER)     - Demo II '85                   	12min
Sons Of Satan (GER)     - Demo I '84                    	21min
Soothsayer (CAN)	- Have A Good Time			40min  Canad. HC-Thrash on New Renaissance Rec
Soothsayer (CAN)	- To Be A Real Terrorist '86            13min
Soothsayer (CAN)	- To Be A Real Terrorist CD	 	36min  both demos on CD, killer Thrash
Sorath (CZE)		- Gnosis				44min
Sorath (CZE)		- Omnes Dii Gentium Daemonia		36min
Sorath (CZE)		- Unclean '95				15min  great Black Metal
Sorath (CZE)		- Vivimos En Perpetua Guerra		35min
Sorath (US)         	- Forest Of Winter '93          	21min
Sorath / Iscaarum (US/US) - Split 7"				16min
Sorath / Trollech (CZE/CZE) - Split 7"				15min
Sorath / Unclean (CZE/CZE) - Split CD				59min  great Black Metal
Sorcery	(SWE)		- Ancient Creation II '88		26min
Sorcery	(SWE)		- The Arrival '87			45min  unknown Swedish legend
Sorcery	(SWE)		- Unholy Crusade III '89		20min
Sorcery (SWE)		- Ancient Creations 3-LP	       118min
Sorcery (SWE)		- Bloodchilling Tales Re-Release CD	47min  LP + 7" on CD
Sorcery (SWE)		- Master Of The Chains  Demo MCDr '10 	16min
Sorcery (SWE)		- Reh. '89				12min
Sorcery (SWE)		- Reh. '94-'96				23min
Sorcery (SWE)		- Unrel. Demo 4 '92			12min
Sordid (SWE)		- Armed To Their Grinning Teeth		28min
Sordid Death (SWE)	- Sordid Death  7"			11min
Sorg Innkallelse (IRAN)	- Rise Of The Shadows  CDr		35min
Sorhin (SWE)		- Skogsgriftens Rike  MCD		19min
Sorhin (SWE)         	- At Fanders Med... 7"          	10min
Sorhin (SWE)            - Svarta Själars Vandring MCD           19min
Sorhin (SWE)            - I Det Glimrande Mörkrets...           43min  produced in Abyss studio
Sorhin (SWE)            - Döden MCMXCVIII  7"                    8min
Sorhin (SWE)            - Apocalypsens ängel                    45min  great Black Metal
Sorhin (SWE)            - Döden MCMXCVIII  MCD                  12min
Sorhin / Fafner (SWE/SWE) - Split LP				45min  demo recordings
Sorhin / Puissance (SWE/SWE) - Split 7"				14min
Soria Moria Slott (NOR) - Demo '95                    		18min  pre-Dismal Euphony, same as 1st MCD
Sororicide (ICE)	- Deathless  MCD			13min
Sororicide (ICE)	- Demo 1 '90 ('93??)			18min
Sororicide (ICE)	- The Entity				46min  similar to old Cancer
Sororicide / Chorus Of Ruin (ICE/UK) - Split MCD		18min
Sorrow (US)		- Forgotten Sunrise  MCD		23min
Sorrow (US)		- Hatred And Disgust			40min  great DoomDeath
Sort Vokter (NOR)	- Folkloric Necro Metal			38min  Ildjarn fans
Sotajumala (FIN)	- Panssarikolonna  MCD			11min
Soul Demise (GER)	- Beyond Human Perception		43min
Soul Demise (GER)	- Blind					39min
Soul Demise (GER)	- Farewell To The Flesh  MCD		13min  fine German Death Metal newcomer
Soul Demise (GER)	- In Vain				41min
Soul Forsaken (NOR/US)	- Tales Of The Macabre			60min
Soul Grind (ITA)	- The Darkest Dawn			55min
Soulburn (NL)		- Feeding On Angels			42min  w. Asphyx/Pentacle members, a KILLLERRR
Soulburn (NL)           - Promo '96                             17min  sadly totally overamplified
Soulburner (COL)	- Hellfire				34min  great Death Metal
Soulburner (COL)	- Life Denied  MCD			17min
Soulburner (COL)	- The New Age Of Darkness		35min
Souldrainer (SWE)	- First Row In Hell  Demo MCDr '05	13min  w.Chastisement/Aeon/In Battle member
Souldrainer (SWE)	- Reborn				48min
Souledge (COL)		- Blood Has No Limit			33min
Souledge (COL)		- Exterminate The World			37min  melodical but still brutal Death Metal
Soulgrind (FIN)		- Black Orchid  7"			16min
Soulgrind (FIN)		- Elixir Mystica			44min
Soulgrind (FIN)		- Into The Dark Vales Of Death		48min
Soulgrind (FIN)		- Kalma					46min
Soulgrind (FIN)		- La Matanaza, El Himno Pagano		47min
Soulgrind (FIN)		- Ladit A.D. 1999 Bihttpotb		71min
Soulgrind (FIN)		- Pakana				48min
Soulgrind (FIN)		- Santa Sangre  7"			17min
Soulgrind (FIN)		- The Origins Of The Paganblood CD+DVD 	45min
Soulgrind (FIN)		- Whitsongs				46min  the first listenable CD, great Avantgarde
Soulgrind (FIN)         - Helkauirsiä  Promo '97                18min
Soulless (US)		- Agony's Lament			34min  killer Thrash, similar to Disinter
Soulless (US)		- Betray The Light  7"			13min
Soulless (US)		- Forever Deviant			51min
Soulless (US)		- The Darkening Of Days			35min
Soulreaper (SWE)	- Life Erazer				51min
Soulreaper (SWE)	- Son Of The Dead  7"			10min
Soulreaper (SWE)	- Written In Blood			36min  ex-Dissection, Florida-DM-like
Soulskinner (GRE)	- Breeding The Grotesque		42min
Soulskinner (GRE)	- Non Stop Killing			36min  great Greek Death Metal
Soulskinner / Vorkreist (GRE/FRA) - Split 7"			10min
Soulstorm (CAN)         - Darkness Visible                      47min  similar to Landfill
Sounder (BRA)		- Hell Hymns				35min
Sounder (BRA)		- Praise Be To Death			32min
Sovereign (BRA)		- Dimension Of Torment			52min
Sovereign (BRA)		- Dogman				35min
Sovereign (BRA)		- Rehersal 1995  10"			17min
Sovereign (BRA)         - Disgrace Command  7"                  12min
Sovereign (BRA)         - The Wolf                              29min
Sovereign (BRA)         - In The Influence Of Mars              35min  old-school Black Metal
Sparagmos (POL)		- Conflict				61min
Sparagmos (POL)		- Error					48min  tape-only release
Sparagmos (POL)		- Invitation From Host Of Wrath '92	32min
Sparagmos (POL)		- Lanar Darna '96			33min
Sparagmos (POL)		- The Best Of... (1990-2002)		65min  Polish Death/Grind band, incl. Vader-members
Spazmosity (SWE)	- Welcome Death				47min
Spearhead (UK)		- Deathless Steel Command		32min  good Death Metal
Spearhead (UK)		- Decrowning The Irenarch		39min
Spearhead (UK)		- Theomachia				37min
Speckmann (US)		- God Created Master (Early Years)	39min
Speckmann (US)      	- Speckmann Project     		40min
Spectral Mortuary (DK)	- From Hate Incarnated			34min
Speculation (SWI)	- Money Of Aberration '90		23min
Speculation (SWI)	- Money Of Aberration '90		19min
Spell Forest (BRA)	- Lucifer Rex				42min  fantastic Black Metal, Dark Funeral like
Spell Forest (BRA)      - Adornus Satani                        59min
Spetälsk (SWE)          - Perverted Commandment  MLP            21min  good Black Metal, Terrorama member
Spina Bifida (NL)	- Ziyadah				39min
Spinal Cord (POL)	- Remedy				37min
Spinal Cord (POL)	- Stigmata Of Life			37min
Spiralsea (NL)		- Essence				48min
Spirit Disease (FIN)	- Annihilation				39min  fat Finnish Death Metal
Spirit Disease (FIN)    - Redemption Denied  MCD                18min  pure Death-Thrash, cool Evil Dead cover from Death
Spiritual Decay (US)	- Closer To The Grave			67min  fantastic DoomDeath Metal, gal grunting
Spiritual Eclipse (US)	- Amaranth  MCD				20min  average melodical Death Metal
Spiteful (SWE)		- Lost Love '98				19min
Spontaneous Combustion (SPA) - Suffering Cries  7"		10min
Sportlov (SWE)		- Offerblod I Vallabod			28min  Defleshed members going insane
Squash Bowels (POL)	- Something Nice  7"			12min
St.Vitus (US)		- Demo Recordings '83			44min
Stabat Mater / A.M. (FIN/FIN) - Split LP			39min
Stahlträger (GER)       - Demo CD '97                           20min  way better than the normal CD, killer Thrash
Stahlträger (GER)       - Thorax                                54min  w. Atomic Steiff, Dark Angel like Thrash
Stargazer (AUS)		- A Great Work Of Ages			46min
Stargazer (AUS)		- Borne 7"				12min  complex Death Metal
Stargazer (AUS)		- Occidentale Magick			49min  Best-Of with unrel. tx
Stargazer (AUS)		- The Scream That Tore The Sky		42min
Stargazer / Arghoslent (AUS/US) - Split 7"                      11min
Stargazer / Invocation (AUS/AUS) - Split CD			36min  Stargazer sound a bit like Necrovore !!!
Starseed (GER)		- Cosmic Conspiracy  Demo MCDr '97 	20min  the German Nocturnus !!!!
Steel (SWE)             - Heavy Metal Machine 7"                 8min  Dan Swanö and Opeth guys
Stench (SWE)		- In Putrescene				32min
Stench (SWE)		- Reborn in Morbidity 7"		13min
Stench Of Decay (FIN)	- Visions Beyond Death  7"		12min
Stench Of Decay (FIN)	- Where Death And Decay Reign MLP 	23min  great Death Metal
Stench Of Decay (FIN)	- Where Death And Decay Reign '09	24min
Stentorian (NL)		- Demo '95				16min
Stentorian (NL)		- Gentle Push To Paradise		45min
Stentorian (NL) 	- Inconsolable Syndrome '93		21min
Sterbhaus (SWE)		- Demo MCDr '08				21min  produced by T.Tägtgren
Sthygma (FRA)		- s/t  3"-MCD				16min  great old Death Metal
Stigma (GRE)		- Sickness Of No Survivors '91		23min  great Thrash
Stigma Diabolicum (NOR) - Live: Stjördal 15.6.90                35min  pre-Thorns
Stigmata (SWE)		- Decieved Minds '92			17min
Stigmatheist (NL)	- INRI  MCD				13min
Stigmatheist (NL)	- It All Ends Today			52min  fine Dimmu Borgir clones
Stillborn (POL)		- Die In Torment 666  CDr '01		38min  +Demo '99, several songs unlistenable -> fuck CDRs
Stillborn (POL)		- Esta Rebelion Es Eterna  MCD		26min  cool cover versions (Hellhammer, Sarcofago)
Stillborn (POL)		- Manifesto De Blasfemia		36min
Stillborn (POL)		- Satanas El Grande			30min  great old-school Death Metal
Stillborn (SWE)		- Necrospirituals			43min
Stillborn (SWE)		- State Of Disconnection		47min
Stillborn (SWE)		- The Permanent Solution		62min
Stillborn (SWE)		- Yesterday's Blood  7"			14min  demo tx from 1985/87, godly stuff
Stillborn / Azarath (POL/POL) - Split CD			26min
Stillburned (FIN)	- 3rd Degree Burns  Demo MCDr '04	11min
Stilldead (US)		- Demo '93				13min
Stiny Plamenu (CZE)	- Dive Into The Wastewater...		77min  demos from 1999-2000
Stiny Plamenu (CZE)	- Mrtva Komora				47min
Stiny Plamenu (CZE)	- Odpadni Galerie			62min
Stiny Plamenu (CZE)	- Rany Cerny Kovem			54min
Stiny Plamenu (CZE)	- Ve Spine Je Pravda			41min
Stiny Plamenu (CZE)	- Zelezo Krvaci				40min
Stone (FIN)		- Emotional Playground			46min
Stone (FIN)		- Free					74min  live CD
Stone Age (DK)		- Elgu Faeces '94			24min
Stonehange (GER?)	- Death Is The Crown Of All		39min  Traumatic-project ?? Pure shit...
Storm (NOR)		- Northland  7"				 9min  Boot-7", no unreleased songs
Storm Legion (POR)	- Rebirth Of The Flame  7"		11min
Stormcrow (ITA)		- Hell On Earth '00			19min
Stormcrow (US)		- Enslaved In Darkness			27min  already a bit Bolt Thrower influenced
Stormcrow / Coffins (US/JPN) - Split MLP			25min
Stormcrow / Laudanum (US/US) - Split MLP			26min
Stormcrow / Massgrave (US/US) - Split LP			31min
Stormcrow / Skarven (US/US) - Split 7"				11min
Storming Steels (MALA)	- Aggression Thrashing Fist		51min
Storming Steels / Hellwitch (MALA/US) - Split CD		73min
Stormrider (SWE)	- First Battle Won			41min
Stormrider (SWE)	- Lucifer Rising			40min  good melodic Death Metal
Stos (POL)		- s/t					37min
Strandhogg (POL)	- Art Of Satanic... Demo MCDr '04	12min Carpathian Forest cover
Strangulation (SWE)	- Atrocious Retribution			26min
Strangulation (SWE)	- Withering Existence Demo CDr '03	11min
Stratuz (VEN)		- Spirit Seduction			40min
Stratuz (VEN)		- The Last Angel			41min
Stratuz / Noxious (VEN/VEN) - Split CD				75min
Strid (NOR)		- s/t  LP				26min  Demo '93 and 7" '94 on LP
Strikemaster (MEX)	- Inflexible Steel			37min
Strikemaster (MEX)	- Up For The Massacre  CD		40min
Strikemaster (MEX)	- Vicious Nightmare			49min
Strychnine (US)		- Inverted Crucifixion			74min  strange Death Metal
Strychnine / Lethal Prayer (US/US) - Split 10"			21min  yes, new killer Lethal Prayer song
Strychnos (DK)		- Lessons In Terror  MLP		23min
Strychnos (DK)		- Terror Lies Within  7"		 9min  similar to Denial Of God
Stumm (FIN)             - I                                     36min  Sludge doom
Sturmtiger (DK)		- Tank Attack  7"			 9min
Sturmtiger (DK)		- s/t  10"				12min
Stutthof (GRE)		- An Ode To The Ancient Great... 7"	10min
Störmtrooper (GER)      - Head Count  MLP                       26min  Motörhead meets Carnivore meets Exciter
Subject (HUN)		- Diaphanous Writhers Of A Soul  7"	13min  Death Metal
Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition (FRA) - s/t			32min
Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition (FRA) - II			32min
Submerged (FIN)		- Fulcrum  7"				11min
Submission (GER/NL)     - Demo II '95                           17min  ever heard a melodical M.van Drunen ??
Subreality (GER)	- Endless Horizons  MCD			25min
Subsanity (US)		- Human Is Shit  7"			10min
Subsanity (US)		- s/t  7"				12min
Subsanity (US)          - Logic Plague  7"                      11min
Subsanity / Rat Piss (US/US) - Split 7"				 7min
Subterfugio (BOL)	- Vomiting At Live			42min  Dark Death Metal, but average sound
Subversion (GER)	- A Couple Of Songs...  7"		14min
Subvertor (BOL)		- Cryptobiosis  MCD			23min  rare Wild Rags release
Subvertor (BOL)		- Transgreso-Evolucion			37min
Sucking Leech (GER)	- Sick Illusion  MCDr			25min
Suffer (SWE)		- Cemetery Inhabitants '89		15min
Suffer (SWE)		- Global Warming  MCD			20min  old Swedish Death
Suffer (SWE)		- Manifestation Of God '91		23min
Suffer (SWE)		- Structures				32min
Suffercation (MALA)	- Day Of Darkness  Re-Release CD	53min  tape-release on CD now
Suffercation (MALA)	- The Best Of...  2-CD		       137min
Suffering Souls (GER)	- Cries Of Silence  MCD			13min
Suffering Souls (GER)	- Twilight Ripping Souls Apart		41min
Suffersystem (GER)	- Decomposed Corpses			29min
Suffersystem (GER)	- Mentally Deranged			35min  cool Death Metal with Darkness ocver
Suffersystem (GER)	- The Plague Angel  MCD			26min  has a certain old Sadistic Intent beat to it
Suffocation (US)	- Blood Oath				50min
Suffocation (US)	- Breeding The Spawn			36min
Suffocation (US)	- Despise The Sun  MCD			17min  rare Vulture Rec. version
Suffocation (US)	- Human Waste  MLP			20min
Suffocation (US)	- Pierced From Within			46min
Suffocation (US)	- Souls To Deny				38min
Suffocation (US)	- The Close Of A Chapter		64min  Live CD
Suffocation (US)	- s/t					44min
Suhrim (BEL)		- Happy Hour				44min
Suhrim (BEL)		- Old Scars Fresh Wound			32min  like old Gorefest meets old Grave
Suhrim (BEL)		- The Cunt Collector			32min
Suhrim (BEL)		- Unindentified Flying Bodyparts	37min
Suicidal Angels (GRE)	- Conquering Europe			50min  came with Legacy #102
Suicidal Winds (SWE)	- Chaos Rising				46min
Suicidal Winds (SWE)	- Crush Us With Fire  MLP		18min
Suicidal Winds (SWE)	- Misanthropic Anger  7"		 7min
Suicidal Winds (SWE)	- Rarities '04				95min  compi. with Demo/Reh./Live/Unrel. stuff from 94-98
Suicidal Winds (SWE)	- Total Death n'Live			44min  Live CD with new studio track (Total Death from Kreator)
Suicidal Winds (SWE)	- The Road To... '94			22min
Suicidal Winds (SWE)	- Victims In Blood			37min  another great Merciless like Thrash assault
Suicidal Winds (SWE)	- Winds Of Death			36min  mix of Merciless and Obscurity
Suicidal Winds (SWE)	- Winds Of Death  LP			42min  two LP-Bonustx, ltd.300
Suicidal Winds (SWE)	- Wrath Of God				34min
Suicidal Winds (SWE)    - Definitely War '98                    17min
Suicidal Winds (SWE)    - Aggression '97                        16min
Suicidal Winds / Bestial Mockery (SWE/SWE) - Split 7"		16min
Suidakra (GER)		- The Eternal Chronicles		32min  came with Legacy #84
Sulphur (NOR)		- Cursed Madness			38min
Sulphur (NOR)		- Outburst Of Desecration  10"		18min
Summon (US)		- And The Blood Runs Red		46min  the first time listenable, and killer !!!!!
