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If you need something, just get in contact for figuring out a trade/deal (see my want-list)
*** means that this title is reserved for a yet not completed trade Zines: ------ Ancient Spirit #1 1997 (w.Septic Flesh, Excretion, Ungod, Supuration, ...) Blood Of The Ancient #3 (in German, w.Cirith Ungol, Acheron, Witchtrap, Maze Of Torment, Anael, Morrigan/Mayhemic Truth... great interviews!!) Chaos #12 2003 (w.Necrophobic, Hearse, Grotesque, Vomitory, ..., + 2 free CDs) Necromaniac 1/2000 (best German Death Metal zine, written in Deutsch) Unholy Terror #4 2003 (w.Headhunter D.C., Deteriorot (!), Insision, Coffin Texts, ...) 7" Vinyl: --------- Akitsa (CAN) - Prophetic Heretique 7" Arsonist Lodge (FIN) - Lihaa Pedolle 7" Assaulter (AUS) - Subservience 7" Azaghal (FIN) - Harmageddon 7" Azaghal / Tunrida (FIN/FIN) - Split 7" Bitterness / Witchburner (GER/GER) - Split 7" Black Angel (PER) - Reign Of Aatan Pic-7" Blackwinds (SWE) - The Black Wraiths Ascend 7" (Setherial sideproject, ltd.300) Bloodwurm (CAN) - s/t 7" (w.ex-Infernal Majesty member, no cover) Buried God (GER) - Sacrificed 7" (killer German Thrash Metal band !!) Coffins / Lobotomized (JPN/NOR) - Split 7" Dementia (US) - Reticulation 7" Depravity (FIN) - Remasquerade 7" (Demigod meets Dark Funeral, and this is no joke) Desaster / Sabbat (GER/JPN) - Anniversarius Split 7" Dishammer / The Warvolves (SPA/US) - Split 7" Emperor (NOR) - Forgotten Centuries Bootleg 7" Exterminate (CHI) - The Semen Of Profanation 7" (Sombre Records) Filii Nigrantium Infernalium (POR) - Retrofornicator 7" Funeral (SWE) - Forgotten Abominations 7" (sounds like oldest Treblinka/Tiamat) Genocide SuperStars (SWE) - Iron Cross 7" Grief / 13 (US/US) - Split 7" (no cover!!!) (only the 7", no cover !!!) Gut (GER) - Pimps Of Gore 7" Hellchild / Multiplex (JPN/JPN) - Split 7" Hellkrusher (UK) - Fields Of Blood 7" (old UK-Crust band) In The Woods (NOR) - Epitaph 7" Incriminated (FIN) - Illusion Of Love 7" (Northern Heritage, ltd.300) Iron Lamb / MotorBreath (SWE/SWE) - Split 7" Isengard (NOR) - Spectres Over Gorgoroth 7" (ultra-rare Bootleg-7") Isole / Semlah (SWE/SWE) - Split 7" (Imperial Anthems Vol.4 series) Legions Of Astaroth (US) - Death Ascesis 7" Macabre End (SWE) - Consumed By Darkness 7" (legendary SWE-Death 7", pre-God Macabre) Maniac Butcher (CZE) - The Beast / Dva Tisice Let 7" Misery Index / Mumakil (US/SWI) - Split 7" Nemesis Aeterna (SPA) - ...And The Trip Begins 7" Nunslaughter (US) - Black 7" Queiron (BRA) - You'd Better Light A Candle... 7" (rare 7" of these Speed Death Metal demons) Regurgitate / Noisear (SWE/US) - Split 7" Route Nine (SWE) - Before I Close My Eyes Forever 7" (w.Dan Swano and Anders Jakobsen, exactly like old Edge OfSanity) Sabbat (JPN) - Naniwa Tepoddonslaught 7" (ltd. 300, Evil Rec./Evil Dead Rec.) Sacred Sin (POR) - The Shades Behind 7" Satanic Warmaster (FIN) - Werewolf Hate Attack 7" Satanic Warmaster / A.Blood (FIN/GER) - Split 7" Satanic Warmaster / Stutthof (FIN/GRE) - Split 7" Scruvy / Death Reality (SWE/GER)- Split 7" (fantastic Death Metal with Grind influences, totally old-school) Seges Findere (BRA) - Bound By Hated 7" (crap, free with every trade) Sodomizer / Farscape (BRA/BRA) - Split 7" Thornspawn (US/US) - Horns To The Kult 7" (Necrovore and Beherit covers) Throneum (POL) - The Last Morgue 7" Warfist (POL) - Hell Tyrant Rising 7" Worship / Loss (GER/US) - Split 7" (Painiac Rec. #198/400, very rare) Zarathustra (GER) - Nihilistic Terror 7" (w. good Hobbs Angel Of Death cover) LPs: ---- Amebix (UK) - Make Some Fuckin' Noise LP (Live LP with good sound) Black Coffee (RUS) - Step Over The Threshold LP (old Russian Metal from 1987, similar to soft Agent Steel/Pretty Maids) Blizzard (GER) - The Roaring Tanks Of Armageddon LP Celtic Frost (SWI) - To Mega Therion LP (Brasillian pressing from Woodstock Discos 1987) Enslaved (NOR) - The Sleeping Gods MLP (ultrarare Scion vinyl-release, small seamsplits on top and bottom) Entrails (SWE) - Tales From The Morgue LP (fascinating SWE-Death debut-LP) Grave Desecrator (BRA) - Sign Of Doom LP Hellbastard (UK) - The Good Go First LP (limited 500, great release) Hooded Menace / Horse Latitudes (FIN/FIN) - Split MLP Hunters Moon (AUS) - The Serpents Lust MLP (Nocturnal Graves project, very Bathory like) In Battle (SWE) - Welcome To The Battlefield LP Korrozia Metala (RUS) - Cannibal LP (rare LP from 1991, total Easteuropean Thrash with some small Destruction influences) Megaslaughter (SWE) - Death Remains: The Demos 1990-91 LP (offical one, on To The Death Rec.) Messiah (SWI) - Extreme Cold Weather Re-Release 2-LP (High Roller including bonus Pic-LP Live '87) Mordeth (BRA) - Lux In Tenebris LP Necromicon (SWE) - Peccata Mundi LP NME (US) - Unholy Death LP (with holepunch in cover) Nocturnus AD (US) - Paradox 2-LP Nunslaughter / Centinex (US/SWE)- Split Pic-10" (rel. by Painkiller after 3 years of waiting) Phlegeton (FIN) - Fresco Lungs MLP (cover vg-/g) Poison (GER) - Sons Of Evil LP Satanic Warmaster (FIN) - Opferblut LP (first press, clear vinyl) Satanic Warmaster (FIN) - Of The Night 10" Satanic Warmaster (FIN) - Revelation MLP Satanic Warmaster (FIN) - Black Metal Massacre LP Slayer (US) - World Painted Blood LP (still sealed, very good record finally again) Suicidal Winds (SWE) - Chaos Rising LP (their best work to date, killer Thrash) Tiamat (SWE) - Clouds LP (legendary Celtic Frost meets Dark Swedish Death Metal release) V/A - Metal Massacre Vol.VII (orig. Metal Blade, w.Heretic, Flotsam And Jetsam, Krank, Cryptic Slaughter,...) Demos/Reh./...: --------------- Afflicted (SWE) - The Odious Reflection '90 (legendary Swedish demo) Anatomia (JPN) - Demo 2003 MCDr (great DoomDeath, ex-Transgressor) Assault / Troops Of Death (CHI/CHI) - Split MC '04 (great Brutal Blackdeath from Chile) Belsemar (SWE) - De Svarta Gudarnas Smn '93 Blackshine (SWE) - Demo II '96 Buried Beneath (US) - The Last Rays Of Moon '98 (MC version of the compi-CD) Caricature (FIN) - Between Fells Promo '92 Coercion (SWE) - Headway '93 (Swedish Dods Metal, great band) Corruption (POL) - Bacchus Songs '96 (when they still played Doom and a bit Death) Corruption (POL) - Pussyworld '02 Deathevokation (US) - Blood '05 (incredible Dds Metal like demo, sounds sometimes like new Drowned (GER) demo) Deathless (SPA) - Promo '96 (great Death Metal) Demantor (GER) - Eternal Flight '93 Dion Fortune (SWE) - Tales Of Pain '94 (pre-Nominon) Drowned (NL) - Mausoleum '92 Eructation (SWE) - Demo '92 (great Thrash, sadly no tapecover here) Eternal Hatred (US) - Vengenace From Grave '94 (like Usurper, Celtic Frost-influenced Death Metal) Eternal Mind (SWE) - Reflections '95 (great Swedish Death Metal demo) Excess Of Cruelty (NL) - Fionnuala Promo '96 (very good Death Metal) Exterminate (CHI) - Demo Reh. '00 Falkenbach (ICE-GER) - Promo Tape '95 (Bootleg version of the rare tape) Folklord (BRA) - Pagan Twilight '01 (with Rotting Christ cover "Fgmenth - Thy Gift") Funeral Rites (JPN) - The Wintermoon... '96 (great Burzum-esque demo) Gomorrah (UK) - Umbilical Divorce '92 Gravewurm (US) - Carnivorous Monarchy '03 (Time Before Time release) Harassed (SWE) - Neglected Emotions '94 (great Swedish Death Metal demo with a thrashy approach) Heptameron (GRE) - Unholy Rehearsals Of Death '05 Immortal (NOR) - Pure Holocaust MC (Polish Morbid Noizz taperelease from 1994) Insalubrious (SWE) - Pieces Of A Dream '94 (ex-Abyssos) Insision (SWE) - Revelations Of The Sadogod '01 (not the PRO-tape, but a TDK FE60 one) Malediction (HUN) - Eritis Sicut Deus... '00 Mental Terror (FIN) - Revival In Terror Demo MCDr '04 (Satanic Warmaster member) Mithotyn (SWE) - Promo '96 Moonblood / Evil (GER/BRA) - Fuck Peace! We're At War! '99 Morbid Symphony (UK) - The Obscure Depths Of Light '94 Necroplasma (SWE) - The Cold Of The Uncarring Moon '99 Necroplasma (SWE) - Black Funeral Horns '00 Nihilist (SWE) - Only Shreds Remain '89 Non Serviam (SWE) - The Witches Sabbath '97 Putrid (FIN) - Exhumation '91 Regurgitate (SWE) - Concrete Human Torture '94 (presumably a boot) Riverge (JPN) - To Great Kids Live Demo '88 (old Thrash band, Bootleg tape) Sadistic Grimness (SWE) - Bleed For The Goat '01 (demo limited to 300 handnumbered copies) Sarcoma (PER) - Preludio De Mortandad '96 (Peruvian madness) Senderos Del Mar (CHI) - Demondo De Vida Eterna '05 The Zephyr (MEX) - Uncelestial Evil God '96 Thus Defiled (UK) - Blasphemous Coven '91 Turbo (POL) - One Way '92 (their last release, more Death Metal !!!! Not boring like the prior 2 LP releases, Killer !!!) V/A - Voices From The Underground '92 (all demo songs from Seance, Sentenced, Tormentor, Carbonized,... on Carnage Rec.) Victimzer (DK) - Unholy Banners Of War '02 Withered Beauty (SWE) - Screams From The Forest '94 (good Death Metal) CDs: ---- Aardvarks (GER) - Conglomerate CD Andras (GER) - ...Of Old Wisdom CD Anthrax (US) - We've Come For You All CD (with fold-out-CD-cover) Aquer (PER) - Por El Signp De Los Cuernos CDr Arch Enemy (SWE) - Revolution Begins MCD Arghoslent (US) - Arsenal Of Glory CD At The Gates / Napalm Death (SWE/UK) - Split CD (included in a few "Slaughter Of the Soul" and "Diatribes" CDs featuring ultrarare tx, no cover) Aztec (ISR) - Loss Of Our Final Pride CD Behind The Scenery (GER) - Nocturnal Beauty Of A Dying Land CD Betrayed (GER) - Apocalyptic Salvation CD Bloodreaping (MEX) - Ignis Penumbra CD By War (BRA) - Twelve Devil's Graveyards CD (BRA-Thrash) Caducity (BEL) - Gentle Annihilation Of The Enthroned CD (self-released 3rd CD of this old Death Metal band) Chastisement (SWE) - Alleviation Of Pain CD Conspirator (GER) - Cannibal War CD (ex-Witchburner, great Thrash) Corpse