Here you find all my Tapes.

If I get an original CD/LP/MLP/7"/... then from now on the item
will be deleted in this TAPE-list!!!! You find the "new" item in my
CD/LP-list. So nothing will be noted twice.

Agnostic Front (US)  	- Cause For Alarm                              	26min
Annihilator (CAN)       - Never Neverland                               45min
A.O.K. (GER)          	- Anal Oder Kot                                	28min
Bathory (SWE)         	- Hail Sathanas  7"                            	10min
Blessed Death (US)   	- Live Rage                                    	45min
Brutal Truth (US)    	- Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses  	45min
			- Perpetual Conversions                        	25min
Burzum (NOR)		- Filosofem                                    	70min
Cirith Ungol (US)   	- Frost And Fire                                42min
			- King Of The Dead                              36min
			- One Foot In Hell                              36min
			- Paradise Lost                                 49min
Crematory (GER)      	- Transmigration                                43min
			- Just Dreaming                                 45min
Cryptic Slaughter (US)	- Convicted                                   	33min
Dark Angel (US)     	- We Have Arrived                               35min
Dead Can Dance (AUS) 	- Garden Of Arcane Delights  EP                 16min
			- Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun               39min
			- Aion                                          36min
			- The Serpent's Egg                             36min
Dead Infection (POL) 	- A Chapter Of Accidents                        39min
Discharge (UK)      	- Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing        28min
			- Grave New World                               43min
			- Shootin' Up The World                         33min
Disharmonic Orchestra (AUT) - Expositionsprophylaxe                   	38min
Disrupt (US)            - Refuse Planet  7"                              9min
Drowned (GER)           - Adv. Split EP                                  7min
Düreforsey (DK)         - Moukation EP                                  13min
Edge Of Sanity (SWE) 	- Jap. Bonus CD tcks                             6min
Emperor (NOR)           - Live Boot-CD                                  53min
Evol (ITA)           	- The Saga Of The Horned King                   42min
Exploited (UK)      	- Death Before Dishonour                        44min
Fata Morgana (SWE)   	- Fata Morgana                                  41min
Forgotten Woods (NOR)   - As The Wolves Gather                          51min
Grave (SWE)             - Autopsied  Adv.-7"                            12min
Grave Digger (GER)   	- Heavy Metal Breakdown                         38min
Hermh (POL)          	- Taran                                         40min
Infernum (POL)       	- Tau-Ru-Fuir                                   39min
In Slaughter Natives (?)- Sacrosancts Bleed                        	60min
Intruder (US)       	- EP Tape '90                                   25min
Iron Maiden (UK)    	- Iron Maiden                                   38min
			- No Prayer For The Dying                       43min
Jag Panzer (US)     	- Tyrants                                       19min
Judas Priest (UK)    	- Sin After Sin                                 40min
			- British Steel                                 36min
			- Screaming For Vengeance                       39min
			- Priest...Live                                 80min
			- Ram It Down                                   50min
			- Painkiller                                    47min
King Diamond (DK)   	- Family Ghost  7"                              10min
			- Halloween                                     15min
			- Fatal Portrait                                40min
			- Abigail                                       42min
			- The Dark Sides                                21min
			- Them                                          44min
			- The Spiders Lullaby                           48min
Lawnmower Deth (US)     - The Return Of The Fabolous Booze Clowns       52min
Legion Of Doom (GRE) 	- Kingdom Of Endless Darkness                   40min
Marduk (SWE)         	- There's No Fucking Peace  7"                   7min
Maschinenzimmer 412 (SWE) - Macht Durch Stimme (incomplete)           	45min
Mentors (US)        	- You Axed For It                               44min
			- Sex, Drugs And Rock'N Roll                    51min
Mercyful Fate (DK)  	- Live From The Depths Of Hell                  63min
			- Time                                          48min
Metal Church (US)   	- Hanging In The Balance                        63min
Metallica (US)      	- Ride The Lightning                            48min
			- Metallica                                     62min
Mortiis (SWE)           - Fodt Til A Herske                             54min
			- Blood And Thunder  7"                          7min
Morgana Lefay (SWE)  	- Knowing Just As I                             46min
Mutiilation (FRA) 	- Hail Sathanas  7"                           	 9min
			- Vampires Of Black Imperial Blood              55min
Naked City (US)         - Torture Garden                                27min
Napalm Death (UK)       - Live At The I.C.A. 29.6.90  Bootleg LP        22min
Neptune Towers (NOR)  	- Caravans To Empire Algol                     	38min
Nuclear Assault (US) 	- Brain Dead  EP                               	16min
			- Survive                                     	38min
			- Handle With Care                             	35min
Obscenity (GER)       	- Suffocated Truth                             	44min
			- Perversion Mankind                           	54min
Overkill (US)        	- Reborn Classic 1986                          	60min
R.K.L. (US)          	- EP '84                                       	12min
Running Wild (GER)    	- Branded And Exiled                           	42min
			- Port Royal                                   	45min
			- Blazon Stone                                 	53min
Sabbat (JPN)            - Desecration  7"                               13min
			- Devil's Sperm Is Cold  7"                    	13min
Sacred Reich (US)    	- The American Way                             	34min
Samael (SWI)            - Rebellion                                     26min
Sarcofago (BRA)         - Recrucify  7"                                  7min
Satan's Host (US)    	- Metal From Hell                              	42min
Savatage (US)        	- Hall Of The Mountain King                    	40min
Shok Paris (US)      	- Go For The Throat                            	40min
			- Concrete Killers                             	48min
Sigh (JPN)              - Sigh's Tribute To Venom                       20min
Slayer (US)          	- Show No Mercy                                	40min
			- Post Mortem  EP                              	10min
			- War Ensemble  EP                             	10min
			- Captors Of Sin  Bootleg LP                   	45min
Sleep (US)           	- Vol. 1                                       	36min
S.O.B. (JPN)          	- Osaka Mon Amour                              	17min
S.O.D. (US)          	- Speak English Or Die                         	29min
Suicidal Tendencies (US)- First                                     	30min
The 3rd And The Mortal (NOR) - Nightswan                                20min
			- Painting On Glass                            	65min
Thule (NOR)           	- Natt                                         	52min
Trouble (US)            - The Skull                                     44min
Various Artists         - Candlelight-Sampler                           62min
			- Mortification Demo Sampler                   	90min
			- Neat Powertrax 1986                          	40min
			- Ritual Tape                                  	90min
			- Speed Kills II - The Mayhem Continues        	51min
			- Voices From The Darkside Promotape I         	70min
			- With Us Or Against Us 1 (Napalm Rec.)        	44min
			- Apocalypse  Comp. LP                         	50min
			- Beyond Darkness Vol. 2  Comp. LP             	50min
			- Black Earth  Comp. Tape                      	90min
			- Death Comes Comp. LP                         	41min
			- Dominion  Comp. Tape                         	55min
			- The Hevi Compilation LP                      	45min
Venom (UK)           	- In League With Satan 7" '81                  	 7min
			- Bloodlust  7" '82                            	 7min
			- Die Hard  7" '83                             	10min
			- Manitou  7" '84                              	12min
			- Canadian Assault  7" '84                     	26min
			- Hell At Hammersmith  7" '85                  	13min
			- Nightmare 7" '85                             	15min
Vicious Rumors (US)  	- Welcome To The Ball                          	45min
Vlad Tepes / Belketre (FRA/FRA)	- Split CD                            	62min
Wongraven (NOR)       	- Fjelltronen                                  	35min