Summon (US)		- Baptized By Fire			42min
Summon (US)		- Dark Descent Of Fallen Souls		39min
Summon (US)		- Fallen  CD+DVD			35min
Summon (US)		- Fire Turns Everything Black MCD	21min
Summon (US)		- No Thoughts From The Sky MCD		24min
Summon (US)         	- Fire Turns Everything... '96  	21min  good US-Black Metal
Summoning (AUT)		- Lost Tales  MCD			17min
Summoning (AUT)		- Stronghold				65min
Summoning (AUT)      	- Nightshade Forests MCD        	34min
Summoning (AUT)      	- Dol Guldur                    	69min
Summoning (AUT)         - Anno Mortiri Domini 1959  '94         28min
Summoning (AUT)         - Promo Tape '94                        19min
Sun Descends (US/GER)	- Tide And Law				67min  Tide...MCD + Kanun MCD-part + Exumer Live '85
Sun Descends (US/GER)	- Incinerating The Meek			36min  very close to Exumer now
Sun Descends (US/GER)	- Tide In The Affairs Of Men  MCD	15min  ex-Exumer
Sun Descends (US/GER)	- The Entropy Formula			47min
Sun Descends (US/GER)	- Kanun-Law				33min  Mortal In Black demo (from Exumer) as bonus
Sun Of The Sleepless (GER) - s/t  MCD				16min  better Black Pop
Sun Of The Sleepless (GER) - Tausend Kalte Winter  7"		12min
Sunday Morning Einsteins (SWE) - Det är Synd Om Dom...  7"	 8min
Superchrist (US)	- Back And Black  Re-Release CD		29min
Superchrist (US)	- Black Magical Circle Of Witches  7"	11min
Superchrist (US)	- Burn Again				48min
Superchrist (US)	- Defenders Of The Filth		34min
Superchrist (US)	- Fuck Like A Priest  7"		 6min
Superchrist (US)	- Headbanger				38min
Superchrist (US)	- Heavy Metal Tonight			41min  Live CD
Superchrist (US)	- Ladycutter  7"			 6min
Superchrist (US)	- South Of Hell				40min  rocking Heavy/Thrash Metal
Supremacy (CAN)		- Satanic Reich MCD			39min
Supremacy (SVN)         - Through Endless Torment               36min  sounds a bit like Demigod, but totally modern
Supremacy (SWI)		- Anguish '92				31min
Supremacy (SWI)		- Human's Destiny			29min  totally unknown DeathDoom band
Supremacy (SWI)		- Lost Century '91			42min
Supreme Lord (POL)	- At The Black Moon Night '95		26min
Supreme Lord (POL)	- Legion Of Doom MCDr			14min
Supreme Lord (POL)	- X99.9 - Kill Your Enemies		46min  ok, but their demo 1995 as bonus is better than the 2004 stuff
Supreme Lord / Chton (POL/NOR) - Split Demo '04			17min  Promo '03 and Demo '02 rel. by Time Before Time
Supreme Majesty (SWE)	- Divine Enigma  MCD			21min  ex-Mortum and Hellspell members
Supuration (FRA)	- Back From The Crematory		70min
Supuration (FRA)	- Isolated  7"				11min
Supuration (FRA)	- Isolated  7"				11min
Supuration (FRA)	- Sultry Obsession  MCD			14min  from 1991
Supuration (FRA)	- The Creeping Unknown  7"		 9min  fantastic fresh Death Metal from '91
Supuration (FRA)	- The Cube				39min
Surrender Of Divinity (THAI) - Oriental Hell Rhythmics		50min
Surrender Of Divinity (THAI) - Manifest Blasphemy		54min
Surrender Of Divinity (THAI) - Immolating The Son Of The...7"	16min  killer, including Impiety cover
Surrender Of Divinity (THAI) - Goatwrath Incarnation		29min
Surrender Of Divinity / Amarok (THAI/POL) - Split CDr		48min
Susperia (NOR)		- Predominance				45min
Susperia (NOR)		- Unlimited				46min
Susperia (NOR)		- Vindication				47min
Suture / Lehavoth / Leukorrhea (US/ISR/US) - Split CD		28min
Suuri Shamaani (FIN)	- Mysteerien Maailma			70min  only stupid noise shit, fuck off Holcausto
Svartahrid (NOR)	- As The Sunrise Flickers		38min  very Celtic Frost influenced
Svartahrid (NOR)	- Ex Inferi				45min
Svartahrid (NOR)	- Forthcoming Storm			42min
Svartahrid (NOR)	- Malicious Pride			49min  great raging Black Metal
Svartahrid (SWE)	- Sadness And Wrath			44min
Svartidaudi / Perdition (ICE/CHI) - Split 7"			10min
Svartkraft (FIN)	- Den Onda Pesten			43min  Finns singing in Swedish, sounding like Filosofem-Burzum
Svartpest (NOR)		- Ved Den Drabelige Inngang Til...	43min  one more nail in the coffin of good Black M.
Svartskogg (NOR)	- Helvete 666				35min  great BlackThrash, like best Aura Noir and Vesen
Svartsyn (NOR)  	- Adv. LP '95 Aachdeus Melan.   	30min  ex-Incitatus
Svartsyn (SWE)		- ...His Majesty			31min
Svartsyn (SWE)		- Bloodline / His Majesty... Do.-LP	73min
Svartsyn (SWE)		- Destruction Of Mankind		42min
Svartsyn (SWE)		- Promo 1/99 				11min
Svartsyn (SWE)		- Timeless Reign			42min
Svartsyn (SWE)		- Tormentor  7"				13min
Svartsyn (SWE)		- Wrath Upon The Earth			35min
Svartsyn (SWE)       	- The True Legend               	47min  ex-Dark Funeral member doing total Underground-Black
Svartsyn (SWE)       	- A Night Created By Shadows '95 	29min
Svarttjern (NOR)	- Raped By Svarttjern Demo MCDr '06 	22min
Svarttjern (NOR)	- Ultimate				42min
Svaty Vincent (CZE)	- s/t					47min  Flames Of Hell meets Abruptum, insane stuff on Monitor Rec.!!!!
Svest / Inkisitor (FRA/FRA) - Split 10"				19min
Swallowed (FIN)		- Epitaph Of Nauseation '08		12min  Autopsy-worshippers
Swallowed (FIN)		- s/t  7"				13min
Swarming / Zombie Ritual (FIN/JPN) - Split 7"			10min
Swazafix (NL)		- Promo '91				16min  w. Theo Loomans (ex-Asphyx)
Sweet Savage (UK)	- Killing Time 7"			 6min  NWOBHM '81
Sword (CAN)		- Metalized				36min
Sword (CAN)		- Sweet Dreams				42min
Sword Of Darkness (VIET)- Heathendom                            59min
Swordmaster (SWE)	- Deathraider				22min
Swordmaster (SWE)	- Moribund Fangoria			36min  even better than the debut
Swordmaster (SWE)	- Studio Reh. '94			17min
Swordmaster (SWE)	- Wraths Of Time  MLP			22min  one bonus tck
Swordmaster (SWE)    	- Post Mortem Tales             	46min  another old-school outfit, great stuff
Sworn (SWE)		- Global Demise  Demo MCDr '04		13min
Sworn (SWE)		- Impious Beast Within  MCD		15min
Sworn / Bloodsoul (SWE/FIN) - Split MCDr			23min
Sykdom (NOR)		- Intet Liv				50min
Symbolic Immortality (POL) - Decision Is Power '95		44min
Symbolic Immortality (POL) - Decision Is Power  Re-Release CD 	60min  rel. by Baron Rec. in 1995, Re-rel. by KOT in 2002
Symphony Of Grief (US)	- Our Blessed Conquerer			19min  tape-version from WRR
Symphony Of Grief (US)	- s/t  MCDr				11min
Symphony Of Grief (US)	- Regurgitated Corpses Drowing... 7"	 9min  nice Death Doon
Symphony Of Grief / Memorium (US/US) - Split 7"			13min
Systematic Marsmurder (GER) - See The Nun Under The... 7"	17min
Szarlem (GER)		- Blessed Be The Arts Of Evil  7"	12min
Szarlem (GER)		- Night Of Blood			41min
Szarlem (GER)		- Screams From A Chamber  7"		17min
Szron (POL)		- Pure Slavonic Blasphemy		57min  incl. Reh'02 as bonus
Szron (POL)		- The Purificating Flame Of...		43min
Szron / Arkona (POL/POL)- Split CD				51min
Szron / Total Genocide (POL/FRA) - Split 7"			13min
Taagefolket (DK)	- Lad Asketid Begynde 7"		15min  Angantyr project
Taake (NOR)		- A Night Of Fog...Live 202		64min
Taake (NOR)		- Bjoegvin				38min
Taake (NOR)		- Doedskvad				50min
Taake (NOR)		- Helnorsk Svartmetall			46min  old their old stuff compiled, incl. Thule demos
Taake (NOR)		- Nattestid...				42min
Taake (NOR)		- Nekro MCD				17min
Taake (NOR)		- Svartekunst  7"			13min
Taake (NOR)		- s/t					47min  several Celtic Frost like riffs
Taake (NOR)		- s/t  7"				 9min
Taake / Amok (NOR/NOR) 	- Split 10"				29min
Taake / Gigantomachy (NOR/NOR) - Split 10"			28min
Taake / Vidsyn (NOR/NOR)- Split 10"				17min
Taarma (AFG)		- Demo II Re-Release MCDr '06		18min
Taarma (AFG)		- In Death I Submerge  7"		16min  Black Metal from Afghanistan
Taarma (AFG)		- Remnants Of A Tormenting...		46min
Taetre (DK)		- Divine Misanthropic Madness		35min
Taetre (SWE)		- Out Of Emotional Disorder		37min  incredible Swedish Thrashers
Taetre (SWE)		- The Art				42min  fantastic new Swedish Death Metal band
Tanatron (BRA)		- Primitive Behaviour  Demo MCDr '02	15min
Tangorodrim (ISR)	- Justus Ex Fide Vivit			29min  Darkthrone like Black Metal
Tank (UK)		- Echoes Of A Distant Battle  MLP	13min
Tank (UK)		- Filth Hounds Of Hades			39min  NWOBHM-legend with their great debut
Tank (UK)		- Power Of The Hunter			39min
Tank (UK)		- Power Of The Hunter			44min
Tank (UK)		- The Return Of The Filth Hounds	48min  live CD + some studio tcks
Tank (UK)		- This Means War			44min
Tank (UK)           	- Honour And Blood              	40min
Tankard (GER)		- The Morning After			39min
Tankard (GER)        	- Zombie Attack                 	37min
Taranis (BEL)		- Flandriae				45min
Taranis (BEL)		- s/t					41min  similar to Bathory meets Megiddo
Taranis (POL)		- Faust					42min  not so much old Samael as in the past
Taranis (POL)		- Obscurity '92				43min  Carnage Rec., Samael worshippers
Taranis (POL)		- The Obscurity  Re-Release CD		41min
Tartaros (NL)		- Darkened Destiny			34min
Tartaros (NOR)		- The Grand Psychotic...MCD		25min  soloproject of the Emperor tour-keyboarder
Tartaros (NOR)		- The Red Jewel				41min
Taste Of Fear (US)	- s/t MCD				27min
Taunted (US)		- s/t  7"				14min
Taurus (BRA)		- Signo De Taurus  Re-Release CD	70min
Tears Of Christ (ITA)   - Within My Forgotten Woods... 7"       11min
Tears Of Mystigma (GER) - Reflect Project: Colder Side		56min  good DoomDeath but horrible Gothic/EBM vocals
Tears Of Mystigma (GER) - Caressing Mystigma '95		35min  now Katatonia meets Asphyx !
Tears Of Mystigma (GER) - The Oriole Speaks '94			33min  similar to old Asphyx, great !!!
Tears Of Mystigma (GER) - The Vanishing Sun  MCD		32min
Tears Of Mystigma (GER) - Higher Circumstance  MCD		18min  very new Katatonia-like, with some electro stuff
Tearstained (US)	- Final Thoughts			63min
Tearstained (US)	- Monumental In Its Sorrow		55min
Tearstained (US)	- Nightmare Visions			47min
Tearstained (US)	- There Is No Hope			49min
Tearstained (US)        - Homicidal Tendencies                  54min
Teitanblood (SPA)	- Black Putrescence Of Evil		28min
Teitanblood (SPA)	- Purging Tongues  MLP			15min
Teitanblood (SPA)	- Seven Chalices 2-LP			60min
Teitanblood (SPA)	- Death					69min
Teitanblood (SPA)	- The Baneful Choir			52min
Teitanblood / Necros Christos (SPA/GER) - Split 7"		12min
Temperance (SWE)	- Hypnoparatized '93			19min
Temperance (SWE)	- Krapakalja				47min  strange Death from '95
Temperance (SWE)	- One Grave  7"				 9min
Temperance (SWE)	- Temperance  7"			13min  horrible comback from '99
Tenebrae (FIN)		- Dysanchelium				54min
Tenebrae (FIN)		- Hypnotech				39min
Tenebrae (FIN)		- Sick Spinning Wheel  7"		20min  20min on a 7" with good Death Metal !!
Tenebrae (FIN)		- This Divine Flesh Of Ours '93?	21min
Tenebrarum (COL)	- Blood And Tears 			43min
Tenebrarum (COL)	- El Vuelo De Las Almas			29min
Tenebrarum (COL)	- Sol Negro				69min
Tenebrarum (COL)        - X                                     37min
Tenebrarum (COL)        - Voices                                51min
Tenebrarum (COL)        - Divine War                            33min
Tenebrarum (MEX)	- Alta Magia				38min
Tenebre (SWE)		- Tombola Voodoo Master  7"		11min
Tenebre (SWE)		- XIII					56min  ex-Flegma, Horror-Metal
Tenebris (POL)		- Catafalque+Mesmerized '98		37min  rel. by DSFA Polska
Tenebris (POL)		- Catafalque - Comet			43min
Tenebris (POL)		- Mesmerized '93			18min
Tenebris (POL)		- Only Fearles Dreams			42min
Tenebris (POL)		- Only Fearless Dreams '96		42min  on Morbid Noizz
Tenebris (POL)		- Solitude '92				14min
Tenebris (POL)		- The Odious Progress '94		43min
Tenebris (POL)		- The Odious Progress			47min  great slow Dark Death Metal
Tenebrous (US)		- Arias Toward The Black Sun MCD	25min  average Black Metal
Teofobia (CHI)		- Et Arte De Matar A Dios '96		14min
Teratism (UK)		- Service For The Damned		29min
Teratism / Lugubre (US/NL) - Split CD				46min
Terato (SWE)		- The Morbid Wraiths  7"		12min
Terminator (CZE)	- Profitability Of Doom			40min  rare Thrash on Monitor Rec.
Terminator (CZE)	- Unification / Termination		72min
Terminator (POL)	- Evil Of The World  MCD		23min  demo '90 on CD
Terror (SWE)		- Promo '97				 6min  w. At The Gates members
Terror (US)		- Entombed In Terror '90		21min
Terror (US)		- Pain And Suffering 1989-1990		67min  old Deaththrash demos on CDr
Terror (US)		- Pain And Suffering '89		14min  now Kreator/Razor-like
Terror (US)		- Ripping Insanity '87			10min  old American Deathrash
Terror 2000 (SWE)	- Faster Disaster			39min
Terror 2000 (SWE)	- Slaughter In Japan Live 2003		41min
Terror 2000 (SWE)	- Slaughterhouse Supremacy		32min  Darkane/Soilwork-project
Terror 2000 (SWE)	- Terror For Sale			40min
Terror Of The Trees (US)- Devil Worship MCD			18min
Terror Organ (US)       - Necromechanics  7"                    11min  pure industrial shit
Terror Squad (BRA)	- The Birth Of The New Rage '94		19min
Terror Squad (JPN)	- Chaosdragon Rising			44min
Terror Squad (JPN)	- Her Holy Hell				40min
Terror Squad (JPN)	- Live LP				41min  Live 2001 in Germany
Terror Squad (JPN)	- The Wild Stream Of Eternal Sin	29min
Terror Throne (US)	- Death Is The Cleanser			33min
Terror Throne (US)	- Death Is The Cleanser			33min
Terror Throne (US)	- World On It's Knees			40min
Terrorama (SWE)		- Horrid Efface '03			26min  Blasphemy/Demoncy like with thrashy vox
Terrorama (SWE)		- Misanthropic Genius '02		14min
Terrorama (SWE)		- Omnipotence				30min  great Thrash again
Terrorama (SWE)		- The Cleansing '06			20min  fantastic Thrashband, Violent Force cover
Terrorama (SWE)         - Horrid Efface  LP                     31min  demo on LP, killer BlackThrash from Norköpping
Terrorazor (GER)	- Stairway... Demo 3"-MCDr '07		 9min
Terrorizer (US)		- 4/25/87 Demo/Rehearsal  7"		12min  Boot from Satanic Records 1991
Terrorizer (US)		- After World Oblieration		79min  Bootleg with Rehearsals amnd Demos form 1987
Terrorizer (US)		- Darker Days Ahead			38min  great Death/Grind album
Terrorizer (US)		- From The Tomb				64min  two Reh. on CD, killer sound and unknown tx
Terrorizer (US)		- Re-Animating The Dead  7"		11min  Boot-Live 7" from 1987, with Death cover
Terrorizer/Nausea (US/US) - Split Demos on LP			35min
Testament (US)		- The Legacy				39min
Testimony (SVK)         - Satisfaction Warranted                45min
Thanatopsis (US)	- A View Of Death			49min
Thanatos (NL)		- Angelic Encounters			44min
Thanatos (NL)		- Beyond Terror  Re-Release MCD		27min
Thanatos (NL)		- Beyond Terror  MCD			19min
Thanatos (NL)		- Emerging From The... Rerelease CD	70min  plus Demo'86, Demo'87, one unrel. tck
Thanatos (NL)		- Emerging From The Netherworlds	38min
Thanatos (NL)		- Emerging From The Netherworlds	40min  Shark Records '89
Thanatos (NL)		- Official Live Tape 1987  CD		48min
Thanatos (NL)		- The Burning Of Sodom  7"		 8min  great Dark Angel cover
Thanatos (NL)		- Undead.Unholy.Divine			40min
Thanatos (NL)       	- Speed Kills '84               	32min
Thanatos (NL)           - Realm Of Ecstacy  Re-Release          53min
Thanatos (NL)           - Omnicoitor '89                        20min
Thanatos (POL)		- Deo Optimo Maximo '89			35min  great Thrash
Thargos (GER)		- Black Metal Punkz  7"			 8min  similar to Imp.Naz.
Thargos (GER)		- Killfukk				39min
Thargos (GER)		- Salem City				40min  fantastic old-school Thrash
The 3rd And The Mortal (NOR) - Memoirs				51min  too stressful to listen to the complete LP
The 7th Gate (GER)	- Fabulae '97				25min
The Abyss (SWE)      	- Summon The Beast              	31min
The Accüsed (US)        - Hymns For The Deranged  MLP           21min
The Accüsed (US)        - Grinning Like An Undertaker           38min
The Amenta (AUS)	- Occasus				42min
The Amentia (AUS)	- Mictlan  7"				11min
The Batallion (NOR)	- Stronghold Of Men			37min
The Battalion (NOR)	- s/t  7"				14min  BlackThrash from ex-Old Funeral member
The Beast (BEL)		- Fixed By The Devil  MCD		16min  bullshit Black Metal
The Beast (BEL)		- Pacta Conventa Daemoniorum '96	18min  very tame compared to their MCD
The Beginning Of The End (SWE) - Demo '93			11min
The Bereaved (SWE)	- Darkened Silhouette			43min
The Black (SWE)		- Alongside Death			32min
The Black (SWE)		- Black Blood MCD			17min  demo on MCD
The Black Daliah Murder (US) - Miasma				34min
The Black Daliah Murder (US) - Unhallowed			37min
The Blood Divine (UK)	- Awaken				53min
The Blood Divine (UK)	- Adv. CD '96  Awake            	54min
The Carnival / Enormity (FIN/FIN) - Split MCD			15min  old-school Death and old-school Thrash
The Chasm (MEX)		- Awaiting The Day Of Liberation '93	25min
The Chasm (MEX)		- Conjuration Of The Spectral... 2-LP	77min  a lot of bonus tx and covers
The Chasm (MEX)		- Conjuration Of The Spectral Empire	57min
The Chasm (MEX)		- Deathcult For Eternity: The Triumph	56min  Mexicos best Death Metal band
The Chasm (MEX)		- From The Lost Years...		69min
The Chasm (MEX)		- Procession To The Infraworld		41min  their ultimate release so far, killer Death !!!
The Chasm (MEX)		- Procreation Of The Inner Temple	49min
The Chasm (MEX)		- Reaching The Veil Of Death MCD	25min
The Chasm (MEX)		- The Spell Of Retribution		66min  fantastic !!!!!!!
The Chasm (US)		- Fareseeing The Paranormal Abysm	63min  killer Death Metal
The Chasm (MEX)		- A Conscious Creation From The...	65min
The Choir Of Vengeance (SWE) - s/t  MCD				20min  fantastic Black Metal debut from 1996
The Cold Existence (SWE)- The Essence				37min
The Cold Existence (SWE) - Beyond Comprehension MCD		16min
The Crisis (NEPAL)	- Kolahal Ma  MLP			 9min
The Crisis / Millenium (NEPAL/IND) - Split 7"			16min
The Crown (SWE)		- Crowned Unholy CD+DVD			44min
The Crown (SWE)		- Crowned In Terror			42min
The Crown (SWE)		- Deathrace King			49min  Totally mindblowing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Crown (SWE)		- Doomsday King LP+CD			90min
The Crown (SWE)		- Possessed 13				74min  2-LP with one demo as bonus
The Crown (SWE)         - Hell Is Here                          48min  masterpiece of brutal Swedish Death
The Darksend (SWE)	- Antichrist In Excelsis		43min
The Darksend (SWE)	- Promo '96				22min  songs from their first CD
The Darksend (SWE)	- The Luciferian Whisper  7"		10min
The Darksend (SWE)   	- The Luciferian Promo'96       	16min
The Darksend (SWE)   	- Unsunned                      	43min  Gothenburg meets Sadistik Exekution (!!)