Grinder (BRA) - Persistence CD (Destroyer Rec.) Corpse Grinder / Cancerbero / Hellfire (all CHI) - Split CD (old early 90es Death Metal stuff from Chile) Corpus Christii (POR) - In League With Black Metal CD Crest Of Darkness (NOR) - Sinister Scenario CD (Head Not Found Rec.) Crude Society System (SWE) - The System You Hate... CD (killer Swedish Crustcoreband from 1984-1987, totally Hellhammer-influenced, their 7" and sampler tx) Cryogenic (AUS) - Suspended Animation CD (on Warhead Records) Daemon (SWE) - An Eye For An Eye CD Damien (MALA) - Jahiliah MCD (w.Sil Khannaz members) Dark Dominion / Secratain (AUS/AUS) - Split CD Death Skull (CHI) - Annihilation Of The Pig CD Death Warrant (US) - Time Of Dying CD (pre-Nunslaughter) Decayed (POR) - The Black Metal Flame CD December Moon (FIN) - Source Of Origin CD December Wolves (UK) - Til Ten Years CD (Hammerheart Rec./Southkorea !!!!!!) December Wolves (UK) - Dehumanized CD (awesome BlackDeath, killer guitar riff-monster) Decoryah (FIN) - Wisdom Floats CD Deicide (US) - Serpents Of The Light CD Demonicon (US) - Condemned Creation CD Descend / All That Is Evil (US/US) - Split CD Devastacion (ARG) - ...Que Lo Pario CD (fantastic Death Metal !!!!!) Dies Irae (POL) - Immolated CD (their 2nd CD, debut on Metal Blade) Dispatched (SWE) - Motherwar CD Dusk (PAK) - Jahilia CD (DoomDeath from Pakistan) Embalmed Souls (BRA) - Six Rites Of Possession CD (great Dark Death Metal) Enter My Silence (DK) - Remotecontrolled Scythe CD (best Danish Melodic Death) Flesh (SWE) - Temple Of Whores CD Gorephobia (US) - Vile Beast Of Abomination CD Hell Vomit / Derelenismo Occulere (ECU/ECU) - Split CD INRI (PER) - Efigies De Maldad CD (great Death Thrash from Peru) Infinity (NL) - The Birth Of Death CD (Funeral Winds member) Invasion (US) - Conquered CD Judgement Day (NL) - Cir-Cum-Cis-Ion Of The Mar-Tyr CD (Effigy Rec./Norway) Khanate (US) - s/t CD (Southern Lord Rec. 2001) Leprosy (MEX) - Reino Maldito CD (great MEX-Thrash on Denver Rec., similar to Transmetal) Lie In Ruins (FIN) - Architecture Of The Dead MCD (FIN-Death Metal, also bit Swedish influences) Lobotomy (SWE) - s/t CD (Chaos Records 1995, Stoclkholm Death Metal) Manowar (US) - Fire And Blood Promo-Video-CD Maze Of Torment (SWE) - The Unmarked Graves CD (Hellspawn Rec. HELL 010) Morbosidad (US) - s/t Re-Release CD (first CD re-released with Santisima Muerte Demo '94 as bonus) Mortuary Drape (ITA) - Mourn Path MCD (original on Shivadarshana) Murder Squad (SWE) - Unsane, Insane And Mentally Deranged CD Naer Mataron (GRE) - Lessons On How To Deafeat Death CD Nethermancy (POR) - Weakening Divinity CD (Decayed-project, even better !!!!! Killer stuff from J.A.) Niflheim (AUS) - Myrkvid CD (Hellhammer guitar sound mixed with Black Metal. Grunting girl on vox) Novembers Doom (US) - Reflecting In Grey Dusk CD (only sold on a US-tour in 2004) Obeisance (US) - Lucifer Master CD (Texas Death Metal) Paralysis (US) - Patrons Of The Dark CD (rare Grind Core International label release, US-Death Metal) Path Of Debris (GER) - When Darkness Descends CD (German melodic Death Metal) Pirana (MEX) - Destructive Animnal Revolution CD Pyrrhoea (POL) - The Eleventh: Thou Shalt Be... CD (like Vomitory without the