The Darksend (SWE)      - The Lightmare  Promo '95??            18min
The Dead (AUS)		- Armoured Assassin  7"			 8min
The Dead (SWE)		- Real Zombies Never Die  MCD		17min
The Dead / Birdflesh (SWE/SWE) - Split MCD			16min  cool GrindDeath, especially by The Dead
The Dead Youth (US)	- Intense Brutality			40min
The Dead Youth (US)	- Writhing				40min
The Defaced (SWE)	- Domination Commence			40min
The Defaced (SWE)	- Karma In Black			40min
The Deviant (NOR)	- Ravenous Deathworship			38min  ex-122 Stab Wounds
The Devil's Blood (NL)	- Fire Burning				40min  came with German Rock Hard magazine
The Duskfall (SWE)	- Frailty				41min  ex-Gates Of Ishtar
The Duskfall (SWE)	- Lifetime Supply Of Guilt		38min
The Duskfall (SWE)	- Source				34min
The Dying Light (US)	- Survival Guide To The Apocalypse	26min
The Dying Light (US)	- The Killing Plan MCD			26min
The Embraced (NOR)	- In My Dreams...I Am Armageddon	56min
The Embraced (NOR)	- Songs Of Death  7"			16min
The Embraced (NOR)	- The Birth				60min  fantastic, Abducted from Hypocr. more brutal
The Enchanted (UK)	- For Those Who Fall... MCD		20min
The End	(SWE)		- Promo '95				10min  w. At The Gates/Eucharist members
The End (SWE)           - The End MCD                           20min  like The Haunted, D.Erlandsson on dr.
The Endoparasites (BRA)	- Conoclasty Of Flesh			29min  similar to old Benediciton
The Everdawn (SWE)   	- Opera Of The Damned MCD       	15min
The Everdawn (SWE)   	- Poems Burn The Past           	35min
The Fifth Dominion (IRE)- Towards Elyzium '95			24min  pre-Arcane Sun
The Flesh (NOR)		- Icecold Macabre Lust '94		32min  great Norwegian Dark Death Metal
The Flesh (NOR)         - Storming The Heavens' Gate            34min  powerful Norwegian Death Metal
The Forgotten (US)	- L'Aldila				33min
The Forsaken (SWE)	- Arts Of Desolation			45min
The Forsaken (SWE)	- Manifest Of Hate			48min
The Forsaken (SWE)	- Traces Of The Past			53min
The Funeral Orchestra (SWE) - ODO  7"				17min
The Funeral Orchestra (SWE) - Slow Shalt Be The Whole Of...	46min
The Funeral Orchestra (SWE) - Feeding The Abyss			68min  like very slow torturing Runemagick
The Funeral Orchestra / Ocean Chief (SWE/SWE) - Split LP	33min
The Gates Of Slumber (US) - Like A Plague Upon The Land		65min
The Gates Of Slumber (US) - Conqueror				84min
The Gates Of Slumber (US) - Suffer No Guilt			75min
The Gates Of Slumber (US) - ...The Awakening			45min  very St.Vitus influenced Doom
The Gates Of Slumber (US) - God Wills It  MLP                   44min
The Gates Of Slumber (US) - Villain, Villain			92min
The Gates Of Slumber (US) - The Ice Worm's Lair  MLP 		19min
The Gates Of Slumber / Crowning Glory (US/UK) - Split 7"	 9min
The Gates Of Slumber / Spiritus Mortis (US/FIN) - Split CD	71min
The Gates Of Slumber / T.D.I.D. (US/US) - Split 7"		12min
The Gathering (NL)	- Almost A Dance			54min
The Gathering (NL)	- Always...  LP				36min  one song less than the CD
The Gathering (NL)	- Always...  Re-Release 2-LP		66min  Moonlight Archer dmeo as bonus
The Gathering (NL)	- Downfall: The Early Years  2CD	70min  w. MPEG-CD, concert from 1991
The Gathering (NL)	- May Song  MCD				19min
The Gathering (NL)  	- Comp. tck                     	 7min  from '94, already with Anneke
The Gathering (NL)  	- Kevin's Telescope  MCD                20min
The Gathering (NL)  	- Mandylion                     	54min
The Gathering (NL)  	- Nighttime Birds               	50min
The Gathering (NL)  	- Unrel. Adv. EP '91            	18min  never before released
The Gathering (NL)   	- An Imaginary...Reh./Demo'90		25min
The Gathering / Within Temptation - Split LP			44min  Boot LP from Brasil
The Gerogerigegege (JPN)- Early Dream Exit  7"			14min
The Gerogerigegege (JPN)- Yellow Trash Bazooka  7"		14min
The Great Deceiver (SWE)- Cave-In  MCD				17min  w.Tompa and Wahlin !! Strange HC-Death
The Great Deceiver (SWE)- Terra Incognito			41min
The Great Deceiver (SWE)- A Venom Well Designed			45min
The Grotesquery (SWE)	- Tales Of The Coffin Born		46min  Kam Lee on vox
The Haunted (SWE)	- Made Me Do It / Live Tokyo  2-CD	90min
The Haunted (SWE)	- Made Me Do It				37min  uahhhhhhforgetSlayerhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
The Haunted (SWE)	- One Kill Wonder			42min  Swedish version with 1 bonus tck (12 tx)
The Haunted (SWE)	- The Haunted				42min  ex-At The Gates/Seance members
The Haunted (SWE)	- The Dead Eye				49min  disappointing
The Haunted (SWE)	- Versus LP+CD				80min
The Haunted (SWE)	- rEVOLVEr				44min
The Henchmen (US-CA)    - World Of Sleaze                       55min  Skitzo-project, complete shit
The Henchmen (US-IL)    - s/t  7"                                8min  w.Obituary member
The Heretic (SPA)	- Fallen From Heaven			40min
The Heretic (SPA)	- The Book Of Fate			18min  girlie Black Metal
The Howling Wind (US)	- Tyrannical Deposit In... 7" 		10min
The Judas Iscariot / Seein' Red (US/US) - Split LP		31min  Hardcore crap
The Knell (ISR)		- Harm					52min  Funeral Doom
The Kovenant (NOR)	- In Times Before... Re-Release LP	56min  re-recorded, remastered, worstened
The Krixhjälters (SWE)	- Guineapig Assassinator MLP		12min
The Krixhjälters (SWE)  - A Krixmas Carol  7"                    8min
The Krixhjälters (SWE)  - Evilution                             51min
The Krixhjälters (SWE)  - Hjälter Skelter  MLP                  16min
The Light Of The Dark (MEX) - Beyond Darkness And Hell We Come 	32min
The Light Of the Dark (MEX) - Spiritual Cannibalism		34min
The Marble Icon (SWE)	- Queen Dowager '95			19min
The Marble Icon (SWE)	- Sombre Epigraph '96			25min  fine Doom Death
The Mist (BRA)		- ...Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust MLP	26min
The Mist (BRA)		- Gottverlassen				59min  sounds like older Sepultura
The Mist (BRA)		- Phantasmagoria			39min
The Mist (BRA)		- The Hangman Tree			40min
The Moaning (SWE)	- Blood From Stone			38min  w. Pierre (EVERDAWN), already R.I.P.
The Moaning (SWE)       - Promo '94                     	20min
The Monolith Deathcult (NL) - Triumvirate			60min
The Monolith Deathcult (NL) - The White Crematorium		44min
The Monolith Deathcult (NL) - The Apotheosis			38min  very brutal Death Metal
The Monolith Deathcult (NL) - The White Crematorium 2.0		49min
The Morbid (US)		- Demo '91				17min  ex-Morbid Scream/Necrovore !!!!!!
The Obscene (SWE)	- Demo '92				20min
The Obsessed (US)	- Obsessed				32min
The Project Hate (FIN)	- Killing Helsinki			66min
The Project Hate (FIN)	- Hate,Dominate,Congregate,Eliminate	70min
The Project Hate (SWE)	- Deadmarch: Initiation Of Blasphemy	53min  pre-The Project Hate demo material under diff. name
The Project Hate (SWE)	- Armageddon March Eternal		66min
The Project Hate (SWE)	- Cybersonic Superchrist		61min  w. ex-Grave/Leukemia guys, female vox
The Project Hate (SWE)	- When We Are Done, Your Flesh...	59min  very DeathIndustrial like, fantastic
The Quiet Room (US)	- Reconceive				55min
The Ravenous (US)	- Assembled In Blasphemy 		32min
The Ravenous (US)	- Blood Delerium			35min
The Ravenous (US)	- Three On A Meathook  MCD		18min
The Real (GER)		- Studio tx 12/04 MCDr			21min  ex-The Real Massacre
The Real Massacre (GER) - Tragica Humana Magica  MCDr		29min  fantastic stuff, KrautrockDarkDoomDeath Metal
The Red Planet (NOR)    - Track '91                     	 6min  Fenriz's project
The Rocking Dildos (FIN)- On Speed				32min
The Rotting (SWE)	- The Dead Won't Leave You Alone '10 	21min
The Ruins Of Beverast (GER) - Unlock The Shrine			71min  ex-Nagelfar, but crap
The Satan's Scourge (COL) - ...Of Kaos And Karnage  7"		10min  like some Parabellum/Sarcofago
The Satan's Scourge (COL) - s/t MLP				19min
The Scourger (FIN)	- Blind Date With Violence		71min
The Second Moon (NOR)   - Living Shadows From The... '97        15min
The Spawn Of Satan / Bloodsick (US/US) - Split LP		36min
The Spawn Of Satan / Evil Angel (US/FIN) - Split 7"		13min
The Ugly (SWE)		- Slaves Of Decay			50min
The Unkinds (SWE)	- Violence Is A Girl's Best Friend	35min
The Unsane (US)		- Slap Of Reality			27min  disappointing HC-Thrash
The Vision Bleak (GER)	- s/t  MCD				10min  Empyrium member
The Year Of Our Lord (US) - The Frozen Divide  MCD		23min
The Year Of Our Lord (US) - s/t  CD				58min  similar to At The Gates, but not that heavy
The Zephyr (MEX)	- Celestial Evil God '96		21min
The Zephyr (MEX)	- Celestial Evil God '96		21min
The Zephyr (MEX)	- Fake Measured Smile			37min
The Zephyr (MEX)	- Impure And Divine			39min
Theatre Of Tragedy (NOR)- Velvet Darkness They..     		53min
Thee Plague Of Gentlemen (BEL) - Primula Pestis			49min
Theory In Practice (SWE)- Third Eye Function			38min  unknown DM with difference, Sunlight studio
Theory In Practice (SWE)- The Armageddon Theories		38min
Theory In Practice (SWE)- Colonizing The Sun			48min
Thergothon (FIN)	- Fhtagn-Nagh Yog-Sothoth MCD		26min  the demo on CD, ultra Doom
Thergothon (FIN)	- Stream From The Heavens		41min  Avantgarde Rec. Re-Release, lim. 2000
Thergothon (FIN)     	- Ech-Pi-El-609-Desecratus '93   	 9min
Therion	(SWE)		- Vovin					56min
Therion (SWE)		- Bells Of Doom				37min  sold only through the fanclub, w.Blitzkrieg tx!
Therion (SWE)		- Beyond Sanctorum  Re-Release CD	70min
Therion (SWE)		- Crowning Of Atlantis			51min  incl. 3 livetx, Accept and Manowar cover...
Therion (SWE)		- Deggial				58min
Therion (SWE)		- Gothic Kabbalah			83min
Therion (SWE)		- Lemuria / Sirius B  2-CD		99min
Therion (SWE)		- Lepaca Kliffoth  Digi-Re-Release	49min  w.2 unrel. Bonustx
Therion (SWE)		- Live In Midgard  2-CD		       115min  with some cool old songs
Therion (SWE)		- Of Darkness  Re-Release CD		58min
Therion (SWE)		- Secret Of The Runes			47min
Therion (SWE)		- Symphony Masses... Re-Release		38min  no bonus, no special rerelease
Therion (SWE)		- Time Shall Tell CD			65min  incl. all demos and 7"
Therion (SWE)        	- Theli                         	52min
Therion (SWE)        	- Siren Of The Woods MCD        	18min
Therion (SWE)        	- CD-Compilation-Only tck '95      	 5min
Therion (SWE)        	- A'Arab Zaraq Lucid Dreaming   	73min
Therion (SWE)        	- CD-Comp tck '96               	 5min
Thermal Pulse (NOR)	- Cult Of The Enchanted Rage MCD	20min
Thesyre (CAN)		- Demo '8/02				15min
Thesyre (CAN)		- Duality				29min
Thesyre (CAN)		- Exist!				33min
Thesyre (CAN)		- Resistance				34min
Thesyre (CAN)		- s/t 					26min
Thetragon (POL)		- Gate Of Darkness '98			31min
Thetragon (POL)		- The Everlasting Glance Of Eternity	48min  like As Serenity Fades
Third Stone From The Sun (SWE) - Promo '97			18min
Thirdmoon (AUT)		- Aquis Submersus			50min
Thirdmoon (AUT)		- Bloodforsaken				42min
Thirdmoon (AUT)		- Grotesque Autumnal Weeping		42min
Thirdmoon (AUT)		- Sworn Enemy: Heaven			58min
This Empty Flow (FIN)	- Nowafter				69min  compilation of rare material
This Empty Flow (FIN)	- Magenta Skycode               	53min  ex-Thergothon, emotional and dreamy Guitar-wave
This Ending (SWE)	- Inside The Machine			44min
Thorium (DK)		- Cast From Hell  7"			11min
Thorium (DK)		- Feral Creation			38min  the Death Metal warmachine rages on !! Killer
Thorium (DK)		- Ocean Of Blasphemy			34min
Thorium (DK)		- Unleashing The Demons			37min
Thormenthor (POR)	- s/t  7"				11min  cool Thrash
Thornafire (CHI)	- Mortus Tenebrae Surrectus		33min
Thornafire (CHI)	- Vorex Deconstruccion			41min
Thornclad (SWE)		- Coronation Of The Wicked		43min  Thrash, Thrash, Thrash, killer newcomer
Thornclad (SWE)		- Ravage '97				18min
Thornium (SWE)		- Fides Luciferius			59min
Thornium (SWE)		- Mushroom Clouds And Dusk		39min
Thorns (NOR)		- Stigma Diabolicum			47min
Thorns (NOR)		- Thorns				49min
Thorns (NOR)         	- Adv. 7" '95                   	10min  Norwegian cult legend
Thorns (NOR)		- Stellar Deceit  Bootleg-7"		12min
Thorns Of Hate (MALA) 	- Heretical Dawn Of Apocalypse '11	11min
Thorns Of The Carrion (US) - Promo CDr '03			49min
Thorns Of The Carrion (US) - Eve Songs  CDr			35min
Thorns Of The Carrion (US) - The Story Of The... Promo MCDr '02  8min
Thorns Of The Carrion (US) - The Scarlet Tapestry		73min  excellent DeathDoom
Thorns Of The Carrion (US) - The Gardens Of Dead Winter		54min
Thornspawn (US)		- Blood Of The Holy Taint Thy Steel	37min  w. ex-Necrovore bassplayer
Thornspawn (US)		- Consecration Of Evil Flesh '97	23min
Thornspawn (US)		- Empress From The Realm...  MCD	19min
Thornspawn (US)		- Horns To The Kult  7"			 5min  Necrovore and Beherit covers, ridiculous playing-time
Thornspawn (US)		- Infernal Legions  7"			12min
Thornspawn (US)		- Infernal Allegiance-First Possession  48min  demos on vinyl
Thornspawn (US)		- Sanctified By Satan's Blood		29min
Thornspawn (US)		- Wrath Of War				35min
Thornspawn / Enshadowed (US/GRE) - Split CD			41min
Thornspawn / Kill (US/SWE) - Split 10"				30min
Thornspawn / Unholy Archangel (US/GRE) - Split LP		41min
Thoron (SWE)		- Return To Dust			39min  sounds like old Centinex with drumcomputer
Thorr's Hammer (NOR/US) - Dommedagsnatt				33min  ultradoom, similar to Winter with a female
Thorybos (GER)		- Promo MCDr '10			15min
Those Who Bring The Torture (SWE) - Tank Gasmask Ammo		40min
Those Who Bring The Torture (SWE) - s/t				38min
Thou Art Lord (GRE)	- Apollyon				39min
Thou Art Lord (GRE)	- DV8					41min
Thou Art Lord (GRE)	- Diabolou Archaes Legeones		75min  Eosforos+Apollyon
Thou Art Lord (GRE)	- Orgia Daemonicum			37min
Thou Shalt Suffer (NOR)	- Into The Woods Of Belial		51min
Thralldom (US)          - The Seven Heads Of The Lion... 7"     12min  lame Black Metal
Thrashmachine (RUS)	- Breaking Through The Ranks		41min
Throes Of Dawn (FIN)	- Binding Of The Spirit			46min
Throes Of Dawn (FIN)	- Pakkasherra CD                	45min
Throes Of Dawn (FIN) 	- Pakkasherra  Promo '96        	20min
Thronafire (CHI)	- Exacerbated Gnostic Manifestation	47min
Throne (NL)		- Promo '95				21min
Throne (NL)		- The Ultimate... Reh. 17.5.95		20min  w. Beyond Belief/ex-Asphyx members
Throne (NL)		- MCMXCV: The Ultimate Blasphemy	44min
Throne (POL)		- Beyond The Numbers And... '98		20min
Throne Of Ahaz (SWE) 	- On Twlight Enthroned          	44min
Throne Of Katharsis (NOR) - Helvete  2-LP			54min
Throne Of The Fallen (PER) - s/t  7"				15min
Throneaeon (SWE)	- Demo '95				21min
Throneaeon (SWE)	- Godhate				35min
Throneaeon (SWE)	- Neither Of Gods			42min
Throneaeon (SWE)	- With Sardonic Wrath  MCD		17min  in the Deicide vein
Throneaeon (SWE)     	- Carnage '97                   	15min  in the Deicide/Krabathor vein
Throneum (POL)		- Anti Live Celebration  Live '02	26min
Throneum (POL)		- Bestial Antihuman Evil  MCD		16min
Throneum (POL)		- Ceremonial Abhorrence And Darkness 	38min
Throneum (POL)		- Death Throne Entities			35min  Miasma cover
Throneum (POL)		- Deathcult Conspiracy			31min
Throneum (POL)		- Deathmass Of The Gravedancer		32min  incl. great Imperator and Pandemonium covers
Throneum (POL)		- Decade Of Necrostuprumical...		55min  Best Of with lots of unreleased tracks
Throneum (POL)		- Mutiny Of Death			31min
Throneum (POL)		- Old Death's Lair			34min  old-school Death
Throneum (POL)		- Pestilent Death 			32min
Throneum (POL)		- The Last Morgue  7"			10min
Throneum (POL)		- The Underground Storms... '00		31min
Throneum (POL)		- The Underground Storms Eternally	42min  demo '00 on CD plus 3 Reh tx from '98
Throneum (POL)		- The Unholy Ones  MCD			18min
Throneum (POL)		- Throne: Beyond The Numebrs... '99?	21min
Throneum (POL)          - Streams Of Aggression  7"              9min
Throneum / Anima Damnata (POL/POL) - Split CD			49min  Th: old-school Death, AD: like older Deicide
Throneum / Devilry (POL/FIN) - Split 7"				10min
Throneum / Gravewürm (POL/US) - Split 7"                        12min
Throneum / Incriminated (POL/FIN) - Split 7"			11min
Throneum / Lord Blasphemer (POL/US) - Split 7"			11min
Throneum / Morbid Execution (POL/POL) - Split 7"		13min
Throneum / Necroccultus / Sanctifier (POL/MEX/BRA) - Split CD 	42min  incredibly great Dark Death Metal, especially Necro.