Crust) R.U.Dead? (GER) - Nothing Will Be Forgiven MCD (ex-Poison, fantastic deathly and dark Thrash Metal) Rapture (MEX) - Living Inside Of Death CD Re-Vision (GER) - Downfall MCD (reminds a lot on Sentenced - Amok) Requiem (US) - Christ Has Risen MCD (underground thrashing Death Metal from 1998) Retribution (POL) - Made In Hell CD Rise (US) - Slaves Of Illusion CD (very rare first pressing on Hungarian label Nephilim Records) Riverge (JPN) - Rebirth Of Skull CD Sabbat (JPN) - Fetishism Re-Release CD (Iron Pegasus/Evil Rec. version) Sammath Naur (POL) - Self Proclaimed Existence CD Sarcastic (MEX) - Nacimiento Hacia Las Alturas CD Sarcoma (MEX) - Visceral CD Sauron (US) - Satanic Assassins CD (#758/1000, Witches Brew Rec.) Satanic Warmaster (FIN) - Revelation MCD Sathanas (US) - Crowned Infernal Digi-CD Sceptic (POL) - Pathetic Being CD (technical Death Metal) Sear (FIN) - Lamentations Of Destruction Digi-CD Shadows Land (POL) - Terminus Ante Quem CD Sil Khannaz (MALA) - Bara Pawaka Digi-CD (first press on Nebiula) Slowgate (SWE) - Force Of The Unknown CD (mix of Death and Power and some Avantgarde...) Solutions (US/NL) - Debut CD (rare CD, Paul Speckmann+Antropomorphia+Crustacean members, project from 1997) Soul Demise (GER) - Beyond Human Perception CD Subvertor (BOL) - Transgreso-Evolucion CD (Wild Rags Records CD !!) Suhrim (BEL) - Happy Hour CD (Belgian Death Metal) Tears Of Mystigma (GER) - Higher Circumstances MCD (fantastic old-Katatonia like, onehas just get used to the vocals) Terror Throne (US) - Death Is The Cleanser CD (Chicago Death Metal) The Duskfall (SWE) - Frailty CD (ex-Gates Of Ishtar) The Light Of Dark (MEX) - Beyond Darkness And Hell We Come CD The Zephyr (MEX) - Fake Measured Smile CD Therion (SWE) - Live In Midgard 2-CD Thermal Pulse (NOR) - Cult Of Enchanted Rage MCD Thy Antichrist (COL) - Wicked Testimonies CD Torturer (CHI) - Oppressed By The Force + Demo CD Toten / Contrivisti (US/US) - Split CD (NWN Prod., pre-Profanatica) Tumulus / Mock (GER/NOR) - Split CD (HHR001 !!! Very rare Pagan Black Metal CD) Unholy Ghost (US) - Torrential Reign CD Utuk Xul / Mephiztophel (COL/COL) - Split CD V/A - 4 Tormenting Ways To Death CD (w.Bloody Sign/Cromb/Luctiferu/Mortificy, all great underground Death Metal bands) V/A - Brazilian Assault CD (killer !!! Abhorrence, Ophiolatry, Nephasth and Mental Horror) V/A - Deaf Metal Sampler CD (rare sampler, with some exclusive tx from Dissection, Eucharist, Nightfall...) V/A - Encyclopedia Pestilentia 3-CD (w.mostly demo songs of Moonblood/Nagelfar/Zephyrous/Gorgon/Nordlys/Horna/...50 bands total, booklet is used) V/A - Hellblasting Revenge Vol.1 CD (w.Hatework/Vexed/Alea Jacta/Hell In A Cell) V/A - Israheller CD (w.Salem/_Betrayer/Orphaned Land/Azazel/Armageddon/...) V/A - Legions: Opening Of The Southern Gate 2-CD (w.Sad.Ex., Naxzul, D'666, Misery, Vomitor, Destruktor, Stargazer, Portal, ..., several exclusive songs) V/A - Tribute To Bathory: In Conspiracy... CD V/A - War Dance 1 CD (w. rare Darkane tx, Zephyr-sideproject, and other unrel. tx) Varathron (GRE) - Genesis Of Apocryphal Desire CD Vidres A La Sang (SPA) - Endins CD (fantastic Death Metal !!) Vladislas (US) - Season Of The Witch MCD Vultus Vociferos (BRA) - Ao