Throneum / Rebellion (POL/POL?) - Split 7"			10min
Throneum / Revelation Of Doom (POL/POL) - Split CD		37min
Throneum / Suicidal Winds (POL/SWE) - Split 7"			12min
Throneum / The Light Of The Dark (POL/MEX) - Split CD		40min
Throneum / The Light Of The Dark (POL/MEX) - Split MC '02	40min
Throneum / The Rebellion (POL/POL?) - Split Tape '03		28min  more tx than the 7"
Thronspawn (US)		- Altars Of The... Live Demo '05	39min  Live 5.12.03, but totally crappy sound
Thrower Hate (POL)	- Mosaic Of Death '9?			36min  old Thrash-Death Metal
Thrown (SWE)		- The Suicidal Kings Occult		41min  ex-Maze Of Torment members
Thrust (US)		- Fist Held High  LP			41min
Thule (NOR)		- Omfavnet Av Svarte Vingar 7"		15min  pre-Taake, demo on 7"
Thule (NOR)          	- Ultima Thule CD '87           	45min
Thunderbolt (POL)	- Apocalyptic Doom			58min
Thunderbolt (POL)	- Black Clouds Over Dark Majesty '97	20min
Thunderbolt (POL)	- Black Clouds Over Dark... 7"		15min  demo presson on vinyl
Thunderbolt (POL)	- Die With Your Religion '02		 8min  killer BlackDeath song !!
Thunderbolt (POL)	- Inhuman Ritual Massmurder		43min
Thunderbolt (POL)	- The Sons Of The Darkness		43min
Thunderbolt (POL)	- The Burning Deed Of Deceit		47min
Thunderbolt / Kataxu (POL/POL) - Split CD			49min  T: good Black, K: crappy Black
Thus Defiled (UK)	- A Darker Beauty  Promo MCDr '00	23min
Thus Defiled (UK)	- Blasphemous Coven I '93		18min
Thus Defiled (UK)	- Daemonspawn				48min
Thus Defiled (UK)	- Enchented By The Dark One II '93	11min
Thus Defiled (UK)	- Fire Serpents Dawn  Promo MCD'02	26min
Thus Defiled (UK)	- Weeping Holocaust Tears		43min
Thus Defiled (UK)	- Wings Of The Nightstorm		50min
Thy Antichrist (COL)	- Wicked Testimonies			42min
Thy Antichrist (COL)	- Wicked Testimonies			42min
Thy Antichrist / Utuk Xul (COL/COL) - Split CD			37min
Thy Disease (POL)	- Cold Skin Obsession			46min  technical Death Metal mixed with keys
Thy Disease (POL)	- Devilish Act Of Creation		47min
Thy Disease (POL)	- Neurotic World Of Guilt		37min
Thy Disease (POL)	- Rat Age (Sworn Kinds Final Verses)	39min
Thy Grief (NOR)		- A Frozen Realm '95			20min
Thy Grief (NOR)		- The Frozen Tomb Of Mankind		51min
Thy Grief Eternal (UK)	- On Blackened Wings  MLP		17min  ex-Lord Of Putrefaction, pure DeathDoom
Thy Grief Eternal / Eternal (UK/UK) - Pre-Electric Wizard...    74min  Lord Of Putrefaction stuff as bonus
Thy Infernal (US)	- Satan's Wrath				30min
Thy Infernal (US)	- Warlords Of Hell			51min
Thy Primordial (SWE)	- At The World Of Untrodden Wonder	51min
Thy Primordial (SWE)	- Pestilence Upon Mankind		51min  bit more Death Metal
Thy Primordial (SWE)	- The Crowning Carnage			44min
Thy Primordial (SWE)	- The Heresy Of an Age Of Reason	49min
Thy Primordial (SWE)	- Under Iskall Troll Mane		45min  rel. 4 years after the recording, Black Metal
Thy Primordial (SWE) 	- Where Only The Seasons...     	44min  unbelievable great Swedish Black Metal !!!
Thy Primordial (SWE) 	- Promo  I '96                  	22min
Thy Primordial (SWE) 	- Adv. CD '96 Under Iskall...   	38min  still unreleased
Thy Primordial (SWE) 	- Promo II '96                  	24min
Thy Primordial (SWE) 	- 7" '96                        	18min
Thy Primordial (SWE)    - De Mörka Makters Alla I '95           32min
Thy Rites (BRA)		- Thy Infernal Coronation		39min  great Death/Black Metal
Thy Serpent (FIN)	- Christcrusher				42min
Thy Serpent (FIN)	- Christcrusher				40min
Thy Serpent (FIN)	- Death  MCD				23min  like old Opeth meets old Katatonia
Thy Serpent (FIN)    	- Forests Of Witchery           	53min
Thy Serpent (FIN)    	- Lords Of Twilight MCD         	37min
Thy Sinister Bloom (IRE)- Thy Temperate Veil... '95		23min
Thyrane	(FIN)		- Black Harmony				36min  Immortal meet some Keyboards, nice
Thyrane (FIN)		- Hypnotic				50min  similar to later Samael
Thyrane (FIN)		- Symphonoes Of Infernality		51min
Thyrfing (SWE)		- Hednaland  CD				28min  both demos on CD
Thyrfing (SWE)		- Hels Vite				52min
Thyrfing (SWE)		- Solen Svartnar  7"			15min
Thyrfing (SWE)		- Thyrfing				38min
Thyrfing (SWE)		- Urkraft				46min
Thyrfing (SWE)		- Valdr Galga				50min
Thyrfing (SWE)		- Vansinnesvisor			43min
Thyrfing (SWE)          - Hednaland '96                         19min  not the CD-rerelease
Tiamat (SWE)		- A Winter Shadow  7"			11min
Tiamat (SWE)		- Live '96				 8min  two livetx, good sound
Tiamat (SWE)		- Live Sweden 7.4.1990  CDr		29min  cool live sound, ltd.50
Tiamat (SWE)		- Sumerian Cry CD			45min
Tiamat (SWE)		- The Sleeping Beauty - Live... MCD	31min  official live CD with good sound
Tiamat / Samael (SWE/SWI) - Split Live CD			74min  Boot-CD from 1994 (same guy who did the Unleashed Boot CD)
Tiburon (SWI)		- Death Rate Sequencer  MCD		20min
Tiburon (SWI)		- Mission Pluto				34min
Tiburon (SWI)		- Sphereshifting  Pic-MLP		21min
Tiburon (SWI)		- Tales Of Malice  Pic-MLP		22min
Tiburon (SWI)		- Tiburon Ataca				37min
Tiburon / Animal Cannibal Process (SWI/SWI) - Split 7"		15min
Tiburon / Eyes See Red (SWI/SWI) - Split 7"			12min
Tiburon / Goatmessiah (SWI/SWI) - Split 7"			13min
Ticket To Hell (MEX)	- Man Made Paradise			41min
Tiger Junkies (JPN)	- D-Beat Street Rock'n Rollers		26min
Tiger Junkies (JPN)     - Sick Of Tiger  7"                     12min
Timeghoul (US)		- Tumultous Travelings '92		26min
Tinieblas (P.RICO)	- Dark Infernal Light			40min
Tinieblas (VENE)	- Hijos Malditos '91/'05		33min
Tirant Sin (US)		- Desecration Of The Grave '87		13min  pre-Levithan, with Chris Barnes
Tishvaisings (GER)	- Catharsis				37min  sound like Necrophagia
Titan Force (US)	- Winner Loser				46min  w.Tyrant Conklin on vocals
Titan Force (US)	- s/t					46min
To Separate The Flesh From The Bones (FIN) - For Those... MCD 	10min  10-song massacre with Amorphis and HIM members
To Separate The Flesh From The Bones (FIN) - Utopia Sadistica 	28min
To What End (SWE)       - And History Repeats Itself  7"         9min  Skitsystem-like Crust, w.female vox !
To What End? (SWE)	- Concealed Below The Surface		38min
To What End? (SWE)	- The Purpose Beyond			28min
To What End? / Witch Hunt (SWE/US) - Split 7"			12min
Tombstalker (US)	- s/t  7"				14min  killer
Tondra (US)		- Frost A Freezing Sun '99		12min  w. Nunslaughter members
Tondra / Nordic Mist (US/US) - Split MCD			22min  Nunslaughter members, Celtic Frost worship
Tonka (NOR)		- ...This Present Darkness...		39min  Thrash from Norway
Toranga (UK)		- Bastard Ballads			35min
Toranga (UK)		- Flexi 7"  (from Rock Hard Nr.38)	 6min
Toranga (UK)		- God's Gift				41min
Torchbearer (SWE)	- Yersinia Pestis			36min  Unmoored, Satariel, Solar Dawn and Setherial members
Torfrom (CHI)           - Desde El Umbral  MCD                  24min
Torment	(SWE)		- Promo '95				15min  pre-Maze Of Torment
Torment (BEL)		- Forgive The Ignorant			48min  brutal Death Metal, slight Demigod/Adramelech influences
Torment (GER)		- Experience A New Dimension Of Fear	45min
Torment / Desertstorm / Minotaur (all GER) - Split CD		56min
Tormented (SWE)		- Graveyard Lust  MLP			26min
Tormented (SWE)		- Rotten Death				34min  incredibly great Swedish Death Metal CD
Tormented / Bombs Of Hades (SWE/SWE) - Split 10"		14min
Tormentor (GER)		- Satan's Day  7"			13min
Tormentor (GER) 	- End Of The World '84          	17min  pre-Kreator, their second demo attack
Tormentor (HUN)		- Anno Domini  Re-Release CD		40min  finally from the master tape, sounds way better than the NAP version
Tormentor (HUN)		- Live In Damnation  7"			17min  good sounding live-bootleg
Tormentor (HUN)		- Live In Hell				48min  "The Sick Years"-CDR Bootleg now on CD
Tormentor (HUN)		- The Sick Years			75min  some Rehearsals, demo recordings
Tormentor (HUN)		- The Tyrant Of Transylvania  7"	 8min
Tormentor (HUN)		- Transylvanian Damnation '??		90min  Demo '87 and '88 on one Bootleg-Tape
Tormentor (HUN) 	- Reh. '8?                      	14min
Tormentor (MEX)		- Visions Of Darkness			39min  pre-Shub Niggurath, cool old Deathtrash
Tormentor (NL)		- Demo'89/'90/Live '91			63min
Tormentor / Destruction (GER/GER) - Split Demos on CD		39min  End Of The World II '84 + Bestial Invasion '83
Tormentress (SIN)	- Thrashing Disorder  7"		12min
Torn (FIN)		- Violent Ecstasy  			27min  like DDD (Demigod, Disgrace, Demilich)
Torn Apart (SWE)	- Craving Pale Flesh MCD		15min
Töronto (SWE)		- Under Siege  MLP			23min
Tortoise Corpse (UK)    - Worlds Got A Problem                  45min
Tortura (CZE)		- Sanctuary Of Abhorrence		44min
Tortura (POR)		- Bitter Tears '96			21min
Torture	(US)		- Storm Alert				51min  very Slayer-like
Torture	(US)		- Terror Kingdom  MLP			25min  ultrarare, Venom/Slayer-like
Torture Division (SWE)	- Evighetens Darar			28min
Torture Division (SWE)	- With Endless Wrath We Bring Upon... 	35min
Torture Killer (FIN)	- For Maggots To Devour			35min  like Six Feet Under, but better !!!
Torture Killer (FIN)	- Swarm					35min
Torture Killer / Sotajumala (FIN/FIN) - Split 7"		13min
Torture Krypt (US)	- Resurrecting The Krypts		44min
Torture Krypt (US)	- Rotted Remnants  MCD			16min
Torture Pulse (FIN)	- Plague Poetry				40min  like Demonical/Fleshcrawl, Mythos-members
Torture Squad (BRA)	- A Soul In Hell '93			25min
Torture Squad (BRA)	- Asylum Of Shadows			38min
Torture Squad (BRA)	- Chaos Corporation  MCD		22min  Brazil-only release
Torture Squad (BRA)	- Death Chaos And Torture Alive		58min
Torture Squad (BRA)	- Pandemonium				39min
Torture Squad (BRA)	- Shivering				39min
Torture Squad (BRA)	- The Unholy Spell			35min
Torture Squad (BRA)	- Unholy Spell  Pic-LP			35min
Torture Throne (FRA)	- Thy Serpent's Cult  MCD		21min
Torturer (CHI)		- Demo '91				19min
Torturer (CHI)		- Live From The Ashes			47min
Torturer (CHI)		- Los Ultimos Tiempos			47min
Torturer (CHI)		- Oppressed By The... Re-Release CD	56min  incl. Kingdom Of The Dark demo
Torturer (CHI)		- Rise From The Ashes			54min  the return of the legend !!!!!!!!!
Torturer (CHI)		- The Flames Of Purification		37min  new stuff, incl. Sadus cover !!!
Torturer (CHI)          - Oppressed By The Force                40min
Torturer / Ritual (CHI/PER) - Split CD				45min
Torturium (FIN)		- Black Lunatic Chaos			49min
Torturium (FIN)		- Deathcult's Temple '05		35min
Torturium (FIN)		- Misanthropic Angels Burning Winds	36min  very similar to Burzum, Sat.Warmaster member
Tortyr (SWE)		- Ingen Kommer Undan			26min
Total Death (ECU)	- Desolate Recollections		48min
Total Death (ECU)	- El Rostro Que Llevamos Dentro		51min
Total Death (ECU)	- Layumas De Ensueno...			44min  melodic Death Metal from Ecuador
Total Death (ECU)	- Silencio De Soledad  7"		14min
Total Death (ECU)	- Somatic				45min
Total Devastation (FIN)	- Roadmap Of Pain			46min
Total Terror (SWE)	- s/t  CD				34min  Dan Swanö crust project
Totem (POL)		- Day Before The End			38min
Toten (US)		- Macabre (The Demos) MCDr		18min  Unholy Black Rec. version
Toten / Contrivisti (US/US) - Split CD				47min  pre-Profanatica from late 80es, totla killer !!!!
Totenkopf (POL)		- Rotting Conscience '92		26min
Totenmond (GER)		- Fleischwald				52min
Totenmond (GER)		- Massacre Shape MCD			23min
Totenmond (GER)      	- Lichtbringer                  	47min
Totenmond (GER)         - Väterchen Frost                       32min
Totten Korps (CHI)	- Our Almighty Lords MCD		24min
Totten Korps (CHI)	- Tharnheim: Ahti-Land Nhi...		40min
Totten Korps (CHI)	- TheKing Of Hell Reclaims His Throne 	55min
Toxaemia (SWE)		- Buried To Rise  2-CD		       138min
Toxaemia (SWE)		- Buried To Rot '91			18min
Toxaemia (SWE)		- Kaleidoscope Lunacy '90		18min
Toxaemia (SWE)		- s/t  7"				14min  old Swedish Death
Toxic (US)		- Think This				54min
Toxic Holocaust (US)	- An Overdose Of Death			37min
Toxic Holocaust (US)	- Conjure And Command			42min
Toxic Holocaust (US)	- Critical Mass '02			22min
Toxic Holocaust (US)	- Critical Mass MLP			22min
Toxic Holocaust (US)	- Demo 2007 MLP				15min
Toxic Holocaust (US)	- Deathmaster  7"			 8min
Toxic Holocaust (US)	- Evil Never Dies			33min
Toxic Holocaust (US)	- Gravelord  7"				 6min
Toxic Holocaust (US)	- Hell On Earth				28min
Toxic Holocaust (US)	- Power From Hell  7"			 8min  incl. Onslaught cover, average sound only
Toxic Holocaust (US)	- Reaper's Grave  5"			 4min
Toxic Holocaust (US)	- Toxic Thrash Metal			37min
Toxic Holocaust / Hellacaust (US/US) - Split Demo CDr '02	34min
Toxic Holocaust / Inepsy (US/US) - Split MLP			11min
Toxic Holocaust / Oprichniki (US/US) - Split 7"                 13min
Toxic Shock (GER)	- Change From Reality			45min  great Thrash from 1988
Toxic Shock (GER)	- Welcome Home...			46min  boring 2nd release
Toxodeth (MEX)		- Demons Black Metal Demons		78min
Toxodeth (MEX)		- Lo Mas Morbido De La Realidad		47min  more experimental than deathy
Toxodeth (MEX)		- Phantasms				46min  demo pressed on vinyl
Toxodeth (MEX)          - Mysteries About Life And Death        43min  strange but great Death Metal
Trallazo (SPA)		- The First Penetration  MCD		13min  sick stuff, Autopsy meets more Grind
Transfixion (BRA)	- The Last Horizon			36min
Transfixion (BRA)	- What's Real?				46min
Transgression (US)	- Cold World				32min  boring HC-Thrash on Manic Ears
Transgression / Apocalypse (US/US) - Split 7"			11min
Transgressor (JPN)	- Ether For Scapegoat			44min  Celtic Frost-like DeathDoom
Transgressor (JPN)	- Morbid Brochus  7"			 7min
Transgressor (JPN)	- Recollected Limbs			72min  best-off CD with rarte demo tx
Transmetal (MEX)	- 20 Anos Ondeando La Bandera... 	44min
Transmetal (MEX)	- Amanecer En El Mausoleo		42min  Best Of
Transmetal (MEX)	- Best Of				54min  from 1995
Transmetal (MEX)	- Burial At Sea				38min
Transmetal (MEX)	- Cronicas De Dolor			28min
Transmetal (MEX)	- Dante's Inferno			32min  engl. version of El Infierno De Dante
Transmetal (MEX)	- Debajo De Los Cielos Purpula		47min  sounds a bit like Mercyful Fate/old King D.
Transmetal (MEX)	- Decadencia En La Modernidad		54min
Transmetal (MEX)	- Desear Un Funeral  MLP		15min
Transmetal (MEX)	- El Amor Supremo			44min
Transmetal (MEX)	- El Despertar De La Adversidad		41min
Transmetal (MEX)	- El Infierno De Dante			32min
Transmetal (MEX)	- El Llamado De La Hemba		35min  some re-recorded songs
Transmetal (MEX)	- En Vivo Vol. II			39min
Transmetal (MEX)	- En Vivo Vol. I			35min
Transmetal (MEX)	- En Vivo Desde Tijuana			61min
Transmetal (MEX)	- Las Alas Del Emperador		48min
Transmetal (MEX)	- Lo Podrido Corona La Immensidad	45min
Transmetal (MEX)	- Mexico Barbaro			62min
Transmetal (MEX)	- Muerto.../Desear... Re-Release CD	40min
Transmetal (MEX)	- Muerto En La Cruz			29min
Transmetal (MEX)	- Odyssey In The Flesh			40min
Transmetal (MEX)	- Progresion Neurotica			38min
Transmetal (MEX)	- Sepelio En El Mar			38min
Transmetal (MEX)	- Temple De Acero			55min  covers of Celtic Frost/Death/Candlemass/Accept/...
Transmetal (MEX)	- Tristeza De Lucifer			44min
Transmetal (MEX)	- XIII Anos En Vivo - Part II		37min  Live Juli 1999 in Mexico
Transmetal (MEX)	- XIII Anos En Vivo - Part I		42min
Transmetal (MEX)	- Zona Muerta				35min
Transmetal (MEX)        - 17 Years Down In Hell                 44min  kinda compilation plus Motörhead cover
Trauma (PER)		- Memories Of Pain			32min
Trauma (POL)		- Archetype Of Chaos			44min
Trauma (POL)		- Comedy Is Over			41min
Trauma (POL)		- Crash Test - Live			46min
Trauma (POL)		- Daimonion				44min  great Death Metal
Trauma (POL)		- DetermiNation				41min
Trauma (POL)		- Hamartia  MCD				22min  bit Swedish sounding now
Trauma (POL)		- Imperfect Like A God			38min
Trauma (POL)		- Invisible Reality '93			25min
Trauma (POL)		- Suffocated In Slumber			42min
Traumatic (SWE)		- The Morbid Act Of A Sadistic... 7"	 9min
Traumatic (SWE)		- The Process Of Raping A.... '90	18min
Traumatic (SWE)         - Spasmodic Climax                      43min  their self released debut CD '95 !!!!!!!!
Traumatic (SWE)		- A Putrid Reek Of Mangled Remains	32min
Traumatic Voyage (GER) 	- Trauma...				73min
Traumatic Voyage (GER) 	- Khiaoscuro				77min
Traumatic Voyage (GER) 	- Traumatized...			66min
Traumatic Voyage (GER) 	- Cogito Ergo Sum			77min
Traumatic Voyage (GER)  - überlebenskunst                       75min
Treblinka (SWE)		- Crawling In Vomits			41min  both demos on LP
Treblinka (SWE)		- Demos '??				43min  Bootleg with both demos
Treblinka (SWE)		- Hellvomit  7"				 9min
Treblinka (SWE)		- Live: Stockholm, 20.11.88		21min
Treblinka (SWE)		- Reh. 3.7.89				 7min  pre-Tiamat, ultraraw Rehearsal
Treblinka (SWE)		- Reh. 3.1.89				 8min
Treblinka (SWE)		- Severe Crawling Pentagram		76min  Mastercult CDr, cool live tx
Treblinka (SWE)		- s/t					93min  7", both demos, Live '89 and Reh. '89
Trelldom (NOR)		- Til Et Annet...			45min
Trelldom (NOR)		- Til Minne...				39min
Tremor (FIN)		- Demo '96				20min
Tremor (FIN)		- The Depth '95				18min  old Finnish Death Metal
Trench Hell (AUS)	- Alcoholic Disaster  7"		10min
Trench Hell (AUS)	- Southern Cross Ripper  MLP		22min
Trench Hell / Assaulter (AUS/AUS) - Split 7"			 9min
Trendkill (SWE)		- No Longer Buried			37min
Trephination (US)	- With War Come Atrocities  MCD		12min
Tribe / Ruin (SCOT/SCOT)- Split LP				29min
Tribulation (NOR)	- Shit '89				 9min  instrumental nothingness, not FIN guys
Tribulation (SWE)	- Clown Of Thorns			41min  Cyco-Punk-Thrash-Rock , (c) by Isten
Tribulation (SWE)	- Posers In Love  Promodemo '90		17min
Tribulation (SWE)	- Pyretic Convulsions  '88		16min  here they still played brutal Thrash
Tribulation (SWE)	- Spicy  MCD				16min
Tribulation (SWE)	- Void Of Compassion '90		17min
Tribulation (SWE-Arvika)- The Ascending Dead '05		15min
Tribulation (SWE-Arvika)- Putrid Rebirth  7"			15min  Thrash massacre
Tribulation (SWE-Arvika)- The Horror				33min
Trifixion (ITA)		- Abschurfungepoch			35min  very weird Metal, very crazy
Trimegisto (CHI)	- Subterranean Streams			40min
Trimonium (GER)		- Blow The Horns			52min
Trimonium (GER)		- Of Warriors And Heroism		41min  in the old epic Desaster vein
Trimonium (GER)		- Son Of A Blizzard			45min
Trimonium / Plagued (GER/IRE) - Split 7"			13min
Trimoniun (GER)		- Blow The Horns  2-LP			61min  2 bonus tx against the CD
Triptykon (SWI)		- Eparistera Daimones			72min  monumental
Triptykon (SWI)		- Shatter  MLP				28min
Triptykon (SWI)		- Melana Chasmata			68min
Triptykon (SWI)		- Requiem				46min
Tristiana (NOR)		- Tristiana '96				28min
Tristitia (SWE)		- Crucidiction				50min
Tristitia (SWE)		- Winds Of Sacrifice '93		16min
Triton Enigma (SWE)	- Black Lies				49min
Triumph (BRA)		- Dominium (The Torment To He)		37min
Triumph (BRA)		- Triumph				44min
Triumphator (SWE)	- The Ultimate Sacrifice  7"		12min  Marduk member, Marduk/Morbid Angel like
Triumphator (SWE)	- Wings Of Antichrist			40min
Troll (NOR)		- Neo-Satanic Supremacy			42min
Troll (NOR)		- The Last Predator			31min
Troll (NOR)		- Universal				36min
Troll (NOR)          	- Trollstorm Over...II '95      	12min
Troll (NOR)          	- Trollstorm Over...MCD         	17min
Troll (NOR)          	- Drep De Kristne               	37min
Trolltjern (NOR)	- Hymner Fra Trolltjern '95		20min
Troops Of Death (CHI)	- Black September '04			19min  Southamerican madness
Troops Of Death (CHI)	- Deathstrike Reh.  MCDr '04		 9min
Trouble (US)		- Assassin  MLP				 7min
Trouble (US)		- Run To The Light			37min
Truppensturm (GER)	- Fields Of Devastation  MLP		24min  totally great Blasphemy/B.Warlust worshippers
Truppensturm (GER)	- Salute To The Iron Emperors		41min
Truppensturm (GER)	- s/t  7"				16min
Tsatthoggua (GER)	- Trans Cunt Whipping			33min
Tsatthogua (GER)	- German Black Metal  7"		 7min
Tsatthogua (GER)     	- Hosanna Bizarre               	34min
Tscabeze (AUS)		- Opus 1				30min
Tsjuder (NOR)		- Atum Nocturnem  Promo '99		14min
Tsjuder (NOR)		- Demonic Possession			41min
Tsjuder (NOR)		- Desert Northern Hell			49min
Tsjuder (NOR)		- Kill For Satan			32min  ex-Isvind, ultraraw Black Metal
Tsjuder (NOR)		- Throne Of The Goat  7"		13min
Tsjuder (SWE)		- Kill For Satan  LP			37min  one bonus tck
Tuchulcha (GER)		- The Sunny Days Are Over  7"		15min  inspiration of Abruptum
Tuchulcha / End Of Silence (GER/GER) - Split MLP		23min
Tudor (CZE)		- 1553-1991  CDr			50min
Tudor (CZE)		- 1558  7"				13min
Tudor (CZE)		- Antikrist: The Best Of 2006		44min  tape-only Best-Of
Tudor (CZE)		- Bloody Mary '93			44min
Tudor (CZE)		- Demo '90 + Demo '91			72min
Tudor (CZE)		- Nekdo Se Diva CDr			44min  some even more morbid stuff than Drakar !!
Tudor (CZE)		- Ultra Black Metal  2-LP		75min  demos on vinyl
Tudor (CZE)		- Zombie XXL  CDr			71min
Tudor (CZE)		- Zralok/Mars  Promo MCDr '04		15min
Tudor (CZE)             - Spalovna 7"                           10min  similar to old Törr and Root
Tudor (CZE)             - Bestie                                36min
Tulus (NOR)		- Biography Obscene			34min
Tulus (NOR)		- Cold Core Collection  2-CD	       110min
Tulus (NOR)		- Midvintermane '95			11min
Tulus (NOR)		- Mysterion				37min
Tulus (NOR)		- Pure Black Energy			31min  w. Dimmu Borgir member
Tulus (NOR)          	- Sanfereus '95                 	20min
Tulus (NOR)             - Evil 1999                             35min
Tumulto / Sign Of Hate (BRA/BRA) - Split CD			43min
Tumulus (GER)		- Wodureid  MCD				16min  totally boring pagan shit
Turbo (POL)		- 1980 - 1990				42min
Turbo (POL)		- Alive!				37min
Turbo (POL)		- Awatar				63min
Turbo (POL)		- Awatar  (pol.version)			46min  everything in the polish language
Turbo (POL)		- Born Evil '85				20min  hell fuckin yes !!!
Turbo (POL)		- Dead End				36min
Turbo (POL)		- Dead End + Alive  Re-Release CD	74min
Turbo (POL)		- Dorosle Dzieci...I Inne Ballady	35min
Turbo (POL)		- Dorosle Dzieci			39min  LP from 1982, pure Heavy Metal
Turbo (POL)		- Dorosle Dzieci  Re-Release CD		57min
Turbo (POL)		- Epidemic				36min  engl.version on LP, it does exist !!!
Turbo (POL)		- Epidemic+One Way  Re-Release CD	71min  with their demo (??) from 92 "One Way"
Turbo (POL)		- Epidemie  LP				36min  polish version of Epidemic
Turbo (POL)		- Kawaleria Szatana			40min
Turbo (POL)		- Last Warrior				40min  fantastic Thrash from Poland anno '88
Turbo (POL)		- Last Warrior  Re-Release CD		48min
Turbo (POL)		- One Way '92				40min  they turned even more into Death Metal
Turbo (POL)		- Ostatni Wojownik  Re-Release CD	41min
Turbo (POL)		- Ostatni Wojownik			36min  original version, a dream !!!!!!!
Turbo (POL)		- Remix '92				58min  remix of "Titanic" release, 2 bonus tx
Turbo (POL)		- Smak Ciszy - Heavy Metal Rock		39min  rel. by a book-club, ultrarare
Turbo (POL)		- Smak...+Kawaleria...Re-Release CD	79min
Turbo (POL)		- Titanic  Re-Release CD		50min  their demo from around 1980 on CD
Turbo (POL)		- Tozsamosc 2-CD		       128min  incl. acoustic-only Bonus CD
Turbo (POL)		- Tozsamosc				56min
Turbo (POL)		- s/t  7"				10min  their debut 7" from around 1979
Turbocharged (SWE)	- Anti X-tian				41min
Twilight (GRE)		- ...And With Twilight They Return	41min  keyboard Blakc Metal
Twin Obscenity (NOR)	- Bloodstone				40min
Twin Obscenity (NOR)	- For Blood Honour And Soil		46min
Twin Obscenity (NOR) 	- Where Light Touches None      	38min
Twin Obscenity (NOR) 	- Revelations Of Glaaki '95     	20min
Tyant (JPN)		- Grimoires				75min
Tyburn (SWE)		- In My Mind '92			14min
Tynator (US)		- Living In Pain  MLP			32min
Tynator (US)		- Torture By Sound '87			19min
Typhon (COL)		- Unholy Triology			47min  Masacre meets old Heavy Metal
Typhus (US)		- Profound Blasphemous Proclamation	46min
Typhus / Crowned In Semen (US/US) - Split 7"			10min
Tyr (FAROE)		- Eric The Red				61min
Tyr (FAROE)		- How Far To Asgaard			74min
Tyr (FAROE)		- Olavur Riddararos  MCD		12min
Tyr (FAROE)		- Ragnarok				61min
Tyrannicide (US)	- Demo '85				10min
Tyrannicide (US)	- Hiding Under White II '87		21min
Tyrannicide (US)	- s/t  7"				 7min
Tyranny (FIN)		- Bleak Vistae				45min  more Firebox Rec. Dooooooom
Tyranny (FIN)		- Tides Of Awakening			67min  unbelievable ! Fantastic DeathDoom !!!
Tyranny (GER)		- In Times Of Tyranny MCD		18min
Tyrant (AUS) 		- Ride Of The Tyrant Prince '97 	20min
Tyrant (GER)		- Blind Revolution			39min  their last Studio-record before the split
Tyrant (GER)		- Fight For Your Life			37min  old German Metal from my hometown
Tyrant (GER)		- Live And Crazy			45min  last sign of life1990
Tyrant (GER)		- Mean Machine				38min  the debut, legendary German Metal
Tyrant (GER)		- Metal Rules CD			37min  CD-version of Fighting For...
Tyrant (GER)		- Ruling The World			39min  original LP-version of Blind Revolution-CD
Tyrant (GER)		- Running Hot				39min
Tyrant (JPN)		- Legend				52min
Tyrant (JPN)		- Under The Dark Mystic Sky		46min
Tyrant (SWE)		- Reclaim The Flame			29min  BlackThrash massacre
Tyrant (SWE)		- Rise Of The Fallen '98		20min  pre-The Legion
Tyrant (US)		- Legions Of The Dead			46min
Tyrant (US)		- Too Late To Pray			46min
Tyrant Trooper (US)	- Insane Sickness...			48min
Tyrants Blood (CAN)	- Crushing Onward Into Oblivion		32min
Tyrants Blood (CAN)	- Prophecy  MCD				21min
Tyrants Blood (CAN)	- s/t					44min  ex-Witches Hammer/Blasphemy
Tyrranicide (US)	- God Save The Scene			42min
Tyrus (AUS)		- Demo III 8/86				 7min  pre-Hobbs Angel Of Death
Tzun Tzu (AUS)		- Kunoichi MCD				17min
Tzun Tzu (AUS)		- Without Zen  MCD			14min  nearly the complete Martire lineup
Törr (CZE)		- Inferno Nocturno			71min  Live CD
Törr (CZE)              - Gallery  2-CD                        143min  all 4 CDs, remastered but no bonus tx
Törr (CZE)              - Witchhammer 2-LP                      92min
Törr (CZE)              - Inkubatörr  3-CD                     204min
Törr (CZE)              - Chipni O Kus Dal                      35min
Törr (CZE)              - Tanec Svatyho Vita                    40min  total crap from 2000, Metal goes Techno
Törr (CZE)              - Witchhammer '86                       35min
Törr (CZE)              - Kult Ohne  7"                         10min  aaaaarghhhhhhhh Thrash  !!!!!
Törr (CZE)              - Morituri Te Salutant                  44min
Törr (CZE)              - Made In Hell                          45min  back in 2003 !!!! Thrash like in 1990 !!!!
Törr (CZE)              - Törritorium                           48min
Törr (CZE)              - Armageddon                            42min  very Celtic Frost-like Czech band from '90
Törr (CZE)              - Live  CD                              55min
Törr (CZE)              - Kladivo Na Casojejnice '89            36min  already Celtic Frost influenced
Törr (CZE)              - 1986-1989     Kladivo Na Casodejnice  37min  very old tx of this legend
Törr (CZE)              - Institut Klinicke Smrti               42min  now a bit like Master's Hammer meets Sodom
U.D.O. (GER)         	- Time Bomb                     	39min
U.D.O. (GER)         	- Animal House                  	45min
Ulcerate Fester (NL)	- Souled Out				49min
Ulcerate Fester (NL)	- Sonatorrek				50min
Ulcerous Phlegm (GER)	- Sick Evolution '92			28min
Ulcerous Phlegm (GER)	- Kaju Core 1990-1992  unrel. 2-CDr    140min  never released by Obliteration Rec.
Ulcerous Phlegm (GER)	- International Problems Can't Be... 7"	10min  Blood-like debut Grind 7"
Ulcerous Phlegm (GER)   - s/t  7"                               11min  more Swedish Döds Metal, great Nihilist cover
Ulcerous Phlegm (GER) 	- Phlegm As A Last Consequence		41min
Ulcus (NOR)		- Cherish The Obscure			48min  old Norwegian Black Metal with synth
Ulver (NOR)		- The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell  2CD 101min
Ulver (NOR)		- Vargnatt  10"				29min
Ulver (NOR)          	- The Madrigal Of The Night     	46min
Ulver / Immortal (NOR/NOR) - Split CD				36min
Umbilical Strangulation (US) - Mutilated MCD			17min
Unanimated (SWE)	- Fire Storm '91			21min
Unanimated (SWE)	- In The Light Of Darkness		47min
Unanimated (SWE)    	- Ancient God Of Evil           	45min
Unanimated (SWE)     	- CD-Bonus tck from "Dreaming.."	 4min  Venom coverversion
Unaussprechlichen Kulten (CHI) - Esoteric Oder Of Dagon '02	36min
Unaussprechlichen Kulten (CHI) - Wake Up In The Night Of...	29min
Unaussprechlichen Kulten (CHI) - People Of The Monolith 	28min
Unborn (POL)		- Unbirthday '90			17min  Doc's first band
Unbounded Terror (SPA)	- Nest Of Affliction			34min
Uncanny (SWE)		- MCMXCI - MCMXCIV 3-LP			92min
Uncanny (SWE)           - Transportation To The Uncanny '91     18min  totally underrated Death Metal Gods
Unconsecrated (SPA)	- Dark Awakening			60min
Unconsecrated (SPA)	- Slave To The Grave 7"			13min
Uncreation (SPA)	- Death To Humanity  3"-MCD		16min
Uncreation (SPA)	- s/t  MCD				17min
Uncreation's Dawn (FIN)	- Uncelestial  7"			11min
Uncreation's Dawn (FIN)	- Lightning Hammer Falls		37min
Uncreation's Dawn (FIN)	- Deathmarch Over God's Kingdom		44min
Uncreation's Dawn (FIN) - Death's Tyranny                       59min  very good BlackMetal
Uncurbed (SWE)		- A Nightmare In Daylight		33min
Uncurbed (SWE)		- Back From The Ditch			39min  more grindy Crust again, they sound pretty pissed
Uncurbed (SWE)		- Keeps The Banner High			32min
Uncurbed (SWE)		- Mental Disorder  MCD			20min
Uncurbed (SWE)		- PeaceLovePunkLife			30min  Crust Crust Crust
Uncurbed (SWE)		- Punk And Anger			32min
Uncurbed (SWE)		- Punks On Parole			35min
Uncurbed (SWE)		- The Strike Of Mankind			30min  brutal Crust, produced in Gorysound
Uncurbed (SWE)		- Turmoil				38min  again a great record
Uncurbed (SWE)		- Welcome To Anarcho City		41min  great Crust
Uncurbed (SWE)          - Ackord För Frihet  10"                16min
Uncurbed / Autoritär (SWE/GER) - Split 7"                       12min
Uncurbed / My Cold Embrace (SWE/GER) - Split 7"			 7min
Uncurbed / S.G.R. (SWE/SWE) - Split 7"				12min  S.G.R. now playing more Crust/HC
Uncurbed / Warvictims (SWE/SWE) - Split LP			38min
Undead Creep (ITA)	- The Ever-Burning Torch		36min
Under Black Clouds (GER)- As Darkness Falls          		45min
Under Black Clouds (GER)- Dawn					44min
Under Black Clouds (GER)- As Darkness Falls			46min
Undercroft (CHI)	- Bastard Live Hamburg			45min  Live + 3 studiotx
Undercroft (CHI)	- Bonebreaker				35min
Undercroft (CHI)	- Danza Macabre				38min  brutal Thrash without mercy
Undercroft (CHI)	- Demons, Awake, Avenge Is Near '93	24min
Undercroft (CHI)	- Enemigo  MCD				 7min
Undercroft (CHI)	- Evilusion				33min
Undercroft (CHI)        - Twisted Souls                         46min  Underground Death Metal
Undercroft (CHI)        - To The Final Battle '93               20min
Undercroft (COL)	- ReDEMOlition				58min
Undergang (DK)		- Haevntörst  Flexi-7"			 6min
Undergang (DK)		- Indhentet Af Döden			33min  great Death Metal
Undergang (DK)		- Till Doden Os Skiller			47min
Underlord (CAN)		- Rise Of The Ancient Kings		37min  sounds like Celtic Frost/Hellhammer/Warfare
Undimensional (US)	- Demo MCDr '08				24min
Undivine (SWE)		- A Deceitful Calm			38min
Undivine (SWE)		- Behind The Eyes  Demo MCDr '06	22min
Unearthly Trance (US)	- Season Of Seance, Silence Is Silence	54min
Ungod (GER)		- Cloaked In Eternal Darkness		43min
Ungod (GER)		- In Numele Metalului Est-European	37min  Tribute to old East-Eurpean Metal
Ungod (GER)		- s/t  MLP				21min
Ungod / Mort (GER/GER) 	- Split 7"				13min
Ungod / Sacrilegious Rite (GER/GER) - Split 7"			12min
Ungodly (BRA)		- Hate Celebration  MCD			14min
Ungodly (BRA)		- s/t					39min  impressive Thrash CD
Ungodly (US)		- Defiled Dismembered Desecrated	28min
Unhola (FIN)		- Inferno				42min  like Crimson Midvinter, killer Black
Unhola (FIN)		- Mustan Syvyyden Trulet... '97		25min
Unhola (FIN)            - Minä Olen Tie '98                     19min
Unholier (MEX)		- Adv. CDr '11				31min  with old songs from 90es on CD now
Unholy (FIN)		- Demo 11/90 + Procession... 2-LP	46min
Unholy (FIN)		- From The Shadows			63min  rereleased
Unholy (FIN)		- Gracefallen				63min
Unholy (FIN)		- Rapture				68min
Unholy (FIN)		- Trip To... Re-Release MLP		23min
Unholy (SWE)		- Abused  MCD				20min  Swedish Death, like Lobotomy
Unholy Archangel (GRE)	- Blessed By Aris  7"			10min
Unholy Archangel (GRE)	- The Wrath Of Kosmosistis  10"		18min
Unholy Archangel (GRE)	- Obsessed By War			32min
Unholy Archangel (GRE)	- The Demos				38min
Unholy Crucifix (US)	- Morbid Edifice  7"			11min
Unholy Crucifix (US)	- The Rite Of Satan  7"			12min
Unholy Crucifix (US)	- Vile Odeors In The Nave  7"		 8min
Unholy Death (US)	- Demo '94				13min  like old Kaamos
Unholy Death (US)	- s/t  7"				10min  strange Death Metal with drumcomputer
Unholy Flames (BRA)	- Christian Denial  MCD			21min
Unholy Force (CHI)	- Unholy Attack Of Satanic... MCDr	26min
Unholy Ghost (US)	- Torrential Reign			39min  ex-Diabolic and Pessimist members
Unholy Lust (US)	- Taste The Sin Through Fire		41min
Union (POL)		- Christ Agony				47min  ex-Christ Agony
Unleashed (SWE)		- ...And All Laughter Has Died  CD	73min  incl. all demos and live
Unleashed (SWE)		- And The Laughter Has Died... 7"	 9min
Unleashed (SWE)		- As Yggdrasil Trembles			45min
Unleashed (SWE)		- Eastern Blood - Hail To Poland	79min  live '95 and live '92
Unleashed (SWE)		- Hammer Battalion			47min
Unleashed (SWE)		- Live In Vienna '93			53min
Unleashed (SWE)		- Live March 93  CD			53min  the bootleg, which resulted in the Vienna CD
Unleashed (SWE)		- Sworn Allegiance			44min  great Death Metal, even Thrash hints
Unleashed (SWE)		- The Hunt For White Christ  MCD	23min  came with Legacy #117
Unleashed (SWE)		- Where No Life Dwells  Re-Release	63min
Unleashed (SWE)      	- Warrior                       	42min
Unleashed (SWE)         - Midvinterblot                         47min  incredible. Just awesome Döds Metal again
Unleashed (SWE)         - Hell's Unleashed  LP                  46min  Motörhead cover as bonus
Unlight Order (SWE)	- Through The Gates Of Torment MCD 	20min
Unlord (NL)		- Gladiator				34min  more in the Marduk vein now
Unlord (NL)		- Lord Of Beneath			33min
Unlord (NL)             - Schwarzwald                           45min
Unmoored (SWE)		- Cimmerian				38min
Unmoored (SWE)		- Indefinite Soul-Extension		46min
Unmoored (SWE)		- Kingdoms Greed			74min  like Hypocrisy, but better !!!