Eterno Abismo CD (like oldest Rotting Christ) War (SWE) - We Are...Total War CD Warfare (UK) - Crescendo Of Reflexions CD (Old compilation CD by Kraze Rec. 1991) Warhorde (US) - Satanic Lust CD Yattering (POL) - Murder's Concept CD Zombie Ritual (JPN) - Night Of The Zombie Party CD Promo CDs: ---------- (usually normal CDs with complete booklet and backinlay, but holepunch in barcode) ...And Here I Lie (US) - Regrets CD (beautiful Doom, no booklet and no backinlay, only the CD) Akercocke (UK) - Rape Of The Bastard Nazarene CD (self-released version before it got licensed to Black Lotus, holepunch) Akhenaton (FRA) - Divine Symphonies CD (booklet damaged) Ancient Gods (US) - Mystic Lands MCD (ex-The Chasm member, holepunch) Ancient Gods / Infinitum Obscure (MEX/MEX) - Split CD (holepunch) Aura Noir (NOR) - Black Thrash Attack CD (only CD and booklet, no backinlay) Blood (GER) - Gas Flames Bones CD (folded backcover) Dark Lunacy (ITA) - Devoid CD (Promo CD) Dimmu Borgir (NOR) - Stormblast 2005-version CD (Promo CD) Dying Passion (CZE) - Voyage CD (holepunch) Enslavement Of Beauty (NOR) - Traces O'Red CD (HNF Rec., holepunch) Esqarial (POL) - Inhertiance CD (Polish answer to Death's last releases, holepunch) Excommunion (US) - Superion CD (complete CD but folded back-inlay, great Death Metal ala Morbid Angel) Fleshtized (US) - Divide And Conquer MCD (only CD and booklet, no backinlay) Gurkhas (FRA) - A Life Of Suffering CD (complete CD, two holes in barcode) Heimdall (ITA) - Hard As Iron CD (Promo CD) Infestation (UK) - Mass Immolation CD (complete CD, backcover is folded in the middle) Konkhra (DK) - The Freakshow MCD (complete CD, "For promotional use only" printed on CD) Lie In Ruins (FIN) - Swallowed By The Void CD (only CD and booklet, no backinlay) Mekanik (NOR) - Der Mekanik Grooves MCD (only booklet and CD, no backinlay) Noctuary (US) - When Fire Breeds Blood CD (CD with complete booklet, no backinlay) Nocturnal Breed (NOR) - The Remasters CD (Promo CD) Obliveon (CAN) - Whimsical Uproar MCD (holepunch, else full CD+booklet+backinlay Occult (NL) - Elegy For The Weak CD (CD has folded backinlay) Pentacrostic (BRA) - The Pain Tears CD (CD with complete booklet, no backinlay) Rok (AUS) - Burning Metal CD (holepunch) Soulless (US) - Agony's Lament CD (Promo Print on CD) The Project Hate (SWE) - Killing Helsinki CD (full CD, just a tiny "Promo"-stamp in the booklet) Torture Krypt (US) - Rotted Remnants MCD (WRR Rec., CD only, no booklet or backinlay) Tudor (CZE) - Bloody Mary CDr (Tudor-Fanclub release, no cover or backinlay) Tudor (CZE) - Zombie XXL CDr (Tudor-Fanclub release, no cover or backinlay) Tudor (CZE) - 1553-1991: Skeletor/Spavlovna CDr (Tudor-Fanclub release, no cover or backinlay) V/A - Death Is Just the Beginning 5 Digi-CD (full Digi, only booklet missing) V/A - Voices Of Death Part 2 CD (holepunch, w.Inverted/Guidance Of Sin/Gravferd/Azure/Frost/Diabolical/Zavorash/...) V/A - Where Heavy Gloom Dominates Vol.1 CD (no cover) V/A - Xtreem Music Vol.1 CD Wormrot (SIN) - Noise CD (Scion CD-release in promo sleeve) Wuthering Heights (DK) - Within CD (ex-Vergelmir, Pagan Prog Metal ?? Killer stuff !! holepunch)
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