Unmoored (SWE)		- More To The Story Than... '97		23min
Unpure (SWE)		- Demo II '93				20min
Unpure (SWE)		- Promo '98				21min
Unpure (SWE)		- Trinity In Black			45min  thrashy return, great
Unpure (SWE)		- World Collapse			52min
Unpure (SWE)         	- Coldland                      	36min
Unreal (ITA)		- Eclipse '96				28min  lame Melodic Death
Unseen Terror (UK)	- Human Error 				36min
Unveiled (FIN)		- Anti-God Behavior			41min  very good Black Metal
Unveiled (FIN)		- Suicide Inc.  7"			12min
Upwards Of Endtime (US) - From Genesis To Apocalypse...		54min
Uraeus (BRA)		- Supremo Lucifer-Ra  7"		14min
Urfaust (NL)		- Geist Ist Teufel			50min
Urgard (FIN)		- Nightly Verses Promo/Demo '97		17min
Urgehal	(NOR)		- Massive Terrestial Strike		37min  Speed/Thrash/lame-Black Metal
Urgehal (NOR)		- Atomkinder				29min
Urgehal (NOR)		- Atomkinder  Re-Release LP		50min  4 Live bonxtx
Urgehal (NOR)		- Death Is Complete  7"			11min
Urgehal (NOR)		- Demonrape  7"				10min
Urgehal (NOR)		- Goatcraft Torment			50min
Urgehal (NOR)		- Ikonoklast				57min
Urgehal (NOR)		- Rise Of Monument '95			21min
Urgehal (NOR)		- The Eternal Eclipse - 15 Years Of...	37min  jubileum CD, but only 37min ? Ridiculous...
Urgehal (NOR)		- Through Thick Fog Till Death		57min  Black Black Black, Norway's best !!!!
Urgehal (NOR)        	- Arma Christi                  	47min
Urgehal (NOR)        	- CD-Comp. tx '97                  	14min
Urgehal / Beastcraft (NOR/NOR) - Split 7"			 8min
Urgrund (AUS)		- Battle Skin  7"			10min  incl. Sodom cover of Ausgebombt
Urgrund (AUS)		- Disciples Of Supremacy		47min
Urgrund (AUS)		- Drenched In Blood  MCD		17min  7" and some bonus tx
Urgrund (AUS)		- The Graven Sign			37min
Urgrund (AUS)		- Unchangeable Fate			43min
Urgrund (AUS)		- Warlore  7"				13min
Urkraft (DK)		- Demo MCDr '02	(version 2)		20min
Urkraft (DK)		- Eternal Cosmic Slaughter		43min  great Death Metal !!!!
Urkraft (DK)		- The Inhuman Aberration		45min
Urn (FIN)		- 666 Megatons				36min
Urn (FIN)		- Dawn Of Devastation			42min
Urn (FIN)		- I Am Your Nightmare  10"		18min
Urn (FIN)		- Soul Destroyers			47min  great blackened Thrash, their best stuff
Urn / Evoked Curse (FIN/FIN) - Split Demo '97			35min
Usipian (DK)		- Clouded Restrainment  7"		11min
Usipian (DK)		- Dead Corner Of The Eye		49min  brutal Death Metal
Usipian (DK)		- In Skinless Form  MCD			25min
Usurper	(US)		- II: Skeletal Season 			41min  uhhhhhhh, Celtic Frost in the 90ies
Usurper (NL)		- Chants Of Traducement '87		26min
Usurper (NL)		- Demo III '88				13min
Usurper (NL)		- Divine Spiritual And Intellectual...	43min  unknown Thrashband from around 1988
Usurper (US)		- Cryptobeast 				39min
Usurper (US)		- Diabolosis  LP			49min  one bonus tck
Usurper (US)		- Necronemesis				53min
Usurper (US)		- Threshold Of The... Re-Release LP	43min
Usurper (US)		- Twilight Dominion			59min  brutal old-school Death., killer
Usurper (US)		- Visions From The Gods  CD		43min  demo  + rare + live +new stuff
Usurper (US)        	- Threshold Of The Usurper MCD  	34min  Celtic Frost of the 90s
Usurpress (SWE)		- Demo MCDr '10 MCDr			12min
Usurpress (SWE)		- Tales Of Possessors  7"		12min
Utgard (FIN)		- Northen Glory '95			38min
Utgard (FIN)		- Thrones And Dominions			46min  very good Black Metal
Utgard (FIN)		- s/t 					41min
Utuk Xul (COL)		- The Goat Of The Black Possession	45min
Utuk Xul (COL)		- Whispers Of Yessod 			47min
Utuk Xul / Mephiztophel (COL/COL) - Split CD			53min
Utumno (NOR)		- Syn An Eir Ukjend Cid '98		25min
V.A.R. (CZE)		- Fifteen Years Fast Like Bikila 7"	12min
V.A.R. (CZE)		- Neni Se Kam Skryt/Brutalni Chaos 2-CDr 78min  Bonus Video CD
V.A.R. (CZE)		- No Place To Hide			43min  demo on LP
V.A.R. (CZE)		- Rozdvojen Ale Schopen			43min
V.A.R. (CZE)            - Zavislost                             45min
V.A.R. (CZE)            - Pod Vodou                             45min
V.A.R. (CZE)            - Personal Destruction                  40min
VII Arcano (ITA)	- Gather My Blood Forever  7"		12min
VII Arcano (ITA)	- Inner Deathscapes			36min  At The Gates fans
Vacant Coffin (FIN)	- Sewer Skullpture			34min
Vader (POL)		- Adv.CD '92 The Ultimate Incantation 	37min  recorded in Sunlight studio, sounds more like a demo
Vader (POL)		- Angel Of Death  MCD			12min
Vader (POL)		- Beware The Beast MCD			 7min
Vader (POL)		- Blood  MCD				27min  great Thin Lizzy cover
Vader (POL)		- De Profundis				34min
Vader (POL)		- Impressions In Blood			36min
Vader (POL)		- Kingdom MCD				28min
Vader (POL)		- Lead Us!!!  MCD			16min
Vader (POL)		- Litany				31min
Vader (POL)		- Live In Decay Reh./Demo '86		21min
Vader (POL)		- Live In Japan				62min
Vader (POL)		- Necrolust '89				16min
Vader (POL)		- Necropolis				39min
Vader (POL)		- Reborn In Chaos  CD			40min  both Demos (Morbid Reich '89, Necrolust '88)
Vader (POL)		- Revelations				35min  killer, LP comes with one bonus tck
Vader (POL)		- The Art Of War  MLP			15min
Vader (POL)		- The Beast				37min  finally some variation and new structures !!
Vader (POL)		- The Darkest Age  Live '93		54min
Vader (POL)          	- The Ultimate Incantation LP   	46min
Vader (POL)          	- The Ultimate Incantation CD   	50min  including one CD-Bonustck
Vader (POL)          	- Live Stuttgart  13.6.95       	45min
Vader (POL)          	- Black To The Blind            	29min  FANTASTIC new one, best Polish band ever
Vader (POL)          	- Future Of The Past            	37min
Vader / Grave (POL/SWE) - Live At Valvet: 14.02.1993		85min  both bands supporting Bolt Thrower
Valar (FIN)		- Magic And Wyrmfire			41min  Hin Onde meets Parnassus/Octinomos
Vale Of Siddim (GER)	- Tormented By Witchcraft  7"		11min
Valhall (NOR)		- Heading For Mars			42min
Valhall (NOR)		- Moonstoned				42min  Sabbath-Doom with Fenriz
Valhall (NOR)   	- Pagan Token '91                       21min
Valhall (NOR)        	- Castle Of Death '88           	20min
Valhalla (BRA)		- ...In the Darkness Of Limb		30min  all-girl Death Metal band. Killer !!!
Valhalla (BRA)		- Petrean Self				50min
Valkyrja (SWE)		- Contamination				58min
Vallenfyre (UK)		- A Fragile King			47min
Vallenfyre (UK)		- Desecration  7"			11min  great UK DoomDeath, MDB and Paradise Lost members
Vallenfyre (UK)		- Splinters				44min
Vallenfyre (UK)		- Fear Those Who Fear Him		78min
Vanhelgd (SWE)		- Church Of Death			35min
Vanhelgd (SWE)		- Cult Of Lazarus			37min
Vanhelgd (SWE)		- Praise The Serpent  MLP		 9min
Vanity (GRE)		- Enslaved				42min  like very old Katatonia
Vanize (GER)         	- Demo '92                      	13min  Teutonic Heavy Metal
Varahtron (GRE)		- The Grim Palace '97/'08		15min  re-released on Ancient Spirit Rec.
Varathron (GRE)		- Crowsreign				65min  fantastic, mystic, great oriental influences
Varathron (GRE)		- Genesis Of... Re-Release 3-LP	       110min
Varathron (GRE)		- Genesis Of Apo... Re-Release CD	50min  two bonus tx
Varathron (GRE)		- Live At The Swamp '91			42min  rel. by Time Before Time in '04
Varathron (GRE)		- One Step Beyond Dreams  7"		12min
Varathron (GRE)		- Procreation Of Unaltered Evil '89	10min
Varathron (GRE)		- Stygian Forces Of Scorn		49min
Varathron (GRE)		- The Lament Of Gods  MCD		26min
Varathron (GRE)		- Varathron 1989-1991			52min
Varathron (GRE)		- Walpurgisnacht			41min
Varathron / Desolation (GRE/GRE) - Split 7"			10min
Varech (FRA)		- Coldead Marble Memories		74min  came with Legacy #101
Varg (GER)		- Legacy EP  CD				58min  came with Legacy #80
Vargavinter (SWE)       - Frostfödd                             39min
Vargsang (GER)		- Call Of The Nightwolves		36min
Vargsang (GER)		- Throne Of The Forgotten		50min
Vargsang (GER)		- Werewolf Of Wysteria			41min
Vargsang / Armaggedon (GER/FRA) - Split 7"			10min
Vargsriket (AUT)        - Satanic Execution Commando...         30min  violent stuff, but average
Vasaeleth / Vorum (US/FIN) - Split 7"				11min
Vassafor (NZL)		- Southern Vassaforian Hell  7"		12min
Vassafor (NZL)		- s/t  MCD				39min
Vassago (SWE)		- Knights From Hell			33min
Vassago (SWE)        	- Nattflykt '95                 	25min
Vassago (SWE)           - Promo '94                             20min
Vassago (SWE)           - Knights From Hell  Adv.CD '99         33min
Vassago/Antichrist (SWE/GER) - Hail War Split-LP		46min
Vectom (GER)		- Rules Of Mystery			38min  German Speed/Thrash from '87
Vectom (GER)		- Speed Revolution			34min
Vektor (US)		- Black Future				69min
Velvet Thorns (POL)	- Where Demons Rise			44min  sometimes like Argentum
Vemoth (SWE)		- The Upcoming End			35min
Vemoth (SWE)            - Köttkroksvals                         42min  similar to Arckanum
Vendetta (?)		- Somewhere In the Night  7"		 8min  not the German Thrashers, lame Hard Rock
Vendetta (GER)		- Brain Damage				37min
Vendetta (GER)		- Go And Live...			36min
Vendetta (SWI)		- s/t  7"				12min  Punk from 1994, on Desert Engine Rec.
Venenum (GER)		- Demo '11				29min  great Dark Death Metal
Venenum (GER)		- Trance Of Death			51min
Veneral Disease (GER)	- Sworn To Hate  2-CD			50min
Veneral Disease (GER)	- Perpetual Pain Procedure		36min
Veneral Disease (GER)	- Verdicts				44min  killer German Death Metal
Veneral Disease (GER)	- Superior Supremacy			40min
Veneral Disease (GER)	- Wrathfate  MCD			16min  American-styled Death/Grind, killer sound
Vengeance Rising (US)	- Human Sacrifice			38min
Venien (US)		- Tribal Blood  7"			11min
Venom (UK)		- American Assault  MLP			23min  I bought it for $5, hell yeah, hahaha
Venom (UK)		- Cast In Stone				87min  together with the Bonus-CD
Venom (UK)		- Live Eindhoven Holland  Do.-LP	64min  Video-CD on LP, Bootleg ?
Venom (UK)		- Metal Black				58min
Venom (UK)		- Official Bootleg			56min
Venom (UK)		- Prime Evil				40min
Venom (UK)		- Resurrection				56min
Venom (UK)		- Satanachist '93			61min  rare live songs, Witchcraft Zine Rec.
Venom (UK)		- Skeletons In The Closet		73min  lots of rare and unreleased stuff
Venom (UK)		- To Hell And Back  7"			15min
Venom (UK)         	- Venom '96  MCD                	18min
Venom (UK)          	- Black Reign                   	73min
Venom (UK)          	- The Second Coming             	53min
Vergelmer (SWE)		- In The Dead Of Winter Reh. '93	28min
Vergelmer (SWE)		- Orgio Malitae CDr			51min  rec. from '95 (Abyss studio) and Reh. '94
Vergelmer (SWE)      	- Light The Black Flame         	49min
Vergelmir (DK)  	- Promo '95                     	33min  nice Folk-Black Metal
Verivala (FIN)		- Uuden Aamun Sarastus  7"		14min
Verivala (FIN)		- Voittomme				31min
Verivala / The Shadow Order (FIN/GRE) - Split 7"                11min
Verivala / Vulva Infernum (FIN/FRA) - Split 7"			10min
Vermin (NL)		- A Nihilistic Swarm			49min
Vermin (SWE)		- Demo '92				20min
Vermin (SWE)		- Filthy F***ing Vermin			42min
Vermin (SWE)		- Life Is Pain '92			14min
Vermin (SWE)		- Millenium Ride			43min
Vermin (SWE)		- Plunge Into Oblivion			37min
Vermin (SWE)		- Scum Of The Earth '93			19min
Vermin (SWE)            - Obedience To Insanity                 50min  Swedish Death/Grind from '92
Verminous (SWE)		- Impious Sacrifice			31min  Excruciate/Epitaph/Nihilist-fans
Verminous (SWE)		- Smell The Birth Of Death  7"		13min
Vesania (POL)		- God The Lux				66min
Vesania (POL)           - Firefrost Arcanum                     52min
Vesen (NOR)		- Desperate Mindless Aggression 	44min
Vesen (NOR)		- Masterpiece MCDr '02			25min  ugly Old school Black Thrash, like Aura Noir
Vesen (NOR)		- Ugly					47min  great old-school Black Metal, Aura Noir playing 1987-89 stuff
Veternus (SWE)		- Awakening The Grave  7"		 8min
Veternus (SWE)		- Perpetual Insanity '09		13min  great Dödsmetall
Vex (GER)		- Act Of Revenge			44min
Vex (GER)		- Uncontrolled Aggression MCD		19min
Vexed (ITA)		- Destruction Warfare			39min
Vexed (ITA)		- Endless Armageddon  Re-Release CD 	35min
Vexed (ITA)		- Nightmare Holocaust			38min
Vexed (ITA)		- Promo CDr '01				31min
Vexed (ITA)             - Hellblast Extinction                  50min
Vexed / Farscape (ITA/BRA) - Split Demo '02			44min
Vibrion (ARG)		- Closed Frontier			34min  heavily influenced by old Swedish Death
Vibrion (ARG)		- Diseased				33min
Vibrion (ARG)		- Erradicated Life  MCD			20min
Vibrion (ARG)		- Erradicated Life  7"			12min
Vicious (SWE)		- Emotionally Disqualified		45min
Vicious (SWE)		- Vile, Vicious And Victorious		36min  Throneaeon, Carnal Forge and Skyfire members
Vicious Art (SWE)	- Fire Falls And The Waiting Waters	44min  Dods Metal allstar project
Vicious Art (SWE)	- Weed The Wild  Re-Release 7"		12min
Vicious Art (SWE)	- Weed The Wild  MCDr			12min  great Death Metal, from these ex-Grave guys
Vicious Circle (US)	- Cryptic Void				39min
Victimized (POL)	- Victimized '94			45min
Victimizer (DK)		- Communist Crusher  7"			17min  dirty BlackSpeedThrash orgy
Victimizer (DK)		- Rapid Thrashing Violence  7"		14min
Victimizer (DK)		- Rapid Thrashing Violence  MCD		69min
Victimizer (DK)		- Resurrected Abominations  MLP		24min
Victimizer (DK)		- The Final Assault			41min
Victimizer (DK)		- Unholy Banners Of Victimzer		32min
Victimizer (DK)		- Unholy Banner Of War '01		20min
Victims Of Internal Decay (US) - s/t CD				44min
Vidres A La Sang (SPA)	- s/t					35min  fantastic Death Metal
Vidres A La Sang (SPA)	- Som					54min  sounds a bit like Armoured Angel, awesome
Vidres A La Sang (SPA)	- Endins				39min
Vidsyn (NOR)		- On Frostbitten Path... MCDr '04	24min  like Immortal, with Hellhammer and N.Culto
Viking Crown (US)	- Unorthodox Steps Of Ritual MLP	24min  Phil Anselmo's Black Metal crap project
Villains (US)		- Drenched In Blood			29min
Villains (US)		- Lifecode Of Decadence			38min
Villains (US)		- Live CBGB '06				32min
Villains (US)		- Road To Ruin				27min
Villains (US)		- s/t  7"				 9min
Vinterland (SWE)     	- Welcome My Last Chapter       	50min
Vinterriket (GER)	- ...Und Die Nacht Kam Schweren...	65min  only keyboard stuff, similar to Wongraven
Vinterriket (GER)	- Promo '02				29min
Vinterriket (GER)	- Winterschatten			45min  at least some songs with guitars
Vinterriket (GER)       - Stürme Der Letzten Stille '01         37min  Summoning/Parnassus/Limbonic Art style
Vinterriket (GER)       - Adv. Promo 7" Kälte '02               14min
Vintersemestre (FIN) 	- Adv. 7" '95                   	 8min
Vintersemestre (FIN)    - Kirkkokyrpä                           46min
Vio-lence (US)          - Eternal Nighmare                      36min
Vio-lence (US)          - Oppressing The Masses                 42min
Vio-lence (US)          - Rough Demo 1988  MCD                  21min  appetizer for Eternal Violence by MCA
Viogression (US)	- Expound And Exhort			42min
Violate (MEX)		- Chaos Unbound				28min
Violation (GER)		- Beyond The Graves			39min  very Swedish Death Metal from early days
Violation (GER)		- Carbonized '96			23min  good German Death Metal
Violation (GER)		- Moonlight's Child			40min  great Death Metal
Violator (BRA)		- Chemical Assault			38min
Violator (BRA)		- Violent Mosh				29min  great old-styled Thrash Metal
Violator (MALA)		- Flames Of Hate  MCDr			13min
Violator / By War (BRA/BRA) - Split CD				69min  Violent Mosh and Invicible War on one CD + bonus tx
Violent Attack (PARA)	- Demo Reh. '03				15min  very good Thrash
Violent Attack (PARA)	- The Final Massacre			38min
Violent Attack / Hellish Crossfire (PARA/GER) - Split CD	76min  demos of both bands
Violent Dirge (POL)	- Craving				39min  MC-only release, jazzy/weird/technical Death
Violent Dirge (POL)	- Face Of X-Tremity '90			20min
Violent Dirge (POL)  	- Elapse                        	31min
Violent Dirge (POL)     - Obliteration Of Soul '91              22min  wrooaammm, like gods Necrovore
Violent Force (GER)	- Adv. unrel. 2nd LP			35min  sound is ok, KILLER !!!!!!!!!!
Violent Force (GER)	- Dead City / Velbert Dead City  LP	41min  demos on Bootleg-LP
Violent Force (GER)	- The Night  Demo III '86		17min
Violent Force (GER)  	- Malevolent Assault Of...      	40min  German Thrash from '87, with Atomic Steiff
Violent Hate (BRA)	- Preaching				26min
Violent Solution (FIN)	- 7"					11min
Violent Solution (FIN)	- Period Of Derpession '90		20min  pre-Amorphis (Esa Holo. and Jan Rech.)
Virgin Sin (SWE)	- Brotherhood Of Freaks			49min
Virgin Sin (SWE)	- Make 'Em Die Slowly  7" 		15min  Thrash from '85/'88
Virgin Sin (SWE)	- Seduction Of The Innocent  10"	20min  killer re-union Thrash
Virgin Steel (US)	- Guardians Of The Flame		43min
Virus (UK)		- Force Recon				35min
Virus (UK)		- Lunacy				40min
Virus (UK)		- Pray For War 				30min  cool UK-"War"-Thrash LP from '87
Visceral Evisceration (AUT) - Incessant Desire For Palatable...	55min  enjoyable Gothic Metal
Visceral Evisceration (AUT) - Savour Of The Seething Meat '93	40min
Vital Remains (US)	- Dawn Of The Apocalypse		59min  no more Morbid Angel but Deicide now
Vital Remains (US)	- Dechristianize			60min
Vital Remains (US)	- Excruciating Pain MCD			29min  demo on CD
Vital Remains (US)	- Forever Underground			43min
Vital Remains (US)	- Horrors Of Hell			58min
Vital Remains (US)	- Icons Of Evil				65min
Vital Remains (US) 	- Reduced To Ashes  MCD			22min  demo on CD
Vital Remains (US)      - Unrel. Comp. tck '96                   4min  Venom-coverversion
Vital Remains/Morta Skuld (US/US) - Split 7"          		 9min  Peaceville Collectors Club 7"
Vitam Et Mortem (COL)	- Life In Death				54min
Vitam Eternam (US)	- Blackened Dreams Of Nocturn  MCD 	19min  very Darkwoods My Betrothed like
Viu Drakh (GER)		- Back To The Chaos			31min
Viu Drakh (GER)		- Death Riff Society			46min  killer German Crust Core
Viu Drakh (GER)		- Take No Prisoners, Grind Them And...	37min  intense Crust/Death Metal
Vladislas (US)		- Season Of The Witch MCD		18min  w.Masochist and WOTBM members
Vociferian (FRA)        - Exxakschlonnistiik Warmageddon Xzul   31min  totally crappy sound quality
Vociferian (FRA)        - Preludium To Massacre                 71min  demo re-released on CD
Voice Of Destruction (SAFR) - Bloedrivier              		55min  South African Power/Thrash/Death !!
Voice Of Destruction (SAFR) - Voice Of Destruction MCD 		21min
Voice Of Destruction (US?) - Black Are The Souls Of The...	33min  Metal/EBM shit, not the S-AFR ones ???
Void (GRE)		- In The Beginning There Was... 7"	11min  bit Mercyful Fate influenced stuff
Void Of Vomit / Morbid Upheaval (ITA/ITA) - Split LP		30min  pure Death Metal massacre
Voidd (JPN)		- Dokurock				40min
Voidd (JPN)             - Desperate Truth                       41min
Voidd / Kathode (JPN/US)- Split 7"				13min
Voids Of Vomit (ITA)	- Veritas Vltima Vitae  MCD		20min
Voivod (CAN)		- Anarchonism				76min  first Voivod show 25th June 1983
Voivod (CAN)		- Killing Technology			42min
Voivod (CAN)		- Kronik				61min  lots of mixes and live, not my cup
Voivod (CAN)		- Power Metal Demos 1984 Vol.1		43min
Voivod (CAN)		- Thrashing Rage  MLP			18min
Voivod (CAN)		- Too Scared To Scream  Pic-LP		 8min
Voivod (CAN)            - Dimension Hatröss                     39min
Voivod (CAN)            - Rrröööaaarrr                          39min
Volcanic Slut (US)	- Blasphemaster  7"			 7min
Volition (POL)		- s/t					57min
Volkana (BRA)		- First					33min  all-girl Thrash band from early 90es
Volkana (BRA)		- Mindtrips				29min
Volkana / Flammea (BRA/BRA) - Split LP				29min
Voluspaa (NOR)		- T.A.Emen  MCD				17min  Urgehal member
Vomination (SWE)        - Yog-Sothoth  7"                       11min
Vomit (NOR)		- Demo '86				10min  very thrashy, not yet too chaotic
Vomit (NOR)		- Still Rotting				49min
Vomitor (AUS)		- Bleeding The Priest  Re-Release CD	60min  w.Roar Of War demo
Vomitor (AUS)		- Bleeding The Priest			34min
Vomitor (AUS)		- Cry From The Underground  MLP		21min
Vomitor (AUS)		- Devils Poison				31min
Vomitor (AUS)		- Neutron Hammer  7"			 7min
Vomitor (AUS)		- Roar Of War '99			15min  ex-Gospel Of The Horns
Vomitor (AUS)		- Violent Grave Reh. 9/02		41min
Vomitory (GER)		- Hour Of Truth				42min  German Thrash
Vomitory (SWE)		- Blood Rapture				33min
Vomitory (SWE)		- Demo '92				14min
Vomitory (SWE)		- Opus Mortis VIII			55min  frist press with 4 bonus trx
Vomitory (SWE)		- Primal Massacre			35min
Vomitory (SWE)		- Promo '93				20min
Vomitory (SWE)		- Revelation Nausea			40min
Vomitory (SWE)		- Terrorize Brutalize Sodomize		41min
Vomitory (SWE)		- The Art Of War  Pic-10"		19min  the KINGS of brutal Swedish Death Metal
Vomitory (SWE)		- Through Sepulchral Shadows '94	16min
Vomitory (SWE)		- Vomitory '92				16min  w. Ronnie Olson (Gehennah)
Vomitory (SWE)       	- Adv. CD '96 Raped...          	12min
Vomitory (SWE)       	- Moribound  7"                 	 9min
Vomitory (SWE)       	- Raped In Their Own Blood              43min  Swedish Death, Gehennah's Ripper on voc
Vomitory (SWE)          - Redemption                            34min  FANTASTIC DödsMetal, God Macabre cover !!
Vomitory / Murder Corporation (SWE/SWE) - Split 7"		13min
Vomiturition (FIN)	- Flesheater Musicians On Their... 7"	13min
Vomiturition (FIN)	- Head Tales  MCD			17min
Vomiturition (FIN)      - A Leftover                            40min  like older, groovy Xysma, but more brutal
Von (US)		- Satanic Blood  7"			 9min
Von (US)		- Satanic Blood Angel  2-LP		64min  incl. unrel. demo and Live
Von (US)            	- Satanic Blood MCD             	22min  Demo '91 on MCD (Hellspawn Rec.)
Von Goat (US)		- Septic Illumination			30min
Vond (SWE)		- Selvmord				42min
Vondur (SWE)		- No Compromise  2-LP			81min
Vondur (SWE)         	- Stridsfyrlising               	50min
Vondur (SWE)            - The Galactic Rock'n Roll Empire       19min  horrible
Voor (CAN)		- Evil Metal  Re-Release 2-LP		59min
Vorak (AUS)		- Rhetoric Of The Supermen		38min  Music: shit, Lyrics: total shit, Vorak: pure shit
Vorak (AUS)		- Triumph Of The Will			60min  complete bullshit, even worse than Abruptum
Vore (US)		- Dead Kings Eyes MCD			27min
Vore (US)		- Lord Of Storms			51min  old-styled US Death Metal, but too slow
Vore (US)		- Maleficus				35min
Vorkuta / Kratornas (HUN/PHIL) - Split 7"			14min
Vorphalack (GRE)        - Lullabies Of A Vampire                44min
Vorphalack (GRE)        - Under The Sight Of Dragon  7"         11min  like old Rotting Christ
Vorphalack (GRE)        - s/t  MLP                              20min
Vorphalack (GRE)        - Daemonium Magister  7"                14min  great Sympho-Black Metal
Vorphalack / Zephrous (GRE/GRE) - Split LP                      35min
Vorum (FIN)		- Grim Death Awaits MCD			21min
Votary (SWE)		- Aimless Life '92			13min
Votur (SWE)		- Planet Cemetary MCD			20min
Vreid (NOR)		- I Krig				45min
Vreid (NOR)		- Milorg				42min
Vrykolakas (SIN)	- Nocturnal Demons Of Death		48min
Vrykolakas (SIN)	- Spawned From Hellfire And Brimstones 	27min
Vrykolakas (SIN)	- s/t Demo MCD '00			20min
Vulcano	(BRA)		- Anthropophagy				38min  their 2nd strike, Brazilian Black/Death
Vulcano	(BRA)		- Bloody Vengeance			24min  obscure Brazilian Black/Death from '86
Vulcano	(BRA)		- Ratrace				33min
Vulcano (BRA)		- Anthropophagy  Re-Release CD		59min  Devil On My Roof Demo '83 as bonus !!
Vulcano (BRA)		- Bloody Vengenace  Re-Release CD	24min
Vulcano (BRA)		- Live!					39min  the original LP
Vulcano (BRA)		- Om Pushne Namah 7"			15min  from '83, Power Metal like
Vulcano (BRA)		- Tales From The Black Book		43min  some songs reach the glory of Bloody Vengeance!
Vulcano (BRA)		- Who Are The True ?			30min
Vulcano (BRA)           - Live  CD                              50min  Live LP '85 on CD + 3 Studiotx from '98
Vulga (MALA)		- Mayhem With Mercy			26min
Vulpecula (US)		- Fons Immortalis MLP			20min
Vulpecula (US)		- In Dusk Apparition			32min  5-tck compilation with all unreleased tx
Vulpecula (US)      	- Comp. tck '96 (Major Tom)     	 5min
Vulpecula (US)      	- Phoenix Of The Creation 7"    	10min
Vulpecula (US)      	- The Echo Of The... Reh. '96   	15min
Vultos Vociferos (BRA)	- Ao Eterno Abismo			38min
Vulture Lord (NOR)	- Blasphemy  7"				14min
Vulture Lord (NOR)	- Exorcism Of the Holy Ghost '97	16min
Vulture Lord (NOR)	- Profane Prayer			37min  BlackThrash, sounds like killer Urgehal
Vulturine (BRA)		- O Caminho Da Mao Esquerda  7"		13min
Vultyr (FIN)		- Suicide Propaganda  7"		16min
Vörgus (SWE)		- Hellfueled Satanic Action		31min
Vörgus (SWE)            - Vörgusized      Re-Release CD         31min
W.A.I.L. (FIN)		- Demo '09				24min
W.A.I.L. (FIN)		- Wisdom Through Agony Into...		46min
W.A.S.P. (US)       	- Adv. CD '97 Kill, Fuck, Die   	50min
Waklevören (NOR)	- De Dödes Arkiv			31min
Waklevören (NOR)	- Tiden Lager Alle Sar  MCDr		11min
Waklevören (NOR)        - Brutal Agenda MLP                     25min
Walhalla (FIN)		- Firereich				41min  brutal old-school Death massacre
Walhalla (FIN)		- War Over Nordland  7"			 9min  fantastic Death Metal
Walhalla / Macabre Omen (FIN/GRE) - Split 7"			13min
Wallachia (NOR)         - Wallachia MCD                         29min
War (SWE)		- We Are War				30min  incl. Bombenhagel
War (SWE)		- We Are...Total War			34min  compilation of the MCD and full-length CD
War (SWE)               - Total War  MCD                        18min
War Cry	(US)		- Triology Of Terror '83		14min  w. Paul Speckmann
War Hammer Command (BRA)- Hellish Wrath				27min
War Hammer Command (BRA) - s/t  7"                              10min
War Hammer Command / Wargrinder (BRA/GRE) - Split MCDr          24min
War Master (US)		- Thrones Of Tyranny  7"		10min
War Ripper (US)		- Hell Storm  7"			 9min
Warbringer / Dew Scented (US/GER) - Split 7"			13min  Imperial Anthems Vol.2
Warcrusher (MEX)	- Engendering Kataklismic Wrath '02	29min
Warcry (US)		- Forbidden Evil			62min  Triology Of Terror '83 released on CD plus new songs from 2006
Wardeath (BRA)		- Confronto Bestial			34min
Warfare (UK)		- A Conflict Of Hatred			40min
Warfare (UK)		- Crescendo Of Reflexions		35min  Best-Of
Warfare (UK)		- Deathcharge  MLP			22min  Live MLP
Warfare (UK)		- Hammer Horror				54min  film soundtrack from 1993, horrible
Warfare (UK)		- Mayhem Fuckin' Mayhem			40min
Warfare (UK)		- Metal Anarchy				33min
Warfare (UK)		- Noise Filth and Fury  7"		 9min
Warfare (UK)		- Pure Filth				32min  black cover with white/red writing, diff. songs
Warfare (UK)		- This Machine Kills  7"		 7min
Warfare (UK)		- Total Death  MLP			14min
Warfare (UK)		- Two Tribes  MLP			10min
Warfist (POL)		- Helltyrant Rising  7"			11min
Wargod (US)     	- Demo I '85                            14min  w. Gene Hoglan
Warhammer (GER)		- Apocalypse Unleashed  7"		12min  good songs, bad sound quality
Warhammer (GER)		- Curse Of The Absolut Eclipse		46min
Warhammer (GER)		- Deathchrist				41min  uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Warhammer (GER)		- Reh. '01				49min  for Curse Of The Absolute Eclipse
Warhammer (GER)		- Reh. 5/98				 8min
Warhammer (GER)		- The Doom Messiah			38min
Warhammer (GER) 	- Towards The Chapter... '97    	22min  like HELLHAMMER '84 !!!!!!
Warhammer (GER)         - Towards The Chapter Of Chaos CD       49min  farewell with demo and rare tx on CD
Warhammer (GER)         - No Beast So Fierce                            66min
Warhammer (GER)         - The Winter Of Our Discontent          39min  the HELLHAMMER-Fans !!!  Uhhhhh
Warhammer (UK)		- Abattoir Of Death '86			22min
Warhammer (UK)		- Blood On Satan's Claws '86		10min  killer Death M., note: these are the British ones
Warhammer (UK)		- Reh. 17.10.85				13min
Warhammer / Coffins (GER/JPN) - Split 10"			12min
Warhate (BRA)           - Biological Decimate  7"                9min
Warhorde (US)		- Death Rattle				55min
Warhorde (US)		- Satanic Lust				39min
Warkult (US)		- Perseverance Of Aggression		56min
Warloghe (FIN)		- The Black Tower '96			18min
Warloghe (FIN)		- Unlighted  7"				12min
Warloghe (FIN)		- Womb Of Pestilence			35min
Warloghe (FIN)          - The First Possession                  35min  Big 'Under A Funeral Moon'-Fans
Warlord U.K. (UK)       - Maximum Carnage                       49min
Warmarch (CAN)		- The Declaration			46min
Warning SF (US)		- Not A Chance In Hell  7"		10min  also old Power Metal demo on vinyl
Warrior (US)		- Fighting For The Earth		39min
Warsore / Quill (AUS/JPN?) - Split Demo '97			14min
Warvictims (SWE)	- Bellum Se Upsum Alet  7"		 9min
Warvictims (SWE)	- D-Beat Destruction  7"		 7min
Warvictims (SWE)	- Krigsoffer  7"			10min
Warvictims (SWE)	- Lögnen Om Fredsavtalet MLP		22min
Warvictims (SWE)	- Until Man Exists No More  MLP		23min
Warvictims / Besthöven (SWE/BRA) - Split 7"			11min
Warvictims / High Tension (SWE/US) - Split 7"			10min
Warvictims / Tortyr (SWE/SWE) - Split 7"			14min
Warwolf (?)		- Promo CD '99				17min
Wastelander (US)	- Wardrive				37min
Watain (SWE)		- Black Metal Sacrifice			64min  bad Live bootleg CD with two old gigs
Watain (SWE)		- Casus Luciferi			50min
Watain (SWE)		- Lawless Darkness			73min
Watain (SWE)		- Rabid Death's Curse			39min
Watain (SWE)		- Reaping Death  7"			12min
Watain (SWE)		- Ritual Macabre '01			36min  Live: 31.10.00, w.Darkthrone cover
Watain (SWE)		- Sworn To The Dark			58min
Watain (SWE)		- The Essence Of Black Purity  7"	 8min
Watain / Tribulation (SWE/SWE) - Split MCD			30min  came with Rock Hard #368
Watchmaker (US)		- Erased From The Memory Of Man		27min
Watchmaker (US)		- Kill.Fucking.Everyone			30min
Watchmaker (US)		- Kill.Crush.Destroy  CD + Bonus 5"	38min
Watchtower (US)		- Control And Resistance		43min
Waylander (IRE?)	- Dawning Of A New Age '96		23min
We Are A Fuckin' Shit (BRA) - s/t				63min  R.D.P. and Sepultura jam, totally shit sound
Weapon (BANGLA)		- Pata Bhakta...Salvation 7"		14min
Weapon (BANGLA)	- From The Devil's Tomb				55min
Weapon (BANGLA)         - Drakonian Paradigm                    40min
Weapon (BANGLA)         - Violated Hejab  7"                    16min  great Dark Death Metal
Welicoruss (RUS)	- The Best Of Welicoruss		35min  came with Legacy #104
Weltbrand (NL)		- Radiance Of A Thousand Suns		45min
Weltmacht (US)		- And To Every Beast Its Prey		34min
Weltmacht (US)		- The Call To Battle			31min
Which Witch (NOR)    	- CD '87                        	45min
Whiplash (US)		- Cult Of One				63min
Whiplash (US)		- Fire Away '84				14min
Whiplash (US)		- Insult To Injury			37min
Whiplash (US)		- Messages In Blood: The Early Years	77min  old demostuff and live
Whiplash (US)		- Power And Pain			35min  a Thrash classic from 1985, rereleased on CD
Whiplash (US)		- Thrashback				42min
Whiplash (US)       	- Ticket To Mayhem              	40min
Whiplash (US)       	- Thunderstruck '85             	15min
Whiplash (US)           - Looking Death... Unrel. LP '85        32min  not from the 'Message In Blood'-CD
Whipstriker (BRA)	- Crude Rock'n Roll			33min
Whispering Gallery (NL)	- Poems Of A Forgotten Dream  MCD	22min
White Medal (UK)	- s/t 7"				 9min
White Slave Traffic (GER) - No Traffic '96			18min
Whore (SWE)		- Demo '11				14min
Whorehouse (POL)	- True Living  MCDr '03?		16min
Wicthfynde (UK)         - Lords Of Sin / Anthems  Do.-LP        58min  Anthems LP from '80 as bonus
Wind Of The Black Mountains (US) - Black Sun Shall Rise		35min
Wind Of The Black Mountains (US) - Force Fed Into Blasphemy 7"   9min
Wind Of The Black Mountains (US) - Sing Thou Unholy...		40min  Re-Release from 2001
Windham Hell (US)	- Reflective Depths Imbibe		71min
Windham Hell (US)	- The Inverted Trance Of A... 7"	10min
Windham Hell (US)	- Window Of Souls			71min
Windir (NOR)		- 1184					52min  totally underrated !!!!!!!
Windir (NOR)		- Arntor				47min  nice Folk Black Metal
Windir (NOR)		- Likferd				49min
Windir (NOR)		- Soknardalr				50min  high quality Black Metal, on Head Not Found
Windir (NOR)		- Valfar, Ein Windir  2-CD	       133min
Windir (NOR)            - Sogneriket '3/95                      47min
Windir (NOR)            - Det Gamle Riket '10/95                25min
Winds (NOR)		- Of Entity And Mind  MCD		22min  like Arcturus
Winds (NOR)		- Reflection Of The I			39min
Winds (NOR)		- The Imaginary Direction Of Time	48min
Windwalker (SWE)	- The Dance Of The Elves		44min
Wings (FIN)		- Diatribe				43min  Paradise Lost like, Enochian Cres. members
Winter (US)		- Eternal Frost MCD			26min
Winter (US)		- Into Darkness/Eternal Frost		72min  rereleased
Winter (US)             - Into Darkness                         45min  first pressing from '90, not the NucBlast-CD
Winter (US)             - Live NY, 6.11.89                      45min  incl. one unrel. song, sound ok
Winter Of Apokalypse (US) - Solitary Winter Night		36min  very good Black Metal, ex Thy Infernal
Winter Of Torment (UK)	- Immoral World  MLP			18min
Winters Gate (SWE)	- Welcome To Reality Demo MCDr '01 	28min
Wintershadows (POL)	- Arrakis '95				36min
Winterwolf (FIN)	- Cycle The Werewolf			41min
Witch Tomb (US)		- Mocking Jehova MCD			25min
Witch Tomb / Martyrvore (US/US) - Split MCD			25min
Witch-Hunt (US)		- Prophecies Of  A Great Plague	 MCD	25min
Witch-Hunt (US)		- Souls Enshrouded Fire			38min
WitchCraft (DK)		- Sworn To Despise			42min
Witchblade (CHI)	- I					40min  Power/Thrash Metal
Witchburner (GER)	- Blasphemic Assault			34min  in the old Sodom-vein
Witchburner (GER)	- Blood Of Witches			37min
Witchburner (GER)	- Demons  2-LP				65min
Witchburner (GER)	- Final Detonation  LP			40min
Witchburner (GER)	- German Thrashing War  MLP		19min
Witchburner (GER)	- Incarnation Of Evil			37min
Witchburner (GER)	- s/t  7"				 9min  with Violent Force cover "Dead City"
Witchburner (GER)    	- Witchburner                   	27min  totally Old-School German Thrash Band
Witchburner / Abigail (GER/JPN) - Split 10"			19min
Witchburner / Blizzard (GER/GER) - United Forces... Split 7"	13min
Witchburner / By War (GER/BRA) - Split 7"			11min
Witchcraft (EL SALV.)	- Demo '98				32min
Witchery (SWE)		- Dead Hot And Ready			34min
Witchery (SWE)		- Don't Fear The Reaper			46min
Witchery (SWE)		- Restless And Dead			36min
Witchery (SWE)		- Symphony For The Devil		47min
Witchery (SWE)		- Witchburner MCD			26min
Witchery (SWE)		- Witchkrieg				35min
Witchery (US)           - Evil Shall Prevail '98                22min  pre-Black Witchery
Witches (FRA)		- 3.4.1					65min
Witches (FRA)		- Agressive Soap Reh.'89		31min
Witches (FRA)		- Wind Of Time  MLP			24min  demo pressed on Bootleg-LP, good Thrash
Witches Hammer (CAN)	- Canadian Speed Metal			38min  two demos with pre-Blasphemy line-up
Witches Hammer (CAN)	- MLP '87				10min
Witches Hammer (CAN)	- s/t  7"				 8min
Witches Hammer (CAN)	- s/t  MLP				 9min  original 1987 release
Witches' Sabbath (SPA)	- New World Plague			45min
Witchfinder General (UK)- Music/Last Change 7"      		 8min
Witchfynde (UK)		- Cloak And Dagger			41min
Witchfynde (UK)		- Give 'Em Hell				35min
Witchfynde (UK)		- Luther Beltz: Witchfynde  Demo CD	26min
Witchhammer (BRA)	- Blood On The Rocks			40min
Witchhammer (BRA)	- Mirror, My Mirror			36min
Witchhammer (BRA)	- Ode To Death				57min  their best work ever
Witchhammer (BRA)	- The First And The Last		31min  debut LP, average Brazilian Deaththrash
Witching Hammer (CAN) 	- Stretching Into Infinity		37min
Witching Hour (GER)	- Past Midnight...			39min
Witching Hour (GER)	- Rise Of The Desecrated		35min
Witching Hour / Division Speed (GER/GER) - Split 10"		22min
Witchmaster (POL)	- Masochistic Devil Worship		37min  what a blast, Behemot's angry brother
Witchmaster (POL)	- No Peace At All - Thrash ör Die	42min  demos on CD
Witchmaster (POL)	- Satanik Metal '02			88min
Witchmaster (POL)	- Sex Drugs And Natural Selection 7"	15min
Witchmaster (POL)	- Sex Drugs And Satan  7"		15min  demo songs on vinyl
Witchmaster (POL)	- Thrash Or Die '99?			40min
Witchmaster (POL)	- Trücizna				33min
Witchmaster (POL)	- Violence And Blasphemy		40min  ultrabrutal BlackThrash, awesome!!!!
Witchmaster (POL)	- Witchmaster				25min  ridiculous playing time, 2nd CD was better !!
Witchtrap (COL)		- Nightmares Of The Dead  MCD		17min
Witchtrap (COL)		- No Anesthesia				40min  again great old-school stuff
Witchtrap (COL)		- Sorceress Bitch			34min  total Killer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Witchtrap (COL)		- The First Necromancy			76min  Demos on CD
Witchtrap (COL)		- Witching Metal  MLP			24min  very old-Destruction-like
Witchtrap (COL)		- Witching Metal  Re-Release MCD	24min  different and better mix as on the MLP
Witchtrap (COL)         - The First Necromancy '00              40min
Witchtrap (TUR)		- Witching Black			32min  not the Colombian freaks
Witchunter (ITA)	- Alive In Europe!  7"			11min
Wither (AUS)		- s/t  7"				15min
Withered Beauty (SWE)	- Screams From The Forest '94		39min
Withered Beauty (SWE)   - Withered Beauty                       54min  killer Göteborg/Döds Metal mix
Withered Earth (US)	- Forgotten Sunrise			44min  totally lame Death Metal
Withering (FIN)		- Gospel Of Madness			52min
Withering Surface (DK)	- The Nude Ballet			42min
Withering Surface (DK)	- Force The Pace			41min
Withering Surface (DK)	- Unique  Promo '95			18min
Withering Surface (DK)	- Scarlet Silhouettes         		45min
Withering Surface (DK)	- Ichor  MCD				20min
Withering Surface (DK)	- Forever Fragile  7"			 9min
Withering Surface (DK)	- Walking On Phantom Ice		43min
Withering Surface (DK)	- Adv. CD '97				19min
Within Y (SWE)		- Extended Mental Dimensions		45min
Within Y (SWE)		- Portraying Dead Dreams		48min
Without Grief (SWE)	- Absorbing The Ashes			32min
Without Grief (SWE)	- Deflower				49min
Without Grief (SWE)	- Forever Closed '96			22min
Wizard (FIN)         	- Tape '96                      	12min
Wizzard (FIN)		- Black Heavy Metal			47min  the past releases were way better
Wizzard (FIN)		- Songs Of Sin And Decadence		39min
Wizzard (FIN)		- Tormentor  MCD			14min
Wizzard (FIN)		- Wizzard				50min  rec.: 1996, rel.: 2000 by N.E.P.
Wizzard (FIN)           - Devilmusick                           42min  dirty Rock'n Metal, ex-Wizard
Wolf Spider (POL)	- Hue Of Evil				38min
Wolf Spider (POL)	- Kingdom Of Paranoia			39min
Wolfbrigade (SWE)	- A D-beat Odyssey  MLP			14min  last sign of life. R.I.P.
Wolfbrigade (SWE)	- Comalive				32min
Wolfbrigade (SWE)	- In Darkness You Feel No Regrets	34min
Wolfbrigade (SWE)	- Prey To The World  MLP		23min
Wolfbrigade (SWE)	- Progression/Regression		32min  ex-Wolfpack, CrustCore Inferno
Wolfbrigade (SWE)	- Wolfpack Years 10"			20min
Wolfbrigade / Audio Kollaps (SWE/GER) - Split 7"		13min
Wolfen Society (US/SWE) - Conquer Divine  MCD			23min
Wolff (POL)		- The Tomb  Promo 3"-MCDr '07		 6min
Wolfhetan (GER)		- Entrückung				36min  pretty good German Black Metal
Wolfpack (SWE)		- A New Dawn Fades			37min
Wolfpack (SWE)		- Advance Tape '96			 8min
Wolfpack (SWE)		- Allday Hell				26min  Crust Massacre
Wolfpack (SWE)		- Allday Hell  CD			30min  bonustx
Wolfpack (SWE)		- Bloodstained Dreams  MCD		12min  from '96
Wolfpack (SWE)		- Hellhound Warpig 7"			12min
Wolfpack (SWE)		- Lycanthro Punk			30min  Crust, Crust and more Crust
Wolfpack/Skitsystem (SWE/SWE) - Split 7"                        10min  Skitsystem w. ex-At The Gates members
Wolves (GER?)		- s/t  7"				14min  Flames Of Hell meets Burzum meets NwoBH
Wolves / Incriminated (GER/FIN) - Split 7"                      10min  Wolves being extremly great, like old Zemial
Womb / D.O.M. (US/US) 	- Split CD				41min  ex-Incantation
Wombbath (SWE)		- Brutal Mights '92			18min
Wombbath (SWE)		- Internal Caustic Torments		41min
Wombbath (SWE)		- Lavatory  MCD				17min
Wombbath (SWE)		- Several Shapes  7"			11min
Woods Of Belial (FIN)	- Baxabaxaxaxaxabaxaxaxaxa '97		26min  ultra slow Doom
Woods Of Belial (FIN)	- Deimos XIII				51min
Woods Of Infinity (SWE)	- F + L 				74min  demos on CD, totally ridiculous Black Metal shit
Woods Of Infinity (SWE)	- I-20 7"				14min
Woods Of Infinity / Joyless (SWE/SWE) - Split 7"		19min
World Below (SWE)	- Maelstorm				44min
World Trust (US)	- Toe Jam 18.5.91/KXLU 6.5.91		65min  strange HC-Thrash w. Katon from Hirax
Wormphlegm (FIN)	- In An Excruciating Way... LP		44min  Demo on vinyl
Wormphlegm (FIN)	- Tomb Of The Ancient King		57min  darkest DeathDoom masterpiece !!!!
Worship (GER)		- Dooom  2-LP				71min
Worship / Loss (GER/US) - Split 7"				16min
Worship / Persistence In Mourning (GER/US) - Split 7"		10min
Worship / Wither (GER/AUS) - Split MLP				12min
Worshipper (SWE)	- Promo '96				 9min
Wotan (GER)		- Children Of Technology		45min  lame Thrash
Wotan (GER)		- Tranquility				46min  new German Thrash band
Wotan (GER)     	- Demo II '86                   	12min
Wotan (GER)     	- Demo I '86                    	21min
Wounds (FIN)		- Chaos Theory				30min
Wrath (SWE)		- Among The Cold Winds '95		16min
Wrath (SWE)		- Among The Cold Winds '95		12min
Wrath Of Ahriman (GER)	- Live tck 11.7.97              	 7min
Wrathprayer (CHI)	- In Utter Darkness 7"			17min
Wreck Of The Hesperus (IRE) - The Sunken Threshold		43min
Written In Torment (UK)	- The Uncreation  MCD			17min
Wurdulak (US)		- Severed Eyes Of Possession		38min
Wurdulak (US-NOR)	- Ceremony In Flames			40min
Wurdulak / Gorelord (US-NOR/US-NOR) - Split MCD			18min  called Creature Feature Part 2
Wurdulak / Gorelord (US-NOR/US-NOR) - Split Pic.-7"		 7min
Wurdulak / Gorelord (US-NOR/US-NOR) - Split CD			15min
Wuthering Heights (DK)	- To Travel For Evermore		57min  bit too proggy
Wuthering Heights (DK)	- Within				48min  ex-Vergelmir, Pagan Prog Metal ? Cool !
Wyrd (FIN)		- Tuonela  7"				16min
Wytchkraft (BRA)	- We Are Satan's Warriors '02		16min  old school, similar to Witchtrap
Wyvern (ITA)		- Back To The Ancient Rage		50min
Wyvern (SWE)		- March Of Metal '95			29min
Wyvern (SWE)            - The Ancient Sword '97                 26min  ex-Mörk Gryning, Powermetal here
Würm (AUS)		- Hog Metal  7"				12min
Xecutioner (US)		- Live: Tampa 4.10.87			15min
Xecutioner (US)		- Live: Tampa '87			25min  incl. 'Return To The Eve', sound nearly ok
Xecutioner (US)         - Reh. II late '87              	20min
Xecutioner (US)         - Reh. '87                      	23min
Xecutioner (US)         - Reh. late '87                 	28min  totally Celtic Frost like sounding
Xenofanes / Cranial Dust (SWE/SWE) - Split Demo '97?		43min  high quality Death and Black Metal
Xenomorph (NL)		- Acardiacus				45min
Xenomorph (NL)		- Baneful Stealth Desire		35min  great innovative Death Metal
Xenomorph (NL)		- Necrophilia Mon Amour			43min
Xenomorph (US)          - Empyreal Regimes                      47min
Xenophobia (SVN)	- Signs of Mental Decay MLP		21min
Xentrix (UK)		- Dilute To Taste  MLP			31min
Xentrix (UK)		- For Whose Advantage?			41min
Xentrix (UK)		- Shattered Existence 			43min
Xharathorn (SPA)	- Immemorial Atlantic...  MCD		21min
Xibalba (MEX)		- Ah Dzam Poop Ek			46min
Xibalba (MEX)		- Ancients (Demo+'92 + Reh.'94) CD	41min
Xibalba (MEX)		- Demi '10				16min
Xiuhtecuhtli (MEX)	- The Lucifer Dimension			36min
Xysma (FIN)		- Fata Morgana  7"			12min
Xysma (FIN)		- Girl On The Beach			41min
Xysma (FIN)		- The Singles				57min
Xysma (FIN)		- Yeah  LP				33min
Xysma (FIN)          	- Lotto                         	42min
Xysma (FIN)          	- The Witch  7"                 	10min
Xyster (US)             - Religion Of Nuclearism '87            28min
Xytras (SWI)		- Passage				38min
Yaotl Mictlan (MEX)	- Guerreros De La Tierra De Los Muertos 71min
Yattering (POL)		- Genocide				47min
Yattering (POL)		- Human's Pain				44min
Yattering (POL)		- Live Extermination			43min
Yattering (POL)		- Murder's Concept			42min
Yog-Sothots (CAN)	- Black Power Metal			30min  old demo on vinyl
Ysigim (POL)		- Whispers				61min  Funeral Doom from 1993 on Wild Rags
Zadkiel (JPN)		- s/t  MCD				18min  all 6 tx of this Japanese legend plus video tx
Zadkiel (JPN)           - Hell's Bombers  7"                    11min  Venom meets Motörhead
Zamak (MEX)		- Empire...The Violence			33min
Zamak (MEX)		- Fortress				43min
Zarathustra (GER)	- Contempt  MLP				26min  with godly Poison-cover (Sphinx)
Zarathustra (GER)	- Dogma Antichrist			40min
Zarathustra (GER)	- Heroic Zarathustrian Heresy  MCD	22min
Zarathustra (GER)	- In Hora Mortis			46min
Zarathustra (GER)	- Nihilistic Terror  7"			11min  cool Hobbs Angel Of Death cover
Zarathustra (GER)	- Perpetual Black Force			42min
Zavorash (SWE)		- In Odium Veritas '98			21min
Zavorash (SWE)		- In Odium Veritas			37min
Zavorash (SWE)		- Za Vorbashtar Raz Shapog '95		31min
Zavorash (SWE)          - N.A.S.D.                              45min
Zealous Witness (CAN)	- Punishment Pain '92           	30min  like Slayer
Zeenon (NOR)		- Blood Vessel Criteria			35min  female Death Metal, excellent musicianship
Zemial (GRE)		- Dusk  7"				15min
Zemial (GRE)		- Face.../Necrolatry  Re-Release CD	38min
Zemial (GRE)		- For The Glory Of UR  Re-Release	32min
Zemial (GRE)		- I Am The Dark  7"			 8min
Zemial (GRE)		- In MonumentuM				38min  incredibly great music !!!
Zemial (GRE)         	- The Glory Of Ur MCD           	30min
Zemial (GRE)            - Necrolatry  MLP                       23min  oldschool Black Metal
Zemial (GRE)            - Face Of The Conqueror  10"            17min  fantastic stuff again !!!!
Zemial (GRE)		- Nykta					61min
Zemial / Kawir (GRE/GRE)- Split 7"                               8min
Zenith (FIN)		- Seasons '95				27min
Zephyrous (GRE)		- A Caress Of War And Wisdom  MCD 	23min
Zephyrous (GRE)		- Entrance And Wandering On The...	51min
Zephyrous (GRE)		- Towards...				44min
Zhelezny Potok (RUS)	- Sign (Znamenie) 			42min
Znowhite (US)		- Act Of God				50min
Znowhite (US)		- All Hail To Thee  MLP			18min
Znowhite (US)		- Live Suicide  MLP			24min
Znowhite (US)           - Kick 'Em When They're... MLP          19min
Zoetrope (US)		- A Life Of Crime			35min  Thrash Thrash Thrash, 1st edition cover
Zoetrope (US)		- Amnesty				32min
Zoetrope (US)		- Mind Over Splatter			40min
Zoltar (BRA)		- Into The Depths To Burn		47min  BlackThrash
Zoltar (BRA)		- Pleasure Of Possession '97		13min
Zombie Ritual (JPN)	- Night Of The Zombie Party		41min
Zombie Ritual (JPN)	- Zombies From Tokyo  MCD		17min
Zombie Ritual (JPN)	- Zombie Eat Zombie  LP+Bonus CDr	48min
Zombie Ritual / Spring Break (JPN/US) - Split 7"		12min
Zombiefication (MEX)	- Midnight Stench			45min
Zombified Preachers Of Gore (US) - Demo '91			14min
Zorn (GER)		- Menschenfeind  2-10"			50min
Zorn / Battlehorns (GER/FRA) - Split 7"				 8min
Zvrator (CZE)		- Asphyxiation  7"			11min  typical CZE-thrash
Zwartketterij (NL)	- Cult Of The Necro-Thrasher		38min
Zwartketterij (NL)	- Sodomizer Dirty Sodomizer		38min
Zygoatsis (THAI)	- Satanic Kultus - Unholy Desecration	43min
Zygoatsis (THAI)	- Siamese Warmageddon  7"		14min
Zygote (UK)		- 89 - 91				44min  demo + live from 1989 to 1991
Zygote (UK)		- A Wind Of Knives			38min  ex-Amebix
Zygote (UK)		- Demo '89 + Live '90			76min
Zyklon (NOR)		- Aeon					41min
Zyklon (NOR)		- Disintegrate				44min
Zyklon (NOR)            - World Ov Worms                        41min
Zyklon / Red Harvest (NOR/NOR) - Split 7"                       10min  only bullshit Electro/Techno remixes